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Chicago Police Department.

SALF will also be working with the

Save A Life Foundation Federal Aviation Administration in training employees and devel-
By RITA MULLINS, Mayor of Palatine, and IRV BOCK, oping standards for the aviation industry.
Mayor of Hanover Park SALF’s training programs are as follows:
Save A Life for Kids is a one-hour program that teaches ele-
As mayors and village presidents, we have the obligation to mentary school children from kindergarten through eight grade.
ensure the health, safety and well-being of our residents - includ- Children learn skills such as scene safety, contacting Emergency
ing our young people. That is why we have become involved in Medical Services, bleed control, opening an airway, early heart
an organization we feel helps fulfill that obligation. attack care, Heimlich maneuver and rescue breathing.
The Save A Life Foundation (SALF) came into existence Bystander Basic is a two-hour program geared for young
through the efforts of Carol Spizzirri, founder, mother and nurse adults age 13 and older, which teaches all the above as well as
who, on Labor Day 1992, lost her child, Christina, to a fatal hit- CPR.
and-run car accident. Christina’s life might have been saved had Bystander Basics Advanced is a three-hour program that
the first persons who arrived on the scene given prompt first aid meets OSHA standards, expands upon these skills by also teach-
until the professionals arrived. Since that time, Carol has chan- ing C-Spine control, shock management, critical burn manage-
neled her grief by establishing the Save A Life Foundation, devot- ment, initial wound care, and how to recognize various emergen-
ing herself and requesting others to get involved in the process of cies and prioritize multiple casualty situations.
educating people in these most basic skills. SALF is a not-for- Bystander Basic A.E.D. is a one-hour program intended for
profit organization dedicated to the promotion and education of adults 18 and over that includes training in sudden death, the func-
life supporting first aid. tion of the heart and circulatory system and how and when to use
Through Carol’s efforts, the Foundation was able to have a an automatic external defibrillator.
law passed in Illinois mandating first aid and CPR training for all The Save A Life Foundation has several current programs.
new police and firefighters. With the assistance of Senator These are:
Richard Durbin (D-IL), a federal appropriation was sponsored and 1. Life Saving Skills for School Bus Drivers and School
passed by President Clinton, providing funds for First Aid and Administrators. Through a joint effort with the Illinois State
CPR training for all police and emergency personnel nationwide. Board of Education and the Secretary of State, SALF has proceed-
SALF has grown to include a team of dedicated volunteers ed with the plans for a program to train the 23,000 Illinois school
who promote its life-saving mission. Also, the Foundation is very bus drivers with basic hands-on life supporting first aid, including
fortunate to have an internationally-recognized panel of experts CPR.
serving on its Medical Advisory Board, such as Dr. Henry 2. Blue Angels Program. A partnership with the Illinois
Heimlich, father of the Heimlich maneuver and head of the Criminal Justice Information Authority, Chicago Police
Heimlich Institute, Dr. Peter Safar, developer of Cardio Department, Office of the Superintendent of the Chicago Police,
Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and the head of the Safar and the Police Academy to train police officers with EMS creden-
Research Center in Pittsburgh, and Dr. Stanley Zydlo, father of tials to become in-house instructors for fellow officers in their
Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and SALF’s Medical police departments. These officers will also outreach their com-
Director. munities by providing training in life saving skills to local schools.
Life is full of surprises. Some of them are pleasant and oth- 3. Creation of Branch Offices. With an eye on the future,
ers are not. When we suddenly find ourselves face to face with a SALF negotiated a partnership and established a regional training
crisis, it is important to know what to do - either fix the problem, site at Saint John’s Hospital in Springfield. This was the first step
or keep it from getting worse. In our society, it seems all too often in marketing our educational training into communities inade-
people turn away when they see someone in trouble, or someone quately served by emergency medical services. Recently, at the
suddenly becoming ill or injured. Many of us are simply afraid to National Conference of State Legislatures in Chicago, several
help because of fear being sued, contracting a disease or making states, most notably Connecticut, Texas and North Carolina,
the situation worse because of a lack of knowledge. approached SALF about establishing branch offices in their states.
The intent of the Save A Life Foundation program is to deliv- What started as a tragedy for one woman has become a
er the most important lifesaving information in a simple, concise healthy, thriving and important organization making a difference
format designed to fit into our busy lives. The program will teach and facing the challenge of making our society a better place for
those taking the course just what they need to know. all.
SALF has focused on the need of creating a critical mass of Most often, the people that you will be called upon to help are
trained children in Life Supporting First Aid skills. Working with those we spend the most time with, our family, neighbors, and
EMS/Fire Departments and schools, SALF has trained more than friends. This program will prepare your residents to recognize
125,000 children in the Chicago school district and became part of emergencies and teach them the right way to deal with emergen-
Governor George Ryan’s budget - appropriating funds to teach all cies.
school children throughout the state of Illinois in first aid and As mayors, we have an opportunity to assist in getting the
CPR. word out to all our residents about the importance of these pro-
SALF has experienced tremendous growth in the last two grams. The Save A Life Foundation will train the trainers for you.
years. From teaching a simple basic first aid program to children, Men and women in your Police, Fire and Public Works depart-
SALF’s curriculum now consists of four comprehensive training ments start the core groups which consist of school children,
programs geared to people of all ages. The program consists of social service clubs, church groups, etc.
Save A Life for Kids, Bystander Basics, Bystander Advanced Let’s work together to support the philosophy of the Save A
(OSHA, Daycare Providers) and Bystander Basics Automatic Life Foundation.
External Defibrillation For further information, please contact Carol Spizzirri of the
Our audience has grown from school children to businesses of Save A Life Foundation at 847-928-9683 or fax inquiries to 847-
all sizes. SALF has trained employees from companies such as 928-9684. ■
Lead Core and U.S. Steel and has been brought in to teach the