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Weld Inspection Solutions Aerospace

General Manufacturing
Power Generation
Tube/Rod/Bar Sheet Metal

Eddy Current Array Industrial Microscopy

Detect surface and subsurface cracks quickly and efficiently Cross-section inspection of welds with Olympus imaging solutions

• High probability of detection without paint removal • Completes all measurements in a single step for fast inspections
• Save time with wide coverage and fast scanning • Works for tee, lap, and corner joints and all weld sizes
• Replaces penetrant and magnetic-particle testings • Calibrated imaging for reliable results

Slag inclusion
Conventional Ultrasound Remote Visual Inspection

Lack of

High-quality flaw detection with Inspect hard-to-reach areas

exceptional ease of use
• The best image quality for clear
• Rugged, ergonomic design enables visualization
use in challenging environments • Increase the probability of detection
• Intuitive interface is practical for both with vivid colors and sharp images
experienced and novice inspectors Incomplete Toe crack • Efficiently assess welding damage
• Full range of UT probes for detection
and sizing of weld defects penetration
Root crack

Phased Array Ultrasound X-Ray Fluorescence

Technology to speed up your inspection process On-the-spot weld inspection and positive material identification

• High-speed detection capabilities facilitate interpretation • Alloy verification helps ensure proper weld materials are used
• Reduced inspection time compared to radiography • Avoid corrosion, cracks, and damage
• Immediate results enable you to detect and fix process • Analysis in seconds with no impact to the weld
problems right away