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The film “Now you see me” directed by Louis Leterrier tells the story of the pursuit of “the

four horsemen”, a group composed of the best magicians of the world led by the attractive
and charismatic horseman known as “Atlas”, performed by Jesse Eisenberg, who pulls off bank
heists during their performances and reward the audience with the money.

Taking advantage of their knowledge on magic, they combine the show with devices and
elements of high technology that allow them to access easier to the funds of the bank in
question. The band conquers rapidly the audience who is surprised by the incredible magic

On the other hand Dyland (performed by Mark Ruffalo) is a special officer of FBI who tracks
the team. His intention is to arrest them and make them pay for their amazing crime before
they get their most amazing and audacious robbery.

I enjoyed watching this film because the actors are very good and the actors of the group are
very good looking! I think that the plot is amazing as you remain expectant since the beginning
till the end. You shouldn’t miss this film.