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VPs are awarded in the following ways:

Reducing an opponent's figures health to 0 or

more (and therefore eliminating the figure from
the table): You gain VPs = to that figures deploy

Eliminating an opponent's unique (■) figure from

the table: +5 VP

The player who eliminated the most of their

“General Solo, is your strike team assembled?" -
opponents figures this Round: +10 VP (+0 VP if
General Crix Madine, Return of the Jedi.
none, + 5 VP if a draw).

THE RULES There are no restrictions for the number of

Based on the skirmish rules for Imperial Assault, Strike skirmish upgrade cards you may have in your
Team is a large scale skirmish played on a 3'x3' Deployment deck, but you may only include on
tabletop battlefield as opposed to the regular game copy of each unique skirmish upgrade card
tiles. In a game of Imperial Assault: Strike Team, both
you and your opponent will have a warband of fighters All VP values are cumulative, meaning if you
that you will be using to play an exciting large scale eliminate a unique figure, you gain VPs = to that
skirmish encounter using your figures. Figures will figures deploy cost AND the +5 VP for being
deploy opposite ends of the table in "deployment unique.
zones", in an area no more than 4" from the tables
Call in Reinforcements
At the start of your turn, you may call in
Range and Movement reinforcements. To do this, you must have fewer
Where range and movement values in a regular game figures on the table than the Group Limit on the
of Imperial Assault are measured in squares on the corresponding Deployment Card. You subtract the
game tiles, all measurements in Imperial Assault: amount of VP from your total, equivalent to that
Strike Team are measured in inches. 1 square = 1 inch. figure's reinforcement cost. You cannot reinforce
Where you see any game text that mentions squares, figures if you don't have enough VP to do so.
you may interpret this as inches for the purpose of
Imperial Assault: Strike Team. You may pre-measure
and range or movement distance before using them. The Structure of a Strike Team
Strike Teams are made up of 80 points worth of
Deployment cards. You must include cards only
Rounds and Turns from the one affiliation (Rebels, Imperials, Scum)
A game of Imperial Assault: Strike Team is played and you may include Skirmish Upgrade Cards
across a number of Rounds. Within each Round, matching the affiliation. You may include neutral
players alternate taking Turns, activating their figures, Deployment cards in your Strike Team. Cards that
until both players have completed allow you to use Deployment cards from other
activating their whole Strike Team. There are no set affiliations (i.e Temporary Alliance) may be
number of Rounds, a game is played until one player included. You do not simply just pick 80 points
reaches 100 Victory Points (VPs) or by eliminating all worth of deployment cards to use in your Strike
of the opponents figures from the table, whichever Team. Deployment cards can only be included as
happens first. part of a strict hierarchy, which not only gives the
Strike Teams a more militarised feel to them, but
also helps keeps Strike Teams fair and balanced.
For every three non-unique regular (gray) Deployment Terrain
cards in your Deployment deck, you may include the When setting up your game, players may take
following: in turns placing one piece of terrain on the
tabletop. Players alternate until a player has
TWO Elite (red) Deployment cards
no more remaining pieces. You cannot have
ONE Massive card more than 25% of the tabletop covered in
terrain. Each piece of terrain cannot be placed
ONE unique Deployment card with 4" of another piece of terrain or a
deployment zone. Terrain represents
If a Deployment card shares multiple traits listed buildings, trees, water hazards, rocks etc.
above it counts as both for inclusion purposes. For When placing a piece of terrain, it may contain
example, if you choose to include Luke Skywalker, the following attributes:
Hero of the Rebellion in your Deployment deck, he is
both Elite and unique, so he takes up both an Elite
Impassable: Unless a figure has the mobile
Deployment slot as well as the unique Deployment
slot. You cannot include the listed above cards in your attribute, they cannot pass through the
Deployment deck otherwise. terrain. The terrain generally blocks the line of
sight for a figure, unless it is physically sorter
Strike Team Leader than a figures line of sight. Example: Walls,
You may nominate one of your unique large rocks, huge trees.
Deployment cards to act as your Strike Team
Leader. You may equip them with either the Difficult: Unless the figure has the mobile
Heroic or Legendary reward card from the Core attribute, they must spend additional
Set of the game. They cannot have both cards, movement points in inches equivalent to the
and limit one per Strike Team. terrains size when passing through this
terrain. Example: Water, rubble, bushes.
Command Cards
Make a note of the type of terrain when it is
Your Command deck must follow these
placed on the table.

Deck Size: Each Strike Team's Command Deck Winning a Game

must include exactly 20 Command Cards. When 100 VPs are reached by either player, it
is assumed the opposing Strike Team are
Command Cost: The total cost of your Command overwhelmed by their enemy and can no-
cards must be 20 or fewer points. longer function as a fighting force. They
retreat from the table.
Duplicate Restrictions: The same restrictions and
limitations as in a regular skirmish still apply. If all of a player's figures are eliminated from
the table, he loses the game immediately,
During the last step of setup, players draw the regardless of victory points.
top 5 cards of their Command deck. At the start
of your turn, you may draw one additional card Changes from a Regular Skirmish
into your hand from your Command deck. Also, if Some changes have been made deliberate
you have fewer VP than your opponent, you may and are listed in this section, however, if you
draw an additional card. feel a rule or guideline isn't explained in
depth, then you may refer to the Imperial
Assault Core Game Skirmish Guide for
Missions: Missions have been taken away
entirely in this edition of the Imperial Assault:
Strike Team Rules. This does not mean they won't
return at a later date, they have been omitted so
players can enjoy the freedom of learning this
new game system without also having to
interpret rules for missions. Where a card or rule
mentions "Mission", the word is replaced by
"Game" (i.e "At the start of each Mission" would
now read "At the start of each Game").

Rules BETA version 0.15 by Nathan Castles

Update log:
(12/03/2018): initial concept rules created
(12/04/2018): BETA (0.1) first beta released
to public
(13/04/2018): BETA (0.15) omitted Range
and Movement rules added

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