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Pakistan International School (English

Section) Riyadh, K.S.A

Second Term Assessment 2016-2017
(Morning/Afternoon Shift)

Subject: ……………………… Grade:…………

Time Allowed:50 Minutes Max. Marks: 30

Student’s Name: …………………………………………..

Section: …….. Date: ……….…………….

Instructions to Candidates

 Write your name, section and date on the cover page.

 Do not use correction fluid.
 If any Extra Sheet is required, request the Invigilator.
 Attempt all questions.
 The number of marks is given in brackets [ ] at the end of each question or part of a question.
 This document consists of …… printed pages excluding the front page.

For Examiner’s Use Only

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Section A (10 marks)

 Fill in the blanks: (5)

1- Khadija was the ___Wife__ of the Prophet (‫)صلى‌ا‌عليه‌وسلم‬.

2- Prophet Muhammad (‫ ‌)صلى‌ا‌عليه‌وسلم‬started the task of keeping people away from the
Idol Worship_.

3- The Prophet (‫ ‌)صلى‌ا‌عليه‌وسلم‬preached Islam for three years.

4- A disbeliever was hurt from the sword Sa’ad ibn Abee waqqas..

5- Islam is also known as the faith Ibraheem .

 Write True or False: (5)

1- Ali was the cousin of the Prophet (‫)صلى‌ا‌عليه‌وسلم‬.

‌ (True or False)

2- In the early period Abu Bakr offered his services most prominently. (True or False)

3- Prophet Muhammad (‫ ‌)صلى‌ا‌عليه‌وسلم‬preached Islam for two years. (True or False)

4- People who create trouble for others are mischief mongers. (True or False)

5- Abu Lahab was one of the bitterest enemies of Islam. (True or False)

Section B (20 marks)

Q-1 Why did the Prophet (‫ ‌)صلى‌ا‌عليه‌وسلم‬start preaching Tawheed? /2

A-1 Allah’s messenger began to preach Tawheed as he received the command by Allah to so.
Q-2 What different types of people accepted Islam? /2
A-2 The friends and relatives of the Prophet accepted Islam, among them were men, women,
youth, children and old people.
Q-3 How did the Quraysh behave towards the believers? /3
A-3 They poked fun at the believers, jeered at them and hurt them with their tongues, however in
some cases the Quraysh also attacked individual Muslim physically.
Q-4 Did Abu Talib accept Islam? /1
A-4 No Abu talib did not accept Islam. He said “I will not give up the religion of my ancestors.

Q-5 Why did the Prophet cry out ‘’Ya Sabaahaah’’ and not anything else? /2
A-5 This was a well known cry used to gather together the people in times of danger. The
Quraish were always quick to respond to this call.
Q-6 Did the people accept the Prophet‘s message? /2
A-6 No, they did not take it serious.they burst into laughter to make fun of the Prophet’s message
Q-7 How did Abu Lahab react? /2
A-7 He said to the Prophet “May you perish. Was it for this purpose that you called us here?”
Q-8 Where would the new Muslims pray to Allah? /2
A-8 The new Muslims would go beyond Makkah in the mountain pass to pray to Allah.
Q-9 Why did Sa’ad ibn Abee Waqqas injure a pagan? /2
A-9 He injured a pagan because the disbelievers tried to stop the Muslims from praying, by force
Q-10 Why did the Prophet (‫ ‌)صلى‌ا‌عليه‌وسلم‬keep calling the people to Islam quietly? /2
A-10 He kept calling people to Islam quietly in the beginning by the command of Allah.