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Teachers Desk

Small Group
Desk with
and modem

1 2 3 1 2 3
Red Meduim Orange Low Med

materials, sharpener, etc…

Shelves with students
HIgh Low High
4 5 6 4 5 6
Low High Med Low High Med

Student Materials

1 2 3
1 2 3
Blue Low Med
Green Low Med
4 5 6
4 5 6
Low High Med
Low High Med

Smart Board Wall

Front of Class
Classroom Setup

In my classroom I will have the desk set up by groups of six with each group being assigned a

different color. Each desk will be numbered 1-6 and the students will have a card on their daily folder

with the number and color they belong to. I will have them in transparency pockets just in case the

grouping isn’t working I can easily change them out. This will make it easy and manageable when calling

on a group or person as well as when creating sticks to call on a student. I have put the groups with a

mix of high, medium and low learners. I feel putting the lows next to a high and medium will help when

needing to do “think-paired-share” or “turn to your partner” activities. I also feel this is beneficial for the

students to be grouped in this order to be able to all learn from each other and help one another. The

teachers desk will be set in the back of the classroom facing the students, so I can keep an eye on them

when working from my desk. I have set another desk in the middle of the groups where I will be

teaching under the Elmo or doc cam. The placement of this will allow the teacher to have eyes on all

students to assure they are staying on task. The students desk will be centered where they all have

visible access to the smart board. I also left gaps in between each group so when needing to monitor I

have moving space to walk around. It’s important that the classroom is not cluttered or overwhelming,

so my bulletin boards will consist of the content vocabulary and objectives for each week. I will place

anchor charts on the empty wall space near the bulletin that has the subject it is related to. Under one

bulletin board I will have student materials for ex. Their Math binders and books. The other side of the

classroom will have shelves where I will keep their colors, glue, scissors and classroom sharpener. I feel

its best to not have students keep materials in their desk as it becomes a distraction and they begin to

play during instructional time.