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Activity 6

1. Activity name: Pair Share
2. Dixon, Charles. Therapeutic Recreation directory. Retrieved from
Learning Disabilities Association of America. Types of Learning Disabilities. Retrieved
3. Equipment needed: a pair share sheet for each person participating, the answer sheet
for the instructor and a timer.
4. First, you are going to pass out the sheet of paper which has pairs of objects on it. For
example, a dog and a tree or a type writer and a piano. The goal of the game is to take
the two objects and write down something they have in common. You can either time
this game or play it until everyone has completed their sheet. Once you hand out the
sheets, if you are timing the game. Tell them the amount of time they will have then
count down from 3. After time runs out, count the number of pairs each person got
correct and wrong. You could also make this a competition if you want to as well or you
could work in teams.
5. This interaction pattern could be a few different ones. If you make it a competition it
could be Multilateral because it is a competition between two or more people. Also, it
could be Extraindividual because it is an action directed by yourself requiring no contact
with other people if you choose to set the rules as playing by yourself.
6. The disability I chose to adapt this activity to is people with the visual perceptual/visual
motor deficit learning disability. This disability affects how people see objects and how
they draw and copy them. The adaptation I would do is creating the worksheet ahead of
time and printing out pictures of each of the pairs. Place the pictures of the paired items
next to the words so it is easier for them to see the image and the word and allowing it
easier for them to figure out the connections.