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Bookhounds of London

By Kenneth Hite



Publisher: Simon Rogers

Author: Kenneth Hite

Layout, Index & Maps: Beth Lewis

Artwork: Jérôme Huguenin

Additional Material: Steve Dempsey

Playtesters: Richard Shaw, Morten Greis, Monica Traxl, Thomas Mørch, Peter
Fallesen, Nis Baggesen, David Barnard-Wills, Kat Barnard-Wills, Aidan Jewell, Sam
Ollins, Jared Pinfold, Jason Durall, Jeb Boyt, Bob Roeh, Jim Burr, Ari Marmell,
Alan Matthews, Jonathan Breese, Ken Hickman, Tim Stringer, Tony Sweeting, Andy
Whitwham, Mike Hough, Mike Riddle, Jonathan “Buddha” Davis, Joe Iglesias, Sam
Zeitlin, Matt Coote, Dave Barton, Chris Ardington, Russ Emslie, Arseny Kuznetsov,
Dmitry Sinitsyn, Irina Vetokhina, Alexey Dobrynin, Bert Isla, Susan Wardell, Abel
Vargas, James Kohl, Alan Rowarth, William Mays, Adam Pinfold, Josh Le Mon

Special thanks to our intrepid team of map indexers: Adam Gauntlett, Arseny
Kuznetsov, Chris Hallett, Finlay Patterson, Justin Lowmaster, Paul Spraget, Scott
Douglas, Steve Moss.

We have made every reasonable effort to ensure all the original art on which our
maps or plans are based are out of copyright. All such maps and plans have been
extensively modified with original content and are ©2011 Pelgrane Press Ltd.

Harry Beck 1933 Tube Map used with permission - Copyright Transport for London from
the collection of London Transport Museum.

© 2010 Pelgrane Press Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Trail of Cthulhu is published by arrangement with
Chaosium, Inc.Trail of Cthulhu is a trademark of Pelgrane Press Ltd.



Introduction 6 Optional Dramatic 27 Dweller in the Depths 70

Auction Rules 27 Fire Vampire 71
Bookhounds 8 Libraries 29 Fog-Spawn 72
Creating a Bookhound 8 Rules for Libraries 29 Hound-Lich 74
Occupations 8 Libraries of London 30 Tylwyth Corachaidd 74
New Occupations 8 The Books Themselves 32 An Optional Magick:
Book Scout 9 Some Shelfwear Megapolisomancy 76
Bookseller 9 and Foxing 32 The Megapolisomancy Ability 76
Catalogue Agent 10 Occult Books 34 Megapolisomantic Workings 76
Forger 10 Historical Occult Books 36 Burning Man:
Occultist 10 Mythos Tomes 38 A Sample Working 78
Drives 12 Paramental Entities 79
Greed 12 Thirties London 41
New Abilities 12 Twenty Thousand Streets Building a Bookhounds
Auction (General) 12 Under the Sky 41 Campaign 80
Bibliography (Academic) 12 Contacts in London 41 Styles 80
Document Analysis Rumours of London 42 Arabesque 80
(Technical) 12 The City of London 42 Sordid 80
Forgery (Technical) 12 Contacts in the City 43 Technicolour 81
Textual Analysis Rumours of the City 44 Dramatis Personae 82
(Academic) 12 Westminster 45 Sample Non-Player
The Knowledge Contacts in Westminster 45 Characters 82
(Academic) 12 Rumours of Westminster 47 Rivals 83
Bookshops 15 The West End 48 Bookseller 83
Bookshop Stock 15 Contacts in the West End 49 Book Scout 85
Dedicated Bookshop Stock 15 Rumours of the West End 50 Catalogue Agent 85
Discover a Squiz 16 The East End 51 Collectors 86
Improving Bookshop Stock 17 Contacts in the East End 52 Academic 86
Bookshop Credit Ratings 17 Rumours of the East End 53 Artist 87
Bookshop Credit Ratings North London 54 Peer of the Realm 88
In Play 18 Contacts in North London 54 Scenarios 89
Rumours of North London 56 Player-Driven Adventures 92
The Purchase of Curious Tomes 21 South London 56 Plot Hooks 92
The Book Trade 21 Contacts in South London 58 Using Contacts 92
Finding a Buyer 21 Rumours of South London 60 Putting it Together, Together 93
Finding a Book 22
Auctions 24 The London Mythos 61 Whitechapel Black-Letter 94
Narrative Auctions 24 Cults 61 The Spine 94
Dramatic Auctions 25 Corebook Cults 61 The Horrible Truth 95
Dramatic Auction Rules 25 A Book to Kill For 95
Single-Lot Dramatic London’s Monsters 67 The Uncongenial Mr. Dives 95
Auctions 26 Brood of Eihort 67 Upon Further Investigation 96
Multiple-Lot Dramatic Cold One 69 The Book 97
Auctions 27 Dust-Thing 69 The Buyer 98


The Rival 99 The Auction Begins 112 Dramatis Personae List 154
Ten Bells Pub 100 Interruptions 113 Tip Sheet 155
The Client 101 The Final Chapter 113 Character sheet 156
Horace & Moore 101 What the Book Holds 113 1930s Rare Book Prices 157
The Seller 103 Rewards and Dangers 113 Antiquarian Book Dealers
Deathtrap in Wapping 103 of London 158
Talking to Bowers 105 Bibliography 114 What is the Occult Guide
The Ripper 106 Howard and Campbell 114 to London? 160
The Crowley Version 106 Other Urban Horrorists 114
Vittoria Cremers’ Story 107 London 114 London Timeline 1929-1939 161
A Bloody Bidding 107 Bookhounds 115 General Index 165
The Toad’s Mistress 107 Locations Index 169
Enter the Keymaster 111 Floorplans & Colour Plates 116 Index of Locations from
Book Stock and Two The Occult Guide 170
Smoking Barrels 111 Appendices 153 Index to Sectional Maps 171
To The Auction 112 Bookshop Record Sheet 153




The dubious tome you hold in your might well crouch, mostly forgotten, the main chance, and selling maps (and
hands offers you a different kind of in the dreary Hackney Marshes, maybe guidebooks) to those forbidden
Mythos experience. It’s not about but altars to false gods tower over frontiers. They are Bookhounds,
remote inbred towns, or swamp altars, the metaphorical swamps of Fleet looking for profit in mouldy vellum
or lost prehuman ruins, but about a Street and Whitehall. And as for lost, and leather bindings, balancing their
city of cinemas, electric lights, global prehuman ruins … who’s to say what own books by finding first editions
power and the height of fashion. It’s lies under London, if you dig deep for Satanists and would-be sorcerers.
about the horrors – the cancers – that enough? They may not quite know what they
lurk in London, in the very beating traffic in, or they may know rather
heart of human civilization. Of course, Your characters aren’t stalwart G-men better than their clientele. Peddlers
London has its decaying, inbred or tweedy scholars this time around, of blasphemy and madness aren’t nice
populations – both East End drabs and serving their country or sealing off people, and the only consolation is
West End aristocrats. A Templar altar forbidden frontiers. They’re working that their customers are worse yet.



competent: indeed, the world should

seem on the verge of over-mastering
For properly dodgy desperation, all
– THE DESCENDANT Bookhound Credit Ratings should
be capped at 4, and all Bookhounds
should begin with no free rating
points in Credit Rating. Players
may still build aristocratic characters,
In a Bookhounds of London campaign, books at estate sales or abandoned but they will be from families long
the Investigators do not investigate churches across the Home Counties, gone to seed, or horrible black sheep
horror and strangeness professionally. tracking down rumors and doing no longer invited to decent parties.
Rather, they investigate books about your competitors dirt. You’ve had
horror and strangeness and become, to learn the difference between
seemingly inevitably, drawn into the
horror themselves. If they could
the 1452 and the 1472 editions of
Wormius, and why neither should
just sell a pristine copy of the 1845 be opened at Ludgate, or anywhere The Bookhounds are people active in
Bridewell edition of Nameless Cults, during a full moon. Sometimes you London’s underground trade in occult
pocket their 40% (or 400%) and touch up an imperfect von Junzt, and books (and possibly in other dubious
move on, they would. But it’s never sometimes you might liberate a Prinn literatures such as pornography).
that simple. Not for them. Not for first edition from an insufficiently They will likely come from one of the
Bookhounds. Not in London. Not caring owner. following Occupations: Antiquarian,
now. Criminal, Dilettante, Hobo (called
It’s a hard old world out there, and “Tramp” in this campaign frame), or
The global Depression has driven an mayhap the hardest thing about it is Private Investigator. That said,
unprecedented number of collectors that you have to save it from your Artists, Authors, Clergymen,
– both individual and institutional – own customers now and again. and Professors might easily find
to sell off their holdings for whatever themselves involved.
they can get. The global crisis has also
driven an unprecedented number of
over-educated, morally bankrupt
Creating a New Occupations
aristocrats and resentful would-be
Great Beasts to experiment with Bookhound Players may also select from among
the following new Occupations,
black magic … including the Cthulhu While every campaign will be some of which are functionally
Mythos. Between the two groups, different, the atmosphere of customised versions of the corebook
sellers and buyers, a specialty market the default Bookhounds of London set: Bookseller is a specialised
has sprung up in blasphemous tomes, campaign is a sort of seedy scrabbling Antiquarian, Forger is a specialised
no questions asked. on the verge of disaster. Investigators Criminal, and so forth.
(called Bookhounds in this
You cater to that market, finding campaign) shouldn’t feel broadly Some Credit Rating bands exceed


Special: You are always the

first Bookhound to notice an Bookhounds’ Contacts
inconspicuous clue (Trail of Cthulhu, and Connections
p. 55) in a bookshop, library, or As noted on p. 31 of the
similar environment. Trail of Cthulhu corebook, using
Bureaucracy, Cop Talk,
If there are two book scouts in a Credit Rating, Streetwise,
player group, the Keeper decides and many other abilities involves
who gets the inconspicuous clue as making a contact. Some of the
normal. special abilities of Book Scouts,
Catalogue Agents, Forgers, and
Occultists – all of which have
You can also pick up juicy gossip special sources of information or
on bibliophiles, auctions, and street potential access to them – likewise
markets by dickering with booksellers depend on personal contacts.
and fellow book-scouts (Bargain) (As do many other Occupations,
or with touts in the underground either implicitly or explicitly.)
book trade (Streetwise). These contacts should go on your
campaign’s dramatis personae
list (see 154), so that they may
Bookseller be rousted during player-driven
the suggested campaign cap of You live surrounded by books, and adventures and hooked by the
Credit Rating 4. This makes these you draw your living from them. Keeper for her own fell purposes.
Occupations more playable in other, Perhaps you see them as living things Unofficial, non-academic
non-Bookhounds campaigns if the in their turn; with destinies entwined investigators – such as the
Keeper wishes. with a given customer, or capable of Bookhounds – depend more
speaking to a sensitive reader and heavily on contacts and
changing his life. Or perhaps you connections than in some
Book Scout see them as horrible relatives you campaigns. At character creation,
the Keeper might request each
You resent terms like “bottom- can’t get away from: draining your
feeder.” Without you, books wouldn’t energies and resources with only player begin with one contact
get from the tables and shelves of the grudging acknowledgement of your tied to an Occupation ability: a
unappreciative to the kind of shops needs. Or it might be that you fell book scout might know a fence
where they belong. You find books into the job because it was light work (Streetwise), a bookseller
might know a librarian at the
at lesser bookshops or estate sales or indoors.
Museum (Library Use), an
wherever it might be, obtain them – occultist might know a grave-
by subterfuge, by feigned disinterest, Occupational Abilities: Auction, robber (Archaeology), etc.
by “five-finger discount” if the Devil Accounting, Art History, Bargain, This can help create player-
drives – and re-sell them to a better Bibliography, Document Analysis, driven adventures (see p.92)
bookshop for more money. If you’re Languages, Library Use, Textual right from the beginning of the
pressed, maybe you just cut away the Analysis. campaign.
coloured plates or the maps for quick In addition to the data
sale. But you’d rather get the books Credit Rating: 2-5 requested in the corebook
cheap, and sell them dear, and go out (name, residence – a road or
again before some bottom-feeder Special: You own or manage the neighbourhood is fine – and
beats you to the next unconsidered party’s bookshop. You may decide connexion to the Bookhound),
trifle. shop policy: which books to steal, the player should supply the
which to sell, which to destroy; Keeper with any contact’s
Occupational Abilities: Auction, whether to move the shop, attend bibliographic interests. This helps
Bargain, Bibliography, Evidence an auction, etc. In short, you are the bulk out auctions, fertilise future
Collection, Filch, Sense Trouble, “party leader,” if you wish to be, at adventures, and keeps everyone
Streetwise, The Knowledge. least where the shop is concerned. thinking about books.
(You can always fob this responsibility
Credit Rating: 0-3 off, just like real leaders do.) If


there are two booksellers in the established, which of you has a good she is within her rights to reject
Bookhound group, whichever of you idea, etc. The Keeper can always veto derailing suggestions.
has the higher Credit Rating is the a suggested book.
owner or manager. You can also use Streetwise to find
out the “true bill” on underworld
You also have the same special ability Forger rumours, especially about book and
as an Antiquarian (Trail of Cthulhu, You do the world a service: you document thefts.
p. 10), although the Bookshop increase the supply of something
Stock pools (15) will overlap precious and desired. Thanks to you,
with this special ability to some there is one more priceless Audubon Occultist
extent. See that section for further portfolio or Poe octavo, one more You always knew there was
details. Dumas autograph or Rosicrucian letter something else, something more to
in the world. Thought of correctly, the world than the crude lies and
you’re more artist than criminal, vague approximations of history,
Catalogue Agent more publisher than cheat. religion, and materialism. There is
You might represent a secret buyer at an inner truth, and you are inside
auction, be the go-between for two Occupational Abilities: Art: its threshold. You might be a
dealers who don’t trust each other, Calligraphy, Art: Engraving, Rosicrucian, an esoteric Freemason,
or simply be retained by a collector Art: Printing, Chemistry, Craft: a student of ancient wisdom or of
to find (and obtain) a much-sought Bookbinding, Craft: Papermaking, new revelation. Perhaps your more
item. A less disreputable book scout, Document Analysis, Forgery, recent investigations have overturned
a bibliophile’s private eye, you take Streetwise. your previous approximations …
your commission from buyer, from but you were certainly right about
seller, or from both: in a phrase, you Credit Rating: 1-4 the failure and short-sightedness of
are “a mercenary of books.” conventional wisdom!
Special: For every rating point you
Occupational Abilities: Assess have in Forgery, you may declare Occupational Abilities:
Honesty, Auction, Bargain, that you’re “the last word” in one Anthropology, Archaeology,
Bibliography, Conceal, Disguise, specific type of forged book or Cryptography, History, Languages,
Flattery, Library Use, and any one document: American passports, Blake Occult, Theology.
Investigative ability as a personal illuminations, black-letter German
specialty. religious texts, or Satanist grimoires. Credit Rating: 1-5
By narrative fiat, your work in that
Credit Rating: 1-4 field cannot be detected as a forgery Special: You know the occult
under any circumstances short of your social scene in London, in Britain,
Special: If you have (or can believably confession. It is perfect. and (most probably) anywhere else
claim to have) a copy of a book they you happen to visit in the course
seek, you can interact with bibliophile Like Driving, Languages, and other of the campaign. Arcane scholars,
NPCs of any Credit Rating as if you similar abilities, you may want to eccentric anthropologists with
shared their Credit Rating: get them keep “slots” open so that during an wild theories, Satanists, ritual
to recommend contacts, do small adventure you can exclaim: “Byron’s magicians, Theosophists, and other
favours, allow you into their club as handwriting? Nobody does a better Lord sorts accept you as “one of them”
a guest, or otherwise smooth your B. than meself, and you can ask anyone. I and will exchange gossip, tips, and
path. (The Keeper will likely wish to know where we can get a quire of Regency other useful social connections or
restrict this ability to non-financial foolscap to hatch it on, too. I’m the last knowledge.
transactions.) You do not have any word on the topic.”
extra Credit Rating pool points to With fellow occultists, or when
spend, however. The Keeper need not allow “Mythos dealing with the occult social scene,
tomes” (or “Bank of England notes”) you can use and spend Occult as if
Either the player or the Keeper as a suitable type for this ability, but it were any Interpersonal skill. The
can suggest the book in question, “von Junzt’s handwriting” might be Keeper will probably ask you to justify
depending on whether the NPC’s permissible, or “8th-century Arabic (by roleplaying or pre-planning, if
taste in books has been previously codices.” As with any special ability, no other way) borderline cases such


Occupational Changes
American and British
Investigators both confront the
global horrors of the Mythos.
However, some of Britain’s
specifics are slightly different
from those in the Trail of
Cthulhu corebook:
Clergy: Anglican clergy
may take Bureaucracy
instead of one existing
occupational ability. They may
use Bureaucracy as well as
Reassurance or Theology to
use their special ability and
gain access to Anglican Church
Dilettante: Must spend
1 build point on Languages to
cover Latin learned at a good
public school. May spend 1
more build point on Languages
to cover (classical) Greek.
Hobo: Called a Tramp in
Britain. Tramps may take The
Knowledge as an occupational
ability; unlike American hobos,
they have no special ability
to make contacts or find out
the lay of the land. They may,
however, use Streetwise to
identify doors and gates “usually
left unlocked” (narratively
similar to Locksmith), and
use their Streetwise pool as
though it were Stealth when
piggybacking with other
Investigators on a Stealth test
in an urban area.
as Interrogation. (That said, claiming An Occultist might “in actuality” be Police Detective: Firearms
to represent the displeased Secret an antiquarian, author, dilettante, is not an occupational ability
Masters has a distinguished pedigree doctor, professor, or any other sort of for police in Britain. They may
in occult interpersonal relations.) occupation. Nevertheless, Occultist either take The Knowledge
characters use the Occultist special or Weapons, reflecting the
This ability does not necessarily ability rather than the Occupation ubiquitous truncheon (-1
work on Mythos cultists, zero ability related to whatever it actually damage), as an occupational
Sanity magi, and other devotees of says on their visiting card or Inland ability instead.
the Great Old Ones and their ilk – Revenue form. Professor: Must use two
but the cold shoulder or misleading Languages slots for Latin and
pointer you get from them may Greek.
prove informative in its own right!


Drives New Abilities Document Analysis

Of the Drives provided in the Trail Much as The Esoterrorists expands the basic
of Cthulhu corebook, Antiquarianism, GUMSHOE abilities list to detail the various (Technical)
Artistic Sensitivity, Bad Luck, Curiosity, technical wizardries of the postmodern You’re an expert in the study of physical
and In the Blood seem particularly policier, this campaign frame benefits documents (as opposed to the contents of a
apropos for Bookhounds. from the addition of focused book-specific text).You can:
abilities, and one specific to London.
Bookhounds may not share the same • determine a document’s approximate age
exalted or artistic motives as standard • identify the manufacturer of paper used in a
Investigators. The Keeper should allow Auction (General) document
unworthy motivations as Drives, should You know how to handle yourself in • tell forged documents from the real thing
the players wish to portray thoroughgoing an auction. You remain unflustered and • identify distinctive handwriting
rotters. Arrogance and Revenge can focused on the flow of the bidding, alive • match typed documents to the typewriters
encompass social climbing, envy, or all for the chance to snatch a lot from a that produced them
manner of pettiness; for other unsavoury wealthier but clumsier bidder. You also • find fingerprints on paper
Drives, use the following new Drive as a know the various underhanded tricks
model. of the auction trade, and how to spot
them being deployed in the room. Forgery (Technical)
You can create a false document, forge
Greed This ability also includes auctioneering, handwriting with a sample to work from, or
the art of running an auction and (given time) fake an entire book.This ability
“But business is business, and to a robber of utilising the aforementioned does not convey any special skill at creating
whose soul is in his profession, there underhanded tricks. If the auctioneer “aged” paper or ink, or at bookbinding, or
is a lure and a challenge about a very has an Auction rating of 8 or more, he any ability to write or otherwise create a
old and very feeble man who has no reveals any spend last (see p. 26). given volume.
account at the bank, and who pays for See p. 24 for more detailed auction
his few necessities at the village store rules, and some underhanded tricks. Textual Analysis (Academic)
with spanish gold and silver minted two By studying the content of texts (as
centuries ago.” opposed to their physical characteristics as
Bibliography (Academic) documents) you can draw reliable inferences
– The Terrible Old Man You’re an expert on books from an aesthetic, about their authorship.You can:
historical, commercial, and technical point
You know what’s wrong with poverty? of view.You can: • determine if an anonymous text is the work of
Everything. You will do anything to stay a known author, based on samples of his work
out of the gutter, especially including • distinguish real tomes from forgeries • determine the era in which a text was written
shoving someone else into it. It’s hard • tell when a book has been retouched or • identify the writer’s region, and level of
times, my friend, and they’re only getting altered, or pages have been tipped in or education
harder for the soft. If you can see a chance otherwise placed where they were not • tell a real work by an author from a false one
at the ready, you’d best grab it before originally
some other gutter rat snatches it away and • identify the age of a book by style and
leaves you on the pavement. materials The Knowledge (Academic)
• call to mind historical details on famous Since 1865, London cab drivers have
Especially appropriate for: books, printers, bookbinders, and publishers, been tested by The Knowledge of
Archaeologist, Book Scout, Catalogue and those around them London Examination System, or “The
Agent, Criminal, Dilettante,Tramp. • recall details of book sales and auctions, and Knowledge” for short, covering 320
accurately price a given book routes through the city, encompassing
Examples: Ricci, Czanek, and Silva in • know or estimate what libraries (institutional 25,000 streets within a six-mile radius of
“The Terrible Old Man,” and Obed Marsh in or private) might hold a specific volume Charing Cross Road. With this ability, you
“The Shadow Over Innsmouth.” know the streets of London like the back of
a cab-driver’s hand.You can:


• recall details of any landmark, bookstore

or other business, club, restaurant, library, New Abilities for Old Occupations
attraction, or other point of interest in the The Keeper may allow other characters to take these new abilities
London area, including clientele, hours of as Occupational abilities. In all cases, taking one of these abilities either
operation, management, and rear entrances replaces one pre-existing Occupational ability, or takes up one slot in
• find the fastest, least-observed, or otherwise the case of Occupations with multiple-choice Occupational abilities. For
example, a Criminal might swap Forgery in for Intimidation, or simply
best route between any two points in London, use Forgery as his “one other Interpersonal or Technical ability as a personal
by car, bus, or train specialty.”
• recall social, ethnic, or economic details of Auction: Available to Antiquarians and Dilettantes as an Occupational
any London neighbourhood or street – who ability.
lives there, where they came from, who collects Bibliography: Available to Antiquarians, Authors, and Journalists as
the rent an Occupational ability.
• identify important social or business figures Document Analysis: Available to Antiquarians and Police Detectives
associated with any London neighbourhood as an Occupational ability.
or street: criminals, clergy, union leaders, Forgery: Available to Criminals as an Occupational ability.
rising politicians, tradesmen, professionals, etc. Textual Analysis: Available to Antiquarians, Authors, and Journalists
• know anything else about London geography as an Occupational ability.
The Knowledge: Available to Criminals, Journalists, Police
that seems relevant: sewer lines, hidden rivers, Detectives, and Private Investigators (and to Tramps (p. 11)) as an
roofed-over mews, empty lots, etc. Occupational Ability.


Bookshops Shared Bookshop Bookshop Stock

Creation During character creation, every player
“THE PLACE WAS DARK AND DUSTY One playtest group did this, must spend Investigative build points on
AND HALF-LOST and it sounded so neat we’re Bookshop Stock, the specific amount
suggesting it here. depending on the number of regularly-
IN TANGLES OF OLD ALLEYS NEAR THE During bookshop creation, attending players:
QUAYS… after deciding on the bookshop’s
Credit Rating (p. 17), each Investigative
SMALL LOZENGE PANES, OBSCURED player takes a turn and describes Number of
BY SMOKE AND FROST, a physical or sensory fact about Build Points for
the shop: What catches your eye Bookshop Stock
JUST SHOWED THE BOOKS, IN PILES as you enter? What does it smell
like? Are the windows leaded-
glass, clear, coloured, dusty, 3 2
curtained? Is there a pallid bust
CONGERIES of Pallas above the door? Is there 4+ 1
OF CRUMBLING ELDER LORE AT LITTLE a bookshop cat? Is there a back
room or a cellar? Is it locked?
COST.” And so forth. Go around once The resulting Bookshop Stock pool
– THE BOOK, FUNGI FROM or twice; don’t over-define the can be used in two ways: to create
place, but build a common image dedicated Investigative point pools
YUGGOTH bank. during adventures, or to provide the
Then, each player describes Bookhounds with “just the right book”
In the default Bookhounds of London their Bookhound’s average day for a customer, enemy, or threat.
campaign, the player characters are all as it relates to the shop. When
associated in some way with a bookshop: do they get up? Do they open the
as owner, scout, manager, agent, regular, shop, or close it? Do they make Dedicated Bookshop
parasite, patron, etc. This provides rounds of other shops, or of the
narrative structure and drive to the book-markets? Who watches the Stock
campaign in a number of ways. First, it counter on auction days, or when Any player may, at any time during
gives the Bookhounds a reason to hang the bookseller has a call out? the game, define Bookshop Stock
out together investigating the occult: There are no mechanical points, turning them into dedicated
they have the bookshop in common, benefits (or consequences) of Investigative pool points (Trail of
and it traffics in occult books. Second, anything decided here, but it Cthulhu, p. 54) in any Academic or
it can supply any number of story hooks does help create a shared story Technical subject (except the Cthulhu
merely by existing: a bookshop implies space and helps establish the Mythos): Egyptian funeral rites, Welsh
books (which can be coveted, stolen, proper mood of the shop. geology, ley lines, the Maori language,
forged, lost, recovered, discovered, etc. If the player specifies the book
sold, or destroyed), clients (who can containing this knowledge by giving it
demand, plead, insist, bribe, threaten, a title and author (real or invented),
or do favours), and competitors (who each 1 Stock point becomes 2 pool
can cut corners, deal dangerously, points. If the player merely says “we
skulk suspiciously, connive at auctions, have a book on chemistry,” then each
or unexpectedly drop hints). Thus, it 1 Stock point becomes 1 pool point.
provides a “home base” to connect the
Bookhounds into the setting and drive These dedicated pool points continue
stories – just like the precinct station to exist as long as the stock does:
in Homicide or the hospital in House. unless the books associated with them
Whether it’s the starship Enterprise or the are sold, destroyed, stolen, etc. during
Sunnydale High library, a home base pays the story, the pools refresh between
endless dividends in ongoing storytelling: adventures just like the Bookhounds’
even (especially) if it gets destroyed. Investigative abilities do. Bookhounds


still have access to those dedicated Discover a Squiz binding, the enmity of London’s
pool points in future adventures and By spending 2 points from Bookshop vampires, unwelcome scrutiny
scenarios. Stock, any player may “discover” an from peculiarly schizoid Stevenson
exquisite item, a “squiz” in bookseller’s collectors, etc. These consequences
Example: Three Bookhounds – Don, Erin, slang. The Bookhound does not have should not negate the initial narrative
and Brian – put 2 points apiece into their to have found the squiz in his shop; progress so much as complicate it and
shop, Camden Road Books, for a total spending the points merely introduces then accelerate it, driving the story
Bookshop Stock of 6. First, Don defines the item into the game under that forward another turn.
1 point as Astronomy (to figure out what Bookhound’s control. However, the
the star-chart they found in the St.- player must describe discovering the The Keeper may also rule that
Giles’-Cripplegate steeple means). Then, squiz: “Look what I found for a pittance “finding” the squiz takes game time: if
Erin defines 1 point, and specifies “a nice in Cambridge Circus,” or “I think I saw a player wants to spend 2 points from
edition of Trithemius’ Steganographica” for something that might serve in The Clique.” Bookshop Stock to get a forged copy
a 2-point dedicated pool in Renaissance of Tamerlane and Other Poems, the
Codes, helping them break the astrological In game terms, a squiz is a book Keeper can rule that “old Bensen says you
code in the old diary. Getting with the primarily valuable to the Bookhounds can have it tomorrow night after ten,” or
program, Don then defines 1 point, but for other reasons than its contents: “Sure enough, the book arrives in the post
specifies “a variant edition of Topsell’s an expensive incunabulum, a book that Tuesday,” for example.
Bestiary, with a number of anomalous coveted by a client, a copy of Dracula
tipped-in plates” (to figure out what the that drips blood in the presence of The Keeper can, of course, introduce
strange winged creature chalked on the demons, a damaged book with intact a squiz for the explicit purpose of
wall in Clapham is), granting a 2-point plates that can be tipped into a forgery, driving the story forward, without
dedicated pool in Monstrous Icons. a bookmark that turns out to be a charging any points from Bookshop
letter from Lily Langtry compromising Stock. Such volumes are still more
At the end of the scenario, Camden Road an enemy’s ancestor, a copy of The likely to be cursed, haunted, stolen, or
Books has Bookshop Stock 3, Astronomy 1, New Arabian Nights autographed by otherwise ambivalent, of course.
Renaissance Codes 2, and Monstrous Icons Robert Louis Stevenson, etc. This is
2. a good way to “suddenly uncover” a The Keeper can, of course, veto any
book needed to get an audience with squiz introduced for the purpose of
Just as she does with Investigator an eccentric collector, bribe your way derailing the adventure (“I found a copy
abilities, the Keeper should note into a snobbish Satanist coven, etc. In of the cult leader’s diary! He is planning to
Bookshop Stock ability pools on the other words, a squiz is primarily a key ambush us tonight!”) or undermining the
Investigative Ability Checklist, and to narrative progress or deepening game tone (“I found a Gutenberg Bible for
make the effort to design mysteries setting, not a quick way to raise cash. two-and-six! We’re all rich!”).
and adventures with clues that play to
the Bookshop Stock’s strengths. The Keeper should make sure that The Bookseller: Once per
many (if not all) of her major NPCs have adventure, a bookseller can discover
The Bookseller: Once per bibliographic wants and obsessions – a squiz without spending any points
adventure, an Investigator with the provide plenty of locks for these books of Bookshop Stock. (This is the
Bookseller Occupation can define to open, in other words. equivalent of the “back in the shop”
a dedicated pool “for free” – i.e., special ability for his Occupation.)
without paying any Bookshop Stock The Keeper can (and should) introduce Further squizzes cost a bookseller 1
points. If the bookseller player consequences of a squiz turning up: a point from Bookshop Stock. Such a
specifies the book, it’s a 2-point pool; break-in or mugging, police questions, discovery seldom takes more time than
if not, it’s a 1-point pool. a dust-thing (69) in the book’s “I check the back room.”


Credit Rating 1
Regulars: Bookshop Contacts Dingy rathole in a decayed
Every bookstore has its regulars: the customers (or browsers) who show up neighbourhood, probably the East End
most weeks, or even most days, to thumb through the “new in store” shelves and or south of the River. Insects skitter and
(ideally) buy one or two volumes to expand their own collections. rats scrabble in the wainscoting – mostly
The Keeper will send plenty of customers into the store, dodgy and dainty in the wainscoting, anyway. Poor light,
and everything in between. Some will bring horrid books to sell, or seek tottering shelves, books in piles on the
still worse books to buy, but some will just be regular folks – at first. But no sticky floor; the stock is picked-over or
bookseller worth his salt trusts to the walk-in trade alone: once per session, any damaged by worms or water. Yards of
player can create a regular who “just happens” to be in the store that afternoon, bound sermons and charitable society
easily contacted, or otherwise convenient to the adventure. This will usually be reports.
someone who coincidentally has some knowledge, clue, or resource that can
move the adventure forward: think of the regulars as “shared” versions of the Credit Rating 2
Contacts and Connections accessible with an Investigator’s abilities (Trail of Dusty and run-down, but somewhat
Cthulhu corebook, p. 31). clean and mostly dry. Vermin are heard,
Like those contacts, the player who creates a regular must supply the Keeper but not seen. Books covering all sorts of
with the regular’s name, description, residence, and bibliophily: “Dr Arbuthnot is subjects stacked or piled on all sorts of
a fiftyish surgeon with a strange gleam in his eye. I think he has a flat in St. John’s Wood, furniture and surfaces – likely whatever
and he mostly buys Napoleonic histories.” Dr Arbuthnot is available in all subsequent the previous tenant left in the place. Still
sessions for all the Bookhounds as a source of convenient Medicine (or First Aid), likeliest in the East End or south of the
a letter of introduction to the curator of the Hunterian Museum, or juicy gossip River, but there are unsavoury buildings
about some dubious goings-on in the medical examiner’s office. or casual landlords enough elsewhere in
And, of course, the Keeper now has the good Doctor on file on the Dramatis London that such a shop might escape an
Personae list (see p. 154) if she needs a story hook, a clue delivery system of her entirely ignominious address: Islington
own, or a familiar corpse. or St. John’s Wood, say. But not far:
at best, a bad location on a low street
like Chandos Street, or a basement or
second-floor establishment in a slightly
better road. May be able to borrow a
cheap open car.
Improving Bookshop alike. A Credit Rating 5 shop will be
“quaint” or “selective” where a nearly Credit Rating 3
Stock identical Credit Rating 2 shop will The smell of tea (or wine, in some shops)
During character improvement, be “cramped” or “sparse.” The store’s is stronger than the smell of dust and
players may spend build points from location can drive its Credit Rating as damp. Actual shelves line the walls and
experience on Bookshop Stock. well: a bohemian shop in Holborn or march down the middle of the sagging
the City would be Credit Rating 3; the linoleum floor; the shop’s politics
same shop in the West End might be may be modishly left, but the stock is
Bookshop Credit Ratings Credit Rating 4; relocated to the East staunchly Victorian, or even Regency.
The Bookhounds’ bookshop begins End or south of the river, its Credit Its bohemian clientele browses for books
with its own Credit Rating, an Rating could drop to 2. in Bloomsbury, Soho, Clerkenwell, or
aggregate measure of its general Covent Garden. The catalogue may aim
quality, the wholesomeness (or In the way of general guidelines, here at a specialist or avant-garde trade; there
otherwise) of its appearance, how are some signifiers of a bookshop’s isn’t quite enough quality stock to justify
likely a prestigious auction house is Credit Rating: a general catalogue.Which doesn’t mean
to deal with it, its neighbourhood, there isn’t one. May own a dangerously
the perceived social standing of its Credit Rating 0 shabby van or truck.
clientele, and so forth. No fixed address; a book-barrow
under Waterloo Bridge, or a stall in Credit Rating 4
Like the Credit Rating ability for an empty lot in the East End. Stock By now, the sign no longer reads
Investigators, this is an abstraction. is mildewy and wormy; even the “Secondhand Books.” At the high end,
Further, much of it is perception, sensational paperbacks (2d for three) there’s no sign at all, rather a doorplate
that of clients and competitors are stained with water or worse. engraved “Antiquarian Books.” In a


concession to trade, the shop’s name is Belgravia, St James’ Park. Perhaps in Bookshop Credit Ratings
still painted on the window, but in much the City, if it caters to the financial or
nicer lettering. Moastly oak or pine investment trade. It uses hired trucks and In Play
shelves hold mostly good or interesting men, rather than concerning itself with Determine the bookshop’s beginning Credit
books; the 17th and 18th centuries can automobilia. Its catalogue is expensively, Rating by any of the following methods:
give the 19th a run for its money here. even ostentatiously, printed. Its stock is
The fittings all match; the lighting is elegantly bound and subtly displayed; • Set it equal to the highest Credit Rating
good. Likely located in the City or in a first editions, even a few incunabula. of a Bookhound with the Bookseller
prime spot on one of the main bookseller Nothing under £10, I’m afraid; perhaps Occupation.
streets: Charing Cross Road, Cecil you’d like to try W.H. Smith’s? They
Court, Fleet Street, or High Holborn, cater to a more commercial customer… • Allow the players to spend their
say.The catalogue is thick, and has a wide Investigative build points on the
circulation – even in America! Owns a Credit Rating 6+ bookshop’s beginning Credit Rating
fine truck or decent auto. These actually are private libraries in during character creation.
all but name. The establishment might
Credit Rating 5 be a “name” auction-house, privileged • Average the Bookhounds’ Credit
Resembles a professional office or club to have clients among the nobility; Ratings, rounding down.
library rather than a bookstore. Shelves or it might be the personal stock of a
are uniform, of cherry or mahogany, bibliophile book-buyer who occasionally • Roll a die and subtract 1 from the
with glass doors. The lighting is indirect sells as the fancy takes him. It issues result.
or cast by Tiffany-glass lamps. The only understated catalogues, but seldom
bookshop on its street and that street is advertises, relying on word of mouth • Select it in discussion with the players
likely in a good neighbourhood: Mayfair, and its reputation. and Keeper.


Bookshop A “reverse” is: A “windfall” is a gain of:

Credit Rating

0 Cannot go lower than 0: there’s always Permanent premises; one slumming or artistic regular; £40
dogs to sell, and a cart to sell them from.

1 Evicted from premises; targeted by local A third respectable (Credit Rating 3+) regular; £250
mob or law; loss of £50

Local poets or artists become regulars; address on Charing

2 Flood or fire; ugly rumours; loss of £100 Cross, Cecil Court, or High Holborn; notice in press;
invitation to a major book event; £400

Vermin infestation; vulgar pornography Daring or interesting auction or event; collector becomes
3 prosecution; loss of £200 regular; positive notice in press; £600

Ugly feud between partners or clients; Notice in society; invitation to club membership; fashionable
4 black-balled by club; legal prosecution; address; major collector, artist or industrialist becomes a
loss of £300 regular; £1,000

5 Whiff of scandal; loss of £500 Noble patronage; £2,500

6+ Whiff of scandal; loss of £3,000 Royal patronage; £10,000

During an adventure, any Bookhound The bookshop’s Credit Rating pool Although too much attention to shillings
may spend points from the bookshop’s refreshes between adventures, along and pence can become tiresome for
Credit Rating pool instead of (or in with those of the Bookhounds. Like everyone (see “Money in the Game,”
addition to) his own Credit Rating other Investigative pools, it does not 22), here’s a very vague and general
pool. This does not raise (or lower) the refresh in a haven (Trail of Cthulhu sort of guideline to what constitutes
Bookhound’s Credit Rating rating or corebook, p. 80) or otherwise during a reverse or a windfall. The Keeper
alter his social standing, but it does add an adventure. should adjudicate the outcome based
more potential points to his pool. on her sense of the campaign’s ideal
At the end of each adventure, the pacing and feel; some of the reverses
The Keeper may require some Keeper and players should determine and windfalls given below obviously
roleplaying to establish the spend: “I’m whether the outcome for the store apply to more than one Credit Rating
just come along from Camden Road Books, was a reverse (a bad loss), a windfall level. See table above.
guv’nor, and bein’ as you’re a book-lover (a rich strike), or neither. Make this
yerself, I’m sure you can ‘elp me ...” or determination based solely on the The cumulative outcomes of the
“Look, my lad, there’s a half-crown waiting bookshop’s finances and reputation, not adventures alter the bookshop’s Credit
for you at Camden Road Books if you’ll on the adventure’s dramatic outcome: Rating. It takes a number of consecutive
tell me where that diary is.” Or she may even though the Bookhounds thwarted windfalls equal to the next Credit
simply allow the players to handwave a plot to awaken Zhar-Lloigor and sink Rating above the shop’s to increase the
the actual connection if play becomes the British Isles, if they had to offend bookshop’s Credit Rating. It takes a
stilted. One or two references per powerful potential patrons, burn a number of consecutive reverses equal to
session is probably enough. priceless grimoire, and lay out a lot of the next Credit Rating below the shop’s
cash to do it, the adventure is a reverse. to lower it. It’s the Depression, after all.


(Exception: A bookshop with Credit Credit Rating will still drop to 3 if the next to patronise) sees its Credit Rating drop
Rating 1 drops to Credit Rating 0 after adventure ends in a reverse. Only a windfall to 3, Brian is in an awkward, not to say
one reverse.) A neutral outcome for will “reset” the downward spiral. precarious, position. The next time his
an adventure (neither a reverse nor a Credit Rating refreshes, it will only refresh
windfall) counts as a reverse for the Bookshop Credit Ratings affect up to 4. Has he wasted his money on
purposes of increasing a shop’s Credit Bookhound Credit Ratings. No Satanism? Given it to a dope-using book
Rating. Bookhound can have a Credit Rating scout? Certainly nobody of good breeding
more than 1 higher than the Credit would condescend to find out. Best to stop
Example: Camden Road Books has Credit Rating of the party’s bookshop. As inviting him to dinner, and avoid the
Rating 4. It will take 5 consecutive windfalls the bookshop loses money and social necessity.
to increase its Credit Rating to 5. Even after cachet, the unfortunates tied to it by
4 windfalls in a row, only one reverse, or reputation or ownership do likewise. However, the minimum Credit Rating
even a neutral outcome, “resets the counter” for any Bookhound is 3 less than their
at zero. It will only take 3 consecutive Example: Being the scion of a good bookshop’s Credit Rating: a Credit
reverses to tar Camden Road Books with Buckinghamshire family, Brian Longchamps Rating 5 bookshop will elevate its
Credit Rating 3. If Camden Road has 2 has Credit Rating 5. Unfortunately, when grotty book scout to Credit Rating 2
reverses and then a neutral outcome, its Camden Road Books (which he is known by association.


The Purchase of Curious Tomes

Depending on the Bookhound’s social

The Book Trade circle, day job, or other interests, he
might find a buyer any number of ways.
“THE COURT ACTION REVEALED “‘OH, THAT AFRIKY BOOK? CAP’N Booksellers not only have the patrons
THAT HE WAS USING UP HIS EBENEZER HOLT TRADED ME THET IN who walk in the door (however few
PRINCIPAL IN THE PURCHASE advertisements in periodicals like
THE WAR … EBENEZER WAS ON A The Clique and The Bookseller. (Or in
FROM LONDON AND PARIS…” AN’ PICKED UP A SIGHT O’ QUEER periodicals like the Rose catalogue for
pornography and erotica.) Steady
– THE HORROR AT STUFF IN EVERY PORT. HE GOT THIS patrons will leave watch lists for
RED HOOK IN LONDON, I GUESS – HE USTER LIKE their bookseller: anything by Justin
TER BUY THINGS AT THE SHOPS.’” Geoffrey, anything from a certain
press in Amsterdam. Book scouts have
– THE PICTURE IN THE HOUSE learned what’s on those lists, and for
whom; at the very least, they know
Like all trades, the book trade exists which book-dealer wants to buy any
The Bookhounds of London campaign to procure goods at a price and sell given book they might uncover. Book
is not about the actual quotidian them to buyers at a higher price. Thus, collectors with a pattern (and they
details of bookselling. Rather, it deals the bookman must always have two all have patterns) will have bought
with the outré and underground prerequisites to do a deal: a buyer and similar books from other booksellers
world revealed to those who traffic a book. They can come in any order: a (or from the Bookhound) or at
in Mythos tomes. The book trade – book scout may spot a rare volume in auction: word gets around.
even the books themselves – are the a street sale, and then figure out who’d
backdrop, the hook, the way into the pay more than a few quid for it; an Artists, authors, and occultists will
horror. But any drama would wear occultist may know of a fellow Satanist know which books are “hot” in their
thin with no scenery, no motivations, who has recently become obsessed with sets: are the trendsetters hunting
and no way in. Keepers and players the Ghorl Nigral, and start hunting texts down Beardsley plates, the works of
should cooperate to keep that in by Mülder or von Junzt to sell him. Hoffmann, or Venetian grimoires?
mind: use books and those who Catalogue agents get hired to find
covet them as atmosphere and story books for their employers; they
elements. Finding a Buyer remember who wanted books last
Who’s looking for a book? How do year, or last decade. Criminals
The book trade is important to the you know? In game terms, if it’s (forgers and house-breakers prime
game, but not central. But with that important, Bibliography (or Credit among them) will know what the
noted, the atmosphere should feel Rating, or Streetwise, depending) will demand is like for books: what sells
rich, and the setting should seem tell you, but there are other ways to right away, what can’t you fence?
real. For those things to happen, get the information into the hands of Who’s got good security on their
the Keeper needs a wide variety of the interested parties. The simplest library? Dilettantes may be collectors
possible happenings, and she needs to way is for the Keeper to provide it themselves: they will certainly have
get enough of the feel right that the via a book tout (see 59); a perhaps acquaintances who are bibliophiles
players can help build it themselves. more satisfying method springs from and know their interests. Book
This section aims to provide the Bookhound’s occupation or other collectors may also be professors,
confidence, background, and rules activities. clergymen, or military officers: their
for all those ends. fellows will know their habits.

Finding a Book

Finding a Book
The Old Bread and Honey Where do you find a book? Where do you
British money in the Thirties is denominated in pounds sterling or pounds look? In game terms again, if it’s important,
(£), shillings (s), and pence (d). There are 12 pence (12d) to the shilling and Bibliography (or Credit Rating, or The
20 shillings (20s) to the pound. Prices are written as shillings/pence; 10s 6d Knowledge, or Evidence Collection, or
is 10/6, or “ten and six.” One might even see “30/6” rather than “£1 10s 6d.” Library Use) will tell you where, but there
Coined money comes in a riotous variety: are other ways to get books under the
Bronze coins are the farthing (1/4d), ha’penny (1/2d), and penny noses of Bookhounds. As with finding a
(1d); and the twelve-sided threepence (3d) after 1937. seller, the Keeper can use a book tout (see
Silver coins are the threepence (3d) until 1937, sixpence or “tanner” p. 59) as a short cut, or tailor something
(6d), shilling or “bob” (1s), half-crown (2s 6d), and the crown (5s). specifically for the Bookhound in question.
The only gold coin is the (rarely seen) sovereign (£1), not even minted
after 1925 in Britain. Book scouts primarily find books at street
Banknotes cover denominations of 10s, £1, £5, and up. Even the “fiver” sales or street markets: on Farringdon
is quite rare; many shopkeepers ask their customers to sign the note on Road near Fleet Street, “the Stones” at
the back before accepting it. “Quid” is slang for pounds; e.g., “Lend us ten Bermondsey (running from midnight
quid” or “I paid a quid for it.” Upper-class transactions might be demarcated to dawn), “the Waste” on Kingsland
in guineas, an amount equal to £1 1s. The British government only minted Road, the Brick Lane junk market, the
guinea coins briefly in the early 19th century, but it remains a status symbol antiquarian stalls along Camden Passage
to quote prices in guineas rather than pounds. in Islington, under Waterloo Bridge, or
During the Thirties, the exchange rate between the pound and the U.S. anywhere there’s an empty lot and a van
dollar fluctuates between $4 and $5; a good rule of thumb for modern or car boot full of books. The huge street
conversions is to multiply the number by 40 for British money and by 60-100 markets in Caledonian Market Road in
for American dollars: thus a shilling in 1935 is worth approximately £2 or Islington and Portobello Road in Notting
$3-5 in 2010. Or even more: for example, Penguin Books launches the first Hill often have book-sellers along with the
mass-market paperback line in English in 1935, with a cover price per book antiques, second-hand items, and strange
of 6d – while in 2010, a mass-market paperback costs $8 in the U.S. and £8 junk from everywhere. Books also turn
in the U.K.! up in skips and dustbins: especially in the
Money in the Game back alleys of Soho and Fleet Street, where
We strongly advise the Keeper to keep money as abstract as possible. movie and press folk instinctively discard
Giving specific prices adds flavour, but if the players ever start actually literacy. (The line between a book scout
running the accounts for their shop, the game has taken a turn away from and a tramp is blurred in such back alleys,
stark occult terror and into… small business management. Horrific in its as in so many other places.) Book scouts
own way, perhaps, but not the stuff of Trail of Cthulhu. Don’t provide narrative also buy discounted extra copies and
rewards in the game for making a decent sale, or saving a fiver; don’t punish less valuable works from more selective
or harass Bookhounds by making poverty an obstacle to solving the mystery. booksellers, especially after estate sales or
(That’s what squizzes are there for: to let impoverished Bookhounds advance major auctions.
the plot; see p. 16.) Anything short of fiscal disaster or fiscal delirium is just
colour, and a Bookhounds campaign can run perfectly well without a specific Booksellers get books from book scouts, as
threat of bankruptcy or the lure of some incunabular jackpot. well as from those estate sales and major (or
The Keeper should instead lean on Credit Ratings: for instance, minor) auctions: often, libraries are sold all
Bookhounds can use Bargain (or Streetwise) to correctly bribe anyone together, and sorting the wheat from the
(anyone susceptible to such suasion, that is) one Credit Rating lower than chaff is an imperfect process. Booksellers
themselves, or of their own Credit Rating; bribing further down requires a can also find specific titles for sale by
spend, and bribing further up usually requires a squiz. examining the trade journals (The Clique and
Bookhounds can be assumed to own, or be able to buy, anything suitable The Bookseller again) or getting a tip from a
to their own Credit Rating, which usually isn’t much. Any excess funds are catalogue agent or even a patron. To find
soaked up in gin (Credit Ratings 1-2), whisky (Credit Ratings 3-4), or brandy who owns a title, they can check their own
and wine (Credit Rating 5+). A drug habit is another excellent way to explain marked-up back-files of auction catalogues
persistent poverty: a subtle Keeper might allow a free Streetwise refresh for (where they will have noted the winners
any Bookhound who gets their “fix” during a session. of each lot), although following up on who
sold an individual title to whom may cost a
catalogue agent some time and shoe-leather.

The Purchase of Curious Tomes

Glossary of Bookhound Terminology

Anthropodermic Binding: Bound in human skin.
Association Copy: A book valuable for its previous owner or owners.
Boards: The covers of hardback books.
Bookplate: A printed label identifying the book’s owner, usually gummed into the front endpaper.
Breaker: A book with illustrations (maps, plates, pentacles) that can be removed and sold as individual prints. Using
a good-quality book as a breaker is poor form.
Call Out: When a bookseller visits a book collection elsewhere to value or buy it. “I shan’t be in this afternoon; I have a
call out in Croydon.” Also “house call.”
Dog: An un-sellable book. Un rossignol, in France.
Endpapers: The blank pages glued to the inside of the boards.
Estate Sale: Sale by the heirs of a deceased person’s belongings.
Ex-libris: “From the library of.” Not to be confused with “ex-lib,” meaning “from a lending library,” meaning,
“worthless to collectors.”
Foxing: Yellow, brown, or reddish speckling on the pages or jacket of a book; usually caused by age.
Frontispiece: Illustration facing the title page.
God’s Copy: A mint or near-mint copy. Usually used for valuable books.
Grangerising: “Upgrading” a book by adding new plates, letters, or other material; named for the 18th-century
publisher James Granger, whose books included blank pages for pasting in one’s own illustrations.
Graveyard Copy: Also “hospital copy.” A flawed or partial copy of a book, kept as “spare parts” against another flawed
copy showing up. Parts from two (or more) graveyard copies can be stitched or rebound together into a “frank copy.”
Green Fruit: Books dealing with paedophilia. Also called “Uranian” books.
Inky: Short for “incunabulum,” meaning a book printed before 1501.
Kosher: Authentic; not forged or altered; with a solid provenance. To kosher a book is to authenticate it.
Marriage: Supplying a dust jacket (from another copy, or from a collection of jackets) for a book without a dust
Nailing a Library: Giving the seller an artificially high valuation; done to prevent other bookdealers from buying
cheaply. Ideally, one nails a library just after cherry-picking the best pieces and buying them for a song.
Plate: An illustration or photograph with no printing on the other side.
Runner: Another term for book scout. Une bouquiniste, in France.
Signature: A group of pages sewn together; most modern books are bound from 16-page signatures. Also called a
Sleeper: A book whose (usually large) value is not immediately apparent: it may be the pseudonymous or anonymous
work of some highly-prized author, it may have valuable plates, it may have magical properties, etc. Un chopin, in France.
Squiz: An “exquisite” book. Often used only of the binding: “Look at the squiz calfskin on this.”
Starting: In such bad shape that the binding is visible through the cracked spine.
Tipped In: Pages added to the book after binding, usually with glue, are “tipped in.”
Uncut: A book in which the pages in a signature have not been “cut,” or separated from each other.
Unicum: Any item of which only a single copy exists or remains.
Wraps: Covers of paperback books. Sometimes also used for the dust jacket of a hardback.

Catalogue agents know the collections who loves books. Remembering (or Of course, even after a book is found,
of their clients and their targets, and discovering) the specifics may require getting hold of it may not be quite as
may know who’s discreetly liquidating Flattery (“Do tell me about your library, simple as buying it. Bookhounds may
a library for ready cash. The same Sir Reginald. I’m sure it’s as fascinating need to use Interpersonal abilities to
conditions for finding a buyer, above, as its owner”) or Bibliography (“Your wheedle a “loaner copy” or to drive
apply to finding a book for people who colleague buys quite a few books on witch down the price: anything from an
know collectors and their collections: trials at auction, Professor. Didn’t you honest Bargain to a lying Reassurance
from artists, to house-breakers, to say he was a physicist?”) or Stealth and that the work is actually worthless
dilettantes, to clergymen, almost Locksmith (“I’ll just be a minute. I’m (“but as we’re friends, I could take it
every Bookhound knows someone going to get some air”). off your hands for a fiver”). Stealing a


book (or planting a book) may be

as simple as a Filch test, or it may Auctions • To put a MacGuffin or other
narrative hook into the hands of
require diversions, false covers, or Attending book sales or other antiquarian the Investigators: “In Trevelyan’s
other preparation, depending on the auctions helps bookmen keep their noses rooms, you pick up a rather nice
narrative or dramatic importance the to the ground in London’s bibliographic volume of Voltaire for a few quid.
Keeper ascribes to the theft. trade. Not just where a copy went, but When you get back to the shop,
who bid on what unexpected volume, and you find a letter between the pages.
which dealers seem to be accumulating It’s signed ‘d’Erlette.’” (No ability
what kind of stock – all grist for the needed)
curious and cautious bibliovore. And, of
Estate Sales course, Bookhounds may actually buy • To discover a rivalry between
In the Thirties, London’s books at auction: either a book known two collectors: “Lord Sandringham
death rate is about 10.1 per and coveted ever since it appeared in not only out-bid Gervase Haddo for
1,000 inhabitants, meaning the catalogue, or a sudden surprise lot the grimoire, he made sure to drop
that about 80,000 people die acquired by instinct or manipulation. a few rich lots on him afterward;
every year in London. If only you think he’s holding a grudge for
ten percent of those people Such auctions may happen in a refined some reason.” (Assess Honesty, or
own books (almost certainly New Bond Street auction house such as Bargain)
an underestimate), and the Sotheby’s or Bonham’s (Christie’s is on
average collection is only 100 King Street in St. James’), in a gloomy • To justify a squiz: “While I’m at
volumes (likewise), that means manor house, or in the basement of a the auction, I pick up a lot of those
there are 800,000 books added Limehouse gambling hell. They may be German vampire broadsides that
to London’s supply every year run by smooth Oxford graduates with Quentin Messervy wanted.” Usually
through estate sales alone. art-history degrees, or by a scarred Lascar in addition to whatever the
Yes, some libraries are left with one hand on a revolver.They may be Keeper has planned. (Bookshop
intact to heirs who appreciate crooked or straight, desperate bids for Stock; see p. 15)
them. But strange and arcane cash or confident reiterations of status. In
bibliographic interests are not short, auctions are great story material. • To introduce some horrific
often inherited, and death artifact: “As the leering auctioneer
taxes in Britain are on the rise. In Trail of Cthulhu, auctions come in two passes the bowl to the mysterious
In addition, London types: narrative and dramatic. The Dutchman, it seems to glow violet
bookdealers attend estate following rules can apply to auctions in in the candle’s guttering flame.”
sales (or do private library any GUMSHOE game. (Evidence Collection)
valuations and sales) in the
Home Counties, and really • To establish a book as valuable,
all across the southeast of Narrative Auctions even coveted: “From what you
England. The number of A narrative auction exists to advance the know of his dealings, Dr. Bilton is
“new” used books flowing into plot: to introduce a book, or a villain, bidding far more than he can afford
London is therefore closer to or a client, or an artifact, or a rivalry. for this lot.” (Accounting, or
a million annually – again, a The auction itself may be the plot turn, Bibliography)
conservative estimate. If only or it may be the background for another
one percent of one percent of clue. The characters’ role, as in any • To open up a further mystery:
those books have any occult other investigative scene, is to pick up a “Watching the auction unfold, and
or Mythos significance, or any core clue or some other insight into the keeping track of the lots, you’re
great value otherwise, that’s a mystery. Who “wins” the auction is pre- fairly sure that someone cherry-
hundred books that someone ordained or irrelevant or both: it might picked the library before the sale even
… or something … in London be the villain, the villain’s target, someone occurred: where did the early editions
might kill for. Every year. And entirely unrelated to the story, or one of of Coleridge wind up?” (Auction,
when that killing happens … the PCs. Library Use, or Bibliography)
the dead man’s library comes
on the market in an estate sale. Possible purposes of a narrative auction • To set up a conflict scene, or to
may include: establish a book or bidder as a
target of villainy: “Just then, the

The Purchase of Curious Tomes

windows smash open and a horde Dramatic Auctions At the very least, if the dramatic auction
of dacoits pours into the parlor!” A dramatic auction is a showdown scene is the true climax of the scenario (the
(Sense Trouble, likely followed by between the characters and some foe or “boss fight” or “final ritual”), be more than
Scuffling. Or perhaps by Fleeing) obstacle, the equivalent of a fight scene usually open to player plans to reverse the
or a chase. A dramatic auction pits the outcome in future adventures.
• To uncover a hidden interest: heroes or their allies against some other
“You’d swear that the man who bid character or characters, usually the villain
for the Prinn and won works for the or her agents. In a dramatic auction, the Dramatic Auction Rules
rector of St. Mary Woolnoth.” (The Keeper might not know – and may not Game out a dramatic auction as a contest
Knowledge, or Credit Rating by a have planned – who will win. Like some of the Auction ability (p. 12), just like
clerical Investigator) fight scenes, the dramatic auction may any contest of general abilities. However,
simply function to raise tension (and drain participants in an auction can also spend
• To point the character to a ability pools). pool points from their Credit Rating. As
dramatic auction: “A weaselly tout noted on p. 19, any Bookhound may
you occasionally buy a pint for sidles It’s important that the protagonists spend Credit Rating pool points from their
up to you at the interval. ‘This ain’t have some way of coming back after a bookshop as well as their own. To balance
the real deal, sport. There’s a knock lost dramatic auction: breaking in and this, some opponents may have not only
set up for midnight in the crypt. Word stealing the item, finding something that their own Auction pool and Credit Rating
to the wise.’” (Streetwise) counteracts the item’s powers, killing but a “line of credit” providing more pool
the winning bidder before he can use the points than their ostensible Credit Rating
• And so forth. item, convincing Scotland Yard to raid the score would indicate. (Such balance is
auction house, or some other fallback plan. less necessary if the dramatic auction is


Bidders without the Auction ability:

Glossary of Auction Terminology Bidders without the Auction ability can
Bought In: If an item fails to meet its reserve price, it is “bought in,” or still bid in the contest, spending Credit
“B.I.” Auctioneers will sometimes disguise a B.I. by awarding the book to a Rating pool points as per the rules above.
nonexistent bidder. However, they must announce their spends
Drop:To lead another bidder to a high price, then abruptly stop bidding. “I first; bidders with the Auction ability can
ran it up to £480 and dropped it on him at £500.” Often done by confederates then adjust their spend if desired.
of the seller, or of the auction house.
House Sale: An auction that takes place on the grounds of, or inside, a Auctioneering: A less than neutral
stately home. Creating such a tony ambience is often a good way to unload auctioneer may spend points from his
mediocre items to rich (or class-dazzled) bidders. Auction pool (but not from his Credit
Juice: Auctioneer’s (or auction house’s) commission. Between 10% and Rating pool) to assist any bidder in a given
20%, depending on the circumstances. round. He reveals his spend (along with
The Knock: An agreement among dealers to not bid against each other its beneficiary) simultaneously with the
during an auction, allowing the cabal (“the Ring”) to pay the seller far less than bidders’ spends; it is added to the bidder’s
an honest auction would bring. Afterward, the Ring holds a second, private die roll. If the auctioneer has an Auction
auction to “knock” the goods out among themselves. The increase in price is rating of 8 or more, he may spend those
shared out among all the dealers in the Ring as a “dividend,” also a “divvy.” A points after the bidders have revealed their
dealer who joins the Ring with no intention of buying is a “divvy chaser,” only spends. Such collusion is only obvious to
interested in the payout. The Knock has been illegal in Britain since 1927. participants with an Auction rating equal to
Leading the Bidding: A false bid thrown in by the auctioneer to keep or greater than the auctioneer’s; the Keeper
a competitive rally going. may allow Assess Honesty to detect such
Lot: An item or group of items up for bidding at the same time. A single goings-on as a reaction or other “tell” by the
lot might be a mummy case (with or without mummy included), a box of bidder.
books, or an individual tome.
The Rooms: Auction rooms; permanent premises of an auction house The specific rules vary depending on the
like Sotheby’s or Christie’s. scene type and the GM’s dramatic sense,
Salting: Planting items (from other properties) in an auction expected and by the specific nature of the auction.
to get hot, such as a house sale. Dramatic auctions come in two varieties,
Settle: To join a Knock or Ring. single-lot dramatic auctions, and multiple-
Shill Bid: A false bid placed by the seller or a confederate to drive up the lot dramatic auctions.
price at auction.
Wall Bid: A false bid created by the auctioneer to further milk a single
enthusiastic bidder. The auctioneer points to a bidder behind the mark, but Single-Lot Dramatic
actually is taking the bids “off the wall.”
This is the climax of the auction; the
preliminary lots are disposed of or dealt with
only intended to soak the Investigators’ a Difficulty Number of 4. NPC bidders as in a narrative auction. The real purpose
ability pools.) An opponent with her own who have some ongoing advantage – of this scene is a conflict to determine who
bookshop can draw on her shop’s Credit telepathy, collusion with the auctioneer, gets one item: a copy of Cultes des Goules
Rating; a millionaire Satanist might simply a gang of thugs standing by – might bound in human skin, or something equally
have Credit Rating 7, but an “auction have a Difficulty Number of 3 instead, high-stakes and dramatic.
pool” of 10+. Assign whatever point pool or raise their opponents’ Difficulty to 5,
makes dramatic and narrative sense, but depending. (Model temporary advantages A single-lot dramatic auction contest
opponents’ auction pools should seldom with a 1- or 2-point refresh of the foes’ potentially lasts for several rounds, as each
be more than twice their ostensible Credit Rating or Auction pool.) In participant bids and spends points from
Credit Rating rating. auctions, unlike most contests, there their Auction or Credit Rating pool, then
is no turn order: the bids are revealed rolls the die. Any bidder who fails to beat
The auction is much like any other simultaneously. Use hidden fingers, the Difficulty Number is knocked out of
contest. All parties may bid and spend penciled bids, or poker chips to arrange the bidding before the next round; the last
points from their Auction or Credit this. bidder standing at the end of a round wins
Rating pool to influence a die roll against the lot.

The Purchase of Curious Tomes

Multiple-Lot Dramatic choose to distribute the cards randomly,

The Bid Is … or let the players pick.
Before a dramatic auction, Auctions
decide in general terms what The auction equivalent of a long fight; The other players should be on their
the range of bids is likely to be. characters will need to husband their honour not to collude with the PC unless
After each round of the Auction resources as the auction continues. Each they can justify it properly by roleplaying
contest, as the auctioneer, bidding round represents one lot: the or other in-game machinations. If they
narrate the outcome based on winner of that bidding round (the one can’t make such promises (a good omen
the bids and dice rolls. who reaches the highest total on the die for playing gutter-crawling Bookhounds,
For example, in a round after spent points are added) wins that we suppose) the Keeper should enforce
where two NPCs bid close to lot. If all bidders failed their roll, some minimum bids at the very least.
the same amount, the nattily- unrelated NPC wins the lot, or the
dressed Investigator over-bid auction house buys in the lot. Cooperation: Multiple Investigators
slightly, and the rolls balanced at an auction need not bid against each
out: “That’s fifty from Mr. Panchit, Prepare a good long list of tempting other: they can use the Cooperation
fifty going once, sixty from the lady lots and items; the most important rules on p. 58 of Trail of Cthulhu to share
in the veil, sixty, who’ll go seventy, item might not be the last one. Player Auction or Credit Rating pool points with
and eighty from the gent in the characters should have the opportunity each other. This can represent collusive
grey Trilby.” to use any applicable Investigative bidding and other tactics, or outright
The next round, the abilities to figure out which item is the loans and gifts. Foes with an Auction
Investigator under-bid badly, one they want, or at least which one they rating equal to or greater than those of
one NPC exhausted her Credit don’t want their rivals to get. If they have any of the cooperating Investigators will
Rating pool, and the other already studied the auction catalogue (if notice.
NPC bid normally but rolled one exists), this investigation may happen
very high: “Eighty from grey in earlier scenes. Although an auction can The Drop: It’s not impossible that the
Trilby is the bid, ninety from the have hundreds of lots, you can easily say Investigators may want to put “the drop”
lady, a hundred from Mr. Panchit, “Using Bibliography (or Art History, or etc.), on someone: running the price up with
the lady again, one-twenty from you’ve narrowed down the crucial lots to these no intention of paying. This is especially
the Trilby, back to Mr. Panchit, five items.” handy when trying to drain a foe’s Auction
back to the lady, Mr. Panchit bids or Credit Rating during a multiple-lot
two hundred, the lady is out. The auction. To drop a lot on someone, roll a
bid is two hundred, ladies and Optional Dramatic die against a Target Number of 4, plus the
gentlemen.” number of Auction or Credit Rating pool
Keep prices abstract, and Auction Rules points you want to soak your opponent
don’t sweat exactly which Some optional rules make auctions even for. Investigators may spend pool points
account the heroes’ winning more interesting, or at least varied: from Auction, Bargain, other relevant
bid comes out of, unless Interpersonal abilities (Flattery to get a
you really enjoy games of Multiple bidders: In many auctions, rich dullard to drop on a modish objet
accounting-based horror. there will be other factions besides the d’art; Streetwise to get a mob boss to
villain bidding against the heroes. In fact, drop on a fake Hand of Glory, etc.), or
the players might not even know which relevant Academic or Technical pool
bidder is the villain! One Bookhound points (Bibliography to run up prices on
represents the player character team, a book; Art History to drop a painting;
or himself alone. Each other player, and Craft: Cabinetry to overprice an
the GM, plays one of the rival bidders; armoire) to add to this die roll.
the Keeper writes down each bidder’s
name (or description) and Auction and If the Investigator fails the roll, the ploy
Credit Rating pool on a card, along with fails: your opponent snaps up the lot at a
any other notes: i.e., “Always bids at least 2 reasonable price. If he fails by more than
points” or “Will bid everything to get Volume 1, the opposition knows the Investigator
Six of the Revelations of Glaaki” or “Roll a die; tried to drop him: he has earned some
you choose the bid on an odd number, but on payback from the kind of person who has
an even number, you bid 1.” You may even extra money at occult book auctions. If


the Investigator fails dramatically (just somehow?” By watching for bid- warehouse before the auction began.”
what “dramatically” entails is up to the leading or wall bids, the Investigator “It’s owned by a Greek mobster, one of
Keeper), he burns as many Credit Rating can refresh 2 points of Auction (or the bidders.” “Then Don told the Syrian
pool points as he was trying to soak the Credit Rating) this round. to lean on him, get him nervous about
mark for – and is now the proud owner holding this auction. I’ll spend a point
of the lot. (Take extra points out of the • “I stare right at the little old lady and to make it happen. Make it already
Bookshop Credit Rating pool, if need look borderline psycho. Intimidation style.” have happened. You know what I mean.”
be.) Trying to get rid of such a white “She loses 2 points off her pool.”“Guess she This sensible retroactive prep work
elephant, or discovering its hidden (and wasn’t a cultist.” doesn’t require Preparedness, and it
likely even less pleasant) qualities, can raises the Greek’s Difficulty Number
spark another adventure. • “Don used Streetwise to check out this to 5, since he’s distracted.

