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“It's not what to look at that matters it's what you see”.

Henry David Thoreau wrote this quote

and explained What we see may not be reality but it's doesn't matter .This is developed out if
the fact that art is more important.Our imagination can overlook things. However Someone
might think otherwise .This quote is correct because everyone has a different perspective and it
controls what they see in reality.

Our imagination fail to notice something like reality .For example in “The tell tale heart” the
narrator didn't have nothing against the old man he just hated the old man’s eye so he decides
to kill him to be free of it .He suffocates the old man with a mattress and checks to see if the old
man was dead.Then he cut him up and put the old man’s body under the floor. One of neighbor
had heard the old man scream and called the cops when the cops arrived.The narrator
convinced the cops that nothing bad happened and that the man was out of town .He even took
the cops to the old man’s room but when the cops started checking the narrator started hearing
ticking noise when the noise began to get louder .He started freaking out and confessed .He
also showed the cops where he hide the body and stated that the noise was the old man’s
heart. This shows that his imagination took over his mind because If you kill someone their heart
would not be still beating and it wouldn't make ticking sounds if it was.

Perspective can control what we see in reality.In times of the butterflies chapter 4 pg 53 proves
this because it says”that moment,I understood her hatred. My family had not been personally
hurt Trujillo , just as before losing my baby,jesus had not taken anything away from me. This
shows that minerva’s family’s perspective of Trujillo wasn’t reality he was evil person but they
saw him as another God. This supports how we can look at something and not see how that
person really is .

The art of something is important, for example if you and your friends go to an art show , you
and friends start looking at a drawing and they think the picture is beautiful and you don't see
nothing special about it.Many people feel that what we look at is more important than what we
see because at the end of the day no matter how hard we try to block out things reality still
gonna be there however our imagination can block things out and it can help see the goodness
in something or someone.

I agree with this quote because our perspective can change the way we see things and that's
means we'll see the world differently from other because everyone has their own unique

Learning Goals 4.0 3.0 2.0 1.0 0.0

PROBLEM I can select a
FORMULATION: I can create an I can create an claim and With help, I Even with
Formulates relevant
questions, problem original claim, original claim describe the can select (or help, I cannot
statements, or take a position, and develop an relationship create) and select or
hypotheses that and justify that argument in between my answer a answer a
demonstrate clarity
position. response. selected topics claim. claim.
about the nature of
the task. (claims) and themes.

I can
RESEARCH: I can utilize
investigate four
Collects information three sources I can identify With help, I Even with
sources for
and data necessary of relevant two sources of can identify help, I cannot
to solve the problem important
textual textual textual identify textual
as formulated, textual
drawing evidence evidence as evidence as evidence as evidence as
evidence to
from informational support for support for my support for my support for my
support claims
texts or generating claims and claim. claim. claim.
data. (Evidence) counterclaims,
and rebuttals.

I can
accurately I can
analyze and accurately With help, I
N: I can explain help, I cannot
Analyzes sources, evaluate analyze and can use
relevant direct use relevant
and/or evidence in relevant and use relevant relevant direct
evidence to direct
order to make valid sufficient and sufficient evidence to
and reliable answer my evidence to
inferential direct evidence answer my
explanations. question. answer my
(Explanations) evidence to to answer my question.
answer my question.

Even with
I can show With help, I
INTERPRETATIO I can show help, I cannot
complex I can show can show
N: relationships show
Synthesizes multiple relationships relationships relationships
between the relationships
sources of data to between between the between the
evidence in between the
support a claim, evidence, evidence in evidence in
solve a problem, or order to create evidence in
claims, order to create order to
answer a question. counterclaims order to
(counterclaims) counterclaims counterclaims. create
and rebuttals. create
and rebuttals. counterclaims.

COMMUNICATIO I can introduce I can introduce I can introduce With help, I Even with
N: and establish and order and groups can introduce help, I cannot
Incorporates ideas
clear ideas and ideas and and groups introduce and
and supporting
evidence organization information information ideas and groups ideas
purposefully using within and within and through a basic information and
structures that across across use of through a information
demonstrate the line
paragraphs paragraphs paragraph basic use of through a
of reasoning.
(organization) and use and use structure and paragraph basic use of
transitions in a transitions in a transitions. structure. paragraph
way that way that allows structure.
clarifies the the audience to
follow the

I can submit a
PRECISION: I can submit a
final product
Assures that the final final product I can submit a
that meets or With help, I
product meets all that meets all final product
discipline-specific exceeds all can submit a Even with
ELA standards that attempts
standards for ELA standards final product help, I cannot
for language, all ELA
language, terms, for language, that attempts submit a final
expressions, rules, academic standards for
academic ELA product.
terminology, and vocabulary, language and
conventions. vocabulary, standards.
and conventions.
(Language) and

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