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A Report

Problem and Prospects of Insurance Company
A Report
Problem and Prospects of Insurance Company
Prepared by
S.L no Name ID
01 Helal Uddin 024-075
02 Md. Irfanul Hoque 024-079
03 Rasel Ahemed 024-084
04 Md. Hafizul Islam 024-089
05 Sudiptou Biswas 024-093
O6 Imran Hossan 024-095
07 Md Khushbu Hossain 024-101
O8 Sajal Gohu Santou 024-104

BBA Program (23rd Batch, Sec-A), 2016-17

Dr. Md. Mosharraf Hossain
Department of Management
Faculty of Business Studies
University of Dhaka

Date of Submission
3rd May, 2018
3rd may, 2018
Dr. Md .Mosharraf Hossain
Department of Management,
University of Dhaka.

Subject: Submission of the Report on Problem and Prospects of Insurance Company.

Dear Sir,

With due honour ,we ,on behalf of our group “Rainbow”, wish to inform you that it was a
matter of great pleasure as well as learning to prepare report on problem and prospects of
insurance company under course Insurance and Risk Management. We are thanking you a lot
for giving us such an opportunity. We collected and studied materials in due time and
analysed these and tried our best to prepare the report. Actually, we enjoyed it in preparing
this and learnt a lot. We have worked hard to prepare this.

Though we have put our best efforts but due to limitation of our knowledge there might be
some mistake and omissions in our report. We hope that you will overlook those mistakes
with kind consideration that we are still learners and will give us the necessary suggestions
for the improvement of our quality in future.

We will be highly obliged if the content of the report is acceptable to you.

Md. Irfanul Hoque
On behalf of the group “Rainbow”
Batch: 23rd, Section: A
Department of Management


As per requirement of the bachelor of business administration program our venerable course
teacher Dr. Md Mosharraf Hossain has assigned a report in the course curriculum. Our
assigned report is problem and prospects of Insurance company. We express our sincere
gratitude to our honourable course teacher Dr. Md Mosharraf Hossain, professor of the
Department of Management, for her guidance and advice in preparing the assigned report.
This report has enriched our knowledge about Insurance and Risk Management.
Finally, thanks are also due to our group members who have done their job enthusiastically
and perfectly.