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Completa las frases con Futuro, Futuro Continuo o Futuro Perfecto

1. It's no point arguing with him. He (not do) anything I say.

2. I (wear) contact lenses when you see me next. You (not recognize) me.

3. He's well-off but he (spend) all his money before he's 30.

4. She always makes jam in summer. She (make) at least 100 jars by the end of the

5. This time next week I (have) breakfast in bed in a luxury hotel.

6. I'm sure she (wear) her red dress at the party tomorrow.

7. If you come, I (save) you a seat in the front row.

8. At this pace, we (finish) painting the house by the end of the week.

9. You (have) to be more patient with your students.

It's hard to make predictions too far into the future but I suppose in 20 years' time I

(finish) my studies and I (find) a good job. I finally (be) independent and

I (travel) all the time. The world certainly (be) different:

people (drive) electric cars and we (run) out of petrol. I expect

everyone (change) their habits, but scientists still (look) for a way to

control global warming. I hope I (live) long enough to see it all happen!

Completa las frases con must, mustn't, have to, don't / doesn't have to.

Larry go to the bank. He hasn't got any money.

You smoke in the baby's room.

You pay. The entrance is free.

I hurry up if I don't want to miss the plane.

In the company, everybody start work at 8:30.

You cook tonight. I have already prepared the dinner.

I pick up my sister from the airport tomorrow.

She work. Her husband earns enough money for both of them.

Completa las frases con can, could o be able to en su forma corecta

I never to understand his handwriting.

He used to speak German well.

If you spoke English, you get a job in an international company.

When I lived in Paris, I go to the Louvre museum any time I wanted.

I see you this afternoon, if you want.

When I pass the driving test, I to drive anywhere I want.

you come to the party tomorrow?

I love to want what I want with my free time.

The mechanic to fix my car last week.

To do this job you need to use computers.

Decide si las siguientes frases son correctas o incorrectas. Si son incorrectas, piensa en como se
deberían corregir.

1. She can cooks Italian food.

A. ? Right
B. ? Wrong

2. They forgot the key, but they could open a window.

A. ? Right
B. ? Wrong

3. If you studied more, you could pass all your exams.

A. ? Right
B. ? Wrong

4. He doesn't able to write with his left hand.

A. ? Right
B. ? Wrong

5. I want to be able to stepdance.

A. ? Right
B. ? Wrong

6. I enjoy to be able to spend my holidays at the beach.

A. ? Right
B. ? Wrong

7. They can to play tennis very well.

A. ? Right
B. ? Wrong

8. When he was young, he could run for hours.

A. ? Right
B. ? Wrong

9. Am I able to use your car this weekend?

A. ? Right
B. ? Wrong

10. Could you play the piano when you were a child?

A. ? Right
B. ? Wrong

Completa el texto con could o was/were able to y los verbos entre paréntesis, en afirmativo o

The police (catch) the thief shortly after the robbery.

He (cycle) for hours when he was a kid and he wouldn't feel tired.
She (not/ write) until she was 10.
We (not/ fix) the central heating, so we had to call the technician.
The house was on fire, but he (escape) through the chimney.
People (not/travel) abroad under the communist regime.
I (study) all day and all night when I was a student.
She (answer) all the questions, so she failed her exam.
Reordena las palabras para obtener unas oraciones interrogativas.

a glass of water / may / have/ I / please?

, ?
your dictionary/ I / borrow/ can / please?

, ?
the salt/ please / me/ you / pass/ could?

, ?

the menu / we / have / please / can?

, ?
for me/ this letter/ you / can / post / please?

, ?
your mobile phone / please/ may / I / use?

, ?
for a second / please/ my bag/ you / hold / can?

, ?
the metro station / is / could / me / you / tell / where / please?

, ?

Completa las frases con must, can't o might.

A: I'm going to climb the Himalaya next summer.

B: But you are seventy years old! You be serious. You be mad.

A: It be wonderful to be up there and have the entire world at your feet. It would be a dream come

B: But you have an accident or get killed. I don't think it's wise to take the risk.

A: Young man, your life be much fun if you never take risks. You should do it from time to time.

You enjoy it!

B: Enjoy it! You be joking. You never come back from this adventure.

Escoge la mejor opción para completar las siguientes frases.

1. You ..... fail your exam! You've been studying for weeks.

A. ? must
B. ? might
C. ? can't

2. Hi, you ..... be Tim's wife. I'm John, his workmate.

A. ? must
B. ? might
C. ? can't

3. We ..... drive to the south of Spain this summer if we buy a new car.

A. ? must
B. ? might
C. ? can't

She looks very young! She ..... be forty.

A. ? must
B. ? might
C. ? can't

5. This is his third sandwich this morning. He ..... be very hungry.

A. ? must
B. ? might
C. ? can't

6. It ..... rain this evening so take an umbrella with you.

A. ? must
B. ? might
C. ? can't

7. They look identical. They ..... be twins.

A. ? must
B. ? might
C. ? can't

8. He ..... be home already. He has just left.

A. ? must
B. ? might

C. ? can't

9. The thief had a key of the house so he ..... be someone you know.

A. ? must
B. ? might
C. ? can't

10. Don't buy that red tie! He ..... not like it.

A. ? must
B. ? might
C. ? can't

Pon los verbos entre paréntesis en su forma correcta. Ten en cuenta el tipo de estructura
John: Can't you stop playing the piano?

Dan: Well, if I (not practise), I will fail my exam next week.

John: But why at night? If you (play) in the morning, I (not hear) you because I'm

at work. But you never play in the morning! If I (know) about the piano, I

(not take) you as a flatmate last September. If you (practice) quietly, it (be) much
Dan: But I can't play the piano quietly.

John: If I (know) that, I (choose) someone else for the room. Anyway, if

you (not find) a solution soon, I (complain) to the police.

Escoge la mejor opción para completar las siguientes frases

1. If I ..... you, I wouldn't open his letters.

A. ? was
B. ? were

2. If I hadn't passed my driving test, I ..... a car today.

A. ? wouldn't have
B. ? wouldn't have had

3. If he hadn't lost her phone number, he ..... her.

A. ? could have phoned her

B. ? could had phoned her

4. If I study French, I ..... to visit France next year.

A. ? would be able
B. ? will be able

5. What would you do if you ..... your passport abroad?

A. ? lose
B. ? lost

6. If he ..... his leg when he was young, he would still be a football player.

A. ? didn't break
B. ? hadn't broken

7. I will do the housework if I ..... time.

A. ? had
B. ? have

8. If she ..... more hours, she would earn more money.

A. ? worked
B. ? would work

9. If I had known my ex was coming, I ..... to the party.

A. ? wouldn't have come

B. ? wouldn't come

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