Clever use of other Investigative abilities

(or salting the auction with something Pool Points and Auctions
the Investigators know their foe will bid Some playtesters wanted to know if Investigators who lose an auction get their
heavily on) might lower the initial Target spent Credit Rating pool points back.After all, goes the objection, since they didn’t
Number to 3, or even 2, before the spend any money on a losing bid, they shouldn’t lose any Credit Rating pool points
bidding starts. See the next section for on one. This argument fundamentally misunderstands what Credit Rating pool
some possibilities. points – and all pool points in GUMSHOE – represent.
Put in bald game-design terms, all pool points in GUMSHOE represent your
Other Investigative abilities: Before narrative energy: how much influence you potentially have over the story. They
the auction begins, or at any time before represent “spotlight time,” “juice,” “protagonist power,” and most of all, choice. If
a round of bidding, any Investigator can you have more Health pool points, you get to act in the story longer (and you
try to influence the outcome by calling have more options) than if you have few Health pool points. If you have more
on a rated Investigative ability other Astronomy pool points, you get more spotlight time at the observatory and can
than Credit Rating. This may or may not exert choice over when you might gather astronomical bonus clues, and which
require a spend, but is usually free. In any ones. It’s the same with Credit Rating pool points in a situation calling for Credit
given auction, each ability can only be Rating: bribes, schmoozing with college pals, or auction-houses. Credit Rating
used once: if Erin has used her Flattery, pool points don’t represent cash in your wallet any more than Firearms pool points
Brian can’t use his. Some possible uses of represent bullets in your gun.When you’ve blown your Credit Rating pool, you’ve
such abilities, and their possible rewards, blown your ability to influence the auction – unless you turn to other methods. So
include: no, Credit Rating pool points spent on auctions are gone until the next adventure,
just like other spent Investigative pool points.
• “I use Bibliography.”“You know that
Deeming covets anything by Marlowe, The Millionaire Question
and you can count on him to bid Other playtesters questioned whether indigent scrofulous Bookhounds could
strongly.” Lets the Investigators possibly win auctions against millionaires. In narrative terms, they can possibly win
conserve pool points this round and because they’re protagonists. In “real life,” it’s because they’re (potentially) better
let the NPC take the hit. at auctions: they focus their attention, have more experience in rooms, make
fewer stupid moves, look more predatory, or just get luckier. To some extent,
• “Brian rolls his eyes and acts skeptical the Auction ability models this differently. If you think millionaires should always
when the auctioneer mentions the book’s win auctions, just make all your auctions narrative auctions (p. 24) and move
provenance.”“Is that Negotiate to lower on. Don’t confuse optimal tactics with optimal drama. If you pit millionaire
the book’s perceived value, or Reassurance NPCs against Bookhounds in dramatic auctions, by definition the Bookhounds
to convince the cultist he doesn’t know have a chance to win. Give the players a chance to use other abilities to tilt the
what the book is?” If it’s Negotiate, battlefield; retroactively explain that “what actually happened” is the Bookhounds
Brian’s Difficulty Number is 3 used some nefarious auction tactic to snap up the lot before the bidding got really
instead of 4. If it’s Reassurance, the hot; assume they were bankrolled by whomever they wind up selling the book
cultist has to reveal his bid first, as he to; make their victory part of the mystery; or just accept that when push comes
gets overconfident. to shove, sometimes the other guy blinks. Better yet, embrace the player-facing
nature of GUMSHOE to the fullest; ask the players why they won and run with
• “Does Assess Honesty tell me if the their explanation
auctioneer is conspiring to fix the bids

The Purchase of Curious Tomes

Libraries consultation in the Rare Books Room

reveals the horrible truth!
the Bookhounds (and their players)
feel connected. Even if the bonus it
provides is not strictly needful from
ARRIVAL, AND OF HIS SECURING GOOD a mechanical perspective, the mere
QUARTERS IN GREAT RUSSELL STREET, Rules for Libraries fact of its availability adds colour and
LONDON; WHERE HE PROPOSED TO All that’s required for most uses of confidence.
STAY, SHUNNING ALL FAMILY FRIENDS, Library Use is any half-decent library
(or excellent bookstore). If she wishes, Getting access to most London libraries
TILL HE HAD EXHAUSTED THE the Keeper may want to allow certain (except for railway station libraries, or
RESOURCES OF THE BRITISH MUSEUM libraries to provide either bonus pool the Workingmen’s Libraries established
IN A CERTAIN DIRECTION.” points for Library Use, to indicate a by trade unions and socialist groups)
library of superb breadth or depth, or requires a minimum Credit Rating
– THE CASE OF CHARLES dedicated pool points for Investigative of 3. This can be the Credit Rating of
DEXTER WARD abilities (including Library Use) used the Bookhound or of their bookshop.
to research specific topics, to indicate a Many Interpersonal abilities are also
Libraries and Trail of Cthulhu go together library with a deep collection in a given likely to open library doors, especially
like bangers and mash. Libraries make specialty. This is usually not necessary, when deployed by an Author, Catalogue
excellent clue delivery systems, from but it can be useful if the Keeper has Agent, Clergyman, Detective (Police
the opening hook (getting the wrong too much wonderful information or Private), Doctor, Military Officer, or
book delivered to one’s desk in the for the Bookhounds’ current stock Professor. It is also possible, of course,
British Museum Reading Room) to of pool points. Such a pool also helps to enter a library by using Stealth, or
the final anagnorisis, when a hasty bring libraries alive as a place to which with a brief Investigative use of Disguise


to look like one belongs there. tablets, and other antiquities. By

The Restricted law, one copy of every book and
Getting access to a library’s special Collection newspaper printed in the British Isles
collection or restricted shelves (see This section of a library must be deposited here. The library’s
box) will almost always require some exists to contain and maintain core comprises the collections of Sir
degree of roleplaying or planning: at books of exceptional value Robert Cotton and Sir Hans Sloane,
the very least an Interpersonal spend or fragility, unique books along with the Royal Library (added
accompanied by a plausible cover necessary for further in 1757) and many others bequeathed
story or letter of recommendation, scholarship, or books or donated afterward.
whether obtained by Credit Rating unsuitable for the general
or Forgery. The Keeper is more than public: pornography, the Only the vast, circular Reading Room
allowed to make the British Museum’s occult, and major Mythos is open to the public, who require
15th-century Latin Necronomicon, tomes. passes (available to Authors or
for example, entirely inaccessible Requests for access may tenured Professors, or with suitable
to Bookhounds, or to make gaining be met with astonishment, Interpersonal spends … although
admission to it the focus of an entire disgust, salacious sneers, since both Marx and Lenin got in, it
adventure. narrowed eyes, or fearful can’t be that hard) to use it between
embarrassment. Librarians 9 am and 6 pm. The Reading Room
Most of the libraries in London are may simply deny the existence contains only reference works and
not circulating libraries. Getting a of such collections, or of library catalogues; scholars must
book on loan will usually require an individual volumes within request books from the closed stacks
Interpersonal spend, or may simply them. Bookhounds who by filling out a form. The requested
be impossible. How’s your Filch pool believe such denials should book is delivered (usually within an
looking? probably look into selling hour) to the reader’s desk.
stamps instead.
The special collection may If anywhere in London grants
Libraries of London be merely in an interior room bonus pools to Library Use, the
London has many more libraries than or discreet basement, or it British Museum does: a bonus as
this short list indicates, often devoted may be protected by armed high as 4 pool points would not be
to extremely narrow or arcane topics. guards, vault doors, or open unreasonable.
Every London museum has its own grillwork cages. (Or by more
associated library, for example, if arcane measures, in Pulpier Burlington House
only for research by the curators. The campaigns.) There may be a Piccadilly, X, 12L. The headquarters
various book collectors and book- special reading room (or more of many of Britain’s learned
dealers the Bookhounds deal with will than one) where guards watch societies, such as the Royal Society,
all have their own personal libraries, the scholar read the book, or the Geological Society, the Royal
dedicated if anything to still narrower even turn the pages for him Astronomical Society, the Chemical
and more eccentric pursuits. with gloved hands. Taking Society, the Linnean Society, the
notes may be allowed (in pencil Society of Antiquaries, and the Royal
Athenaeum Club only, paper and pencil supplied Academy of Arts. Their libraries are
Waterloo Place, Pall Mall, X,12M. by the library), or emphatically first-rate in their fields, with the
The gentlemen’s club for renowned forbidden. Society of Antiquaries particularly
intellectuals in all fields, and for their unmatched in British history and
“liberal patrons.” It probably has the archaeology. Each society library is
best library, including many rarities, available to members (and guests)
of any London club (see p. 48); only; Archaeologists, Professors,
access is for members and their guests British Museum and Scientists can access the relevant
only. Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury, X, libraries without an Interpersonal
12K & XXXII. Home to the British spend.
Provides 2 dedicated pool points for Library, the greatest library in the
the works of any British scholar or world, holding over 3,200,000 printed Each society library grants 2 bonus
writer. volumes and 56,000 manuscripts, pool points in the relevant Academic
along with countless papyri, cuneiform ability.

The Purchase of Curious Tomes

Guildhall Provides 1 bonus pool point each for Provides 1 bonus pool point for Occult
Bassinghall Street, the City, XI, 16K. Its Library Use and Law. and 2 dedicated pool points for the study
library holds near-complete records for of Theosophy, Hinduism, or the religions
the city of London (especially the City): London Library and myths of the East.
land-use, legal, and genealogical records St. James’ Square,X, 12M. The
going back to the 11th century. It holds best subscription library in Britain; United University Club
over 300,000 prints and photographs of memberships (for which there is a two- Pall Mall, X, 13L. The only club with a
London scenes, from the 15th century year waiting list) cost £10 per year. Credit library rivaling that of the Athenaeum,
on, including broadsides and theatrical Rating 4+ or an Interpersonal spend to it is open to graduates of Oxford and
programs. The Guildhall also holds the get access and borrowing privileges. In Cambridge alike. British Dilettantes
libraries of many other London guilds, 1875, one Bryan Courthope Hunt shot can be assumed to be members; British
including the Clockmakers’ Library, the himself twice in the head with a Derringer Professors are probably either members
Vintners’ Library, and so on. in the Periodicals Room while researching or guests.
the nature of human free will.
Provides 2 dedicated pool points for Provides 1 bonus pool point for Library
studying any aspect of the history of Provides 2 bonus pool points for Library Use.
London. Use.

Imperial Institute Royal College of Surgeons Photostats

Exhibition Road, Kensington, X, 9N. Temple,XI, 14K. In addition to its The Rectigraph, or
Dedicated to scientific and industrial compendious library of medical texts, the Photostat machine, was
research for the improvement of Britain’s RCS also contains the Hunterian Museum invented in 1907. In the
dominions and colonies, its library holds of 13,687 medical oddities and specimens, Thirties, it is the only way
100,000 books. The Institute (or the the latter mostly from executed criminals. (besides by hand) to copy
nearby Natural History Museum) often Access is freely available to Doctors. a book. A large camera
holds lectures on abstruse subjects that photographs the pages, using
might interest Bookhounds. Provides 2 dedicated pool points for long sheets (350 feet) of
research into medical questions. photographic paper as the
Provides 1 dedicated pool point for film. A prism-and-mirror
researching something from the wider Society for Psychical Research arrangement transposes the
Empire. Tavistock Square, St Pancras, XI,13J. Its page into a negative paper
11,000-book library focuses on ghosts, image, which the machine
Lambeth Palace psychic and parapsychological matters, feeds through a developer tray
Lambeth, XI, 14N. Access to the library and the like, as do the smaller libraries and dryer. It takes a skilled
of the Archbishop of Canterbury is on the of the London Spiritualist Alliance operator (Photography 2+)
same basis as the British Museum; passes (Queensberry Place, Kensington) and the 2 minutes a page to produce
are commonly available to Clergy without Spiritual Evidence Society of Great Britain negative Photostats, which
a spend. Some manuscripts in the immense (Belgrave Square, Westminster). Access can then be photographed at
church archives date back to the 9th is free to members (£21 per year), to will to become positive-image
century. An excellent source for church, Parapsychologists and Occultists, and to copies.
crypt, and burial ground plans. anyone who can talk a good game. Photostat machines
are cumbersome and very
Provides 2 dedicated pool points for Provides 2 dedicated pool points for expensive, as are their
researching the religious history of Britain, parapsychological or spectral research. developer chemicals and
or Anglican missions abroad. special paper. Bookhounds
Theosophical Society are very unlikely to have
Lincoln’s Inn Lancaster Gate, Westminster,X, 8L. A access to such devices. Even
Temple, XI, 14K. One of London’s oldest large library strong on Oriental and if they do, Mythos tomes’
libraries, its collection (over 100,000 Indian religion and mysticism, as well as magical properties may alter
works) includes not just legal books and more conventional occult topics. Open to unpredictably under the
histories, but a vast collection of pamphlets Theosophists (which is to say, Occultists camera’s soulless gaze.
and broadsides. Access available to any and anyone else with an Occult rating who
decently dressed Investigator with Law 1+. spends any Interpersonal pool points).

The Books Themselves

The Books connection with some horrid

being. Or perhaps the ritual
Along with the book’s contents
and history, its condition can be
Themselves continues inside its pages
noteworthy. Some examples of such
alterations and variations:
• Is the current owner aware of its • The book is bound in human
UPON TAKING DOWN A FINE VOLUME powers? Perhaps he’s planning to skin. Or inhuman skin.
CONSPICUOUSLY LABELLED AS use it for evil … or to destroy it
THE QANOON-E-ISLAM, HE FOUND without letting anyone make an • The book is bound under a false
honest shilling off it first. title.
NECRONOMICON OF THE MAD ARAB • Where did he get it from, and • The book is locked shut.
ABDUL ALHAZRED, OF WHICH HE HAD why? If he’s the sort of person (Requires a Mechanical Repair
who habitually collects dark test if opening it is the goal of
HEARD SUCH MONSTROUS THINGS …” grimoires, he likely bears the adventure; a Locksmith test
– THE CASE OF CHARLES watching in future. And if if opening it merely provides
DEXTER WARD there’s some new source for clues.)
dark grimoires on the scene,
The heart of a Bookhounds they definitely bear watching • The book is autographed by the
campaign is the books. They provide right now. author, or inscribed to someone
flavour, narrative drive, MacGuffins,
rewards, punishments, dangers,
and motivations for NPCs and Binding
Bookhounds alike. Any amount No, not that kind of binding. Until the 1st century A.D. (or so), texts were
of effort the Keeper puts into the not bound into books, but pasted together into scrolls. Either Coptic copyists
books in her game is worth it; all of in Egypt or traders from Persia (or both) brought the “codex” into existence:
it results in something, if only vivid pages of vellum, parchment, or papyrus stitched together, covered by boards.
description and the sense of deeper Eventually, binders covered the boards and the stitching with leather or metal.
realism. With the advent of the printing press in the mid-15th century, the use of
paper (instead of tougher parchment) allowed thicker books and created the
modern curved-spine binding. Some printers and publishers bound their own
Some Shelfwear works, or at least “premium copies” of their own works, but as books became
more common, and print runs grew, publishers increasingly sold unbound
and Foxing copies of their works.The customer would then have his copy bound to match
There can be a lot of differences his library’s décor or his own sense of the volume.
in books; even between copies of As late as the 18th century, almost all books were still sold unbound, or
the same edition of the same work. wrapped in cheap paper. In 1820, the publisher William Pickering introduced
The Keeper should individualise any the modern “uniform” or “publisher’s” binding, in which the publisher pre-
important tome in the game; no two binds an entire print run or edition in leather or cloth. Pickering’s innovation
copies of Nameless Cults should be rapidly became the standard for publishers in the 19th century, leading to the
alike. She should work out the book’s creation of the paper dust jacket to cover the publisher’s binding and provide a
provenance – who owned it and how more eye-catching display in the bookstall. Even as late as the Thirties, though,
they got it – maybe even going all many wealthier customers (though fewer collectors) still have even uniform
the way back to its publication if it’s bindings rebound.
a key element of the story. Consider Most books are bound in calico cloth or morocco leather, made from goat-
the following questions, and how skin. (“Half-calf ” bindings split the difference: the spine and an inch or two in
they might drive narrative: leather, and the rest in cloth.) The highest-quality cloth binding is buckram,
a resin-reinforced cotton; the best leather bindings are calf-skin. Books have
• Was the book stolen? Maybe the been bound in almost any cloth or leather imaginable: silk, linen, sail-cloth,
rightful owner is hunting it, too. mole-skin (common in notebooks), beaver (felt or leather), shagreen (shark-
skin), and of course human skin.
• Was it used in a Mythos ritual?
Perhaps it still has some

The Purchase of Curious Tomes

as a gift; especially interesting • Section or sections of the clearly. Could apply to the
if either party has an unsavoury book bound separately, or whole book, or to one key word
reputation. Perhaps the missing from this binding, in a ritual.
inscription throws light on some or in a different order. (This
facet of the book’s contents … may be how one gets a “page • Additional plates, pentacles,
or makes them murkier: “S.O. – 751” in the Dee edition of the maps (terrestrial or celestial),
Do not attempt ye Rite on pa. 91 Necronomicon.) portraits, or the like tipped in.
without a Black Dog in Aries, and ye
Chaudron we spake of in Hayti. Jos. • Portions of the book underlined, • A bookmark inserted at a
Curw.” or blacked out. Perhaps just curious passage.
one name, or the word “terror”
• Association copy: owned by wherever it occurs. • An entirely unrelated document
someone famous or infamous, (or is it?) left between the
or kept in a notorious family or • Copious annotations by a book’s pages. Or pasted between
diabolic library. previous owner: In the same the book’s pages. Or hidden in
language? A different language? the endpapers.
• Missing pages have fallen out (or A code or shorthand? They
been ripped out) of the binding. may make the work clearer, or • A key, coin, cameo, or other
(One fewer spell? One fewer deliberately confuse the issue. small object secreted in the
pool or rating point?) They may be restricted to one binding.
spell, or one chapter, or one
• The book is in terrible state topic. (They might add a pool • The book carries a disease.
generally: fragile, infested with point.)
silverfish, worm-ridden, starting • The book’s paper or ink is
spine, cocked, or printed on • Partially translated into a impregnated with poison or
cheap paper falling apart. language the Investigators can hallucinogen or poisonous
read. The translation might be hallucinogen. Works on contact
• The book is infested with in the margins, or between the with skin, or only if you lick
something worse than silverfish: lines, or in a tipped-in signature, your fingers to turn pages.
alien insects, a dust-thing (p. or on the endpapers. (Thanks, Umberto Eco!)
69), a demon.
• The book is in code, or cipher; • The book is cursed.
• An intriguing family tree is its encrypted state might be
drawn onto the endpaper. obvious or inobvious. The book • The book compels its readers to
Common in family Bibles … and might be an innocuous mask act in a certain way: by memetic
perhaps in other, less holy, texts for a coded message readable in programming, by describing a
owned by less holy families. pinpricks above certain words or tempting treasure, by hypnotic
letters. magic, by exposing their
• Other papers bound in with consciousness to Carcosa.
the book by the purchaser, • Invisible writing in the book:
or rebound or tipped in after added by the owner, or by • Reading the book opens you
binding by a later owner. the printer. On one page, or to psychic attack, haunting,
Perhaps the book is valueless, throughout. or possession by a previous
but the extra pages are priceless, owner. Or by the author. Or by
or ritually significant. Is the • A corrupt, ignorant, sloppy, Y’golonac. Or something worse.
“worthless” book camouflage, or hasty, or tendentious translation.
did the owner find a cryptic use Makes grimoires even iffier. Or • One of the illustrations is alive.
for its contents? only one spell, or one section is
badly translated... on purpose? • One of the pentacles in the book
• Pages are uncut, or pasted is actually a Hyperspace Gate.
together – by accident, or to • The book is blurred, faded,
conceal information. ichor-stained, water-damaged,
or otherwise hard to read

Occult Books

Book Sizes
Books are printed on sheets of
Occult Books points; especially if the Magic
ability also allows non-Mythos
“conventional” spell-casting
paper. The size of a book depends “THIS BIZARRE COLLECTION, BESIDES (Voodoo, Chinese alchemy,
not only on the size of the paper, A HOST OF STANDARD WORKS WHICH Egyptian astral magic, etc.).
but on the number of times that MR. MERRITT WAS NOT TOO ALARMED
sheet has been folded over before • Occult books (especially fictional
being bound. TO ENVY, EMBRACED NEARLY ALL THE ones) are great places to dig up
A folio, for instance, is a CABBALISTS, DAEMONOLOGISTS, AND Idiosyncratic Magic rituals (see
sheet of paper that has only been MAGICIANS KNOWN TO MAN; AND p. 212-213 of Trail of Cthulhu or
folded over once, and stitched up p. 28-32 of Rough Magicks), or
the middle of the fold. Most folios WAS A TREASURE-HOUSE OF LORE IN similarly non-Mythos, one-off
are between 10” by 13” and 13” by THE DOUBTFUL REALMS OF ALCHEMY sorts of spells.
20” – an elephant folio is up to 23” AND ASTROLOGY.”
tall, an atlas folio is up to 25” tall, • A particularly good or useful
and the double elephant folio still – THE CASE OF CHARLES occult work could provide 1 or
taller. DEXTER WARD 2 bonus pool points for Occult
Fold the sheet of paper when skimmed, a similar amount
over twice, to make four pages Not all bibliophiles know the difference of dedicated pool points on its
from one sheet, and you have a between Alhazred and Abramelin, or topic, or even +1 Occult when
quarto, or 4vo. This book, like between von Junzt and van Helmont. pored over.
most RPG books, is a quarto The most occult-minded, murderous,
(although modern machinery would-be magical bibliophiles may • The work might provide the “final
folds the paper more times than yet labor under a delusion – even piece of the puzzle” for a given
that); most quartos are between full-blown Yog-Sothoth cultists may ritual, mystery, or haunting: “it has
7.5” by 10” (a “small quarto”) and not be able to differentiate works of to be when Rigel is above the horizon”
10” by 12.5”. the genuine Mythos from the more or “only a slab of marble will contain
In 1501, the Venetian printer conventional occultism that surrounds the energies.”
Aldus Manutius, who invented and interpenetrates it. That’s assuming
readable typography (a font called there is a difference: both Walter The Keeper can decide if any of the
italics) and lower-case letters, also Gilman in Dreams in the Witch House more common occult arts provide any
invented the convenient book size and Dr. Muñoz in Cool Air investigate useful insight into Mythos truths, or
created by folding the paper over mediaeval grimoires as a route to if they have their own less-powerful
three times, making eight pages Mythos (or at least operational magic) but still arresting effects, or if they
from one sheet: the octavo, or lore. are merely misunderstandings and
8vo. Standard hardback books are self-delusion just like the rest of
octavos: around 6” by 9”. Keep in An ignorant, mistaken, or otherwise human science and religion. Here
mind that paper sizes (and how “innocuous” occult book can still are some possible routes from the
deeply the printer cut the page) provide useful knowledge for a conventional occult (defined loosely
varied widely: French 8vos of Mythos-minded magus, or for an for our purposes) into the Mythos, or
the 16th century were closer to Investigator: vice versa:
modern paperbacks in size, 5” by
7” or even smaller. • Annotations by an initiate prior Alchemy: The magical art of
Smaller sizes exist: the owner could clarify murky or changing material substances and the
quarto folded in three produces obscured content, providing a search for the Philosopher’s Stone, the
the duodecimo, or 12mo clue (more likely), a spell (less Elixir of Life, and similar substances.
(modern “trade paperback”), likely), or even +1 Cthulhu In a Derlethian game, alchemical texts
the octavo folded in half Mythos (much less likely). could reveal the elemental natures
creates the sextodecimo, or of the gods and titans; any given
16mo (modern “mass market • If the Keeper is using the Magic alchemical formulary might provide
paperback”), and so on for the ability from Rough Magicks, an guidelines for “hatching” shoggoths
18mo, 24mo, 32mo, and 64mo. occult grimoire might have a from fossils or discovering metals
Magic potential of 1 or even 2 coveted by the mi-go. Potentially

The Purchase of Curious Tomes

alchemical Mythos spells include: Dhin Chant, Shrivelling, or Runic which you cannot put down.”
Brew Space-Mead, Oil of Alhazred, Target and Steal Life (both from
Powder of Ibn-Ghazi, Resurrection, Rough Magicks). Any book with such Divination: Ways to tell the future
and Tikkoun Elixir. spells is likely to assist with (or even are almost infinitely various. They
provide) Contact Rat-Thing; Contact may in their own way Contact Tawil
Astrology: We have it on the highest Nyarlathotep is less common but still at-’Umr (from Rough Magicks); other
authority that the position of the stars plausible. visions of the future might come
governs Cthulhu: why not the rest of via the Dho-Nha Formula, or from
the universe? The relationships of the Demonology: Most books of Daoloth, Quachil Uttaus, or Chaugnar
planets to magic may have something demonic lore are careful to insist Faugn.
to do with dipole connections between that their summonings work by the
those worlds and various entities who power of God and the angels (or Dream Lore: These works run
came from them to Earth: Tsathoggua the local equivalent). This might the risk of making it far too easy to
and Saturn, or Mormo and the Moon, be wishful thinking, absolutely Contact Cthulhu, Dagon, Nodens, or
for instance. Astrological study might true, or a superficially acceptable Nyarlathotep.
reduce the Inertia of summoning way of alluding to the role of Yog-
spells, or even their point cost. Sothoth in the process of Contact Geomancy: The art of earth
and Summoning spells of all sorts. magics may provide insights into the
Black Magic: Books of curses and Such tomes might also include the operations of the lloigor, Dark Young,
other malign magics might include Dread Name of Azathoth, lines of mi-go, or flying polyps, accidentally
spells like Curse of the Stone, Dread the Saaamaa Ritual, or the Vach-Viraj pinpoint a K’n-Yani or other
Name of Azathoth, Howl of Pan, Hoy- Incantation as protection against “that subterranean outpost, or even hint at

Occult Books

lines of the Saaamaa Ritual. charms often appealed to popular men. Connections to shoggoths and
audiences rather than elite occultists; Shub-Niggurath suggest themselves.
Herbalism: In addition to the the same book might be “hex magic” Although he was an early associate
possibilities under alchemy, the in Pennsylvania, “obeah” in Trinidad, of the Nazi Party, Ewers’ books are
study of sorcerous plants may lead or simply “prieres merveilleuses” in banned in Germany after 1934.
the would-be magus to liao, black rural France. These crude redactions
lotus, or the special spores of Shub- might still facilitate such spells as The Book of the Dead,
Niggurath. Create Binding Sigil (from Rough translated by E. A. Wallis
Magicks), Elder Sign, Sign of Eibon,
Kabbalism: Primarily Jewish Tikkoun Elixir, or the Vach-Viraj Budge (1895; English)
mysticism dealing with names and Incantation, along with various A translation of the Egyptian funerary
numbers, and the relationship enchantments. text, the Pert em Hru, as found on
between the world and the concepts the Papyrus of Ani (ca. 1420 B.C.).
of the world. In short, prime Mythos Theosophy: Works purporting It provides the soul with the keys to
material. Arcane kabbalistic texts to reveal the wisdom of prehuman immortality and protection in the
might discuss the Angles of Tagh civilizations might actually do so! afterlife. Other translations or papyri
Clatur or the Dho-Nha Formula, or Theosophical texts might contain have variant versions of the same lore
reveal the Dread Name of Azathoth, distorted (or truly pure!) versions and spells.
along with the “true names” (which of the Dho-Nha Formula, as well as
is to say the Contact or Summoning rituals and lore connected with the A Book of the Sacred Magic
procedures) of any number of beings. prehuman inhabitants of Earth, and
their gods: Ghatanothoa, Cthugha, of Abra-Melin the Mage,
Mesmerism: Techniques for Cthulhu, Rhan-Tegoth, Tsathoggua, translated by S.L. MacGregor
focusing “animal magnetism” or Yig, and so forth. Mathers (1897; English)
“mental force” might approximate
spells like Dominate (from Rough Witchcraft: At least one witch Purporting to be the story of Abra-
Magicks) or Mind Exchange, or allow learned to create hyperspace gates Melin of Egypt and his magical
telepathy with a distressingly large from her studies; other works of instructions to his pupil Abraham of
range of alien minds. witchcraft might give hints in that Worms, it concerns awakening the
direction, if not the actual spell. magus’ “Holy Guardian Angel” and
Necromancy: Magical texts Contact Rat-Thing is more likely, various magical operations afterward.
involving the dead are more likely to and likely more common, along with Mathers translated a faulty French
contain Contact Ghoul (or the close liturgies to Gol-Goroth, Mormo, manuscript badly; there is an earlier
equivalent) than Resurrection, but Shub-Niggurath, or Nyarlathotep. German edition (Cologne, 1725).
both are certainly plausible. Such
texts may also discuss Mordiggian, Clavis Philosophiae et
Mormo, and other titan entities Historical Occult Books Alchymiae, by Robert Fludd
embodying death. It’s up to the Keeper whether any
of the real occult works below, all (1633; Latin)
Numerology: The pure qualities of available (if not necessarily in print) A defense of Rosicrucianism and
numbers: magic squares, gematria, in the Thirties, provide anything alchemy by the English physician,
and Pythagorean wisdom in general more than obscure hints and pointers occultist, and philosopher who
are the sorts of things that lead that only make Mythos sense in (among other things) made magical
eventually to conceptualising Tawil retrospect. magnets out of dead men’s fingers.
at-’Umr or Daoloth or worse. The first (1632) printing was
Alraune, by Hanns Heinz destroyed by the Frankfurt militia.
Satanism: Texts devoted to Lucifer Fludd’s magnum opus, History of
may provide hints (accidental or Ewers (1911; German) the Macrocosm and Microcosm, though
intentional) of Hastur, Y’golonac, A lurid (and partially partially printed in 1617, remained
or Mormo, along with the obvious autobiographical) SF-horror novel unfinished at his death in 1637.
possibilities for Nyarlathotep. dealing with the creation of artificial
life: a female “mandrake” (alraune in
Talismans: Protective magics and German) that lives to debase human

The Purchase of Curious Tomes

Daemonolatreia, by Nicolas The Key of Solomon the King, De Occulta Philosophia, by Cornelius
Remigius (1595; Latin) translated by S.L. MacGregor Agrippa (1533; Latin)
This disorganised compendium of witch
Mathers (1889; English) A major attempt to produce a
lore and case law by French witch-hunter The Clavicula Salomonis is the most famous magical “unified field” theory, it deals
Nicholas Remy became quite popular, of all Renaissance grimoires, with over 100 with alchemy, astrology, kabbalism,
going through several printings, the most versions known to exist in manuscript, geomancy, necromancy, magic
recent being a 1929 English translation by in languages from Greek (the oldest) to squares, talismans, the elements, and
the occultist Montague Summers. French to Czech! The Chicago publisher arcane symbolism demonstrating the
L.W. de Laurence published a corrupt, interconnectedness of all matter and
The Golden Bough, 2 vols., by pirated version of Mathers’ translation in energy.
1916 asThe Greater Key of Solomon.
Sir James George Frazer (1890;
English) Saducismus Triumphatus, by
The Magus, or Celestial Intelligencer,
One of the most influential works Joseph Glanvill (1681; English)
of mythology and anthropology ever
by Francis Barrett (1801; English) A wide-ranging discussion of
written, Frazer’s Golden Bough is a A wide-ranging summary of the occult arts hauntings, witchcraft, demons, and
treasure trove of myth and custom (including the summoning of spirits) mostly apparitions. As a member of the Royal
from all over the world. The 11-volume cribbed from Agrippa and Dee, it also Society, Glanvill urged the scientific
expanded edition (1911-1915) is even contains apparently original illustrations of investigation of the occult, in which
moreso. demonic countenances. he was a firm believer.

Mythos Tomes

Mythos Tomes New Rule: Potential Points

“MANY OF THE GREAT TOMES ON Some abilities are more abstruse, difficult, or complex than others,
enough so that they can’t simply be bought “from scratch” during character
THE SHELVES FASCINATED HIM improvement.They require a prerequisite: teaching by a master, learning from
UNUTTERABLY, AND HE FELT TEMPTED an ancient text, or some other specific in-game experience. That prerequisite
TO BORROW THEM AT SOME LATER experience conveys “potential points” in the ability; when the character spends
build points from experience on that ability, she can only do so up to her
TIME.” “potential.”
The main example in Trail of Cthulhu is the Magic ability, as discussed in
– THE HAUNTER OF THE DARK Rough Magicks. Reading tomes, communing with elder beings, visiting places
of power, or learning from sorcerers conveys Magic potential; to actually use
Fundamfentally, if a book grants Cthulhu the Magic ability, a character must then buy Magic points with experience.
Mythos, it’s a Mythos tome, whether The character can only raise her Magic rating to the level of her current Magic
it’s ostensibly a Satanic grimoire, a book potential.
of sermons, or a lurid poem cycle. The Example: Artistically inspired by her brushes with death, Letitia has thrown herself
following tome descriptions include into sorcerous experimentation. She reads Mysteries of the Worm (2 Magic potential
the work’s Magic potential (if any), as points), and speaks long into the night with a ghoul sorcerer (1 Magic potential point).
explained in the box, and on p. 7-8 of She gets 2 build points per adventure; after two adventures, she can raise her Magic
Rough Magicks. ability rating to 3. She can’t spend that last build point on Magic until she learns
something new, as she only received 3 Magic potential points.
Book of Dzyan, by unknown Other specific lore (like Megapolisomancy, p. 76) may also require
potential points as prerequisites for ability ratings; non-magical examples
authors (c. 200 B.C.; Chinese and might include Kung Fu (get potential from long hours of Shaolin meditation
or brutal exercise), Haute Cuisine (get potential by dining with great chefs or
Sanskrit) reading superb cookbooks), or Piety (get potential by prayer, good works, or
The oldest known copies of this polyglot holy visions).
text were discovered in a cave on the You can use this rule in any GUMSHOE game.
border of Thibet in 595 A.D.; one copy
eventually made its way to the Museum
in Wharby, England in 1902. Photostats of
that copy exist in major British libraries. Mythos rating and 2 Magic potential Book of Iod appears to be. It discusses the
The Chinese and Sanskrit versions (which points; add 1 to both if you have pored archons Iod, Vorvadoss, and Zuchequon:
are not identical) parallel a version in over the Eltdown Shards, G’harne Fragments, whether these are familiar Mythos deities
unknown characters. According to or the Pnakotic Manuscripts. Skimming under other names, or entirely new titans,
Theosophist tradition, the Book of Dzyan the Blavatsky or “Dee” version provides remains both unclear and controversial.
was first set down in Senzar, the Atlantean only 1 dedicated pool point for Atlantean The original is lost, although uncatalogued
language, as a commentary on theThibetan research; poring over either grants +1 to Coptic copies may exist in the British
ur-scripture, the KiuTe. Working from that your Cthulhu Mythos rating only if you Museum or Egypt; only Johann Negus’
assumption, and from communications already have points in the ability, and only badly edited, privately printed 1868
from her Mahatmas, Madame Blavatsky 1 Magic potential point, likewise. English translation is known to survive.
produced a partial translation that differs
in many respects from the version in Book of Iod, by Khut-Nah (c. 70 The Negus edition of the Book of Iod
Wharby, as does a channeled version in provides 1 dedicated pool point for
English attributed to John Dee. (This A.D.; Coptic) Occult after a skim; poring over it adds
version was published by Furnivall Press According to occult tradition, this +1 to your Cthulhu Mythos rating and
in Dublin in 1840.) book actually predates writing, or provides 1 Magic potential point. A
even mankind. It appears to the seeker Coptic text would provide more points in
Skimming the polyglot version provides 2 between iron covers, written in the all three categories; the mythical “original”
dedicated pool points for any Investigative “Ancient Tongue,” allegedly similar to a iron-covered codex would provide at least
ability (or 1 point for 2 abilities) involving Greek-Coptic creole. This kind of self- 4 Magic potential points … but at what
Atlantis, China, or any prehuman writing. inflating fraud is common in occult works, cost?
Poring over it provides +1 to your Cthulhu especially in Gnostic texts, which the

The Purchase of Curious Tomes

Cthaat Aquadingen, by unknown that collapses his house and destroys his number of much later Chinese copies in
library in 1934. the last two centuries; the 1786 German
authors (c. 400 A.D.; Gothic) version, Liyuhh, combined a somewhat
The contents of this Gothic text are very Skimming Windrop’s translation (in the Romantic reading of the Chinese text
similar to a number of widely-separated Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries) with the enigmatic Latin Liber Urilia, itself
codices with no known bibliographic provides 1 dedicated pool point for supposedly translated by the panicking
connection to each other: the Codex Archaeology; poring over it only provides Romans from a Chaldaean original (now
Dagonensis (currently in Miskatonic +1 to Cthulhu Mythos if you have lost) as Hannibal’s armies threatened
University), the Codex Spitalsk (in already read the Pnakotic Manuscripts. their city. Lord Rochester produced a
Uppsala, Sweden), and the Codex Skimming Wendy-Smith’s translation verse translation of the Urilia in 1665, but
Maleficium (in the Vatican). Two Gothic provides 1 dedicated pool point each for most of the copies were destroyed in the
copies are known to be in England; the Archaeology and Geology, and for Sense London Fire.
Ahnenerbe has confiscated at least one Trouble to detect seismic disturbances;
from a German collector. The title, poring over it provides +1 to Cthulhu Skimming any version but the Peking
a mish-mosh of nonsense, Latin, and Mythos, +2 if you have already read the copy provides 2 dedicated pool points
Germanic, indicates that the author (or Pnakotic Manuscripts. Finding G’harne for any Investigative ability touching on
compiler) was barely literate, implying would provide 2 Magic potential points. Cthulhu (Keeper’s choice); poring over
a Dark Ages origin predating the Irish it provides +2 to Cthulhu Mythos and 1
missions to Germany. Its contents are Monstres and Their Kynde, by Magic potential point. The Peking copy
likewise a gallimaufry of rites, prayers, (or one of similar or greater age) would
and supplications to water-things (the “William Pynchon” (1539; English) increase all these values by 1.
“aquadingen” of the title). “William Pynchon” is the name on the
title page of the only printed edition Scrolls of Bubastis, by Iuwy-
Skimming any copy of the book provides 2 of this work (Fisher’s Market-Press in
dedicated pool points for any Investigative London, 1577), which was destroyed Kheruef (c. 1700 B.C.; Hieratic
ability (Keeper’s choice) dealing with the by the Company of Stationers. (The
seas, lakes, or rain. Poring over the Cthaat contemporary Protestant divine of Egyptian)
Aquadingen adds +1 to your Cthulhu that name is an unlikely candidate for The work of a priest of Bast in her holy city
Mythos rating and provides 2 Magic authorship.) The original manuscript, a Bubastis during the 13th Dynasty, these
potential points. It also causes the reader vast compendium of British dragon and scrolls provide a complete liturgy of the cat-
to Contact Cthulhu, as per the spell, after other teratological lore gathered from a goddess, and details of a pilgrimage to her
the third night of reading it. number of monasteries and abbeys closed city from “the Red Island,” probably Crete.
by Henry VIII, was stolen from the British The most controversial section is known
G’harne Fragments, translated by Museum in 1898. as the “Black Rites,” providing curses and
maledictions not only of Bast, but of Sebek,
Sir Amery Wendy-Smith (1919; If one could find a copy, skimming it Ptah, and the Faceless God. The Ptolemaic
would provide 2 dedicated pool points for Greektranslation(whichrenderstheauthor’s
English) any Investigative ability or Sense Trouble name as Luveh-Keraph, and claims he was
Extremely controversial translation of (player’s choice during the adventure) from the Red Island, which it identifies as
several hundred stone fragments (dated to involving any monster in this sourcebook, Atlantis) is the basis for all modern versions
the Jurassic by the rigorous Wendy-Smith the lloigor, or any other British monster. except Janwillem Vanheuvelen’s translation
test for dating) obtained from a tribe in Poring over it provides +1 to Cthulhu from the hieroglyphic original into Dutch,
Kenya by Sir Howard Windrop. After Mythos and 1 Magic potential point. published in 1928 from notes found among
completing his translation (based upon the scholar’s effects in Cairo.
Windrop’s partial and much-criticised The R’lyeh Text, by unknown
1912 version),Wendy-Smith mounted an authors (c. 300 B.C.; Chinese) Skimming any translation provides 2
expedition to discover G’harne – which dedicated pool points for any Investigative
his translation identified as a prehuman The oldest known copy of this work, ability (or 1 point for 2 abilities) involving
prison colony – in northern Africa in Peking, has been convincingly (if Egyptology, cats, or dreams. Poring over the
somewhere near the Bantu homeland. impossibly) dated to 15,000 B.C. using Scrolls adds +1 to your Cthulhu Mythos
The expedition ended in disaster, and graphology and chemical tests, but has rating and provides 2 Magic potential
sole survivor Sir Amery returned to not been seen since the Boxer Rebellion. points.
Yorkshire. He dies in a freak earthquake German and British scholars acquired a


Thirties London

a Victorian “rookery,” overcrowded and of course, Cthulhu Mythos. As always,

overflowing with fights, thefts, and vice. the Keeper is free to ignore or alter the
“I REMEMBER WHEN Whole neighbourhoods in the East End, Mythos legendry in this section, although
NYARLATHOTEP CAME TO especially in the stricken Docklands, the rest of the lore is authentic or is
MY CITY — THE GREAT, THE suffer the same decay. In any given year believed to be so in the Thirties.
OLD, THE TERRIBLE CITY OF of the Thirties, half a million Londoners
are out of work, most of them in the East
UNNUMBERED CRIMES.” End. Contacts in London
A list of typical, even stereotypical,
Twenty Thousand contacts for each London region appears
following the summary information and

By the Thirties, London is no longer the Streets Under the the Ability-based lore for that region.
These are people a Bookhound might
capital of the world. But it is still the
capital of the world’s largest empire, Sky know in that area; friendly acquaintances,
less-than-intense rivals, drinking mates,
even if some of its dominions have familiar faces, and anyone else who might
become restive. Its eight million citizens “THAT HE SAID NOTHING OF be good for a rumour and a cigarette
come not merely from the Home ANTIQUARIAN RAMBLES IN THE without any great emotional connexion
Counties but from all over Britain – GLAMOROUS OLD CITY WITH ITS or formal relationship. The ability or
and from Ireland, the Continent, India, ALLURING SKYLINE OF ANCIENT DOMES abilities most likely to locate such a
China, and the rest of the globe. It is AND STEEPLES AND ITS TANGLES OF contact, or to produce information,
one of the world’s most advanced and accompanies each Contact. The Keeper
sophisticated cities: electric lights and ROADS AND ALLEYS WHOSE MYSTIC should allow wide latitude for members
double-decker diesel-fueled buses have CONVOLUTIONS AND SUDDEN VISTAS of an Occupation to find Contacts in
replaced the Victorian gaslights and ALTERNATELY BECKON AND SURPRISE, the same line: an Artist might be able
hansom cabs of popular imagination. WAS TAKEN BY HIS PARENTS AS A to use Art to find a fellow-sculptor in
London even avoids the worst of the GOOD INDEX OF THE DEGREE TO WHICH Bloomsbury, for example.
Depression: its unemployment rate HIS NEW INTERESTS HAD ENGROSSED
peaks at 13.7% in 1932, and 37,000 For most regions of London, these
of its factories (building aircraft and HIS MIND.” contacts can do multiple duty: a Bobby
automobiles, canning luxury foods, – THE CASE OF CHARLES might potentially show up anywhere in
and turning out electrical machinery) DEXTER WARD the city, although his chances of being
keep running. Over 100,000 London “bent” increase in Soho, for example. In
printers and book-binders employ half Like the geographical section on p. 175- your campaign, there may be multiple
the nation’s pressmen. Even the London 181 of the Trail of Cthulhu corebook, individual examples of any or all of these
Zoo is modern now: the penguins and this section can only touch on London’s Contacts, tuned for the specific scenario
gorillas live in stark Bauhaus buildings, limitless possibilities as a setting. More and the urban environment in which they
not wrought-iron cages. information is available online, or in the act.
books in the Bibliography. Bookhounds
But it is still London, the Smoke, the with The Knowledge will likely know See p. 92 under “Player-Driven
“Great Wen.” There are still 20,000 much of that information; Keepers Adventures,” “Using Contacts,” for how you
horses on the streets (about 5% of should encourage them to seek it out can use these contacts to provide your
vehicles are horse-drawn), and there and share it in play. The Knowledge also Bookhound with information, clues, or
are still streets without police on them. potentially covers almost any fact in this local colour during a scenario.
Campbell Road in Islington, for instance, section, with the possible exception
was built in the 1860s, and still seems like of the paragraphs headed Occult, and

Rumours of London

Rumours of London Cathedral on Ludgate Hill (plan A subterranean Mithraeum –

A list of rumours appears following XXVIII); other major landmarks dedicated to the Roman mystery
the contacts. These are player of the City include the Guildhall, cult god Mithras – lies beneath the
knowledge: the sorts of things eager the Old Bailey criminal court city a block northeast of St. Stephen
Bookhounds are likely to hear as they (on the former site of Newgate Walbrook. (This is true, but the
wander the streets, drink a pint in the Prison), St. Bartholomew’s Hospital Mithraeum is not actually discovered
pubs, and gossip with their cronies (England’s oldest), and the 202 ft. until 1954. In an Arabesque London,
and rivals. Their degree of truth, tall Monument commemorating the p. 80, it makes a superb cult
and potential for danger and profit, spot where the Great Fire of London centre.)
remain in the Keeper’s hands until stopped in 1666.
the Bookhounds follow the scent to The Tower of London (XXIX), once
its source. We reproduce them on the Archaeology: The City essentially a fortification, prison, and execution
Pelgrane website as handouts to be maps Roman Londinium; the Forum ground, sits where the giant Bran’s
distributed to your players. Give each was just north of Tower Bridge, the head once lay buried. Should the
Bookhound his own “turf ” worth of amphitheatre where the Guildhall ravens (bran in Welsh) ever leave the
rumours, or let the whole party know is now, a temple of Diana (now St. Tower, Britain is doomed. The Tower
“the word on the street” everywhere Paul’s) on Ludgate Hill and a temple is haunted by everything from the
from Hammersmith to Hackney. to Isis just south of it on St. Peter’s ghosts of its prisoners and victims
Black out rumours you really don’t Hill. The Thames is called the Isis (Anne Boleyn, Walter Raleigh, many
want to follow up on, and write in River in Oxford. more) to a cylinder of bluish-white
new ones you really do. Feel free to fluid that appeared to the Keeper
add more rumours as you think of The Knowledge: Bank tube station of the Crown Jewels in 1817 to the
them, or as your own research into is directly underneath the crypt of immense shadow of an axe on the
London (or grimoires, or Arthur St. Mary Woolnoth, a Hawksmoor White Tower wall.
Machen, or anything else cool) turns church (see p. 51) on the site of a
up story hooks. Roman temple to Concordia. Rosicrucian and botanist John
Evelyn’s plan to rebuild London
See p. 92 under “Player-Driven Statues of the enigmatic twin giants after the Fire laid out the kabbalistic
Adventures,” “Plot Hooks,” for how you Gog and Magog stand in the Guildhall Tree of Life beneath the City: St.
can use these rumours to generate (and in St. Dunstan’s-in-the-West). Paul’s is Tiphareth, St. Dunstan’s-in-
scenes, and eventually plot spines and They only date from 1708; their the-West is Malkuth, St. Dunstan’s-
whole scenarios. earlier incarnations burned in the in-the-East is Kether. Gracechurch
Great Fire. Fountain is Daath, the secret

The City of London The former Knights Hospitaller

sephirah of Knowledge.

IV. Most of “London” lies outside property at Smithfield (now a Cthulhu Mythos: Lord Northam
the boundaries of the actual City of covered meat-market) was London’s (see Rumours of the City, below)
London, occupying the old mediaeval centre for horse trading and cattle reached the Nameless City in inner
city limits: one square mile between slaughter until 1855. Human Arabia in 1907, and spent several
the Tower of London and the London blood mingled with the animal years accumulating Mythos lore
Temple. The Temple (formerly a blood in its soil; here, heretics and and attempting a communion with
Knights Templar commandery) traitors received public execution. Yog-Sothoth before suffering a
now headquarters Britain’s legal The famous festival of Misrule, complete breakdown. In 1927, after
establishment. The City is London’s Bartholomew Fair, was held here a brief exposure to a copy of the
Wall Street; it contains the Bank from 1123 until 1855. Necronomicon, he suffered a horrific
of England, the Royal Exchange, stroke and survives as a near-
the Lloyd’s of London insurance Occult: The London Stone, perhaps catatonic.
company, and many other banks the omphalos of Britain, an altar-
and financial concerns. Fleet Street stone laid by Brutus, or the remnants
in the City houses London’s great of a menhir or baetyl (a stone
newspapers. possessed by a deity), sits in the wall
of St. Swithin’s in Cannon Street.
The centre of the City is St. Paul’s

Thirties London

Contacts in the City A clerk shuffles papers, for a bank, A scribbler can provide hot tips off
for the Government, for a large firm the record about anything that’s been
Barman or hospital or asylum or whatever. He in the news, or might be in the news
See East End (p. 51). (or she, increasingly) dresses to avoid the next day, or (after a few pints
Beggar attention or comment. This may make and a Reassurance that this won’t see
See East End (p. 51). him more or less susceptible to Flattery. daylight) about stories that will never,
A creature of rote and routine, the clerk ever be in the news. He can also hit
Bobby reacts poorly to disruptions of such, newspaper morgues and ask around at
See North London (p. 54). and well to those who know the proper his regular watering holes, if there’s a
way to couch requests (Bureaucracy). juicy enough story in it for him on the
Broker back end.
(Credit Rating 4+, Intimidation, You might encounter him at the office,
Reassurance, Catalogue Agent special or perhaps perched in a small park or Servant
ability) square eating lunch like a drab pigeon. See West End (p. 48).
After 5 pm, he vanishes into suburban
A broker is one who buys and sells anonymity. Solicitor
for clients, usually employed by a (Law, Catalogue Agent or Dilettante
brokerage house or by some individual A clerk is in a prime position to look at special ability)
or corporation with a seat on the Stock those papers as they go by: who’s filing
Exchange. He dresses impeccably for bankruptcy, whose death certificate A solicitor is an attorney who does
in bowler hat and starched collar, looked dodgy, who is buying large everything except argue a case in court.
clutches his umbrella rain or shine, quantities of powdered zinc, who is (That’s a barrister’s job.) He might be
and votes Conservative. A creature of responding nicely to the hydrotherapy. the wizened patriarch of a family firm,
grasping ambition and fear for his social This almost always involves being at the or a young sprig full of fair-haired
position, he can be swayed by appeals to office. enthusiasm for the law. He dresses well
either emotion (Reassurance that your and respectably, carries a hat, stick, and
tip is legit, Intimidation and threats of Inspector gloves, and gives every impression of
blackmail). See Westminster (p. 45). wisdom and capability. If he doesn’t
match this description, he probably
If not approached at his place of Medical Resident deals with a lower sort: Communists,
business, you might encounter him See East End (p. 51). In the City, radicals, workingmen, Bookhounds.
on the steps of some establishment likely associated with St. Bart’s or That sort of thing. You can usually tell
devoted to the pursuit of expensive Guy’s Hospital. by the cravat.
vice. This is an excellent place to get his
attention and assistance with alacrity, as Scribbler Encounter him at his chambers at
long as you don’t raise your voice. (Oral History, Reassurance, Book Scout the Inns of Court, or having a quiet
or Journalist special ability) whisky in a quiet establishment before
He can provide rumours and details of returning home – by rail to a suburb, or
the financial status (the more precarious The scribbler writes columns, or stories, by foot to a decent neighbourhood in
the better) of anyone involved in or fiction, or all three simultaneously, the West End.
the Exchange, as buyer or seller. He for a Fleet Street newspaper, magazine,
may also know of peculiar cargoes tabloid, or tip-sheet. He (sometimes He can provide details of legal matters,
recently imported or exported from she) dresses badly or flamboyantly or police matters, and similar. Anything
London. He may have these details at both; even tailored suits look off-the- told him by a client is privileged
his fingertips, or he may need to ask rack or worse hung on a scribbler. He communication, and cannot be revealed
around or check some files at the office. wants news, scoops, gossip, and tips; to the police. Or to nosy Bookhounds,
he’ll offer up his own on a tit-for-tat unless they have means of special
Cleaner basis (Oral History). persuasion.
See South London (p. 56).
Encounter him anywhere: at the paper, Stall-Keeper
Clerk in a pub, on the street looking for See South London (p. 56).
(Bureaucracy, Flattery, Credit Rating 3) stories, at a crime scene trying to pry
news out of the coppers.

Rumours of London

Legendary London
In the beginning, the giant Albion, a son of Poseidon, dwelt in the island and ruled it with terror and force. He was slain
by Heracles, and his giant-kin descended into savagery until they were extirpated by Brutus, a great-grandson of Aeneas the
Trojan. Brutus’ comrade Corineus killed the mightiest of the giants, Goëmagot, also called Gogmagog, later represented
as twin giants, Gog and Magog. Corineus either flung Gogmagog off a cliff into the ocean, buried him (them?) under the
Gogmagog Hills in Cambridgeshire, or enslaved them as London’s gatekeepers, depending on the story. Brutus named the
island, which an oracle of Diana had told him to seek out, after himself (“Bruttium” becoming “Britain”) and founded its
capital city, Troynovaunt or “New Troy” on the future site of London.
Among Brutus’ descendants and successors as king of Britain were Leir (immortalised as Shakespeare’s King Lear),
Belinus (after whom Billingsgate Fish Market is named, himself named after the Celtic “henbane god”), and Lud. King
Lud vastly expanded Troynovaunt and renamed it after himself, Lud Dun (“the town of Lud”), which became “London.” (A
rival derivation comes from twin brothers, the Londinos, or “fierce ones.”) During the subsequent reign of Lud’s brother
Cassibelaunus, Julius Caesar invaded Britain, captured London, and built the White Tower on Tower Hill. Lud’s grandson,
King Cunobelinus (the “hound of Belinus,” and Shakespeare’s Cymbeline) welcomed (and paid an annual tribute to) the
Romans as “allies,” based on their common Trojan descent.
How did the Romans win? Lud’s father Bran left Britain on an invasion of Ireland, taking with him Britain’s finest
warriors. The Irish defeated the invaders, fatally wounding Bran. He asked his followers to bury his severed head under
Tower Hill to keep Britain safe from invasion, but they spent 80 years in a magical castle before burying the head, allowing
the Romans their window of opportunity for invasion. Even so, the Britons managed to take Caesar’s sword Crocea Mors. A
century later, Boadicea, the Queen of the Trinovantes (Troynovauntes?), almost drove the Romans out during her rebellion,
burning Roman Londinium in the process. She died at Battle Bridge (now King’s Cross), and may be buried under Primrose
Hill or King’s Cross Station.
Modern scholars dismiss such legends, from Geoffrey of Monmouth’s 12th-century chronicle and the Welsh Mabinogion,
seeking to explain them as distorted records of either mythology or glorified tribal wars. But the Cthulhu Mythos might
understand them differently, noting for example the constant series of buried giants (often twins) recurring in the lore.
Bran is also a giant who does not fit well with the established chronology; in some versions, he is the twin to Belinus. This
“giant out of time” could be some titan entity continuously recurring in British nightmares and legends, forcing its way
through whatever Druidical defenses might exist. Are Bran-Belinus and the Londinos and Gog-Magog just human masks
for Zhar-Lloigor or Nug-Yeb or Han-Byatis? Other entities may lay claim to London as well: the Welsh name for King Lud
is Nudd, who the Romans knew as Nodens. (In the Irish version, he’s Lugh, slayer of the one-eyed giant Balor.) Leir’s three
daughters recall Mormo; the “henbane god” Belinus might be any hallucination-inducing titan. According to Milton, “Diana”
appeared to Brutus in a dream, while he slept in a ruined temple on a mysterious deserted island. Is Britain actually Dagon’s
island? Is London originally Iod Dun? It’s all up to the Keeper.

Rumours of the City on holiday in Yorkshire. broker at the Baltic House on St.-
Mary-Axe, is the man to see about
• The former Satanist, explorer, and • A Jewish bookseller in Clare Market importing valuable grimoires, books
occult scholar Lord Northam lives sold a Latin Necronomicon (likely the of Kabbalah, Masonic texts, and
in Gray’s Inn. He’s a near-catatonic 1623 Cadiz edition of Wormius) for an other officially banned books from
invalid surrounded by only the absurdly low price in 1927.The tome Nazi Germany, without the excessive
most puerile of books and art. He vanished with its purchaser, Algernon scrutiny of customs officials. One
screams when he hears the bells Williams, inYorkshire later that year, also hears that he is the man to see
ring, and merely titters when asked but the bookshop can’t have simply about exporting such works into Nazi
anything about his past. Where his disappeared, can it? Certainly, neither Germany, where certain Party higher-
great occult library and collection of the two bookstores in the street ups express interest in these matters.
of artifacts may be, nobody knows, seem like the kind of place such things
but the Northam Collection is the would turn up. Rigorous examination • The eccentric book scout Allan
El Dorado of grimoire scavengers of tax records, city directories, and so Chessover (see p. 85) brings you
everywhere. Before his stroke in forth may turn up where that shop was a copy of the 1605 play A History of
1927, his only companion was his located, or where its stock went. Richard Whittington. Known only from
neighbour Algernon Williams, who printers’ license records, the play was
disappeared shortly thereafter while • One hears that Nevil Carstairs, a long thought lost; this quarto copy

Thirties London

credits GeorgeWilkins (according to Green Park is the site of four separate became famous for theft, murder, and rape
some scholars, Shakespeare’s coauthor assassination attempts against royalty: in its bounds for 300 years afterward. It
on Pericles) as the playwright. If Victoria in 1840, 1842, and 1849, and remains a popular place for suicides. The
authentic, the play is worth quite a bit Edward VIII in 1936. tree is one planted in the time of HenryVIII
– but its “Dick Whittington” becomes with a sapling from Stethelos, where dwell
wealthy and powerful not through Coventry Street holds London’s swankest “things which thought and moved and were alive,
his faithful cat per se, but by use of a nightclub, the Café de Paris. Its dining room yet which gods and men would not consider alive.”
book he acquires from “the Queen of is modeled on that of the Titanic.
Cats” in “a Citie in Syria.” It might be
worth looking around the crypt of St. Occult: A spate of vampire attacks broke Contacts in Westminster
Michael Paternoster in College Hill out in broad daylight in Coventry Street just Barman
(the church Lord MayorWhittington off of Piccadilly Circus in April of 1922. See East End (p. 51).
generously funded rebuilding of, and
in which he was buried in 1423) to see Beneath Piccadilly Circus lies a major Beggar
if that book – the Scrolls of Bubastis? – Masonic temple, where the Worshipful See East End (p. 51).
is hidden there. Masters map the secret destiny of the Bobby
Empire. See North London (p. 54).

Westminster Tothill, west of Westminster Abbey, is one

of the three sacred hills of London (along
Bright Young Thing
(Credit Rating 5+, Flattery, Catalogue
X.Technically a city of its own,Westminster with Penton Hill south of Islington and Agent or Dilettante special ability)
is the centre of the Empire. It contains not Tower Hill). It is named for the Druids’
only the Houses of Parliament, but the patron Teutates, or perhaps the Egyptian A Bright Young Thing comes from family,
government offices of Whitehall (including god Thoth; despite this, it served as an or money, or ideally family money. She (or
10 Downing Street, the residence of execution point for necromancers and he) lives for diversion and distraction: she
the Prime Minister), the Admiralty, witches, and a plague pit in 1665. might have a sort of job at an art gallery or
New Scotland Yard, Buckingham Palace, somewhere pleasant, or she may just coast
Belgravia (perhaps London’s wealthiest Cthulhu Mythos: There is a tree of evil from soiree to nightclub and back again. She
neighbourhood), and Westminster Abbey. aspect in Green Park shunned by birds dresses from Paris, or New York. The real
Trafalgar Square, on the northeast corner of and loungers alike. Park keepers say they world, she vaguely understands, is harsh
Westminster, holds Nelson’s Column and hear mocking voices from it, and see man- and depressing, involving responsibilities
abuts the National Gallery and St. Martin- shaped shadows near it.The whole park has and such: far better to dance the night
in-the-Fields’ Church. Piccadilly Circus an eerie stillness about it; it was a lepers’ away, smile, and send the man for more
is the Dionysian twin of the Apollonian burying ground in the 15th century, and champagne.
Trafalgar Square, dominated by the
aluminium statue of Eros, lit by neon signs, One finds the Bright Young Thing between
and surrounded by theatres. Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square,
chasing the best set from cinema premieres
Archaeology: “Cleopatra’s Needle” on to the big American-style hotel parties at
the Embankment is actually an obelisk of the Ritz. Then for drinks and dancing at
Thutmose III dedicated to Ra, Atum, and the Café de Paris or some other nightclub:
Horus, erected at the gateway to Heliopolis, the Kit-Cat, The 43, the Monsignor, the
City of the Sun, in 1450 B.C. (Its twin is Nest. One knows her family (if one is a
in NewYork City’s Central Park.) Six men Dilettante), or one knows her weakness
drowned bringing it to London. A German (Flattery). A Bookhound might also have
Zeppelin raid bombed it in 1917, but only met a BrightYoung Thing by selling a book
damaged one of the decorative sphinxes. to (or valuing a library for) her father
(Catalogue Agent special ability).
Westminster Abbey sits on the site of a
Roman temple of Apollo, later a Saxon She can provide introductions and entrée
temple to Thunor (Thor). to suitably interesting people, or gossip
about everyone in her set. She can also tell
The Knowledge: Constitution Hill in you who’s dealing what illicit substance to


whom, and who simply can’t handle it. especially personalities: who’s up, who’s of the Morning Post you wanted to read.
down, who’s in, who’s out.
Cleaner He can provide quiet introductions to fellow
See South London (p. 56). Clubman members – who might be anyone, really – if
(Credit Rating 4+, Catalogue Agent or he approves of you or disapproves of them.
Clerk Dilettante special ability)
See the City (p. 43). In Westminster, most Inspector
likely to be a government clerk. Slightly One doesn’t ask his business; his dues, card (CopTalk)
more shabbily dressed, as the pay isn’t debts, and bar tab are paid and that is all a
quite as generous – unless the clerk is the gentleman requires. He dresses for dinner, A policeman is no gentleman, though the
sprig of some worthy family serving time in goes to the theatre or a concert, plays a better ones attempt to dress like they might
decent labour before being elevated to the few hands and calls it a night. Perhaps he’s be. But the job requires a drab Burberry
junior ministership that awaits all well-born, married; one goes to one’s club to avoid (or less distinguished label) and boots cut
dutiful ones. discussing such things. for wear, not for show. He is brusque, dry,
and mordant; he has seen worse. If he hasn’t
Government clerks are a fund of gossip He can be found in his club, of course. seen worse, he won’t thank you for the new
about the Government and its activities, Probably in the best armchair, with the copy experience.

Thirties London

He can be found at Scotland Yard, or at specifics – is the reputed patron of

the station house, or in the pub with other The Peelers a very exclusive set of collectors
Yarders, or at the crime scene crouched The 18,000-plus men interested in illustrated manuals
over the spatter, grimacing around his (there are some WPCs, or of witch-finding. As for the nature
pipe. He doesn’t appreciate amateurs who Women Police Constables, but of the illustrations that pique their
consider themselves Holmes or Wimsey; not many – mostly attached to concupiscence … we shan’t sully
he knows enough to appreciate tips from welfare and vice divisions) of a noble name with specifics. Is this
people who’ve seen a bit of the real street the Metropolitan Police (“the set a cover for a witch cult, or a
(Cop Talk). Met”) cover all of London cabal of witch-hunters, or merely
except the City, which lies an elevated interest in degraded
He may well sound you out about the case, within the jurisdiction of behaviour? And more importantly,
but he’ll always keep an ear out for anything the City Police. Most police does this set include anyone who
you say that may be taken in evidence. investigate crimes within can tell a forged (or Grangerised)
Getting him to do anything else requires their own districts, although 16th-century hexenhammer from
unusual persuasive powers, or an offer he the Met’s Flying Squad (“The the genuine article?
can’t refuse. Sweeney”) patrols North and
South London across district • Two years ago, Scotland Yard
Medical Resident lines, devoted primarily to named one Simon Miller a suspect
See East End (p. 51). In Westminster, anti-gang activity and armed in a particularly gruesome crime
most likely associated with St. Thomas’s robbery investigations. with a strongly ritual aspect.
Hospital. Metropolitan Police Miller fled to Paraguay ahead of his
headquarters is at New inevitable arrest and conviction;
Servant Scotland Yard, and “Scotland the case is officially in limbo until
SeeWest End (p. 48). Yard” is a common term for Miller can be formally arraigned.
the plainclothes Criminal The books the detectives seized as
Stall-Keeper Investigation Department evidence – the ones they found in
See South London (p. 56). (CID) of the Met. Other his disgusting attic shrine – have
jurisdictions throughout begun turning up at the auction
Britain often call in the rooms of Sandeston & Co. in
CID, as “the Yard” has more Bond Street. Is someone at the
Rumours of Westminster expertise and more specialists Yard doing a discreet business in
in detective work and specialty volumes?
• Every so often, a well-known criminology than most local
occultist (or a well-known figure departments. • Gilbert Warrender (see p. 86)
who is a less well-known occultist) The other departments puts a small bibliographic mystery
dies, and their library goes to the of the Met are the self- to you over brandy and soda at the
block. Shortly thereafter, the story explanatory Uniformed Athenaeum Club. He has come
goes, a “man from the Ministry” Branch and the Special Branch. into possession of a first edition of
visits antiquarian book-dealers The Special Branch enforces Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
and other bookshops, buying up the Defence of the Realm Act (Longmans, Green; salmon cloth,
certain of the deceased’s grimoires. against anarchists, spies, and 8vo, date “1885” hand-corrected
This “man from the Ministry” Communists, and does other in ink to “1886”) in which only the
also discreetly seeks specific jobs for the Home Secretary. right-hand pages of the novel’s text
Mythos tomes related to Azathoth. are printed. The left-hand pages
Bookseller legend does not agree are blank, impossible to explain
on the fate of those dealers who as a printer’s error given the way
refuse to sell: do they lose their signatures are bound. Warrender
royal warrant, their social cachet, has traced its two previous owners;
their store’s lease-hold, or their both were twins. And both were
freedom? found dead under mysterious
• An intimate of the Royal Family –
we shan’t sully a noble name with

The West End

London Clubs
The original Old Boys’ Network of over 100 clubs festoons Pall Mall and St. James’s. Everyone who is any sort of
gentleman in London belongs to at least one club. A gentleman’s club offers a library, current newspapers, meeting and
writing rooms, billiard and card rooms, and (usually) dining facilities. Some include private sleeping rooms for members;
they are the London gentleman’s “home from home,” and his choice of club is part of his identity. Some clubs make
reciprocal memberships available to members of suitable clubs in New York, Paris, or other cities.
Memberships start at Credit Rating 5 in most cases, although the United University Club is open to graduates of
Oxford and Cambridge, and most Dilettantes have suitable connexions for club membership regardless of their straitened
circumstances. Also, some clubs such as the Army and Navy Club, Burlington Fine Arts Club (for artists and
patrons), Cavalry Club, the Garrick Club (for actors), the Gresham Club (for bankers), the Press Club, the St.
James’s Club (for the diplomatic service), and the United Service Club (military officers above the rank of Major or
Commander) are open to members of their professions (Credit Rating 4 and a suitable Occupation).
Some clubs are explicitly political: White’s and Brooks’s began as the Tory and Whig associations in the 1780s, the
Carlton Club is the Conservative Party club (along with the Constitutional, the St. Stephen’s, and the Conservative
Club), and the Reform the Liberal Party club (as well as the National Liberal Club and the Cobden Club).
Other clubs join gentlemen of common interests: the Eccentric Club and the Green Room Club invite lovers of the
stage (and even music halls), the Jockey Club is for race-horse owners and lovers of the Turf, the Royal Aero Club
for enthusiasts of flight, and ghost-breaker Harry Price even runs a Ghost Club. Some clubs exist primarily as places for
gentlemen to gamble at cards: the Portland, Bagatelle, and Visconti Clubs, for example.
Members of the Athenaeum are “known for their scientific and literary attainments, artists of eminence, and noblemen
and gentlemen distinguished as liberal patrons,” while it is said of the Savile Club that “they won’t elect you unless you’re
an atheist or have written a book.” To be considered for the Hemlock Club you must have done something “notorious
and heretical,” while members of the Savage Club must appreciate all the arts, especially the vintner’s. Members of
the Travellers’ Club must have traveled 500 miles from London; the American Club serves American expatriates
in London; members of the Oriental Club must have served in India; members of the Bath Club simply don’t enjoy
swimming at public baths; the Diogenes Club exists to provide club facilities for misanthropes.
Ladies’ clubs exist, including the University Women’s Club for female university graduates, the Lyceum Club for
female artists, writers, and the “wives and daughters of distinguished men,” and female auxiliaries to gentleman’s clubs such
as the Ladies’ Army and Navy, the Ladies’ Carlton, and the Women’s Press Club.

The West End themselves have mostly withdrawn to

Shepperton and other western suburbs).
Chelsea, of which the less said in polite
society, the better.
X - XI & III. Although there are poorer
streets and plenty of low commerce in The traditional theatre began in Covent The Knowledge: A pump in Broad
this area, theWest End represents fashion, Garden, and flourishes along Shaftesbury Street, Soho caused the cholera outbreak
wealth, and power. The term “West End” Avenue, Leicester Square, and the Strand. of 1854, killing 616 people in three
can refer to the whole area of central New shops and stores rise along Oxford weeks.
London west of the City or to a specific Street, Regent Street, and Bond Street.
set of districts west of Charing Cross St. John’s Wood, north of Regent’s Tyburn Stone in Edgware Road marks
Road. We use it in the broader sense Park, is upper-middle class with more the former site of London’s primary
here, to include the upscale Bohemian than a hint of trade (and Lord’s Cricket gallows, which executed between 30 and
neighbourhood of Bloomsbury (home Ground); but now even the grand 150 people a year from 1338 to 1783.
of the British Museum and the occult avenues of Mayfair, north of Hyde Park, “Tyburn’s fatal tree” sat on an older Saxon
Atlantis Bookshop), the downscale are somewhat besmirched by hotels and stone, Oswulfstane, excavated during the
Bohemia of Fitzrovia (full of Russian mere commerce, albeit only for the truly raising of the Marble Arch in 1851. The
émigrés), and the downright seedy Seven privileged classes (Purdey’s gun-makers, Oswulfstane was last seen in 1869.
Dials and Soho. Cosmopolitan Soho, the and the Savile Row bespoke tailors).
“square mile of vice,” holds London’s red West of the Park are Kensington (still Occult: The first of London’s Hell-Fire
light district, thousands of foreigners, acceptable to the quality), Notting Hill Clubs met in a house in Conduit Street
and Wardour Street, the cinema industry (which offers what the middle class no in 1719-1722. They had two other lairs,
hub of Britain (although the studios doubt consider gracious living), and in Westminster and the Strand; a later

Thirties London

incarnation (1732-1740?) met at the hopes that they will seem so. lives and recreates, if he doesn’t do so in
George and Vulture tavern on Lombard the City.
Street in the City. Artists know each other, often rather
better than they do the laws of perspective Cleaner
The late ghost-breaker Thomas Carnacki or colour theory. They depend on See South London (p. 56).
lived at No. 472 Cheyne Walk in Chelsea. reputation (for outrageousness, or talent,
Saiitii emanations haunt his house; his or political solidarity), which makes them Clubman
copy of the Sigsand Manuscript has never vulnerable to Flattery on many levels. See Westminster (p. 45). A number of
been found. They either depend on rich clients or on fine clubs, through no fault of their own,
their relatives’ trust fund, which makes a are technically in the West End.
Streetwise: The Messina brothers Dilettante a welcome guest in their studio
dominate the Soho vice rackets, except – in Bloomsbury, Fitzrovia, Chelsea, or Inspector
for the Chinese. They don’t have an even Soho. They may create (or recreate) See Westminster (p. 45).
independent drug connection on the all night; they can be found in between
River, however, and have to go through bursts of creativity or display at coffee- Lounger
Limehouse to get their supply. shops and after-hours clubs. (The Knowledge, Book Scout or
Dilettante special ability)
Cthulhu Mythos: Approximately An artist can provide insight (especially
2 million years ago, a Martian ether- malicious insight) into the doings of fellow He’s dressed a trifle too well: that
ship containing ant-like worshipers of artists, and sometimes those of artistic bespoke jacket conceals a pedestrian
Vulthoom crashed into the Thames patrons. They can perhaps be convinced shirt; those Milan shoes have been worn
marshes, hurling its passengers into an to take part in an artistic “happening,” or more than a little. His hair is oiled, as is
interstitial dimension. Their insensate to put on an impromptu performance. his smile. He smokes, and drinks coffee
psychic hosannas to the all-devouring in a foreign sort of shop. He reads books,
vampiric Tree that is Vulthoom Barman used and in foreign bindings. He sees
occasionally contaminate human minds. See East End (p. 51). people come and go, and the people who
Hobbes Court off Knightsbridge sits come and go know where to see him
directly above the crash site; its residents Beggar (The Knowledge).
have long been understandably warped as See East End (p. 51).
a result. He may be a poet, or an American, or
Bobby someone else not particularly attached
On certain nights, the window of an See North London (p. 54). to reality. He idles along Charing Cross
attic garret in Seven Dials opens into Road, or wanders the Embankment
the Dreamlands city of Celephaïs. In this Boffin at night, or pokes through strange sale
poor room once dwelt the waking form See South London (p. 56). Possibly items on Notting Hill. He may frequent
of Kuranes, greatest of human dreamers. ensconced at the Museum or Burlington Paddington or Victoria Stations, watching
House, or at the Imperial Institute in trains or thumbing through bookstalls.
Kensington. What exactly he’s doing may change from
Contacts in the West End moment to moment; it certainly does
Bright Young Thing from lounger to lounger.
Artist See Westminster (p. 45). On the West
(Art, Flattery, Dilettante special ability) End, the parties are at the Savoy, Carlton, He can tell you what he’s seen in the city,
and Claridges Hotels; the shows are at if you like. Perhaps over a companionable
The artist dresses to be noticed; the well- the Adelphi, Vaudeville, Lyceum, Apollo, drink. He might have seen quite a lot, just
off artists dress like the poor, and the poor Lyric, Globe, or Palace Theatres. The watching.
artists ape the well-off. The Italian well- nightclubs aren’t quite as smart as the
off, perhaps. Everywhere there is just a ones near Piccadilly, but there are some Medical Resident
shade too much colour, or a slightly too- quite decent places along Regent Street See East End (p. 51). In the West End,
wide lapel. Everyone smokes, the more … or one can always get adventurous and most likely associated with Charing Cross
foreign and foul the cigarette the better go into Soho or Chelsea. Hospital in Hammersmith, St. Mary’s
and more authentic. Eyes are wild, hair in Marylebone, or University College
is disheveled (often magnificently so), Broker Hospital in Bloomsbury.
hands are long and thin or waved about in See the City (p. 43). This is where he

The West End

Radical Stall-Keeper
See North London (p. 54). See South London (p. 56).
Rather more likely to be the “trust
fund Red” sort here in the West Tout
End: Bloomsbury and Chelsea are See South London (p. 56). They
thick with parlor pinks. But there haunt pubs just off Charing Cross
are plenty of foreigners in Soho, Road or High Holborn, or just
Fitzrovia, and elsewhere, well happen to be standing outside the
supplied with the hot blood and auction houses on Bond Street.
cold intrigues of their kind.

Scribbler Rumours of the

See the City (p. 43). May be
covering a theatre opening or West End
society do, or crawling Soho
looking for a story sordid enough • A strange man in smoked
for the front page. glasses has entered two or three
establishments in the Strand
Servant demanding direction to “Master
(Bargain, Credit Rating, John Denley’s shop, as I must deliver
Prostitute Reassurance) a consignment of books to him.”
(Negotiation, Streetwise) His accent is queerly broad,
Every decent house in London has at and his manner both arrogant
Of any age or appearance, the least one – and ideally four or five – and reticent. He walks with a
prostitute is London’s native bird. servants, from the “lady who does” pronounced limp. So far, nobody
High-class call girls work from up to a staff of maids, footmen, and has successfully explained to
townhouses in Notting Hill or St. chauffeurs. Some of them still “live him that John Denley closed his
John’s Wood or from very discreet in,” but an increasing number live occult bookshop in Catherine
brothels even closer to the quality. on their own across the river or in Street in 1840 and died in 1842.
Some have business arrangements the East End.
with salesmen’s hotels near • There is a “secret library” hidden
Paddington Station. Other girls Talking to a servant as an equal is in plain sight in the stacks of the
ply their trade on the streets and only possible with equality of Credit British Museum by a conspiracy
doorsteps of Soho and Seven Dials. Rating, from 1 (downstairs maid) of librarians. Only they know
to 4 (butler or valet); servants are, the secret catalogue, and they
Prostitutes are reluctant to waste if anything, more class-conscious shelve the books (often suitably
their valuable time talking to you than their masters. They freeze out rebound in false covers) in
when they could be attracting the their inferiors, and clam up to their seemingly innocuous and slightly
trade; you may need to make it betters. That said, a few bob can do incorrect locations throughout
worth their while (Negotiation). wonders (Bargain) if presented with the Library stacks.
However, they don’t practise much a suitably innocuous expression
in the way of client confidentiality; (Reassurance). • Surgeon, electrical
they can tell all sorts of things experimenter (using galvanism
about all sorts of people, many of Servants socialize with each other to revive catalepsy), Freemason,
which are both surprising and true. while on their various rounds to antiquarian, and embalming
They might even be open for a spot markets, shops, or laundries. They expert (he wrote a book
of acting in a short con (Streetwise) gather all manner of news and on mummification) Thomas
or the like. Of course, they’ll sell (literally) backstairs gossip about Pettigrew served as librarian
you out for about what you paid all manner of great houses, but are to the Duke of Sussex from
them, so the clever Bookhound far more willing to part with juicy 1818 to 1845. His three-
can use them to send a message rumours about other families than volume catalogue of His Grace’s
upstream to their procurer or even their own employers. collection, the Bibliotheca
their clientele. Sussexiana, covers only a portion

Thirties London

of the whole, mostly theological

and religious works from The East End linch-pin for 40% of Britain’s trade.

all over the world. Builders XII.The East End of London extends Architecture: Nicholas Hawksmoor,
working on Pettigrew’s Savile as far as Blackwall on the Thames, a protégé of the great Christopher
Row quarters (and surgery) have but it begins at the edge of the City. Wren, surveyed, sited, and designed
discovered a cipher manuscript In fact, the “Bow Bells” (which all six churches (three in the East End)
inside a wall – and word on true Cockneys must be born within between 1711 and 1733. Strongly
the street is that it’s a secret the sound of) are in Cheapside in the influenced by Roman and Renaissance
addendum to the Bibliotheca City. Jack the Ripper killed one of his designs, Hawksmoor included Classical
covering the blasphemous victims (Catherine Eddowes) in the and Egyptian features in his works.
tomes Pettigrew left officially City, in Mitre Square, but the others
uncatalogued, including the left a bloody trail pointing east. The The Knowledge: The Boundary
debatable and uncanny Sussex East End began as marshy ground Estate in Bethnal Green is the first
Manuscript. outside the walls of the city proper, council housing in London. It was built
slowly drained by the original “Black on the site of the miserably crowded
• Ernest Maggs, a principal of Wall” of the Saxons. Since mediaeval and hellish Old Nichol Rookery (a
Maggs Bros. Rare Books, hopes times, the East End has been where city slum), named for sightings of “Old
to use his firm’s profits from the London put its blood, its stenches, and Nick” (or for John Nichol, who owned
sale of the Codex Sinaiticus its death: tanneries, slaughterhouses, seven houses here in 1680).
by the Soviet government to and fulling-yards. The docks and canals
move his establishment from its brought steady work, along with injury The pillars of St. Matthias’ Old Church
Conduit Street shop to Berkeley and ague; the ships brought crowds in Poplar are ships’ masts from East
Square in Mayfair. Specifically, of foreign sailors and workmen, and Indiamen.
to No. 50, Berkeley Square, crowds of British whores and thieves.
which has remained untenanted Gin-houses and music-halls sprang up, Law: John Williams, of peculiarly
(and thus quite reasonable for as did radical politics and dissenting “serpentine” appearance, was arrested
a Mayfair address only 300 cults. Homes were small and streets at the Pear-Tree Inn in Wapping for the
yards from Bond Street) since were narrow even in Elizabethan times; brutal hammer-and-razor murders of
1870. However, before he with factories, gasworks, and work- two families on the Ratcliff Highway in
can recommend such action houses rising in the Victorian era, things 1811. He was found hanged in prison,
to his partners, he needs to got even worse. The East End became and was beheaded and buried at the
be reassured that the “oozing, “the Abyss.” crossroads of Cable and Cannon Streets
shapeless horror” that haunts with a stake through his heart. His skull
the third floor is no more. It has Its 1,000,000 residents – including currently resides at the Crown and
driven at least four people mad, 100,000 Jews and 200,000 other Dolphin tavern, hard by Hawksmoor’s
killed at least two men who immigrants – dwell in crowded, St. George in the East.
slept there overnight (and one impoverished slums little different
who jumped out the window from the ones the Ripper stalked Occult: According to Marcellus and
and impaled himself on the fifty years previously: Shoreditch (a Procopius, “Brittia” was the Isle of the
surrounding fence in 1879), centre of prostitution since the 17th Dead, sacred to Pluto and Proserpine.
and has been seen by numerous century), Bethnal Green (famous for The Isle of Dogs is its Cerberus-
witnesses including Lord boxing and blood sport since the 18th guardian, at the narrows of the Thames.
Lyttleton, who fired a shotgun century), Stepney (location of the The Egyptian fleet that brought the
full of silver sixpences at it in “Siege of Sidney Street” in 1911 and Stone of Scone to Ireland stopped here
1872. the “Battle of Cable Street” in 1936), and raised a temple to the jackal-god
Limehouse (where opium and cocaine Anubis; sightings of a skeletal Wild
enter London), Poplar (the poorest Hunt recur here.
borough in England), Wapping (site of
“Execution Dock,” where pirates were The Baal Shem of London, Dr. Samuel
hung in chains), and the Ripper’s own Falk, lived at Wellclose Square in
Whitechapel. London’s docks dominate Tower Hamlets between 1742 and
the Isle of Dogs, once a marshy refuge 1782, working kabbalistic magic and
for outlaws and feral hounds, now the studying alchemy. He may have built

The East End

the rumoured “Limehouse Golem” in London sports a pub, or it should. Victorian tunnels, the low feeder
and initiated William Blake into sewers, and the horrid mediaeval
mystical Swedenborgianism; he may He treats his wayward sheep with vaults breaking up sludge, shoveling
have composed certain of the Cipher discretion, and more easily discusses muck, clearing out grates, avoiding
Manuscripts of the Golden Dawn. outside threats to his establishment rats and gas, and stumbling over
The Baal Shem definitely counted and patrons (Oral History). He the liveliest awfulness. Stinking,
Swedenborg, Cagliostro, and Saint- knows all manner of dark secrets, reeking, back-breaking work it is,
Germain among his visitors and but much like a priest or doctor, and their reward is to be ignored and
confidants. His treasure is rumoured to getting them out of him will require neglected by all decent folk.
be buried in Epping Forest in Essex. special leverage.
Those who know the city well
Cthulhu Mythos: The Eye of Byatis Beggar (The Knowledge) know where the
leers from Whitechapel (see p. 100). (Assess Honesty, Bargain, The flushers emerge, blinking in the
Knowledge) dawn or dusk: the pumping stations
On one corner of Leamouth Road in Greenwich and Abbey Mills,
in Poplar live 200 people, all inbred In these Depression days, beggars or the main tunnel mouths flush
members of only six increasingly are more common than they with the surface of the streets, or
shunned families. The matriarch of the used to be, even in more genteel the locked gates along the Thames
Turner family (descended from Anne neighbourhoods than the East End Embankment.
Turner, hanged for witchcraft in 1615) can boast. Shabby and unshaven,
seeks a soft point in the East End to they somehow manage to avert Flushers know what’s been found in
marry her grandson to Yog-Sothoth. their gaze from their betters while the sewers, and who’s been lost there,
eyeing any likely prospect. Beggars and they know the tangled labyrinth
The “Lascar” or Malay neighbourhood have their lots, their established of tunnels beneath all London. The
of Pennyfields, between Limehouse territory; knowing London well flushers will not talk to those they
and Poplar, goes about in terror by means knowing who begs on what know despise them (Credit Rating
night; an extended clan of Tcho-Tchos corner (The Knowledge). 0-2), although their sergeant, the
(displaced by the rebellions in Burma “ganger,” might unbend for a good
in 1930) carves out a nest with subtle They see a lot, some of it useful, reason. Especially if they’ve seen
cruelties. some of it reliable; it takes only something Down There that you can
a few pence to get information show you know something about.
(Bargain) but a keen ear to sift
Contacts in the East End it (Assess Honesty). Perhaps the Grave-Tender
greatest advantage beggars have as See North London (p. 54). Most
Barman informants is their peculiar form of likely at Victoria or Tower Hamlets
(Bargain, Credit Rating 1-3, Oral urban invisibility: if you don’t want cemeteries.
History) to see a beggar, you may forget that
the beggar can still see you. Inspector
A barman wears shirtsleeves (and See Westminster (p. 45).
maybe a waistcoat in a flash joint) and Bobby
serves what you’ll have (Bargain). See North London (p. 54). Medical Resident
Don’t order anything ludicrous or (Credit Rating 3+, various, Alienist
American: if you want a cocktail, Cleaner or Doctor special ability)
go to a nightclub and be damned See South London (p. 56).
to you. Proudly working class, he’s Over-worked, under-slept, young and
respectful to toffs and gentlemen, Flusher abused in the name of Hippocrates
but knows they are not his kind or his (Credit Rating 0-2, The Knowledge) and all that rot, the medical resident
friends (Credit Rating 1-3). Among is the errand boy, scapegoat, and
his peers, his flock, his true clientele, London’s unsung soldiers, the spare pair of hands for everything
he is a sage, judge, father confessor, flushers keep the sewer system bloody, messy, and vile in a hospital.
and pillar of the community. (And in flowing. They wear thick waders Some day he’ll be a respectable
some communities, fence, fixer, and and blue pea-jackets, summer and doctor with a fine Harley Street
unofficial undertaker.) Every corner winter. They move through the high practise, but for now, he’s a hollow-

Thirties London

eyed, barely-shaven shadow of a Rumours of the East End

man. • An artist in Jeffery Yeovil’s circle
(see p. 87) has a new “discovery,”
You may know him through a friend a mentally retarded Limehouse boy
of a friend, or a relative of same who chants prose poetry while in a
(Credit Rating 3+), or through the peculiar trance state. As a dedicated
professional grapevine if you’re a Bookhound, you recognize the
medico yourself. In the East End, first lines of two of his “trance
find him at London Hospital, or dictations” as titles of lost essays
grabbing a quick bite, smoke, and by Thomas De Quincey: “But if I
cuppa at any shop nearby. Then it’s submitted with Resignation, not the
back on shift. less I searched for the Unsearchable —
sometimes in Arab Deserts, sometimes in
He knows every strange illness, the Sea” and “Oh, sweep away, Angel,
weird mania, or grievous wound with Angelic Scorn, the Dogs that come
on his ward, and he can find out with Curious Eyes to gaze.” The boy
about any others in his hospital by says only that “an old blind lady
chaffering with his fellow residents. showed me the papers and wrote
Whether he’ll tell you depends the words on my tongue with coal
on him, and on your approach; fire.”
anything might work from a discreet fashioned blunt instrumentation;
bribe (Bargain) to affable curiosity foreigners and sailors use knives, • Suspiciously blond and Teutonic-
(Reassurance) to “can’t top this” but a smashed wrist stops that kind looking “antiquarians” are combing
yarning (Oral History) to pulling of foolishness in its tracks. Guns are Wapping, Poplar, and Tower
medical rank (Alienist or Doctor for specialists, usually well out of Hamlets looking for “Hebrew
special ability). In a pinch, he might the league of a fringe character like books.” Perhaps the Ahnenerbe
be good for a few stitches (First Aid) the Bookhounds. has decided to recover the “Baal
or (in some wards, and with some Shem of London’s” hidden trove
residents) for something to keep the You can find rough lads on their turf of kabbalistic and alchemical
shakes off (Streetwise). at their ease, or on others’ turf at the documents, which Falk ordered
ready. Determining which is where “securely treasured up, but never
Prostitute depends on your Streetwise abilities, opened, nor looked into” in his
See West End (p. 48). Less posh as does the postponement of violence will. Since the only person to ever
than the West End, the East End against your person. Rough lads see these documents since 1782,
tends toward drabs and trulls rather don’t usually discuss their employers Falk’s executor Aaron Goldsmid,
than “ladies of the evening.” Some or their employment, but they will died the next day, surely the
music-hall performers and bar girls share a sort of “sense of the streets” Ahnenerbe won’t be able to tell
make ends meet by catering to what with anyone not a copper or a target. forgeries from the real things.
passes for the upper crust clientele They may, if they trust you, discuss
around here; it might only take a who’s hiring, who’s jugged, and • A warehouse in Bethnal Green
card and a few pounds to get full who’s looking to move something. contains a seemingly forgotten
backstage privileges to any number and neglected pallet of perfectly
of establishments. With a Streetwise spend and a cured, top quality shagreen –
suitable incentive, it might even be sharkskin used to bind books. (Not
Rough Lad possible to recruit a rough lad or two that you would countenance such
(Streetwise, Forger special ability) for some impromptu book recovery goings-on, but such an exotic and
or similar tasks. expensive-seeming binding is an
Rough lads specialise in turning excellent way to pass an inferior or
violence into money. Perhaps the Servant forged volume to a less-perceptive
money comes from an employer; See West End (p. 48). customer.) By what is almost
perhaps it comes from a stranger. certainly an odd coincidence, the
Perhaps both. In London, the violence Stall-Keeper chap who stumbled on the pallet
almost always comes from good old- See South London (p. 56). also stumbled on a sleeping tramp

North London

in that warehouse, his arms and of the Knights Hospitaller. “Hornsey” means “Horned Island,” and
legs bitten off. The tramp was a ghostly goat-man haunts the footpaths
obviously deranged, as he claimed Archaeology: Boadicea lies buried and bridges at Crouch End Station
he had all his limbs intact the day beneath Platform 10 of King’s Cross on the Northern Line. That station is
before – anyone can tell those Station, where she committed suicide part of the new works programme,
wounds had healed years ago. after her battle against the Romans; frequently closed for construction
King’s Cross was known as Battlebridge and widening; 60 commuters are lost
• Under its drifts of stained until 1830. in a horrific tunnel accident when the
paperbacks and borderline trains somehow get re-routed beneath
pornography, a shabby book-cart A Bronze Age tumulus on Parliament Crouch End Hill.
in Liverpool Street Station also Hill on Hampstead Heath was excavated
sells books from the 18th and in 1894 and found to be empty. The main tylwyth corachaidd warren
19th century in varying states (p. 74) in London runs east of
of disrepair and decay: some as The Knowledge: At pubs in Highgate, Clerkenwell.
fresh as if they’d come from the patrons “swear on the horns” in a ritual
printers, most soiled and eaten invitation to drunken debauchery. This The Club of the Seven Dreamers meets
with worms and dirt. Once in a custom goes back to at least 1638, in an abandoned house on the Gray’s
while, a book written by hand and when Highgate was a major stop for Inn Road. One of them is dead, and two
bound in human skin shows up in cattle drovers driving herds to London of them are mad.
the cart’s stash – usually on some for slaughter.
disquieting topic, or containing
extraordinarily unsettling poetry. Occult: A great treasure lies in the well Contacts in North London
The cart moves all around the at Camlet Moat in Barnet, mystically
enormous Underground and connected to Guinevere. Artist
railway station, never appearing in See West End (p. 48). In Hampstead.
the same location regularly enough The Masonic architect John Nash laid Or “by Hampstead,” at least. Near as
to be shut down by the police. The out Regent’s Park, centred on Primrose near, anyhow.
grimy, furtive cart-keeper speaks Hill, where three unworthy craftsmen
no English, and takes only silver. murdered (or, rather, were made Barman
manifest as murdering) Sir Edmund See East End (p. 51).
Berry Godfrey in 1687. In 1792, the
North London poet Iolo Morganwg founded a Druidic
Order on this hill.
See East End (p. 51).
V - VI. Unlike the East and West
Ends, North London has little Psychoanalysis: Colney Hatch in Bobby
defined character, save for its general Barnet is London’s largest asylum for (Cop Talk)
unfashionability. It is the vast wedge the insane, with 3,500 patients. The
of undifferentiated neighbourhoods new St. Luke’s Hospital for Lunatics You find the bobby walking his beat
between them, with its southernmost opens at Muswell Hill in 1930. London’s in his tall helmet and greatcoat,
“point” in Clerkenwell (London’s “Little other major asylum, Hanwell, is in the armed with whistle and truncheon.
Italy,” and a centre for Communist western suburb of that name. He is stolid, unimaginative, and
agitation) and its wings spread between methodical. As the Depression
Regent’s Park in the west and Victoria Streetwise: The Sabini mob runs grinds on, London’s police take on
Park in the east. Islington and Hackney Clerkenwell, Holborn, and gambling more and more of the “us against
are working-class neighbourhoods rackets all over the West End, while the them” mentality of other forces, but
with growing pockets of East End- White mob runs Islington and King’s some bobbies remain the friendly
style crime and poverty; the canals Cross. domestic presence of earlier
and railroads created Camden Town, decades. Others, of course, succumb
which now hosts Irish and Greek Cthulhu Mythos: Crouch End is a to the temptations of cynicism
immigrants. There are artists’ colonies faultlessly middle-class neighbourhood or corruption. It may take Assess
in Hampstead, hard by the open Heath; in the borough of Hornsey … and a Honesty to figure out which type of
the Arsenal Football Club has its “dread zone” devoted to He Who Waits copper you’re dealing with.
stadium in Highbury, once the property in his Horned Man persona. The name

Thirties London

There are times, of course, that it Reassurance, or just a fortifying swig

won’t matter which type of bobby of something, to get stories of ghosts,
shows up, and anyone in a helmet ghouls, resurrectionists, and the whole
with a whistle will do. At other graveyard panoply.
times, you can perhaps get a scrap
or two of information: “Now, gents, Inspector
it won’t do anyone any good to go down See Westminster (p. 45).
Finsbury Circus until they get the body
parts cleaned up.” In the unlikely Lounger
eventuality that you’ve proved See West End (p. 48). Perhaps a
yourself trustworthy friends of the habitué of Hampstead, or at least
police (or the somewhat more likely Golders Green. May also frequent one
eventuality that you’ve contacted a of the great railway stations: King’s
bobby with a less prudishly Victorian Cross, St. Pancras, or Euston in North
outlook on things) you may be able London, Paddington or Victoria in the
to use Cop Talk to its fullest extent West End, Liverpool Street Station
to glean details not normally offered in the East End, Waterloo in South
to sketchy-looking lags. London.

Cleaner Medical Resident

See South London (p. 56). Grave-Tender See East End (p. 51). In North
(Bargain, Oral History, Reassurance, London, likely works at the Royal Free
Gambler The Knowledge) Hospital in Hampstead.
(Streetwise, Dilettante or Forger
special ability) Grounds-keepers, grave-diggers, Prostitute
and a few strange antiquarians make See West End (p. 48). Islington, love,
Between racing, boxing, dice, cards, up the permanent population of any or maybe Highbury.The railway stations
and numbers, a gambler has any of London’s cemeteries. (In North and their hotels are always good places
number of chances to take a chance. London, Abney Park and Highgate.) to find a girl; ask the concierge with a
Gamblers run the gamut from The permanent above-ground few bob (Bargain or Streetwise).
indolent scions of the aristocracy who population, that is. They may resemble
can drop a worker’s yearly wage on moles, or weasels, or perhaps blinking Radical
the Turf (Dilettante special ability) to ravens. They tend to the insular and (Flattery, Catalogue Agent special
beady-eyed racketeers running illicit liminal; they don’t mix with the living, ability)
tables in the back room of the local much. Tracking them down and fitting
(Forger special ability). They all share yourself into their rhythms takes The Fascist, Communist, foreign, Irish,
a willingness to take a flyer on a less- Knowledge that comes from long Jewish, what-have-you. The radical has
than-sure thing, and an eagerness to observation; getting them to talk is wild eyes and a tendency to hairiness
be let in on a sure-to-be-sure thing. usually a matter of a few bob (Bargain) – combs and razors being apparently
or a lengthy, uncomfortable, silence- tools of oppression. Dressed in
Card-players can offer entrée to pocked conversation (Oral History). solidarity with the working class, or in
their own tables, and sometimes to Churchyards will likely have rectors or something cheap and warm, the radical
those of fellows and rivals; dice-men the like, even if they no longer carry out carries his (or her) pamphlets, émigré
likewise. Devotees of boxing and burials; approach them with the Clergy newspapers, manifestos, and grudges
horseflesh discuss the peculiarities of special ability or endless pottering wherever she (or he) goes. He (or
trainers and beasts. All gamblers offer about Architecture and History. she) mostly goes to drafty lodge halls,
wild tales of their fellow bettors, and noisy protest meetings, sympathetic
eagerly share superstitious beliefs Anyone who spends a lot of time in art happenings, or cheap tea shops.
that might not be entirely buncombe. cemeteries can tell you all kinds of The only thing she (or he) hates more
Especially if you seek the eerie flows things about the dead: not just who’s than The Class System (or the Jews, or
of luck, causality, or despair, catching where, but who visits them, what the Bankers, or the Arms Merchants) is
the scent from a gambling man (or their stones might conceal … and who people who hate it incorrectly.
Lady Luck) can set you on the chase. might take a walk of nights. It may take

South London

Getting a radical to talk is not the problem;

getting them to talk about something you
kidnapper, and so-called “Blood
Countess of Transylvania.” He South London
care about is the trick. The best course offers considerable sums for XV,XVI,XVII. If North London is generally
is enthusiastic agreement with whatever variant editions of Father Laszlo unfashionable, South London is
vegetarianism or socialism or eugenic Turoczy’s two books on the topic, specifically unfashionable, and has been
programme they espouse (Flattery). Ungaria Suis Regibus Compendio at least since Tudor times, when the bear-
Radicals will definitely know all about (Nagyszombat, 1729) and Bathory baitings and theatres flourished across
their own nest of malcontents, and about Erszebet (Buda, 1744). What does the Thames in Southwark. Under the
every scurvy trick their rivals, foes, and an exiled Communist think he can Romans, Southwark was a burial ground;
the Special Branch ever tried. Fascists can discover about a dead vampire? under the Stuarts, practically a prison
tell you who’s informing for the Soviets; colony (including the eponymous Clink
Reds know all the Hitler-lovers for miles • In 1862, Dante Gabriel Rossetti Street Prison). Like the East End, it has its
around. buried the only copy of his poems dockyards (Rotherhithe, Deptford, and
in Highgate Cemetery with his Greenwich), its “stink trades” (gasworks,
Rough Lad wife Elizabeth Siddal, a rumored dye-works, leather-works), and its slum
See East End (p. 51). In North suicide by laudanum after a miseries (Bermondsey and Lambeth).
London, most likely part of an established stillbirth. In 1869, Rossetti’s Despite the presence of the Archbishop
gang, with enemies, allegiances, and friend, the forger and blackmailer of Canterbury’s Lambeth Palace, the
opportunities all across London. Charles Augustus Howell, borough has long held bawdy-houses,
exhumed Siddal’s body at night music-halls, pleasure-gardens, and
Servant and claimed to have recovered Bedlam – originally, St. Mary Bethlehem
See West End (p. 48). the book of poems, partially Hospital for the Insane. The sanitarium
eaten away by a worm. Rossetti moved to south suburban Beckenham in
Stall-Keeper published the poems as his, but 1920, and its Georgian buildings stand
See South London (p. 56). the scandal nearly destroyed empty until 1936, when the ImperialWar
him; Howell turned up with his Museum moves in. That same year, the
Tout throat slit in Chelsea in 1890, a Crystal Palace burns down in Sydenham;
See South London (p. 56). Likely to ten-shilling coin in his mouth. war and fire move into South London
perch on a stool in a bar in Clerkenwell Now, Evander Corder, a would- three years early.
or Islington; less likely to venture north be necromancer and wannabe
of St. Pancras Station. Except when the poet, believes the poems Rossetti Archaeology: Greenwich Park once
football is on at Arsenal, of course. published were “collaborations held a temple to Diana. The Southwark
with the dead,” and plans his own necropolis includes a temple complex
Highgate experiments on that featuring shrines to Isis and Mars
Rumours of North London line. Camulus. (This last is not discovered
historically until 2002, but it’s an
• A peculiar client seeks any • For the right price, Paul Levaire, excellent source of smuggled antiquities
playbill, notice, or journal from an orderly at Colney Hatch, until then.)
1867 or 1868 that mentions Peter can get books (or other written
Giovanelli’s Royal Alexandra material) into – or out of – the The Knowledge: The Hydraulic Power
Theatre (in Highbury) or Smith’s patients’ common rooms. For a Company tunnel, under the Thames to
Cremorne Gardens (in Chelsea). slightly wronger price, he can Tower Hill, opens at Tooley Street in
His specific interest is “Natator, get them into – or out of – the Southwark. It’s closed to the public, and
the Man-Frog” who was exhibited patients’ individual rooms, mostly forgotten.
at those two pleasure-domes, and or the effects lockers where
who apparently vanished in 1869. anything they might have been St. Thomas’ Lambeth was built on the
clutching in a frenzy would site of the Apollo Gardens, a resort of
• Imre Szentes, a Hungarian be stored. His stock in trade “the abandoned of both sexes” built in
Communist expatriate living in includes pornography, journals 1788. Other Lambeth gardens of the
Clerkenwell, has been collecting and notebooks compiled and era celebrated Hercules, Pan, and other
every book he can find that composed by patients, and less “destestable gods of Priam,” in Blake’s
discusses the case of Elizabeth easily classified works. words.
Bathory, the necromancer,

Thirties London

Underground London
The Underground, or the Tube, is London’s subway system, using about 90 miles of tunnels (averaging 12 feet
wide and 65 feet below the street) during the Thirties – with an unknown number of abandoned, dead-end, and
disused tunnels dating back to the many competing subway companies who began digging in the 1860s. (Subterranean
London also has an abandoned Pneumatic Railway, operated between 1863 and 1880, and a “driverless” electric Post
Office Railway for carrying mail underground.) In 1933, these companies merge with the bus and tram lines into the
London Passenger Transport Board, which embarks on a major rationalisation and construction programme for the
The LPTB extends three Underground lines with new tunnels (on the Piccadilly, Bakerloo, and Northern Lines),
electrifies and re-tracks two lines (Central Line and Metropolitan Line), and builds new stations (St. John’s Wood and
Swiss Cottage; Highgate and East Finchley are completed in 1941). This programme also sets off a wave of station
closures, simply abandoning tracks, tunnels, and sometimes platforms down in the darkness. Down Street and York
Road (both close 1932), British Museum (closes 1933), Brompton Road (closes 1934), St. Mary’s Whitechapel (closes
1938), and Lord’s (closes 1939) join the six other closed (or re-sited) tube stations in the subterranean Underground
Another eleven miles of service duct tunnels, for gas, water, and hydraulic power pipes, run under London,
with their spine (a dank, six-foot wide brick tunnel) along the Embankment, and their heart in a forty-foot deep cast-
iron pumping station beneath Piccadilly Circus. London’s sewers run for 500 miles; some of them dating back to
the 13th century, although the largest and best-mapped are 12-foot diameter, oval-sectioned brick vaults of Victorian
vintage. (Most of the rest are 4-foot diameter feeder lines.) “Flushers” travel through them, digging up solidified waste,
making noisome discoveries, and occasionally dying suddenly.
Some of London’s sewers began as rivers, eventually choked with refuse, bricked over, and forgotten during the
city’s history.They still flow into the Thames through half-sunken conduits, some covered with iron gratings and others
simply lost. The river east of Tower Hill beneath Wapping is completely nameless; the “Black Ditch” under Stepney
and Poplar almost so. The Walbrook runs from Islington under Walbrook Street in the City; in 1866 archaeologists
discovered a large deposit of Roman skulls in the riverbed, likely beheaded by either Boadicea or the praetorian prefect
Asclepiodotus. The River Fleet at least gave its name to Fleet Street, and feral pigs surviving from its years as an open-
air sewer reportedly roam through it, killing and eating anything they encounter. All of London’s rivers and sewers are
infested with brown rats in the millions, of course, but the rivers also host schools of strange blind eels and remarkably
resilient frogs.
The Tyburn runs beneath Westminster, passing below Buckingham Palace,Whitehall, and the Houses of Parliament.
In 1875, workmen stumbled onto an intact Roman bath along the Tyburn, 40 feet below North Audley Street. Parts
of the Westbourne are still above ground as “the Serpentine” in Hyde Park; it flows into the Thames under Chelsea. In
South London, the Neckinger rises under the old grounds of Bedlam and flows in a great curve to Bermondsey; along
the way it meets the Earl’s Sluice, a mediaeval mill-race turned subterranean river. Its course is almost completely
unknown south of Rotherhithe. Both originate in the River Peck, which now flows out of the Honor Oak Reservoir in
Peckham, built in 1909 and still the largest underground reservoir in Europe.
South London also contains a number of mysterious caverns and barrows. “Deneholes,” or narrow shafts dug
as deep as 80 feet into the chalk all over Essex and Kent, may have been chalk mines, refuges from invading Danes, or
star-sighting posts for the Druids. Jack Cade’s Cavern in Blackheath is much larger, 60 feet deep and 200 feet long, it
was rediscovered in 1780, turned into a club for orgiasts (after a tourist business killed a young girl from “noxious air”)
and was closed by shocked authorities in 1854; its entrance remains lost until 1939. Chislehurst in southeast London
has its share of deneholes, but is most famous for the Chislehurst Caves, originally flint mines dug by the Druids and
expanded by the Romans. During the Great War, the Royal Arsenal at Woolwich (itself sitting on a labyrinth of tunnels
begun in 1716) used the Caves to store ammunition. Greenwich has a drained Naval reservoir (turfed over in 1871), at
least two abandoned subterranean conduit systems, 400 feet of “sand tunnels” under Nightingale Lane, and a network
of tunnels between Bronze Age barrows in Greenwich Park.

South London

Occult: Spring-Heeled Jack, a leaping Contacts in South London small stipend and a bit of encouragement
demonic figure, attacked young women in their own mania.
in Clapham Common, Blackheath, and Barman
Camberwell in the fall of 1837; in 1838, See East End (p. 51). Cleaner
he moved to the East End, striking in (Bargain, The Knowledge)
Limehouse (Green Dragon Alley), Old Beggar
Ford, and Whitechapel. He reappeared in See East End (p. 51). The charwoman, janitor, or “lady who
1872 in Peckham. does” for an office or private home makes
Bobby a habit of being self-effacing.That doesn’t
S.L. MacGregor Mathers, head of See North London (p. 54). mean she (or he) sees nothing. It may
the Golden Dawn, was curator of the take The Knowledge to find out which
Horniman Museum in Forest Hill for Boffin depressing tenement houses a specific
two years (1890-1891). While there, he (Relevant Academic ability, Catalogue cleaner, or the approach may be best
reputedly attempted to reanimate at least Agent, Professor, or Scientist special made at the agency who supplies staff at
one of its eight mummies. The museum ability) reasonable rates.
includes shamanic ritual masks, a five-
foot tableau of the goddess Kali, and other Male learned experts tend toward Such reasonable rates can be augmented,
religious and magical artifacts from all the tweedy, near-sighted, and dusty; of course (Bargain), providing a potential
over the world. female boffins seem to be more bluff, bonanza of information on the comings
horsey, brunet types who stride. Both and goings of the lazy good-for-nothings
Streetwise: “Monkey” Benneyworth wear spectacles. You find them blinking who can’t even be bothered to pick up
runs the South London rackets from on college quadrangles, or vaguely after themselves.
Elephant and Castle. associated with the Observatory, the
Battersea Power Station, or anything else Flusher
Cthulhu Mythos: The “bleak heath” involving the higher maths. They may See East End (p. 51). Deptford
of Blackheath is the stigmata of a Colour wander through a world of ratiocination Pumping Station is where to find
Out of Space that landed in 535 A.D. and and irregular Assyrian verbs, or stalk someone who knows where a specific
departed three years afterward: this was through life sharpening knives for ganger might be south of the River.
the Dolorous Blow of Arthurian legend. professional vendettas. Or both. Any
boffin who enjoys moderate success at Grave-Tender
Camberwell was the well of the crippled explaining their subject matter to the See North London (p. 54). Most likely
or twisted; it is a finger-mark of Quachil general public (especially in a series of at Norwood or Nunhead cemetery.
Uttaus. lectures, newspaper columns, or popular
books) earns a special sort of low-boiling Inspector
Rogers’ Wax Museum, with its occult hatred from their fellows. See Westminster (p. 45).
gallery of elder titans and (between 1931
and 1932) Rhan-Tegoth, is in Southwark Boffins respond to respectful approaches Medical Resident
Street. Its operator after September in their own specialty (the relevant See East End (p. 51). South of the
1932, Mr. Orabona, lives in Walworth Academic ability, used as an Interpersonal River, probably working at King’s
Road in Elephant and Castle. approach), or to professional approaches. College Hospital in Lambeth.
Boffins almost all want more books,
The Wapping to Rotherhithe foot tunnel making them prime targets for catalogue Prostitute
under the Thames, now part of the agents and Bookhounds in general. In See West End (p. 48). A lot of the girls
Metropolitan Line, houses inbred and return, they can provide specialised take on the sailor trade, in Bermondsey,
albino descendants of tunnel thieves and information and insight, scurrilous Rotherhithe, and Deptford. They may
drowned workers, lurking in fissures rumours about their rivals and fellows, know what ships are in, and even who
leading to ghoul-warrens and deeper still. and details of other scholars’ research wasn’t supposed to be on them.
that seems somewhat less than orthodox.
Beneath Greenwich Observatory, where Unofficial boffins – eccentrics, self- Rough Lad
prehistoric caves and tunnels snarl, is published scholars, devotees of See East End (p. 51). Along the River,
an entrance to red-litten Yoth. Or black unorthodox theories – can provide less mostly free-lance like in the East End.
N’kai. Or cyclopean Koth, city of the in the way of academic gossip, but more Elsewhere in South London, probably
gugs. Or lost Valusia. Or … in the way of research assistance, given a gang-affiliated, as in North London.

Thirties London

Servant know who’s buying and who’s selling, equally. They congregate at the track,
See West End (p. 48). and an astonishing amount about the or in railway stations or hotel bars;
personal lives of their customers. (“’E’s anywhere someone might be reading a
Stall-Keeper got a new doxy in Kentish Town, an’ she’s racing form.
(Bargain, The Knowledge, Book Scout mighty perculiar about no garlic in the
special ability) soup.”) In the underground book market, touts’
suits are older, if not precisely less
Bookhounds will mostly deal with Tout disturbing; they know who misplaced
keepers of bookstalls like those in (Bargain, Streetwise, Book Scout or a Conrad first, and who really needs
Bermondsey, but there are stall-keepers Forger special ability) to fill a set of Dickens to close a deal.
all over London, selling everything from Freelance, down-market catalogue
oysters to pots to shoes. Some attract In racing circles, the tout is the fellow agents, they batten themselves on the
custom by winsome smiles, others by in the check suit and regrettable cravat margins, never getting close to the client
patter and flash. A vendor is generally who knows exactly which horse is going but always on the scent of the next deal
open and pleasant, at least until you to come short in the ninth race, and just nobody but them will discuss. Book touts
reveal yourself as more interested in who will have to scratch a favorite in the go from book scout to fence to customs
information than purchasing something. fourth. In short, he makes it his business inspector, gathering tips on “French
to know as much as anyone can about literature for discerning gentlemen” or
Their stock of information might also be things that interested parties would “religious works sadly not publishable
for sale, or included in the cost of a bag rather nobody knew.Touts survive with a in Spain” or “a very nice Amsterdam
of oranges (Bargain). In addition to what minimum of savage beatings by attaching Apuleius that would gladden any open-
they saw while setting up this morning, themselves to patrons, or by brokering minded heart.” They drift past the big
or tearing down last night, stall-keepers their inside dirt to all interested parties book runs in Bermondsey and Brick

South London

Lane, or hold court in Deptford and books sold in estate sales around creativity, and history. So why
Southwark where the history is dear Lambeth, where Hockley lived in does every book scout south of
and rooms are cheap. 1881. Has someone found a new the Thames have a broadsheet
cache of Hockley manuscripts? offering such a deck at auction
Buy a tout a drink and promise him a Is Hockley’s ghost returning, at the Asylum Tavern in
finder’s fee, and he’ll tip you off to that compelled to copy one last work? Camberwell?
Grand Albert you’ve had your eye on,
or tell you to get ready for a sudden • The poet, mystic, and engraver • Book scout urban legend says that
run on Sir Walter Scott’s devil-stories. William Blake never designed if you burn a page from any Poe
If you already have a deal in progress, a Tarot deck incorporating his first edition in front of the bust
he can help put it back on track; if you intensely personal cosmology of the god Hypnos (anonymous
need a deal to progress, he can help of malign or indifferent giants donor, ca. 1922) in the Horniman
you find one. And maybe you can slip somehow embodying and Museum, you will dream of an
him a tip next time. empowering human thought, amazing book find the next night.

Rumours of South London London Cemeteries

Perhaps 20 million people have died in London since the Romans founded
• A seemingly unremarkable edition Londinium in 43 A.D. The Romans buried their dead outside the walls and
of Dryden found in a sale bin in across the Thames, as did the Saxons; by mediaeval times, each parish buried
Bermondsey contains a tipped-in its own dead in its crypt or by its church. Not all the dead met consecrated
pen-and-ink autopsy sketch of ends, of course: suicides were staked at local crossroads until 1823, for
an unearthly monstrosity, all the example, and murderers were left in waste ground like the Isle of Dogs or
more horrible for the evident (starting in the 1600s) given to anatomical schools. Plague victims filled
realism of the draftsmanship. plague pits like the one under Golden Square in Soho, or the 4-acre plague
The drawing is signed Wm. burying-ground hastily enclosed at Bunhill Fields in 1665. (Originally named
Hogarth, Oct.ber 1763 at Kew; Bone-Hill Fields, as church crypts would dispose of old bones there to make
No. 4 of 14. Are there 13 more room for new interments.) Never consecrated, it became the cemetery for
books out there with apparent London’s Nonconformists, holding (among 120,000 others) William Blake
Hogarth drawings (from life?) of and Daniel Defoe.
such things, tipped in between Over the centuries, even the smallest churchyards filled up, and more:
signatures or slipped behind the St. Martin-in-the-Fields’ churchyard holds perhaps 65,000 bodies in its mere
boards? The book bears the plate 200 square feet. The Burial Act of 1852 closed such over-full graveyards and
of Lord Castlereagh, the former established several larger, newer cemeteries in what were then the outskirts
Foreign Secretary, who slit his of the city: Kensal Green and Brompton Cemeteries in the west, Norwood
own throat in 1822. and Nunhead Cemeteries in South London, Victoria and Tower Hamlets
Cemeteries in the East End, and Abney Park and Highgate Cemeteries in the
• The Rosicrucian seer and scryer north. Highgate, especially, was built as a Greco-Egyptian landscaped garden of
Frederick Hockley moved all over death; it has an appropriately haunted reputation as the lair of resurrectionists,
London in the years before his ghouls, vampires, and ghosts. A tunnel under Swains Road connecting the two
death in 1885, always bringing sides of the cemetery was perhaps understandably abandoned in the later 19th
his library with him. Most century.
of his books were sold to the More cemeteries were built even farther outside London: in Ilford and
dealer George Redway; some of Leytonstone in Essex, at New Southgate on the northern edge of the city,
them wound up in the private and Brookwood Cemetery in Surrey. This 450-acre London Necropolis, as
collections of the men who would it was also known, is the largest graveyard in Britain, and one of the largest
found the Golden Dawn two years in the world. Beginning in 1854 a special “Necropolis Railway” served the
later. As a younger man, Hockley cemetery; by 1900, a train a day carried coffins and the bereaved, leaving from
copied manuscript grimoires for a special station near Waterloo. Although Brookwood added a 37-acre military
a select clientele; leaves of an cemetery in 1917, traffic on the Necropolis Railway has dropped to once or
unknown Hockley manuscript twice a week by the Thirties.
(The Grimoire of Dauriel) have
begun turning up bound into


The London Mythos

of the Thuggee (all active in the East Union of Fascists (at Black House in
End), Thibetan Freemasonry (originally Chelsea) headed by Sir Oswald Mosley, or
“HERE WAS A NOCTURNAL the Egyptian Sophiens), and the Mafia even within the Royal Army thanks to the
SUICIDE IN LONDON, WHERE (in New Compton Road and Soho). He sympathies of Maj.-Gen. J.F.C. Fuller, one
A LONE SLEEPER HAD LEAPED also expands upon London-exclusive of the theorists of blitzkrieg. Fuller is both
FROM A WINDOW AFTER A groups such as the Gorgons (high-society a pro-German fascist (attending Hitler’s
Dionysiac women who revel at Richmond birthday party in 1939) and a sorcerous
SHOCKING CRY.” on the Thames), a cult in Upper Norwood initiate who studied with Aleister Crowley
– THE CALL OF CTHULHU that worships a Peruvian mummy, societies in the Argentum Astrum starting in 1907.
dedicated to the cruel and the grotesque in
Chelsea, the “Get Rid of the Old” society Brotherhood of the Yellow Sign:
and the “Suicide Club,” and the strange There is little mi-go activity in England;
Along with the temptations and prophetesses known only as the Grey the Brotherhood in London acts as a
cruelties that any swarming hive of Sisters. To say nothing of the loose circle support office for cult actions in Wales
humans will concoct for themselves – of Druids sexually attracted to certain and Scotland. Occasionally local Hastur
and London has been cruelly tempting trees in London’s parks and commons, cults spin off of Brotherhood cells, or vice
those who dwell there since before or the female-only Duckdom House in versa: London’s large theatrical and artistic
Julius Caesar’s day – come the special Kensington filled with living waxworks scenes are natural breeding-grounds of
taints and horrors of the Cthulhu and automata of uncanny beauty, or the nihilistic Hastur-worship. Such aesthetic
Mythos. Nowhere that has held so “S” Society of young Soho rakes descended Hastur cults spring up in Chelsea, Soho,
much power, so much knowledge, so from the avenging mediaeval Holy Vehm Bloomsbury, and Covent Garden. (The
much treasure taken from so many but now dedicated to blackmail and music-halls of the East End may nurture
corners of the world, can escape the burglary. Hastur cults tinctured with despair rather
attentions of cults starving for power than with ennui.) The Brotherhood’s
and magi craving knowledge, or the In short, the Keeper should feel free to be actual operations are based in Lambeth,
curses that follow certain things at least as imaginative as Elliott O’Donnell convenient both to Waterloo Station and
considered treasure by the unwary. in populating the secret underside of Bedlam.
The gods, titans, and aliens of the With a possible connection between the
Mythos may consider humankind little mi-go and Rhan-Tegoth (p. 66), the
more than ants scurrying beneath their Corebook Cults Brotherhood is currently in search of
notice. Perhaps. But some of those ants Some of the Mythos cults mentioned in works of polar and Arctic lore, including
have dug deep and brought up strange the Trail of Cthulhu corebook are active Pnakotic manuscripts or fragments.
things. And eight million ants may be (or potentially so) in London during the The Brotherhood also seeks out (or
worth crushing underfoot, or burning Thirties. occasionally, seeks to plant) copies of The
out. King in Yellow. It may inspire other Hastur
Ahenenerbe: Until the outbreak of cults to do likewise, intentionally or by
war in 1939, they operate officially out of example.
Cults the German Embassy in Carlton House.
Ahnenerbe agents haunt the British Cult of Cthulhu: Concentrated amongst
In his 1934 book Strange Cults and Secret Museum and its antiquities, and eagerly the sailors and longshoremen of London’s
Societies in Modern London, the sensational seek out copies of Mythos tomes – docks and ports, from Limehouse to
journalist Elliott O’Donnell tells of especially the Cthaat Aquadingen and those Gravesend. The cult is most likely to
the London branches of the Leopard by von Junzt and his circle. venture into London to retrieve an artifact
Society of West Africa, Obeah-cults from or silence nosy speculation. The cult’s
Jamaica, the Kali-worshiping stranglers They may have contacts with the British primary bibliographic interests (such as


they are) turn toward sailors’ diaries, old

books of nautical charts, or any other work
that reveals too many of the secrets of the
deep … or of the Deep Ones. They will
kill any nonbeliever who profanes the
R’lyeh Text.

Witch-Cult: Chelmsford, the heart of

the witch-cult in the east of England (major
cult trials in 1566, 1589, and 1645), is
only 30 miles northeast of London. The
witch Joan Peterson, hanged at Tyburn in
1652, was the last major member of the
cult uncovered in London itself. Splinters
of the cult infiltrated the court and society
over the next two centuries, surfacing as
covert covens or Satanist sects, worshiping
on Primrose Hill or in debauched Chelsea
clubs. A coven in the New Forest in
Hampshire seeks to reunite the Old Faith;
its main rival in London is a cult of Mormo,
mostly comprising Mediterranean and
Levantine immigrants to the city, centred in

Witch-cultists seek grimoires and Books of

Shadows – magic books hand-assembled
by warlocks and sorcerers, containing the
record of their rites and workings. They
also seek diaries, letters, or other books
that reveal cult membership in the past or

Yithian Agents: With the 1931 arrival

of Rhan-Tegoth in London, Yithian activity
in the city increases markedly. Incarnated
Yithians already use the British Library and
Museum for their researches;Yithian agents
in Oxford and Cambridge coordinate in
London’s more anonymous station hotels,
and in nondescript solicitors’ offices. With Brotherhood of the in Piccadilly, which displayed Pharaonic
the influx ofYithians this decade, the agents’ Black Pharaoh trophies looted by Napoleon from Egypt. (It
covert infrastructure is under some strain. This cult of Nyarlathotep traces its origin also put on displays of psychic and electrical
Yithian high technology may go missing, back to the reign of Nephren-Ka, last effects.) Among the Egyptian servants at the
sold by corrupt cut-outs or stolen by Pharaoh of theThird Dynasty in Egypt. Hall was a hard core of Brothers, who soon
curious gangsters. The Yithians and their When Sneferu overthrew Nephren-Ka established their cult centre in theWest India
agents urgently seek any Pnakotic materials, (later founding the Fourth Dynasty), his Docks. There, they could easily smuggle in
driving up the prices of such works (and servants and priests went into hiding and more Egyptian artifacts, and more Egyptian
Mythos tomes in general) until Rhan-Tegoth exile, becoming a secret society devoted to cultists. The Brotherhood now operates
leaves or theWar disrupts their operations. his return. through a number of fronts: antique stores
in Horsleydown and Islington, nightclubs
The Brotherhood in London dates back to and spice shops in Soho, warehouses in
1815 and the opening of the Egyptian Hall Limehouse, and even an Egyptological

The London Mythos

Egyptological manuscripts and books;

The Golden Dawn the library of such texts at the Penhew
The Thirties are three decades too late for London’s best-known magical Foundation is justly famous in scholarly (and
society. Founded by S.L. MacGregor Mathers in London in 1888, the bibliographic) circles. The Mythos tome
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn collapsed in mutual recriminations they most prize is De Vermis Mysteriis (along
in 1900, fragmenting into competing orders. The scholar A.E. Waite led the with any other work ascribable to Ludvig
“Isis-Urania Temple” into Christian mysticism; it closed in 1914. Irish poet Prinn), but the G’harne Fragments might
William Butler Yeats stayed with another splinter order, the Stella Matutina, also especially arouse their interest, as will
which continued magical workings in London until 1919. Mathers’ loyalists the Scrolls of Bubastis and any grimoire
became known as the Alpha et Omega; his London temple (on the original associated with Nyarlathotep in any guise.
premises of the Isis-Urania Temple) had a brief resurgence in the 1920s under
Mathers’ widow Moina. With the publication of the Order’s secret rituals by Responses: The Brotherhood believes in
Israel Regardie in 1937, the Golden Dawn becomes completely moribund. delivering warnings before unleashing the
Its legacy in the Thirties rests with two of its alumni. unearthly powers of the Black Pharaoh. A
Aleister Crowley (1875-1945) “warning” is a savage beating with a heavy
Although he left the Golden Dawn in 1900 after a failed attempt to seize club ended by fatally impaling the victim on
control of the London lodge, the drug fiend, poet, and magician Aleister the spike in the club’s end. Such warnings
Crowley put off a formal break with Mathers until 1907. That year, Crowley might be delivered to Investigators, but
founded the Argentum Astrum and published his Book of the Law, revealed most likely to their friends, family, or other
to him in Cairo by the spirit “Aiwass” in 1904. In 1910, Crowley joined a Sources of Stability.The Brotherhood directs
German society, the Ordo Templi Orientalis (O.T.O.), and eventually became fog-spawn, hunting horrors, dimensional
its Outer Head in 1925. In 1929, he published Magick in Theory and Practice. shamblers, or star-vampires to their most
By the Thirties, Crowley is essentially bankrupt, in and out of law courts and persistent foes.
tabloids. He divides his time between London (Knightsbridge, then Welbeck
Street, then Chelsea) and the Continent, visiting Germany numerous times.
In 1938, he begins work on his Book of Thoth tarot deck. Hsieh-Tzu Fan
Its name means “the banner of the Scorpion,”
Dion Fortune (1890-1946) and every servant of the cult has a scorpion
The psychic Violet Mary Firth joined the Alpha et Omega in 1919, taking tattooed somewhere on their person. The
the magical name Dion Fortune, transferring to the Stella Matutina shortly Scorpion is the unknown, unseen Master of
afterward, studying under a magus named Theodore Moriarty. After writing the cult, ruling it absolutely from the House
a number of successful novels and works of mysticism, she founded her own of Dreams, an opium den in Limehouse.
order in Bayswater, the Fraternity (later Society) of the Inner Light. By 1928, He recruits ruthless assassins from all
the Inner Light was completely separate from the Alpha et Omega. Although corners of the world as his agents and
a devout (if mystical) Christian, her work in the Thirties becomes steadily lieutenants, enslaving them with addiction
more pagan, exalting Pan and the mystery cults as embodiments of Atlantean to a golden elixir that massively accelerates
wisdom. In 1935, she publishes The Mystical Qabalah, her masterwork. and amplifies muscle, reflexes, and mental
acuity (see box).

institute, the Penhew Foundation in Shanghai, and Nairobi. The Scorpion is, in actuality, L’mur-
Bloomsbury. Its London membership is Kathulos, undying sorcerer of sunken
now only about a quarter Egyptians, with Hooks: The Brotherhood can attract Atlantis. A 1912 deep-sea ichthyological
the rest being Indians, Arabs, or Britons. investigation by stalking or attacking expedition headed by the late Professor
Most of its membership, and all its priests, Egyptologists, British officers or officials von Lorfmon somehow snared his coffin
are men. recently returned from duty in Egypt, off Senegal, awakening him from suspended
or immigrants from Egypt of any sort. animation; as “Kathulos the Egyptian,” the
Distribution: The Brotherhood’s main Any adventure or scenario with Egyptian Atlantean magus rapidly built an army of
branches are in Egypt, the Sudan, and elements -- Bast cultists, giant crocodile- terrorists, smugglers, slavers, and rebels in
London, although there may be Black monsters in theWalbrook, mummies, man- the African interior.The tumult of the Great
Pharaoh cultists anywhere “east of Suez.” eating scarabs, etc. -- probably has some War allowed him to recruit followers from
Beginning in the 1920s, the Brotherhood connexion to the Brotherhood’s fell doings. every corner of Europe’s empires and from
explores links with other Nyarlathotep cults the seething kingdoms of the East. After
across the world, especially in New York, The Brotherhood covets Egyptian or a brief power struggle against a similarly


law-enforcement or colonial administration

The Elixir of Kathulos wallahs) and scientists (especially researchers
This golden fluid acts as an ultimate alchemical stimulant, overriding the into weapons, oceanography, biology, or
effects of any drug on the user. (Black lotus, space-mead, liao, and similarly Oriental studies). The Hsieh-Tzu Fan also
magical substances may interact with the elixir in interesting ways rather than inserts itself into gang wars, attempting to
being damped out.) Its effects are continuous after ingestion: destroy or co-opt rivals in the underworld.
• Provides 3 additional pool points in Athletics, Scuffling, and Weapons. Kathulos may strike pre-emptively at such
• Increases Hit Threshold by 1. rivals, or even at rival cults such as the
• Increases Alertness Modifier (Trail of Cthulhu corebook, p. 126) by +1. Brotherhood (who dominate London’s
• Increases all hand-to-hand damage by +1 (for example, fists now do -1; Egyptian community), the cult of Mormo
swords do +2). (which also recruits heavily from London’s
• If an Investigator doses himself with it (unwisely!), it also adds 2 pool Levantine population), or the Keirecheires
points to Sense Trouble, Evidence Collection, and to any intellectual subject (whose abstruse drugs compete with
requiring long study or quick intuition. his heroin, hashish, and opium). Over-
• After 8 hours, the drinker must ingest another dose or begin losing 1 enthusiastic (and racist) Ahnenerbe assets
Health and 1 Stability every hour as withdrawal kicks in. might also attack Kathulos’ non-white
• Overdosing on the elixir multiplies its effect: for example, drinking 3 agents, trying to seize his Atlantean wisdom
doses provides 9 additional pool points in Scuffling, etc., and increases all for the Reich.
hand-to-hand damage by +3. The maximum effective overdose is 4 doses.
Only Kathulos knows the secret of the elixir’s manufacture. He mixes it The Hsieh-Tzu Fan will take a special
into the wine and food served to his assassins in the House of Dreams, only interest in books, journals, and reports
providing it in pure form to agents on extended missions for him. dealing with Africa, deep-sea research, and
Chinese secret societies. In addition to the
Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan and the R’lyeh
Text, they will stop at nothing to own works
of Atlantean lore such as the true Book of
expanding Chinese secret society, Kathulos Distribution: The Hsieh-Tzu Fan is Dzyan or the Scrolls of Bubastis.
joined it (disguised as a Manchu mandarin) centred wherever Kathulos happens to be:
and remade it in his own image as the Hsieh- Africa, London, Alexandria after the War, Responses: Kathulos prefers his murders
Tzu Fan. Peking in the early Twenties, Nairobi after either completely undetectable (disguised
that, London in 1928 and (mostly) since. as suicides, accidents, diseases, heart attacks,
Kathulos’ goal is global dominion and the Its tendrils extend wherever triads, tongs, etc.) or grotesquely outré (strange animal
eventual raising of Atlantis. To that end, dacoit societies, or other Asian criminal bites, horrific wounds from unknown
the Hsieh-Tzu Fan controls the drug trade organizations operate: the Hsieh-Tzu Fan weapons, spontaneous combustion in violet
worldwide, poisoning the decadent West controls a number of them outright and flame, etc.) His assassins are often masters
and its would-be masters of the Orient. He has brought the others into a worldwide of disguise, capable of impersonating
addicts, blackmails, and destroys powerful syndicate fueled by the heroin and arms policemen, locals, women … or even
officials in Europe and America, seeking smuggling trade. the victim himself! If given time, the cult
to rot out their governments from within will investigate a target until the perfect
before launching a global rebellion. In London, the Hsieh-Tzu Fan is strongest in opportunity arises to strike invisibly. Failing
the Chinese neighbourhoods of Limehouse, that, they will send a monstrous insect,
Unlike the Brotherhood of the Black Poplar, and Stepney; in the Indian and gigantic snake, or other horrific entity to do
Pharaoh, the Hsieh-Tzu Fan has many Bengali neighbourhoods of Finsbury, the deed as dramatically as possible, striking
female agents and high-ranking cultists. Bethnal Green, and Battersea; in the fear into any would-be opponents.
Kathulos may despise whites (knowing Jamaican neighbourhoods of Brixton; and in
them to be a lower form of humanity, who the cosmopolitan, polyglot “square mile of Keirecheires
interbred with monstrous apes) but he vice” in Soho.Throughout the East End and From the Classical Greek meaning
isn’t sexist. That said, he does not scruple the docks, it controls most criminal activity “devouring hands,” the Keirecheires began
to operate brothels, use seductive “honey directly or indirectly. in 1894 as a group of Classics dons and
traps” on high-ranking targets, or engage in students at Brichester University devoted
sexual blackmail and bribery when drugs Hooks: The skull-faced Kathulos shows to aesthetic and sexual experimentation.
are insufficient to the task. his clawed hand by killing, kidnapping, or School authorities broke up the Brichester
suborning European officials (especially group after a grotesque rape-cannibalism

The London Mythos

the arts. Each branch has perhaps 20 or 30

debauchees (usually called Sons), in addition
to the actual cultists in charge.

Hooks: The cult seeks out those suffering

from unfulfilled desires, usually artistic,
professional, or sexual; it is especially active
in the drug and sexual underground. If a
Source of Stability or a repressed scholar
succumbs to the cult’s blandishments, he
begins a slow, inevitable spiral through drug
use, abusive and impersonal sex, apathy
and despair, into fetid communion with
Y’golonac. Investigators might also notice
uncanny or disturbing content in films, art
“happenings,” public lectures, or radical Left
propaganda in Soho or Bloomsbury.

The Keirecheires cross the path of

Bookhounds in the pornography trade;
they are reliable clients for works of outré,
even impossible erotica, the more debased
the better. Sons are more likely to seek such
works than the Fingers themselves; they also
prick up their ears at drug-influenced poetry
and prose from de Quincey to Verlaine to
Justin Geoffrey. In the Mythos and occult
context, they seek copies of the Revelations
of Glaaki, The King in Yellow, and records of
inquisitorial tortures and Black Masses.

Responses: The Keirecheires are not well

equipped to slug it out on the physical or
occult battlefield: although the Five are all
capable of manifesting as avatars ofY’golonac
by now, they know that such acts have
unpredictable consequences. (Exorbitant
laundry and tailor bills are the least of
it.) Instead, faced with opponents who
scandal in 1909, but not before its first and cinema, in Bloomsbury and Soho, cannot be easily tempted with perversion
generation of students had moved on to the “Five Fingers” have an endless supply or poison, they use their connections in
teaching positions at Cambridge and the of rich, ennui-ridden aesthetes and self- academia, film, and the fashionable Left to
University of London. Well before that proclaimed rebels against conventional black-ball, defame, and thwart their foes in
time, the Keirecheires had become devoted morality to corrupt with arcane drugs, any way possible. Invitations stop coming,
cultists of Y’golonac. sexual perversion, and (eventually) the acquaintances stop doing favours, and ugly
carnal surrender and utter fulfillment of rumours spread uncontrollably. If their
The University of London branch of the debasement that isY’golonac. opponent has any secret sin from alcoholism
cult operates out of the University College to lurid sexual fantasies, the cult can discover
campus in Bloomsbury, run by three Distribution: The Keirecheires are the it (magically, if no other way) and use it to
Brichester alumni in various positions on largest Y’golonac cult in human history … break and twist him until he begs for the kiss
the faculty. Two other cult leaders work in so far. They have nearly 40 active cultists ofY’golonac’s devouring hand.
London’s film industry, headquartered in in Brichester, London, Cambridge, New
Wardour Street in Soho. Between college York, and Paris, all involved in academia or



• Rhan-Tegoth, Lord of the Ivory Throne, reigned over a prehuman city in Alaska, dwelling on an ivory throne
three million years ago, when the Arctic was temperate. It fell into hibernation when the climate changed.
• The occultist and showman George Rogers discovered Rhan-Tegoth in Alaska and shipped It to London in 1931,
storing It in a water tank in the back room of Rogers’ Museum of wax attractions. After Rogers’ disappearance in
September of 1932, It went on display briefly until a police order suspended the exhibit as unsuitable for public
viewing. Its current whereabouts in London are unknown.
• The Pnakotic Manuscripts discuss Rhan-Tegoth and the other polar gods; the eighth Pnakotic fragment gives
the ritual needed to awaken It from hibernation.
• Rhan-Tegoth came to Earth from Yuggoth along with Ghatanothoa. It ruled the Pirrak, a race of bladder-like
beings in the warm seas under Yuggoth’s ice, until the mi-go defeated them and dumped their toxic god on Earth.
• Rhan-Tegoth is the blister around the wound in reality caused by the Great Old Ones’ approach to Euclidean
space-time. If Rhan-Tegoth dies, that rift closes and the Great Old Ones can never return.
• Rhan-Tegoth is the scab over the wound in reality caused by the Great Old Ones’ approach to Euclidean space-
time. If Rhan-Tegoth dies, the scab rips off and opens the way for the Great Old Ones’ return.
• Rhan-Tegoth is, like Chaugnar Faugn and Ghatanothoa, an entity composed of temporal differential. In
Its presence, molecular motion stops and starts chaotically, creating anything from motion in dead tissue, to
spontaneous sentience in light particles, to an ice age.
• Rhan-Tegoth’s distortion of time randomly melds consciousnesses across eras, opens temporal doorways, and
attracts the attention of the Great Race of Yith. Yithian agents cluster where Rhan-Tegoth manifests: primordial
Lomar, modern London, etc.
• Rhan-Tegoth is worshiped by the gnoph-keh, and by certain remote tribes of Esquimaux shunned by their
fellows for interbreeding with the horrors of the snows.
• Rhan-Tegoth is a Water-elemental created by Tsathoggua in an attempt to unite all matter-energy under
himself; It is akin to Rlim Shaikorth (the White Worm, created of Air) and Aphoom Zhah (the Icy Gray Flame, a
Fire entity) in this wise.
• Rhan-Tegoth, Rlim Shaikorth, and Aphoom Zhah are mortal enemies who competed for worshipers and slaves
in the primordial kingdoms of the North: Lomar, Hyperborea, Zobna, and Mhu Thulan.
• During the ceremony known as the Judgment of Rhan-Tegoth, the god’s worshipers approach It with a
sacrifice. It implants Its own divine matter into the bodies of those who have served It well. It drains the life and
flesh of those who have not, leaving only their empty, paper-like skin behind.
• Beholding Rhan-Tegoth costs an additional +3 (1) Stability pool points, and +2 (1) Sanity pool points, per p.
86 of Trail of Cthulhu. If the beholder believes Rhan-Tegoth to be only a waxwork, such losses are halved.


London’s Monsters


The monsters, aliens, and creatures creatures also have likely spells listed, individual spider-things as spies, or
in this section all have some possible although as always the Keeper should break down into a swarm to flow out
connexion to London or to books, change things to suit her campaign, a lock, up a water pipe, or under a
marking them as fodder for Bookhounds foil over-researched players, or for any door, reforming (naked) on the other
campaigns. The hound-lich is from reason whimsical or thematic. side.
one of Lovecraft’s London stories (The
Hound) and the Cold Ones might well Brood-simulacra of Eihort refresh 1
serve Rhan-Tegoth (p. 66), the only Brood of Eihort Health every 20 minutes, as the tiny
Great Old One located in Thirties Technically, the brood of Eihort are spider-things breed and multiply. If
London ¬… that we know of. The the millions upon billions of tiny, reduced to 0 Health in a single combat
Dweller in the Depths and the brood white, translucent spider-things, round (or -5, if the Keeper feels like
of Eihort are both monsters of the each no bigger than a fingernail, that being cruel or if the Investigators
“Ramsey Campbell mythos”: based in the Great Old One Eihort sheds like are exceptionally deadly in combat),
Brichester, but far too good to leave in skin flakes. Eihort dwells somewhere they cannot reconstitute into a
the provinces. (The Thames is a better beneath the Severn Valley, but homunculus. However, if a single
river than the Severn for the Dweller, some of his brood have assembled spider-thing survives, it can transfer
anyway.) In The Red Hand Arthur themselves into simulacra of pale, the homunculus’ “memories” into
Machen hinted at troglodytic Stone-Age hairless humans and ventured forth as another brood-simulacrum, should it
survivals beneath or amidst modern far as London to do his bidding. encounter one.
London: hence the tylwyth corachaidd.
The association of the fog-spawn and These homunculi engage in Kiss of Eihort: The homunculus
fire vampires with London should be unknowable activities: sometimes places its mouth over some opening
obvious, given the city’s history; the establishing cults of Eihort or other into the victim’s body: an open
dust-thing connects likewise to books. Great Old Ones, sometimes merely mouth, an unhealed wound, nostrils,
teaching strange songs and games anus, genitals, etc. Spider-things
Creature write-ups follow the format to local children, sometimes merely swarm from the brood-simulacrum
of the core Trail of Cthulhu rulebook, wandering the streets of London in a into the target. Each month, as the
with the addition of a Magic entry. strange geometric pattern for days on brood of Eihort multiply inside the
end. They need only sugar and water, victim, he loses 1 Stability to horrific
Magic: The number is the creature’s and not much of that, for food, but dreams and waking visions of Eihort.
Magic ability rating (or range of likely left alone with anything edible (such (On the bright side, he also gains 1
Magic ability ratings), the rules for as, say, a corpse) will eventually Cthulhu Mythos rating point.) When
which appear in Rough Magicks. Some consume it entirely. They can detach his Stability reaches 0 (or -5, if the

London’s Monsters

Keeper feels like being merciful), the

brood split open his body and pour
out, scurrying into cracks in the
street or wainscoting. Barring some
spell or ritual (perhaps discoverable
from some elusive tome), there is no

Some occult rumors speak of the

“Caress of Eihort,” which requires
only that the brood-simulacrum’s
“skin” (usually an open palm) touch a
victim’s opening.

In combat, either the Kiss or Caress

of Eihort requires an additional spend
of 3 Scuffling pool points; this spend
does not affect the die roll.

Game Statistics
Abilities: Athletics 8, Health 8,
Scuffling 8, Weapons 8

Magic: 8; Eihort’s brood know

any spells related to Eihort in the
campaign, plus any especially outré
or strange spells the Keeper wants to
plant or show off.

Hit Threshold: 4

Weapon: -1 (club or knife), -2 (fist);

see above.

Armor: All physical attacks,

including fire and acid, do minimum

Stability Loss: +0 in human guise;

+1 once the spiders begin to pour it wasn’t a spider. by very localised necrotization: as
off. if only those thin strips of flesh had
Evidence Collection: Eeew! died. What, exactly, happened to
Investigation Where that chap punched me, my the major organs – and how he was
Assess Honesty: That pale cove coat has this slimy gunk on it – which walking around with a quarter of his
don’t seem kosher; it’s not that he under the lights (or magnifying glass, lungs, brain, heart, and liver missing
has a tell, but more like he doesn’t or microscope) is made of a bunch of – I can’t tell you, except to speculate
have any tells. It’s like talking to a dead, jellied spiders. They’re drying that they also necrotised, as the edges
waxwork dummy. (Psychoanalysis) up and falling off as I look at them. of the holes are dead. But I don’t
know where the missing flesh would
Biology: I know I only got a second’s Forensics: The body was strangely have gone.
glimpse of it, but I’m telling you, folded where it lay, like an empty
that thing on the windowsill wasn’t a garment bag set down hastily. The two
spider. I don’t know what it was, but splits in the skin were both caused

London’s Monsters

Cold One nothing in the room out of the normal, suction stronger than a stiff breeze, and
Described in the Book of Eibon (which except a thin trace of melted slush on 2 points to move against it.
calls them the ylidheem), these phantoms the windowsill. Also, the food in the
serve the deities of the Pole: Rlim icebox is frozen solid; maybe from Destroying the dust-thing’s “native
Shaikorth, Aphoom Zhah, Rhan-Tegoth, the same power surge that shut off the book” destroys the dust-thing.
and Ithaqua. Eibon speculates that they electric fire?
are the spirits of pre-human servants Inhale: Unless victim explicitly states
of those gods, granted a terrible Forensics: The man froze to death. he is holding his breath (or takes other
immortality as wailing, spectral shrouds It’s that simple. If we had found him precautions such as a handkerchief over
of living cold and snow. Other cold ones outside instead of indoors, I’d call it his mouth), a dust-thing can blow motes
may be Hyperborean or Lomarian magi death by exposure, and no questions of itself into the lungs of anyone within
or cult priests, or even more recent asked. Except perhaps why he had his point-blank range with a successful
humans transformed by their devotion hands over his ears, and how a man dies Scuffling test. A dust-thing can do the
or by the whim of the Great Old One. of exposure while wearing a whaler’s same thing covertly or outside combat
pea jacket. with a successful test of Scuffling against
They cannot pass through walls, but the victim’s Sense Trouble – if she fails
can blow through the tiniest crack Sense Trouble: The compass needle is her test, she may know only that she
in a door or window. Their approach swinging wildly – and that wind sounds sneezed or coughed while walking
freezes water, frosts windows, and almost like human screaming. down the dusty road or looking at a
drops the temperature, although since moldy old folio.
they manifest almost exclusively during
blizzards or gales from the North, this Dust-Thing Once a victim has inhaled any of the
isn’t usually obvious. Occult legend says that when Abdul dust-thing, it can appear to her in the
Alhazred first recited the dark suras guise of any figure related to the book
Frost Attack: Enfolding the victim that would become the Necronomicon, (or books) that created it: author,
with a Scuffling test, a cold one does -2 his words fell on the sand dunes around illustration, subject, or idealised
damage to all of Health, Athletics, and him, and on the parchments and papyri reader’s image of Knowledge, Passion,
Fleeing. he studied, and gave them malevolent Terror, etc. It can also send dreams (or
life. Other tales speak of certain Stability-draining nightmares), alter (or
Game Statistics “witches’ books” that seem somehow erase, or create) memories of anything
Abilities: Athletics 11, Health 9, tied to seductive, cruel teachers of the victim reads, and even drive the
Scuffling 10 ancient lore, or of poets who somehow victim to write things while unaware.
“wrote themselves into” their works.
Magic: 8; cold ones may have spells Game Statistics
related to any polar deity (Rhan-Tegoth, These are tales of the dust-things, Abilities: Athletics 6, Health 5,
Ithaqua, Tsathoggua, etc.) creatures made of the dust from Scuffling 10
grimoires and Mythos tomes, from
Hit Threshold: 4 fragments of parchment and paper torn Magic: 5-8; a dust-thing automatically
from corners or shaved from cut pages. knows any spells from a book that
Stealth Modifier: +3 (in snow) The books that compose or charge supplied dust or fragments to its
them drive their malevolent sentience – makeup.
Weapon: -2 (frost attack; see above) books of magic create Mephistophelean
figures, epic poems of doomed romance Hit Threshold: 3
Armor: immune to all physical create demon lovers. A dust-thing may
weapons; fire does +1 additional resemble a scattering of dust and papers Stealth Modifier: +2
damage, but any flame smaller than (such as can be seen in any antiquarian
a bonfire then extinguishes itself on bookshop), a small tornado of brownish Weapon: -2 (stinging blow); special
contact. fragments and grit, or even a wrinkled (inhale, see above)
human figure wearing drab, dun-
Stability Loss: +1 coloured clothing. Armor: immune to physical weapons;
fire does +1 damage
Investigation A dust-thing must spend 1 Athletics
Evidence Collection: There’s pool point to stand against any wind or Stability Loss: +0

London’s Monsters

Investigation Blake collection. Deep One genetic experimentation, or

Document Analysis: The book in some fully alien race long ago enslaved
his pocket was just a standard Penguin by Cthulhu or his servants. They live in
paperback, but the little brown Dweller in the Depths murky water: swamps, rivers, sewers,
fragments on it are from a 16th-century This horrid, gelatinous disc-shaped deep tarns, and so forth, apparently
manuscript. A scroll or codex, I’d thing has six long flippers that can serving as guardian entities. They range
wager. seemingly reorient it to any posture: between bear and hippo in size, and
swimming straight up, crawling can emerge onto the surface with no
Forensics: The body was found walled along the river bottom, or something seeming ill effect.
up inside his own basement, starved between. Atop its elliptical body is a
to death. The fingers were bloody and spongy, ovoid, eyeless head topped with A Dweller can attack two targets in the
shredded, consistent with clawing at a sort of scum or webbing; two long same round with no penalty.
the wall to escape – but the trowel tentacles carry food to the wide, cilia-
and mortar were inside the hole with filled mouth. Its flesh is translucent, Grab and Chew: After a successful
the victim! Nothing else there except shadowy organs of unknown purpose tentacle attack, the Dweller can
a bottle of sherry – aye, Amontillado. pumping dark, viscous fluid throughout attempt to chew the target in the
it at seeming random. next round, in which the victim’s Hit
Textual Analysis: If I didn’t know this Threshold is reduced by 2. A failed
was Lord Emsfield’s diary, I’d swear this Dwellers may be the equivalent of chew will allow the victim to attempt
poem was written by William Blake. shoggoths built by the Xothian race to break free (Scuffling or Athletics
But I’ve never read this poem in any eons ago, more recent developments of against the Dweller’s Athletics) on her

London’s Monsters

action; if the attempt is unsuccessful, under this bridge by throwing a blessed Game Statistics
the Dweller can chew again next round. nail into its eye, after all the knights’ Abilities: Athletics 11, Health 2+,
swords had bounced off its flesh. Scuffling 14
Vulnerable Brain: The Dweller’s (Library Use)
brain case is its only weak spot. If an Magic: 6+; fire vampires all know
attacker hits the brain case and does The Knowledge: The cellar where Call Cthugha, but may only cast it on
damage, the Dweller dies instantly they found her body is right above the certain significant dates; a fire vampire
– perhaps a “fail safe” built into it by sunken Walbrook river. Maybe she was may learn any spell by burning someone
its creator to avoid a shoggoth-like fleeing up from something below, not who knows it, or a book that contains
uprising? To hit the brain case, an down from the streets? it.
attacker must spend 3 additional points
of Weapons or Firearms on an attack. Hit Threshold: 4
This spend does not affect the die Fire Vampire
total. A dead Dweller dissolves almost These servitors of Cthugha dwell in that Alertness Modifier: +1
instantly. Great Old One’s orbital court around
Fomalhaut. They are intelligent plasma Weapon: +1 (burning touch)
Game Statistics matrices; in an oxgen atmosphere, they
Abilities (on land/in water): Athletics burst into flame. When summoned Armor: immune to physical weapons,
12/18, Health 12, Scuffling 12/18 to Earth, they appear as floating fire, and electricity; can be extinguished
pinpoint spots of flame, as levitating (see above).
Magic: 8+; a local Dweller in the toroidal coils of fire, or as a swarm of
Depths will not only know spells to exceedingly bright fireflies. Stability Loss: +0
Contact Cthulhu, Dagon, Xothians,
and Deep Ones, but also spells related Once summoned to a place, they retain Investigation
to any other cult or creature on its river. a dipole connection to it: in a sense, Evidence Collection: Needless
they are still always burning there. to say, there was nothing in the room
Hit Threshold: 4 Possibly because of this, summoning that could have produced such a flame.
fire vampires into some districts of There was, however, a strange burnt
Alertness Modifier: +0/+2 London (or Chicago, or Moscow, or a streak on the lintel of his bedroom
few other fire-wracked cities) is easier window, as if someone entered the
Stealth Modifier: +0/+1 than elsewhere. Indeed, it may be as room through that window carrying a
easy as starting a fire on a certain spot, flaming oxyacetylene torch. Someone
Weapon: +2 (tentacle or flipper), +5 using a certain fuel, at a given time. who left no footprints.
Extinguish: A fire vampire cannot Forensics: The flesh of the victim’s
Armor: except for the brain-case attack someone underwater, and it face, chest, and inner arms was
(see above), immune to all physical can be extinguished much as a normal charred to charcoal, almost as if he had
weapons; fire, electricity, and magic fire can. Tossing a bucket of sand or a embraced a gas jet and lit it. The fire
affect it normally. thick rug on it does -2 damage; a fire was intensely hot – it melted not just
extinguisher does +0. Water damages the frame of his spectacles but the glass
Stability Loss: +1 it depending on the amount: -2 for in them as well – but unusually, it didn’t
a gallon bucket thrown on it, -1 for a reduce his whole body to ash, as a flame
Investigation garden hose sprayed at it, +1 for a fire that hot should have. Indeed, his back,
Forensics: The body was drenched in hose aimed at it steadily. legs, and even hands are virtually intact,
polluted water, but the lungs are clear as is the back of his head. Perhaps some
of fluid: she didn’t drown. Rather, her Draining: A fire vampire gains Health attacker used an oxyacetylene torch,
lower legs and torso were crushed and Magic by burning victims. For but I doubt he could have gotten as even
to almost liquefaction by something every 2 Health points of damage it does a char pattern with such a weapon.
wrapped around them: ropes, cables, to the victim, the fire vampire gains 1
or the like. Health or 1 Magic rating point (if the Sense Trouble: The skies light up for a
victim has the Magic ability). second with bright sheet lightning of an
Occult: That monastic chronicle said odd crimson hue.
that St. Kilda killed the “troll-worm”

London’s Monsters

The Things From the Corebook

While the Keeper can introduce any monster she likes into her version of London, the following creatures detailed in
the core Trail of Cthulhu rulebook seem eminently appropriate for a campaign in the Smoke.
Byakhee and Hunting Horrors:These aerial attackers might lurk in attic or tower fanes to Hastur or Nyarlathotep,
or drop down out of space to spark thrilling midnight chases across London’s roofscape.
Dark Young: Might appear anywhere London’s Druid past awakens, or where there are enough old trees or neglect to
furnish camouflage: Primrose Hill? Deptford Park? Hampstead Heath?
Deep Ones: Might accompany local cultists of Cthulhu (see p. 61) or clamber out of the North Sea onto the
Gravesend Reach or Woolwich, or swim up the Thames (or its subterranean tributaries) to almost any neighbourhood.
Dimensional Shamblers and Star Vampires: Both likely servitors of grimoire-seeking madmen, or the ace in the
hole of some unsavoury criminal gang.
Formless Spawn of Tsathoggua: Bubbling up from subterranean N’kai, they might lurk anywhere in London’s
lightless underground, squeezing through crumbling mediaeval stonework or slithering along forgotten Victorian tunnels.
Ghouls: Somehow combining antiquarian interest with underground lore, ghouls might be the ideal totem monster for
Bookhounds of London.They’re hardly restricted to London’s official cemeteries, but that’s an excellent place to start. Another
is Liverpool Street Station: not just a major hub of the Underground, but also the site of a 17th-century plague pit.
Lloigor: Although the lloigor more famously haunt Wales and Scotland, one can’t rule out such things nearer to
London: the Fen country, Wiltshire, or even Henham in Essex (home of a river-dragon in mediaeval legend). Even if no
lloigor lies coiled beneath the Pool at Rotherhithe, cultists or lloigor-tainted families might come to London on business
bibliographic, medical, or otherwise.
Mummy: The British Museum holds 78 Egyptian mummies and 13 South American mummies. Private collectors – of
the sort who might seek other illicit antiquities – may have many more, from all corners of the world.
Rat-Thing: They flourish in the squalid rookeries of the East End, and lurk wherever there are houses older than 250
years or so – which is a lot of places, in London. Wizards and witches have lived in London since before the Romans came;
their familiars may dwell there still. Their sorceries may command hordes of rats deep below London’s streets.
Serpent-Folk: London was once an outpost of the Valusian empire of the serpent-folk; individual serpent-magi may
still dwell there, devouring human flesh to take human form, leading cults, lurking in forgotten Roman crypts beneath the
city, or pursuing centuries-long researches.
Shan: Some shan-possessed may come to London to do business or investigate leads to Azathothic lore, although they’re
more likely to order any needed goods or books to be delivered to Brichester. This connection, along with the Y’golonac
cult (see p. 64), estimably sets up adventures in Ramsey Campbell’s “Severn Valley Mythos” setting, should the Keeper
be interested in such.
Tcho-Tcho: The British Empire rules Malaya, Burma, and the Andaman Islands, to name only three places infested by
the Tcho-Tcho. They may well have drained or scuttled to the Empire’s heart, there to better inject their poison.
Vampire: Dracula’s stay in London in 1887 produced at least one vampire, on Hampstead Heath. Does he seem like a
one-woman voivode to you?
Werewolves: A natural for the Isle of Dogs, or for the streets of Soho in the rain, among other places.

Fog-Spawn other spacefaring worshipers of banishing it from ours. If attacked

These creatures dwell between certain Great Old Ones have brought or confronted with a narrow, or
dimensions. Native to their own those eggs to Earth to remain inert directional, light (such as a powerful
plane, they travel to ours to breed, for millennia. Human sorcerers have electric torch), it may flee with a
laying their eggs on tide-locked learned rituals to quicken the eggs, successful contest of its Athletics
planets orbiting dark stars in hatching out a larval fog-spawn vs. the light-wielder’s Weapons. A
nebulaic clouds. As those worlds’ to serve as hunters or perhaps to candle, lighter, or other small, dim
atmospheres sublime, the hatchlings provide dimensional passage. light is insufficient to affect it.
flow back into their home plane,
gaining strength by tapping the Bright light immediately collapses Choking Tendril: The fog-spawn
dimensional differential. Mi-go and the creature into its own dimension, attacks by extending its tendrils

London’s Monsters

toward those at close or point-blank target number for each additional Armor: immune to all but magical
range, attempting to bring them tendril that has begun choking him. attacks; see above.
into alignment with its own bio-
geometry. If a target inhales any Game Statistics Stability Loss: +1
of the fog-thing’s quasi-matter, he Abilities: Athletics 10, Health 15,
begins choking to death (+1 damage Scuffling 16 Investigation
each round automatically after being Cop Talk: The bobby says he heard
hit). A victim with advance warning Magic: 2 for every year a fog-spawn the gentleman choking and aimed his
(a successful Sense Trouble, or seeing has existed on this plane; they know electric torch at the sound. When he
his companions begin choking to whatever spells their quickener knows got there, the man claimed to be all
death) may hold his breath, as per the and Contact Tawil at-’Umr (Rough right, clamped a kerchief over his face,
Suffocation rules on p. 68 of the Trail Magicks, p. 19). and ran off into the mist.
of Cthulhu corebook.
Hit Threshold: 4 (5 in fog) Forensics: The body was found in an
The fog-spawn can simultaneously alley after the fog lifted. His trachea
attack as many as six targets in a Alertness Modifier: +2 (in fog) is constricted and horribly bruised
round, or attack a single target with internally, swollen almost completely
up to six tendrils. A choking victim Stealth Modifier: +2 shut. There is evidence of similar
can attempt to flee to near range (or trauma to the inside of the nostrils, the
farther) with a contest of Athletics Weapon: +1 (fog tendril); see above. soft palate, and even the lungs.There is no
(or Fleeing); add 1 to the victim’s sign of any burning or caustic residue –

London’s Monsters

of any known poison gas – in the airway, Magic: 5-10+; a hound-lich will
although there are numerous burst know Contact Ghoul and potentially Tylwyth Corachaidd
capillaries in the lung tissue. any spell in the Necronomicon, in The “stunted folk” are also known as
addition to any spells learned during the Little People, the Children of the
Sense Trouble: Through the fog wafts a its human life. Night, and (in the words of von Junzt’s
horrid stench, as of burning hair. Unaussprechlichen Kulten) “die Würmer
Hit Threshold: 4 von der Erde,” or Worms of the Earth.
They are the first humanoid inhabitants
Hound-Lich Alertness Modifier: +2 of the British Isles, possibly the result of
Certain jade artifacts and amulets (“soul- interbreeding between Neanderthals and
symbols”) from inaccessible Leng in Stealth Modifier: +1 (+2 in cloud degenerate serpent-folk.They have black
Central Asia depict monstrous, demonic form) hair and slanting black eyes, olive or
entities. Foremost among them is the sallow skin, sharp teeth, and pointed ears.
image of a winged hound, crouching Weapon: +1 (claw), +0 (bite) Even originally, they were likely shorter
sphinxlike in predatory anticipation. The and stockier than human normal; after
image is, in a very real way, the same as Armor: -2 vs. any (bone or leathery the invading Picts and Celts forced them
the creature it depicts: where it goes, the dog-hide); immune to material underground, they became increasingly
creature can appear, to the detriment of weapons in cloud form. dwarfish and deformed, standing only
would-be collectors or tomb robbers. three-and-a-half or four feet high.
Most commonly, the demon merely Stability Loss: +0 in skeletal form;
slaughters those who would possess its +1 in monstrous or cloud form. They retreated to the mountains and
amulet. Occasionally, however – when the swamps in Neolithic times; their
the would-be robber is already deeply Investigation technology remains that of bone, wood,
imbued with occult and arcane lore – Archaeology: This amulet seems to sinew, and stone. Any modern surviving
the demon possesses the thief’s corpse combine Persian and Thibetan motifs tylwyth corachaidd are likely completely
afterward. – could it be from one of the Central nocturnal, living in caverns, tunnels,
Asian states or nomad tribes? Some and the like. They may dwell in warrens
This possessed corpse, the hound-lich, tribes of Turks did have a hound or underneath Cornish moors, in desolate
appears normal (if remarkably well wolf as their ancestral deity, after all. Welsh valleys and mines, or deep in
preserved) in all respects. It sleeps in its I don’t recognise the glyphs on the the sewers and sub-tunnels of modern
tomb until disturbed or called forth, at base, though they slightly resemble London, Dublin, or Brichester.
which time it may kill indiscriminately the undeciphered script of Mohenjo-
or embark on a months-long program of Daro. They worship Tsathoggua and fear Yig;
psychological torture … perhaps testing their cult object is an inscribed black
its victims to see if they deserve, in turn, Evidence Collection: The stone called the Sixtystone or “Ixaxar.”
to be subsumed into the demon. footprints look like two or three They communicate by red-ocher or
things walking on top of each other: chalk runes from the Ixaxar written on
A hound-lich can engage in two claw a large dog, and what I can only guess remote dolmens in the moors or alley
attacks and a bite against the same target is either a skeletonised sloth or some walls in London. Their harsh, hissing
in one round. sort of strange carrion bird. The bird language resembles no known tongue.
theory would explain why they stop in Some of their rituals require them to
Transform: The demon grants the mid-stride, too. (Outdoorsman) visit the surface, where they also steal
hound-lich the ability to transform itself anything they can – including infants
into a web-winged dark cloud, into the Forensics: The bodysnatchers were and young girls to replenish their dying
“semi-canine sphinx” form of the demon torn to ribbons, as if by a wild animal, stock.
itself, or into any combination of hound, but after crushing the long bones in
corpse, bat, and ghoul. Transformation its jaws, why would an animal rip and Iron Taboo: The tylwyth corachaidd
costs the hound-lich 2 Health or 2 Magic tear the dead flesh without eating it? have a kind of psychic allergy to iron.
pool points. Whether this is merely internalised
Sense Trouble: Even for Hampstead taboo, actual chemical weakness, or
Game Statistics Heath, those bats seem large. And psychosomatic compulsion is unknown;
Abilities: Athletics 9, Health 9, Scuffling why aren’t any other dogs barking in a stunted one must succeed at a Difficulty
11 response to that unearthly howl? 4 Health test to pick up an iron tool,

London’s Monsters

-1 (in bright light)

Stealth Modifier: +2

Weapon: -1 (flint knife or axe), -1

(arrow), -2 (bite), venom (see above).

Armor: -1 (reptilian hide)

Stability Loss: +0

Anthropology: It’s well known that
the so-called “fairies” or “little people”
of Celtic legend are actually memories
of a Mongoloid pygmy race that
antedated even the Picts as inhabitants
of the British Isles. Out-competed
by the taller invaders, they perforce
retreated into the hills, and then
underground, kidnapping children to
restore their flagging racial stock.

Evidence Collection: Strangely,

only the victim’s coins were taken;
he had £50 in notes on him as well.
There’s a clear footprint, but it
probably has nothing to do with the
case: it’s a child’s foot. Although from
the position of the toes, it looks like
the lad hasn’t worn shoes a day in his

If I didn’t know better, I’d swear

this was a Neolithic bone fish-hook
– I’ve seen them in the B.M. (And
Archaeology or Anthropology)

Forensics: The victim’s Achilles

touch an iron post, open an iron gate, Game Statistics tendons were slashed by a sharp,
etc. Abilities: Athletics 6, Health 6, Missiles but strangely thick blade. Based on
6, Scuffling 7, Weapons 5 their position and the blood spatter,
Venom: The bite of the “worms of the we think he suffered the five hatchet
earth” is venomous; in 15 minutes to an Magic: 5+ for an ollave of the tylwyth wounds after falling prone. At least
hour after being bitten, the victim must corachaidd; common spells include two, possibly three, killers.
make a Difficulty 4 Health test. If she those related to Shub-Niggurath, Curse
fails, she immediately loses a number of the Stone, and Runic Target (from Sense Trouble: This cellar smells like
of Health points equal to half the biter’s Rough Magicks). the reptile house at the zoo.
Athletics rating as she goes into cyanotic
shock. She loses 1 Health per hour Hit Threshold: 3 (4 in shadows or at Weapons: Not only is this hatchet too
afterward until treated. If she succeeds, night; 5 in pitch darkness) small to use as a weapon, the balance
she loses only 1 Health point, but suffers on it is all wrong. Not just for an adult
the equivalent of hurt status until treated. Alertness Modifier: +2 (in darkness), arm, for a human arm.


An Optional Magick: The Megapolisomancy have pre-prepped locations all over the
city for dramatic purposes.)
Megapolisomancy Ability
To use the Megapolisomancy ability, a In game-mechanical terms, a
“AVENUES OF LIMITLESS NIGHT SEEMED character must, as a prerequisite, have megapolisomantic working has five
acquired Megapolisomancy potential elements:
TO RADIATE IN EVERY DIRECTION, TILL points (see p. 38). The Keeper can
ONE MIGHT FANCY THAT HERE LAY restrict such potential to specific • Calculate the working’s effect.
THE ROOT OF A CONTAGION DESTINED lorebooks (like those in the sidebar on
TO SICKEN AND SWALLOW CITIES, p. 99) or allow characters to gain • Discover or otherwise determine
Megapolisomancy potential by other (and possibly prepare) levers for
AND ENGULF NATIONS IN THE FOETOR means as well: wandering the streets at the working.
OF HYBRID PESTILENCE.” night for years, initiatory experiences,
communion with the genius loci, etc. • Determine (and possibly prepare)
– THE HORROR AT RED HOOK A very generous Keeper (or one who the working’s focus point, usually
wants a lot of megapolisomancy) where the levers cross.
Adding non-Mythos (or not obviously might even allot 1 Megapolisomancy
Mythos) magic to a Bookhounds potential point to a character for every • Make a Stability test.
campaign provides extra colour, tactical 4 rating points in The Knowledge (or its
options, and occult mystifaction.To that equivalent in other cities) he has. • Pay the cost of the working in
end, “Improvisational Magic” appears in Stability (or Magic) points.
the Trail of Cthulhu corebook (p. 212- With the Megapolisomancy ability, you
213) and expanded in Rough Magicks; can: Calculate the effect of a working in
this section outlines megapolisomancy, points, using these examples as a guide:
the magic of big cities.The presumption • Recognise places of power,
(in Fritz Leiber’s novel Our Lady of vortices, dread zones, etheric • Electrocute a victim with a
Darkness, which introduced the term, windows, ley lines, sacred suddenly-fallen high-tension
and in the adventure “Whitechapel architecture, etc. in cities power line; crush a victim with the
Black-Letter” in this sourcebook) is that imagined pressure of a looming
megapolisomancy is a formal if little- • Design and perform high-rise; impale a victim on a
studied occult art. But in her campaign, megapolisomantic workings steeple’s shadow; hit a victim with
the Keeper is free to make it an intuitive a random vehicle or fallen roof
gift of individual madmen, an emergent That first bit is mostly just another tile: 1 point per point of Health
property of “urban shamanism,” or creepy and evocative way for the damaged
a human debasement of the sacred Keeper to feed clues to an Investigator.
architecture of the Nameless City. The second bit is the magic. • Drive a victim mad with the
echoing howls of sirens or the
A megapolisomantic working uses chittering of telegraph wires or
the city as a sorcerous engine to Megapolisomantic the claustrophobia of crowding: 1
accomplish magical effects. Whether point per point of Stability eroded
the city generates magical energies, Workings by the stress
or merely focuses pre-existing forces Precisely how one performs a
(astrological, geomantic, divine, megapolisomantic working is up to • Vanish into a crowd, or into a
Mythos, etc.) is a metaphysical matter the Keeper: it might involve lengthy blind alley: 1 point per +1 to the
left up to the Keeper. Are all cities research, planting key pieces of rock tracker’s Difficulty number
megapolisomantically significant? or earth in strategic spots in the city,
Which cities are more powerful: Those hiring tramps to chalk designs on • Look for a target with the eyes of
with more people? Those designed by certain alleyways, weeks of hyper- the city’s pigeons, or those of a
Freemasons? The oldest? Those built on geometric calculations, or any of the statue downtown, or through the
Elder Gods’ resting places? Only seven above. It’s up to the Keeper how long a distant windows of a tall building:
cities in all the world? Only London? working takes to prepare, but it should 1 point per -1 to the tracker’s
All excellent questions; all up to the be at least one day per lever. (NPC Difficulty number (remembering
Keeper to resolve. megapolisomancers can be assumed to that a Difficulty of 8 is the near-

London’s Monsters

impossible) gods, significant hilltops, holy wells, from a base of 2; a working with two
pillars or obelisks, enigmatic statues, levers has a power of 4, a working with
• Open a locked door or distract a evocatively-named streets or squares, three levers has a power of 8, a working
guard at a specific time: 1 point and so forth. If it doesn’t sound cool with four levers has a power of 16, and
per -1 to the burglar’s Difficulty or seem weirdly apropos, it’s not a so forth. At the Keeper’s discretion,
number (for Mechanical Repair or fulcrum. This research may require some fulcrums may amplify the base
Stealth) game days of walking the streets, level to 3 (two levers have 6 power,
long sessions in the Guildhall, or a three levers have 12, etc.) or even
• Cause a fire, small earthquake, simple spend of The Knowledge or higher! Discovering which fulcrums
sewer main explosion, Megapolisomancy. provide what level of power (perhaps
Underground derailment, by deciphering coded annotations in
water-pipe burst, or other urban The power of the working must equal valuable old books), and performing
disaster: 4 points per building or exceed the effect. the likely dangerous or unsettling
affected (Keeper may increase rites to tap that power, are the stuff of
this for major elements of the Each lever doubles the working’s power adventures.
urban environment; use the
Health damage cost above for
something intended as an attack Places of Power
on the inhabitants rather than the Some places are stranger and farther than others. Sentinel Hill is worse than even other
structure) hills in Dunwich; Walter Gilman’s Witch-House or the “Shunned House” on Benefit Street
provide more urban examples. In a game of urban occult horror, any street, square, dock, or
• Call or dismiss or imprison a building might be such a place. Its magic might come from its history, its design, local legend,
god or titan: 1 point per point of arbitrary geometry, or the imagination of the Keeper. A number of associated places might
the entity’s Inertia (gods usually create some occult design in the city’s geography: a ley line, a monstrous sigil, or the corners
resist imprisonment with twice of an enormous Gate.
the Inertia with which they resist The specific rules effects of such places will vary by place and by Keeper. The effects
dismissal) should be aligned with the place’s nature or history: Summon Nightgaunt might be easier
or less costly on the site of a former fane of Nodens, for example. Some places might be so
Multiple targets add the same amount magical that all spells (or sensitives) are affected: Crouch End is dedicated to Hastur, but all
again for each target: for example, to Mythos-sensitive souls suffer the effects of its “dread zone.” A place of power might:
vanish from three trackers (by raising • lower the cost of related spells cast there by 1 or more points
their Difficulty number from 4 to 7) is • lower the Difficulty of the Stability test for casting a related spell there by 1 point
a 9 point effect. The Keeper may add • lower the Inertia for Summoned or Called entities
more points for other complications as • lessen the response time for Contacted, Summoned, or Called entities
she sees fit. • be the only place a certain spell can be cast, or the only tangent point for a
Hyperspace Gate (lowering the cost from 16 to 4 Stability or Magic points)
With the effect’s cost calculated, now • refresh Magic pools or provide dedicated Magic pool points for related spells (with
apply levers. Levers are invisible lines or without a ritual; see Rough Magicks for such a spell)
of influence projecting from fixed points • refresh Sense Trouble pools or provide dedicated Sense Trouble pool points for ghosts
called fulcrums. No megapolisomancer or haunts.
can use more levers than her current In addition to the above, “dread zones” or specifically malign locations might:
Megapolisomancy rating
• increase the cost of unrelated or oppositional (or any) magic cast there by 1 or more
For each lever, determine a specific points
fulcrum: a building or other location • increase the Difficulty of any Stability test related to Shell Shock (Trail of Cthulhu, p.
in the city through which the 77)
megapolisomancer focuses the working. • increase the Difficulty of all Stability tests (for spells or any other reason) in the area
It’s up to the Keeper (for NPC magi) or • increase the Difficulty of all Psychoanalysis tests for Psychological Triage by 1 or
the player (for Investigatorial workings) more points
to research or invent suitably evocative Of course, in a Purist game, all places of power are dread zones, places where
fulcrums for those levers: Hawksmoor the scrim of reason wears thin and reality shows through less dimly.
or Wren churches, sites of murder or
haunting, former temples to forgotten





1st Fulcrum

3rd Fulcrum


2nd Fulcrum

The working takes effect at a able to tap those places’ energies for The effect is calculated: 1 point
point determined by its levers: the some or all of this cost; conversely, this per Health point of burning damage
megapolisomancer draws a line from cost may be higher for more powerful inflicted by the working.
each fulcrum to a vertex, which levers.
becomes the focus of the working. Since Vera has Megapolisomancy 3,
(If all the fulcrums line up, make an Especially if the victim is an Investigator, she can use up to three levers. The
equilateral triangle, or otherwise she may get a chance to resist a direct more levers, the more powerful the
look cool on the map, this also might attack on her Health or Stability. This effect, so she looks for three fulcrum
increase the working’s power from 2 is most likely a Sense Trouble test, or points to use to focus her “Burning
to 3 per lever or more.) The Keeper possibly Athletics (to dodge bricks Man” working.
may require the megapolisomancer from a suddenly crumbling chimney)
to place a sigil or other trigger at that or Stability (to remain focused when She wants to harness fire energy, so she
vertex, whether chalked on a wall, the neon begins telling those horrible looks for spots with fiery significance.
worn on a signboard, or slipped into lies about you). The Difficulty number For her first fulcrum, she picks St
the victim’s pocket when she starts her of this test is 4, +1 for each lever past Bride’s Church off Fleet Street (SB on
day, to release the working’s energies the second. A successful resistance the example map above), dedicated to
when the victim sees it. halves the damage of the working. a Christianised form of the Celtic fire
goddess Brigid. To balance this female
With the working calculated, the caster energy, she next selects Billingsgate
must cast the spell. As with Mythos Burning Man: A Sample Market (BG on the map), originally
magic, the caster makes a Stability Belinus’ Gate, built by the god-giant
test with a Difficulty of 5 (Difficulty 4 Working Belinus, an avatar of the fire god Bel.
with Architecture or The Knowledge) The cruel megapolisomancer Vera
and then pays the cost: 2 Stability plans the seemingly spontaneous The third fulcrum is obvious: in
(or Magic) pool points per lever used human combustion of her rival, London, a fire working needs a really
in the working. Megapolisomancers in Douglas. Her working operates as good reason not to use the Monument
places of power (see p. 77) may be follows: (M on the map) as a fulcrum: it

London’s Monsters

marks the point where the London 8 points of Health damage. As noted Driving for an animated hearse, Filch
Fire stopped. Vera thinks of it as the above, this may require a previous for a jackdaw paramental sent to
“control” fulcrum balancing Bel and Filch or other test to plant a fire-rune steal an item, Weapons for a headless
Brigid. in Douglas’ coat pocket, or a test of headsman.
Stealth to paint such a rune as graffiti
With these three levers, the working on a placard inside the station. Bonuses: Divide these points
has a power of 8 (two times two between the paramental’s Alertness
times two), unless the Keeper decides If Douglas is an Investigator, he likely Modifier, Stealth Modifier, and
the Monument (or one of the other gets a Sense Trouble test to notice the Stability Loss modifier. You may
fulcrums) amplifies the working rune (in his pocket or on the placard) use 3 points of Bonuses to raise the
further. and the strange sense that boiling paramental’s Hit Threshold by 1,
steam is filling his blood vessels. The reflecting its speed, small size, or
Vera draws the three lever lines from Difficulty of this test is 5 (base 4, plus tenuous form.
her three fulcrums to a vertex. This 1 for each lever past the second); if
could be almost anywhere in London, Douglas succeeds, he loses only 4 Attacks: A “special attack” is
but she selects Liverpool Street points of Health before successfully something besides a simple Scuffling
Station as the focus of the working. defacing the rune or running out of (or Weapons) strike for damage:
She posits that the vibrations of the Liverpool Street Station with his skin engulfing, stifling air, paralysis, etc.
train tracks will set up sympathetic smoldering inside his clothing. “Two of the above” means two options
vibrations in her target’s molecules, from the box above: at 3 levers, the
and that the immense amounts paramental can have one special
of electricity and steam pumping Paramental Entities attack and one extra attack, or one
through the railroad station will Manifesting a paramental entity (see extra attack and do +1 damage, or do
properly energise the focus. (Unless p. 104) is a special kind of working. +2 damage, or have two extra attacks,
the Keeper adds a point or two for Use the table below to determine etc. At 4 levers, it can do +4 damage
such cleverness, this is just flavor.) the might of the paramental based on (two +2 damages) or have two special
the caster’s leverage. For more than attacks and two extra attacks, etc.
To cast the working, Vera must 4 levers, extrapolate from the values
now make a Stability test against given. Defenses: All paramentals are
a Difficulty of 4 (she has The resistant to material attacks (besides
Knowledge). She succeeds, and pays Abilities: Divide these points silver). A “special defense” is
6 Magic pool points (2 per lever). between the paramental’s Athletics (to something other than regeneration
determine its Hit Threshold), Health, (level 2), armor, or that resistance:
Now, when Douglas walks into and Scuffling. Keepers may add other localised invisibility to an attacker,
Liverpool Street Station, the working abilities if they desire: Shadowing for ability to animate weapons, etc.
strikes him, burning from within for a coursing paramental like a gargoyle,

Levers Abilities Bonuses Attacks Defenses

1 20 Pool Points +1 One attack, +0 damage Non-silver weapons do

minimal damage

Special attack or extra attack or Above plus either: refresh

2 24 Pool Points +2 +1 damage 1 Health per round or -1

Non-silver weapons do no
3 32 Pool Points +4 Two of the above damage plus either: two of
the above or special defense

4 48 Pool Points +8 Two of the above Above plus -1 armor


Building a Bookhounds Campaign

A Purist game in an Arabesque

Styles London takes its notes not just from
There are more ways to tell a story, Abdul Alhazred and The Nameless City,
“HE REPEATED NAMES WHICH even a Cthulhoid horror story, than the but from Lovecraft’s London tales
I RECOGNIZED FROM BYGONE “Purist” and “Pulp” styles mentioned Hypnos, Celephaïs, and The Hound,
in the corebook. Or rather, those whose protagonists suffer madness,
BROWSINGS IN FORBIDDEN two signifiers don’t signify enough. suicide, and persecution at the hands
VOLUMES, AND AT TIMES MADE Even Lovecraft told his tales in a of things Lovecraft doesn’t particularly
ME SHUDDER WITH A CERTAIN variety of different voices: not just explain. Perception fails, and imposing
Poesque mania, Dunsanian languor, rationality is impossible. A Pulp game
THREAD OF MYTHOLOGICAL or Machen-like bravura, but driving in an Arabesque London goes back to
CONSISTENCY – OR CONVINCING action (Lurking Fear), scientific irony Stevenson and Machen, or forward to
COHERENCE – WHICH RAN (At the Mountains of Madness), Fortean The Avengers and Grant Morrison.
mystifaction (Whisperer in Darkness), and
THROUGH HIS MAUNDERING.” impressionistic empathy (Haunter of the Possible Arabesque Threads: A
Dark). The following campaign styles tontine of suicidal astronomers
– THE THING ON THE – three of the many possible – can worships Azathoth; the Brotherhood of
DOORSTEP all incorporate Purism or Pulp; each the Black Pharaoh have built a race of
offers a familiar vision to the London animal-headed servitors; “Cat’s Alley”
horrorist. Each style encompasses a behind Gresham Street leads to Ulthar;
number of plot threads suitable for masqut haunt the British Museum’s
The Keeper should go through the steps expansion by the inspired Keeper. Oriental wing; ghouls guard tunnels
listed under Campaign Frames on p. from London’s cemeteries to the fane
204-205 of the Trail of Cthulhu corebook. of Mordiggian in far-future Zothique; in
She may or may not make the same Arabesque 1622, a wizard made himself immortal
decisions as the “default” Bookhounds Lin Carter memorably described by painting his soul into a cameo now
campaign frame on p. 209-213 of the Robert Louis Stevenson’s London in the Soane museum; the god Nodens
corebook; they are merely suggestions, as “Baghdad on the Thames.” In an manifests himself in rains of trilobites;
not requirements. Similarly, the Keeper Arabesque London, anything might Nyarlathotep rides the Necropolis
may introduce “Idiosyncratic Magic” (p. happen around any corner. Any or all Railway every St. John’s Eve; the Tcho-
212-213 of the corebook; expanded of Elliott O’Donnell’s mad imaginary Tcho and the tylwyth corachaidd are
discussion appears in Rough Magicks as cults might exist (p. 61) and be tied rumbling over turf in Rotherhithe;
well), “Megapolisomancy” (p. 76), in to any or no Mythos machinations. Cold Ones are killing descendants of an
or any other sort of magic she prefers, Investigators have touched the strange, Arctic expedition from the Elizabethan
or restrain herself to Mythos rites only. the unusual, the uncanny: they do not era.
Similarly, the suggestions and examples quite exist in the same quotidian city
below serve merely as options the where the faceless masses on the buses
Keeper can draw from, and inspirations and the Underground dwell. Strange Sordid
to get her own creativity running. conspiracies claim unutterable lineages London, as Watson says at the
and vanish with the sunrise; sentient beginning of Study in Scarlet, is “that
dreams and plausible strangers shake great cesspool, into which the idlers and
the Investigators’ hands and lives. loungers of Empire irresistibly drain.”
Arabesque London has mighty temples Worse things wait there to prey on
inside shabby warehouses, underground them, and on the impoverished Irish,
civilizations, hypnotic detectives, and Polish, Jewish, or Indian workers
immortal hidden races. come to the “Great Wen” as their

Building a Bookhounds Campaign

only alternative to starvation. The Possible Sordid Threads: Street aeries on Victorian rooftops hold
alternative London offers is not women become pregnant with fire winged horrors visible only at the dark
always better. The Sordid London is vampire larvae after being raped by a of the moon.
the London of prostitution, drugs, tribe of tramps drinking contaminated
poverty, desperation, extortion, and Sterno; a select clientele pays well to Before you dismiss the possibilities of
cruelty. Gross villains whore children be smothered by whores with Deep Purist Technicolour, remember the
to grosser clients; old women die by One ancestry; Eihort weaves a web “vampiristic attacks” in Charles Dexter
inches in the gutter while those who of suicidal children in Stepney; the Ward and the emerald phosphorescence
step on them curse the inconvenience; Keirecheires hold auditions in cruelty of the shoggoths in Mountains of Madness.
self-congratulatory cliques of the after one of the Five Fingers refuses Hyperrealism is a realism all its own, as
“best people” justify their neglect to return to human form; a vampire Lovecraft displays in Dreams in the Witch-
with cant about inevitability. These hunts and harvests poor Irish girls at a House, From Beyond, and, yes, The Colour
vile cruelties may spring from human sweatshop; a gospel of Quachil Uttaus Out of Space. Cosmic despair doesn’t
minds, or be symptomatic of Mythos offers those with no future the grant of have to be filmed through a sepia filter
decay … or both. Which is worse? a final wish; the night watch of a police or painted in gray wash. But that said,
Contact with an outside force that station-house worship Tsathoggua and Pulp and Technicolour go together
leaves human misery in its wake like a offer parts of their prisoners to a pit like Christopher Lee and Ingrid Pitt.
swelling bruise, or scrabbling to save in the cellar; addicts debase themselves A Pulp game in a Technicolour London
human scum from alien gods? for a hit of stepped-on Yig venom can draw not only on The Horror in the
(or liao, or space-mead, or Kathulos Museum and The Horror of Dracula, but
A Purist game in a Sordid London elixir, or black lotus, or Milk of Shub- on Sax Rohmer’s Fu Manchu potboilers
contrasts and amplifies cosmic Niggurath); West End “grief tourists” and Dennis Wheatley’s Satan-smashing
despair with real human despair; seek out the worst of humanity to feed page-turners.
Ramsey Campbell’s Mythos fiction, the seed of Hastur in their right eye.
featuring pornographers, deranged Possible Technicolour Threads:
street folk, and child-abusers, can The Hsieh-Tzu Fan have kidnapped the
serve as its touchstone. Borrow Technicolour world’s greatest entomologist as tramps
from degenerate Dunwich and There is another London, garish and are being found devoured by ants; a
disintegrating Innsmouth to describe glorious. This is the Technicolour world Club of influential Satanists pursues a
an East End choking on its own filth of Hammer Films, in vibrant colour vendetta against the cult of Mormo;
with no jobs and no hope. A Pulp – and the colour is always bright red a noted ghost-breaker has a standing
game in a Sordid London can aspire or lurid green. Cults wear rich robes; offer of the pick of his library for
to noir or wallow in moral Grand monsters radiate unearthly glows; anyone who can stay the night in Crane
Guignol; Alan Moore’s From Hell is scarlet blood smears jaws and talons Manor; a Rumanian vampire recruits
paradigmatic, as is Oscar Wilde’s and lips and other parts. A villain’s followers for a fascist coup in his home
Dorian Gray. Despairing greed drives motives may be low lechery or exalted country; a badly deluded Theosophical
everyone, both villains and victims, hubris, but his plots grow and coil in cult searches for their escaped fog-
to lie, corrupt, and steal. In Sordid lush cruelty. Technicolour London has spawn; stunted, inbred troglodytes in
London, petty criminals sell their more than the eye can encompass: the Underground tunnels worship Gol-
sisters for human sacrifice, gangs of overstuffed bookcases, opulent drawing Goroth; a vengeful rat-thing pursues
feral children bray incoherent rhymes rooms, rat-infested labyrinthine attics, Aleister Crowley; Shub-Niggurath’s
in desolate commons under the stars, dripping tunnels of slime-coated stone. sacred prostitutes drain blood from
and the bobby on the beat takes Pentacles – and manacles – are lined in their clients to create a living “Sanguine
souvenirs from murder scenes. silver or some shining metal; ironwork River” beneath London.

Dramatis Personae

Dramatis Personae have suppliers of books and beasts.

Keep track of every interesting NPC
Finding yourself in need of a narrative
twist, you may occasionally find
“HE COULD AFFORD NO SERVANTS, on the dramatis personae list (see reason to switch your conception
p. 154) and be ready to throw them of a character in midstream. A
AND WOULD ADMIT BUT FEW back into play on cue. sinister character you have assumed
VISITORS TO HIS ABSOLUTE SOLITUDE; was Tainted might surprise you by
ESCHEWING CLOSE FRIENDSHIPS AND turning out to be innocuous. An
Sample Non-Player uninvolved type might find himself
corrupted by madness (perhaps
IN ONE OF THE THREE GROUND-FLOOR Characters introduced by a Bookhound, or by a
ROOMS WHICH HE KEPT IN ORDER – As a kick-starter for your own book sold by a Bookhound) to walk
rotating cast, this section contains Hastur’s path.
A VAST, HIGH-CEILED LIBRARY WHOSE six configurable, reusable profiles
WALLS WERE SOLIDLY PACKED WITH for supporting characters the Keeper Also included are additional names
TATTERED BOOKS OF PONDEROUS, can introduce – or the Bookhounds and physical descriptions, so you can
seek out – during a Bookhounds reuse the basic template the next
ARCHAIC, AND VAGUELY REPELLENT campaign. These NPCs fall within time you need a character of that
ASPECT.” two broad categories: Rivals (p. type. None of the descriptions are
83) and Collectors (p. 86). keyed to the names, or vice versa;
– THE HORROR AT RED HOOK use them in any order. As you use
Each character write-up includes these names and descriptions up,
Even more than many Trail of modular elements you can mix and you may wish to replace them, so
Cthulhu campaign types, Bookhounds match as required. Descriptions that you always have a fresh version
campaigns depend on interesting appear tailored to the styles above, of the character type to hand when
NPCs, usually suffering one or with one addition: Tainted. A the story goes in an unexpected
another consequence of bibliomania. Tainted character is one that has direction and improvisation is a
Every adventure adds more citizens come into contact, wittingly or must. Use only one of the given
to the London of your campaign: unwittingly, with the Cthulhu quirks per character unless they
greedy coppers on the make, Mythos. In the Bookhounds’ London, take on a “guest starring” role in the
degenerate fops who nonetheless pay even un-Tainted characters might story; then, use as many as you need
top prices for certain rarities, waiters still be criminals or worse – or, to define them in the players’ minds.
at exclusive clubs willing to dish dirt rarely, might actually offer aid for
on the membership, coked-up book sufficient consideration. The horrific A character’s Bibliophily indicates
scouts missing unimportant toes, universe of H. P. Lovecraft being what books they seek, either legally
and so forth and so on. Every NPC what it is, such NPCs often reappear or not; one per character is probably
source, contact, rival, or red herring in the storyline — or pieces of them enough, except for rival book-
can potentially resurface with a new might, at any rate. If a Bookhound seekers. Bookhounds will usually
problem or a “book they found in meets such a fate instead, perhaps have heard of an NPC’s Bibliophily
the attic, like.” If you brought on a the player can adopt a previously with a Bibliography spend, or
guest star who the players enjoyed met innocuous NPC as their new can find out from him with an
interacting with (even if – especially if character. appropriate Interpersonal spend.
– he annoys their characters no end),
bring him back on stage in another Needless to say, any of the facts Each character also includes game
episode! He can stay a second banana, given about the characters should statistics. Credit Rating is provided
walk on as an extra, or drive a story; be starting points, not straitjackets. for auctions (possible line of credit
however you direct them, recurring When an idea doesn’t serve your is in parentheses; p. 25); General
NPCs provide depth and richness like story needs, change it to something abilities appear in case of possible
very few things can. To these explicit that does. Borrow elements from confrontations. (The Magic ability
returning guests, you can add implied one description and mash them up is described in Rough Magicks.)
ones: Evil conspiracies have members with another, or split one NPC into General abilities that allow the
who escape identification or justice; two (or three) if need be to fit your supporting character to perceive or
vile necromancers have toadies and story’s needs and your campaign’s hide from PCs are omitted in favour
victims; bibliophile vivisectionists specific style. of Alertness and Stealth modifiers

Building a Bookhounds Campaign

Hathaway & Co. Fine Books

Hathaway & Co. Fine Books is a game-ready establishment suitable for almost any Bookhounds campaign. They are
designed to be the Bookhounds’ not-quite-hated rivals in the somewhat-lucrative grimoire-wrangling business. Just how
low they will sink in their rivalry is up to the Keeper, but they should always be just a little worse than the Bookhounds.
Also up to the Keeper: the degree of Mythos knowledge (or Mythos taint) of anyone at Hathaway & Co.
Hathaway & Co. Fine Books: Located in Fleet Street (XI, 14L), with a steady clientele among London’s sensational
journalists and jobbing writers, including some script writers for film and BBC Radio. Its film customers bring money and
Soho bohemians, both welcome additions. The store is stocked full to the ceiling, with true rarities in a glass case up front
or in the safe in back. Specialties include the occult (the more lurid the better), British history, mediaevalia, and art books,
but almost anything could be somewhere. (Bookshop Credit Rating 4, or one better than the Bookhounds’.)
Evelyn Hathaway, bookseller: Mid-40s, but looks 10 years younger thanks to an unlined face, smooth pale hair,
pink complexion, and student-style spectacles. Dresses in slightly affected suits and coloured shirts. Son of the founder
of the shop (now retired to Brighton), brought up in the trade, University educated (King’s), knows everyone in books in
London. Freemason.
Game Statistics: Auction 3,Credit Rating 4 (equal to or one higher than highest Bookhound)
Herbert “Pockets” Mathews, book scout: Late 40s, lean and tubercular, with a beaky nose, watery eyes, and
strange scarring on his throat and temple.Wears a shapeless tweed coat with at least five pockets in it, sometimes containing
merchandise “I was just goin’ to pay for.” Spent six months in Wormwood Scrubs for possession of burglar’s tools.Vast fund
of lore on alchemical books (and horse-racing odds) in his head, along with the standard intellectual jackdaw’s nest of all
book scouts.
Game Statistics: Auction 4, Fleeing 9, Stealth Rating +2 (applied to Bookhounds’ Conceal to find something on his
person, to their Shadowing to follow him anywhere in London, and to their Sense Trouble to detect him filching something
or breaking into the back of their shop)
Aston Drummell, catalogue agent: Late 30s, athletic build, dresses well, hawk profile, dark hair pomaded back
from a widow’s peak. Smokes Silk Cuts, drinks whisky, drives a Rover, keeps a flat in Chelsea. Sent down from King’s for
unspecified reasons; keeps up with old University set at clubs. Gambles at whist and vignt-et-un. Specialises in black-letters
and easily moved plates.
The ethically dubious Aston Drummell appears in “Whitechapel Black-Letter,” on p. 96.
Game Statistics: Auction 6, Athletics 8, Credit Rating 5 (socially; income is actually 4 or lower), Driving 3, Health
7, Preparedness 3, Scuffling 4, Shadowing 4, Stealth 2
Compeyson Kane, fence: Late 30s, quite fat, black curly hair, middle-class dresser, purses his lips when thinking or
upset. Not officially part of the Hathaway & Co. family, but important to them nonetheless; he’s their connexion to London’s
criminal underworld. Although Hathaway or Drummell can usually find buyers for books of uncertain provenance, Kane
can get rid of stamp collections, coins, or weird family heirlooms often picked up in the same way. Kane also provides
Hathaway and Drummell leads on the bibliophilic interests of London’s flashier or more successful gangsters. Kane himself,
for example, collects books on butterflies and entomology in general.
His thugs: Athletics 8, Health 7, Scuffling 8, Weapons 6 (-1 damage; cosh or club)

to the Difficulty Numbers of the

Bookhounds’ relevant abilities. Rivals Asiatic languages sandwiched between
various bronze ornaments. He carries
on a vigorous correspondence with
The Keeper may also wish to Bookseller collectors and catalogue agents in India
cannibalise names, quirks, or Name: Colin Ballard and elsewhere in the East, buying books
anything else for regular background from their libraries (or from libraries
characters: stooled pub-keepers, Physical Description: Early 40s, they have access to) with little concern
keen-eyed beggars, grasping whores, spindly neck, thick spectacles, whitish- for their provenance. Streetwise
weaselly snitches, bent coppers, blond hair combed back, beaky nose. indicates that he sometimes operates as
pretentious poets, starving actors, a fence, primarily for Indian and other
etc. Arabesque: Keeps a shelf of books in Oriental artifacts badly catalogued (or


not at all) in Britain, and so easier to


Sordid: As either Arabesque or

Technicolour; does a brisk business in
copies of the Kama Sutra (Arabesque)
or necrophilic erotica (Technicolour).
He hires young girls (usually slightly
over-educated for their class) to work
in his shop as clerks, and attempts to
force sex from them to keep their jobs;
Assess Honesty can tell the girls are
nervous, and Reassurance (or Flattery,
for less ethical Bookhounds) can get
them to spill what they know about
anything Ballard is up to.

Technicolour: Ballard’s shop is failing

(Bookshop Credit Rating 3), due in no
small part to its haunting by the ghost
of a young woman. Ballard is in love
with her, and often thinks of suicide so
that he may join her in the afterlife. His
stock has subtly changed to reflect his
increasing obsession, featuring Gothic
novels, ghost stories, diaries from the
1820s (when the ghost lived), and
collections by suicidal poets. (Library
Use notices the odd syncretism.) He
walks the streets at night, and drinks
heavily; sometimes he forgets to come

Tainted: As Arabesque; Ballard will

finally visit India during the turmoil
after independence in 1948 to acquire as
big a haul as he can.While there, he will
visit a temple of Chaugnar Faugn with
an eye to carrying off its décor for sale
in Britain. He will die there in agony, spectacles, receding chin accentuated Bibliophilies: (1) works from or about
but Chaugnar Faugn’s malign influence by bristly mustache, hunched posture; India (Arabesque); (2) exploration and
is already extending back along his life (2) early 60s, fringe of roan-coloured travel narratives; (3) French novels,
line, manifesting in time static, strange hair, liver spots on capable hands, wide especially Balzac and Hugo; (4) Glimpses
alterations to the artifacts and books in mouth and nose, short and thickset, into Prehistory by Clark Ulman (English,
his shop (Theology reveals that’s not an braces instead of a belt; (3) early 50s, 1931), the Pnakotic Manuscripts,
idol of Ganesha), and eventually upon affected pince-nez, unkempt white Unaussprechlichen Kulten (Tainted).
the bodies of those Ballard touches. hair, stooped posture, hard black eyes,
pursed lips, double chin. Credit Rating: 3 (Bookshop Credit
Alternate Names: Edward Hanley; Rating 4)
Herbert Leavis; Emmanuel Dreyfus Defining Quirks: (1) tilts head and
looks up at customers; (2) always eating General Abilities: Auction 3, Fleeing
Alternate Descriptions: (1) mid digestive biscuits; (3) closes the store 4, Health 4.
50s, watery eyes, horn-rimmed promptly at sunset.

Building a Bookhounds Campaign

Alertness Modifier: -1 (nearsighted) Technicolour: Chessover has never General Abilities: Filch 4, Fleeing 6,
actually slept a night since puberty. Health 3, Preparedness 4, Scuffling 4,
Stealth Modifier: +1 (used to Over the last few decades, he has seen Weapons 2 (flick-knife, -1).
standing still for long periods) a vampire feeding, a phosphorescent
monster in the Thames, a horrible Alertness Modifier: +1
second moon, and far too many ghosts.
Book Scout He is almost completely detached Stealth Modifier: 0
Name: Allan Chessover from human society: Psychoanalysis
combined with Oral History can elicit
Physical Description: Late 30s, a calm recitation of his experiences. Catalogue Agent
rangy build, gawky, pointed nose, Or the Bookhounds might find his Name: Hamilton Golding
terrible teeth, prominent Adam’s apple journal, before or after his mysterious
disappearance. (Compatible with either Physical Description: Early 40s,
Arabesque: Chessover suffers from Arabesque or Sordid.) brown hair, nondescript appearance,
near-constant insomnia, sleeping tinted spectacles concealing pale green
perhaps one night in four. While Tainted: When Chessover was just eyes, very fair complexion, average
roaming the city at night, he often starting out as a runner, he found and build, Balliol tie.
procures remarkable finds at street read a copy of Dreams Upon Caerleon, a
markets before they formally open. He vanishingly rare volume written by the Arabesque: Golding is the personal
knows virtually every business open lloigor-ridden poet Robert Valentine. catalogue agent of an extremely private
at night in the whole city, and has a His condition (whichever of the above client, of whom the wildest rumors
circle of insomniac friends who keep the Keeper chooses) dates from that are spread. (The Wandering Jew? Dr.
each other company in wild gambling moment; now, he searches for another Fu Manchu? Sherlock Holmes, made
sessions or walks across strange areas copy in hopes that he can somehow use immortal by bee jelly? Merlin? The
of London. (Bookhounds with The it to cure himself. Illuminati? The ghost of Christopher
Knowledge may know about this weird Marlowe? It’s up to the Keeper to set
club.) He sometimes comes back from Alternate Names: Ralph Plomer; the weirdness bar for her campaign, but
such rambles with books that appear in Saul Meier; Jack Dryffyd Golding’s client is at the top of it.) A
no catalogue, books that don’t seem to Golding purchase at an auction, or in a
have existed before he “found” them. Alternate Descriptions: (1) early bookshop, immediately sets the book-
40s, husky build, constant five-o-clock hunting community to buying up any
Sordid: Chessover is a high-functioning shadow, club thumb; (2) late 40s, related works in hopes that Golding
heroin addict. (Medicine or Pharmacy obviously false toupee, overpowering will pay his client’s usual generous sums
can spot the signs.) When Chessover smell of cheap eau de cologne, florid for them. Something of a snob, Golding
has a plentiful supply of drugs for complexion, sweat-stained shirt; (3) responds with faultless courtesy to any
his addiction, he is a capable, even about 40, cadaverously thin, twitchy, polite interlocutor, but only unbends
remarkable, book scout. In between pinpoint pupils, stained mackintosh. with experts (3+ rating) in Art History,
doping sessions, he rides a manic crest Bibliography, History, or Occult (used
that lets him scour the city for two or Defining Quirks: (1) over-sweetens as Interpersonal abilities).
three days with catnaps or no sleep at his tea; (2) scribbles in a thick journal;
all; he sees books through a kind of (3) wears a lumpy, hand-knitted sweater Sordid: Golding’s real job is to
bright haze, picking up rarities like a in all weather. recover books or documents that might
savant. Without heroin, however, his embarrass highly placed or wealthy
manic energies turn harsh, and the haze Bibliophilies: (1) the works of men. Diaries, manuscripts, letters, and
becomes a migraine. Then, he razors De Quincey or Coleridge, anything even photographs fall within his remit.
out prints and maps from libraries or relating to opium; (2) street-view prints He is always amenable to a Bargain,
anywhere else he can, or simply steals depicting circuses or freak shows; (3) assuming he gets what he wants in
octavo (and smaller) books for quick works by Poe, Baudelaire, or Nerval; the end. (Compatible with either
resale. While desperate for heroin, he (4) Dreams Upon Caerleon by Robert Arabesque or Technicolour.)
will betray anyone or anything until Valentine (English, 1808) (Tainted).
his next fix; at such times, he sends off Technicolour: Golding is known
so many weird signals that even Assess Credit Rating: 1-2 (Bookshop Credit throughout the scene as its foremost
Honesty can’t tell which ones are real. Rating 3-4) expert on books on lycanthropy. (He


responds well to Flattery concerning

his mastery of the topic.) He often
(Tainted Technicolour).
goes on call outs to remote manor Credit Rating: 5 (patron’s line of credit
houses to authenticate rare French trial may be as high as 7 or 8) Academic
records or copies of German sensational Name: Gilbert Warrender
broadsheets. He buys in many related General Abilities: Athletics 5, Auction
topic areas – Norse sagas, memoirs of 8, Driving 3, Firearms 4, Fleeing 7, Physical Description: Around 60,
hunters in India or Malaya, mediaeval Health 7, Hypnosis 5 (Arabesque,Tainted sharp chin, tufted eyebrows, salt-and-
manuscripts illuminated with cynocephali Arabesque), Magic 6 (Tainted). pepper hair slicked back from a widow’s
– and always re-sells at a significant profit. peak, deep lines at the side of the thin-
Alertness Modifier: +1 lipped mouth. His habit of lecturing
Tainted: Arabesque Golding is an agent can let a Bookhound subtly pump him
of Yith, acquiring recondite texts for Stealth Modifier: 0 with Oral History into giving away
memorization by Yithian travelers and something he shouldn’t.
transfer to the Great Library. Sordid
Golding works for a cult of Shub- Adjusting Game Arabesque: Warrender is an
Niggurath worshipping degenerates. Statistics Orientalist, a scholar of the
Technicolour Golding works for the Some NPCs may be anthropology, theology, and history of
ghouls of Highgate Cemetery; they have required to square off against the Near East. He knows an impressive
promised him ghoulish immortality in Investigators in physical number of the region’s languages,
exchange for his loyal service. Shadowing struggles, especially in Pulp both ancient and modern, and collects
Golding, or possibly a Streetwise games. The adventure’s Persian and Ottoman antiquities in a
spend, might put Bookhounds on any primary antagonist should have small way, as an Antiquarian Investigator
of these trails. His lycanthropic interest a Health rating from 8-12; will know. He has extensive contacts
is a research project of his own (he secondary antagonists should in the area, and in London’s various
believes lycanthropy and ghoulism to be have Health of at least 4-8. Give expatriate Levantine communities;
connected) which also provides cover sinister characters of whatever until 1935 he can count T.E. Lawrence
for the books he actually buys for his stripe (including thugs and as a personal friend. After Lawrence’s
clients (mostly diaries and necromantic cultists) at least one fighting death, he begins to take exaggerated
grimoires). ability (Firearms, Scuffling, precautions for his own safety. He
or Weapons) in the 6-8 range, wears a tweed suit or affects Arab dress.
Alternate Names: Cecily Vernon; and ratings in the other abilities (Credit Rating 5)
Edmund Hough; Damon Sifakis of at least 2-4. Increase their
Alertness and Stealth modifiers Sordid: Warrender is a physiologist
Alternate Descriptions: (1) late 20s, by 1-2. Sorcerers should have who avidly follows the latest German
steel-rimmed spectacles, light build, long Magic ratings (if used) of 8-10 research on encephalopathy, and has
fingers; (2) mid-30s, compact build, curly or better. Main antagonists may contributed to the field in his own right.
black hair, brown eyes, ferrety expression; also require back-up in the form He has amassed valuable experimental
(3) mid-40s, powerful shoulders, thin of slope-browed henchmen, data (and a small fortune) designing
mustache, square chin, thinning grey hair, suspiciously muscular neuro-electrical devices for leading
good suit. liveried servants, or minor alienists and testing them on their
Mythos creatures. Indirectly helpless patients. What precisely his
Defining Quirks: (1) remarkable threatening sinister types may devices are capable of – brainwashing,
sexual magnetism; (2) strong West keep their low combat ratings mind-reading, creating false memories,
Country accent when nervous; (3) chews but should have Fleeing values opening patients to possession – is up
peppermints before a business meeting. of 8-12 if you want them to to the Keeper. He wears a lab coat over
have a chance of escaping when a Savile Row suit.
Bibliophilies: (1) works on lycanthropy the Investigators come busting
(Technicolour); (2) incunabulae, through their doors. Technicolour: Warrender is a scholar
especially pre-Manutius Italian imprints; of the occult, an expert in mythology
(3) proceedings of the Royal Society and mass delusion. He has a massive
from its first century (1660-1760) and library on the topic and is often called
associated works; (4) Cultes des Goules in to opine on anything from haunted

Building a Bookhounds Campaign

houses to bizarre crime scenes. Quite Bibliophilies: (1) rare or historically among others of the Bloomsbury
often, he travels abroad, investigating significant texts on his academic Group, as personal clients. It would
some phenomenon for one of his specialty; (2) musical scores of the be libelous to speculate about their
popular books on eldritch matters. Baroque; (3) Restoration-era editions involvement in his lucrative sideline in
He wears modish, well-cut clothes in of Shakespeare; (4) De Vermis Mysteriis paedophiliac prostitution (of models in
charcoal or black, and an Athenaeum (Tainted Arabesque) or any book the photographs). Yeovil has to pay off
Club tie. referring to the Necronomicon (Tainted). enough police officials that Cop Talk
hinting about it will get his attention.
Tainted: Arabesque Warrender Credit Rating: 6 (Sordid Yeovil is wealthy enough to
thought he had made a deal with the be Credit Rating 5, but his “shock the
Sand-Dwellers in the Syrian desert, but General Abilities: Athletics 2, bourgeois” radical politics keep his
now realises he needs to find another Auction 1 (4 in Technicolour), Driving social-interpersonal Credit Rating at
acceptable sacrifice; Assess Honesty 2, Electrical Repair 2 (Sordid), Fleeing 3.)
detects his increasing paranoia. Sordid 4, Health 4, Magic 3 (10 in Tainted
Warrender has constructed an astral Technicolour), Mechanical Repair 2 Technicolour: Yeovil is a movie
radio (as in Beyond the Wall of Sleep) (Sordid), Scuffling 2. director working for Shepperton
and is slowly contacting a powerful Studios, and he has two great loves:
Entity, burning out the minds of his Alertness Modifier: -1 (absent- horror books (the older and more
test subjects like so many vacuum minded) outré the better) and horror films (the
tubes; Bureaucracy can sift sanitarium newer and more explicit the better).
records to uncover the unwholesome Stealth Modifier: 0 He desperately wants to direct a British
pattern. Technicolour Warrender is a response to Dracula and Frankenstein,
devout Nyarlathotep cultist, having but set in modern London. (The British
encountered the Mighty Messenger Artist censors’ “H” rating (for “Horrific”)
in innumerable forms all around the Name: Jefferey Yeovil begins in 1933 and guts horror film
world; his goal is to write a vastly in the UK for two decades.) He might
expanded version of Nameless Cults for Physical Description: Early 30s, turn up looking for background
a popular audience and open millions wry smile, premature grey in sideburns material (or carting his camera) if any
to the throne of his dark lord. Assess and mustache, strong chin and brow, of the Bookhounds’ adventures appear
Honesty won’t reveal specifics of slightly below average height. in the papers, or if they do a lot of
Warrender’s devotion, but it will poking around Soho or “Flicker Alley”
reveal his gloating sense of secret Arabesque: Yeovil is a painter of in Covent Garden. Sufficiently severe
empowerment. Expressionist tendencies, though not Intimidation will make him back off
an abstract artist. His bold landscapes, – until his curiosity again outweighs
Alternate Names: Terrence reminiscent of Gauguin, depict exotic his cowardice. He shows some of this
Penrose; Dame Barbara Oldwyn; climes, some of which he’s hard- footage to friends, trying to drum up
Harold Kenrick pressed to specifically identify. Nothing interest in his “modern British horror”
will get him to stop painting them. project. (A Sordid Technicolour Yeovil
Alternate Descriptions: (1) late Publishers have begun using his art in might be showing occult snuff films at
50s, twinkly eyes, ruddy complexion, book jacket designs, which his jealous these sessions.)
round cheeks and chin, short limbs; contemporaries use to pillory him as a
(2) mid 70s, neat white goatee, strong bourgeois sell-out. Reassurance of his Tainted: Arabesque Yeovil is, indeed,
teeth and jaw, jug ears, just over six political bona fides is more important painting the horrors of the Mythos:
feet tall; (3) mid-40s, pot-belly, high to him than Flattery of his pieces. He’s depending on Keeper whim, his canvases
forehead, heavy jowls and double chin, arrogant about his art, he’s insecure may be Cthulhoid dreamscapes,
toothbrush mustache and stringy hair about his politics – mostly because he’s Gates to other dimensions, sentient
(both brown), stubby fingers. pretty much a bourgeois sell-out. Colours, or aspects of Hasturian
despair. Art History might note their
Defining Quirks: (1) smokes a briar Sordid: Yeovil owns a gallery (realist strange resemblance to the paintings
pipe that keeps going out; (2) walks photography and abstract sculpture of Robert Blake and Henry Wilcox.
with a pronounced limp; (3) devotee only) with quite a reputation amongst (Not Pickman; his hyperrealistic
of the opera. the Bohemian set; he counts Anthony style has nothing in common with
Blunt and John Maynard Keynes, Yeovil.) Sordid Yeovil is one of the Five


Fingers of the Keirecheires, which Alertness Modifier: +2 (-2 while stomach-turning Reassurance that
perilous investigation of the cult (most creating art) they, too, support eugenics and aerial
likely Shadowing) will eventually disarmament, the Bookhounds can get
uncover. Technicolour Yeovil has been Stealth Modifier: 0 Lord Ravenswood to assist them with
enraptured by the Mater Tenebrarum, money or skewed press coverage.
an aspect of Mormo, and she has made
a lamia’s bargain with him: artistic Peer of the Realm Technicolour: As Arabesque, but
inspiration in exchange for life force. Name: Sir William Ancherley, Lord Lord Ravenswood is also a fashionable
Dark, enchanting, often blind women Ravenswood Satanist. It’s up to the Keeper whether
and girls appear in Yeovil’s film work; his lordship actually believes in Lucifer,
an investigative use of Psychoanalysis Physical Description: Early 50s, as opposed to believing in sadism,
will note his apparent fixation on this belligerent posture, corded neck, crimson draperies, selfishness, naked
Jungian anima figure. sunburnt hatchet-face on a square head, whores, and hashish incense. Using
short iron-grey hair and mustache Streetwise to hook him up with better
Alternate Names: Connor Boynton; brands of the latter two commodities
Morgan Church-Jones; Elena Squiers Arabesque: Lord Ravenswood served earns a Bookhound a seat at the next
in India and Egypt; his sprawling manor orgy.
Alternate Descriptions: (1) around house in Berkshire and his townhouse
40, birdlike movements, long nose, in Mayfair are full of exotic artifacts, Tainted: Lord Ravenswood is a scion
black eyes and hair, keeps hands animal skins, and strange weapons of a lloigor-tainted dynasty (the family
jammed in pockets; (2) late 50s, quite collected in his travels. He has a of Sordid Ravenswood fled Galicia in an
tall, longish gray beard and hair, Roman menagerie of beasts and peacocks in unsuccessful attempt to escape) and, by
nose, low baritone voice; (3) late 30s, the country, and a staff of suspiciously careful rituals and sacrifices, has avoided
unkempt mouse-brown hair, sky blue foreign servants. At some point in his the cancers and suicides that plague his
eyes behind black-rimmed spectacles, three decades of service for Empire, lineage. (Library Use might turn up the
thick lips, nicotine-stained teeth and he surely stole the eye from a little telling pattern of lloigor influence in
fingers. yellow god, opened a mummy’s tomb, his genealogy.) His blood and nervous
or killed a sacred baboon. A keen eye system are extremely sensitised to
Defining Quirks: (1) will talk your ear for the Occult or Archaeology notices Mythos energies; whether this makes
off about Kandinsky; (2) flirtatiously the giveaway gem, papyrus, or dagger him a natural magus or ground zero for
disregards personal space; (3) hums on the mantel. an approaching cataclysm is up to the
tunelessly while thinking or working. Keeper. He is exploring his options,
Sordid: Wladyslaw Anczercy put the considering making a pact with another
Bibliophilies: (1) Pre-Raphaelite profits from his father’s distillery into god or titan, using his daughter, his
works, and works of the Symbolists newspapers, writing and publishing soul, or something to be named later as
and Decadents: Mallarmé, Rimbaud, strident, popular, muckraking copy. the currency.
Beardsley, Wilde, etc.; (2) Lewis By the time the current Government
Carroll photographs, and “fairy” and came in, he was “William Ancherley,” Alternate Names: Lady Violet
“spirit” photographs, and related books and after a sizable donation to the party Fullham; August Danvers, Baron Syme;
(Sordid); (3) Gothic first editions in committee, he found his name on the Sir Geoffrey Fitzjames
German and English; (4) The King in Honours List. From press baron to
Yellow, Revelations of Glaaki, or Cthaat actual baronet in only three decades, Alternate Descriptions: (1) about
Aquadingen (Tainted) via xenophobia, strike-breaking, anti- 60, tubercular cough, large hands
Semitism, foaming shrieks for “a mailed and feet for his build, broken blood
Credit Rating: 3 (line of credit from fist holding the rods and axe of law and vessels on cheeks and nose, blue eyes,
patrons or investors 5) order,” Hitler-worshipping defeatism, gold-rimmed spectacles; (2) late 50s,
and shrill paranoia about moral decay delicate features, pale hair with almost
General Abilities: Athletics 5 and the fall of the white race. He is a invisible eyebrows, muscle going to
(Technicolour: lugging a camera around horrible, repulsive person – who is fat slowly, somewhat dome-shaped
is heavy work), Auction 6 (Sordid), nonetheless right on the money about head; (3) late 40s, ruddy-gold hair
Driving 1, Fleeing 4, Health 3, Magic Kathulos, or the Tcho-Tchos, or in carefully coiffed mass, green-grey
12 (Tainted Sordid), Mechanical Repair whichever foreign Mythos threat the eyes, well-shaped jawline, taller than
2 (Technicolour), Scuffling 2. Bookhounds have crossed. By repeated average.

Building a Bookhounds Campaign

Defining Quirks: (1) fulminates

bitterly against taxes; (2) drinks brandy- Scenarios insects spelling out runes, a team of
left-handed assassins.
and-soda; (3) toys compulsively with a In general, scenarios for a Bookhounds
massive old-gold signet ring. campaign are no different from And most of all, at least one phase of
traditional Trail of Cthulhu scenarios: every Bookhounds scenario should
Bibliophilies: (1) early Shakespeare they are occult mysteries that reveal (a involve a book. Not every scenario
folios and quartos; (2) first editions glimpse of) the secret Mythos behind needs to begin with a missing (or
of Galton, Gobineau, Chamberlain, the world. Their spine, or structure, discovered) Mythos tome, or at a
Herder, and other race theorists is essentially the same, with the same library or book auction. But someone
(Sordid); (3) antiquarian grimoires basic elements usually present: hook, in the adventure should be motivated
and witch-finders’ books, the more trail of clues, horrible revelation, and by bibliomania, or the clue to the
illustrations the better (Technicolour) antagonist reactions. creatures’ lair should be found in an old
(4) currently, the Book of Iod, Liber Ivonis, diary, or the villain should be an author.
and Monstres and Their Kynde (Tainted). The differences come from the book-
trade backdrop of the campaign, Here’s a “standard” Trail of Cthulhu
Credit Rating: 7+ from the atmospherics and style of scenario spine, somewhat expanded
the Keeper’s specific London, and from the version on p. 192 of the Trail
General Abilities: Athletics 4, from the Bookhounds themselves: of Cthulhu corebook. For each element,
Driving 2, Firearms 4, Fleeing 4, staunch New England scholars and we present some suggested ways to
Health 4, Magic 10 (Tainted), Riding 6. detectives have different options and work in the printed word. Remember,
tactics than skeevy East End occultists not every element needs to involve a
Alertness Modifier: 0 and forgers. At every step of the tome – but there should be a book or
scenario (both during initial design two somewhere in every adventure.
Stealth Modifier: +1 (from hunting) and during play), the Keeper should
be alive to the possibilities of those The Hook: The event, problem,
differences. Present NPCs who reflect or opportunity that attracts the
the Bookhounds’ world back at them: Investigators.
petty criminals, obsessed bibliophiles,
inbred lords, sweaty Satanists. Be ready A mysterious stranger asks the
to run with player plans for burglary, Bookhounds to locate a rare book.
forgery, smuggling, arson, or blackmail
– consequences and payback should A horrific tome turns up in an estate
come from the Bookhounds’ rivals, or sale; the previous owner died under
from criminal gangs, even more than very eerie circumstances.
from Scotland Yard or decent society.
A valuable patron of the
Throw elements of the style into each Bookhounds’ bookshop suddenly
scene, as description or as a clue. If the changes her collecting pattern, and
style is Sordid, the clues should involve becomes quite secretive about her
degradation or suffering, the scenes reasons.
should play out in trash-strewn lots
and dripping mews, and the weather The Curtain: The Investigators check
should always be grey and close. If the out the hook based on their initial
style is Technicolour, there should be suspicions. The investigation yields a
rich crimson curtains over the leaded- core clue (and possibly various red
glass windows in the library, pentacles herrings) but no confirmation of their
painted on the walls of the warehouse, suspicions. The investigated individuals
and glistening blood (or glowing ichor) present a credible front of innocence.
on the wallpaper. Arabesque style
games might involve more foreigners The Bookhounds confront their
as NPCs, more variety in London suspect at a house sale, where she
architecture, and plenty of strange or buys only irrelevant or innocuous
inexplicable events: phantom aircraft, books.


The Bookhounds break into their While on the way to a street The attackers try to destroy one
suspect’s library, and find one shelf market, a Bookhound somehow specific book in the shop.
empty. detours through an unknown
dream-London. The body is covered with writing
Their suspect offers the Bookhounds that the Bookhounds recognise
– or their rival book-hunters – a The Bookhounds’ client turns up from a rare tome: owner’s
healthy commission to acquire a dead; the book she wanted is intact annotations, illustrations, the
seemingly irrelevant book for him. near the corpse. Or burned in the tome’s actual words.
fireplace. Or inside her digestive
The stolen book turns up at tract. Or … The Blowback: The antagonists
auction, bought by a gentleman of move directly against the Investigators,
stainless reputation. The First Reveal: Although their as a consequence of the investigation
jolt of horror may have cost them, the so far. This is an optional floating
The Wakeup: The Investigators Investigators also gain information element, which can be inserted as
suffer a jolt of horror, most often a leading them closer to the heart of needed into the action.
horribly mangled victim or attack by the mystery.
evil and/or eldritch forces. The antagonist steals a key book
The antagonists’ attack (or the needed for the investigation from
Monsters start attacking anyone Wakeup in general) closely the Bookhounds’ shop or personal
who has touched a specific volume. resembles something mentioned in library.
a book a Bookhound has read.

Building a Bookhounds Campaign

The antagonist lures one or more The Final Reveal: The Investigators The Bookhounds must kill the
Bookhounds into an ambush, learn what’s really going on – and it’s antagonists without explosives
perhaps by offering a valuable worse than they imagined. or fire, so that they can loot the
book for sale. villain’s library afterward.
The antagonist’s actions fulfill a
The antagonist plants a dust- prophecy in the Necronomicon. Adding structural flexibility to the
thing (p. 69) on one of the spine are one or more floating events,
Bookhounds, or in the Bookhounds’ The evidence for the Final Reveal which can be inserted as needed
shop. comes from three or four separate into the action. The Blowback and
books, assembled, acquired, or Relief are examples of such events;
The Twist: The First Reveal in discovered during the scenario. others include a scene involving
turn leads to an upending of the an Investigator’s personal goals or
Investigators’ assumptions, and a loss Studying a map of London points Drive, an interaction with a Source
of their mental equilibrium. to the villain’s next and final of Stability, an auction or other scene
atrocity, which puts her previous laying the groundwork for a future
An 18th-century diary mentions activities into perspective. scenario, a delayed consequence of
the villain, describing him a previous scenario, or an uncanny
precisely. The Setup: The Investigators carry event tied to a location or specific
out a necessary action before the date. The players may add their own
Someone the Bookhounds have confrontation can occur. This element elements to the scenario, often by
cleared of suspicion shows an doesn’t always occur; when it does, venturing on a “mini-quest” to obtain
unexpected interest in Mythos it’s usually driven by player ingenuity some crucial book, evidence, or other
tomes at an auction. rather than Keeper pre-planning. resource to carry out their plan. The
Setup is an example of a potentially
Their prime suspect turns up slain The Bookhounds must steal, player-added element.
horribly, with pages torn out of the borrow, or find a book crucial to
book he was reading. the ritual, or crucial to disrupting This is a framework to fall back on
it. when needed, not a blueprint you
The Relief: The Investigators gain have to stick to. Any given element
unexpected aid or information, The Bookhounds must booby-trap may encompass one scene, a number
putting them back on the path to the villain’s book, or switch it with of scenes, or be only part of a scene.
victory. This may be as a result of their a useless (or dangerous) forgery. Relief may be needed earlier in the
investigation (a reluctant witness story; red herrings in the stretch
comes forward) or as a result of the The Bookhounds must bribe one may help you pace scenario events
blowback. (“It seemed like those of the antagonist’s allies to switch to match your time frame. Above all,
things were coming from Deptford sides; the ally is a book collector you’re responding to player initiative,
Park.”) This is an optional floating (of course). nudging but not pushing plot
element, which can be inserted as developments into as much structure
needed into the action. The Confrontation: The Investigators as seems mutually satisfying. It’s
clash decisively with the forces of evil, helpful while planning the Hook to
A collector whose life the hopefully winning at least a tactical think ahead to what the Twist and
Bookhounds saved in an earlier victory that restores a semblance of Final Reveal might be.
attack gives them access to a rare order in the near term. (Purist games’
clue tome. mileage may vary.) Only rarely will the resulting
adventure precisely match this
An old client has information The Bookhounds have altered the structure. However, using it to
connected to the mystery. villain’s book so that his ritual think ahead will help prepare you
destroys him rather than the Earth. for the messier, but more vital and
A recurring NPC shows up to interactive, scenario that does result
provide an enigmatic hint, The Bookhounds read a counter- when the players start engaging with
referencing a book the Bookhounds ritual from one of their books your game.
own or one they must track down. while stalemating the antagonist’s
monstrous allies.

Player-Driven Adventures

The Campaign Map Player-Driven and which ones lead to benefits or

information about ongoing challenges.
Give serious thought to
creating a campaign map for Adventures Next, make up the antagonist. If
your London. Print out a map If you don’t have an adventure planned you’re stumped, run through the
of London and start marking to go right that evening, or if an cults and monsters in this sourcebook
it up with weird locations, ongoing scenario demands some “down (or the corebook) and pick one that
Mythos “dread zones,” ley time” for verisimilitude’s sake (waiting sounds cool to you, or that matches
lines, and anything else that on the special ink from Belgium, or for the bibliographic element, as this
shows up. (A suitable base map the full moon), have the players pick a scenario’s villain. You can also use an
can be found on the Pelgrane plot hook they find interesting to chase NPC from your campaign’s “dramatis
website.) If you aren’t fortunate down. The players may show up to the personae” list (see p. 154) as the
enough to live in London, game between adventures eager to sniff villain, or build one from one (or
just having the map handy – out another rumour – our advice is to more) of the NPCs in this book (not
pinned up on a cork board, accede with delight and alacrity. After just the ones on p. 82-89 but anyone
or downloaded to a graphics all, they’ve already hooked themselves! from “Whitechapel Black-Letter” on
tablet – will help orient your You just have to reel them in, weaving p. 94). Alternatively, use one of the
adventures and put you into the line as you do so. Don’t worry plot threads in the Styles section, above
a proper sense of place. Just that the players will revolt at your (see p. 80), or something from the
reading the street names may improvisations: adventures that players Cthulhu Mythos section of the relevant
remind you of other London pick – especially those hooked into neighbourhood. As noted previously,
fictions you want to evoke in their character’s past experiences or add a book or two, if you don’t already
the game, as player or Keeper. specific interests – start out with a deep have one somewhere. By now, you have
Plot escapes and ambushes; deposit of good will and player buy-in. the makings of a scenario spine, and
mark off blocks where you’re If you can provide thrills and scares, the you should be able to reverse-engineer
reasonably sure the hunting specifics of the story will almost take a trail of clues from hook to horror.
horrors aren’t. Colour in the care of themselves.
ghoul warrens and let an “X”
mark the hyperdimensional Using Contacts
Gate to Lomar. Plot Hooks Given the plot hook, the players should
If you’ve added Adventures often throw up other decide what kind of contact might
megapolisomancy (p. 76) possibilities outside their spine: provide initial answers or assistance.
or any other sort of location- investigative roads not taken, rich targets The Bookhounds choose a contact
based magic or story element for sales pitches or housebreaking, the from any number of sources: their
to the game, both players and suspicious auction house that wasn’t pre-existing contacts and connections
Keeper will find having their connected to this particular cult. As (Trail of Cthulhu, p. 31), neighbourhood
own map incredibly useful. the campaign continues, the players contacts (p. 41), or other NPCs from
Indeed, as your campaign should write down these various leads, their copy of the dramatis personae
map gets ever more lined and possibilities, and sources on a “tip list. Keeping in mind the kind of help
annotated, you may find a sort sheet.” Between this increasing backlog they need, the players decide which
of location magic emerging of loose ends, and the various rumours of their possible contacts is likely to
even if you didn’t intend it to. floating around London (see p. 44), provide it. They should think creatively
London is like that. the players ought to rapidly accumulate – rationalizing the approach is half the
quite an evocative catalogue of scenario fun – and the Keeper should encourage
hooks. such improvisation: it invests the
players in the campaign, and spreads the
Once the players have picked a plot burden and the joy of setting creation
hook, the Keeper then improvises to the whole gaming group. In that
responses to their actions. Decide light, either the player or the Keeper
which items represent real Mythos can name the contact (if not yet named)
threats, which ones turn up mere and provide any sort of interesting or
occult or human horrors, which can colourful details about them. The
be quickly established as red herrings, Keeper should veto any detail too likely

Building a Bookhounds Campaign

to derail the story: no former big-game “If you were to ask me, I’d say it’s a rare octavo. If it’s a Pulp game,
hunters who just happen to have their most reminiscent of the Mohock threaten a Source of Stability, and drop
elephant gun handy, no simpering outrages of Queen Anne’s day. Dear information that way – a classic pulp
suitors to hand over an emerald the Queen Anne, so misunderstood.” First Reveal. Don’t worry overmuch
size of a plover’s egg. A really fun or about cleverness, or even plausibility in
interesting contact might migrate onto Once the players have uncovered an Arabesque style game. Just use each
the dramatis personae list and become that scene’s clue, it should raise a clue to point the players into the next
a recurring NPC, with all the dangers new question. Answering that next scene, seeking answers to the question
inherent in such a position. question may be as simple as heading it raises. Follow the spine pattern on p.
into another scene in another location, 89, moving from Curtain to Wakeup
Locating a contact may be as simple as or it may require some more research to First Reveal and so forth, as fast as
a telegram or a stop in at the local, or (in libraries, in the bookshop, or on you can manage it. Skipping the Curtain
it may require some fast talk or a dodgy the ground), or it may take another and the Twist makes a full-on “bug hunt”
detour through a grimy alley. If the little assist from another contact. If the chase scenario; adding Blowback gives
Keeper wants to tie the contact more players feel like they need another boost you time to come up with a suitably
directly into the plotline, it may require in the right direction to move ahead to scary or strange Final Reveal.
confronting a monster or a maniac: the next event, or if they act like it by
the contact might need to be rescued, aimless pondering and wandering, hand Keep the players moving forward,
bailed out, or bandaged before they can them the dramatis personae sheet or the eagerly chasing down the hint that
help the Bookhounds along. list of contacts for the neighbourhood they selected: story motion is its own
they find themselves in and let them reward. When in doubt, have two men
In general, contacts move the plot bring another contact on stage. (or Things) with wavy daggers burst
forward without solving any truly through the window, as Raymond
major problem (or taking any real risk) Chandler would have said if he wrote
for the Bookhounds. Remember, in a Putting it Together, for Weird Tales instead of Black Mask. If
GUMSHOE scenario, ideally each scene the game’s tone supports it, just let
contains a clue (or a batch of clues) to Together the players drive the victory condition,
move the adventure forward; each Constructing a player-driven adventure too: if their plan sounds cool, it works
clue is surrounded by an exciting or is still a work of collaboration; as … though perhaps not without one last
intriguing scene. Each contact provides Keeper, you can improvise, react, or gruesome surprise.
a nugget of information, an assist, or a even intervene if need be to drop a
hard shove to solve the scene’s obstacle clue for a future scenario or lay pipe
and get that scene’s clue. toward the big finish. The Keeper
should usually include a memorable
Simply calling on a contact doesn’t NPC (if the contact isn’t already
necessarily set the Bookhounds on memorable, or if her only role is to
the right path, although it can if the point the Bookhounds toward the real
Keeper is in a hurry or the players look action), or a potential conflict, or both
truly piteous. More likely, the contact in each scene. You can get any needed
provides a direction to search for the NPCs from the same places you got the
needed information: villain: your dramatis personae list, the
NPC section of this book, or from an
“I fink I saw ‘im go into that there adventure. The NPC in any given scene
sewer gratin’.” might be a secondary antagonist, an
information source, or even an ally –
“You move along or I’ll run you in but make her someone the players can
for loitering, just like I did that interact with interestingly.
foreign cove last night.”
You don’t have to wait for the players
“Ain’t ‘eard nuffing like ‘at since I to recruit a contact: if they seem to
left the Necropolis Railway ten year be flailing around aimlessly, toss in a
back. And ‘at sound is why I left it.” monster or a cultist attack, or have a
contact drop dead at their feet clutching


Whitechapel Black-Letter

Ripped From the

in the Trail of Cthulhu corebook,
alignment into a vesica piscis.
– THE HORROR AT RED HOOK “Roslyn D’Onston” was a real
person, born Robert D’Onston
Stephenson. My source for
D’Onston’s career, and for the
indictment of him as the Ripper,
This scenario can take place at any time
in the Thirties. It makes for a “throw
‘em in the deep end” introduction to
The Spine is Melvin Harris’ intriguing
The True Face of Jack the Ripper;
you can check the alignment
a Bookhounds campaign. It introduces The Uncongenial Mr. Dives hires the theory in Ivor Edwards’ even
rivals, seedy occultists, a bibliophilic Bookhounds to acquire a rare grimoire. more fascinating Jack the Ripper’s
club, and an ongoing feature of In their investigations, they meet any Black Magic Rituals. Except for
horrific London that can all generate number of Rivals for the Prize, both the Caedis Urbi, all details of his
sequels if the Keeper wishes. It’s professional and sorcerous. One such life and career in this adventure
as crowded as the best Pulp, but rival likely leads them to the seller, are accurate, as are those of
fundamentally grimy and bleak Ambrose Bowers, although they may Cremers, Collins, O’Donnell,
despite featuring warring gods. In trigger a Deathtrap in Wapping at his and Crowley. I also added
tone, it borrows from Sordid and old house. They may also discover that only one detail to the work of
Technicolour Londons, but is only their client is a Ripper-obsessed would- Professor Krappe on the entirely
a few more exotic foreigners away be magus by investigating the Offices too-intriguing figure of Balor.
from becoming Arabesque. of Horace & Moore on Mitre Street. I stole Thibaut de Castries,
Eventually, the Bookhounds discover and megapolisomancy in general,
Keepers should feel free to use or that the book they seek was owned by from Fritz Leiber’s masterpiece
re-use any of the NPCs, monsters, Jack the Ripper himself; they may look of Lovecraftian urban-fantastic
and so forth in this scenario as they into The Fiend’s Identity or buckle horror, Our Lady of Darkness. The
see fit. Keepers should also read the down and survive until An Auction in under-utilised Nagaäe come
adventure carefully and thoroughly Whitechapel ends it all. And perhaps (with one or two fillips of my
before running it; it’s detailed and Ends it All. own) from Eddy C. Bertin’s
dense enough to spark sequels from Cthulhu Mythos story Darkness,
the various loose ends and investigative At its most basic, this adventure has My Name Is. I have changed
threads within. In short, it’s intended only three core scenes: Dives hires the Ramsey Campbell’s version (in
to provide a number of roads into the Bookhounds; they find out about the The Room in the Castle) of Robert
Bookhounds of London setting first, and auction (usually after meeting Bowers); Bloch’s Byatis somewhat, but
to provide an introduction to Trail of they attend the auction. Everything these things will happen.
Cthulhu (a distant) second. else is a branching (albeit scenic and
informative) path.

Whitechapel Black-Letter

exclusive West End establishment

No Nodens Need Apply with a reputation for members with
There are players and Keepers who bear a grudge against Nodens, as
somewhat outré interests: astrology,
a perhaps understandable reaction to his casting as a “good” Elder God by
spiritualism, and Theosophy along
August Derleth and Brian Lumley, among others. This is slightly unfair to
with architecture, archaeology, and
Derleth and company, as they were following Lovecraft’s lead in Dream-
mathematics. Occult notes that it
Quest of Unknown Kadath. It’s more unfair to Nodens, who Arthur Machen
was initially founded in 1887 as a
equated with the horrific Pan in The Great God Pan, and whose appearance in
response to the Golden Dawn by
Lovecraft’s own The Strange High House in the Mist is still quite ambivalent.This
snobs interested in Hermetic lore but
adventure follows this harsher Nodens, especially Machen’s predatory force
unwilling to associate with the middle-
of madness carelessly reshaping humanity. It also follows the etymological
class climbers who ran the Order.
evidence of Nodens’ role as one of London’s tutelary deities, as noted on p.
44. It also works better dramatically, setting the human struggle over the
Johnstone Dives, according to Who’s
book against a shadowy war of the titans in London’s primordial past.
Who, is a gentleman of leisure. Born in
That said, you don’t need to mention or involve Nodens at all. Just
Capetown, father made a fortune in
assume that the rituals in the Black-letter come from Pnakotic wisdom or
mining, educated at Oxford, gained
the like, and that any ill effects come only from Byatis-energy backlash.
a First in Mathematics. Address in
On a kindred note: If you don’t want to introduce megapolisomancy
Pimlico, shooting place in Ayrshire.
into your campaign, leave out Thibaut de Castries and his book entirely.
(This isn’t even Library Use, any
Instead, Louis de Castries uses conventional Mythos magick: Summon/
more than “hit Wikipedia” would be
Bind Nightgaunt (or Hound-Lich; the mechanics are the same in this case,
in 2010. That said, an actual Library
except the hound-lich’s amulet replaces the Elder Sign), Howl of Pan (still
Use spend notes Dives’ occasional
perhaps using traffic noise or power line hum), and Runic Target (Rough
publications in non-Euclidean
Magicks, p. 20; this becomes the spell he inadvertently cast on Bowers’
topology.) An Occultist Bookhound
mother, summoning a Hound-Lich or Nightgaunt). He knows enough about
(or anyone who makes an Occult
London’s Mythos past that he can refresh his Magic pool (or Stability pool
spend) knows Dives has drifted around
for magickal purposes) entirely at Ludgate or on the Isle of Dogs, and refresh
the edges of a few magical societies
half of it in the shadow of Christchurch Spitalfields.
without really committing, and that
he has something of an unsavoury
reputation for arrogance and for
belittling those he considers “merely
The Horrible Truth – to shut Byatis’ Eye again, if they
choose to pay the price. Until then,

The Ripper’s murders outline the however, Byatis’ energies continue Dives proves to be a hawk-faced, sour-
Eye of Byatis, a horrific entity pinned to infect London. Or, of course, the looking man in his early 50s, with
beneath – and perhaps somehow Black-letter could allow someone to yellow-white hair tufted over his ears.
embodying – London. The Ripper, open Byatis’ Eye fully… He dresses well, but not particularly
however, was playing at a dangerous fashionably; his manners are brusque
game: his murders were a ritual at best. At dinner, he explains to the
dedicated to Byatis’ rival entity,
Nodens. The Ripper aimed at defining A Book to Kill For Bookhound that he has reason to know
that a copy of Johannes Turris’ Caedis
the Eye and closing the Eye part of Urbi Verae Claves has surfaced for sale.
the way, allowing him to harness The Uncongenial Mr. At this point, the Bookhound is free
the now-concentrated remainder of to show off his Bibliography by
Byatis’ magical force. As so many Dives noting that no copy of Turris’ banned
Mythos rituals do, it worked, though XI - XII. Pick a Bookhound for the and controversial work has appeared
not entirely as its architect envisioned: approach: ideally, a catalogue agent, outside major libraries since 1805.
the mystical backlash leached out the bookseller, or dilettante. That “Indeed, sir, I expect the sale of that very
Ripper’s drive and personality, and Bookhound receives an invitation to copy, the so-called De Castries copy. And I
eventually his very existence. The dine at the Pimander Club from one expect it within five days – a week at the
Black-letter contains the Ripper’s Johnstone Dives. most. And further, I expect you to acquire
calculations, allowing the Bookhounds it and authenticate it for me. Price is no
– or whoever winds up with the tome The Pimander Club is an object, and you shall not find me stingy as

Whitechapel Black-Letter

regards your services. But it must be that

copy, and no other.”

Dives would prefer to leave matters

there, but with a suitable use of
Streetwise (hinting at criminal
connections who need to know whom
to threaten) or Flattery (wide-
eyed admiration at Dives’ resources
in uncovering this bibliographic
opportunity), he provides a little
more information (Core Clue).
Dives has a rival collector, Paul
Fletcher, an astronomer in South
Africa. Dives’ agents there managed to
intercept a telegram sent by Fletcher
to one Aston Drummell: Fletcher
is arriving on the Carpentaria from
Capetown in five days, and Drummell
is to meet him at the Broadgate Hotel
“with the Keys to the City” (likely a
reference to the tome’s English title,
True Keys of the City of Death).

Any Bookhound knows Drummell;

he’s a catalogue agent specialising
in black-letters: books printed in
Germany in “black-letter” type
faces. A Bibliography spend
provides further data: Drummell
also specialises in prints and plates
from grimoires, cosmographies, and
alchemical works. (They sell quickly
and without questions, being visually
interesting and so widely plagiarised
and reproduced that they’re almost
impossible to identify as specifically
stolen.) Does Drummell know the
occult significance of this sideline?
Occultist Bookhounds (or those who arrogance. The Keeper should play Upon Further
ask around with an Oral History Dives as alternately imperiously
spend to get the gossip) know he’s condescending and nervously twitchy; Investigation
not personally one of London’s occult make him as suspicious as you can The Bookhounds have several possible
scenesters, but he and the bookshop to encourage player paranoia. A leads to follow: the Caedis Urbi itself,
he mostly works for, Hathaway & Co. Bookhound who makes a Medicine the buyer Paul Fletcher, their rival
Fine Books (see p. 83), do brisk spend notices Dives’ sallow Aston Drummell, and of course their
business with such folk. complexion and his discoloured client Johnstone Dives.
fingernails; Dives likely has a liver
Using Assess Honesty, the infection. Later Shadowing efforts, Bookhounds with Antiquarianism,
Bookhound notices there’s more that should such eventuate, can also take Scholarship, or Thirst for
Dives isn’t saying, and that he’s very in Dives’ visits to a Harley Street Knowledge as Drives find investigating
keyed up about this book, but with specialist in liver disease. the book tempting. (The latter two may
an undertone of almost unearthly soon find Fletcher intriguing as well.)

Whitechapel Black-Letter

one Julien de Castries, subsequently

The Pimander Club raised to the title Comte de Castries
Behind tasteful white pilasters and respectable Victorian gray stone, the by Napoleon. That copy hasn’t been
Pimander Club has a reading room, a smoking room, and a library, primarily seen since his son Raymond de Castries
distinguishable by the number and softness of the chairs (and members) showed it to a visitor in Rome in 1860.
planted in each room. Its dining room (in the tradition of the best London With a 2-point spend: The book has
clubs) is hardly distinguishable at all, but it keeps an excellent cellar. The the reputation of being cursed: the “de
upstairs chambers are for senior members, guests from reciprocal clubs Castries copy” was allegedly present in
overseas, and the committee only. It takes all major periodicals, and its occult Münster shortly before its implosion
library (members and guests only) is quite respectable: it provides 1 bonus at the hands of an apocalyptic cult in
pool point for Occult, and (thanks to its many rarities and auction catalogues) 1542, and in Magdeburg shortly before
1 dedicated Bibliography pool point for works on the occult. its destruction in 1631 by Habsburg
The Keeper can use the Club in other adventures going forward as she besiegers, who turned the book over to
sees fit. She can: the Church.
• Dangle membership in the Club (and association with its plenitude of
wealthy occult-minded weirdos) as a carrot in front of suitable Bookhounds, Languages: Latin: “Caedis” is more
or use it as a reward for some truly remarkable feat of secret heroism. specifically translated as “violent death,”
• Make it an ongoing story hook; even if the Bookhounds can never “murder,” or “slaughter.”
qualify for membership (not in those clothes, anyway), satisfied members can
recommend the Bookhounds’ tome-tracking or monster-quashing services to Library Use: Julien, Comte de
others. Any wealthy eccentric might be a member, or the friend of a member. Castries died in Moscow in 1812;
A dead member might name the Bookhounds as their library executors his son Raymond inherited the title
to handle the estate sale … and make them deal with creepy page-sniffing until the Bourbon Restoration of
scavengers from the other end of the gavel this time around. 1814 disallowed all Bonapartist titles.
• Nestle a secret Mythos cult into the club’s membership: perhaps the club Raymond reportedly died in 1871 from
committee are allYog-Sothoth worshipers, or members of the Brotherhood of privations suffered during the siege
the Yellow Sign. Or perhaps the club’s servants and staff are the actual occult of Paris; he had an illegitimate son,
powerhouses, using the members as nothing but a stream of money and thick- Thibaut.
headed meat-shields.
With a 1-point spend: Raymond
was radicalised by the theft of his
title; he joined the Carbonari mystical
terror-society in Italy and fought with
Bookhounds with Arrogance as a
Drive really, really resent Drummell
The Book Garibaldi in 1860 and 1863. With a
2-point spend: The current claimant
horning in; the Keeper can use him What the Bookhounds can find out about to the de Castries title is Louis de
to lead them deep into the adventure. the book and its previous owners, using Castries, great-grandson of Raymond’s
(They might also resent being various abilities: younger brother Jerome. Louis, an
patronised by Dives, at the Keeper’s active esoteric Freemason, lives in
discretion.) Bibliography: Caedis Urbi Verae Claves Lyon.
(“True Keys of the City of Death”),
Bookhounds with Greed as a Drive written by Johannes Turris, was printed at Occult: Thibaut de Castries founded
want to find out about their rivals, Mainz in 1530. It was almost immediately the magical Society of the Onyx Dusk
either to get a sense of what the market condemned by local church authorities as in San Francisco around the turn of
will bear for the book, or to see if they demonic, and ordered burnt by the public the century on the basis of “Black
can get a better deal than Dives offers. executioner.A few copies survived, mostly Pythagorean science.” He claimed the
in major episcopal libraries in Germany 1906 Earthquake was his doing, and
Eventually, Curiosity or one of those and Italy. The most recent copy known believed in “gigantic paramental forces”
leads takes them to the seller, a man was looted in 1805 from the library of comprising the “new necropolis,” the
named Ambrose Bowers, who can St. Stephen’s Church in Braunau, Austria, massive industrial city of today.
be made to reveal the book’s dark during the Napoleonic Wars.
connection to Whitechapel. With a 1-point spend: He wrote
With a 1-point spend: The looter was a book on his theories called

Whitechapel Black-Letter

most of his professional contacts.

With a 1-point spend: His last

paper dealt with NGC 5189, a
planetary nebula eerily resembling
our own Galaxy in the constellation
Musca. He reportedly discovered a
new nebula shortly before writing
that paper, but for some reason
the Journal of the Royal Astronomical
Society never published his discovery.

Bargain: By slipping a small

consideration to the night clerk at
the Broadgate Hotel (convenient
to Liverpool Street Station), a
Bookhound can discover that Fletcher
requested (and received) a room
on the top floor, with an east view.
Fletcher’s reservation is for three
nights, beginning the fifth night after
dinner with Dives. Getting into that
room (with Locksmith, for example)
reveals an unassuming view of east
London, centreing on the steeple of
Christchurch, Spitalfields.

Library Use: While any good

scientific library can give the
information under Astronomy about
Fletcher with a 1-point spend, only
the library of the Royal Astronomical
Society in Burlington House (see p.
30) has a copy of his final pre-

With access to that library, a

1-point spend uncovers that pre-
print, submitted to the JRAS but
never published: Discovery of A New
Megapolisomancy, or A New Science
of Cities. With this clue, a 1-point The Buyer Nebula in Musca. This pre-print
Bibliography spend reveals that de What the Bookhounds can find out includes photographs of a previously
Castries tried to destroy all copies of about Paul Fletcher, using various unknown nebula resembling a staring
his own work before his death. With a abilities: eye; Fletcher names it the Balor
2-point spend: He believed that all Nebula, after the mythical one-
cities attracted or created paramental Astronomy: Fletcher was a eyed giant of Irish mythology. (This
entities of “electro-mephitic stuff ” promising prodigy, extending John nebula has been discovered since,
that “choked and compressed the life Herschel’s work in South Africa by in 1996, and named the Hourglass
out of all urbanites, fast or slow, in devoted, almost fanatical, mapping Nebula. The Keeper is encouraged
stifling air.” The gigantic paramentals and re-mapping of the Southern to find a picture online and show it
were fundamentally opposite to life, Hemisphere constellations. His to the players.) A 2-point spend
immense funerary deities “buried in and stream of publications stopped in Burlington House discovers the
burying their quasi-living necropolis.” abruptly six years ago, and he cut off full, un-edited version of Fletcher’s

Whitechapel Black-Letter

Caedis Urbi Verae Claves, by Johannes Turris (1530; Latin)

This book’s “true keys” are lengthy explorations and explanations of fifty geometric, astrological, and other symbols
for manipulating the energies of a city. Turris claimed that all human cities reflect prehuman, parahuman, or demonic
foundations, from either the past or future. The text mentions not only Atlantis, Rome, and Nineveh but (among others)
Commoriom, Sarnath, Olathoë, and the invisible city at the magnetic poles.
Skimming the book provides 1 dedicated Investigative pool point for any occult investigation into, or involving, a city; 2
points if the reader also has access to Megapolisomancy. Poring over it provides +1 to your Cthulhu Mythos rating, 2 Magic
potential points, 1 Megapolisomancy potential point, and eventually (at the Keeper’s discretion) the identities of the gods
or titans whose true cities overshadow yours.
The heavily annotated de Castries-D’Onston copy adds an additional 1 Investigative pool point for any occult investigation
into London, 1 more Megapolisomancy potential point (for London only), and identifies London’s patron deities as Nodens
and Byatis. (Or Zhar-Lloigor, or Cthugha and Shub-Niggurath, or whatever the Keeper desires.)
Megapolisomancy, or A New Science of Cities, by Thibaut de Castries (1900; English)
De Castries claims that cities, especially modern cities, serve as accumulations of death-energies, immense steel-
and-electric versions of the Pyramids of Egypt and other ancient hermetic constructs. His “new science” encompasses
predicting new construction, causing earthquakes, awakening the “paramental” entities that haunt cities, and a wide panoply
of divinations and curses using sacred geometry and map-reading. The book was privately published in San Francisco from
proofs set up in Europe; before his death in 1929, de Castries rounded up most of the extant copies and burned them.
Skimming the book provides 1 dedicated Investigative pool point for any occult investigation into, or involving, a city:
2 points if the reader also has access to Caedis UrbiVerae Claves. Poring over it provides 2 Megapolisomancy potential points;
3 if the reader has already read Caedis UrbiVerae Claves.

previous paper on NGC 5189, which

explains why the Society ignored
The Rival With a 1-point spend: The only
specific title Drummell bought
his supposed new nebula. The What the Bookhounds can find out about that comes to mind immediately is
final section of this paper includes Aston Drummell, using various abilities: Balor and the Evil Eye, by Alexander
a deranged rant about scale and Haggerty Krappe. It’s not worth
relativity, implying an astrological Bibliography: Gives the information anything, which is odd for Drummell.
connection between NGC 5189 and about Drummell on p. 96. With Finding it is fairly easy, with Library
the destruction of Troy. (NGC 5189 a 1-point spend: Bookhounds can Use or the Bookseller special ability:
is about 3,300 light-years away, discover his usual round of appointments: Krappe argues that the myth of Lugh
approximately the distance in time various booksellers, antiquarian and Balor is only one reflection of
between the Trojan War and the establishments, and the Bagatelle Club to a much older, wider myth pitting
modern day.) play cards and meet clients. a warlike hero (Lugh, Krishna,
Culhwch, Apollo, Zeus) against a
Paul Fletcher Oral History: (Any Bookhound devouring giant or god (Balor, Rahu,
Astronomy 4, Fleeing 2, Health 5 might also be able to use any number of Ysbadadden, Typhon, Saturn) who
Interpersonal abilities, or an offered squiz, the hero kills (often by beheading),
to get this information.) buries, or enslaves. Often the fertile
hero is trying to debauch, seduce, or
Chewing the fat at any of Drummell’s marry the daughter or priestess of
usual bookseller stops indicates that he’s the sterile or poisonous giant-god.
been picking up books on unusual subjects Sometimes the dueling gods are father
for him: Irish mythology, geometry, and and son, or brothers. One version
Jack the Ripper. He’s also been selling features a one-eyed giant named
a few titles he picked up in the East Vy (in Serbia) or Vyatis (in Thrace)
End; nothing significant in the books whose mouth or eye must be propped
themselves, but the idea of a sleek fellow open by his servants. With a 2-point
like Drummell in the East End is striking. spend: Drummell has started asking
about a book called Megapolisomancy,

Whitechapel Black-Letter

by Thibaut de Castries. Maybe he has in 1805. For all I know, you stole it from poker face defeats Assess Honesty
a buyer? her. If you start getting too many ideas, you for anyone but a fellow catalogue agent,
may find it stolen from you before you see who recognises someone dealing with
With Evidence Collection, looking a shilling.” The Knowledge identifies an annoying seller who has started
through the books Drummell sold Bowers’ accent (between wet coughs) thinking (badly) for himself. But a
at one bookshop discovers a paper as service-class Cockney; a 1-point well-played Interpersonal ability (a
coaster with “Ten Bells” printed on it in spend pins it down to Wapping. needling bluff with Intimidation, a
unconvincing pseudo-Victorian type well-intentioned offer of a squiz and
over ten ill-drawn church bells. It’s Confronting Drummell openly leads a Bargain) gets Drummell to slip:
stuck to the back of a book, as though to little more than verbal fencing of “Who’s your client, by the way? Von Kant
Drummell had rested a pile of books the sort that all book-dealers are used or Dives?” If the Bookhound betrays
on a sticky bar. The Knowledge to from competitors. His professional confusion at the mention of “von Kant,”
identifies “Ten Bells” as a pub in
Whitechapel. (Core Clue, if the
Bookhounds muff their Shadowing.) In the Eye of Byatis
The Eye of Byatis, while open, has any number of rules effects (see p. 113)
Shadowing: Successfully picking up at the Keeper’s discretion. Its gaze also warps and distorts the Bookhounds’
Drummell’s trail before he knows he’s experiences while within the Eye, with or without a Sense Trouble test. Dish
being followed is a Difficulty 3 test. out any of the following weird events to suit the adventure’s rhythm or build
On a success, the Bookhound shadows weirdness:
him around London for a while, and • Graffiti featuring an eye, often chalked over snake squiggles, appears on
eventually to a meeting in the Ten walls and fences.
Bells pub on Commercial Road in • Lots of crows alighting on telegraph and telephone lines overhead, or
Whitechapel. If the Bookhound fails scattering in strange ovoid flocks from an unknown disturbance.
the Shadowing test or otherwise alerts • Shop signs coincidentally align: “MosBY House” “sATISfied customers”
Drummell, all Difficulty numbers to • A gin-soaked tramp, passing the Bookhounds, mutters under his breath
Shadow him are 1 higher. “Toads took ‘im, past the stone door. Be at ‘is throat in no time. Snakes for beards.” If
confronted, he claims to have no idea what they’re talking about.
Aston Drummell • Eyes watering from a sudden acrid stench, a Bookhound sees the sign
Auction 6, Athletics 8, Credit Rating 5 for Batty Street (one block east of Berner Street) as “Byatis Street.” When he
(socially; income is actually 4 or lower), blinks his eye clear, it’s back to normal.
Driving 3, Health 7, Preparedness 3, • It seems like more than the average number of tramps and loungers
Scuffling 4, Shadowing 4, Stealth 2 have eye-patches, or great wens under one eye, or spectacles with one lens
• After entering the Eye for the first time, the Bookhound with the highest
Ten Bells Pub Cthulhu Mythos rating (or the one with the lowest Sanity) has a nightmare
With another Shadowing test at about being chased by an immense one-eyed toad in the forest.When the trees
Difficulty 4, the shadower can overhear turn to stone walls, the dreamer fights an urge to turn around as he hears a
Drummell’s conversation with a stone door scraping aside … (2-point Stability test after the first dream; if the
doughy, sweaty fellow who chews the dreamer is sleeping inside the Eye, the dream forces a 3-point Stability test and
ends of his mustache and seems to recurs every night the dreamer spends in Whitechapel.)
“need more” and “mebbe ‘as a dooty to other • While tracking someone through a back alley, the Bookhound takes a
parties, like.” Over the course of the queer turn and finds himself facing a stone wall with a doorway inset in it, also
conversation, Drummell calls the man covered in stone. Behind the door, he hears a sort of sibilant croaking; one eye
“Bowers.” Bowers coughs, spits, and suddenly hurts badly. He cannot open the door or find the alley again. (3-point
occasionally gasps or wheezes for air: Stability test)
Medicine would guess tuberculosis, • The first Bookhound to see the eye of one of the Nagaäe has a sudden,
or (if it were 1918 instead of the overwhelming auditory hallucination: a vast, sibilant croaking forms the word
Thirties) a recent gas attack. The key “BYATIS” while echoing off vast stone halls. (3-point Stability test; on a failure,
phrase: “Listen, Bowers, old fellow, don’t the Bookhound is also dazed for a number of rounds equal to the margin of
come over high-minded all of a sudden. Your failure.)
mother stole that book from someone who
stole it from someone whose father stole it

Whitechapel Black-Letter

Drummell smirks: “If you haven’t met Victorian (Architecture confirms

her, I can’t say I recommend the experience. Other Leads to Mitre this; the building probably dates from
Keep an eye out for her … pets.” And that Street the 1860s) office frontage at 84 Mitre
is his last word on the topic as he rises Some playtest groups never Street, in the City. Although following
to leave, but Assess Honesty notices even considered shadowing Dives up the narrow stairs to the
that Drummell glances subconsciously or otherwise investigating second floor without being spotted
at the nearest sewer grating on his way their client, which shows a or recognised is virtually impossible
out. commendable trust and honesty (Difficulty 7), finding his offices is
completely foreign to your simple: Evidence Collection notes
Picking Drummell’s pocket is a standard grotty Bookhound. the less-disturbed dust in front of the
Difficulty 5 Filch; if successful, If you suspect your group has door, or investigative Disguise and
the thief snags Drummell’s wallet, similar qualms (or if they lose a package gets the Bookhound into
containing a few pounds, a flyleaf Dives in the street), use Aston all the other offices without result, or
from the Carpentaria’s schedule, and Drummell, Birgit von Kant, whatever else sounds good. Dives has
a piece of note-paper with Ambrose Louis de Castries, or one of been frequenting the offices of “Horace
Bowers’ name and address in Wapping, Magwitch’s thugs (investigating & Moore, Architects.”
along with any other clues to future a rival for the book) to lead the
adventures or coveted items the Keeper Bookhounds to the offices of
wishes to plant. Horace & Moore. Horace & Moore
Make sure to put Dives’ Getting through the front door with
Reassurance: After Drummell and bookplate in all the books in Locksmith reveals a dusty, barely used
Bowers have gone, a Bookhound with the laboratory, and perhaps a outer office: bare desk and chair, lamp
Credit Rating 1 or 2 can ask the Irish canceled cheque from Dives with no bulb, disconnected phone,
barman, Terry Fleyt, about “Bowers.” to the realty company in the almost empty file cabinet. A ledger in
With the understanding that nobody ledger, so that the players can the cabinet shows only that the rent is
wants to see Bowers come to any harm make a solid connexion to paid through the year by a City law firm.
(and perhaps a little honest resentment Dives. The lock on the door in the wall behind
of Drummell’s “bloody West End the desk is trickier: it takes a 1-point
ways”), Fleyt says that Ambrose Bowers Locksmith spend to open it without
lived in Wapping with his mum (who leaving obvious signs it’s been picked.
used to be in service) until about a Once open, it reveals not the expected
week ago. Now he’s apparently moved warren of corridors and offices, but a
to Whitechapel, based on how often as a mercurial, occasionally obsessive
he comes into the Ten Bells, but tells collector: his pursuit of a 1510 variant
people he’s still living in Wapping. “He’s printing of Euclid is still legendary.
sayin’ ‘e’s got a big deal in the warks that’ll
get ‘im out agin, but that’s what half the With a 1-point spend: His most
folk in ‘ere say. Somethin’ about a book, one recent obsession appears to be London
his ma had. Or has, could be.” (A Credit history, especially the history of the
Rating 3 Bookhound can spend 1 point East End: Spitalfields, Whitechapel,
of Bargain and a few bob to get the Wapping, Shoreditch, etc. He has hired
same information. Toffs get a shrug.) several different catalogue agents to
pursue books, pamphlets, and prints
on the topic. This disguises his interest
The Client somewhat, a familiar tactic to keep
prices low. large empty space, cleared of interior
What the Bookhounds can find out walls and dominated by an enormous
about Johnstone Dives, using various Shadowing: Covertly following the painted symbol on the floor.
abilities: twitchy Johnstone Dives is a Difficulty
4 test. In addition to his club, his Recourse to the Occult identifies
Bibliography: Dives regularly collects Pimlico townhouse, and his Harley the symbol as a “vesica piscis,” literally
works on the occult, mathematics, Street specialist, Dives eventually the “bladder of a fish.” It represents
and architecture. He has a reputation leads his shadows to a nondescript fish, fertility, the intersection of two

Whitechapel Black-Letter

realms (usually Heaven and Earth, but edition, with its preface by John Dee. • Arguing that the various myths
sometimes Heaven and Hell), doorways (Poring over the 1510 edition gives splinter and distort over time,
or boundaries, the square root of three, 1 Megapolisomancy potential Dives further identifies Lludd
and divine power. point to a reader who already knows with the Irish Lugh, the killer (by
megapolisomancy exists.) beheading) of the giant Balor, who
The same symbol appears on the large had one enormous, death-dealing
Ordnance Survey map of Whitechapel Stealing a book or three is fairly easy, Eye.
pinned to the west wall, although the although Dives will almost certainly
map itself is so covered by pinned- notice the absence of the 1510 Euclid. • For example, Nedwin Readthawe’s
up calculations, newspaper clippings, It’s a Difficulty 5 Preparedness Folkloric Survivals of the SevernValley
and weather reports that it takes a test for a Bookseller, Book Scout, or (Brichester, 1910) connects the
1-point Evidence Collection spend Catalogue Agent to “just happen” to demon Byatis (a one-eyed demon
to notice. Once discovered, though, have a book with the same size and sealed up “behind a stone door” by
it’s a doozy: the symbol traced on the binding of either Euclid suitable for a the Romans) not only with Balor
map connects four sites in Whitechapel quick substitution; similarly replacing and Bran, but with the legend of
(Hanbury Street, Berner Street, Buck’s any other book here is only a Difficulty the Berkeley Toad, a one-eyed
Row, Dorset Street) and one in the City 4 test. (Increase those Difficulties by monster that haunts the woods
(Mitre Square). Use of Law or The one for other Occupations.) in the region. (Skimming this
Knowledge identifies these as five of book provides 1 dedicated pool
Jack the Ripper’s murder sites – and Unless the Bookhounds plan to make a point in History, Occult, or
notes that this office overlooks Mitre night of it, they don’t have much time Oral History for investigations
Square out its east windows. to research Dives’ research, but a kindly in the Severn Valley; it can be
Keeper might allow rapid thumbing of skimmed multiple times during an
Along the south wall, a long chemical the shelves’ contents and the discovery adventure. Poring over it provides
table holds a compact laboratory: of one item from the list below for each +1 to your Cthulhu Mythos
burners, alembics, and such. point of Library Use the Bookhounds rating only if you already have one.)
The cabinets on the table contain hurriedly spend here:
innumerable sample jars and bottles, • Some of London’s landmarks
labeled in Dives’ fussy handwriting. • Dives believes the symbol is not secretly focus the power of Lugh,
From all across Whitechapel, Dives just a doorway but an Eye. such as Nicholas Hawksmoor’s
has apparently gathered earth from “Apollonian” churches.
every churchyard, water from every • London – Kaer Lud, or Lud (Architecture recognises
sewer main, and (if the labels are to Dun – is the city of the Welsh god Christchurch Spitalfields, on the
be believed) illuminating gas from Lludd, alias Nudd, also the Irish edge of the Eye, as such a church.)
the lamps that once burned in the Nuada. (Archaeology knows that
neighbourhood. Candles, athames, Nudd/Nuada was called Nodens in • Thus the vesica marks both the Eye
chalk, cord, and similar sorcerous Roman times; Occult knows that of Balor and an arena for Lud/Lugh
impedimenta take up another cabinet he is identified with the Abyss, and and Bran/Balor, the twin gods of
on the table. with Great Pan.) London, always fighting.

On the north wall is a row of • Ludgate is thus a place of power If the Bookhounds show signs of hanging
bookshelves, holding bound copies for the god Lludd; other generally around too long, either now or later,
of all London papers for 1888-1891, solar-aspected places in London Dives returns unexpectedly. With a
as well as 250 or so books on various likewise. Difficulty 4 Sense Trouble, they hear
topics: the architecture of Nicholas him coming and can pile out the back
Hawksmoor, the sociology of the East • Their opposite, dark- or moon- window into Mitre Square. (Athletics
End, Welsh legendry, geometry and aspected places, Dives believes, are test at Difficulty 4 to make it down to
topology, and the crimes of Jack the places of power for Bran, the giant the ground without injury.) If he finds
Ripper. Bibliography identifies whose severed head once lay buried them in his private magickal laboratory,
that variant 1510 Euclid, marked beneath Tower Hill. “Bran” means his first instinct is to fire them and swear
up and stuffed with calculations on raven, his city is Lon Din, the out a complaint against them with the
note-paper, and nearby a less-abused “fortress of the blackbird.” police. A quick use of Cop Talk or Law
copy of Billingsley’s 1570 English convinces Dives that it’s better not to

Whitechapel Black-Letter

invite the Yard into his murder shrine, It’s also very dangerous, though not
The Other Murder Sites but it takes a prodigiously roleplayed uninformative.
Discovering Dives’ laboratory Reassurance (and perhaps the
at Mitre Square may send promise of a squiz) to convince Dives
Bookhounds scurrying to the not to fire them. If the Bookhounds Deathtrap in Wapping
other four Ripper sites on simply clean out the offices and cart Entering Bowers’ two-room flat in
the map, looking for leads or everything away for later reading, have Wapping, the Bookhounds first notice
trouble. The Dorset Street site them make a Difficulty 5 Conceal test the smell of decay.The body of a woman
of Mary Kelley’s murder, the (which can be piggybacked) to avoid in her 50s is almost crushed into the
former Miller’s Court, is gone; leaving clues. If the players suggest horsehair cushions of a lumpy settee.
the Spitalfields Fruit Exchange arson, they need to make a Difficulty Bloody bones spatter a table at her
sits on the site. The Hanbury 5 Stealth test (Difficulty 4 between feet. Mismatched silver and china tea
Street site of Annie Chapman’s midnight and 4 a.m.) to avoid being things lie smashed across the body, for
murder is now inside a brewery seen leaving the site of the fire and the most part; Evidence Collection
yard with little or no Mythos investigated by the City Police. Dives’ notes a silver spoon and butter knife
significance. Buck’s Row and reaction to burglary or arson is to several feet from the body, near an
Berner Street, however, are redouble his efforts to get the Caedis open escritoire with a cheap Latin
almost as bleak and squalid as Urbi; he will push the Bookhounds into grammar on it. The escritoire is empty,
they were in 1888. They are dangerous confrontations with von but Evidence Collection notes a
excellent places for the Keeper Kant, de Castries, and Magwitch. shred of blackish leather clinging to a
to: protruding nail-head: Bibliography
Johnstone Dives establishes that it’s part of the Caedis
• drop in one or more Nagaäe, Auction 1, Health 2, Magic 3+ Urbi’s morocco cover. (Bowers caught it
paramentals, hound-liches, etc. on the nail pulling it out of the cabinet.)
sent by one or another of the Forensics discerns that the woman
Bookhounds’ rivals – possibly
including Drummell. The Seller choked to death while being pressed
into the couch; there are bruises but
Following Drummell, or otherwise no obvious wounds. The bloody bones
• introduce a ghost, such as the investigating his movements, leads the (as Biology will confirm) are those
shade of D’Onston from p. Bookhounds to Bowers. Once von Kant of a small dog. It’s at this point that the
110. and de Castries appear on the scene, Keeper should call for a Difficulty 4
they might also lead the Bookhounds Sense Trouble test; Bookhounds who
• plant de Castries or von Kamp to Bowers, if only by following him succeed note a strong smell of ozone
(or Dives!) for some not-so- themselves while hunting the black- and sulphur underlying the decay, and
undisturbed ritual work of letter. getting stronger; they have a chance to
whatever sort the scenario’s feel hold their breath.
calls for. Shadowing: Covertly following the
extremely paranoid Ambrose Bowers This stifling air is the spoor of a
• unleash some “dread zone” is a Difficulty 5 test. It’s also not much paramental entity materialising,
spookiness from the Eye of use; it only leads them to his cheap drawn by the Bookhounds’ questing
Byatis (see p. 100). bedsit off Brick Lane. Breaking into the presence. It takes its form from dust,
shabby room is simple even without clutter, shredded paper and cloth, and
• otherwise add tension or Locksmith, but searching it indicates the remains of Mrs. Bowers’ dog. It
flavour. only that Bowers has hidden the book continues its attack until all Bookhounds
somewhere else. but one are dead or unconscious; it
then asks the survivor “Who seeks the
If the Bookhounds can’t follow Bowers, Book?” This question forms out of dust,
or even if they can, they may well the letters hanging in midair, lit as if
try finding his old rooms (or rather, by electric fire. (During this period,
those of his mother, Ellen Bowers) in the pressure on the survivor eases; his
Wapping. This is fairly easy for any suffocation Difficulty stays steady for
Credit Rating 1 or 2 Bookhound two rounds.) Upon receiving a useful –
with any plausible Interpersonal spend. not necessarily truthful – and responsive

Whitechapel Black-Letter

answer (“Dives” or “Drummell,” for

example, not “myself ” or “sod off ”) it
dematerialises. Any other answer brings
continued choking.

Even if the Bookhounds flee the thing,

the Keeper should allow a final 1-point

Paramental entities may
be the larva of city energies or
parasites on cities. Regardless,
they are associated with cities
and the inhuman titans that
underlay or haunt them. Their
immaterial bodies thrive on the
“electro-mephitic” atmosphere
of cities, especially modern
ones; when they materialise,
they use any available material
from crumpled linen to loose
papers to garbage to the flesh
of small animals. They may only
materialise in specific locations
charged with paramental force
or where they are aimed by a
megapolisomantic calculation.
Stifling Air:The paramental
thickens the air in its target
location, choking those present.
(Use the suffocation rules on
p. 68 of the Trail of Cthulhu
corebook.) This costs the
paramental 1 Health per round,
but requires no Scuffling test.
Game Statistics
Abilities: Athletics 8, Health
8, Scuffling 8 Evidence Collection spend by the open (by the unfortunate Mrs. Bowers),
Hit Threshold: 4 Bookhound who used Forensics: he and holds a piece of thin note-paper
Alertness Modifier: +1 finds an envelope that he must have (Document Analysis identifies it
Weapon: special (stifling air; pulled from under the body and shoved as French, from a pocket notebook)
see above); +0 (strangling) into his pocket when the paramental bearing a peculiar elongated cross, some
Armor: non-silver physical attacked. If they best the paramental, any carefully noted numbers, and the words
weapons do minimum damage; Bookhound can find it without a spend, CAN.BELI+NODON+LIBE.CAE. When
it can re-form 1 Health point assuming they take any time to check Mrs. Bowers accidentally opened her
each round. If reduced to 0 out the room. son’s mail, this paper summoned the
Health, it dematerialises for 20 paramental. It killed her and lurked in
minutes; only magic can kill it. The envelope is addressed to “Bowers,” ambush waiting for Bowers, but he held
Stability Loss: +1 and postmarked from Millwall (which it off with the silver knife and spoon long
The Knowledge confirms is on the enough to grab the book and run, at the
Isle of Dogs) a week ago. It has been slit cost of serious pulmonary damage from

Whitechapel Black-Letter

the stifling air attack. Belinus, like Lugh associated with named Mabel, who fell under the sway
dogs. of one “Dunstan,” an adventurer; and the
It’s up to the Keeper when (and three went into business together. “1890,
whether) to allow a spend to puzzle out • A 2-point spend of Languages: this was.” Dunstan was given to strange,
the paper; waiting until the Bookhounds Latin thus allows a tentative magical boasting, repeatedly hinting
have tossed Dives’ geomantic library and translation: “The Hound of Beli + at his murderous past; his paramour
lab is certainly defensible. The Keeper Nodens + Book of Death.” decided he was actually Jack the Ripper.
can even dribble revelations and allowed
spends out as the Bookhounds find more An extremely generous Keeper might Mabel went to her mystical friend for
threads to the mystery. Ideally, they will allow the destruction of this note and advice; the lady decided to search his
have run across at least some mention envelope to destroy or dismiss the belongings, which he kept on their
of Hawksmoor churches, de Castries’ paramental, though obviously at the cost shared premises. She found a locked
paramental theories, map-magic, of ever being able to reconstruct the chest holding some books, papers, and
Nodens, and Welsh myth before much of message. blood-stained cravats; she shut the chest
the following occurs to them: but kept a copy of the key. So when
the business fell apart, and Mabel and
• A 2-point spend of The Talking to Bowers Dunstan ended their sordid romance,
Knowledge figures out that the If the Bookhounds simply approach the lady once more opened Dunstan’s
cross matches the meeting point Ambrose Bowers they discover that his chest, this time taking not only Mabel’s
of lines drawn toward the Bowers panic and dislike of Drummell make him quite immodest letters, but the oldest
residence from the Isle of Dogs quite willing to talk. Even if they don’t and most powerful of his books. When
and from St. George-in-the-East, a approach him, he’ll approach them after the lady retired to Wales, she left the
Hawksmoor church in Wapping. (If they’ve visited Wapping, or once they’ve book with her trusted maid “for safe-
the Keeper can contrive it, laying obviously become part of the story. keeping, like. As a sort of payment for faithful
the paper over Dives’ map will Bargain is the best tactic; Bowers wants service.”
illustrate this.) to sell his book for a lot of money “an’
get aht of the Smoke for good. Go somewhere His combination of fear and greed comes
• A 1-point Occult spend notes as it’s sunny and open. Canada, mebbe.” across clearly to Assess Honesty; for
that the inscription is a near- Reassurance that the Bookhounds all that, the same ability notes that he is
palindrome; such things are often won’t shop him to Drummell or de mostly telling the truth as he knows it.
associated with “ghost traps” and Castries keeps him focused on the offer (With the obvious exception of the way
spirit-writing. long enough to try a little selling of his Bowers’ mother obtained the book.) But
own. he won’t sell the book right here and
• A 1-point Physics spend now: “Don’t worry; it’s syfe. But think op
interprets the numbers as vector Over a pint or three at the Black Lion a worthy offer, an’ I’ll tell you when we c’n
mathematics, adding forces from Pub (“not the Bells; ahr mutual friend seal the deal. We shouldn’t oughter meet agin
various sources, impacting a Drummell knows me there”), Bowers ‘til then.” With that, he slides out of the
common point. explains what makes this copy of Caedis booth and disappears into the lowering
Urbi so special: it was once owned by evening fog.
• Another 1-point Occult spend none other than … Jack the Ripper!
identifies “Beli” as the father of Bowers’ ma (“never meant it to happen; she Ambrose Bowers
“Lud,” builder of Ludgate and weren’t wanting to sell, but we wanted aht, we Filch 2, Fleeing 4, Health 4, SenseTrouble 5
mythical King of Britain. Beli may both did”) was once in service to a “lidy of
be a version of the Celtic sun god mystical bent, like.” This lady had a friend

Whitechapel Black-Letter

Finding Bowers Again

Some playtest groups became understandably obsessed with finding Bowers again. In the scenario as written, he
vanishes into the warren of Whitechapel until the auction: he may not even be entirely in our London, consumed as he
is with the black-letter, and caught as he is in the undertow of the Eye. He’s not foolish enough to return to the house in
Wapping, and tracing him to a specific bedsit after tossing the first place is essentially impossible.
Some Keepers might enjoy having Bowers pop up just outside the Bookhounds’ grasp: an urchin or a beggar reports
that “‘e were jest ‘ere ‘alf a minnit ago”; the Bookhounds hear his croaking wheeze across a crowded tavern; one Bookhound
sees his face, pale and sweating, in a crowd at the racetrack or across the Underground rails.
Even so, players willing to obsess about something usually get their way. If they grab Bowers and force him to face
them, he just clams up against anything short of torture. If they offer him a fortune, he agrees and sets up a meet in the
third-floor room above the Black Lion to hand the book over, but double-crosses them. When they arrive, they find their
rivals already there: Bowers just starts the auction (see p. 112) early, with Drummell representing Fletcher.
So Where Is the Book?
It’s hidden. Nobody knows where it is except Bowers.This drove some playtesters berserk, but the book’s disappearance
is not merely completely realistic (try finding one book in a single city block, much less a neighbourhood the size of
Whitechapel), its reappearance is the dramatic climax of the scenario.
If, by some amazing miracle, unforeseen magical ritual, or moment of un-Keeperish pity, the Bookhounds manage
to find the Caedis Urbi squirreled away in a squatter’s garret, or under the mildewed shirts in the Widow Klimek’s room
(“such a nice boy”), or in a Gladstone bag under the bar of the Ten Bells, or left in a locker at Liverpool Street Station,
or anywhere else, the adventure becomes a deadly serious chase. Paramentals, Nagaäe, Magwitch’s thugs, heretofore
unsuspected Byatis cultists, and anyone else with a working “early warning system” for Mythos energies comes down on
the Bookhounds with both feet. Perhaps the chase drives them into Mitre Street, where they can surprise Dives going
into his murder shrine, either setting up a big free-for-all combat, or letting the players know that Dives is dangerously
unhinged. What comes next? I have no idea, but it probably involves revenge.

Russian, which became still less valuable With Cremers or O’Donnell,

The Ripper after 1917) in southwest suburban
Balham. Journalist Bookhounds can
Reassurance is needed to get their
story (“How awful it must have been for
Although not strictly necessary, the ask around and find out that crime you,” or “Of course I won’t print anything
Bookhounds may well want to trace reporter Bernard O’Donnell of the until you do”); with Crowley, Flattery
Bowers’ story. Bureaucracy obtains Empire News has been interviewing her is always best.
Bowers’ mother’s name (Ellen), and and compiling her memoirs over the
some officious questioning of her last few years. Without a journalist in
acquaintances and neighbours by the party, the Keeper may have to build The Crowley Version
Credit Rating 3 or 4 Bookhounds a secondary connection to O’Donnell, In the Thirties, Crowley is flabby
(using Intimidation, Cop Talk, or possibly through O’Donnell’s own and shifty, raddled with age (he turns
investigative Disguise pretending to habit of searching bookshops for 60 in 1935) and vicious living. The
be tax officials or the like) can follow information on Jack the Ripper and world-beating egomania of his youth
the chain of her previous employers black magic. As a final possible link, a has curdled into publicity hounding,
back to 1926, when Ellen Bowers 1-point Occult spend (or no spend innuendo, and pettiness. He knows
left the service of Baroness Vittoria for Occultist Bookhounds) remembers “Dunstan” as “Captain Donston,” and
Cremers, former business manager to that Aleister Crowley supposedly “Mabel” as the Theosophist novelist
Aleister Crowley and assistant editor of owned the neckties from Bowers’ and anti-vivisectionist Mabel Collins.
the Theosophist magazine Lucifer: a “lidy tale, and willingly elaborates on their (Collins died in 1927.) Apart from
of mystical bent” indeed. history for the price of a drink or a fix; confirming Bowers’ tale, he can
this can be the Keeper’s opportunity to add only that Collins, Donston, and
If the campaign is set before 1937, introduce Aleister Crowley as a walk- Cremers were in the perfume business
Vittoria Cremers is still alive, and on NPC and likely create the mother of together, and (he leers) otherwise
living in shabby genteel retirement all red herrings. entangled. (In a Sordid campaign set
(her morganatic “Baroness” title was in 1937 or afterward, Ellen Bowers was

Whitechapel Black-Letter

blackmailing Vittoria Cremers over her as a military surgeon with Garibaldi clear the decks a bit, Drummell might
sexual relationship with Mabel Collins. in Italy. (Here, of course, he met well be frightened off, or at least go to
With Cremers’ death in 1937, Bowers’ Raymond de Castries, from whom he ground until the auction. In general,
income was suddenly cut off – hence, stole the Caedis Urbi.) He abruptly left if Drummell is attacked off-stage, it’s
the sudden decision to sell the book.) Italy in 1863 (a-ha!) for West Africa, best the Keeper keep her options open
and later India, to study magic. In and allow him to survive by means
Crowley says that Donston was definitely between trips, he settled in London, he’s not willing to talk about … unless
a magus of some accomplishment; living all over the city. He spent the the Bookhounds suddenly need his
his sorcerous name was Tautriadelta. fall of 1888 in London Hospital in the assistance.
(“Cross and three triangles;” the Eye heart of Whitechapel, suffering from
symbol has a cross and two triangles … “neurasthenia.” In December of 1888, As noted in the individual rival
but a 1-point spend of Occult and D’Onston wrote a letter to W.T. Stead writeups, they very likely harass, follow,
Law recalls that three of the victims of the Pall Mall Gazette, signed “One or attack the Bookhounds as well. Keep
on the cross’s points had their wombs Who Thinks He Knows,” explaining the up such patterns of persecution where
slashed or removed.) If asked about the Ripper killings as part of a necromantic at all possible.
Ripper murders, Crowley theorises ritual and noting the cross formed by
that the Ripper might well have been the victims’ death sites. Mabel Collins
an initiate, and notes that all the killings read that article, met D’Onston, and The Toad’s Mistress
took place when either Mercury or fell under his spell. During this period, Dives wasn’t the only eccentric
Saturn were on the horizon; “refracted D’Onston wrote numerous articles collector reading Fletcher’s mail. In
by Whitechapel, you might say.” (With on magic (including the art of gaining Cologne, Germany, Birgit von Kant
a 1-point Archaeology spend, it magical power by ritual murder) for heard of Fletcher’s find and resolved
seems eerily inevitable that Lugh should the Gazette, for Stead’s occult journal to intercept him – or rather, it – in
be identified with the Roman Mercury, Borderlands, and for Lucifer. Stead, like London. The Bookhounds may catch
and Saturn the all-devouring giant with Collins, believed D’Onston was the glimpses of von Kant stalking through
Lugh’s foe Bres, the “seven-year king” Ripper. (Many of D’Onston’s articles, Whitechapel, seemingly watching
of the Fomori.) It’s up to the Keeper including that first letter, are online Bowers. Or they may see her scanning
whether Crowley has any Cthulhu at the shelves of a bookstore they’re in,
Mythos knowledge, or if he simply collected-donston.html, for Keepers looking for works on the Ripper or
drops the names “Nodens” and “Byatis” who want a really neat handout or Welsh mythology. Or best of all, while
as part of his “master of mystifaction” four.) After the Cremers-Collins- in Dives’ secret laboratory, they may
routine. D’Onston ménage broke up, D’Onston see her walking through Mitre Square,
vanished from their lives. O’Donnell intensely studying the cobblestoned
has not been able to find any notice of pavement. Or all three, depending
Vittoria Cremers’ Story his death, although he would be in his on how paranoid the Keeper wants to
Vittoria Cremers is a remarkably 90s now. turn things. (Give each glimpse to a
homely woman in her 70s, dressed Bookhound as an inconspicuous clue, in
in shapeless black. Her eyes flash descending order of their Shadowing
fiercely, however, as she tells her story
in an incongruous Brooklyn accent. A Bloody Bidding rating.) She is a tall, horsey woman
in her late 30s, wearing a man’s suit
O’Donnell, tweedy and gangling even in It’s not just Drummell, Dives, and tailored in a distinctively feminine cut.
his late 40s, impresses with his sincerity Bowers the Bookhounds have to deal She wears glasses to read; when seen
and dedication; the cynicism from years with. Dangerous devotees of hidden close up without them, a Bookhound
of crime reporting breaks through only gods also covet the True Keys to the with Medicine notices that one of her
sporadically. Either or both confirm City of Death, and have followed pale green eyes is glass.
Bowers’ tale, the identity of “Mabel,” rumors of its resurfacing to London.
and the existence of the perfume In her turn, she notices the Bookhounds
business with the man Cremers knew Any of these three rivals could (and cross her trail. If they seem hapless
as “Roslyn D’Onston.” Either or both likely will) harass or attack Drummell, or confused, she ignores them; if they
can provide the following data about potentially creating a constantly shifting seem competent or mention Dives
D’Onston. field of alliances for the Bookhounds, in her (excellent) hearing, she allows
and triggering any Adventure Drives herself to be approached. She pumps
D’Onston was an adventurer, serving in the party. If the Keeper wants to them for information, giving some

Whitechapel Black-Letter

These grotesque toad-like horrors are extrusions, or servitors, or parasites, of the buried god Cyaëgha. Some scholars
have also associated them with Nyogtha, Byatis, and Zhar: perhaps those entities are all aspects of Cyaëgha, or perhaps Nagaäe
have multiple etiologies.Whichever being they serve, the Nagaäe resemble horrible insectile toads, shoving themselves along
on their grotesque translucent bellies, their four forelegs raised mantis-like in parodic supplication. Their faces are wet and
ill-formed, congeries of eyes (usually around a large central orb) burbling up from the sticky flesh, above a wide lipless
Nagaäe hate other life besides themselves, actively glorying in cruelty. Or so it appears to the people they carve up with
their sickle-shaped claws, bite with their horrid cartilaginous gums, or lash with their corrupting double tongues.
Nagaäe can claw two targets twice per round, a total of four attacks; lick two targets for two attacks; lick one target once
and claw another twice; or bite one target.
Venomous Bite: Immediately after being bitten, the victim must make a Difficulty 4 Health test. If she succeeds, she
suffers half the damage of a successful lick (see below). If she fails, the bite does 7 Health points of damage immediately and
1 per minute until healed; whether unconsciousness, paralysis, or death results from the wound is up to the monster or its
controller. Regardless, the victim is hurt until treated.
Disorienting Lick: The saliva of the Nagaäe deranges humans touched by it, draining 7 Stability pool points from a
victim who fails a Difficulty 4 Health test. At the Keeper’s discretion, the licked one may suffer paranoia, disabling hunger
pangs, uncontrollable desire, or any other base urge. (Tying the effect to the Bookhound’s Drive might be interesting.)
Regardless, the victim is shaken until treated.
Game Statistics
Abilities (on land/in water): Athletics 6/8, Health 12, Scuffling 10/13
Magic: Few Nagaäe know magic besides the Contact spell for their patron; if one has a Magic ability, it seldom gets
higher than 6.
Hit Threshold: 3/4
Alertness Modifier: +2
Stealth Modifier: +2 (in water)
Weapon: +0 (claw blade); -1 (bite; plus venom); lick (see above)
Armor: -2 (thick, rubbery hide)
Stability Loss: +1

away herself gracefully to get more watching them. (Difficulty 4 Sense Kant. (Witch-hunting being somewhat
from these rivals. After a bit of cut-and- Trouble to spot it lurking from a passé by 1900, even in Westphalia.)
thrust repartee, she gives her name and sewer grating, in an open culvert by Once Hermann inherited the title (after
admits to an interest in the Caedis Urbi. the Thames, or in a particularly damp- the Baron went mad claiming a black
She claims to be working in the interest looking alley in Whitechapel.) Should deity was moving his limbs for him) she
of the Archbishop of Munich – the the Bookhounds somehow get ahold of became one of the foremost collectors
legitimate owner of the book looted the book before the auction (or carry of occult manuscripts in Germany.With
from the Braunau church library in anything that looks like a 16th-century a 1-point spend, another connection
1805 – if the Bookhounds care to assist black-letter folio), the monster steals comes to mind: her half-brother-in-law
His Grace, she is sure their reward will it, carving up anyone who resists. is the controversial scholar Joachim
not only be in heaven. When Assess Should the Bookhounds manage to kill Feery, the late Baron’s illegitimate
Honesty catches that series of lies, the beast, she summons two Nagaäe … son, who defends his notoriously loose
von Kant is worldly enough not to insist translations and excerpts (Notes on
upon it. Any catalogue agent, bookseller, or the Necronomicon (1901, abridged ed.
occultist worth his salt hardly needs 1907), Notes on Prinn’s Mysteries (1914),
If the Bookhounds seem dangerous Bibliography or Occult to identify Notes on the Cthaät Aquadingen (1923),
after this meeting (or before it), Birgit Birgit von Kant. She married Hermann and Notes on the Book of Dzyan (1930))
summons one of the Nagaäe from a von Kant, the son of the “mad witch- by claiming he “dreamed the correct
sewer under London and sets it to hunter of Westphalia,” Baron Ernst von version.” If the campaign is set after

Whitechapel Black-Letter

Birgit, like her late father-in-law, is

a devoted crusader against the forces
of evil variously understood – the
Mythos, witches, werewolves, whoever
– who doesn’t mind summoning a
little monstrous muscle to get the
job done.

Also like her late father-in-law, she

may well be demented.

Birgit is an agent of the Ahnenerbe,

who want to use the True Keys to the
City of Death to conduct their own
fell occult warfare.This may well be
compatible with any of the above

Birgit von Kant

Athletics 8, Auction 3, Firearms
8, Fleeing 6, Health 8, Scuffling 5,
Weapons 8

Magic: 5+

Birgit knows one or more spells as

the Keeper wishes, among them
Summon/Bind Nagaäe (Difficulty 4
Stability test, 3 Stability or Magic
pool points, seven minutes in a spot
with an awakened titan … such as

Alertness Modifier: +2

Stealth Modifier: +0

Weapon: +1 (silver-plated .380

revolver with an ornate black-letter
“K” in relief on the grip; of course she
1934, the Bookhound has the sad duty one, this time) and a distressing has a supply of silver bullets); -1 (riding
of telling his compatriots that Feery tendency to try out the merchandise. crop)
died suddenly, leaving no manuscript,
while at work on his masterwork Notes Birgit is a dedicated cultist of
on von Junzt. Cyaëgha or Nyogtha seeking the
black-letter to awaken one of those
What’s Birgit von Kant’s true agenda? titans beneath Cologne. Or Berlin,
That’s up to the Keeper; choose from or Nuremberg, or somewhere.
among these options, or come up with
something that suits your campaign: Birgit is a dedicated cultist of Byatis,
seeking to extend the sway of the
Birgit is a mad collector of grimoires Serpent-Bearded One to Germany.
with the budget of a baroness (a rich

Whitechapel Black-Letter

Jack’s Shadow: An Optional Monster

While this adventure takes place partially in Whitechapel, and invokes the spirit of Jack the Ripper, it is (by design) mostly free
of Jack himself. Partially this is to allow the Keeper plausible deniability: there’s no absolute proof in this adventure that D’Onston
was actually the Ripper, so you’re free to posit a different Jack and run a more Ripperish adventure – or a whole campaign – later
on. Maybe the Eye of Byatis doesn’t actually track the 1888 killings, and D’Onston conflated his own rituals with the murders in
a case of Mythos-induced delusion.
Or perhaps you like fingering D’Onston, but you think no Ripper adventure is complete without a menacing top-hatted
figure in the fog slicing people up with a scalpel. So this completely optional complication can show up at any time after the
Bookhounds have twigged to the true history of the Caedis UrbiVerae Claves.
Abilities: Athletics 8, Health 12 (only in Whitechapel or the Eye; 4 otherwise), Megapolisomancy 4, Scuffling 8,Weapons 21
Magic: If the Ripper is D’Onston, he has Magic 12 (only in Whitechapel or the Eye; 4 otherwise). He knows all the
megapolisomantic rites that de Castries does, Shrivelling, and Contact Nodens. He can create a 4-point version of Hyperspace
Gate leading into his pocket nightmare-dimension, where it is always fall of 1888. His Magic pool completely refreshes every
hour (or every scene, whichever is shorter) while he is in the Eye.
Hit Threshold: 4 Alertness Modifier: +2
Stealth Modifier: +2 (+3 in shadows, fog, or night) Weapon: +0 (enchanted knife); ignores armor
Armor: while immaterial, immune to all weapons except his own knife; depending on the Keeper’s preferences, may be
vulnerable to electricity, attack magic, or dogs. Stability Loss: +0 (+1 for female witnesses)
Materialization: D’Onston may spend 3 Health (or Magic) points to become material or immaterial, instead of attacking.
Possession: D’Onston can possess the living. If a victim is asleep anywhere in Whitechapel or inside the Eye, and D’Onston
can win a single contest of Health (or Magic) vs. the target’s Stability, he can enter her dreams and occupy her body until sunup,
she leaves Whitechapel, or until she is awakened with smelling salts and First Aid. Against a waking victim, he must make eye
contact and win the Stability contest once and again every three rounds. Either sort of possession costs him 2 Health (or Magic)
Communion With Nodens: D’Onston can also draw a victim into communion with dread Nodens by spending 3 Health
(or Magic) points. He must make dream or eye contact as above and win a single contest of Health (or Magic) vs. Stability; if he
is successful, the victim immediately loses 3 Stability points, and must pass a 4-point Stability test as they perceive the Abyss. (+1
Sanity point loss if she loses Sanity from this Mythos shock.) The victim cannot do anything except commune with Nodens that
round, and must go last every round until the end of the scene. Until the end of the adventure, the victim may not gain Stability
points from her Drive, or spend points from any Interpersonal pool. If the victim has no Cthulhu Mythos or Magic rating,
however, she adds one rating point to those abilities.
Blood Refresh: For every point of Health he drains with his knife, D’Onston can refresh 1 ability point of any sort upon
the victim’s death.
D’Onston’s humanity is completely gone, replaced entirely by Nodens’ afterthoughts and psychic residue. Memories and fear
sustain him in a kind of timeless shadow existence, a living ghost haunting his own past. But when something major, or magical,
or both, happens on his old hunting grounds, D’Onston rematerialises. Depending on how tangled the Keeper wants this side
trail to get, D’Onston might:
Begin his return by, what else, killing prostitutes. During the eight days of the adventure, he should be able to kill one or two on nights the
Bookhounds are out in Whitechapel acting suspiciously obsessed with the Ripper. (If he kills more, he might close the Eye for good, which doesn’t
work dramatically.)
Attack Birgit von Kant. Killing a sorceress is probably even bigger mojo than killing a harlot, without the danger of closing the Eye. Nodens
also wants her hunted, as a Byatis cultist (actual or potential). Depending on the Bookhounds’ alliances at the time, they may rescue her, leave her
to die graphically, or be discovered standing over her body covered in her blood.
Haunt Johnstone Dives or Paul Fletcher. Both are trying to retrace D’Onston’s magical steps, which is the kind of thing that leads to hauntings.
At least.
Possess Johnstone Dives or Paul Fletcher. This can be a straightforward attempt by D’Onston to regain mortal form, or something that Dives or
Fletcher actively invite to commune with Nodens. While in their form, he might attack streetwalkers or Birgit, or carry out some other weird plan.
Try very hard to regain his book, in the hopes that it contains a spell or ritual to rescue some fraction of himself from Nodens. If he recovers it,
it’s (perhaps unsatisfyingly) gone for good; whether he gets what he wants out of it is up to the Keeper’s sense of drama. At the very least, it might
empower him to return for a sequel.
The Keeper can also use these statistics for the ghost or tulpa of some other Jack the Ripper in some other adventure, of

Whitechapel Black-Letter

Enter the Keymaster Stout, florid, with a comical little Book Stock and Two
Once the Bookhounds start seeing toothbrush mustache, thinning hair,
or hearing the name “de Castries” and jaunty tooled walking stick – Smoking Barrels
in their research, Louis de Castries only the empty, pinned-up sleeve of “Mallet” Magwitch (pronounced
appears in their ambit. During his his ever-so-slightly overtailored suit “maggitch”), currently of Stepney, late
researches into D’Onston’s career, coat betrays him as anything but the of His Majesty’s enforced residential
O’Donnell contacted de Castries quintessential 50-ish petit bourgeois. facility at Brixton, is a hulking brute
about the Garibaldi episode, Former military Bookhounds (or of a man in his late 30s with a shaved
unwittingly giving de Castries the others with an almost-subconscious stubble of black hair on his slab-like
clue he needed to start tracing his attempt at Intimidation) tag him head and chin. Streetwise types know
family’s missing black-letter. A friend as a combat veteran of the Great War. he bosses a crew of smash-and-grab
of de Castries in the Pimander Club That may be why his eyes go flat and tough guys, specialising in robbery
warned him that Johnstone Dives lifeless every few minutes. Yes, that’s on the docks. They also know that
was also searching for it; de Castries probably it. Bookhounds can get on the way to survive an encounter with
is aware that Dives has hired agents, his good side by addressing him as Magwitch is to back down politely
and has kept an eye out for the “M. le Comte,” although he modestly with a 1-point Streetwise spend;
Bookhounds since arriving in London dismisses such Flattery. (“The title beating up his boys only earns an
a week ago. He tried to catch Bowers is Bonapartist, I’m afraid, and though I ambush in a dark alley, and heavy
with the paramental trap mailed to revere l’Empereur, it is unlikely that he boots in the soft bits.
Wapping, but missed both Bowers will return any time soon.”) Brought
and the book. If the Bookhounds onto the topic of the black-letter, he It’s most likely that Drummell
triggered it afterward, de Castries politely maintains that the book is his calls in Magwitch (via his contact
has their magical scent. family’s property – and promises a Kane, p. 83) to level the playing
reward for its return, no questions field, but Magwitch might have his
He immediately begins working asked. If the Bookhounds agree, he own contacts in the Whitechapel
megapolisomantic magics to drive calls off his paramental dogs (unless underworld who let him know there’s
them off (see p. 76), but will not they double-cross him, of course); a book on the loose that millionaires
reject a request for a meeting out of if not, he continues his campaign want. Magwitch may double-cross
hand, should the Bookhounds track of magical attacks until they leave Drummell, back his play, or fall down
him down. How to track de Castries? London. in worship of Nodens or Byatis after
They can get a description of “the a confrontation with de Castries or
one-armed Frog” from the Milwall Louis de Castries von Kant. Magwitch is a wild card;
Post Office with Cop Talk or Athletics 5, Auction 2, Firearms 6, the Keeper can throw his boys in
Bargain and keep an eye out; they Fleeing 4, Health 8, Megapolisomancy anywhere she needs brute action or
(at a slightly higher Credit Rating) 4, Scuffling 3, Weapons 6 an instructive corpse.
can methodically use Reassurance
on the better hotels to find where Magic: 10 Magwitch
“my good friend Monsieur de Castries Athletics 9, Firearms 3, Health 10,
is staying”; they can stake out sure- De Castries can use the full range Scuffling 12, Weapons 12
thing sites like the vertices of the of megapolisomantic techniques on
Eye or Christchurch Spitalfields p. 76. He knows London quite Alertness Modifier: +1
(Difficulty 6 Shadowing to see him well, and has attuned himself to its
without being seen at Christchurch; Nodens/Lud energies. Stealth Modifier: +0
Difficulty 3 at a murder site);
they can ask O’Donnell to find de Alertness Modifier: +2 (outside Weapon: -1 (fists; extra point for
Castries for them (with Flattery at the Eye or at Christchurch sheer brutality); +0 (axe handle)
his investigative skills, or use a squiz Spitalfields); +0 (in the Eye)
– he collects lurid broadsheets and His thugs: Athletics 8, Health 7,
other crime literature) or anything Stealth Modifier: +1 Scuffling 8, Weapons 6 (-1 damage;
else reasonable-sounding. cosh, club, or flick-knife)
Weapon: +1 (sword cane); +0 (FN
In person, Louis de Castries doesn’t .25 pistol; close or point-blank range
immediately look very formidable. only)

Whitechapel Black-Letter

To The Auction and the Caedis Urbi Verae Claves. Bowers

allows any interested buyer to examine the
assistants or investigates still darker lore.
Now that he knows where his book is, he
Treat the five days (which can compress book for a few minutes; Bibliography won’t rest until it’s back in his library.
to four or expand to nine; ocean liners or Document Analysis instantly marks
aren’t always on schedule) between the it as a genuine 16th-century black-letter Dives, Auction 2, Credit Rating pool 10
Bookhounds’ hiring and the arrival of folio, bound in black morocco with a (if he’s fired the Bookhounds): If he loses
Fletcher like a soup, adding ingredients deep, fresh scratch on the cover. Turning to the Bookhounds, he will crush them
and turning up the heat to keep everything the pages also reveals that it is thoroughly financially and socially until they beg
constantly on the boil. Between de annotated in English handwriting, and at him to buy the book back. If he loses to
Castries, von Kant, Magwitch, and least one sketch map of London has been anyone else, he may well grab the lancet
perhaps Drummell, someone should tipped into it. This probably will not hurt on the table and try to cut his way out
always be stalking, hassling, cursing, or the resale value. with the book. Magwitch decks him with
unleashing monsters on the Bookhounds. one punch if the Keeper doesn’t think a
Always call for action; if no player has combat helps here.
something ready right away, relentlessly The Auction Begins
shove the clock forward: “That night, as In a quavery voice, racked by coughs and Drummell, Auction 6, Credit Rating
you’re coming back from the shop, a hideous swallows, Bowers lays down the rules. pool 11 (9 if he’s working without
shape looms up in your path …” The players “This is a fair auction, syme as any toff joint Fletcher): If he loses, he likely considers
should never be able to catch their on Bond Street. Pay cash, or sign yer cheques in it good riddance; this job has been hairier
balance; their characters should feel very blood.The Eye will witness what you done, and than he thought when he took it on. The
much fagged out and spread thin by the I’ll get me dosh on the square. ‘Oo’s got the first Keeper should use her judgment; does
time Bowers surfaces again. bid, then?” the scenario need more competition,
or an ally? Drummell might be either,
On the evening of day six, a loafer Run this as a single-lot dramatic auction depending on how previous interactions
promised a shilling drops off a message (see p. 25). Bowers has no rating in have gone; his professional courtesy
at the Bookhounds’ bookshop: “17 Black Auction.The Bookhounds’ representative encompasses fellow book-hunters, and
LionYard, 3rd Fl. Bring Cash or Sign In can add the remaining pool points from he truly dislikes Bowers, von Kant, de
Bloud.” With a 1-point spend of The their Bookshop Credit Rating. Castries, and Dives. On the other hand,
Knowledge, a Bookhound recognises Assuming the Bookhounds are still Fletcher may demand further measures,
the address as the very centre of the Eye. working for Dives, they can add 1 point likely the unleashing of more mobsters.
On the third floor of a narrow tenement, to their auction Credit Rating pool from
a corridor angles twice past closed and Dives for each of the following criteria Fletcher, Credit Rating pool 7 (without
uncommunicative doors before reaching that they meet: Drummell): If he loses, he collapses
a small, windowless, stifling room lit utterly, sobbing and howling to “Serpent-
only by a shilling-operated gas bracket on • warned Dives about de Castries. Bearded Byatis, All-Ravening Eye,” to “turn
the wall, and by a nebulous violet light thy Gaze upon me and destroy me as thou hast
through the grimy skylight set into the • warned Dives about von Kant. destroyed suns.” Or he produces a Mills
ceiling. De Castries, Fletcher, Drummell, bomb (+3 damage) from his jacket and
von Kant, and Magwitch (and Dives, if • were not detected shadowing Dives threatens to set it off (double damage in
the Bookhounds have double-crossed around London or breaking into this enclosed space) if he doesn’t get what
him) or the survivors among them trickle Horace & Moore, whether they did he wants. Or both.
in over the next half-hour; some may have so or not.
beaten the Bookhounds to one of the five Magwitch, Credit Rating pool 7: He
rickety chairs. • have generally not acted like a pack only has his cash on hand on the line;
of lower-caste idiots he will never sign anything in blood
Bowers sits sweating behind a deal table, anywhere, Eye be damned. (This doesn’t
with his back to the only other door into The Credit Rating pools given here are indicate special knowledge of the Eye
the room and a Gladstone bag at his feet. for auction purposes only. or the occult; Magwitch is merely,
He seems to have aged years in the few if justifiably, suspicious.) If he loses,
days since the Bookhounds last saw him; De Castries, Auction 2, Credit Rating Magwitch intends to steal the book from
his eyes glitter and a vein jumps in his pool 8: He won’t sign in blood in the Eye. the winner as soon as he can arrange it. If
temple. On the table in front of him, lying If he loses, he’s a gentleman about it. For he wins, he intends to tumble Bowers for
on a stained black cloth, are a dirty lancet now. He returns to France and recruits his money, likewise. He’s a bad hat.

Whitechapel Black-Letter

Von Kant, Auction 3, Credit Rating

The Final Chapter Rewards and Dangers
pool 9: If she loses, she sets up quarters If, against all temptation and much good
in London, researching at the British sense, the Bookhounds have played
Museum and generally being a pebble in What the Book Holds straight with Dives and turned Caedis Urbi
the Bookhounds’ shoe. She may even hire In addition to the details in the box on Verae Claves over to him, he pays them a
the Bookhounds for her own purposes, p. 99, and anything else the Keeper generous commission and spreads word
using copies of Feery’s pamphlets (or wishes to plant, the black-letter of his satisfaction to his fellow members
other rarities she winkles out) as bait or discusses the Eye of Byatis. of the Pimander Club. This counts as a
payment. She will try very hard to at least windfall for the Bookhounds’ Bookshop.
study the Caedis Urbi (with or without To close the Eye, the magus must kill
permission) and she spends a lot of time seven harlots on its planes and angles If they simply couldn’t get the book for
in Whitechapel on shadowy errands. If (the center, the rim, anywhere along Dives, but made a good faith effort (or
the Keeper decides she’s working with the cross) and burn certain of their convinced him they did), he accepts
the Ahnenerbe, they may have their organs as candles, “as a Hand of Glory puts their failure with ill-grace but no actual
own plans for Bowers and other auction the House-Holder to Sleep.” The Ripper enmity. If the Keeper wishes, other
attendees, win or lose. was closing the Eye, not opening it! Pimander clubmen may still consider
Occult questions remain: What’s the the Bookhounds worthy specialists in the
current count? If Martha Tabram or future. This is a neutral outcome for
Interruptions Alice Mackenzie was a Ripper victim, it their Bookshop.
Run the auction based on your sense of might be as high as six. (The Eye isn’t
what the players want from the scenario. closed, so they couldn’t both be.) If only If they have stolen or destroyed his book,
If they want blood and monsters, the the harvested organs count, it could be looted his Mitre Street laboratory, or
Nagaäe or a nightgaunt smashes through as low as three. (Law recalls that Stride otherwise betrayed Dives, he will blacken
the skylight or a paramental forms in the wasn’t mutilated at all, and none of their reputation with his fellows and have
room; if they want a tense interpersonal Polly Nichols’ organs were missing – his solicitors press them for damages.This
scene, the auction runs as normal. A unless her post-mortem didn’t give all counts as a reverse for their Bookshop.
middle course? Someone in the room the facts.)
(likely Magwitch, but possibly Dives, If they stole Dives’ variant 1510 Euclid,
Fletcher, or de Castries) pulls a weapon To open the Eye, the magus must and can sell it on the Continent or in
and triggers a Mexican standoff over smother, drown, or poison seven virgins America (it’s too “hot” to sell in Britain),
a grimoire that probably reacts … (“kill without spilling Blood”) likewise. A that windfall will counter the above
interestingly … to spilled blood. 1-point Law spend recalls the case reverse, for a net neutral outcome. So
of Miriam Angel, drowned in poison at will the windfall from de Castries or von
If you like, and have introduced “Jack’s 17 Batty Street (Byatis-Street?) on the Kant, if the Bookhounds sell the grimoire
ghost,” he possesses one of the bidders, or Eye’s border in 1887. Is there another to either of them.
Bowers. Using Assess Honesty reveals Byatis-worshipper around? What’s his
a changing “tell” on the possessed; if you count at by now? What Dives, or de Castries, or von Kant,
can do the accent, the victim’s voice or whoever, does with the black-letter if
changes to a North Country burr. (A But a partly-closed or partly-open Eye they wind up with it – or hatches as a new
Private Investigator, Book Scout, or any generates fell energies that the magus plan to obtain it – is up to the Keeper to
plausible Bookhound notices this; barring can access: 1 Magic pool point per decide. It probably won’t be nice, which
something else determinative, use the month on the second day of the moon’s means it might well be a good adventure
one with the highest Languages.) When last quarter. (Or a “free” dedicated for later in the campaign.
D’Onston is revealed, or reveals himself, Stability pool point for magic
he puts out the light (either magically purposes only, if you’re not using the If the Eye of Byatis is not closed, no
or by being nearest to the lamp), stabs Magic ability.) This power is open to any Bookhound can refresh Sanity losses
the nearest victim, and tries to steal the sorcerer who kills one harlot or virgin from this adventure.
grimoire in the confusion and ensuing on the Eye – including the Bookhounds.
The effects of a fully-open Eye are left
All combat in this close, ill-lit, crowded to the Keeper to imagine, but they’re
room is at point-blank range. probably very unpleasant indeed.



Howard and Campbell Technicolour in his Black Magic series,

“THUS ISOLATED, AND This work draws deeply on two other beginning with The Devil Rides Out.
THROWN UPON MY OWN Mythos authors, neither of them
RESOURCES, I SPENT THE Londoners. The novel Skull-Face by A decade later and across the Atlantic,
Robert E. Howard is a delightful Lovecraft correspondent Fritz Leiber
HOURS OF MY CHILDHOOD IN Mythos riff on Fu Manchu (whose invented urban fantastic horror with
PORING OVER THE ANCIENT exploits also clearly inspired August Smoke Ghost, and perfected it in Our Lady
TOMES THAT FILLED THE Derleth’s Trail of Cthulhu story-cycle, of Darkness, another foundational text
SHADOW HAUNTED LIBRARY down to a major Cthulhu cult based in of the genre and of this sourcebook.
OF THE CHATEAU, AND IN Limehouse), and a model of Arabesque- Although Anubis Gates (by Tim Powers)
ROAMING WITHOUT AIM OR Technicolour Mythos adventure. and Homunculus (by James Blaylock)
Ramsey Campbell, meanwhile, holds are grievously out of period, they
PURPOSE THROUGH THE down the Sordid end of the spectrum powerfully evoke an Arabesque horror-
PERPETUAL DUST …” all by himself. Cold Print is his great tale London, as does Brian Stableford in
– THE ALCHEMIST of bibliographic horror, but The Franklyn the increasingly transcendent Gnostic
Paragraphs runs it a close second. The trilogy he began with Werewolves of
Overnight, for all it involves a haunted London. But even more than from Leiber,
bookstore, is not actually about books. this sourcebook unfolds from Chapter
Most of his Mythos tales occur in the Four of From Hell by Alan Moore,
As always, begin with H.P. Lovecraft. west of Britain, in Liverpool or the in which Dr. Gull (soon to become
His London stories are not his best, Severn Valley, but transplanting their the Ripper) rides around London in
but Hypnos, The Hound, and the lurid bleak vision of decaying city life to a hansom cab, discoursing on occult
The Horror in the Museum (ghost- Thirties London should pose few geography. Moore’s Snakes and Ladders
written for Hazel Heald) repay challenges. does likewise, drawing Machen into his
reading for their common themes web recursively.
of persecution and paranoia, which
likewise drive Lovecraft’s New York Other Urban Horrorists
tale The Horror at Red Hook. His other Although Robert Louis Stevenson London
urban horrors, He and Cool Air, are also is rightly famed for his London-set What of London itself? In addition to
New York tales, but clearly hearken chiller The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and as many visits as I can manage, I am
back to the “Baghdad on the Thames” Mr. Hyde, he pioneered the “Baghdad always inspired by the works of poet
subgenre of London fiction. Finally, on the Thames” Arabesque style of and psychogeographer Iain Sinclair,
The Case of Charles Dexter Ward (which London weird adventure in The New in this case specifically his poem Lud
mentions London only briefly, alas) is Arabian Nights. Arthur Machen took Heat and his Bookhound novel White
a masterpiece of weaving horror into Stevenson’s format – interlinked tales Chappell Scarlet Tracings. So too is Peter
a city’s history, and The Haunter of the of strange encounters on the streets Ackroyd, whose London: A Biography
Dark and The Shunned House provide of London – back into British lore and is nearly as indispensable as The London
interesting models of Lovecraft’s deep into horror with his Three Impostors Encyclopaedia by Ben Weinreb and
architectural horror, both featuring story cycle. Other Machen stories Christopher Hibbert. Ackroyd’s
real structures in Providence, Rhode featuring a horrific London include The novels Hawksmoor, The Lambs of London,
Island. Red Hand and The Great God Pan, which Chatterton, and The House of Doctor Dee,
calls London the “city of nightmares.” among others, evoke London history,
By the Thirties, Dennis Wheatley literature, and magic like very little
had turned the Arabesque London of else. The bleak crime novels of Derek
Stevenson and Machen thoroughly Raymond exemplify Sordid London,


as does the Hellblazer comic series; as my German would allow. Masks of Novels focused on a single rare book
the baroque Bryant & May mysteries Nyarlathotep by Larry di Tillio and or author are slightly more common:
by Christopher Fowler reach for Horror on the Orient Express by Geoff standouts include the almost-
Arabesque weirdness in London’s Gillan, et al. also offer plenty of supernatural Possession by A.S. Byatt,
history and geography. London-based Mythos gaming. the collegial The Rule of Four by Ian
Caldwell and Dustin Thomason,
The Aquarian Guide to Legendary London, the thrilleriffic The Book of Air and
edited by John Matthews and Chesca Bookhounds Shadows by Michael Gruber, and the
Potter, does just what it says on the tin The thriller The Club Dumas by cheerful haunting of The End of Mr.Y by
in cheery light-side New Age manner, Arturo Perez-Reverte is the secret Scarlett Thomas.
while London Under London by Richard parent of this sourcebook, including
Trench and Ellis Hillman digs up the the Catalogue Agent occupation. In the allied trades, hunt up Cadillac Jack
dirt on sewers, hidden rivers, and the Roman Polanski’s film of the novel, by Larry McMurtry and the Lovejoy
Underground. Peter Underwood The Ninth Gate, adds inspired visuals crime novels by Jonathan Gash.
discusses Haunted London with similar while subtracting a major subplot. Their protagonists are antiques dealers
focus, and Martin Fido provides a The “unreal book” novels of Carlos rather than antiquarian booksellers, but
Murder Guide to London. For London’s Ruiz Zafon – The Angel’s Game and their adventures remain inspirational.
sacred geography, start with The New Shadow of the Wind – seem to indicate
Jerusalem by Adrian Gilbert. Finally, there’s something in the air in Spanish On non-fictional Bookhounding,
even if you can’t find a Baedeker’s or bookstores. In English-language consult the works of Nicholas
Cook’s travel guide to London from bibliographic horror, only House of Basbanes, who has made chronicling
the Thirties, a modern day Lonely Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski bibliomania into a fine niche market;
Planet London or the like will still prove comes close. A Pound of Paper by John Baxter
remarkably useful and inspirational. combines book scouting memoir and
Elsewhere in the “bibliomystery” biblioholic confession. It’s an easier (if
In RPGs, I should acknowledge subgenre, the clear winner is Booked to lighter) read than Taste and Technique in
the thorough work of Lucya Die by John Dunning, which packs Book-Collecting by John Carter. For
Szachnowski and Gary O’Connell, a load of book-trade info into the bibliographic true crime, pore over The
whose London Guidebook for Call of mystery of a murdered book scout. Island of Lost Maps by Miles Harvey
Cthulhu is remarkably comprehensive. Also noteworthy, The Burglar Who Liked or The Man Who Loved Books Too Much by
Also for that RPG, Pete Tamlyn to Quote Kipling and The Burglar in the Allison Hoover Bartlett. Finally, in
compiled the sourcebook Green and Library are the two Lawrence Block Grimoires, Owen Davies has written
Pleasant Land, which I also consulted mysteries featuring burglar-turned- the first satisfactory history of sorcerous
usefully; I got as much use out of London: bookseller Bernie Rhodenbarr to also tomes; it nicely complements the work
Im Nebel der Themse (developed by Jan prominently feature the (stolen) book of Daniel Harms and John Wisdom
Christoph Steines for Pegasus Press) trade. Gonce on The Necronomicon Files.

TRAIL OF CTHULHU The Houses of Parliament - Palace of Westminster







XXIX 121


Index to Sectional Maps
Commencing with Plate V

London Showing Electric Railways
and Places of Interest
II 126 Railways of London
III 127 Theatre-area of London
City of London
IV 128

Willesden & Kilburn

V 129
Kentish Town & Hampstead
VI 130
Highbury & Hackney
VII 131
VIII 132
Stratford & Forest Gate
IX 133 Notting Hill & Shepherds Bush


West End
X 134
XI 135 Charing Cross to London Docks
XII 136
East End
XIII 137 Canning Town & North Woolwich
XIV 138
Barnes & Putney
XV 139 Battersea & Clapham
XVI 140
Camberwell & New Cross
Greenwich & Charlton
XVII 141
Woolwich & Plumstead
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XX 144
Tooting & Streatham
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Dulwich & Sydenham
Brockley & Hither Green
XXII 146
Kew, Richmond & Kingston
XXIV 148 The Environs of London
XXV 149 Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Bookshop Record Sheet
Bookshop Name: Appendices


Street and Neighbourhood:

Bookshop Credit Rating:

Book Ability Points

Dramatis Personae List
Named Contacts, bookshop regulars, Sources of Stability, incidental NPCs, “the one that got away,” rival bookmen, cultists,
partners in crime, friends, colleagues, customers, marks.

Name Neighbourhood Bibliophily Relationship to Details of Further

Bookhounds Interest

Make one copy of this list for the players with the NPCs they know or invent; the Keeper should keep another copy for
her own use, adding the NPCs the Bookhounds haven’t met yet or don’t know about.


Tip Sheet
Plot hooks for investigation in down time or between adventures. Things that need a good looking into. Suspicions that
didn’t pay off – yet. People with rich libraries, or a rich interest in other peoples’ libraries. Rivals who need a good scoring-
off. Interesting hints, the word on the street, that sort of thing. Make a note so you don’t forget!

Loose Ends:

Potential Scores:



Combine this tip sheet with the London Rumours lists from p. 44-60 (or the Pelgrane website) for a master source
of plot hooks.

Bookhounds of
Player Name:


Investigator Name:
Sanity1 Drive:
0 1 2 3
4 5 6 7 Occupation:2
8 9 10 11 Occupational benefits:
12 13 14 15
Hit Threshold
Pillars of Sanity:
Stability Build Points:
-12 -11 -10 -9
-8 -7 -6 -5
-4 -3 -2 -1
0 1 2 3
Academic Abilities Interpersonal Abilities General Abilities
4 5 6 7
8 9 10 11 Accounting
12 13 14 15 Anthropology Assess Honesty Auction10
Archaeology Bargain Athletics
Health Architecture Bureaucracy Conceal
-12 -11 -10 -9 Art History Cop Talk Disguise (I)
-8 -7 -6 -5 Bibliography10 Credit Rating Driving
-4 -3 -2 -1 Biology Flattery Electrical Repair(I)
0 1 2 3 Cthulhu Mythos4 Interrogation Explosives(I)
4 5 6 7 Cryptography Intimidation Filch
8 9 10 11 Geology Oral History Firearms5
12 13 14 15 History Reassurance First Aid
Languages6 Streetwise Fleeing7
- Health9
In a Pulp game where Sanity can be - Hypnosis8
recovered, mark Sanity pool loss with a - Technical Abilities Mechanical Repair(I)
line, Sanity rating loss with a cross.
- Art Piloting
Occupational abilities are half price.
Mark them with a * before assigning Law Astronomy Preparedness
points. Library Use Chemistry Psychoanalysis
Hit Threshold is 3, 4 if your Athletics Medicine Craft Riding
is 8 or higher
Occult Document Analysis10 Sanity9
These General abiltities double up as
Investigative abilities Physics Evidence Collection Stability9
Usually, you can’t start with Cthulhu Textual Analysis10 Forensics Scuffling
Mythos. Sanity is limited to 10-Cthulhu The Knowledge10 Forgery10 Sense Trouble
Theology Locksmith Shadowing
In a Pulp game If your Firearms rating
is 5 you can fire two pistols at once (see Outdoorsman Stealth
p. 42) Pharmacy Weapons
Assign one language per point, during Photography
play. Record them here.
Any Fleeing rating above twice your
Athletics rating costs one point for
Only Alienists and Parapsycholigists
can buy Hypnosis, and only in a Pulp
You start with 4 free Sanity points, 1
Health and 1 Stability point.
Bookhounds special abilities. See
pages 12-13 of Bookhounds of London


1930s Rare Book Cornelius Agrippa’s De Occulta

Philosophia: 1533 Cologne printing
De Quincey’s Confessions of an English
Opium-Eater: 1822 first edition (uncut),
Prices (1st edition), some wormholes, £3 15s
(stained, £2 2s).

With the Depression, the bottom fell R.L. Stevenson’s Strange Case of Dr
out of rare books as it did everything Koran: 1555 illuminated paper Jekyll & Mr Hyde: 1886 first edition
else: a Shakespeare First Folio that sold manuscript, copied at Mecca (420 (autographed), £4 5s.
for £13,200 in 1927 sold for £4,400 in pages), £50.
1941, while a copy of Shelley’s Queen Frazer’s Golden Bough: 1911 London
Mab, with the poet’s handwritten Reginald Scot’s Discoverie of Witchcraft: third edition, 11 vols., £3 12s.
annotations, sold for £13,600 in 1929 1584 London black-letter printing
and only brought £1,600 as late as (first edition), slightly water-stained,
1951! £31.
These are auction prices, mostly
There are exceptions: the British John Dee’s Monas Hieroglyphica: taken from 1930s issues of Book Prices
Museum bought the Codex Sianiticus 1591 printing (earliest known) with Current (and translated from American
(a 4th century Bible) from the Soviet astrological symbols and diagrams, £10 Book Prices Current), which is
Government in 1933 for over £100,000, 10s. recommended for Keepers who want
but such a windfall is very unlikely for to get a sense of the used book market.
bottom-feeding Bookhounds. Cervantes’ Don Quixote: 1605 Madrid Mythos tomes might bring far more
printing (2nd edition), £440. from a knowledgeable buyer (what
A few further examples: price godhead?), or they might turn
Khunrath’s Amphitheatrum Sapientiae up for a few shillings in the stacks of
Blickling Homilies: 10th-century parchment Aeternae: 1609 Hanover printing (3rd a seller who knows not what he has.
(150 pages), £11,000. edition) alchemical folio with 10 plates, Copies with wizardly annotations might
£5 5s. bring considerably more; copies with
The Tickhill Psalter: near-perfect early the all-important magical diagrams cut
14th-century illuminated vellum Basil Valentine’s Triumphant Chariot of out might be essentially worthless to a
manuscript, £12,200 (8th-century Antimony: 1678 London printing (with Mythos sorcerer but still quite valuable
illuminated vellum Psalter, £4,600; plates) of a major alchemical treatise, to a mundane (or foolish) collector.
12th-century Psalter on vellum, £260). 2 leaves defective, marginalia and
drawings, £4 5s.
Roman de la Rose: mid-14th century
mystical illuminated vellum Glanvil’s Saducismus Triumphatus: 1682
manuscript, £1,360. London printing (damaged), £1 15s.

Boccaccio’s De la Ruine: 1476 printing Cotton Mather’s Wonders of the

with copperplate illustrations, £9,000. Invisible World: 1693 London printing
(2nd edition) £14 (unbound and uncut,
Vitruvius’ De Architectura: 1486 £30).
printing (first edition, some leaves in
facsimile; one of only three copies sold Stukeley’s Antiquities in Great Britain:
since 1891), £65. 1724-6 London printing (with plates) of
the first scholarly work on Stonehenge,
Malleus Maleficarum: 1494 Nuremberg 2 vols. £2 10s.
printing of the witch-hunters’ manual
(some wormholes, water-stained), Francis Barrett’s The Magus: 1801
£11. London first edition grimoire, £2 8s
(soiled, 3s 12d).
Hypnerotomachia Poliphili: 1499 Aldine
printing of a mystical work with Shelley’s Hellas: 1822 suppressed first
woodcuts (450 pages), £140. edition, £420.


Antiquarian Book Dulau’s (32 Old Bond St, Mayfair)

French authors, natural history, botany;
Arthur Probsthain (41 Great Russell
St, Bloomsbury) Chinese, Indian,

Dealers of London est. 1792 by the Abbé Dulau, a refugee

from the Terror.
Japanese, esp. art, archaeology, and
This list provides a selection of the
“big names” in the London antiquarian Ellis (29 New Bond St, Piccadilly) Harold Reeves (210 Shaftesbury Ave,
bookselling field in the Thirties. All Manuscripts, rarities; oldest bookstore Westminster) Musical literature and
have Bookshop Credit Ratings of 3+ or in London (est. 1728). sheet music.
4+, with respectable clients and clerks.
They cater to the specialities listed (1 R. Fletcher Ltd. (9 Bloomsbury St, James Rimell & Son Ltd. (6 Duke
dedicated pool point for such research), Bloomsbury) First editions of the 18th St, St James’) Fine and applied art, incl.
but many carry a wider selection. century, theatrical works; substantial engravings, mezzotints, etchings; est.
Especially in a Sordid or Arabesque American clientele. 1841.
campaign, they may well deal grimoires
and cult scriptures out the back or W. & G. Foyle Ltd. (135 Charing Robson & Co. Ltd. (7 Hanover St,
under the counter; the scores of Cross Rd, Soho) Everything; 30,000 Regent Street) Shakespeare, major
cheaper and grimier establishments not sq. ft. of space including lecture hall, authors, autograph letters, drawings;
listed here certainly do. showrooms. by Royal Appointment.

Edward G. Allen & Son Ltd. (12/14 E.P. Goldschmidt & Co. Ltd. (45 George Salby (65 Great Russell St,
Grape St, Camden Town) English Old Bond St, Mayfair) Mediaeval Bloomsbury) Egyptology, archaeology,
literature; agents for the Library of manuscripts, 15th and 16th century antiquities, folklore, travel and
Congress, Harvard, and Yale. works of mathematics, astronomy, and exploration.
Thos. Baker (72 Newman St, W) James Tregaskis & Son (66 Great
Theology “English and foreign,” history; Edward Goldston Ltd. (25 Museum Russell St, Bloomsbury) Fine bindings,
est. 1849. St, Bloomsbury) Oriental, African, and bibliographies, manuscripts.
foreign works; many Continental and
B.T. Batsford Ltd. (15 North Audley Far Eastern connexions. Walford Brothers (6 New Oxford
St, Mayfair) Architecture, decorative St, Marylebone) Topography and
and fine art; est. 1843. Grafton & Co. (51 Great Russell St, genealogy; agents for many New
Bloomsbury) Scientific and technical England buyers.
Birrell & Garnett (30 Gerrard works, especially railways; right across
St, Westminster) Early booksellers’ from the British Museum. Weldon & Wesley (2 Arthur St,
catalogues, 18th century authors; City) Natural history; agents for the
experts on type-specimens and fonts. George Harding (64 Great Russell Smithsonian.
St, Bloomsbury) British history and
John & Edward Bumpus Ltd. (350 economics.
Oxford St, Marylebone) Foreign books,
19th century masters; bookbinding, Luzac & Co. (46 Great Russell
publishing, exhibition space. St, Bloomsbury) Oriental and Near
Eastern works; est. 1890.
Davis & Orioli (30 Museum St,
Bloomsbury) Incunabula, Italian Maggs Bros. (34-35 Conduit St,
literature, old medical and scientific Westminster) Literature and fine arts;
works, modern first editions; partner Credit Rating 6.
store in Florence.
Myers & Co. (102 New Bond St,
P.J. & A.E. Dobell (8 Bruton St, Piccadilly) Illuminated manuscripts,
Westminster) English works of the 17th French illustrated 18th century, prints,
and 18th centuries; publishes original autograph letters, maps.
research into Tudor and Restoration

The Occult Guide to London

What is the Occult However, the main use is in a player-driven

campaign (see page 92), providing plot
some use of ability is likely to be required to
make the most of them. One might well learn
Guide to London? hooks and contacts as well as events to flesh
out the way forward.
of the existence of a ghost with important
knowledge but obtaining that information will
It is a companion volume to Bookhounds of require effort. Access to the site itself might
London. This tome contains an exploration Is it a prop? be a matter of buttering up the proprietor
of the London occult scene in the Thirties It is certainly interesting for the players or caretaker with a suitable vintage (a decent
with over 120 locations and 20 characters. to have the document but what about the claret or a crate of brown ale, a Credit Rating
It was purportedly written by Augustus characters. The guide is an artefact of the spend in other words), asking a Policeman to
Darcy in 1933 to give a flavour of London 1930s so you can use it directly as such. How look the other way (CopTalk) or using a shady
to members of his esoteric order who do the characters come by it? Perhaps in a contact to obtain entry (Streetwise or other
might visit. However it is more than just raid on the headquarters of an esoteric order, interpersonal skill). Once inside, finding the
a guide. A foreword explains that Darcy is or a squiz discarded by an ignorant widow locus for the spirit would require Occult or
dead and it is clear from the various entries or perhaps mistakenly wearing the wrong Library Use, Law even, to check newspapers
that an occult conspiracy is responsible. So dusk jacket. It could even be the goal of an or legal proceedings for a record of the death.
it is at once a guide, a prop and a mystery. adventure, seemingly a MacGuffin at first, it Finally some means to talking to spirits
Here are some different perspectives on could acquire intrinsic value when it is finally would be needed be it a friendly or coerced
how you might use it in your game. perused, in its use for megalopolisomancy or medium, a Dr Lewis’ Patent Spirit Horn (4
as leverage against a member of the occult Guineas from the Apokrypha bookshop), or
Is the Guide for the Keeper? scene. And if the guide has value, either from megalopolisomancy.
An obvious use is as inspiration and rarity or content, then surely others will be
background material for the Keeper. Many after it. Do the characters dare sell it on? And What is the mystery?
of the entries directly suggest possible if they don’t, cultists, or members of Darcy’s The final lead that the Guide presents is the
Mythos activity in London, from the body esoteric order, are likely to use more active mystery of Darcy’s death. From the prologue
of the woman from whom was “away 240 means of getting it back. and forward, it is clear that he was sensitive,
gallons of water, without ever repining her case” or at least aware, of some mounting magical
to the policeman who saw something in the Is it true? threat to London. He had also been followed
underground and now is in a rest home to Was Darcy a reliable author? From what he and threatened on more than one occasion.
the prison haunted by a fearsome black dog. wrote, he seems a decent enough chap but It is certain then that his investigations had
Each entry is cross-referenced to the maps perhaps it was all an act. And if not written uncovered something important enough that
in Bookhounds and gives Darcy’s personal to purposefully misguide to some mystical he should be killed to preserve its secrets
slant on what happened there. Darcy end then maybe Darcy was a dupe who saw a little while longer. I would suggest that
also talks about some of the main occult more than was there? And if that seems too Keepers and players bear this in mind as they
movers and shakers in the Thirties and far-fetched, what of the publisher, Amery explore the world of the Bookhounds. The
you will learn where to take in an esoteric Greville? He certainly doesn’t seem as reason for Darcy’s death makes a fine plot
lecture of an evening or who might be upright as Darcy. He’s at best mercenary, arc to sit in the background of the episodes
called upon to help with a ritual. It is much and at worst, who knows what changes he in the Bookhounds lives. Occasionally a clue
of what a Keeper needs to write her own might have introduced into the manuscript will appear that seems unconnected to their
scenarios. It can also be used to add depth to further his cause, and what of the material current investigation. Perhaps they don’t have
to other games providing dark side alleys he claims he left out? Any Keeper worth her time to fully explore it, or perhaps it appears
of exploration or even red herrings as well salt will know to play the long game with the to run dry, just another wonky signpost.
as an overall feel of the setting. Finally the players, drawing them in with early victories At a later date, when new information is
guide is gives some ideas about the places whilst building to some awful denouement. discovered, it becomes evident that it points
of power or fulcra for megalopolisomancy to something much more interesting than
(see page 76). How does it work? first thought. Whether the campaign be
Just because the Guide gives information on a player or keeper driven, it is important that
Is the Guide for the Players? location, regardless of its veracity, some work the build-up is allowed to be gradual. It’s
The guide can do two things for the may be required by the characters to turn this hardly a plot arc if the matter is resolved in
players. It can give them a flavour of the into something useful. Entries can directly be the first few sessions. So go easy on poor old
period, the kind of places, people and clues, for example, the policeman who has Darcy and let the flavour of the mystery air
events that might occur in London and, retired to Margate for his health is a definitely and develop, and then when it’s achieved its
being written in a contemporaneous voice, a lead to follow up. However most entries full richness, that’s the time to drink deep and
also the language of the Thirties. are rumours or stories of esoteric doings; savour the fruit of your labours.

London Timeline 1929-1939

This timeline provides a quick peek into Maria Remarque, Dodsworth by Sinclair Lewis, The Communist paper Daily Worker begins
what London might be talking about – The Art of Thinking by Ernest Dimnet. publication at Tabernacle Street.
especially at bookshop lectures or auction-
room soirees – during the Thirties. For 1930 Under the pseudonym ‘Inquire Within,’ former
London weather in the Thirties see - St. Luke’s Hospital for Lunatics opens at Stella Matutina head Christina Stoddart reveals Muswell Hill. an occult, Illuminist conspiracy in Light-Bearers
of Darkness (Boswell Print. & Pub. Co., London).
1929 21 murders reported in London.
Private assembly and testing facility of the Bestsellers: Angel Pavement by J.B. Priestley, Rogue
Great Western Aerodrome opens at Heath Australian batsman Don Bradman leads Australia Herries by Hugh Walpole, The Story of San Michele
Row on Hounslow Heath. to victory over England with 974 runs during by Axel Munthe, The Outline of History by H.G.
the Test series. Wells.
Alexander Fleming conducts the first clinical
trial of penicillin at St Mary’s Hospital. London Naval Disarmament Conference (21 1931
January-22 April) between France, Britain, the John Logie Baird transmits the first ever
Major exhibition of Dutch masters, including U.S., Japan, and Italy. television coverage of the Derby.
10 Vermeers and 50 Rembrandts, opens at
Burlington House (4 January). Unemployed marchers clash with police at Major public and commercial buildings first
Tower Hill (6 March). illuminated with floodlights.
Robert Williams convicted (9 January) of the
23 October 1928 murder of his girlfriend Italian art exhibition sponsored by the Fascist John Gielgud first plays King Lear at the OldVic.
Julia Mangan in Hyde Park; his defense that government closes at Burlington House after
he was driven by the vampire spirit of Lon attracting 540,000 visitors in under three Dogger Bank Seaquake (6 June) demolishes
Chaney eventually leads to his sentence being months (20 March). steeples and structures in Yorkshire and East
commuted to institutionalization. Anglia; knocks the head off the Crippen
Royal Army Medical College in Millbank robbed waxwork in Tussaud’s.
Extraordinarily dry spring; no rain in London of 50 rare books, including a 1580 Armenian
in March. Bible, a number of maps, and surgical reports MacDonald resigns, re-appointed to form
from Waterloo (10 June). a National Government in coalition of
National election; Labour Party leader Conservative and Liberal Parties (24 August);
Ramsay MacDonald becomes Prime Minister Death of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (7 July). expelled from Labour Party.
of a hung Parliament (5 June).
London Sunday Express publishes the first Britain leaves the gold standard, devalues the
International Air Exposition at Olympia newspaper astrology column (24 August); pound (20 September).
Gardens opens (16 July). by R.H. Naylor, it uses simplified “sun-sign”
astrology. Gandhi visits London (12 September-5
First public telephone boxes installed (2 December).
December). Britain’s R-101 airship, the world’s largest,
crashes and burns on her maiden voyage Raped and strangled body of 10-year-old Vera
Aleister Crowley publishes Magick in Theory near Beauvais, France killing 48 on board (5 Page found in the bushes at Addison Road (16
and Practice (Lecram, Paris) and Moonchild October). December); Sir Bernard Spilsbury investigates,
(Mandrake Press, Paris), marries Maria Ferrari the police interview a thousand people without
de Miramar in Leipzig (16 August); separated Crowley fakes his own death at the Boca do charging anyone.
from Crowley in 1930, she enters Colney Hatch Inferno (Hell Mouth) in Lisbon (23 September);
insane asylum in July 1931. reappears in Berlin at an exhibition of his Ethel Boole Voynich distributes photostats of the
paintings (11 October). Voynich manuscript to select scholars.
Alexandra David-Neel publishes Mystiques et
Magiciens du Tibet (Plon, Paris). Montague Summers edits and publishes a Bestsellers: The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck,
translation of Remigius’ Daemonolatreia (John Shadows on the Rock by Willa Cather, Maid in
Katherine Maltwood discovers the Glastonbury Rodker, London). Waiting by John Galsworthy, Contract Bridge Blue
Zodiac. Book by Ely Culbertson.
Dion Fortune publishes Psychic Self-Defense
Bestsellers: All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich (Rider & Co., London).


1932 Sandy’s of Oxenden Street in Soho becomes the begins the popularisation of its Modernist arts
London unemployment peaks at 13.7%. first “sandwich bar” in London. scene (Barbara Hepworth, Ben Nicholson,
Henry Moore, etc.).
Down Street and York Road Underground “Storm of the Century” blankets British Isles
stations closed. with snow, including several inches in London Alfred Hitchcock makes The Man Who Knew Too
(23-25 February). Much for Gaumont-British Pictures at their Lime
Sir Oswald Mosley founds the British Union of Grove studios in Shepherd’s Bush.
Fascists (“Black Shirts”). Lt Norman Baillie-Stewart court-martialled
for selling information to Nazi Germany (29 Wave of “smash and grab” thefts leads to
Open Air Theatre begins in Regent’s Park; its March); imprisoned in the Tower until 1937. increased police radio-car presence.
first full season (1933) includes Twelfth Night,
The Tempest, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Fire at Rum Quay on West India Docks; spreads Charles Laughton plays Prospero in The Tempest
over half the Thames and destroys 820,000 at the Sadler’s Wells Theatre.
BBC headquarters at Broadcasting House, gallons of rum (21-25 April).
Portland Place opened (1 May); first television Composer Sir Edward Elgar dies (23 February).
transmissions from there begin (22 August); BBC Train derailment at Raynes Park in south
Empire Service begins global radio broadcasts London kills five (25 May). Nearly 2 inches of rain fall on London (18 July).
(19 December); King George V reads the first
royal Christmas speech on the radio. President F.D. Roosevelt torpedoes the London British Empire Games held (4-11 August) at
Economic Conference (3 July) by refusing to White City Stadium north of Shepherd’s Bush;
Socialite Elvira Dolores Barney shoots and kills revalue the dollar against the pound and franc. includes women’s events (athletics, swimming,
her drug-dealing lover Michael Scott Stephen diving).
(30 May); she is acquitted of murder. First performance of Ralph Vaugn Williams’
Charterhouse Suite, at Queen’s Hall (21 Explosion at Gresford coal mine nearWrexham,
Heat wave (19-20 August) drives London October). Wales kills 266 miners (22 September).
temperatures to 97°F (36°C).
The booksellers Maggs Bros. arrange the sale of Choking fog blankets London (2o November).
Rogers’ Wax Museum in Southwark briefly the Codex Sinaiticus (a 4th-century Bible) by the
closed down by the police after a public outcry Soviet Government to the British Museum for Antony Mancini acquitted of the second
(19-30 September). over £100,000. Brighton Trunk Murder (14 December); the
first (17 June) remains unsolved.
“National Hunger Marchers” spark police First Nazi book-burnings take place in Berlin
deployment and three days of rioting in Hyde and other cities (5 May). Crowley loses a libel suit (Crowley v. Constable
Park; 75 injuries (27-30 October). & Co.) against Nina Hamnett (the “Queen of
Sotheby’s auctions the second half of the Batty Bohemia”) over accusations of black magic
Marquess of Lothian’s libraries sold at auction in collection (9 May). in her 1932 book Laughing Torso; he declares
NewYork (27-28 January); total take £119,000. bankruptcy.
Library of the late Earl of Rosebery sold by
Sotheby’s auctions the Batty collection of Sotheby’s (26-30 June); includes a record- Elliott O’Donnell publishes Strange Cults and
Western manuscripts (7 June) and Thomas breaking First Folio sale (£14,500) and a later Secret Societies in Modern London (Philip Allan &
Carlyle’s library and art collection (13 June). sale of Napoleonica (24 July) and the library of Co., London).
Napoleon’s Empress Marie Louise (26 July).
Bestsellers: Sons by Pearl S. Buck, Inheritance by Nazis ban the possession or publication of
Phyllis Bentley. British Society of Dowsers founded. astrological periodicals or books in Germany.

1933 Bestsellers: Ann Vickers by Sinclair Lewis, The Earthquake in Yorkshire kills archaeologist and
Various regional transit authorities merge Master of Jalna by Mazo de la Roche, British Agent epigrapher Sir Amery Wendy-Smith, creator of
into the London Passenger Transport Board by R.H. Bruce Lockhart. a purported translation of the G’harne Fragments.
(“London Transport”).
1934 Eccentric “translator” and occultist Joachim
British Museum Underground station closed. Brompton Road Underground station closed. Feery dies in Germany.

Gatwick Airport opens for commercial flights. Critic Herbert Read moves to Hampstead, Sotheby’s auctions Paris banker Lionel Hauser’s

London Timeline 1929-1939

collection of occult manuscripts and alchemical Demand for Blake illuminated editions increases Tennis great Fred Perry defeats Gottfried von
books (16-19 April). precipitately (Songs of Innocence and Experience Cramm of Germany to win Wimbledon for
sells for £1,050; Book of Thel for £450). England (3 July); his third championship.
“Surgeon’s photograph” of the Loch Ness
Monster published in the Daily Mail (21 April). Dion Fortune publishes The Mystical Qabalah Irish malcontent Jerome Brannigan attempts to
(Ernest Benn, London). assassinate King Edward VIII at Constitution Hill
Bestsellers: Goodbye Mr Chips by James Hilton, in London (16 July).
Seven Gothic Tales by Isak Dinesen, Brazilian Bestsellers: Heaven’s My Destination by Thornton
Adventure by Peter Fleming. Wilder, Lost Horizon by James Hilton, Seven “Battle of Cable Street” (4 October) pits 300,000
Pillars of Wisdom by T.E. Lawrence, North to the anti-fascists, anarchists, Communists, and Jews
1935 Orient by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. against 10,000 London police attempting to
Alfred Hitchcock makes The 39 Steps at Lime escort a march by the British Union of Fascists
Grove. 1936 through the East End; 100 injuries, the BUF
Imperial War Museum moved into the redirects its rally to Hyde Park.
Two severed male legs discovered under the seat abandoned buildings of Bedlam in Lambeth.
of a train at Waterloo Station (25 February); the Crystal Palace burns down in Sydenham (30
victim and murderer remain unidentified. Excavation of the former moat of the Tower of November); Baird’s television laboratory
London begins; uncovers two lion skeletons in destroyed in the fire.
Croydon Aerodrome strong room robbed 1937.
of three boxes of gold bullion (March 6); Berlin bookseller and occultist Eugen Grosche,
Sabini gang involved, £80,000 in gold is never Noel Coward presents six short plays in a week a.k.a. “Gregor A. Gregorius,” head of the
recovered. at the Phoenix Theatre (9-13 January). Fraternitas Saturnii, flees to Switzerland after
the Gestapo confiscates his shop stock and
Forensic Science Laboratory opens at the Police King George V dies and his son Edward accedes library.
College in Hendon (10 April). as Edward VIII (20 January), during the funeral
procession, the Imperial State Crown falls off Sotheby’s auctions the manuscripts and letters of
Silver Jubilee of King George V (6 May); crowds the coffin and lands in the gutter in New Palace John Keats (4 May); realises £9,376.
of up to 70,000 in London at Buckingham Yard; in order to marry the divorcée Wallis
Palace and along the parade route. Simpson, Edward abdicates the throne (11 John Maynard Keynes purchases Newton’s
December); Edward’s brother Albert becomes alchemical journals and occult diaries at auction
Blizzard dumps 4-5 inches of snow across King George VI. at Sotheby’s for £9,030 10s (13 July).
northern Britain; snow falls in London (16-17
May). Latvian white slaver Max Kassel shot in Soho Bestsellers: Gone With the Wind by Margaret
(24 January); an escapee from Devil’s Island, Mitchell, It Can’t Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis,
T.E. Lawrence “of Arabia” killed in a motorcycle Roger Marcel Vernon, is indicted but deported The Thinking Reed by Rebecca West, Eyeless in
accident in Dorset (19 May). to France (4 February). Gaza by Aldous Huxley, Man the Unknown by
Alexis Carrel.
National election; Conservative Party leader France, Britain, and the U.S. sign the Second
Stanley Baldwin becomes Prime Minister (7 London Naval Treaty (25 March), concluding 1937
June) of a National Government. the Second London Naval Disarmament Major flood of the Great Ouse River drowns the
Conference; Japan and Italy refuse to sign. East Anglia fens (16-27 March).
Colonial Wharf rubber warehouse in Wapping
High Street burns for four days (27 September-1 Circular “Beehive” terminal at Gatwick Airport Laurence Olivier first plays Macbeth at the Old
October); fought by fire boats. comes into operation (17 May); British Allied Vic; Vivien Leigh plays Titania in a Christmas-
Airways airfare to Paris is £4 5s, including first- time production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
T.S. Eliot’s play Murder in the Cathedral opens class rail ticket from Victoria Station.
at the Mercury Theatre in Notting Hill (1 Millionaire art dealer Joseph, Baron Duveen,
November); runs for 180 performances. Salvador Dali nearly suffocates (1 July) while endows a new gallery at the Tate.
delivering a lecture on the topic ‘Fantomes
Penguin Books launches the first mass-market Paranoiaques Authentiques’ to the International Margot Fonteyn dances in Giacomo Meyerbeer’s
paperback line in English, with a cover price per Surrealist Convention (in London’s New ballet The Skaters, premiering at Sadler’s Wells
book of 6d. Burlington Galleries) wearing a diving suit. Theatre (16 February).


Two passenger trains collide at Battersea Park St Mary’s Whitechapel Underground station area reaches 8.6 million (County of London
in south London, killing 10 and injuring 17 (2 closed. population 4 million).
Series of street brawls in Soho and Finsbury Lord’s Underground station closed; St. John’s
Coronation of King George VI (12 May); between the McCausland “West End” gang and Wood and Swiss Cottage Underground stations
Baldwin created Earl Baldwin of Bewdley, the Sabini mob over protection rackets. opened.
resigns; Neville Chamberlain becomes Prime
Minister (28 May). British schoolchildren to be issued gas masks Entrance to “Jack Cade’s Cavern” in Blackheath
(3 January). rediscovered.
‘999’ emergency telephone service begins in
London (30 June). The first one-man René Magritte show in IRA launches bombing campaign in London
Britain opens at the London Gallery in Cork and other cities (16 January); after 13 months
Torrential rain falls over London; up to 4 Street (1 April). achieves 300 explosions, 7 deaths, 96 injuries;
inches near Croydon (13 August). security at power facilities, Underground
Six people killed in a collision between a Circle stations, and government buildings increased;
Three masked robbers take £18,800 in jewelry Line train and a District Line train between 55 of 58 IRA bombers in London arrested.
from two Mayfair homes at gunpoint (9 Charing Cross and Temple stations (17 May)
November). due to faulty signal wiring. An earlier collision Six inches of rain and snow follows gales off the
(10 March) on the Northern line injured North Sea (25-26 January).
Worst London fog since 1904 (26-27 twelve for the same reason.
December). Borley Rectory burns down (27 March),
Picasso’s Guernica arrives at the Whitechapel precisely one year after a spirit named Sunex
Israel Regardie publishes The Golden Dawn: An Art Gallery for exhibition (30 September). Amures threatened its destruction in a séance in
Account of the Teachings, Rites and Ceremonies of the Streatham.
Order of the Golden Dawn (Aries Press, Chicago), Over four inches of snow accumulates over a
revealing the Order’s secrets. week of snowfall in London (17-26 December). John Gielgud directs and stars in Hamlet, in the
final show before the scheduled demolition of
Sotheby’s breaks up the extensive library of Sotheby’s sells the library at (haunted) Ham the Lyceum Theatre (28 June); the demolition is
Anton Mensing of Amsterdam in two large House, Surrey; primarily medical works, postponed due to the war.
auctions totaling £29,600. including 12 Caxtons (30-31 May); yields
£38,290. James Joyce publishes Finnegans Wake (Faber &
Nazis ban secret societies, Freemasonry, occult Faber, London).
organizations, and certain religious sects; their Sotheby’s auctions the library of the American
libraries are confiscated. banker M.L. Schiff (6-8 December); yields Second World War begins (3 September).
Ghost-hunter Harry Price moves into the Bestsellers: The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck,
“Most Haunted House in England,” Borley Crowley begins work on his Book of Thoth, a Wind, Sand and Stars by Antoine de St Exupéry,
Rectory in Essex. Tarot deck design. Inside Asia by John Gunther, Mein Kampf by Adolf
Bestsellers: Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, Mrs Mary Carpenter spontaneously combusts
The Years by Virginia Woolf, The Citadel by A.J. in front of her husband and children while on a
Cronin, The Rains Came by Louis Bromfield, cruise on the Norfolk Broads (29 July).
How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale
Carnegie. Dorothy Clutterbuck and the Fellowship of
Crotona found “The First Rosicrucian Theatre
1938 in England” in the New Forest region.
Alfred Hitchcock makes The Lady Vanishes
at Gainsborough’s Poole Street studios in Bestsellers: My Son, My Son! by Howard Spring,
Islington. Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier, Madame Curie
by Eve Curie.
Alec Guinness plays Hamlet in a modern dress
production at the Old Vic. 1939
The population of London’s metropolitan

General Index

General Index
Block, Lawrence (Author) .................115
Bloomsbury (Location)........................48
Caldwell, Ian (Author)..........................115
call out (terminology) ..........................23
boards (terminology). See binding Camberwell (Location) ........................58
Megapolisomancy .............................76 Bobby (Contact) .......................................54 Camden Town (Location) ..................54
New Abilities for Boffin (Contact) ............................... 49, 58 Campaign Styles...............................80–81
Old Occupations.................................. 13 Bond Street (Location) ........................48 Arabesque ............................................ 80
Ackroyd, Peter (Author) ..................... 114 Bonham’s Auction House Sordid ..................................................... 80
Agrippa, Cornelius (Author)............. 37 (Location) .............................................24. Technicolour ........................................81
Alchemy. See occult books See also auction houses Campbell, Ramsey (Author).............. 114
Alraune, Hanns Heinz Ewers book-binders.............................................. 41 Carter, John (Author) ...........................115
(Author) ..................................................36 book dealers .............................................158 Castries, Thibaut de .......94, 99, 99–118
Amphitheatrum Sapientiae book-hound terminology...................23 Catalogue Agent (Occupation) .........10
Aeternae, Khunrath Book of Dzyan cemetaries ................................................. 60
(Author) .................................................157 (Unknown Author) ................... 38, 64 character creation
Ancherley, Sir William Book of Iod, Khut-Nah (Author) ....38 character sheet ................................156
(Collector) ..............................................88 Book of the Dead, The, E. A. Wallis Drives ....................................................... 12
antagonist ...................................................92 Budge (Translator) ..........................36 New Abilities...................................12–13
anthropodermic binding Book of the Sacred Magic of Abra- Occupations ...................................... 8–11
(terminology).......................................23 Melin the Mage, S.L. MacGregor Charing Cross Road (Location) .....48
Antiquities in Great Britain, Mathers (Translator) ......................36 Cheapside (Location) ............................ 51
Stukeley (Author).............................157 bookplate (terminology) .....................23 Chelsea (Location) .................................48
Apollo Gardens (Location) ................56 book prices................................................157 Chessover, Allan (Rival) ............. 44, 85
Arthur Probsthain Book Scout (Occupation)...................... 9 Christie’s Auction House
(book dealer) .............................158, 169 Bookseller (Occupation) ....................... 9 (Location) .............................................24.
Artist (Contact)................................. 49, 54 bookshops ............................................ 15–20 See also auction houses
association copy (terminology) .....23 Bookshop Credit Ratings....... 17–20 Clapham Common (Location) .........58
Astrology. See occult books Credit Ratings in play.............18–20 Clavis Philosophiae et Alchymiae,
Athenaeum Club (Location) .............30 Credit Rating table ........................... 19 Robert Fludd (Author) ...................36
Atlantis..........................................................38 dedicated stock .............................15–16 Cleaner (Contact)....................................58
auctions .......................................................24 discovering a squiz.......................... 16 Clerk (Contact) ................................. 43, 46
auction houses...................................24 improving bookshop stock .....17–18 Clerkenwell (Location) ........................54
auction terminology .......................26 Regulars: bookshop contacts ...... 17 Clubman (Contact) ......................... 46, 49
dramatic .................................................25 shared bookshop creation ........... 15 clubs ...............................................................48
dramatic auction rules .................25 stock .......................................................... 15 codex .............................................................32
narrative ...............................................24 book sizes ...................................................34 Cold One (creature) ..............................69
Ballard, Colin (Rival) ............................83 folio ...........................................................34 Collector
Barman (Contact) ...................................52 octavo ......................................................34 Yeovil, Jefferey (Artist) ..................87
Barnet (Location) ...................................54 quarto ......................................................34 Collectors
Barrett, Francis (Author)................... 37 book terminology ...................................23 Ancherley, Sir William (Peer of
Bartlett, Allison Hoover book trade ........................................... 21–28 the Realm) .......................................88
(Author) ..................................................115 finding a book ............................ 22–24 Warrender, Gilbert
Basbanes, Nicholas (Author) ...........115 finding a buyer................................... 21 (Academic) ......................................86
Bast .................................................................39 breaker (terminology) .........................23 Colour Out of Space..............................58
Baxter, John (Author) ..........................115 Brick Lane (Location) ..........................59 Confessions of an English Opium-
BBC .................................................................162 Bright Young Thing Eater, de Quincey (Author)........157
Bedlam (Location) ..................................56 (Contact) ......................................... 45, 49 Constitution Hill (Location) ..............45
Beggar (Contact) .....................................52 British Museum (location) ................30 Contacts......................................................... 41
Bermondsey (Location) ......................56 Broker (Contact).............................. 43, 49 Artist................................................. 49, 54
Bethnal Green (Location)................... 51 Brood of Eihort (creature) ...............67 Barman ...................................................52
Bibliography (Academic) ..................... 12 brought in (terminology)...................26 Beggar .....................................................52
bibliophily ...................................................82 B.T. Batsford Ltd Bobby .......................................................54
bidding ..........................................................27 (book dealer) .............................158, 169 Boffin ............................................... 49, 58
binding .........................................................32 Buckingham Palace (Location) ......45 Bright Young Thing ................. 45, 49
Birrell & Garnett Budge, E. A. Wallis (Author) .............36 Broker.............................................. 43, 49
(book dealer) .............................158, 169 Burlington House (Location)...........30 Cleaner....................................................58
Blackheath (Location).......................... 57 Byatt, A.S. .....................................................115 Clerk ................................................. 43, 46
Black Magic. See occult books Caedis Urbi Verae Claves, Johannes Clubman ......................................... 46, 49
Blaylock, James (Author) .................... 114 Turris (Author) ..................................99 Flusher ............................................52, 58
Blickling Homilies..................................157 Café de Paris (Location) ....................45 Gambler ..................................................55

General Index
Grave Tender...................... 52, 55, 58 Dust-Thing (Creature) ..........33, 69–74 Green Park (Locations) ......................45
Inspector ................................................46 Dweller in the Depths Greenwich Park (Location)..............56
Lounger .......................................... 49, 55 (creature) ..............................................70 Gruber, Michael (Author) ..................115
Medical Resident.................43, 47, 49, East End ........................................................ 51 Guildhall (Location) ............................... 31
52, 55, 58 Edgeware Road (Location) ...............48 guilds .............................................................. 31
Prostitute ........................50, 53, 55, 58 Edward G. Allen & Son Ltd Hackney (Location) ...............................54
Radical ............................................50, 55 (book dealer) ......................................158 Hampstead (Location) .........................54
Rough Lad ............................ 53, 56, 58 Edward Goldston Ltd Harms, Daniel (Author) ......................115
Scribbler.........................................43, 50 (book dealer) .............................158, 169 Harold Reeves (book dealer)..........158
Servant ...................................................50 Elephant and Castle (Location)......58 Harvey, Miles (Author) ........................115
Solicitor ..................................................43 Elixir of Kathulos ...................................64 Hellas, Shelley (Author) .....................157
Stall-Keeper .........................................59 Ellis (book dealer) ........................158, 169 Herbalism. See occult books
Tout ...........................................50, 56, 59 Embankment (Location) .....................45 Hibbert, Christopher (Author) ........ 114
contacts and connections ................... 9 endpapers (terminology) ...................23 Highgate Cemetary (Location) .......56
Covent Garden (Location).................48 E.P. Goldschmidt & Co. Ltd Highgate (Location) ..............................54
Crouch End (Location) ........................54 (book dealer) .............................158, 169 Hound-Lich (creature)................ 74, 95
Crowley, Aleister (Occultist).............63 estate sale (terminology) ........... 23, 24 house sale (terminology) ...................26
Crystal Palace (Location) ..................56 Ewers, Hanns Heinz .............................36 Houses of Parliament
Cthaat Aquadingen (Unknown ex-libris (terminology) ........................23 (Floorplan) ............................................116
Author)....................................................39 ex-lib (terminology) ..............................23 Houses of Parliament
cults ......................................................... 61–66 Eye of Byatis .................... 52, 95, 100, 113 (Location) ..............................................45
Ahenenerbe .......................................... 61 factories ........................................................ 41 Howard, Robert E. (Author) ............. 114
Brotherhood of the Falk, Samuel (Occultist) ....................... 51 Hunterian Museum (Location) ........ 31
Black Pharaoh ..............................62 Fido, Martin (Author) ...........................115 Hyde Park (Location) ...........................48
Brotherhood of the Fire Vampire (creature)...................... 71 Hypnerotomachia Poliphili..............157
Yellow Sign...................................... 61 Fludd, Robert (Author) ........................36 Hypnos ......................................................... 60
Cult of Cthulhu .................................... 61 Flusher (Contact) ............................52, 58 Imperial Institute (Location) ............ 31
Golden Dawn.......................................63 Fog Spawn (creature)..........................72 important events ....................................161
Hsieh-Tzu Fan....................................63 Forest Hill (Location) ...........................58 inky (terminology) .................................23
Keirecheires ........................................64 Forger (Occupation) ..............................10 Inspector (Contact) ................................46
Rhan-Tegoth .......................................66 Forgery (Technical) ............................... 12 Isle of Dogs (Location) ......................... 51
Witch Cult ..............................................62 Fortune, Dion (Occultist) ....................63 Islington (Location) ...............................54
Yithian Agents....................................62 Fowler, Christopher (Author) .........115 Jack the Ripper .................51, 94, 110–129
Daemonolatreia, Nicolas Remigius foxing (terminology) ............................23 James Rimell & Son Ltd
(Author) .................................................. 37 Frazer, James George (Author)...... 37 (book dealer) .............................158, 169
Danielewski, Mark Z. (Author)........115 frontispiece (terminology) ................23 James Tregaskis & Son
Davies, Owen (Author) ........................115 Gambler (Contact) ..................................55 (book dealer) .............................158, 169
Davis & Orioli (book dealer) ..158, 169 Gash, Jonathan (Author) ....................115 John & Edward Bumpus Ltd
De Architectura, Vitruvius Geomancy. See occult books (book dealer) .............................158, 169
(Author) .................................................157 George Harding juice (terminology) ................................26
De la Ruine, Boccaccio (book dealer) .............................158, 169 Kabbalism. See occult books
(Author) .................................................157 George Salby (book dealer) ....158, 169 Kali..................................................................58
Demonology. See occult books G’harne Fragments, Sir Amery Kensington (Location) ........................48
De Occulta Philosophia, Cornelius Wendy-Smith (Translator) ..........39 Key of Solomon the King, The, S.L.
Agrippa (Author) .......................37, 157 Gilbert, Adrian (Author) .....................115 MacGregor Mathers
Derleth, August (Author).................... 114 Gillan, Geoff (Author)...........................115 (Translator) .......................................... 37
Discoverie of Witchcraft, Scot Glanvill, Joseph (Author) .................... 37 King’s Cross Station (Location) .....54
(Author) .................................................157 God’s copy (terminology) ...................23 Knightsbridge (Location) ..................49
Divination. See occult books Golden Bough, The, Sir James Koran ...........................................................157
Dockyards (Location) ...........................56 George Frazer ............................37, 157 kosher (terminology) ...........................23
Document Analysis (Technical) ...... 12 Golding, Hamilton (Rival) ..................85 Lambeth Palace (Location) ............... 31
dog (terminology)...................................23 Gonce, John Wisdom (Author) ........115 leading the bidding
Don Quixote, Cervantes Grafton & Co (terminology).......................................26
(Author) .................................................157 (book dealer) .............................158, 169 Leiber, Fritz (Author)........................... 114
Dream Lore. See occult books grangerising (terminology)..............23 Leicester Square (Location) .... 45, 48
drives.............................................................. 12 Grave Tender (Contact) ...... 52, 55, 58 libraries........................................................29
drop (terminology) ........................ 26, 27 graveyard copy (terminology)........23 access ......................................................29
Dulau’s (book dealer) .................158, 169 Greed (Drive) ............................................. 12 restricted collections ......................30
Dunning, John (Author) ......................115 green fruit (terminology) ..................23 rules .........................................................29

General Index
special collection ..............................30 London Library .................................. 31 Megapolisomancy (magic).................76
Limehouse (Location) ..........................53 Marylebone..........................................158 Example Working..............................78
Lincoln’s Inn (Location) ...................... 31 Mayfair....................................................48 Mesmerism. See occult books
Liverpool Street Station Notting Hill............................................48 Monas Hieroglyphica, Dee
(Location) ..............................................54 Old Nichol Rookery ........................... 51 (Author) .................................................157
Locations .............................................. 41–60 Oxford Street.......................................48 Money in the Game ..............................22
Apollo Gardens...................................56 Piccadilly Circus ................................45 Monstres and Their Kynde, William
Athenaeum Club................................30 Poplar ....................................................... 51 Pynchon (Author).............................39
Barnet......................................................54 Primrose Hill .......................................54 Moore, lan (Author) .............................. 114
Bedlam ....................................................56 Regent’s Park ......................................48 multiple bidders ......................................27
Bermondsey .........................................56 Regent Street ......................................48 Myers & Co (book dealer)........158, 169
Bethnal Green ..................................... 51 Roger’s Wax Museum.....................58 Mythos................................... 61, 82, 114–133.
Blackheath ............................................57 Royal College of Surgeons ........... 31 See also Mythos Tomes
Bloomsbury ..........................................48 Scotland Yard ..................................... 47 Mythos Tomes ...........................................38
Bond Street ..........................................48 Seven Dials ...........................................49 potential points ..................................38
Bonham’s Auction House.............24 Shoreditch.............................................. 51 Nagaäe (creature) .........................108, 113
Brick Lane ............................................59 Smithfield Market .............................42 nailing a library (terminology)......23
British Museum .................................30 Society for Psychical Research 31 Nash, John...................................................54
Buckingham Palace .........................45 Soho ..........................................................48 National Gallery (Floorplan) ............ 117
Burlington House .............................30 Sotheby’s Auction House .............24 Natural History Museum
Café de Paris .......................................45 Southwark ............................................56 (Floorplan) ............................................118
Camberwell ..........................................58 Stepney .................................................... 51 Necromancy. See occult books
Camden Town .....................................54 Strand ......................................................48 Necronomicon.............30, 33, 42, 44, 69,
Charing Cross Road ........................48 Theosophical Society ....................... 31 74, 87, 91, 108
Cheapside ............................................... 51 Tothill .......................................................45 Nodens ..........................................................95
Chelsea ....................................................48 Tower of London ..............................42 Northam, Lord (Occultist) ...........42, 44
Christie’s Auction House ..............24 Trafalgar Square ..............................45 Notting Hill (Location) .........................48
Clapham Common ............................58 United University Club ................... 31 NPCs ...............................................................82
Clerkenwell...........................................54 Victoria Park .......................................54 adjusting statistics ...........................86
Constitution Hill ................................45 Wapping................................................... 51 Collectors ...............................................82
Covent Garden ...................................48 West End ................................................48 Dramatis Personae List ...............154
Crouch End ..........................................54 Westminster .........................................45 Rivals .......................................................82
Crystal Palace .....................................56 Westminster Abbey ..........................45 Tainted ....................................................82
Dockyards..............................................56 Whitechapel .......................................... 51 Numerology. See occult books
Edgeware Road .................................48 London Library (Location)................ 31 Nyarlathotep ..............................................62
Elephant and Castle ........................58 London Stone ...........................................42 occult books ...............................................34
Embankment........................................45 London Timeline 1929-39 ..................161 magic........................................................34
Forest Hill ..............................................58 lot (terminology) .....................................26 Occult Guide to London ................... 160
Green Park ...........................................45 Lounger (Contact) .......................... 49, 55 Occultist (Occupation) ..........................10
Greenwich Park ................................56 Lovecraft., H.P. ......................................... 114 Occupations ............................................ 8–11
Guildhall .................................................. 31 Luzac & Co (book dealer)........158, 169 new ............................................................. 8
Hackney..................................................54 Machen, Arthur (Author) ................... 114 occupational changes .......................11
Hampstead ............................................54 Maggs Bros (book dealer) .......158, 169 O’Connell, Gary (Author) ....................115
Highgate .................................................54 Maggs, Ernest (book dealer) ............. 51 Old Nichol Rookery (Location) ........ 51
Highgate Cemetary ..........................56 Magic....................................... 34, 67–72, 95 Oxford Street (Location) ....................48
Houses of Parliament ....................45 Magus, The or Celestial Paramental Entities ..............................79
Hunterian Museum .......................... 31 Intelligencer, Francis Barrett Abilities ...................................................79
Hyde Park .............................................48 (Author) ..........................................37, 157 Attacks.....................................................79
Imperial Institute ............................... 31 Malleus Maleficarum ...........................157 Bonuses ..................................................79
Isle of Dogs ............................................ 51 markets ........................................................22 Defenses .................................................79
Islington .................................................54 marriage (terminology) ......................23 places of power ................................. 77
Kensington ...........................................48 Marylebone (Location) .......................158 table ..........................................................79
King’s Cross Station........................54 Mathers, S.L. MacGregor Perez-Reverte, Arturo (Author) ....115
Knightsbridge .....................................49 (Author) .......................................... 36, 37 photostats .................................................... 31
Lambeth Palace .................................. 31 Matthews, John (Author) ....................115 Piccadilly Circus (Location) .............45
Leicester Square ....................... 45, 48 Mayfair (Location) .................................48 P.J. & A.E. Dobell
Limehouse ............................................53 McMurtry, Larry (Author) .................115 (book dealer) .............................158, 169
Lincoln’s Inn......................................... 31 Medical Resident plate (terminology) ................................23
Liverpool Street Station ...............54 (Contact) .................. 43, 49, 52, 55, 58 player-driven adventures ................92

General Index
plot hooks ..............................................92 Curtain ....................................................89 tipped in (terminology).......................23
putting it together, together ......93 Final Reveal .......................................... 91 tip sheet ..............................................92, 155
using contacts ....................................92 First Reveal ......................................... 90 Tothill (Location).....................................45
plot hooks....................................................92 Hook..........................................................89 Tout (Contact) ........................... 50, 56, 59
Pnakotic Manuscripts Relief ......................................................... 91 Tower of London (Location) ...........42
(Unknown Authors).........................66 Setup ......................................................... 91 Trafalgar Square (Location)............45
Polanski, Roman (Director) ..............115 Twist .......................................................... 91 Tramp (Occupation) ................................ 8
police ............................................................. 47 Wakeup .................................................. 90 Trench, Richard (Author)..................115
Poplar (Location)..................................... 51 Scorpion (cults) .......................................63 Triumphant Chariot of Antimony,
Powers, Tim (Author) .......................... 114 Scotland Yard (Location) .................. 47 Valentine (Author) ..........................157
Primrose Hill (Location) ....................54 Scribbler (Contact).........................43, 50 Turris, Johannes (Whitechapel
printers ......................................................... 41 Scrolls of Bubastis, Iuwy-Kheruef Black-Letter) ........................................99
Prostitute (Contact) ........50, 53, 55, 58 (Author) .......................................... 39, 64 Tylwyth Corachaidd (creature) ..... 74
Quachil Uttaus..........................................58 Second World War ................................164 uncut (terminology)..............................23
Radical (Contact) ............................50, 55 Servant (Contact) ...................................50 underground ............................................57
rare book prices ....................................157 settle (terminology) ...............................26 caves and caverns .......................... 57
Raymond, Derek...................................... 114 Seven Dials (Location) ........................49 rivers .......................................................57
rectigraph .................................................... 31 shill bid (terminology) .........................26 service tunnels ..................................57
Redway, George (book dealer) ...... 60 Shoreditch (Location) ........................... 51 sewers .....................................................57
Regent’s Park (Location) ...................48 signature (terminology) .....................23 Tube ..........................................................57
Regent Street (Location)....................48 silverfish (terminology) ......................33 Underwood, Peter (Author) .............115
Remigius, Nicolas (Author) ............... 37 sleeper (terminology) ..........................23 unemployment ...................................161, 41
R. Fletcher Ltd Smithfield Market (Location) ..........42 unicum (terminology)..........................23
(book dealer) .............................158, 169 societies .......................................................30 United University Club
Rivals Society for Psychical Research (Location) ............................................... 31
Ballard, Colin (Bookseller) ...........83 (Location) ............................................... 31 using contacts ..........................................92
Chessover, Allan Soho (Location) .......................................48 vesica piscis ..............................................101
(Book Scout) ...................................85 Solicitor (Contact) ..................................43 Victoria & Albert Museum
Golding, Hamilton Sotheby’s Auction House (Floorplan) .......................................... 120
(Catalogue Agent)........................85 (Location) .............................................24. Victoria Park (Location) ....................54
R’lyeh Text See also auction houses Walford Brothers
(Unknown Authors)................. 39, 64 South London ...........................................56 (book dealer) .............................158, 169
Robson & Co. Ltd Southwark (Location) ..........................56 wall bid (terminology) .........................26
(book dealer) .............................158, 169 squiz.........................................................16, 23 Wapping (Location) ................................ 51
Rogers, George (Occultist) ................66 Stableford, Brian (Author) ................ 114 Warrender, Gilbert
Roger’s Wax Museum Stall-Keeper (Contact) .........................59 (Collector) ...............................47, 86, 87
(Location) ..............................................58 starting (terminology) .........................23 weather ........................................................161
Roman de la Rose ................................157 Stepney (Location) ................................. 51 Weinreb, Ben (Author) ........................ 114
Roman Londinium .........................42, 44 Stevenson, Robert Louis Weldon & Wesley
Rossetti, Dante Gabriel (Poet).........56 (Author) ..........................................114, 157 (book dealer) .............................158, 169
Rough Lad (Contact) ............ 53, 56, 58 Strand (Location) ...................................48 West End (Location)..............................48
Royal College of Surgeons Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Westminster Abbey (Location) .......45
(Location) ............................................... 31 Hyde, Stevenson (Author) ..........157 Westminster (Location) ......................45
rumours .......................................................42 street markets ..........................................22 W. & G. Foyle Ltd
East End .................................................53 Szachnowski, Lucya (Author) .........115 (book dealer) .............................158, 169
North London .....................................56 Szentes, Imre (collector) ....................56 Wheatley, Dennis (Author) ............... 114
South London .................................... 60 Talismans. See occult books Whitechapel Black-Letter ...........94–113
the City....................................................44 Tamlyn, Pete (Author) .........................115 Whitechapel (Location) ........................ 51
West End ................................................50 Textual Analysis (Academic) ............ 12 Witchcraft. See occult books
Westminster ......................................... 47 the knock (terminology) .....................26 Wonders of the Invisible World,
runner (terminology) ..........................23 The Knowledge (Academic) .............. 12 Mather (Author) ...............................157
Saducismus Triumphatus, Joseph Theosophical Society (Location) .... 31 wraps (terminology) .............................23
Glanvill (Author) .......................37, 157 Theosophy. See occult books Yeovil, Jefferey (Collector) ................87
salting (terminology)............................26 the room (terminology) ......................26 Y’golonac .....................................................65
Satanism. See occult books Thomason, Dustin (Author)..............115 Yog-Sothoth ...............................................52
Scenario Building ........................... 89–91 Thomas, Scarlett (Author) .................115 Zafon, Carlos Ruiz (Author) ............115
Blowback............................................... 90 Thos. Baker (book dealer) ................158 Zoological Gardens (Floorplan) .....119
Campaign Map....................................92 Tickhill Psalter, The .............................157
Confrontation ...................................... 91 Tillio, Larry di (Author) ......................115

Locations Index

How to Use this Index

General London locations, such as train stations, important landmarks and Booksellers 7

streets, which are already labelled on the relevant plates have just been given
1. Edward G. Allen & Son Ltd............ XXVI
grid references. The places of particular interest to the Bookhounds, namely 2. Thos. Baker.................................. XXVI
libraries, auction houses and booksellers have been given symbols and with 3. B.T. Batsford Ltd. .................... XXVI
the corresponding number or letter and added to the map excerpts plate XXVI 4. Birrell & Garnett ..................... XXVI
and XXVII to make them easier to locate. 5. John & Edward Bumpus Ltd... XXVI
6. Davis & Orioli ........................... XXVI
An additional numbered symbol - - has been added to some plates to indicate 7. P.J. & A.E. Dobell ...................... XXVI
places of occult significance as mentioned in The Book of the Smoke: The London 8. Dulau’s .......................................... XXVI
Occult Miscellany of Augustus Darcy (Deceased). 9. Ellis ................................................ XXVI
10. R. Fletcher Ltd. ........................ XXVI
11. W. & G. Foyle Ltd. ................. XXVI
General London Locations 12. E.P. Goldschmidt ..................... XXVI
13. Edward Goldston Ltd ............ XXVI
1. Apollo Gardens ....................... XX, 13U 37. Islington ...................................... VII, 15H 14. Grafton & Co. ............................ XXVI
2. Barnet........................................... XXIV,Db 38. Kensington ................................ X, 8N 15. George Harding. ....................... XXVI
3. Bedlam ......................................... XXIV,Ec 39. King’s Cross Station ............ XI, 13I 16. Luzac & Co. ................................. XXVI
4. Bermondsey .............................. XVI,19O 40. Knightsbridge .......................... X, 10M 17. Maggs Bros. ................................ XXVI
5. Bethnal Green ......................... XI, 18J 41. Leicester Square.................... X, 13L 18. Myers & Co. ................................ XXVI
6. Blackheath................................. XVII, 24R 42. Limehouse ................................. XII, 21L 19. Arthur Probsthain ................... XXVI
7. Bloomsbury ............................... X, 13K 43. Liverpool Street Station .... XI, 17K 20. Harold Reeves .......................... XXVI
8. Bond Street ............................... X. 12L 44. Marylebone ............................... X, 10J 21. James Rimell & Son Ltd. ...... XXVI
9. Brick Lane ................................. XI, 18J 45. Mayfair ........................................ X, 11L 22. Robson & Co. Ltd. ................... XXVI
10. Buckingham Palace.............. X, 12M 46. Notting Hill................................. IX, 7L 23. George Salby............................... XXVI
11. Café de Paris, Cvntry. St. .. X, 13L 47. Old Nichol Rookery, Bthnl Grn...XI, 18J 24. James Tregaskis & Son. ............ XXVI
12. Camberwell ............................... XVI, 16Q 48. Oxford Street ........................... X, 12K 25. Walford Brothers .................... XXVI
13. Camden Town.......................... VI. 12H 49. Pelgrane Press, Brmlls Rd...... XV, 12R 26. Weldon & Wesley .................... XXVII
14. Charing Cross Road ............. XI, 13L 50. Piccadilly Circus..................... X, 12L
15. Cheapside ................................... XI, 16K 51. Poplar ........................................... XII, 23L
16. Chelsea......................................... XV, 10O 52. Primrose Hill ............................ VI, 10H
17. Clapham Common ................. XV, 11S 53. Regent’s Park ........................... VI, 11I
18. Clerkenwell ............................... XI, 15J 54. Regent Street ........................... X, 12K Libraries & A

19. Constitution Hill ..................... X, 11M 55. Roger’s Wax Museum ......... XI, 16M Auction Houses
20. Covent Garden ........................ X, 13L 56. Scotland Yard .......................... X, 13M A. Athenaeum Club ..................... XXVI
21. Crouch End................................ XXIV,Db 57. Seven Dials................................ X, 13K B. Bonham’s Auction House .. XXVI
22. Crystal Palace .......................... XXI,18X 58. Shoreditch ................................. XI, 18J C. British Museum....................... XXVI
23. Dockyards .................................. XI, 18L 59. Smithfield Market .................. XI, 15K D. Burlington House .................. XXVI
24. Edgware Road ......................... X, 9J 60. Soho ............................................... X, 13K E. Christie’s Auction House ... XXVI
25. Elephant and Castle ............. XVI, 15N 61. Southwark ................................. XI, 15M F. Guildhall ...................................... XXVII
26. Embankment ............................ XI, 13M 62. Stepney ........................................ XII, 20J G. Hunterian Museum .............. XXVII
27. Forest Hill................................... XXI,19V 63. Strand........................................... XI, 14L H. Imperial Institute ................... X, 9M
28. Green Park ................................ X, 12M 64. Tothill ............................................ X, 13M I. Lambeth Palace ..................... X, 14N
29. Greenwich Park ................... XVII,24Q 65. Tower of London ................... XI, 17L J. Lincoln’s Inn ............................. XXVII
30. Hackney....................................... VII, 19G 66. Trafalgar Square ................... XI, 13L K. London Library ...................... XXVI
31. Hampstead ................................. VI, 10F 67. Victoria Park ............................ VIII, 21H L. Royal College of Surgeons.XXVII
32. Highgate ...................................... VI, 11E 68. Wapping ...................................... XII, 19M M. Society for Psychical
33. Highgate Cemetary ............... VI, 11D 69. West End ..................................... X Research ..................................... X, 13J
34. Houses of Parliament ......... XI, 13N 70. Westminster .............................. X, 13M N. Sotheby’s Auction House... XXVI
35. Hyde Park .................................. X, 10L 71. Westminster Abbey ............... X, 13N O. Theosophical Society ........... X, 8L
36. Isle of Dogs ................................ XII, 22N 72. Whitechapel .............................. XII, 19K P. United University Club ....... XXVI

Index of Locations from The Occult Guide
1. Aldgate Underground Station ......... XXVII 47. The Grant Museum of Zoology, Clerkenwell.................................................... XXVII
2. Bank Station ................................................. XXVII University College London .............. X,12J 94. Primrose Hill .............................................. VI,10H
3. The Bank of England, Threadneedle 48. The Hawthorn Tree, Wardour Street 95. St Pancras .................................................... VI,13I
Street ................................................................. XXVII ................................................................................ X,12K 96. The Zoological Society of London,
4. Bleeding Heart Yard, Hatton Garden, 49. Hobbes Court, Knightsbridge ......... X,10N Regents Park .............................................. VI,11I
Holborn ........................................................... XXVII 50. Hungaria Restaurant, Regent Street 97. South London
5. St Etheldreda’s Church, Ely Place ................................................................................ X,12L 98. Bankside – The Winchester Geese
................................................................................ XXVII 51. The Hunterian Museum, Lincoln’s Inn ................................................................................ XXVII
6. Guildhall ......................................................... XXVII Fields ................................................................ XI,14K 99. Battersea Dogs Home, Battersea Park
7. The London Metal Exchange, 52. The International Psychics Club, Road .................................................................. XV,12P
Leadenhall Street .................................... XXVII Regent Street ............................................. X,12L 100. The Battersea Shield, River Thames
8. The London Stone, Cannon Street 53. Kensington ................................................................................ XV,11O
................................................................................ XXVII 54. The London Spiritualist Alliance... X,9N 101. Abbey Street Churchyard, Bermondsey
9. Ludgate Hill ................................................. XXVII 55. The National Laboratory of Psychical ................................................................................ XI,17N
10. The Monument ........................................... XXVII Research, 13 Roland Gardens, South 102. Dulwich College, Camberwell .........XXI,17V
11. Newgate Prison.......................................... XXVII Kensington .................................................. XIV,9O 103. Eland Road, Lavender Hill ............... XV,10R
12. The Prophecies of Merlin ................... XXVII 56. 89 Park Mansions, Knightsbridge. X,10M 104. G Baldwin & Co., 77 Walworth Road,
13. St Bartholomew-the-Great Church, 57. Pest House Fields, Vauxhall Bridge Elephant and Castle .............................. XVI,16O
Smithfield ...................................................... XXVII Road .................................................................. XV,13O 105. Greenwich Park .......................................XVII,24Q
14. St Bride’s Church, Fleet Street ........ XXVII 58. The Petrie Museum, University College 106. The Horniman Museum and Gardens,
15. St Mary le Bow, Cheapside .............. XXVII London ........................................................... X,13J Forest Hill ..................................................... XXI,19V
16. St Michael’s, Cornhill ............................ XXVII 59. St Clement Danes Church, The Strand 107. Kent Street, Southwark ...................... XI,16N
17. St Paul’s Cathedral ................................. XXVII ................................................................................ XXVII 108. King’s College Hospital ........................ XVI,16R
18. St. Stephen’s Walbrook, Queen Victoria 60. Seven Dials .................................................. X,13K 109. Lavender Hill ............................................. XV,10R
Street ................................................................. XXVII 61. The Society for Psychical Research, 31 110. Maze Hill, Greenwich ...........................XVII,24P
19. Smithfield ...................................................... XXVII Tavistock Square ..................................... X,13J 111. Peckham Rye...............................................XVI,18Q
20. The Temple Church ............................... XXVII 62. Somerset House, The Strand ........... XXVII 112. Rogers’ Wax Museum, Southwark
21. Tower Hill and The Tower of London 63. The Temple of the Brotherhood, The Street ................................................................. XXVII
................................................................................ XXVII Strand ............................................................... XXVII 113. St Giles’ Churchyard, Camberwell XVI,17Q
22. The Viaduct Tavern, Newgate Street 64. Tyburn Stone, Edgeware Road .... X,10L 114. The Shooters Hill Road Leopards of
................................................................................ XXVII 65. University College London, Gower Blackheath ..................................................XVII,24Q
23. Westminster ................................................ X Street ................................................................ X,12J 115. Southwark
24. The Cafe Royal, Piccadilly Circus . X,12L 66. The Warburg Library .......................... X,13J 116. The Temple of Isis .................................... XXVII
25. Caxton Hall, Caxton Street................. X,12N 67. Watkins Bookshop, Cecil Court ..... X,13L 117. The Walworth Road .............................. XVI,16O
26. Cleopatra’s Needle, Victoria 68. The Wellcome Historical Medical 118. Wandsworth Prison, Heathfield Road
Embankment ................................................ X,13M Museum, Wigmore Street ................. X,11K ................................................................................ XX,9T
27. Coventry Street ........................................ X,13L 69. The Wheatsheaf, Rathbone Place. X,12K 119. Woolwich Polytechnic Automata Club
28. The Geological Society, Piccadilly. X,12L 70. East End ...............................................................................XXIV,Eb
29. Green Park .................................................... X,12M 71. Christ Church, Spitalfields ................ XI,18K
30. The Little Theatre, John Adam Street 72. Guinness Trust Building, Columbia Outer London
................................................................................ X,13L Road .................................................................. XI,18I
31. The London Library, St James’ Square 73. The Isle of Dogs ................................XII, N22-N23 The following places are of occult interest, but fall
............................................................................. X,12L-M 74. Limehouse XII,21L
32. The Suicide Circle, Pall Mall ............ X,12M 75. Pye Corner .................................................... XXVII
outside London’s Metropolitan boundary.
33. The Theosophical Society ................. X,10K 76. Ratcliff Highway, Stepney ................ XII,19L 120. Alexandra Palace, Muswell Hill ...XXIV,Db
34. Tothill Fields ................................................ X,13M 77. Wapping Station ....................................... XII,19M 121. The Bethlem Royal Hospital,
35. Westminster Abbey ................................ X,13N 78. Whitechapel and Jack the Ripper Beckenham, Kent ....................................XXIV,Ec
36. The West End ............................................. X 79. Whitechapel Road .................................. XII,19K 122. The Croydon Aerodrome ..................XXIV,Dc
37. The Apokrypha Bookshop, Covent 80. Buck’s Row (renamed in 1928 to 123. Epping Forest, Essex ............................XXIV,Eb
Garden ............................................................ X,13L Durward St) .................................................. XII,19K 124. Petts Wood, Kent .....................................XXIV,Ec
38. The Atlantis Bookshop, Museum Street 81. Hanbury Street ......................................... XI,18K
................................................................................ X,13K 82. Berners Street ........................................... XI,18K
39. 50 Berkeley Square................................. X,11L 83. Mitre Square ................................................ XXVII
40. The British Museum and Reading 84. Miller’s Court in Dorset Street,
Room, Museum Street ......................... X,13K Spitalfields...................................................... XXVII
41. The Buckingham, Berwick Street X,12K 85. North London
42. Cambridge Gardens, Kensington IX,6K 86. Bunhill Fields ............................................... XXVII
43. 67-69 Chancery Lane ............................ XXVII 87. Camden Town ............................................. VI,12H
44. Charing Cross Hotel, Charing Cross 88. Finsbury
Station ............................................................. X,13L 89. Sadler’s Wells Theatre ......................... XI,15I
45. The Fitzroy Tavern, Charlotte Street 90. Gray’s Inn Road ......................................... XXVII
................................................................................ X,12K 91. Hampstead Heath ................................... VI,9E
46. Freemasons Hall, Great Queen Street 92. Highgate Cemetery ................................ VI,11D
................................................................................ XXVII 93. The Museum of the Order of St John,

INDEX TO SECTIONAL Adamson rd. Hd. VI, 9G Alexandra rd. S. N. VII, 15D Anstey rd. Lam. XVI, 15R Astwood rd. Ken. X , 8N Bangalore st. Wan. XIV, 5R
Adamson rd. Lew. XXI, 20W Alexandra rd. Wim. XIX, 6X Anthony st. Ste. XII, 19L Asylum rd. Cam. XVI, 19P Bank st. Sou. XI, 16L
MAPS. Adamson rd. W.H. XII, 26L Alexandra st. W. H. XIII, 25K Antill rd. Pop. VIII, 21I Atalanta. rd. Ful. XIV, 5P Bank sta. City XI, 16L
PLATES V. to XXII. Addington rd. W.H. XIII,25K Alfred pl. Wes. X, 9N Antrim gro. Hd. VI, 10G Athenlay rd. Cam. XXI, 20T Bankside Sou. XI, 15L
Abbreviations of names of Addington sq. Cam. XVI, 16P Alfred st. Isl. VII, 15I Antrim st. Hd. VI, 10G Atherfold rd. Lam. XV, 13R Banner st. Fin. XI, 16J
Metropolitan Boroughs. Addison ave. Ken. IX, 6L Alfred st. Pop. XII, 22I Appach rd. Lam. XX, 14T Atherton rd. W.H. VIII, 25G Banning st. Gre. XVII, 24O
Bat. Battersea. Addison gdns. Ham. IX, 5M Alfred st. W. H. XIII, 25L Appold st. Sho. XI, 17K Athey rd. Wan. XIV, 6R Bannoch rd. Ful. XIV, 5O
Her. Bermondsey. Addison rd. Chiswick IX, 2N Algarve rd. Wan. XIX, 8U Approach rd. B. G. VII, 20I Atkins rd. Wan. XX, 12V Bannockburn rd. Woo.
B. G. Bethnal Green. Addison rd. Ken. IX, 6M Algernon rd. Lew. XVII, 22S Arbery rd. B. G. VIII, 21I Atlantic rd. Lam. XV, 14S XVIII, 32O
Cam. Camberwell. Adelaide rd. Ham. IX, 4L Algiers rd. Lew. XVII, 22S Arbuthnot rd. Dep. XVI, 20Q Atley rd. Pop. VIII, 22I Banstead st. Cam. XVI, 19R
Che. Chelsea. Adelaide rd. Hd. VI, 9H Alice rd. W. H. VIII, 25H Archbishops’ pk. Lam. XI, Atterbury st. Wes. XV, 13O Banyard rd. Ber. XII, 19N
Dep. Deptford. Adelaide rd. Lew. XVI, 21S Alice st. Ber. XI, 17N 14N Atwell rd. Cam. XV, 18R Barbara st. Isl. VI, 14G
Fin. Finsbury. Adelina gro. Ste. XII, 19K Alice st. W. H. XIII, 25L Archdale rd. Cam. XVI, 18S Auberon st. Woo. XIII, 29M Barbers al. W.H. XIII, 26J
Ful. Fulham. Aden gro. S. N. VII, 16F Aliwal rd. Bat, XV, 10S Archel rd. Ful. XIX, 6O Aubert pk. Isl. VII, 15F Barbican City XI, 16K
Gre. Greenwich. Aden ter. S. N. VII, 16F Alkham rd. Hac. VII, 18D Archer st. Ken. IX, 7L Aubin st. Lam. XI, 14M Barclay rd. Ful. XIV, 7P
Hac. Hackney. Adie rd. Ham. IX, 4N All Saints rd. Ken. IX, 6K Archibald rd. Isl. VI, 13F Aubrey rd. Ken. IX, 7M Barcombe ave. Lam. XX. 28V
Ham. Hammersmith. Adinaston rd. Woo. XVIII, Allan rd. S. N. VII, 17F Archibald rd. Pop. XII, 22J Aubrey wk. Ken. IX, 7M Bargery rd. Lew. XXII, 23V
Hd. Hampstead. 31Q Allanmouth rd. Pop. VIII, Archway st. Barnes XIV, 2Q Auckland hill, Lam. XXI, Baring st. Isl. VII, 16H
Hol. Holborn. Adine st. W. H. XIII, 26K 22H Arcola. st. Hac. VII, 18F 15W Barking rd. W.H. XIII, 25K
Isl. Islington. Admiral rd. Ken. IX, 6J Allcroft rd. St. P. VI, 11F Ardbeck rd. Cam. XXI, 16T Auckland rd. B. G. VIII, 21I Barkston gdns. Ken. XIV, 8O
Ken. Kensington. Adolphus rd. S. N. VII, I5D Allen st. Ken. IX, 7N Arden st. Bat. XV, 12P Auckland rd. Bat. XV, 10S Barkworth rd. Cam. XVI,
Lam. Lambeth. Adys rd. Cam. XVI, 18R Allenby rd. Lew. XXI, 20V Ardfillan rd. Lew. XXII, 24V Augustus rd. Wan. XIX, 6U 19U
Lew. Lewisham. Agamemnon rd. Hd. V, 7F Allerton rd. S. N. VII, l6D Ardgowan rd. Lew. XXII, Augustus st. St. P. VI, 12I Barlbrough st. Dep. XVI, 20P
Pad. Paddington. Agate rd. Ham. IX, 4 N Allerton st. Sho. VII, 16I 24U Auriol rd. Ful. IX, 6N Barlby rd. Ken. IX, 5J
Pop. Poplar. Agate st. W. H. XIII, 25L Alleyn pk. Cam. XXI, 16V Ardleigh rd. Hac. VII, 17G Austral st. Sou. XI, 15N Barlow st. Sou. XI, 17O
Sho. Shoreditch. Agincourt rd. Hd. VI, 10 F Alleyn rd. Cam. XXI. 16V Ardlui rd. Lam. XXI, 15V Autumn st. Pop. VIII, 22I Barmeston rd. Lew. XXII,
Sou. Southwark. Agnes rd. Act. IX, 3M Allfarthing la. Wan. XIX, 8T Ardoch rd. Lew. XXII, 23V Aveley rd. Hac. VII, 19E 22V
Ste. Stepney. Agnes st. Ste. XII, 21K Allison gro. Cam. XXI, 17U Ardville rd. Lam. XV, 15S Avenell rd. Isl. VII 15E Barmouth rd. Wan. XX, 8T
S. N. Stoke Newington Agnes st. W. H. XIII, 27M Alloa rd. Dep. XVI, 20O Argyle rd. Ley. VIII, 25F Avenons rd. W. H. XIII, 26K Barnby st. St. P. VI, 12I
St. M. St. Marylebone. Agnew rd Lew. XXI, 20U Alma rd. Wan. XIV, 8S Argyle rd. W. H. XIII, 26L Avenue Farm, Hen. V, 6E Barnby st. W. H. VIII, 24I
St. P. St. Pancras. Agricultural hall Isl. VII, 15I Alma st. W. H. VIII, 24G Argyle st. St., P. VI, 13I Avenue Pk. rd. Lam. XXI, Barnes com. XIV, 3R
Wan. Wandsworth Ailsa. st. Pop. XII, 23K Alma ter. Wan. XX, 9T Argyll rd. Ken. IX, 7M I5V Barnes sta. XIV, 3Q
Wes. Westminster. Ainger rd. Hd. VI, 10H Almack rd. Hac. VII, 20F Argyll st. Wes. X, 12K Avenue rd. Hac. VII, 19F Barnes XIV, 3Q
Woo. Woolwich. Aintree av. E. H. XIII, 28I Almeida st. Isl. VII, 15H Arheldene rd. Wan. XIX, 8U Avenue rd. Ham. IX, 4M Barnet gro. B. G. VII, 18I
Abbreviations of Urban Aislabie rd. Lew. XVII, 24S Almeric rd. Bat. XV, 10S Arica rd. Dep. XVI, 21S Avenue rd. Hd. VI, 9H Barnfield rd. Lam. XXI 16X
Districts, etc. Aitken rd. Lew. XXII, 22V Almorah rd. Isl. VII 16H Ariel rd. Hd. V, 7G Avenue rd. Lew. XVII, 23S Barnfield rd. Woo. XVIII,
Act. Acton. Ajax rd. Hd. V, 7F Alnwick rd. W. H. XIII, 27L Aristotle rd. Lam. XV, 13R Avenue rd. Ley. VIII, 25D 30P
Bar. Barking. Akehurst. gdns. Wan. XIX, Alpha rd. Dep. XVI, 21Q Arklow rd. Dep. XVI 21P Avenue rd. W. H. VIII, 26F Barnsbury pk. Isl. VII, 15H
Bec. Beckenham. 3T Alpha rd. Pop. XII, 22M Arkwright rd. Hd. VI, 8F Avenue rd. Wan. XIX 6T Barnsbury rd. Isl. VII, 14I
Bex. Bexley. Akenside rd. Hd. VI, 9G Alphonsus rd. Wan. XV, 12S Arlingford rd. Lam. XXI, 14T Avenue, The, Act. IX, 2N Barnsbury sq. Isl. VII, 14H
Bro. Bromley. Akerman rd. Lam. XV, 15Q Alric ave. Wil. V, 2G Arlingnon st. Isl. VII 16I Avenue, The, Barnes, XIV, Barnsbury st. Isl. VII, 15H
Chis. Chislehurst. Alan rd. Wim. XIX, 6W Alscot rd. Ber, XI, 17N Arlington rd. St. P. VI, 12H 3Q Barnsbury sta. Isl. VI, 14H
Cro. Croydon. Albacore cres. Lew. XXII, Alsen rd. Isl. VI, 14E Armagh rd. Pop. VIII, 22I Avenue, The, Cam. XXI, 17X Barnsdale rd. Pad. IX, 7J
E. H. East Ham. 22T Alston rd. Wan. XX, 9W Arngask rd. Lew. XXII, 23U Avenue, The, Hac. VII, 19D Barnwell rd. Lam. XV 15S
E. Wick. East Wickham. Albany pl. Isl. VII, 15F Altenburg gdns. Bat. XV, 10S Arnold rd. Cam. XVI 20S Avenue, The, Hen. V, 6E Barnwood st. W.H. XIII, 26M
Fin. Finsbury. Albany rd. Sou. XVI, 16P Althea st. Ful. XIV, 8R Arnold rd. Pop. XII, 22J Avenue, The, Lam. XV, 13S Baroness rd. B.G. VII, 18I
Hor. Hornsey. Albany row Cam. XVI, 17P Althorp rd. Bat. XX, 11U Arodene rd. Lam. XX, 14T Avenue, The, Lam. XX, 13T Baronscourt rd. Ful. XIV, 6O
Ley. Layton. Albany st. St. P. VI, llI Altmore rd. E. H. XIII, 29I Arrow rd. Pop. XII, 23J Avenue, The, Lew. XXII, 26V Baronscourt sta. Ham. XIV,
Mer. Merton. Albemarle st. Wes. X, 12L Alton rd. Wan. XIX, 3U Arsenal sta., XVIII, 30O Avenue, The, St. P. VI, 11I 6O
Mit. Mitcham. Alberrt st. Ste. XI, 18K Alton st. Pop. XII, 22K Artesian rd. Pad. IX, 7K Avenue, The, Wil. V, 6H Baronsmead rd. Barnes
Tot. Tottenham. Albert Bridge Che. XV, 10P Alvar st. Dep. XVII 22P Arthur rd. E. H. XIII, 29I Avenue, The, Wim. XIX, 5W XIV, 3P
Wal. Walthamstow. Albert Dock E. H. XIII, 28M Alverstone rd. Wim. V, 5G Arthur rd. Isl. VI, 14F Avenue, The, Woo. XXII, Barrington rd. Lam. XV, 15B
W. H. West Ham. Albert Embankment Lam. Alverton st. Dep. VI, 21X Arthur rd. S. N. VII, 17F 26T Barrow Hill rd. St. M. VI, 9I
Wil. Willesden. XV, 13O Alvey st. Sou. XVI, 170 Arthur rd. Wim. XIX, 6W Avenve rd. Pop. XII, 22I Barrow rd. Wan. XX, 12K
EXPLANATION. — The roman Albert rd. Bat. XV, 10P Alvington cres. Hac. VII, 18G Arthur st. Bat. XV, 11Q Avery row Wes. X, 11L Barrows gro. S. N. VII, 17F
numerals gives the number of Albert rd. Cam. XVI, 19R Alwyne rd. Isl. VII, 16H Arthur st. Che. XV, 9O Avondale pk. Ken. IX, 6L Barry rd. Cam. XXI, 18T
the Plate, the last number and Albert rd. Hac. VII, 18H Alwyne rd. Wim. XIX, 6X Arthur st. St. P. XI, 14J Avondale rd. Cam. XVI, 17R Barsdale rd. Pad. IX, 7J
letter indicate the square in Albert rd. Ley. VIII, 24D Alwyne villas Isl. VII, 15H Arthur st. W. H. XIII, 27M Avondale rd. W.H. XIII, 25K Barset rd. Cam. XVI, 19R
which the name will be found. Albert rd. St. M. VI, 10I Amberley rd. Pad. IX, 7J Arthur st. Wes. X, 10M Avondale rd. Wim. XIX, 8W Barston rd. Lam. XXI, 16V
Albert rd. W. H. VIII, 25G Ambler rd. Isl. VII, 15E Arthur st. Woo. XVIII, 30O Avondale sq. Cam. XVI, I8O Barth rd. Woo. XVIII, 32O
Abbeville rd. Wan. XX, 12S Albert rd. Wan. XIX, 6U Ambleside ave. Wan. XX, Arthurdon rd. Lew. XXII, Avonmore rd. Ful. IX, 6N Bartholemew st. Fin. XI, 16J
Abbey gdns. St. M. VI 8I Albert rd. Wil. V, 7I 12W 22S Aybrook st. St. M. X, 11K Bartholomew rd. St. P. VI,
Abbey gro. Woo. XVIII, 34O Albert rd. Woo. XIII, 29N Ambrose st. Ber. XVI, 19O Artillerly gro. Fin. XI, 16J Aycliffe rd. Ham. IX, 3L 12G
Abbey la. W. H. VIII, 23I Albert sq. Lam. XV, 14P Amelia st. Sou. XVI, 15O Artillery pl. Woo. XVIII, 29O Aygarth rd. Cam. XXI, 16T Bartholomew villas St. P.
Abbey rd. Hd. V, 8H Albert sq. W. H. VIII, 25G Amelia st. W. H. XIII, 27M Artillery st. B. G. XII, 18J Aylesbury st. Wil. V, 2E VI, 12G
Abbey rd. Ken. IX, 5L Albert st. Pop. XII, 23L Amerland rd. Wan. XIX, 7T Artillery st. Ber. XI, 17M Aytoun rd. Lam. XV 14R Bartley st. Lam. XX, 13T
Abbey rd. W. H. VIII, 24I Albert st. St. P. VI, 12I Amersham rd. Dep. XVI, 21Q Arundel gdn. Ken. IX. 6L Azenby sq. Cam. XVI, 17O Basil st. Che. X, 10M
Abbey st. B. G. XII, 18J Albert st. Ste. XII, 19L Amersham rd. Wan. XIV, 5S Arundel rd. Wal. VIII, 25F Azof rd .Gre. XVII, 24O Basinghall st. City XI, 16K
Abbey st. Ber. XI, 17N Alberta st. Sou. V, 150X Amersham vale Dep. XVI, Arundel sq. Isl. VII, 14G B st. Wil. V, 2E Baskerville rd. Wan. XX, 9T
Abbey Wood sta. XVIII, 34O Albion Dock Ber. XII, 20M 21P Arundel st. Wes. XI, 14L Baalbec rd. Isl. VII, 15G Bassein Pk. rd. Ham. IX, 18M
Abbeyfield rd. Ber. XVI, 19O Albion gro. Isl. VI, 14H Amesbury ave. Wan. XX, Arundel ter. Barnes XIV, 4O Babington rd. Wan. XX, 12X Bassett rd. Ken. IX, 5K
Abbotshall rd. Lew. XXII, Albion gro. S. N. VII, 17F 13V Arvon rd. Isl. VII, 15F Back al. Pop. XII, 22J Bassett rd. St. P. VI, l1G
23 V Albion hill Gre. XVII, 23R Amhurst rd. Hac. VII, 18F Ascalon st. Bat. XV, 12P Back Church la. Ste. XI, 18L Bassingham rd. Wan. XX, 8T
Abbotstone rd.Wan. XIV, 5R Albion rd. Ber. XII 20M Amity rd. W. H. VIII, 25H Ascham st. St. P. VI, 12F Back la. Lew. XVII, 23Q Basssant rd. Woo. XVIII, 32P
Abbotswell st. Lew. XXII, Albion rd. Hac. VII, 18 H Amott rd. Cam. XVI, 18R Ash gro. Hac. VII, 20I Bagley’s la. Ful. XIV, 8Q Baston rd. Woo. XVIII, 33P
21 T Albion rd. Lew. XVII, 23S Ampthill sq. St. P. VI, 12I Ash gro. Hen. V, 6F Bagshot st. Sou. XVI, 17O Basuto rd. Ful. XIV, 7Q
Abbott rd. Pop. XII, 23K Albion rd. S. N. VII, 17F Amwell st. Fin. VII, 14I Ashbourne gro.Cam. XVI, Baker rd. Wil. V, 2H Bath rd. Chiswick IX, 2N
Abdale rd. Ham. IX, 4L Albion rd. Wan. XV, 12Q Amyruth st. Lew. XXII, 22T l7S Baker st. Fin. XI, 14J Bath st. Fin. XXI, 15J
Abercorn pl. St. M. VI, 8I Albion rd. Woo. XVIII, 28O Anatola rd. Isl, VI, 12D Ashbrook rd. Isl. VI, 13D Baker st. St. M. X, 11K Bathurst gdns. Wil, V, 4Q
Aberdare gdns. Hd. V, 8H Albion st. Ber. XII, 19M Anchor and Hope La. Gre. Ashburn pl. Ken. X, 8N Baker st. sta. St. M. X, 10J Batoum st. Ham. IX, 5N
Aberdeen Pk rd. Isl. VII, 16F Albion st. Dep. XVI, 21O XVII, 26O Ashburnham rd. Gre. XVII, Balaclava rd. Ber. XVI, 18O Battersea bridge XV, 9O
Aberdeen pl. St. M. X, 9J Albion st. Pad. X, I0L Ancill st. Ful. XIV, 5O 23Q Balcombe st. St. M. X, 10J Battersea Pk. rd. XV, 10Q
Aberfeldy st. Pop. XII, 23L Albion Villas rd. Lew. XXI, Ancona rd. Woo. XVIII, 31O Ashburnham rd. Wil. V, 5I Balcorne st. Hac. VII, 20H Battersea Pk. sta. XV, 11P
Abernethy rd. Lew. XVII, 19V Ancona rd. Woo. XVIII, 31P Ashburnham rd.Che. XIV, 8P Baldry gdns. Wan. XX, 13X Battersea pk. XV, 10P
24S Albyn rd. Dep. XVII, 22R Ancona. rd. Isl. VII, 15F Ashburton gro. Isl. VII, 15F Baldwins gdns. Hol. XI, 14K Battersea Pk.rd. sta. XV, 12P
Abingdon rd. Ken. IX, 7N Alconbury rd. Hac. VII, 18E Andalus rd. Lam. XV, 13R Ashbury rd. Bat. XV, 10R Bale st. Ste. XII, 21K Battersea rise XV, 9S
Abingdon villas Ken. IX, 7N Aldbourne rd. Ham. IX, 3L Andover pl. Pad. V, 3I Ashby rd. Dep. XVI, 21R Balfern gro. Chisk. XIV, 2O Battersea sq. XV, 9Q
Abinger rd. Dep. XVI, 21 P Aldebert ter. Lam. XV, 13P Andover rd. Isl. VI, 14E Ashby rd. Isl. VII, 16G Balfern st. Bat. XV, 10Q Battersea sta. XV, 9R
Abinger rd. Ham. IX, 2M Aldenham st. St. P. VI, 12I Andrew rd. Hac. VII, 20I Ashchurch gro. Ham. IX, 3M Balfour rd. Isl. VII, 16F Battersea XVI, 9Q
Abney Pk. Cem. S.N. VII, Aldensley rd. Ham. IX, 4N Andrew st. Pop. XII, 23K Ashchurch, Ham. Balham gro. Wan. XX, 11V Battle Bridge rd. St. P. VI,
17E Alderbrooke rd.Wan. XX, 11T Andrew st. W. H. XIII, 28M IX, 3M Balham High rd. Wan. XX, 13T
Aboyne rd. Wan. XX, 8V Aldermanbury City XI, 16K Angel la. W. H. VIII, 24G Ashchurch ter. Ham. IX, 3M 11V Battledean rd. Isl. VII, 15G
Acacia rd. Ley. VIII, 25E Alderminster rd. Ber. XVI, Angel pl. W. H. VIII, 24G Ashcombe rd. Wim. XIX, 7X Balham hill Wan. XX, 11T Bawdale rd. Cam. XXI, 17S
Acacia. gro. Cam. XXI, 16V 18O Angel st. City. XI, 15K Ashcombe st. Ful. XIV, 7Q Balham New rd. Wan. XX, Bawtree rd. Dep. XVI, 21P
Acacia. rd. St. M. VI, 9I Alderney rd. Ste. XII, 30J Angell rd. Lam. XV, 14R Ashcroft rd. Ste. XII, 21J 11U Baxendale st. B. G. VII, 18I
Achilles rd. Hd. V, 7F Alderney st. Wes. XV, 12O Angler’s la. St. P. VI, 12G Ashdon rd. Wil. V, 8H Balham Pk. rd. Wan. XX, Baxter rd. W. H. XIII, 27L
Acklam rd. Ken. IX, 6K Aldersbrook rd. Wanstead. Angles rd. Wan. XX, 13W Ashenden rd. Hac. VIII, 21F 10U Bayham st. St. P. VI, 12H
Ackland st. Ste. XII, 22K VIII, 26E Anglesea rd. Woo. XVIII, Ashford rd. Wil. V, 5F Balham st. W. H. XIII, 26J Bayonne rd. Ful. XIV, 5O
Ackmer rd. Ful. XIV, 7Q Aldersgate st. City XI, 16B. 30O Ashford st. Sho. VII, 17I Balham sta. XX, 11V Bayswater rd. Pad. X, 8L
Ackroyd rd. Lew. XXI, 20U Alderville rd. Ful. XIV, 7Q Anley rd. Ham. IX, 5M Ashlene rd. Wan. XIV, 5R Balham XX, 11V Bayswater sta. Pad. X, 8L
Acland st. Ste. XII, 22K Aldgate High st. City XI, 17L Ann st. Ste. XII, 19J Ashley cotgs. Ken. XIV, 7O Balling rd. Lew. XXI 20U Baythorne st. Ste. XII, 22K
Acol rd. Hd. V, 7H Aldgate sta. City X, 17K Ann st. W. H. XIII, 26J Ashmead rd. Dep. XVII, 22Q Balllingdon rd. Bat. XX, 10T Beach rd. Pop. VIII, 22H
Acorn Pond Ber. XII, 21M Aldgate_E. sta. Ste. XI, 18K Ann st. Woo. XVIII, 31O Ashmill st. St. M. X, 9J Balloch rd. Lew. XXII, 23V Beacon Hill rd. Isl. VI, 13F
Acorn st. Cam. XVI, 16P Aldred rd. Hd. V, 7F Annandale rd. Gre. XVII, Ashmore rd. Pad. V, 6I Balls Pond rd. Isl. VII, 17G Beacon rd. Lew. XXII, 24T
Acre la. Lam. XV, 13S Aldrington rd. Wan. XX, 12V 25P Ashville rd. Ley. VIII, 24E Balmer rd. Pop. VIII, 22I Beaconsfield rd. E. H. XIII,
Acton gn. Chiswick. IX, 2N Aldwych. Wes. XI, 14L Annesley rd. Isl. VI, 12F Ashworth rd. Pad. X, 8J Balmoral rd. Ley. VIII 23E 29L
Acton la. Wil. V, 2H Alexander rd. Isl. VI, 13E Annette rd. Isl. VI, 14F Askew cres. Ham. IX, 3M Balmoral rd. Wil. V, 4G Beaconsfield rd. Gre. XVII,
Acton st. Hac. VII, 17H Alexander st. Pad. IX. 17K Annis rd. Hac. VIII, 21G Askew rd. Ham. IX, 3X Balmore st. St. P. VI, 12E 25P
Acton vale IX, 2M Alexandra ave. Bat. XV, 11Q Anpenlea rd. Ful. XIV, 5O Askew st. Hac. VII, 19H Balmuir gdns. Wan. XIV, 5S Beaconsfield rd. Ham. IX 6N
Acuba rd. Wan. XIX, 7V Alexandra ave. E.H. XIII, 29J Ansdell rd. Cam. XVI, 19R Askham rd. Ham. IX, 3L Balzac st. Wan. XV, 12R Beaconsfield rd. W. H. XIII.
Ada st. Hac. VII, 19H Alexandra rd Ham. IX, 5M Anselm rd, Ful. XIV, 7P Aslett st. Wan. XIX, 8T Bamchory rd. Gre. XVII, 26Q 25K
Adam st. Ber. XII, 19M Alexandra rd. Hd. V, 8H Anson rd. Isl. VI, 13F Asteys row, Isl. VII, 16H Bampton rd. Lew. XXI, 20V Beaconsfield rd. Wil. V, 3G
Adam st. Wes. XI, 13L Alexandra rd. Lam. XXI, 16X Anson rd. Wil. V, 5F Aston st. Ste. XII, 21K Banbury rd. Hac. VII, 20H Beadnell rd. Lew. XXI, 20U
Alexandra rd. Ley. VIII, 23F Anstey rd. Cam. XVI, 18R Astonville st. Wan. XIX, 7U Bancroft rd. Ste. XII, 20J Beadon rd. Ham. IX, 5N

Beak st. Wes. X, 12L Berkeley st. Wes. X, 12L Blenheim rd. Isl. VI, 13D Brackenbury rd. Ham. IX, 4M Brock1ey gro. Lew. XXII, Buckingham rd. Hac. VII,
Beale rd. Pop. VIII, 21I Berkshire rd. Hac. VIII, 22G Blenheim rd. St. M. VI, 8I Brackley ter. Chisk. XIV, 2O 21T 17 G
Bear la. Sou. XI, 15M Berlin rd. Lew. XXII, 22V Blenheim ter. St. M. VI, 8I Braden st. Pad. X, 8J Brocklebank rd. Wan. XX, 8T Buckingham rd. Ley. VIII,
Beauchamp rd. Bat. XV 10S Bermondsey New rd. XI, 17N Blenkarne rd. Bat. XX, 10T Bradfield rd. W.H. XIII, 26M Brocklehurst st. Dep. XVI, 23 E
Beauchamp rd. W. H. VIII, Bermondsey st. XI, 17M Blessington rd. Lew. XVII, Bradgate rd. Lew. XXII, 22T 20P Buckingham rd. W. H. VIII,
26H Bermondsey wall XI, 18M 24S Brading rd. Lam. XX, 14T Brockley hill Lew. XXII, 21U 25 G
Beaufort. st. Che. XV, 9O Bernard gdns. Wim. XIX, 7W Blinco rd. Hac. VIII, 21F Bradmore Pk. rd. Ham. Brockley La. sta. Dep. XVI, Buckland cres. Hd. VI, 9 G
Beaufoy rd. Bat. XV, 11B Bernard st. St., P. XI, 13J Blind la. Woo. XVIII, 32Q IX, 4N 21R Buckland rd Ley. VIII, 23 E
Beaumont rd. W.H. XIII, 27J Berner st. Ste. XII, 18L Blisset. st. Gre. XVII, 23Q Bradstook rd. Hac. VIII, 20G Brockley pk. Lew. XXI, 20U Buckland st. Sho. VII, 17I
Beaumont rd. Wan. XIX, 6U Berners st. St. M. X, 12K Bloemfontein rd. Ham. IX, 4L Bradwell st. Ste. XII, 20J Brockley rd. Dep. XVI, 21R Buckley rd. Wil. V, 7 H
Beaumont sq. Ste. XII, 20K Berridge rd. Lam. XXI, 16X Blomfield rd. Ham. IX, 4L Brady st. B. G. XII, 19J Brockley rd. Lew. XXII, 21T Buckthorne st. Lew. XXI, 21T
Beaumont st. St. M. X, 11K Berthon st. Dep. XVII, 22P Blomfield rd. Pad. X, 8J Braemar ave. Wim. XIX, 7V Brockley rise Lew. XXI, 20U Buffalo rd. Wil. V, 3 G
Beauval rd. Cam. XXI, 17T Berwick rd. W. H. XIII, 26P Blomfield st. City XI, 17E Brailsford rd Lam. XXI, 14 T Brockley rise Lew. XXII, 21T Bugsbys reach Gre. XIII,
Beavor la. Ham. XIV, 3O Berwick st. Wes. X, 12K Blondel st. Bat. XV, 10Q Braintree st. Ste. XII, 19J Brockley sta. XVI, 21R. 25 N
Beckenham Hill sta. XXII, Besley st. Wan. XX, 12X Bloomfield rd. Hac. VII, 18H Bramah rd. Lam. XV, 15Q Brockley XXII, 21T Bulinga st. Wes. XV, 13 O
23X Bessborough rd. Wan. XIX, Bloomfield rd. Ste. XII, 21K Bramber rd. Ful. XIX, 6O Brockwell pk. XXI, 15T Bullen st. Bat. XV, 9Q
Beckenham la. Lew. XXII, 3U Bloomfield rd. Woo. XVIII, Bramberton st. Che. XV, 9O Brockwood rd. Wan. XIX, 7U Bullow rd. Ful. XIV, 8 Q
23X Bessborough st. Wes. XV, 30P Bramcote rd. Wan. XIV, 4S Brodia. rd. S. N. VII, 17E Bulwer st. Ham. IX, 5 M
Beckett ave. E. H. XIII, 20J 13O Bloomfield st. Pop. XII, 22K Bramfield rd. Bat. XX, 10T Brodrick rd. Wan. XX, 10U Bunhill row Fin. XI, 16 J
Becklow rd. Ham. IX, 3M Besson st. Dep. XVI, 20Q Bloomsbury sq. Hol. XI, 13K Bramley rd. Ken. IX, 5K Broke rd. Sho. VII, 18H Burbage rd. Cam. XXI, 16 T
Beckton pk. E. H. XIII, 29L Bethel ave. W. H. XIII, 25J Bloomsbury st. Hol. XL, 13K Bramshill gdns. St.P. VI, 12E Bromar rd. Cam. XVI, 17Q Burcham st. Pop. XII 23 K
Beckton rd. W. H. XIII, 26K Bethnal Gn. rd. XI, 18J Blundell st. Isl. VI, 13G Bramshott ave. Gre. XVII, Bromells rd. Wan. XV, 12R Burchell rd. Cam. XVI, 19 Q
Beckton sta. XIII, 30L Bethnal Gn. sta. XII, 19J Blythe hill Lew. XXII, 21U 26P Bromfelde rd.Wan. XV, 13E Burdett rd. Pop. XII, 22J
Beckwith rd. Cam. XXI, 16T Bethnal Gn. XII, 19J Blythe rd. Ham. IX, 5N Bramston rd. Wil. V, 4H Bromley Hall rd. Pop. XII, Burdett Rd. sta. Ste. XII, 21 K
Becmead ave. Wan. XX, 12W Bethune rd. Act. IX, 2J Blythe vale Lew. XXII, 21U Branch hill Hd. VI, 8E 23K Burdett rd. Ste. XII, 21 K
Bective rd. Wan. XIV, 6S Betts st. Ste. XII, 19L Bodney rd. Hac. VII, 19F Brand st. Gre. XVII, 23Q Bromley rd. Lew. XXII, 22V Burdett st. Pop. XII, 22 J
Bedford cotts.Wan, XV, 13S Bevenden st. Sho. VII, 17I Bolan st. Bat. XV. 10Q Brandenburgh rd. Ful. XIV, Bromley rd. Lew. XXII, 25U Burgess pk. Hd. V, 7 F
Bedford gdns. Ken. IX, 7M Beverley gdns. Brns. XIV, 3R Boleyn rd. Isl. VII, 17G 5O Bromley st. Ste. XII, 20K Burgess st. Ste. XII, 22 K
Bedford hill Wan. XX, 11U Beverley pth. Brns. XIV, 3Q Bolina rd. Dep. XVI, 19O Brandon rd. Isl. VI, 13G Bromley sta. XII, 23J Burghill rd. Lew. XXI, 20 W
Bedford rd. Act. IX, 2N Beverley rd. Brns. XIV, 3Q Bolingbroke gro. Bat. XX, Brandon rd. Lam. XX, 13S Bromley XII, 23K Burghley rd. St. P. VI, 12 F
Bedford rd. Wan. & Lam. Beversbrook rd. Isl. VI, 13E 10X Brandon st. Bat. XV, 12Q Brompton rd. Ken. X, 10N Burghley rd. Wim. XIX, 5 W
XV, 13S Bevington rd. Ken. IX, 6K Bolingbroke rd. Bat. XV, 9O Brandon st. Sou. XVI, 16O Brompton sq. Ken. X, 9N Burke st. W. H. XIII, 25 K
Bedford row Hol. XI, 14K Bevington st. Ber. XI, 18N Bolingbroke rd. Ham. IX, 5H Brandram rd. Lew. XVII, 24S Bromwich’s walk St. P. VI, Burleigh st. Wes. XI, 14 L
Bedford sq. Hol. XI. 13K Bexhill rd. Lew. XXII, 21 U Bolney st. Lam. XV, 14P Brandreth rd. Wan. XX, 11V 11D Burlington gdns. Ful. XIV,
Bedford st. Hol. XI, 13K Bickersteth rd. Wan. XX, 10X Bolton mews Ken. XIV, 8O Branksome rd. Lam. XV, 15S Brondesbury Pk. Sta. Wil. 6Q
Bedford st. Ste. XII, 19K Bickerton rd. Isl. VI, 12E Bolton rd. Hd. V, 8H. Brathway rd. Wan. XIX, 7T V, 6H Burlington st. Wes. X, 12 L
Bedford st. Wes. XI, 13L Bidder st. W. H. XII, 24K Bolton rd. W. H. VIII, 25H Bravington rd. Pad. V, 6I Brondesbury pk. Wil. V, 5R Burma rd. S. N. VII, 16 F
Bedford ter. Isl. VI, 14E Biddulph rd. Pad. X, 3J Bolton st. Sho. VII, 18I Braxfield rd. Lew. XVI, 21S Brondesbury rd. Wil. V, 7H Burnaby st. Che. XIV, 8 P
Bedfordbury Wes. XI, 13L Bigg’s rd. Wan. XIV, 5R Bolton st. Wes. X, 12L Brayburne ave. Wan. XV, 12R Bronsart rd. Ful. XIV, 6P Burnbury rd. Wan. XX, 12 U
Beech st. City XI, 16K Billson st. Pop. XVII, 23O Boltons, The, Ken. XIV, 8O Bread st. City, XI, 16L Brook Gn. Ham. IX, 5N Burnfoot ave. Ful. XIV, 6 Q
Beechcroft rd. Wan. XX, 10S Binden rd. Ham. IX, 3M Bomoro rd. Ken. IX, 5L Breakspears rd. Dep. XVI, Brook Gn. rd. Ham. IX, 5N Burnley rd. Lam. XV, 14 Q
Beechdale rd. Lam. XX, 14T Binfield rd. Lam. XV, 13Q Bond st. Chiswick IX, 2N 21S Brook rd. Isl. VI, 12E Burnley rd. Wil. V, 3 F
Beechfield rd. Lew. XXII, Bingfield st. Isl. VI. 14H Bond st. Fin. VII, 14I Brecknock rd. St. P. VI, 12F Brook st. Ham. XIV, 4O Burns rd. Wil. V 3 H
21U Birch gro. Lew. XXII, 25U Bond st. Lam. XV, 13O Brenda rd. Wan. XX, 10V Brook st. Lam. XI, 15N Burntash hill, Lew. XXII,
Beecholme rd. Hac. VII, 19E Birchlands rd. Wan. XIX, 7T Bonfield rd. Lew. XVII, 23S Brent rd. Woo. XVIII, 20O Brook st. Ste. XII, 20L 25 U
Beleize gro. Hd. VI, 10G Bird Cage wIk. Wes. X, 12M Bonham rd. Lam. XX, 13S Brentfield rd. Wil. V, 2G Brook st. Wes. X, 11L Burntash rd. Lew. XXII, 25 T
Beleize pk. Hd. VI, 9G Bird st. Ste. XII, 19M Bonner rd. B. G. VII, 19I Brenthurst rd. Wil. V, 3G Brookbank rd. Lew. XXII, Burnthwaite rd. Ful. XIV, 7 P
Beleize sq. Hd. VI, 9G Birdhurst rd. Wan. XIV, 8 S Bonner st. B. G. VII, 20I Brew House la, Wan. XIV, 6R 22R Burntwood la. Wan. XX, 9 V
Belgrave pl. W.H. XIII, 27J Bird-in-Bush rd. Cam. XVI, Bonneville rd. Wan. XX, 12T Brewer st. Wes. X, 12L Brookdale rd. Lew. XXII, Buross st. Ste. XII, 19 L
Belgrave pl. Wes. X 11N 18P Bonny Downs rd. E.H. XIII, Brewer st. Wes. X, 12N 22U Burr rd. Wan. XIX, 7 U
Belgrave rd. St. M. V, 8H Birkbeck rd. Lam. XXI, 15V 29J Brewer st. Woo. XVIII, 20O Brooke rd. Hac. VII, 18E Burr st. Ste. XI, 18 M
Belgrave sq. Wes. X, 11N Birkbeck rd. Ley. VIII, 24F Bookham st. Sho. VII, 17I Brewery rd. Isl. VI, 13G Brookfield rd. Act. IX, 2M Burrage gro.Woo. XVIII,30 O
Belgrave st. Wan. XV, 12Q Birkbeck rd. Wim. XIX, 8X Boord st. Gre. XII, 24N Brewery rd. Woo. XVIII, 31P Brookfield rd. Hac. VIII, 21G Burrage rd. Woo. XVIII, 30 O
Belgrave st. Wes. X, 11N Birkhall rd. Lew. XXII, 24V Border cres. Bec. XXI, 18X Brewster gdns. Ham. IX, 5K Brookhill rd. Woo. XVIII, Burrard rd. Hd. V, 7 F
Belham st. Cam. XVI, 16Q Biscay rd. Ful. XIV, 5O Border rd. Lew. XXI, 19X Briant st. Dep. XVI, 20Q 30P Burrard rd. W. H. XIII, 26 L
Belitha villas Isl. VI, 14H Bishop’s Pk. rd. Ful. XIV, 5Q Borough High st. Sou. XI, Briar walk Wan. XIV, 4S Brooklands rd. Wan. XX, Burrows rd. Wil. V, 5 I
Bell gn. XXII, 21W Bishop’s rd. B. G. VII, 19I 16M Brick la. Ste. XI, 18K 11W Burston rd. Wan. XIV, 5 S
Bell gro. XVIII, 33S Bishop’s rd. Ful. XIV, 6P Borough rd. Sou. XI, 15N Bride st. Isl. VI, 14G Brooklands rd.Wan. XV, 12Q Burt rd. W. H. XIII, 27 M
Bell la. Ste. XI, 17K Bishop’s rd. Pad. X, 9K Borough Rd. sta. Sou. XI, Bridge ave. Ham. XIV, 4O Brooklyn rd. Ham. IX, 4M Burton cres. St. P. XI, 13 J
Bell st. St. M. X, 9K Bishop’s rd. sta. Pad. X, 9K l5M Bridge est. Gre. XVII, 23P Brookmill rd. Dep. XVII, Burton rd. Hac. VII, 20F
Bellamy st. Wan. XX, 11T Bishop’s rd, Lam. XV, 15Q Borthwick rd. Wal. VIII, 25F Bridge rd. Bat. XV, 10P 22Q Burton rd. Lam. XV, 14 Q
Bellasis ave. Wan. XX, 13V Bishopsgate st. City XI, 17K Boscastle rd. St. P. VI, 11E Bridge rd. Ham. XIV, 4O Brook’s ave. Wil. V, 6H Burton rd. Wil. V, 7 H
Bellenden rd. Cam. XVI, 17R Bishopsgate sta.City XI, 17K Boscombe rd. Ham. IX, 4M Bridge rd. Pop. XII, 22L Brooks rd. W. H. VIII, 26I Burton st. St. P. XI, 13 J
Belleville rd. Bat. XX, 10S Black Horse rd. Dep. XVI, Bostall heath, Woo. XVIII, Bridge rd. W. Bat. XV, 9Q Brooksbys walk, Hac. VIII, Burtop rd. Wan. XIX, 8 V
Bellevue rd. Bat. XX, 10T 21O 34P Bridge rd. W. H. VIII 24H 20F Busby pl. St, P. VI, 12 G
Bellingham sta. XXII, 22W Black Lion la. Ham. XIV, 3O Bostall hill Woo. XVIII, 33P Bridge rd. W. H. VIII, 26I Brookville rd. Ful. XIV, 6P Bush rd. Dep. XVI, 20 0
Bellwood rd. Cam. XVI, 20S Blackfriars bridge City XI, Bostall la. Woo. XVIII, 34O Bridge rd. Wes. XV, 12O Brookwood rd. Wan. XIX, 7U Bush rd. W. H. XIII, 26 J
Belmont gro. Lew. XVII, 24R 15L Bostall wd. Woo. XVIII, 33P Bridge rd. Wil. V, 2G Broomfield st. Pop. XII, 22K Bushey Hill rd. Cam. XVI,
Belmont hill Lew. XVII, 23R Blackfriars rd. Sou. XI, 15M Boston p1. St. M. X, 10J Bridge st. Ste. XII, 21J Broomhill rd. Wan. XIX, 7S 17 Q
Belmont pk, Lew. XVII, 24S Blackfriars sta. City XI, 15L Bosworth rd. Ken. IX, 6J Bridge st. W. H. VIII, 24H Broomhouse rd. FuI. XIV, 7Q Bushnell rd. Wan. XX, 11 V
Belmont rd. Lew. XVII, 23R Blackheath ave. Gre. XVII, Botanic gdns. Regent’s pk. St. Bridge. rd. Wan. XIV, 8R Broomsleigh st. Hd. V, 7F Butcher row Ste. XII 20 L
Belmont st. St. P. VI, 11G 24P M. X, 11J Bridport pl. Sho. VII, 17I Broomwood rd. Bat. XX, 10T Butcher’s rd. W.H. XIII, 26K
Belrave rd. Wes. XV, 12O Blackheath hill Gre. XVII, Botolph rd. Pop. XII, 22J Brierley rd. Ley. VIII, 24F Brougham rd. Sho. VII, 18H Butcher’s Hedge la. W. H.
Belsize ave. Hd. VI, 9G 23Q Boulton rd. W. H. XIII, 25K Bright st. Pop. XII, 23K Broughton rd. Ful. XIV, 8Q XIII, 26 L
Belsize cres. Hd. VI, 9G Blackheath Hill sta. Gre. Boundaries rd. Wan. XX, 10U Brightfield rd. Lew. XXII, Broughton rd. S. N. VII, 17F Buttesland st. Sho. VII, 17 I
Belsize la. Hd. VI, 9G XVII. 22Q Boundary rd. Bar. XIII, 31I 24S Broughton st. Bat. XV, 11Q Buxton rd. W. H. VIII, 25 G
Belsize pk.gdns. Hd. VI, 9G Blackheath pk. Gre. XVII, Boundary rd. Hd. VI, 8H Brighton rd. E. H. XIII, 29J Brownhill rd. Lew. XXII, Byam st. Ful. XIV 8 Q
Belsize rd. Hd. V, 8H 25R Boundary st. Sho. XI, 17J Brighton rd. W. H. VIII, 25I 23U Byegrove rd. Mit. XX, 9 X
Belson rd. Woo. XVIII, 29O Blackheath rd. Gre. XVII, Bourke rd. Wil. V, 2G Brighton ter. Lam. XV, 14S Brownlow rd. Sho. VII, 18H Byne rd. Bec. XXI, 19 X
Belton rd. W. H. VIII, 26H 22Q Bournemouth rd. Cam. XVI, Brightwell cres. Wan. XX, Brownlow rd. Wil. V, 2G Byng st. Pop. XII, 22 M
Belton rd. Wil. V, 4G Blackheath rise Lew. XVII, 18R 10X Browns rd. W. H. VIII, 26I Byrne rd. Wan. XX, 11 U
Beltram rd. Ful. XIV, 7Q 23R Bournevale rd. Wan. XX, Brill st. St. P. VI, 13I Brownswood rd. S.N. VII, Byton rd. Wan. XX, 10X
Belvedere drive Wim. XIX, Blackheath sta. XVII, 24R 18W Brindley st. Pad. IX, 7K 16R Cable st. Ste. XII. 19 L
6X Blackheath vale Lew. XVII, Bousfield rd. Dep. XVI, 20R Bristol gdns. Pad. X, 8J Broxash rd. Bat. XX, 19I Cabul rd. Bat. XV, 10 Q
Belvedere rd. Lam. XI, 14M 24R Boutflower rd. Bat. XV, 9R Britannia rd. Ful. XIV, 8P Bruce rd. Pop. XII, 23J Cader rd. Wan. XX, 8 T
Belvoir rd. Cam. XXI, 18U Blackheath, XVII, 24R. Bouverie rd. S. N. VII, 17E Britannia row Isl. VII, 16H Bruce rd. Wil. V, 2G Cadogan pl. Che. X, 10 N
Bemerton st. Isl. VI, 14H Blackshaw rd.Wan. XX, 8W Bouverie st. City XI, I5L Britannia st. St. P. VI, 14I Brunel rd. Ber. XII, 19M Cadogan sq. Che. X, 10 N
Bemish rd. Wan. XIV, 5R Blackstock rd. Isl. VII, 15E Boveney rd. Lew. XXI, 20T Britannia. st. Sho. VII, 16I Brunswick eq. Cam. XVI, Cadogan ter. Che. X, 10 N
Ben Jonson rd. Ste. XII, 21K Blackwall la. Gre. XVII, 25O Bovill rd. Lew. XXI, 20U British st. Pop. XII, 21J 17 Q Cadogan ter. Pop. VIII, 21 H
Benares rd. Woo. XVIII, 32O Blackwall pier Pop. XII, 23L Bovington rd. Ful. XIV, 8Q Britten st. Che. XV, 9O Brunswick gdns. Ken. IX, 7M Cahir st. Pop. XVII, 22O
Benbow rd. Ham. IX, 4M Blackwall point Gre. XII, Bow Common la. Ste. XII, Brixton hill Lam. XX, 13T Brunswick pl. Sho. XI, 17J Caird st. Pad. IX, 6 J
Bendall st. St. M. X, 10J 24M 22K Brixton rd., Lam. XV, 14Q Brunswick rd. Isl. VI, 16D Caistor Park rd. W. H. VIII,
Bendon valley Wan. XIX, 8U Blackwall reach Pop. XII, Bow creek W. H. XII, 24K Brixton sta. East XV, 14R Brunswick rd. Pop. XIII, 23 K 25 I
Bengeo st. W. H. XIII, 25L 24N Bow la. Pop. XII, 23L Brixton sta. XV, 14R Brunswick sq. St. P. XI, 13 J Caistor rd. Wan. XX, 11 U
Benhill rd. Cam. XVI, 17Q Blackwall sta. Pop. XII, 23L Bow rd. Pop. XII, 22J Brixton XXI, 14S Brunswick st. Hac. VII, 20 G Caithness rd. Ham. IX, 5N
Benledi st. Pop. XII, 23L Blackwall tunnel, XII, 24M Bow Rd. sta. XII, 22I Broad st. Hol. XI, 13K Brunswick st. Pop. XII, 23 L Calabria rd. Isl. VII, 15 G
Bennerley rd. Bat. XX, 10S Blackwater st. Cam. XXI, 17S Bow st. Wes. XI, 13L Broad st. Lam. XV, 14O Brunswick st. Sho. VII, 18 I Calais st. Lam. XV, 15Q
Bennett pk. Gre. XVII, 25R Blair st. Pop. XII, 23L Bow sta. XII, 22I Broad St. sta. City XI, 17K Brushfield st. Ste. XI, 17 K Calderon rd. Ley. VIII, 24 F
Benson ave. E. H. XIII, 27J Blake rd. Cam. XVI, 17P Bow VIII, 22I Broad st. Ste. XII, 20L Bruton st. Wes. X. 12 L Caldervale rd. Wan. XX, 12 S
Benson rd. Lew. XXI, 19U Blakenham rd. Wan. XX, Bowater rd. Woo. XIII, 27N Broad st. Wes. X, 12L Bryanston sq. St. M. X, 10 K Caledonian asylum Isl. VI,
Benthal rd. Hac. VII, 18E 10W Bowland rd. Wan. XV, 13S Broadfield rd. Lew. XXII, Bryantwood rd. Isl. VII, 15 F 14 G
Bentham rd. Hac. VIII, 20G Blanche st. W. H. XIII, 25K Bowling Green la. Fin. XI, 24U Brydges rd. W.H. VIII, 24G Caledonian pk. Isl. VI, 12 E
Benthurst rd. Wil. V, 3G Blandford rd. Act. IX, 2M 15J Broadhinton rd. Wan. XV, Brynmaer rd. Bat. XV, 10 Q Caledonian rd. Isl. VI, 14 G
Benwell rd. Isl. VII, 15F Blandford st. St. M. X, 11K Bowness rd. Lew. XXII, 23U 11R Buccleuch rd. Lam. XXI, Caledonian Rd. sta. Isl. VI,
Benworth rd. Pop. XII, 22I Blantyre st . Che. XIV, 9P Box st. Pop. XII, 22K Broadhurst gdns. Hd. V, 8G 16 V 14 H
Benyon rd. Hac. VII, 17H Bleakhall rd. Wan. XX, 12U Boxall row Cam. XXI, 16T Broadwall Lam. XI, 15M Buchan rd. Cam. XVI, 19R Callcott rd. Wil. V, 6 H
Berens rd. Wil. V, 5I Blechynden st. Ken. IX, 5K Boxley st. W. H. XIII, 26M Broadwater rd.Wan. XX, 9W Bucharest rd. Wan. XX, 8 T Calmington rd. Cam. XVI,
Beresford rd. Isl. VII, 16G Blegboro’ rd. Wan. XX, 12Y Boxworth gro. Isl. VI, 14H Broadway Ham. IX, 5N Buck Hill walk Wes. X, 9 L 17P
Beresford st. Sou. XVI, 15P Blendon rd, Woo. XVIII, 31P Boyd rd. W. H. XIII, 25L Broadway Strat. W. H. VIII, Buck st. Sho. VII, 17 I Calonne rd. Wim. XIX, 5 W
Beresford st. Woo. XVIII, Blenheim cres. Ken. IX, 6K Boyer rd. W.H. XXIII, 26K 24H Buckhold rd. Wan. XIX, 7 T Calthorpe st. St. P. XI, 14 J
30O Blenheim gro. Cam. XVI, Boyne rd. Lew. XVII, 23 R Broadway Wim. XIX, 6X Buckingham gate Wes. X, Calvert rd. Gre. XVII, 25 P
Berger rd. Hac. VII, 20G 18Q Boyson rd. Sou. XVI, I6P Broadway, Dep. XVII, 22Q 12 N Cambalt rd. Wan. XIV, 5 S
Berkeley pl. Wim. XIX, 5X Blenheim rd, Wal. VIII, 25F Bracewell rd. Ham. IX, 4K Broadway, The, Hac. VII, Buckingham Palace rd. Wes. Camberwell green, XVI, 16 Q
Berkeley sq. Wes. X, 11L Blenheim rd. Act. IX, 2N Bracey st. Isl. VI, 14D 19H XV, 11 N Camberwell gro. XVI, 16 Q

Camberwell New rd. Lam. Carlton hill St. M. V, 8 I Chalk Farm rd. St. P. VI, 11 H Chequers st. Fin. XI, 16 J Church st. Gre. XVII, 23 P Clifton rd. Wim. XIX, 5 X
XV, 15 P Carlton House ter. Wes. X, Challoner st. Ful. XIV, 6 O Cheriton sq. Wan. XX, 11 V Church st. Ken. IX, 7 M Clifton st. Ham. IX, 5 L
Camberwell pk. XV, 15 Q 13 M Chalsey rd. Lew. XVI, 21S Cherry Gdns. pier, Ber. XII, Church st. S. N. VII, 17 E Clifton st. Lam. XV, 13 Q
Camberwell rd. XVI, 16 Q Carlton rd. Cam. XXI, 17 T Chalton st. St. P. VI, 13 I 19 M Church st. St. M. X, 9 J Clifton st. Sho. XI, 17 K
Camberwell Sta. rd. XVI, Carlton rd. Hac. VIII, 21 F Chamber st. Ste. XI, 18 L Cherry-tree al. Fin. XI, 16 J Church st. W. H. VIII, 25 H Clifton ter. Isl. VII, 15 D
16 Q Carlton rd. St. P. VI, 11 F Chamberlayne Wood rd. Wil. Chesham pl. Wes. X, 11 N Church st. W.H. XIII, 26I Clifton villas Pad. X, 8 J
Camberwell XVI, 16 P Carlton rd. Ste. XII, 20 I V, 5 I Chesham st. Che. X, 11 N Church st. Woo. XVIII, 29 P Clinger st. Sho. VII, 17 I
Cambourn rd. Wan. XIX, 7 T Carlton st. St. P. VI, 11 F Chambers la. Wil. V, 4 G Cheshire st. B. G. XII, 18 J Church vale, Lew. XXI, 20 V Clinton rd. Ste. XII, 21 J
Cambray rd. Wan. XX, 12 U Carlton ter. Pad. IX, 7 J Champion gro. Cam. XVI Chesholme rd. S. N. VII, 17 E Church walk, Wan. XIV, 8 S Clipstone st. St. M. X, 12 K
Cambria rd. Lam. XVI, 15 R Carlton vale, Wil. V, 7 I 16 R Chesilton rd. Ful. XIV, 6 P Church. Bat. XV, 9 O Clissold pk. S. N. VII, 16 E
Cambridge gdns. Ken. IX, Carlwell st. Wan. XX, 9 X Champion hill Cam. XVI, Chesson rd. Ful. XIX, 6 O Churchfield rd. E. Act. IX, Clissold rd. S. N. VII, 17 E
6K Carlyle sq. Che. XV, 9 O 16 R Chester pl. Pad. X, 9 L 2L Clive rd. Lam. XXI, 16 W
Cambridge Heath sta. VII, Carmalt gdns. Wan. XIV, 5 S Champion pk. Cam. XVI, Chester rd. St. P. VI, 12 E Churchill rd. Hac. VII, 20 G Clividen pl. Che. X, 11N
19 I Carminia rd. Wan. XX 11 V 16 R Chester sq. Wes. X, 11 N Churchill rd. St. P. VI, 12 F Clonbrook rd. S. N. VII, 17 F
Cambridge rd. B.G. XIII, 19 J Carnaby st. Wes. X, 12 L Champion rd. Lew. XXI, Chester st. Lam. XV, 15 O Churchill rd. Wil. V, 4 G Cloncurry st. Ful. XIV, 6 P
Cambridge rd. Barnes XIV, Carnac st. Lam. XXI, 16 W 20 W Chester st. Wes. X, 11 N Churoh end, Wil. V, 3 G Clonmel rd. Ful. XIV, 6 P
3Q Carnarvon rd. W.H. VIII, Chancellor rd. Lam. XXI, Chesterfield gro. Cam. XXI, Churston ave. W. H. VIII, 26 I Clonmore st. Wan. XIX, 7 U
Cambridge rd. Bat. XV, 10 Q 25 G 16 V 17 S Churton st. Wes. XV, 12 O Clothworkers wood, Woo.
Cambridge rd. Ham. IX, 4 N Carnwarth rd. Ful. XIV, 7R Chancellor rd. Woo. XVIII, Chesterfield rd. Cam. XVI Cibber rd. Lew. XXI, 20V XVIII, 31 Q
Cambridge rd. Lew. XXII, Caroline et. HaC. VII, 19 E 34O 17 S Cicada rd. Wan. XX, 8 T Cloudesdale rd. Wan. XX,
25 T Caroline st. Cam. XVI, 19 P Chancellors rd. Ham. XIV, Chesterfield walk Gre. XVII, Cicely rd. Cam. XVI, 18 Q 11 V
Cambridge rd. Wil. V, 7 I Caroline st. Ste. XII 20 L 4O 24 Q Circular rd. Woo. XVIII, 29 P Cloudesly pl. Isl. VII, 15 I
Cambridge sq. Pad. X, 9 K Carpenters rd. W. H. VIII, Chancery la. Hol. XI, 14 K Chesterford gdns. Hd. V, 8 F Circus rd. St. M. VI, 9 I Cloudesly rd. Isl. VII, 15 H
Cambridge st. Pad. X, 10 K 23 H Chandoe rd. Wil. V, 5 F Chesterton rd. Ken. IX, 6 K Circus st. Gre. XVII, 23 Q Cloudesly sq. Isl. VII, 15 H
Cambridge st. Sou. XVI, 15 P Carr st. Ste. XII, 31 K Chandos rd. W. H. VIII, 24 G Chesterton rd. W. H. XIII, Circus st. St. M. X, 10 K Clova rd. W.H. VIII, 25G
Cambridge st. St. P. VI, 13 G Carrol pl. Bt. P. VI, 11 F Chandos St. St. M. X, 11 K 26 J Circus, The Gre. XVII, 23 P Clsrenoe rd. W. H. XIII, 24 K
Cambridge ter. Pad. X, 9 K Carroun rd. Lam. XV, 14 P Chandos st. Wes. XI, 13 L Chesterton ter. W. H. XIII, Circus, The St. P. VI, 11 F Clsrsnas st. Ber. XII, 20 M
Camden gro. Cam. XVI, 17 P Carson rd. Lam. XXI, 16 V Channel Sea river W. H. 26 J Cirencester st. Pad. X, 8 Clyde rd. W. H. XIII, 26 M
Camden hill Lam. XXI 17 X Carson rd. W.H. XIII, 26K VIII, 23 G Chestnut ave. W. H. VIII, Citizen rd. Isl. VII, 14 F Clyde ter. Lew. XXI, 19 V
Camden rd. St. P. VI, 13 G Carswell rd. Lew. XXII, 23 U Chant sq. W. H. VIII, 24 H 26 F City Mill river W. H. VIII, Cobbold rd. Ham. IX, 3 M
Camden Rd. sta. St. P. VI, Carter st. Ste. XII, 21 J Chant st. W. H. VIII, 24 H Chestnut gro. Wan. XX, 11 U 23 H Cobbold rd. Wal. VIII, 25 E
13 G Cartwright gdns. St. P. XI, Chapel House st. Pop. XVII, Chestnut rd. Lam. XXI 15 V City rd. Fin. XI, 16I Cobbold rd. Wil. V, 3 G
Camden sq St. P. VI, 13 G 13I 23 O Chestnut rd. Woo. XVIII, Clairview rd. Wan. XX, 11W Cobden rd. Ley. VIII, 25 E
Camden st. Sou. XVI, 16 0 Carvary rd. W. H. XIII, 26 L Chapel pl. Ken. X, 10 N 31 P Clancarty rd. Ful. XIV, 7 Q Cobden st. Pop. XII, 23 K
Camden st. St. P. VI, 12 H Cary rd. Wal. VIII, 25F Chapel rd. Hac. VII 18 D Chetwode rd. Wan. XX, 10 V Clanricarde gdns. Ken. IX,7 L Coborn Rd. sta. XII, 21 I
Camden Tn. sta. St. P. VI, Carysfort rd. S. N. VII, 17 F Chapel rd. Lam. XXI, 15 W Chetwynd rd. St. P. VI,11 F Clapham common XV, 11 S Coborn rd. Ste. XII, 21 J
12 H Casewick rd. Lam. XXI, Chapel st. Fin. VII, 14 I Chevening rd. Wil. V, 6 H Clapham Junc. sta. XV, 9 R Coborn st. Pop. XII, 21 J
Camellia st. Lam. XV, 13 P 14 W Chapel st. St. M. X, 10 K Chevet st. Hac. VIII, 21G Clapham Pk. hill Wan. XV, Coburg rd. Cam. XVI, 17 O
Camelot st. Sou. XI, 16 N Casselden rd. Wil. V, 2 G Chapel st. W. H. XIII, 25 M Cheviot rd. Lam. XXI, 15W 12 S Cockspur st. Wes. X, 13 L
Campbell rd. Pop. XII, 22 J Cassidy rd. Ful. XIV, 7 P Chapel st. Wes. X, 11 M Cheyne rd. Che. XV, 9 O Clapham pk. XX, 12 T Codrington hill Lew. XXII,
Campbell st. Pad. X, 9 J Cassimir ter. Hac. VII,19 E Chapel st. Woo. XVIII, 28 O Cheyne walk Che. XV, 9 P Clapham rd. Lam. XV, 13 R 21 U
Campdale rd. Isl. VI,13 E Cassland rd. Hac. VIII, 20 G Chaplin rd. Wil. V, 4 G Chichele rd. Wil. V, 5 F Clapton sta. VII, 19 E Coin st. Lam. XI, 15 M
Campden hill Ken. IX, 7 M Castein rd. Wil. V, 3G Chapman rd. Hac. VIII, 21 G Chichester rd. Wil. V, 7 I Claremont rd. Hen. V, 5 E Colby rd. Cam. XXI, 17 X
Campden Hill rd. Ken. IX, Castellain rd. Pad. X, 8 J Chapter rd. Sou. XVI, 15 O Chichester st. Wes. XV, 12 O Claremont rd. Ley. VIII, 24 E Cold Blow la. Dep. XVI, 20 P
7M Castello ave. Wan. XIV, 4S Chapter rd. Wil. V, 4 G Chicksand st. Ste. XI, 18 K Claremont rd. W. H. VIII, Cold harbour Pop. XII, 23 K
Campden House rd. Ken. Castelnau Barnes XIV, 4 P Chapter st. Wes. XV, 12 O Childbert rd. Wan. XX, 11 V 26 G Coldbath st. Gre. XVII, 22 Q
IX, 7 M Castle rd. St. P. VI, 11 G Charing Cross rd. Wes. X, Childeric rd. Dep. XVI, 21 P Claremont rd. Wil. V, 6 I Coldharbour la. Lam. XVI,
Campden st. Ken. IX, 7 M Castle st. Bat. XV, 9 Q 13 K Childers st. Dep. XVI, 21 P Clarence gdns. St. P. X, 12 J 15 R
Campion st. Wan. XIV, 4S Castle st. E. H. XIII, 27 I Charing cross Wes. X, 13 L Child’s Hill sta. Hen, V, 6 E Clarence la. Wan. XIX, 2 T Colebrooke row Isl. VII, 15 I
Camplin st. Dep. XVI, 20 P Castle st. Sho. XI, 17 J Charlbert st. St. M. VI, 9 I Child’s hill, Hen. V, 7 E Clarence pas. Hac. VII, 19 F Colegrave rd. Ful. VIII, 24 F
Camrose st. Woo. XVIII, 33O Castle st. Wes. XI, 13 L Charles st. Hol. XI, 15 K Chiltern rd. Pop. XII, 22 J Clarence pl. Sou. XI, 16 N Coleherne rd. Ken. XIV, 8 O
Canada dock Ber. XII, 20 N Castlenau mans., Barnes. Charles st. Lew. XII, 19 V Chilton st. B. G. XI, 18 J Clarence rd. Hac. VII, 19 F Colehill la. Ful. XIV, 6 Q
Canada pond Ber. XII, 20 N XIV, 4S Charles st. Ste. XII, 20 K Chilton st. Ber. XVI, 20 O Clarence rd. St. P. VI, 11 G Coleman rd. Cam. XVI, 17 P
Canadian ave. Lew. Catford bridge Lew. XXII, Charles st. W. H. XIII, 27 M Chilworth st. Pad. X, 8 K Clarence rd. Wan. XX, 12 T Coleman st. City XI, 16 K
XXII,22V 22 U Charles st. Wes. X, 13 M Chinbrook rd. Lew. XXII, Clarence st. Isl. VII, 15 I Coleman st. Isl. VII, 16 H
Canal rd. Sho. VII, 17 H Catford hill Lew. XXII, 21 V Charles st. Woo. XVIII, 29 O 26 W Clarence st. Lam. XV, 13 Q Colenso rd. Hac. VII, 20 F
Canal rd. Ste. XII, 21 J Catford sta. XXII, 22 U Charleville rd. Ful. XIV, 6 O Chipley rd. Dep. XVI, 20 P Clarendon gdns. Pad. X, 8 J Coleraine rd. Gre. XVII, 25 P
Candahar rd. Bat. XV, 10 Q Cathall rd. Ley. VIII, 24 E Charlmont rd. E. H. XIII, 29 J Chippenham rd. Pad. IX, 7 J Clarendon rd. Ken. IX, 6 L Colet gdns. Ful. XIV, 5 O
Candy st. Pop. VIII, 22 H Catharine gro. Gre. XVII, Charlmont rd. Wen. XX, 10 Y Chislett rd. Hd. V, 7 G Clarendon rd. Lew. XVII, Colfe rd. Lew. XXI, 20 U
Canfield gdns. Hd. V, 8 G 22 Q Charlotte st. Hol. XI, 13 K Chiswell st. Fin. XI, 16 K 23 S Colinette rd. Wan. XIV, 4 S
Cannhall rd. Wal. VIII, 25 F Cathay st. Ber. XII 19 M Charlotte st. Isl. VI, 14 I Chiswick la. Chiswk. XIV, Clarendon rd. Wan. XIV, 4 R Coliston rd. Wan. XIX, 7 T
Canning rd. Isl. VII, 16 E Cathcart hill Isl. VI, 12 E Charlotte st. St. P. X, 12 K 2O Clarendon sq. St. P. VI, 13 I College ave. Hac. VII, 20 F
Canning Town sta. XIII, 24 K Cathcart rd. Ken. XIV, 8 O Charlotte ter. Isl. VI, 14 I Chiswiek mall Chisk. XIV, Clarendon st. Pad. IX, 7 J College pl. Che. XV, 10 O
Canning Town W. H. XIII, Catheriae st. Wes. XI, 14 L Charlton cem. Gre. XVIII, 2O Clarendon st. Sou. XVI, 16 O College rd. Cam. XXI, 17 D
26 L Catherine st.W.H. XIII, 25 L 28 P Chivalry rd. Bat. XV, 9 S Clarendon st. St. P. VI, 12 I College rd. Hd. VI, 10 G
Cannon hill Hd. V, 7 F Cathles rd. Wan. XX, 11 T Charlton la. Gre. XVII, 27 P Chobbam rd. W. H. VIII, Clarendon st. Wes. XV, 12 O College rd. Wan. XIV, 6 B
Cannon pl. Hd. VI, 9 E Cathnor rd. Ham. IX, 4 M Charlton pk. Gre. XVII, 27 P 24 G Clarenes st. Lew. XXII, 21 V College rd. Wil. V, 5 I
Cannon st. City XI, 16 L Catlin st. Ber. XVI, 18 0 Charlton rd. Gre. XVII, 24 Q Choumert gro. Cam. XVI, Clareville gro. Ken. XIV, 8 O College st. Che. XV, 10 O
Cannon St. rd. Ste. XII, 19 L Cator st. Cam. XIV, 17P Charlton rd. Wil. V, 3 H 18 Q Clarges st. Wes. X, 11 M College st. Isl. VII, 15 H
Canonbie rd. Lew. XXI, 19 U Cautley ave. Wan. XX, 12 T Charlton sta. Gre. XVII, 27 O Choumert rd. Cam. XVI, 17 R Clarissa st. Sho. VII, 18 H College Villas rd. Hd. VI, 9 G
Canonbury gro. Isl. VII, 16 H Cave rd. W. H. XIII, 26 J Charlton XVII, 26 Chrisp st. Pop. XII, 23 K Clark st. Ste. XII, 19 K Collier st. Fin. VI, 14 I
Canonbury Pk.-N. Isl. VII, Cavendish rd. Mit. XX, 9X Charlwood rd. Wan. XIV, 5 R Christ Church rd. Lam. XX, Claude rd. Cam. XVI, 18 R Colliere wood Mit. XX, 9 X
16 G Cavendish rd. St. M. VI, 9 I Charlwood st. Wes. XV, 12 O 14 U Claude rd. Ley. VIII, 23 D Collingwood st. B. G. XII,
Canonbury Pk.-S. Isl. VII, Cavendish rd. Wan. XX, 12 T Charnock rd. Hac. VII, 19 F Christ Church st. Gre. XVII, Claude rd. W. H. VIII, 26 I 19 J
16 G Cavendish rd. Wil. V, 6 G Charrington st. St. P. VI, 12 I 24 O Claude st. Pop. XVII, 22O Colls rd. Cam. XVI, 19 Q
Canonbury pl. Isl. VII, 15 G Cavendish sq. St. M. X, 11 K Charterhouee st. City XI, Christchurch ave. Wil. V, 6 G Claughton rd. W. H. XIII, 27 J Colne rd. Hac. VIII, 21 F
Canonbury rd. Isl. VII, 15 G Cavendish st. Sho. VII, 16 I 15 K Christchurch rd. Hd. VI, 9 E Claverton st. Wes. XV, 12 O Cologne rd. Bat. XV, 9 R
Canonbury sq. Isl. VII, 15 G Caversham rd. St P. VI, 12 G Charterhouse sq. Fin. XI, Christie rd. Hac. VIII, 21 G Claxton gro. Ful. XIV, 5 O Columbia rd. B. G. VII, 18 I
Canonbury st. Isl. VII. 16 H Cawley rd. Hac. VIII, 20 H 15 K Chryssell rd. Lam. XV, 15 P Claybrook rd. Ful. XIV, 5 O Columbia rd. W. H. XIII,
Canonbury sta. Isl. VII, 16 G Cawnpore st. Lam. XXI, 17X Charteris rd. Isl. VII, 14 D Chsrlton rd. Wan. XIX, 5 S Claylands rd. Lam. XV, 14 P 25 K
Canrobert st. B. G. XII, 19 I Caxton rd. Wim. XIX, 8 X Charteris rd. Wil. V, 7 H Chudleigh rd. Lew. XXII, Claypit la. Lew. XXII, 26 V Colva rd. St. P. VI, 12 E
Cantelowes rd. St. P. VI, 13 G Caxton st. Wes. X, 12 N Chartfield rd. Wan. XIX, 5 S 22 T Clayton rd. Cam. XVI, 18 Q Colvestone cres. Hac. VII,
Canterbury gro. Lam. XXI, Cazenove rd. Hac. VII,18 D Chase, The, Wan. XV, 11 R Churah la. Wan. XX, 10 X Clayton st. Isl. VI, 14 H 18 G
14 W Cecil et. Wes. X, 14 L Chasefield rd. Wan. XX, 10W Churah rd. Ham. IX, 4 N Clayton st. Lam. XV, 14 O Colville gdns. Ken, IX, 7 K
Canterbury rd. Dep. XVI, Cecil rd Ley. VIII, 25 E Chatham pl. Hac. VII, 20 G Churah st. Lam. XV, 14 P Cleanthus rd. Woo. XVIII, Colville rd. Ken. IX, 7 K
19 P Cecil rd. W. H. VIII, 26 I Chatham rd. Bat. XX, 10 T Church cres. Hac. VII, 20 H 30 Q Colville ter. Ken. IX, 6 K
Canterbury rd. Isl. VII, 17 G Cecil rd. Wil. V, 2 H Chatsworth rd. Hac. VIII, Church hill Wim. XIX, 6 X Clemence st. Ste. XII, 21 K Colwell rd. Cam. XXI, 17 T
Canterbury rd. Lam. XV, 14 R Cedar gdns., Wan. XIV, 6R 20 F Church la. Bat. XV, 9 Q Clemente rd. Ber. XII, 19 N Colwick st. Dep. XVI, 21 O
Canterbury rd. Wil. V, 7 I Cedar rd. Ful. XIV, 7 P Chatsworth rd. Lam. XXI, Church la. Gre. XVII, 27 P Clephane rd. Isl. VII, 16 G Colyton rd. Cam. XXI, 19 T
Canterbury ter. Pad. X, 8 J Cedar rd. Wil. V, 5 F 15 V Church la. Ham. XIV, 5 O Clerkenwell gn. Fin. XI, 15 J Comber gro. Cam. XVI, 16Q
Cantrell rd. Pop. XII, 22 J Cedars rd. W. H. VIII, 25 G Chatsworth rd. W. H. VIII, Church Manor way, Woo. Clerkenwell rd. Hol. XI, 15 J Combermere rd. Lam. XV,
Cantwell rd. Woo. XVIII, Cedars rd. Wan. XV, 11 R 25 G XVIII, 33 O Clerkenwell XI, 15 J 14 R
30 Q Cele st. Che. XV, 9 O Chatsworth rd. Wil. V, 5G Church pass, Lew. XVII, 24 S Clerks la. Lew. XXII, 21 V Comberton rd. Hac. VII, 19 E
Capel rd. W.H. VIII, 26 F Cemetery rd. Gre. XVIII, Chatterton rd. Isl. VII, 15 E Church rd. Barnes XIV, 3 Q Cleve rd. Hd. V, 7 G Comeragh rd. Ful. XIV, 6 O
Carburton st. St. M. X, 12 J 28 P Chatto rd. Bat. XX, 10 T Church rd. Hac. VII, 18 F Cleveland gdns. Barnes Comerford rd. Lew. XVI,
Carden rd. Cam. XVI, 19 R Cemetery rd. W. H. VIII, 25 F Chaucer rd. Lam. XXI, 15 S Church rd. Hac. VIII, 20 G XIV, 3 Q 21 S
Cardigan rd. Pop. VIII, 22 I Central ave. Bat. XV, 11 P Chaucer rd. W. H. VIII, 26 G Church rd. Hd.VI, 10 G Cleveland gdns. Pad. X, 8 K Commercial Dock pier Ber.
Cardington st. St. P. VI, 12 I Central hill Lam. XXI, 16 X Chauntler rd. W. H. XIII, Church rd. Isl. VII, 16 H Cleveland rd. Barnes XIV, XII, 21 N
Cardozo rd. Isl. VI, 14 F Central pk. E. H. XIII, 28 J 26 L Church rd. Lam. XV, 14 S 3Q Commercial rd. Cam. XVI,
Cardross st. Ham. IX, 4 N Central Pk. rd. E. H. XIII, Cheapside City XI, 16 K Church rd. Lew. XXI, 20 V Cleveland sq. Pad. X, 8K 18 Q
Cardwell rd. Isl. VI, 13 F 28 J Chelmsford st. Ful. XIV, 5 O Church rd. Ley. VIII, 22 D Cleveland st. Isl. VII, 16 H Commercial rd. East Ste.
Carey rd. Wal. VIII, 25 F Central st. Fin. XI, 16 I Chelsea Bdge. rd. XV, 1 O Church rd. Wil. V, 3 G Cleveland st. St. P. X, 12 J XII, 19 K
Carey st. Wes. X, 13 N Central sta. E. H. XIII, 28 M Chelsea bridge, XV, 11O Church rd. Wim. XIX, 5 W Cleveland st. Ste. XII, 19 J Commercial rd. Lam. XI,
Carholme rd. Lew. XXII, Centre pond Ber. XII, 20 M Chelsea Embankmt. XV, 1 O Church row, B. G. XI, 18 J Clever rd. W. H. XIII, 26 L 14 L
21 U Centre rd. Ber. XII, 20 M Chelsea sta. XIV, 8 P Church row, Hd. VI, 8 F Clieveden pl. Che. X, 11 N Commercial st. Ste. XI, 17 J
Carleton rd. Isl. VI, 13 F Cephas st. Ste. XII, 20 J Chelsea XV, 9 O Church row, Ste. XII, 21 L Clifden rd. Hac. VII, 20 F Como rd. Lew. XXI, 20 V
Carlingford rd. Hd. VI, 9 F Ceres rd. Woo. XVIII, 32 O Chelsham rd. Wan. XV, 3 R Church st. B. G. XI 17 J Clifford gdns. Wil. V, 5 I Compayne gdns. Hd. V, 8 G
Carlisle pl. Wes. X, 12 N Cerise rd. Cam. XVI, 18 Q Chelverton rd. Wan. XIV, 5 R Church st. Ber. XI, 17 M Clifford st. Wes. X, 12 L Compton ave. E. H. XIII, 27 I
Carlisle rd. Ley. VIII, 22 D Chadwell st. Fin. VII, 15 I Cheneys rd. Wal. VIII, 25 F Church st. Ber. XII, 18 M Clift st. Sho. VII, 16 I Compton rd. Isl. VII, 15 G
Carlisle st. Lam. XI, 14 N Chadwick rd. Cam. XVI, 17 R Chenies pl. St. P. VI, 18 I Church st. Cam. XVI, 16 Q Clifton gdns. Pad. X, 8 J Compton rd. Wim. XIX, 6 X
Carlisle st. St. M. X, 9 J Chadwin rd. W.H. XIII, 26K Chenies st. Hol. X, 13 K Church st. Che. XV, 9 O Clifton hill Dep. XVI, 21 P Compton st. Fin. XI, 15 J
Carlos pl. Wes. X, 11 L Chalcot cres. St. P. VI, 11 H Chepstow cres. Ken. IX, 7L Church st. Chiswick XIV, 2 O Clifton hill St. M. V, 8 I Compton st. St. P. XI, 13 J
Carlsbad st. Isl. VI, 14 I Chaldon rd. Ful. XIV, 6 P Chepstow pl. Pad. IX, 7 L Church st. Dep. XVII, 22 P Clifton rd. Cam. XVI, 19 Q Comyn rd. Bat. V, 9 X
Carlton gro. Cam. XVI, 19 Q Chale rd. Wan. XX, 3 T Chepstow villas, Ken. IX, 7 L Church st. Ful. XIV, 16 Q Clifton rd. W. H. XIII, 25 K Concanon rd. Lam. XV, 13S

Conduit rd. Woo. XVIII,30 F Cranhurst rd. Wil. V, 5 F Croxted rd. Cam. and Lam. Davies st. Wes. X, 11 L Dieppe st. Ful. XIV, 6 O 17T
Conduit st. Hac. VII, 19 S Cranleigh rd. Ley. VIII, 24 E XXI, 16 W Davis rd. Act. IX, 3M Digby rd. Hac. VII, 20 G Dulwich Wood pk. Cam.
Conduit st. Wes. X, 12 L Cranley pl. Ken. XV, 9 N Croydon rd. W. H. XIII, 25 K Davis st. Pop. XII, 23 N Digby rd. S. N. VII, 16 E XXI, 17 W
Conewood st. Isl. VII, 15 F Cranley rd. Ken. XV, 9 N Crozier ter. Hac. VIII, 2O G Davisville rd. Ham. IX, 8 M Digby st. B. G. XII, 20 J Dumbreck rd. Woo. XVIII,
Conference st. Woo. XVIII, Cranmer ave. E. H. XIII, 29 J Crsnley rd. Ken. XV, 9 O Dawes rd. Ful. XIV, 6 P Dighton rd. Wan. XIV, 8 S 29S
34O Cranmer rd. Lam. XV, 15 P Crucifix la. Ber. XI, 17 M Dawlish rd. Wil. V, 5 G Dilke st. Che. XV, 10 O Dumont rd. S. N. VII, 17 E
Congress st. Woo. XVIII, Cranmer rd. W. H. VIII, 26 F Crumpsall st. Woo. XVIII, Dawson pl. Ken. IX, 7 L Dillwyn rd. Lew. XXI, 20 W Dunbar rd. W. H. VIII, 26 H
34O Cranston rd. Lew. XXI, 20 U 34O Daylesford ave. Wan. XIV, 3R Dimsdale rd. Ful. XIV, 6 P Dunbar st. Lam. XXI, 15 W
Coniger rd. Ful. XIV, 7 Q Craster rd. Lam. XX, 14 T Crutched Friars, City XI, 17 L Daysbrook rd. Wan. XX, 13 U Dingley rd. Fin. XI, 16J Duncan rd. Hac. VII, 19 H
Coningham rd. Ham. IX, 4 M Craven hill Pad. X, 8 L Crystal Palace Pk. rd. Bec. De Beauvoir cres. Hac. VII, Dinsmore rd. Wan. XX, 11T Duncan ter. Isl. VII, 15 I
Conley rd. Wil. V, 3 G Craven Pk. rd. Wil. V, 2 H XXI, 18 X 17 H Disbrowe rd. Ful. XIV, 6 P Duncombe hill Lew. XXI,
Connaught Rd. sta. W. H. Craven pk. Wil. V, 2 H Crystal Palace rd. Cam. De Beauvoir rd. Hac. VII, Disraeli rd. W. H. VIII, 26 G 20 U
XIII, 27 L Craven st. Wes. XI, 13 L XXI, 18 T 17 H Disraeli rd. Wan. XIV, 6 S Dundalk rd. Dep. XVI, 20R
Connaught sq. Pad. X, 10 K Craven ter. Pad. X, 9 L Crystal Palace sta. (High De Beauvoir sq. Hac. VII, Diss st. B. G. VII, 18 I Dundas rd. Cam. XVI, 19 Q
Connaught st. Pad. X, 10 K Crawford st. Cam. XVI, 16 Q Level) XXI, 17 X 17 H Distillery la. Ful. XIV, 4 O Dundee rd. W. H. XIII, 26 J
Constance rd. Cam. XV, 17 S Crawford st. St. M. X, 10 K Crystal Palace sta. (Low De Crespigny pk. Cam. XVI, Dixon rd. Dep. XVI, 21 Q Dundonald st. Wes. XV, 13 O
Constance st. W. H. XIII, Crawford st. St. M. X, 10K Level) XXI, 18 Y 16 Q Dixon st. Ste. XII, 21 K Dunedin rd. Ley. VIII, 23 E
28 M Crawthew gro. Cam. XVI, Crystal palace XXI, 18 X De Laune st. Lam. XV, 15 O Dock st. Ste. XI, 18 L Dungrievie rd. Lew. XXII,
Constantine rd. Hd. VI, 10 F 18 R Crystal ter. Cro. XXI, 16 X De Morgan rd. Ful. XIV, 8 R Dock st. Woo. XIII, 29 N 24T
Constitution hill Wes. X, Crayford rd. Isl. VI, 13 F Cuba st. Pop. XII, 22 M De Vere gdns. Ken. X, 8 M Dockhead Ber. XI, 18 M Dunlace rd. Hac. VII, 20 F
11 M Credenhill st. Wan. XX, 12 X Cubitt st. St. P. XI, 14J Deacon rd. Wil. V, 3 F Dockside Hac. VII, 20 E Dunloe st. Sho. VII, 18 I
Constitution hill Woo. XVIII, Crediton rd. Hd. V, 8 F Culford rd. Hac. VII, 17 H Deacon st. Sou. XI, 16 N Dockyard sta. XVIII, 29 O Dunmow rd. W.H. VIII, 24 F
29 R Crediton rd. Wil. V, 5 H Cullingworth rd. Wil. V, 4 F Dealtry rd. Wan. XIV, 4 S Dod st. Ste. XII, 22 K Dunollie rd. St. P. VI, 12 F
Conway rd. Woo. XVIII, 31 O Credon rd. Ber. XVI, 19 O Culmore rd. Cam. XVI, 19 P Dean rd. Wil. V, 5 G Doddington gro. Bat. XV, Dunoon rd. Lew. XXI, 19 U
Cooks rd. Lam. XV, 15 P Creed pl. Gre. XVII, 24 P Culmore rd. Wan. XX, 11 U Dean st. Ste. XII, 19 L 11 Q Dunraven rd. Ham. IX, 4L
Cooks rd. W. H. VIII, 23 I Creek pl. Ham. XIV, 4O Culverden rd. Wan. XX, 12 V Dean st. Wea. X, 12 K Doddington gro. Lam. XV, Duns hill City XI, 17 L
Coolfyn rd. W. H. XIII, 26 L Creek rd. Bat. XV, 9 Q Culvert rd. Bat. XV, 10 Q Deanery rd. W. H. VIII, 25 H 15 O Dunsany rd. Ham. IX, 5 N
Coombs st. Isl. VII, 15 I Creek rd. Gre. XVII, 24 P Cumberland market St. P. Deans yard Wes. X, 13 N Dog Kennel hill Cam. XVI, Dunstan st. Sho. VII, 17H
Coomer rd. Ful. XIV, 6 P Creek st. Dep. XVII, 22 Q VI, 12 I Deauville rd. Wan. XX, 12 T 17 R Dunstans rd- Cam. XXI, 18 T
Cooper Mill la. Wal. V, 20 C Creighton ave. E. H. XIII, Cumberland rd. W. H. XIII, Decima st. Ber. XI, 17 N Dog la. Wil. V, 2 F Dunster gdns. Wil. V, 17 H
Cooper rd. Wil. V, 3 F 27 I 26 J Dee rd. W.H. XII, 25J Doggett rd. Lew. XXI, 22 U Dunston rd. Sho. VII, 17 H
Coopers Arms la. Wan. Cremorne rd. Che. XIV, 9 P Cumberland st. Isl. VI, 14 G Dee st. Pop. XII, 23 L Dollis Hill ave. Wil. V, 5E Duntshill XIX, 8 U
XIV, 5 R Crescent gro. Wan. XV, 12 S Cumberland st. Wes. XV, Deepdene rd. Wan. XX, 13 X Dollis Hill la. Wil. V, 3 E Dupre rd. Gre. XVII, 26O
Coopersale st. Hac. VIII, Crescent la. Wan. XV, 12 S 11 O Deerbrook rd. Lam. XXI, Dollishill Wil. V, 4 E Durand gdns. Lam. XV, 14Q
20 G Crescent rd. Bec. XXI, 19 X Cumming st. Fin. VI, 14 I 15 U Donaldson rd. Wil. V, 7 H Durant st. B. G. VII, 18 I
Copeland rd. Cam. XVI, 18 R Crescent rd. Dep. XVII, 22 R Cundy rd. W. H. XIII, 27 L Defoe rd. Wan. XX, 9 W Donegal st. Fin. VI, 14I Durban rd. Lam. XXI, 15 VI
Copenhagen st. Isl. VI, 14 H Crescent rd. Ley. VIII, 22 D Currie st. Bat. XV, 13 P Delafield rd. Gre. XVII, 26 O Doneraile st. Ful. XIV, 5 Q Durban rd. W. H. XIII, 25 J
Coplestone rd. Cam. XVI, Crescent rd. W. H. VIII, 26 I Curtain rd. Sho. XI, 17 J Delaford rd. Ber. XVI, 19 C Dongola rd. W. H. XIII, 26 J Durham Hill la. Lew. XXII,
17 R Crescent rd. Wan. XV, 13 S Curwen rd. Ham. IX, 3M Delaford rd. Ful. XIV, 6 P Donnington rd. Wil. V, 4 H 24 X
Copley st. Ste. XII, 20 K Crescent rd. Woo. XVIII, 29O Curzon st. Wes. X, 11 M Delamere ter. Pad. X, 8 K Dora rd. Wim. XIX, 7 W Durham rd. Isl. VI, 14 E
Copperas st. Dep. XVII, 22 P Crescent rd. Woo. XVIII, Custom House sta. W. H. Delancey st. St. P. VI, 11 H Dorlcote rd. Wan. XX, 9 T Durham rd. Lam. XXI, 15 W
Copthall ave. City XI, 16 K 30 O XIII, 26 L Delaware rd. Pad. X, 8 J Dornton rd. Wan. XX, 11 V Durham rd. Ste. XII, 20K
Coral st. Lam. XI, 15 M Crescent Wood rd. Cam. Cutthroat la. Cam. XVI, 17 R Delhi st. Isl. VI, 13 H Dorothy rd. Bat. XV, 10 R Durham rd. W. H. XIII, 25 K
Coram st. St. P. XI, 13J XXI, 18 V Cyprus st. B. G. VII, 20 I Delverton rd. Sou. XV, 15 O Dorset la. Ful. XIV, 5 P Durham rd.Woo. XVIII, 31 P
Corbyn st. Isl. VI, 14 D Crescent, The, Barnes XIV, Cyrus st. Fin. XI, 15 J Delvino rd. Ful. XIV, 7 Q Dorset rd. Lam. XV, 14 P Durham ter. Pad. IX, 7 K
Cordite st. Woo. XVIII, 33P 3Q Czar st. Gre. XVII, 22 P Dempster rd. Wan. XIV, 8 S Dorset sq. St. M. X, 10 J Durham villas Ken. IX, 7 M
Corinne rd. Isl. VI, 12 F Cresford rd. Ful. XIV, 8 Q Dacca st. Gre. XVI, 21 P Denbigh rd. Ken. IX, 7 L Dorset st. St. M. 10 K Durharn rd. Wan. XIX, 5 V
Cormont rd. Lam. XV, 15Q Cressingham rd. Lew. XVII, Dace rd. Pop. VIII, 22 H Denbigh rd. Wil. V, 2 G Dorset st. Wes. XV, 13 Q Durlston rd. Hac. VII, 8E
Cornelia st. Isl. VI, 14 G 23 R Dacre pk. Lew. XVII, 24 R Denbigh st. Wes. XV, 12 O Dorville rd. Lew. XXII, 25 T Durnsford ave. Wim. XIX,
Cornford gro. Wan. XX, 11 V Cressy rd. Hd. VI, 10 F Dacre rd. W. H. VIII, 26 I Dendy st. Wan. XXX, 10 U Doughty st. St. P. XI, 14 J 7V
Cornhill City XI, 16 L Creswell st. Ful. XIV, 5Q Dacre st. Lew. XVII, 24 S Denholme rd. Pad. V, 7 I Douglas rd. Isl. VIII, 16 G Durnsford rd. Wan. XIX, 7 U
Cornwall gdns. Ken. X, 8 N Crewdson rd. Lam. XV, 14 P Dacres rd. Lew. XXI, 19 V Denman rd. Cam. XVI, 17 Q Douglas st. Dep. XVI, 21 P Durnsford rd. Wim. XIX, 7 I
Cornwall rd. Ken. IX, 6 K Crewe st., Pop. XVII, 22O Dafforne rd. Wan. XX, 10 V Denmark hill Cam. XVI, 16 R Douglas st. Pop. XVII, 23O Durrington rd. Hac. VIII,
Cornwall rd. Lam. XI, 14 M Crewys rd. Hen. V, 7D Dagmar rd. Cam. XVI, 17 Q Denmark Hill sta. XVI, 16 R Douglas st. Wes. XV, 12 O 21 F
Cornwall rd. Lam. XX, 13 T Crichton st. Wan. XV, 12 Q Dagmar rd. Hac. VIII, 21 G Denmark rd. Cam. XVI, 15 Q Dounsell rd. Wal. VIII, 24 F Durward st. Ste. XII, 19 K
Cornwallis rd. Isl. VI, 13 E Cricketfleld rd. Hac. VII, 19 F Dagnan rd. Wan. XX, 11 T Denmark rd. Isl. VII, 14 I Dove row Sho. VII, 18 I Dyere la. Wan. IV, 4 S
Corona rd. Lew. XXII, 26 U Cricklade ave. Wan. XX, Dahomey st. Wan. XX, 12 X Denmark rd. Wim. XIX, 5 X Dover rd. E. Wick. XVIII, Dyers Hall rd. Ley. VIII,
Coronation rd. W.H. XIII, 27J 13 V Daisy la. Ful. XIV, 7 R Denmark st. Lam, XVI, 15 Q 32 R 24 D
Corporation st. W. H. XIII, Cricklewood la. Hen. V, 6 E Dalaton Junction sta. VII, Denmark st. W. H. XIII, 26 K Dover st. Wes. X, 12 L Dymock st. Ful. XIV, 8 R
25 I Cricklewood sta. V, 6 E 18 G Dennett’s rd. Dep. XVI, 20 Q Down st. Wes. X, 11 M Dyne rd Wil. V, 6 H
Corrance rd. Lam. XV, 13 S Crieff rd. Wan. XX, 8 T Dalaton la. Hac. VII, 18 G Denning rd. Hd. VI, 9 F Downes st. Cam. XVI, 18 P Dynevor rd. S. N. VII, 17 E
Corsehill st. Wan. XX, 12 X Crieffel ave. Wan. XX, 12 V Dalberg rd. Lam. XX, 15 S Dennington Pk. rd. Hd. V, 7 G Downham rd. Hac. VII, 17 H Dynham rd. Hd. V, 7 G
Corsica st. Isl. VII, 15 G Crimsworth rd.Lam. XV, 13 P DalbV st. St. P. VI, 11 G Dennis st. Isl. VI, 14 I Downing st. Wes. X, 13 M Eagle st. Hol. XI, 14 K
Corunna rd. Bat. XV, 12 Q Crisp rd. Ham. XIV, 4O Dalby rd. Wan. XIV, 8 S Dents rd. Bat. XX, 10 T Downs Pk. rd. Hac. VII, 18 F Eagle Wharf rd. Sho. VII 16 I
Cosbyecote ave. Lam. XXI, Crockerton rd. Wan. XX, Dalebury rd. Wan. XX, 10 V Denyer st. Che. X, 10 N Downs rd. Hac. VII, 18 F Eaglesfield rd. Woo. XVIII,
15 S 10 V Daleham gdns. Hd. VI, 9 G Denzil rd. Wil. V, 3 F Downshire hill Hd. VI, 9 F 30 Q
Cossal st. Cam. XVI, 19 Q Croft rd. Ber. XVI, 2O O Dalgarno gdns.Ham. IX, 4 K Deodar rd. Wan. XIV, 6 R Downton av. Wan. XX, 13V Eardley cres. Ken. XIV, 8 O
Cotleigh rd. Hd. V, 7 G Croftdown rd. St. P. VI, 11 E Dalkeith rd. Lam. XXI, 16U Deptford bridge, Gre. XVII, Doyle gdns. Wil. V, 4I Eardley rd. Wan. XX 12 X
Cottage gro. Lam. XV, 13 R Crofton Pk. rd. Lew. XXII, Dallin rd. Woo. XVIII, 30Q 22 Q Doyle rd. Wan. XX, 10 V Earl rd. Ber. XVI, 18 O
Cottenham rd. Isl. VI, 13 D 21 T Dalling rd. Ham. IX, 4 N Deptford cem. Lew. XXII, Doynton st. St. P. VI, 12 E Earl st. Sou. XI, 15 N
Cottingdon st. Lam. XV, 15O Crofton Pk. sta. XXII, 21 S Dalmain rd. Lew. XXI, 20 U 21 S Drakefell rd. Dep. XVI, 20 R Earl st. St. M. X, 9 J
Cotton st. Pop. XII, 23 L Crofton rd. W.H. XIII, 26J Dalmeny ave. Isl. VI, 13 F Deptford gn. Gre. XVII, 22 P Drakefield rd. Wan. XX, 11 V Earl st. Wes. X, 13 N
Coulter rd. Ham. IX, 4 N Crogsland rd. St. P. VI, 11 G Dalmeny rd. Isl. VI, 13 F Deptford pk. XVI, 21 0 Draper st. Sou. XI, 15 N Earl st. Woo. XVIII, 31O
Coulton rd. Hac. VII, 19 F Cromer st. St. P. XI, 13 J Dalmore rd. Lam. XXI, 16 V Deptford sta. Ber. XII, 20 N Draycott ave. Che. XV, 10N Earlham gro. W.H. VIII, 25 G
Councillor st. Cam. XVI, 15P Cromer Villas rd. Wan. Dalrymple rd. Lew. XVI, 21 S Deptford sta. XVII, 22 P Draycott pl. Che. XV, 10 O Earls court gdns. Ken. XIV,
Countess rd. St. P. VI, 12 F XIX, 6 T Dalwood st. Cam. XXI, 17 Q Derby rd. Hac. VII, 17 H Drayton gdns. Ken. XIV, 8 O 8O
County gro. Sou. XVI, 15 Q Cromford rd. Wan. XIV, 7 S Dalyell rd. Lam. XV, 14 R Derby st. St. P. VI, 13 I Drayton gro. Ken. XIV, 8 O Earls Court rd. Ken. IX, 7 N
Court Hill rd. Lew. XVII, Crompton st. Pad. X, 9 J Dame st. Isl. VII, 16 I Dermody rd. Lew. XVII, 23 S Drayton pk. Isl. VII, 15 F Earls Court sq. Ken. XIV, 7 O
23 S Cromwell ave. Ful. XIV, 6R Dames rd. W. H. VIII, 26 F Dermot rd. Bat. XX, 10 V Dreadnought st. Gre. XVII, Earls Court sta. XIV, 7 O
Court la. Cam. XXI, 17 T Cromwell rd, Ken. X, 8 N Danbury st. Isl. VII, 15 I Deronda rd. Lam. XXI, 15 U 25N Earlsfield sta. XIX, 8 U
Court rd. Lam. XXI, 15 V Cromwell rd. West. Ken. Danby st. Cam. XVI, 17 R Derrick st. Ber. XII, 21 N Drestead rd. Wan. XX, 12V Earlsfleld rd. Wan. XX, 8 U
Courtenay st. Lam. XV, 14 O XIV, 7 O Dancroft rd. Cam. XXI, 16S Derwent gro. Cam. XVI, 17 S Drew rd. W. H. XIII, 28 M Earlshall rd.Woo. XVIII, 28 S
Courtfleld gdns. Ken. XIV, Cromwell rd. Wim. XIX, 7 X Dane rd. Lam. XVI, I5 Q Devas st. Pop. XII, 23 J Driffield rd. B. G. VIII, 21 I Earlsmead rd. Wil. V, 4 I
8O Crondace rd. Ful. XIV, 7 Q Dane st. Wes. X, 12K Deverell st. Sou. XI, 16 N Droop st. Pad. IX, 6 J Earlswood st. Gre. XVII, 24 P
Courthope rd. St. P. VI, 11 F Crondall st. Sho. VII, 17 I Danehurst rd. Ful. XIV, 6 P Devereux rd. Bat. XX, 10 T Drummond rd. Ber. XII, 19 N East Acton la. IX, 2 L
Courtrai rd. Lew. XXI, 20 T Crookham rd. Ful. XIV, 6 Q Danemere st. Wan. XIV, 5 R Devonport rd. Ham. IX, 4 M Drummond st. St. P. X, 12 J East Arbour st. Ste. XII, 20 K
Coutts rd. Ste. XII, 21 K Crooms hill Gre. XVII, 23 P Daneville rd. Cam. XVI, 16 Q Devonport st. Ste. XII, 20 L Drury la. Wes. XI, 13 K East Down pk. Lew. XVII,
Covent gdn. Wes. XI, 13 L Cropley st. Sho. VII, 16 I Daniels rd. Cam. XVI, 19 R Devons rd. Pop. XII, 22 Dryburgh rd. Wan. XIV, 4 R 24 S
Coventry st. B. G. XII, 19 J Crosby row Sou. XI, 16 M Danson la. Bex, XVIII, 32 S Devonshire pl. St. M. X. Dryden rd. Wim. XIX, 8 X East Dulwich rd. Cam. XVI,
Coventry st. Wes. X, 13 L Cross rd. Hac. VII, 19 P Dantzig st. Sou. XI, 15 N Devonshire rd. Gre. XVII,22 Drysdale rd. Lew. XVII, 23 Q 18 S
Coverdale rd. Wil. V, 6 G Cross st Hol. XI, 15 K Danvers st. Che. XV, 9 P Q Du Cane rd. Ham. IX, 4 K East Ham Manor way E. H
Coverton rd. Wan. XX, 9 W Cross st. Barnes XIV, 2 Q Darlan rd. Ful. XIV, 6 P Devonshire rd. Hac. VII, 19 G Ducal st. B. G. XI, 18 J XIII, 30 L
Cowan st. Cam. XVI, 17 O Cross st. Isl. VII, 15 H Darnley rd. Hac. VII, 19 G Devonshire rd. Isl. VI, 14 E Duchess of Bedford’s walk East Heath rd. Hd. VI, 9 E
Cowdrey rd. Wim. XIX, 7 X Cross st. W. H, XIII, 25 K Darrell rd. Cam. XXI, 18 S Devonshire rd. Lew. XXI, Ken. IX, 7 K East hill, Wan. XIV, 8 S
Cowhouse Farm, Hen. V, 6E Cross st. W. H. VIII, 24 H Dart st. Pad. V, 6I 19 U Duckett st. Ste. XII, 20 K East India Dock rd. Pop.
Cowley rd. Lam. XV, 15 Q Cross st. Wan. XV, 12 Q Dartmoor st. Ken. IX, 7 L Devonshire rd. Wal. VIII, Duckett’s canal Pop. VIII, XII, 22 L
Cowley rd. Ley. XVII, 25 D Crossfield la. Dep. XVII, Dartmouth hill Lew. XVII, 25 F 21 H East India Dock wall N. Pop.
Cowper rd. S.N. VII, 17 F 24 H 23 Q Devonshire rd. Wan. XX, Dudden Hill la. Wil. V, 3 F XII, 23 L
Cowper rd. Wim. XIX, 8 X Crossfield rd. Hd. VI, 9 G Dartmouth Pk. ave. St. P. 11 U Dudden Hill sta. Wil. V, 3 F East India docks Pop. XII,
Cowper’s row Wan. XX, 13 T Crossway st. Hac. VII, 17G VI, 12 E Devonshire st. Hol. XI. 14 K Dudlington rd. Hac. VII, 20 E 23 L
Coxwell rd. Woo. XVIII, 31 P Croston st. Hac. VII, 19H Dartmouth Pk. rd. St. P. VI, Devonshire st. Ial. VII, 15 I Duffield st. Bat. XV, 10 R East rd. Sho. VII, 16 I
Crabtree la. Ful. XIV, 5 P Crowborough rd. Wan. XX, 11 F Devonshire st. Lam. XV, 13 Q Duke st. St. M. X, 11 K East rd. W. H. VIII, 25 I
Craigerne rd. Gre. XVII, 26 Q 11X Dartmouth rd. Wil. V, 5 G Devonshire st. St. M. X, 9 J Duke st. Ber. XI, 16 M East rd. Wim. XX, 8 X
Craigton rd. Woo. XVIII, Crowhurst rd. Lam. XV, 15 K Dartmouth rd.Lew. XXI, 19 V Devonshire st. St. M. X, 11 J Duke st. Wes. X, 12 L East row Ken. IX, 6 J
28 S Crown hill Lam. XXI, 15 X Dartmouth row Lew. XVII, Devonshire st. Ste. XII, 19 J Dulwich XXI, 16 V East st. Gre. XVII, 26 O
Crampton st. Sou. XVI, 15 O Crown Hill rd. Wil. V, 3 H 23 Q Dewar st. Cam. XVI, 18 R Dulwich (E.) gro. Cam. XVI, East st. Hol. XI, 14 K
Cranbourn rd. Ley. VIII, 23 F Crown la. Act. IX, 2 L Dartrey rd. Che. XIV, 9 P Dewberry st. Pop. XII, 23 K 17 S East st. Isl. VI, 14 H
Cranbourn st. Wes. X, 13 L Crown la. Lam. XXI, 14 X Darwin st. Sou. XVI 16 O Dewsbury rd. Wil. V, 3 F Dulwich common, Cam XXI, East st. Lam. XXI, 15 W
Cranbrook st. B. G. VIII, 2O I Crowndale rd. St. P. VI, 12 I Daubeney rd. Hac. VIII, 21 F D’Eynsford rd. Cam. XVI, 17 U East st. Sou. XVI, 16 O
Cranbrook st. Dep. XVII, Crownfield rd. Wal. VIII, Dault rd. Wan. XIX, 8 T I6 Q Dulwich pk. XXI, 17 U East st. W. H. VIII, 24 I
22 Q 24 F Davenport rd. Lew. XXII, Dibden st. Isl. VII, 16 H Dulwich rd. Lam. XXI, 15 T Eastbourne rd. E. H. XII, 29 J
Cranbury rd. Ful. XIV, 8 Q Crownstone rd. Lam. XX, 23 T Dicey st. Woo. XVIII, 29 P Dulwich sta. XXI, 16 V Eastbourne rd. W. H. VII, 25 I
Crane cres. Isl. VII, 15 G 14 S Davey rd. Pop. VIII, 22 H Dickens rd. E. H. XIII, 28 I Dulwich sta., East, XVI, 17 S Eastbourne ter. Pad. X, 9 K
Cranfield rd. Dep. XVI, 21 R Croxley rd. Pad. V, 7 I Davies la. Ley. VIII, 25 E Dickens st. Bat. XV, 11 Q Dulwich Village, Cam. XXI, Eastbrook rd. Gre. XVII,

26 Q XIV, 2 Q Eton rd. Hd. VI, 10G Fernthorpe rd. Wan. XX, 12X Foyle rd. Gre. XVII, 25 P Genoa ave. Wan XIV, 5 S
Eastbury gro. Chiswick Elm gdns. Ham. IX, 5 N Eton rd. Woo. XVIII, 30O Ferntower rd. Isl. VII, 16F Fradley rd. Wan. XX, 11 W George la. Lew. XXII, 23 T
XIV, 2 O Elm gro. Hen. V, 6 F Eugenia. rd. Ber. XVI, 20 O Ferrier st. Wan. XIV, 8S Frampton pk rd Hac. VII 19 G George row Ber. XI, 18 M
Eastcastle st. St. M. X, 12 K Elm gro. Lam. XXI, 16 V Europia pl. Bat. XV, 9O Ferron rd. Hac. VII, 19E Frances rd. Woo. XVIII, 32 P George st, Lam. XXI, 17 X
Eastcheap City XI, 17 L Elm gro. Woo. XVIII, 32 P Eustace rd. Ful. XIV, 7P Ferry la. Barnes. XIV, 3P Frances st. Bat. XV, 9 Q George st. Cam. XVI, 16 P
Easter rd. W. H. VIII, 24 H Elm Grove rd. Barnes XIV, Euston gdns. St.P. X, 12J Ferry rd. Pop. XVII, 22 O FrancheCourt rd.Wan. XX 8v George st. Sou. XI, 15 M
Eastern rd. W. H. VIII, 26 I 3Q Euston rd. St. P. X, 12J Ferry rd. Pop. XII, 23N Francis rd. Ley. VIII, 23 E George st. St. P. X, 12 J
Eastlake rd. Lam. XVI, 15 Q Elm la. Lew. XXII, 21 V Euston sq. St. P. X, 12J Ferry st. Pop. XVII, 23O Francis st. Wes. X, 12 N George st. Woo. XVIII, 28 O
Eastwood st. W.H. XIII, 26 M Elm Park gdns. Che. XV, 9 O Euston st. St. P. X, 12J Festing rd. Wan. XIV, 5R Francis st. Woo XVIII, 29 O George st., Wes. X, 12 L
Eastwood st. Wan. XX, 12 X Elm Park rd. Che. XV, 9 O Euston sta. VI, 12I Fetter la. City. XI, 15K Francis st.. St,. P. X, 12 K George st.. W.H. XIII, 27 M
Eaton pl. Wes. X, 11 N Elm Park rd. Ley. VIII, 21 D Eve rd. W.H. VIII, 25I Field rd. Ful. XIV, 6O Francis st.. W.H. VIII, 24 G George’s rd. Isl. VI, 14 G
Eaton sq. Wes. X, 11 N Elm pk. Lam. XX, 14 T Evelina rd. Cam. XVI, 19R Field rd. W.H. VIII, 25F Franciscan rd. Wan. XX,11 W Georgina st. St. P. VI, 12 H
Eaton ter. Wes. X, 11 N Elm rd. Ley. VIII, 24 E Evelyn rd. W.H. XIII, 26M Fielding rd. Act. IX, 2M Franconia rd. Wan. XX, 12 T Geraldine rd, Wan. XX, 8 S
Eatonville rd. Wan. XX, 10 V Elm rd. St. P. ` VI, 13 H Evelyn rd. Wim. XIX, 7X Fieldway. Isl. VII, 15 G Frankfurt. rd. Cam. XXI, Gerard rd. Barnes XIV, 3 Q
Ebury Bri. rd. X V, 11 O Elm rd. W. H. VIII, 25 G Evelyn st. Dep. XVI, 21O Fife rd. W.H. XIII, 25K 16 S Gerrard st. Isl. VII, I5 I
Ebury st. Wes. X V, 11 O Elm st.Woo. XVIII, 31 O Everett st. Bat. XV, 12P Fifth ave. Pad. IX, 6J Franklin’s row Che. XV, 10 O Gervase st. Cam XVI, 19 P
Ebury st. Wes. X, 11 N Elm Tree rd. St. M. VI, 9 I Evergreen st. Ful. XIV, 5P Filey ave. Hac. VII, 18D Frederick pl. Ste. XII, 21 J Gglengall rd. Pop. XII, 22 N
Eccles rd. Bat. XV, 10 S Elmbourne rd. Wan. XX, Evering rd. Hac. VII, 18E Filmer rd. Ful. XIV, 6P Frederick pl.Woo. XVIII, 30 P Gibbins rd. W. H. VIII, 23 H
Ecclesbourne rd. IsI. VII, 11 V Eversham rd. W.H. VIII, 25H Finborough rd. Ken. XIV, 8O Frederick rd. W. H. XIII, 26 L Gibbon rd. Cam XVI, 19 R.
16 H Elmdale rd. Wan. XX, 11 W Eversholt St. St. P. VI, 12I Finchley Rd.Sta. Hd. V, 8G Frederick st. Is. VI, 14 G Gibbons rd. Wil. V, 2 G
Eccleston st. Wes. X, 11 N Elmen rd. Lew. XXII, 23 V Eversleigh rd. Bat. XV, 10R Findon rd. Ham. IX, 4M Frederick st. St. M. VI, 10 I Gibraltar Walk B. G. XI, 18 J
Eckstein rd. Bat. XV, 10 S Elmer rd. Lew. XXII, 23 U Ewart rd. Lew. XXI, 20U Finland rd. Dep. XVI, 20 R Frederick st. St. P. XI, 14 J Gibson sq. Isl. VII, 15 H
Eclipse rd. W. H. XIII, 23 K Elmfield rd. Wan. XX, 11 V Ewelme rd. Lew. XXI, 19U Finnis st. B.G. XII, 19J Frederick st. W.H VIII, 24 H Gibson st. Gre. XVII, 24 O
Eda rd. Lew. XVII, 22 S Elmhurst rd. W. H. VIII, 26 H Ewhurst rd. Lew XXII, 21 T Finsbury ave. Sho. XI, 17K Freegrove rd. Isl. VI, 14 F Gideon rd. Bat. XV, 10 R
Edbrooke rd. Pad. IX, 7 J Elmira st. Lew. XVII, 23 R Exbury rd. Lew. XXII, 21 V Finsbury circus. City. XI, 17K Freeling st. Isl. VI, 14 H Giffon st. Dep. XVII, 22 P
Eden gro. Isl. VI, 14 F Elmore st. Isl. VII, 16 H Exeter rd. Wil. V, 6G Finsbury pavmt. City. XI, Freemason rd. W.H. XIII, Gifford St. Isl. VI, 14 H
Eden rd. Lam. XXI, 15 W Elms rd. Cam. XXI, 17 T Exeter st. St. M. X, 9J 16K 26 L Gift. la. W.H. VIII, 25 H
Edenvale st. Ful. XIV, 8 R Elms rd. Wan. XX, 12 S Exhibition rd. Wes. X, 9N Finsbury Pk rd. S.N. VII, 15E Freke rd. Wan. XV, 11 R. Gildorsome pl. Woo. XVIII,
Edgar rd. Pop. XII, 23 J Elmsleigh rd. Wan. XIV, 8 S Exmoor st. Ken. IX, 5J Finsbury Pk sta. Isl. VII, 15E Friar st;. Sou. XI, 15 M 29 P
Edgarley ter. Ful. XIV, 6 Q Elmwood rd. Cam. XXI, 16 T Exmouth st. Fin. XI, 15J Finsbury pk. Hor. VII, 15D Friendly st. De. XVII, 22 Q Gill st Ste. XII, 21 L
Edgeley Rd. W. H. XV, 12 R Elmworth gr. Lam. XXI, 16V Exmouth st. Ste. XII, 20K Finsbury sq. Fin. XI, 17K Friern rd. Cam. XXI, 18 T Gillespie rd. Isl. VII, I5 E
Edgware rd. St. M. X, 9 J Elsa st. Ste. XII, 21 K Exning rd. W.H. XIII, 25K First ave. Act. IX, 3 L Friers Pl. la. Act. IX, 2 K Gillies st. St. P. VI, 11 G
Edgware Road sta. X, 10 K Elsenham st. Wan. XIV, 6 U Eynella rd. Cam. XXI, 17T First ave. Pad. IX, 6J Frith rd. Ley. VIII, 24 F Gillingham st. Wes. X, 12 N
Edinburgh rd. Ken. IX, 5 J Elsham rd. Ley VIII, 25 F Eynham rd. Ham. IX, 5 K Fisher st. W.H. XIII, 25K Frithdale gnds. Ham. IX, 14 L Gilmore rd. Lew. XVII, 23 S
Edinburgh rd. W.H. XIII, 6 I Elsie Maud st. Lew. XXII, Eyot gdns. Ham. XIV, 3 O Fisherton st. St. M. X, 9 J Frogmore Wan. XIV, 7 S Gilpin rd. Hac. VIII, 21 F
Edith gro. Che. XIV, 8 P 21 T Fabian st. E.H. XIII, 28J Fitzalan st. Lam. XI, 14N Frognal la H . V, 8 F Gilston rd. Ken. XIV, 8 O
Edith rd. Cam. XVI, 19 Q Elsie rd. Cam. XVI, 17 S Factory rd. W.H. XIII, 28M Fitzgeorge ave. Ful. XIV, 16K Frognal sta. Hd V, 8 G Gipsy hill Lam XXI, 17 X
Edith rd. Ful. XIV, 6 O Elspeth rd. Bat. XV, 10R Fair st. Ber. XI, 17M Fitzjohn’s ave. Hd. VI, 9F Frognal. Hd. VI, 8 F Gipsy Hill sta. XXI, 17 X
Edith rd. W. H. VIII, 24 F Elsted st. Sou. XVI, 16O Fairbridge rd. Isl. VI, 13D Fitzroy rd. St.P. VI, 11H Frome st, Isl. VII, 16 I Gipsy la, Lew. XXII, 24 X
Edith rd. Wim. XIX, 7 X Elsworthy rd. Hd. VI, 10H Fairclough st. Ste. XII, 18L Fitzroy sq. St.P. X, 12J Fuham Pal. rd. Ful XIV, 5 Q Gipsy la. Barnes XIV, 4 R
Edith st. Sho. VII, 18 I Eltham common. Woo. Fairfax rd. Chiswick. IX, 2N Fitzroy st. St.P. X, 12J Fulertonrd.Wan. XIV, 8 S Giraud st. Pop. XII, 22 K
Edmund st. Cam. XVI, 16 P XVIII, 29R Fairfax rd. Hd. VI, 9H Fitzwilliam rd. Wan. XV, 12R Fulham Football Gd. Ful. Girdlers rd. Ham. IX, 5 N
Edna st. Bat. XV, 9 Q Eltham rd. Woo. XXII, 26T Fairfield rd. Gre. XVII, 27P Flanders rd. Chiswk. IX, 2N XIV, 5 Q Girdlestone rd. Isl. VI, 12 D
Edward st. Dep. XVI, 21 P Elthorne rd. Isl. VI, 13D Fairfield rd. Lew. XXII, 26W Flask walk. Hd. VI, 9F Fulham Pk. cres. Ful XIV, Girton rd. Lew. XXI, 20 X
Edward st. Sho. VII, 16 I Elthruda rd. Lew. XXII, 24T Fairfield rd. Pop. VIII, 22I Flavell rd. Wan. XIV, 8S 6Q Gladstone pk, Wil. V, 3 F
Edward st. St. P. VI, 12 I Eltringham st. Wan. XIV, 8S Fairfield. st. Wan. XIV, 8 S Flaxman rd. Lam. XVI, 15Q Fulham Pk. rd. Fui. XIV, 6 Q Gladstone Pk. gdns. Wil.
Edwardes sq. Ken. IX, 7 N Elvaston pl. Ken. X, 8N Fairfoot rd. Pop. XII, 22J Flaxman rd. Woo. XVIII, 32Q Fulham rd. Ful. XIV, 6 Q V, 5 E
Edwin st. W. H. XIII, 25 K Elwood st. Isl. VII, 15E Fairhazel gdns. Hd. V, 8G Fleet rd. Hd. VI, 10F Fulham. XIV, 6 Q Gladstone Ter Bat. XV, 11 O
Eel Brook Com. Ful. XIV, Ely ter. Ste. XII, 20J Fairland rd. W.H. VIII, 25H Fleet st. City. XI, 14L Furlong rd. Isl. VII, 15 G Gladys rd. V, 7 G
7Q Elysium st. Ful. XIV, 6 Q Fairlawn pk. Lew. XXI, 20X Fleetwood rd. Wil. V, 4F Furmage st. Wan. XIX, 8 T Glamis rd. Ste. XII, 20 I
Effingham rd. Lew. XXII, Elystan st. Che. XV, 10 O Fairlight Ave. Wil. V, 2H. Fleming rd. Sou. XVI, 15O Furze eb. Pop. XII, 22 K. Glasford st. Wan. XX, 10 X
24T Embleton rd. Lew. XVII, 22S Fairlight rd. