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Vicerrectoría Académica y de Investigación

Activity 5 – Speaking assignment-Synchronous meeting

1. General description of the course

Faculty or Academic Vicerrectoría de Relaciones Internacionales

Academic Level Professional, specialization, master
Academic Field Common basic interdisciplinary training
Course name English B1
Course code 900003
Course type Methodological Can be re- Yes No ☒
Number of credits 3

2. Description of the activity

Physical Remote
☐ ☐ Simulator ☐
laboratory laboratory
Type of
Specialized Professional
practice Field works ☐ ☐ ☐
software experiences
Other ☒ Which: Skype
Number of
Type of activity: Individual ☒ Collaborative ☐ 8
Moment of
Initial ☐ Intermediate ☒ Final ☐
Score of the activity (if Delivering environment: Collaborative
applicable): Learning
Starting date: February 27 th Closing date: April 28th,
Topics addressed in the practical component:
The interview comprises two sections:
 Self-introduction
 A conversation about one of the following topics:
 An English friend of yours is coming to visit your country for the 1 st time.
What advice could you give him or her for visiting your City? Describe your
city. Put photos and describe them (At least 3 Photos) Talk about typical food
(At least two typical dishes in your city?
 You are planning your holiday, select one of the amazing vacations plans and
convince your tutor to go there with you.

Taken by


Taken by

In this Countries. Include important cities, typical food, clothes, special
activities for do (Theatre, sports, etc) information about the weather (If
you need vaccinations)

Activities to carry out: Remember you choose the same topic for interview and
a. Video recording
 Each student has to make a video, in which he should introduce himself and
include one of the 2 topics mentioned for the interview.
 Share the recording or the link of the video in the forum.

b. Interview
 Your tutor will send you a link containing a time table for you to register in the
established days and hours.
 Register on the schedule your ID number, full name, group number, email and
Skype username.
 Login to the virtual tool at least 10 minutes before the interview.
 Remember to have from 10 to 15 minutes and guarantee the headset, microphone
and camera work fine to carry out the interview.
Collaborative Learning
Products to
deliver by the Video recording
Type of No product must be
Individual ☒ Collaborative ☐ ☐
product: delivered
Upload the video in YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, Onedrive etc.
4. Evaluation rubric

Evaluation rubric
Activity type: Individual ☒ Collaborative ☐
Moment of
Initial ☐ Intermediate ☒ Final ☐
Items to Levels of performance of individual activity
evaluate Highest score Medium score Lowest score
The student records The student
There is no
the video but doesn’t records the video
Video evidence of video
make any reflection making reflection 40
recording recording.
and analysis. and analysis.
(up to 0 points) (up to 20 points) (up to 40 points)
The student There are some The pronunciation
makes many mistakes in the is fluent, with good
pronunciation pronunciation, but it intonation
mistakes and the doesn’t affect the and appropriate 10
message is not understanding of the intervals between
clear. message. sentences.
(up to 0 points) (up to 5 points) (up to 10 points)
The student uses The student uses a
a vocabulary in an vocabulary
The used vocabulary
incorrect way, suggested in the
Vocabulary is scarce and not
beside there is no units. The message 10
always correct.
cohesion in the is clear and
speech. understandable.
(up to 0 points) (up to 05 points) (up to 10 points)
The student identifies The student
The student
the instructions in answers to all the
doesn’t answer to
English and answers questions and
Listening the questions 10
to almost all the recognize the
questions. instructions.
(up to 0 points) (up to 05 points) (up to 10 points)
Final score 70