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Holden's power
Ju ly 1 4 2 0 0 4 o. 180 CLICK HERE


The base

VZ Commodore will be powered

The premium
by two versions of Holden’s Alloytec 190
all-new 3.6-litre V6
By MARTON PETTENDY the 235kW (Calais and Statesman) and 245kW (SS, SV8, CV8 and Caprice)
outputs currently offered by the 5.7-litre Gen III V8, which should also continue
HOLDEN will replace the trusty but tired V6 that has powered Commodore with GM six-speed manual and four-speed auto transmissions.
since mid-1988 with not one, but two all-new Australian-made V6s in August, It’s unknown, however, whether the tiered V6 power approach will extend
when the facelifted VZ Commodore is launched. to the all-new VE Commodore due in 2006, or if the 5L40 five-speed auto will
Dubbed Alloytec, Holden’s all-aluminium, 24-valve DOHC 3.6-litre V6 with be the exclusive Commodore transmission.
variable valve timing will replace the current 3.8-litre cast-iron, pushrod Ecotec In a move Holden says enables it to “meet different segments of the market
V6 in both VZ Commodore and WL Statesman after about 16 years of service. and maintain the level of value Holden is renowned for, as well as provide a
But as part of an uncharted, two-pronged fightback against its six-cylinder premium arrangement for other models”, the Alloytec V6 will produce peak
large car rivals including Falcon, Camry and Magna, Australia’s most popular power of 175kW at 6000rpm and a substantial 320Nm of torque from just
model will be available in either 175kW base or 190kW premium guise. 2800rpm. That’s 23kW and 15Nm up on the current Ecotec V6’s peaks of
Holden will not say which engine will power which VZ (or WL) variant until 152kW/305kW – as well as having a decided advantage over both Toyota’s
next month’s official launch. But in a move believed to be aimed at keeping the 3.0-litre V6 and Mitsubishi’s 3.5-litre Magna V6.
new powertrain’s spiralling costs down at base level, Holden has confirmed But it still falls short of the 182kW and 380Nm outputs offered by Falcon’s
that only Alloytec 190 engine variants will employ a new 5L40-codenamed ZF 4.0-litre DOHC cast-iron straight six – although Holden says its 175kW
five-speed automatic transmission. (ECE) peak converts to roughly the same power as Ford’s 182kW (DIN)
That means while a new six-speed manual transmission will replace the figure, which is not expected to change for this year’s cosmetically facelifted
five-speed manual currently available at Commodore Executive and S level, BA II Falcon.
these and other entry level Commodores will continue with a revised version Meantime, the Alloytec 190 produces about 190kW at 6500rpm and a
of General Motors’ antiquated 4L60 four-speed auto. slightly healthier 340Nm at 3200rpm, thanks to the use of a more sophisticated
Holden is also yet to reveal details of the V8 engine and transmission variable valve timing system.
line-up for VZ and WL models. But it’s likely there will be little change from Continued next page

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out the
power New 5L40 auto
mates to Alloytec 190.

By MARTON PETTENDY both Falcon (11.5L/100km combined ADR 81/ outgoing Ecotec V6 and a specific output of
01) and the outgoing Ecotec V6 (11.3), while 48.6kW per litre.
HOLDEN'S all-new Global V6 finally puts virtually matching the class-leading inline six Alloytec produces 90 per cent of its torque
Commodore on an equal footing with the 24- for peak power. between 1600 and 5400rpm.
valve, overhead camshaft six-cylinder engines But neither the base Alloytec or the premium Benefitting from the addition of variable valve
available in the other locally-built large cars from Alloytec 190 version of Holden’s higher-revving timing for all four camshafts and a two-stage inlet
Ford, Toyota and Mitsubishi. Global V6 can match the long-stroke Falcon manifold, Alloytec 190 produces peaks of 190kW
Banishing cast-iron, pushrods and just two engine’s benchmark 380Nm torque peak. at 6500rpm and 340Nm at 3200rpm – bettering
valves per cylinder to history, the new engine With cylinder dimensions of 94 x 85.6mm Falcon for power but not torque.
also goes one better than that offered by its most (Falcon: 92 x 99mm), the 60-degree, 3.564-litre While Alloytec 190 produces 90 per cent of
direct rival Falcon by being all-aluminium, and 24-valve DOHC Alloytec V6 features variable its torque between 1570 and 5870rpm (a 59 per
also betters Magna by featuring twin overhead inlet valve timing to deliver 175kW at 6000rpm cent increase over the supercharged Ecotec V6 it
camshafts. (Falcon: 182kW at 5000rpm) and 320Nm of replaces), it also delivers 11 per cent more power
Fuel consumption figures will not be available torque from just 2800rpm (Falcon: 380Nm at than the SV6.
until launch, but it is believed the Alloytec V6 3250rpm). For the full report, go to
will also bring fuel economy advantages over That’s 14 per cent more peak power than the from this afternoon

Alloytec (3.6): 175kW @ 6000rpm Continued from previous page
Alloytec 190 (3.6): 190kW @ 6500rpm GoAuto understands Commodore’s new, locally-built
Ectotec V6 (3.8): 152kW @ 5200rpm V6 is considerably more expensive per unit than the
Falcon (4.0): 182kW @ 5000rpm Buick-based Ecotec V6 it replaces, but Holden insiders
Magna (3.5): 155kW @ 5250rpm claim Commodore’s resulting price increase won’t be as
Avalon (3.0): 145kW @ 5200rpm dramatic as some reports have suggested.
Camry (3.0): 141kW @ 5200rpm While the reveal of Holden’s two-tiered V6 engine
and (auto) transmission strategy disproves some media
TORQUE: theories that Commodore would continue exclusively
Alloytec: 320Nm @ 2800rpm with either its current four-speed auto or a locally-built
Alloytec 190: 340Nm @ 3200rpm unit similar to the sequential-shift four-speed auto found
Ecotec: 305Nm @ 3600rpm in Falcon, it could also prove to have valuable marketing
Falcon: 380Nm @ 3250rpm and cost-saving advantages.
Magna: 316Nm @ 4000rpm Commodore’s most direct rival Falcon currently sells
Alloytec 190 produces peaks of
Avalon: 284Nm @ 4400rpm 190kW at 6500rpm and 340Nm at at $33,860 in base XT manual form, rising to $34,660 for
Camry: 279Nm @ 4400rpm 3200rpm. the auto. VYII Commodore pricing starts at $31,970, but
becomes $34,990 with auto and air-conditioning.

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Ford commits With interest

from China
to Fairlane fix By BRUCE NEWTON
THE new Territory cross-over
and LTD have generated interest
both from the public and Ford
Motor China while on display in
Beijing at Auto China 2004.
But Ford Australia president
FORD Australia is determined to fight its way back Tom Gorman cautioned: “It’s a
into the locally manufactured long wheelbase luxury long walk from interest to oppor-
market with Fairlane and LTD, it just hasn’t finalised tunity”.
how it is going to do it yet. Mr Gorman was at China’s
Company president Tom Gorman has identified biggest motor show primarily
the performance of his LWB models as one of the for regional Ford meetings, but
two main sales problems he faces, the other being also because of the unveiling
the Focus. of the Ford Focus sedan con-
While the small car issue can be addressed in the cept, which was worked on at
short term with pricing and deals, and next year by the Broadmeadows.
arrival of the second generation Focus, Mr Gorman While Ford is a late entrant into
admits the Fairlane/LTD is a harder nut to crack. the booming Chinese market, it
But the company is considering some changes to is making a huge effort to catch
flow through in 2005. up with the Focus the highlight
“Long wheelbase is not a huge volume for us, but it of its Beijing presence, while
is very important to us,” Mr Gorman said. LWB, the styling similarity to the short wheelbase cars the Territory and LTD made up a
“I am personally – and we are as a company – com- inside and out has played an important role in sales not substantial support act. The two
mitted to it. We have not done a good job there and we lifting significantly. Australian-built cars have stayed
need to fix that – and we are working on it. “We’ve done a lot of market research and that (styl- in China for more assessment.
“Next year you will see some stuff if we are going ing) has been raised as one issue but there are some “Interest (from Ford Motor
to do it … We haven’t pulled the trigger on anything, things you can fix and some things you can’t, and China) was in both LWB sedan
we are still evaluating at this point. It isn’t just pricing exterior changes are very difficult in the short term,” and Territory, so the interest
… because price elasticity isn’t as severe here as it is in Mr Gorman said. was in the platform, because if
the small car segment or the light segment.” “But there are some things we can do and we are you do the platform you can do
The AU series Fairlane and LTD were hammered by looking at all of them. So we are taking that very seri- whatever you want,” Mr Gorman
the W-car based Holden Statesman and Caprice from ously even though the volume is small. We have got a said.
their release just months apart in 1999, as our chart “There is definitely interest but
lot of people working on it at the moment.
which traces sales since 2000 shows. it is far too early to say if any-
“It’s an important part of what we present in the
thing comes of it. But I think the
The Fairlane and LTD were upgraded with new market and I don’t think we can exit it.
encouraging thing for Australia
exterior and interior treatments and much of the BA “I think we have to make it work, and if you don’t
is that we were there.”
Falcon’s mechanical package in July 2003, with a get on it and talk yourself into it not being important,
Mr Gorman said the next step
sporty G220 Fairlane V8 model new to the range. then you spiral down. If you are not there the other guy
would be up to the chairman &
While they drew widespread praise for improved is going to make hay in that segment and we have to CEO of Ford Motor China, Mei
dynamics and sound isolation compared to the AU make sure that we stay competitive there.” Wei Cheng.

Ford LWB v Holden LWB sales

June 20 Dec 2003 Dec 2002 Dec 2001 Dec 2000
Fairlane 1095 (317)* 2389 2001 2306 2779
Statesman 1822 (2256) 4363 4347 4971 5566

LTD 72 (8) 146 100 149 297

Caprice 532 (239) 1061 611 547 804
* June 2003 in brackets
Territory in Beijing

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VZ Commodore
breaks cover
By BYRON MATHIOUDAKIS The grille shape itself is a development of the VY
SS’, but now looks like a “Holdenised” version of the
UNDISGUISED images of the still secret new five-point Mazda grille.
Holden VZ Commodore have been published As in today’s VY II, the Holden logo sits in the
on the independent Holden fan middle of a black single horizontal bar, although for
website. the VZ the badge is significantly larger.
The photos were taken by an LS1 The raised grille section forms part of a vertical 2005
reader on a mobile phone camera in Port Audi A6-style snout that runs down below the front
Melbourne last month. The car does not number plate valance to also incorporate an equally
go on sale until August. sized bumper air dam.
The ‘scoop’ shots are the latest to New, significantly larger rectangular headlights
embarrass Holden leading up to a major featuring new rounded lenses (that include semi-clear
Commodore release. In 2002 official PR indicators) complete the nose job.
photographs of the VY model leaked onto the In the high-series SS model pictured, the current VY
web after the “long lead” media launch. II’s small round “running lights” disappear.
The recent SS pictures show it painted in a new It appears the front mudguards are also new. The SS
lively blue hue very similar to that found on the features a very Aston Martin-like air-vent
current Ford Falcon BA XR series. complete with a chromed horizontal bar through it.
Much of the speculation centring around the VZ It may contain the indicator repeater that used to live
has concerned its new HFV6 drivetrain, but very there.
little about the revised Holden’s look has come out Redesigned tail-lights, now incorporating three circles
until now. within the VY II’s triangular housing, complete the
These spy photos reveal a slightly more rounded VZ SS’ look. An oversized “SS” script lives in the
nose with the bonnet and bumper sitting flush with bottom right hand corner of the boot lid, just above
one another in profile. the bumper bar.
The bonnet now houses a “bull nosed” raised The VZ is the final styling update of the V-car
centre section (to accommodate the new engines) platform based Commodore before the all-new Zeta
that runs the length of the larger grille. architecture-based VE arrives in the first half of 2006.
LEFT: The LS1 website featuring spy photos of the VZ Commodore.

Kia aims to be the Number One from Korea

KIA has set itself the heady target of becoming the biggest South cycle as its two South Korean rivals because it employed a different
Korean player in the Aussie new vehicle market, by doubling its product strategy.
sales from just under 18,000 in 2003 to 35,000 in 2005. “If you look back at Hyundai’s performance it really was all
If achieved it would cement the company in the top 10 sellers Excel, and all three-door Excel,” Mr Hull said. “They have a ter-
list. Based on 2003 VFACTS sales results, Kia would also eclipse rible problem if the bloom goes off the Excel rose and I think that’s
highly respected brands like Honda and Subaru as well as out-pace exactly what happened. The other trick is to make sure you put the
traditional South Korean number one Hyundai. infrastructure in, particularly into your network, as you grow.”
This year Kia Automotive Australia expects to sell 27,000 vehi- More impetus should be provided from this month by the Cerato
cles, up from an initial estimate of 25,000 sales, which will ensure it small sedan, which starts at $18,990 driveaway and is forecast to
finishes top 10 for the first time in a 12-month period in Australia. sell at 400 per month, as well as an updated Pregio.
KAA boss Ric Hull – who has previously achieved big sales The all-new monocoque chassis Sportage compact SUV is
results with both Hyundai and Daewoo in Australia – based launched at the Sydney motor show in October and goes on sale in
his bullish growth estimate on the continued supply of new November, with 4000 sales forecast per annum.
products and a refurbished dealer network now marching past Next year comes a new generation Carnival people-mover, long
110 outlets. wheelbase Sorento, the hatchback version of Cerato and an all-new
He said Kia was unlikely to go through the same boom and bust Rio replacement. All are scheduled for October or later. Ric Hull



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C3 Pluriel

New and
versions of
key models
could triple

Citroen shakes it up
By MARTON PETTENDY Citroen’s small car competitor for new premium lineball with 2003, but will fall short of the
small cars like Renault’s Megane. company’s forecast. Underestimation of the new
A FACELIFTED C5 sedan and new C4 small Unlike the ageing Xsara line-up, which ranges C2 hatch’s popularity Down Under, which will
car will spearhead a major shake-up for Citroen from the 83kW/150Nm 1.6 VTR coupe at $23,990 see its sales restricted to between 15 and 18 per
Australia, which will undergo an extensive dealer to the 124kW/196Nm 2.0 VTS coupe at $32,990, month for the remainder of the year, won’t help
network expansion as the French brand strives C4 is expected to become the top-selling Citroen matters.
to triple sales volumes within just a couple of here. To May 2004, Citroen had sold just 40 Xsara The company’s order book far exceeds those
years. hatches and 51 coupes – down from 75 and 82 sales volumes at the rate of around 40 per month,
Citroen’s first all-new cab off the rank will be respectively in the same period last year. and so far just 71 C2s have been delivered.
the quirky C3 Pluriel, which can morph between “That’s probably our own fault – we didn’t
five different bodystyles and will go on sale here WHAT'S COMING see the thing excelling at the rate it has,” said Mr
in September in a single, 1.6-litre Sensodrive All-new Pluriel 1.6 Sensodrive Crichton.
specification. Despite being expected to undercut Citroen Australia will also consider importing
– September 2004
Peugeot’s popular entry level 206CC at under a forthcoming higher performance version of
$35,000, it should attract niche sales numbers Facelifted C5 sedan – January 2005 C2, along with another Paris debutante, the C3
only. New C4 small car – June 2005 Stop and Start – featuring for the first time on a
Citroen’s first hope for a significant sales lift petrol engine a shutdown function when stopped,
New C6 large sedan – 2006 for up to a claimed 10 per cent reduction in fuel
will come from its facelifted C5 medium sedan,
which will debut at the Paris motor show in C4 is critical to Citroen Australia’s hopes of consumption.
September before going on sale here in January increasing annual sales from a current 2800 to While the on-again/off-again Xsara-based
next year. some 9000 units – or around one per cent of the Picasso compact people-mover now appears
It will feature a new 2.2-litre version of its Australian market. unlikely for sale here, further afield there’s also
popular 2.0-litre turbo-diesel engine offering more “I think we did around 2300 (units) with the replacement for Citroen’s V6-powered XM
power and torque, and is expected to increase C5 Citroen last year and we’ll do 2800 this year,” said large sedan not sold here since June 2000.
sales substantially. To May this year 285 C5s had Citroen importer Ateco Automotive's governing But in the meantime Citroen will make hay with
been sold, down from 344 during the same period director Neville Crichton. a free supply of its car-based Berlingo commercial
last year. “That’s a big jump from where we were. We for the first time since its launch earlier this year,
Also making its debut at Paris will be Citroen’s certainly need to open more Citroen dealerships and will push the cause with a limited-time offer
all-new small car, the C4. To be available here in around the country, so you’ll see a serious push for of $15,990 – about $2000 off. A new sliding door
both 1.6 and 1.9-litre guise around June 2005, fol- the Citroen brand over the next 18 months to two version will be available at $16,740. Berlingo sales
lowing its local premiere at the Melbourne motor years – with both dealerships and volumes.” to May totalled 172 – up from 139 during the same
show, C4 will replace the slow selling Xsara as To May this year Citroen sales of 980 were period last year.


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Fiat Stilo Abarth

Do you want to
sell your

, At this stage Fiat passenger cars aren’t coming but as
the new models come on stream we will evaluate it

Fiat future
We have people interested in – NEVILLE CRICHTON

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By MARTON PETTENDY models from the financially troubled Italian
For further information contact brand, the Australian dollar’s weak conversion
THE future of Fiat passenger cars in Australia rate with the Euro could see it stay that way.
Wayne Pearson on looks grim, if comments by the man who holds According to Ateco spokesman Edward Rowe,
02 9372 0771. the local distribution rights for the Italian brand the Euro dollar has to be around 68 Australian
are any guide. cents to both launch Fiat in Australia and to
Asked at the recent Alfa Romeo GT launch make it competitive with brands like Ateco’s own
what the likely timeframe for the return of pas- Alfa Romeo. It is currently around the 55 to 56
senger car sales here was, Ateco Automotive Australian cent mark.
governing director Neville Crichton said: “I’m Specifically, if imported, the recently facelifted
not prepared to comment. I don’t know.” Stilo Abarth, for example, must undercut Alfa’s
Reminded that 2006 was Ateco’s most recent 147 entry model, as it does in New Zealand. A
estimate for the relaunch of Fiat here, Mr Crichton new Punto Abarth and the Trepiuno Abarth are
said: “Yeah, I’d like to think it would be earlier also being considered and two of these models
than that but I guess we’ve got to see where Fiat’s have already undergone expensive modification
going too. I mean it costs us a fortune to launch a programs to meet Australia’s stringent design
new brand ... and to suddenly find someone else rules estimated at $500,000 per model.
Horwath Motor Industry Services Pty Limited is an
owns Fiat. It is believed Ateco has developed a bolt-in
independent practice. Other independent “At this stage Fiat passenger cars aren’t coming child restraint system, the final hurdle in ADR
Horwath practices operate in each of the nation's but as the new models come on stream we will homologation of the new models, as a back-up
financial centres. evaluate it. We’re being cautious.” if new international vehicle standards (that are
At present the Ducato two-tonne van, 500 of expected to harmonise with ADRs and should
which are expected to be sold this year, is the only certify Fiat models’ Isofix child restraint system)
Fiat product currently imported by Ateco. developed by UN-sanction group Working Party
And despite a raft of new and forthcoming 29 fail to materialise.

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SUV backlash could be costly

We warned subscribers two weeks ago about European anti-SUV sentiment and the risk of it
spreading to the Australian media. Now the SUV owner abuse tactics are getting a life of their
own in this market.
GoAuto Professional comments on the kind of insults being used to deter buyers from SUVs
and what companies have the most to lose – and to gain – from a fully-fledged frenzy if SUV
abuse were to gain momentum in the chattering media.
There is serious investment in SUVs in the market and the industry needs to be looking at the
cost of the downside. Finance companies – especially – need to watch this one closely.

New Man At Mazda Outlines

Game Plan
Service saved Mazda when times were tough and now
service is on the agenda again. Doug Dixon has taken
the reins at Mazda Australia and sees the workshop as
fundamental to the company’s future. Stories and a full
interview in GoAuto Professional.

It Doesn’t Get Any Easier

Malcolm Gough’s parting shot for dealers: It will get
tougher from here.
As the former Mazda Australia chief moves on to
a senior assignment in Hiroshima, he tells dealers
they have serious challenges ahead.
GoAuto Professional details his main areas of
For the full report go to

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Double Astra

up for

HOLDEN will continue to sell a cut-price

“TS” Astra Classic sourced from Poland
alongside the new generation “AH” ver-
sion when it is launched here in the fourth
Holden plans to sell the current Astra
quarter of 2004.
There is no end date put on release of the
alongside the new version
Classic because it comes from the Gliwice Corolla in the small car segment. and six-speaker Blaupunkt CD stereo.
plant where production is ongoing, rather than The Classic hatch and sedan will sell from Astra CD Classic gets 15-inch alloy wheels,
GM’s Antwerp plant, the traditional source for $18,990 while the CD Classic sedan will start while the base model upgrades from 14-inch to
Aussie Astras. from $21,990, both now with standard air-condi- 15-inch steel wheels as part of a $990 option pack
The Classic has been on sale since the start of tioning, while the CD also gets ABS and traction that also includes ABS, traction control and front
July as a sedan and five-door hatchback. control. and rear power windows.
Selling the old model in tandem with the new Automatic transmission is a $2000 option for There are no significant deletions from either
version is rare in Australia, but an accepted mar- both models. version.
keting strategy overseas. This is introductory pricing, with the actual In a press release, Holden’s marketing man-
While it is sometimes done when moving to a RRP set at $19,990 and $22,990 respectively, ager passenger cars, Alan Blazevic, said the Astra
new nameplate, in this case it signals a price rise although Holden is not saying when the offer Classics would enable Holden to continue to
for the new Astra. expires. cover various price points and suit the broadest
It also reflects Holden’s desire to offer buyers That’s still below the outgoing pricing though. possible range of Astra buyers.
more than one Astra bodystyle, as AH will ini- Currently the City five-door officially retails for “Astra is a consistently popular performer and
tially only be available as a five-door hatchback. $20,990 and the CD sedan for $23,990. Air-con- remains Holden’s second biggest-selling pas-
This is also the latest in a series of revisions ditioning adds $1880. senger car. Holden has sold more than 120,000
that Holden has introduced in the new financial The Astra Convertible will remain on sale Astras since the TS was introduced in 1998,” Mr
year, slashing the price of the Barina light car and while the other TS Astra models – CDX, SXi, Blazevic said.
the Adventra V8 cross-over. three-door SRi and SRi Turbo – will be phased “The reaction to the new AH Astra in Europe
These moves are an obvious sign of Holden’s out over the coming months. has been fantastic and we believe there will be a
determination to get back on terms in the sales Both Astra Classic models are powered by a place for both bodystyles in the Australian market
race with Toyota, the clear market leader. 92kW 1.8 DOHC four-cylinder engine, teamed when it is released here.
Maintaining Astra volume is an important part with five-speed manual or four-speed automatic “We will introduce the AH model in hatch
of such a strategy. transmission. bodystyle, as we did with the current Astra. The
It is Holden’s second most popular model Other standard features include driver and pas- range will be extended over time as they become
and has run a consistent number two to Toyota’s senger airbags, pyrotechnic seatbelt pretensioners available from Europe.”

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Toyota 2004 June Week ending

Week ending 05/06 12/06 19/06 26/06 Total
Counting Toyota Eyeballs
By JOHN MELLOR lowest of any Toyota model despite
Readership a massive advertising campaign built
ONE unique feature of the internet is around Toyota as the friend of the
2301 1674 340 195
News 4510 that it can literally count the eyeballs
41.22% 32.49% 8.64% 6.9% environment.
reading the content – as this table of Interest in Kluger remains stronger
393 300 1699 361
Future Models 2753 Toyota readership for June shows. than in Prado and Camry.
4.06% 3.1% 17.03% 5.07%
The table reveals the number of More than 2100 requests were made
2095 1451 675 533 Toyota new model stories and car
New Models 4754 to read about the facelifted Corolla in
25.89% 16.26% 8.58% 6.21%
reviews requested by readers of GoAuto the first week of June – a record for any
1148 1331 1117 973 Online across 13 different websites
Latest Car Reviews 4569 Toyota model.
8.4% 9.34% 8.69% 8.53% – three of which are in the top 10 auto The high news readership reflected
Previous Model Car 51 113 86 64 web sites in Australia.
Reviews 5.68% 10.54% 8.34% 6.52%
314 strong interest in the Sportivo Coupe
The figures reflect the number of concept car being sent to Japan.
5988 4869 3917 2126
stories requested by week for each You can view these tables for each
15.79% 12.46% 10.98% 6.88% Toyota model and are an indictor of the car company by going to GoAuto
level of interest Toyota is generating in
Latest Car Reviews and New Model articles Professional and clicking on GoAuto
those vehicles in the marketplace. Stats at:
Avalon 87 66 47 54 The share of readership reflects the
Avensis 47 55 22 21 private market and user chooser buyers,
Camry 137 170 164 156 rather than a company’s total market
Celica 46 34 20 30 share.
Therefore a company like Toyota, with
Corolla 2152 1505 721 596
a very large element of government and
Echo 100 125 103 65 business fleet purchasing, has a lower
HiLux 80 65 73 58 share of GoAuto Online readership
Kluger 190 279 209 208 than overall sales share because
LandCruiser 100 74 77 67 48 many business fleets still stipulate the
LandCruiser 78 17 23 20 9
company car their employees can drive.
These GoAuto Stats show for the
LandCruiser Prado 170 185 165 131
first time that marketers can measure
MR2 16 20 15 13 the actual interest they are generating in
Prius 11 10 13 11 one of their products.
RAV4 77 120 117 71 No other media can produce this
Spacia 14 15 9 6 data in such detail. The table at left
shows the on-going weekly interest
Tarago 25 33 27 29
for a car like the Prius remains the

Commodore VX + Falcon AU
RRIM Polyurethane Body Kits



Australian Design Application 155/2003 (Commodore) Australian Design Registration 145706, 146977, 146978, 146979 (Falcon)
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VINESH Bhindi has been appointed Mazda Australia’s national
vehicle sales manager, replacing Doug Dickson, who is now
managing director.
Mr Bhindi will coordinate dealer planning, stock control,
government and direct sales and sales planning.
A Mazda veteran of almost 10 years, Mr Bhindi has spent the
past three years as national sales support manager, during
which time he managed Mazda’s sales programs.
Fiona Dickson has been appointed Mazda’s national service
manager. In this newly created role, Ms Dickson will coordinate
First look at Colt figure
a number of previously independent areas including technical MITSUBSIHI has given us the first official look at the production
services and warranty, customer service, learning and version of its brand new three-door Colt, and confirmed a turbo
development and service development. hot hatch tops the range.
Ms Dickson has been with Mazda for just over three years. The Colt CZ3 will be revealed in the metal for the first time at the
Paris motor show in September, before going on sale in Europe
early in 2005.
PORSCHE BY DESIGN Arrival in Australia, let alone an on-sale date, is yet to be
ROLAND Heiler has been appointed managing director of
confirmed, but there’s no doubt that Mitsubishi’s local division
Porsche Design GmbH, Zell am See, and head of its Porsche
wants the car. REPORT: CLICK HERE
design studio. Based in Zell am See, Austria, Porsche Design is
responsible for Porsche fashion and accessories.
Since 1984 Mr Heiler, 46, has held various positions as a
SUBARU and Saab have announced they will extend their vehicle collaboration
designer at Porsche. In 1997 he moved to Audi AG as its head
to jointly develop a new cross-over vehicle to be built at Subaru’s Indiana plant
of exterior.
in the US.
In 2000 Mr Heiler returned to Porsche where he became the
While the first joint offering by the two companies was a badge-engineered
head designer in the Porsche styling studio in Huntington Beach,
Impreza WRX called the 9-2X aimed at the US market, this latest project is
California, before being made its manager two years later.
being presented as a ground-up co-operation that will have a much higher degree
Fashion and accessories designer Christophe Blondin, 36, who
of separation.
has already worked for brands such as Lanvin, Lagerfeld and
While the 9-2X attracted controversy and has been barred from local sale
Kenzo, will also join the team in Zell am See as design director
because of the opposition of Subaru, Saab Australia is hopeful this latest co-
venture will make its way to Australia, even though at its core it will still be a
Karsten Martens, 41, managing director of the French
Subaru product.
accessories manufacturer Montblanc in North America since
Subaru Australia is seeking further information from Japan before making any
1997, has been appointed head of Porsche Design of America,
comment about this latest project.
a newly formed subsidiary based in New York.
“We’ll have some discussions with them in the next month or so on that issue,”
said company general manager Nick Senior.
RICE FOR CHINA Saab is a fully-owned General Motors subsidiary, while GM holds a 20 per cent
BOB Rice has been appointed China manager of Fiat Auto, stake in Subaru parent Fuji Heavy Industries.
directly reporting to Gianni Coda, president of the Fiat/Lancia Meanwhile, Saab has ditched plans to bring a turbo-diesel version of the 9-3
business unit. sedan to Australia. The new 1.9 TiD version has just been launched in Europe
Mr Rice takes over the position from Flavio Ciappa, who will but a study ruled it would be to expensive to set up for here, with training the
assume other responsibilities within Fiat Auto in Italy. biggest cost hurdle to overcome.
Fiat Auto’s presence in China is centered on Nanjing Fiat, a
50-50 joint-venture between Fiat Auto and Yuejin Motor Group. MITSUBISHI ANNOUNCES RECALL
Mr Rice, 54, has spent more than 20 years in Asia, where MITSUBISHI Motors Australia has announced that 288 WA Starwagon
he has accumulated experience in various fields of the metal people-movers built before September 1994 will be voluntarily recalled in
and automotive industries including sales and marketing, Australia as part of the global recall of 164,000 vehicles announced in Japan
strategy development and project implementation, and alliance/ on June 2, 2004. These are the only vehicles in Australia affected by this
partnership management. announcement. It has been established that there is a possibility that the left-
From 1993 to 2003 he held numerous positions with General hand rear brake pipe may contact the shock absorber while driving, and the
Motors in China and in Japan including vice-president and chief brake pipe could be damaged. In the worst case the brake pipe assembly may
representative of GM China in Beijing. leak, resulting in the loss of braking performance.

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GoAuto latest road test

Toyota Prius i-Tech 5-dr hatch
NOW we have a low-emission, low fuel consumption hybrid car that
makes sense. Almost amazing sense, when you consider that the lat-
est Toyota Prius is priced lower at entry level than the original,
yet offers more of everything including passenger space,
fuel economy and performance. The Toyota petrol-electric
hybrid is a thoroughly useable car of the future that is
not about to scare anybody with its functionality and
general on-road get up and go. If the fuel economy fig-
ures in real-world use prove slightly less than stagger-
ingly good, they are still much better than anything
else with the Prius’ levels of performance and are
accompanied by equal reductions in exhaust emis-
sions. It’s a taste of the future and it’s available at your
local Toyota dealer right now. ROAD TEST: CLICK HERE

The brand has now set itself the target of

LAUNCH PAD exceeding the best annual result it has ever had
JULY: of 1.955 million sales, reached in 2002.
The record half-year performance was achieved
Alfa Romeo 166 sedan facelift
thanks to a 39.1 per cent growth of sales outside
Alfa Romeo GT coupe Western Europe (331,000 vehicles sold
BMW X5 4.8is SUV facelift compared with 238,100 during the same period
Kia Cerato sedan of 2003).
TOYOTA OPENS NEW HQ Kia Pregio van facelift Peugeot is the Australian passenger car market
MORE than 300 business leaders joined Prime leader in diesel – not Citroen, as reported last
Minister John Howard, Victorian Premier Steve MG ZT220S sedan and wagon
week. Citroen’s popular C5 HDi turbo-diesel
Bracks and the president of Toyota Motor Mitsubishi Magna VR-X AWD sedan accounts for more than half of all C5s sold in
Corporation Fujio Cho at the opening of its Mitsubishi Outlander SUV facelift Australia, but Peugeot sells about half of all
new Australian headquarters in Melbourne Noble M12 GTO 3R supercar diesel passenger cars here, with Citroen next
yesterday. best with a share of about 25 per cent.
Ssangyong Chairman sedan
The ceremony included speeches from the Prime
Minister, Premier and Mr Cho and musical New model diary: CLICK HERE
performances by Marina Prior and James PHAETON ‘A MISTAKE’
Morrison. PEUGEOT PROFIT RECORD VOLKSWAGEN CEO Bernd Pischetsrieder has
The $50 million, three-level building will FRENCH manufacturer Peugeot has achieved its branded the Phaeton luxury car a “mistake”, just
accommodate about 340 people in 11,000 square best ever half-year sales result, selling 1.021 months before the car’s Australian launch at the
metres of floor space on the original site where million vehicles during the first half-year of Sydney motor show.
Toyota began making cars in Australia more than 2004 compared with 963,400 in the first “The Phaeton fails to sell because it is not
40 years ago. half-year of 2003, an increase of six per cent. distinctive enough,” he was quoted as saying in
the August edition of the UK’s CAR magazine.
CLS GETS “The marketing people said the luxury buyers
would insist on a saloon. That was a mistake.”
He added that Phaeton would continue, but the
AMG ACTION second generation “will definitely not be a
MERCEDES-Benz has wasted normal saloon”.
Dr Pischetsrieder didn’t stop there, adding: “Dr
no time giving its new CLS
Piech (Pischetsrieder’s predecessor and current
four-door coupe a
VW supervisory board chairman Ferdinand
performance edge, releasing
Piech) possibly emphasised engineering too
first pictures and details of
much, and his predecessor Dr Hahn possibly
the 55 AMG version.
emphasised employment too much. My goal is
very clear. It is to make money.”

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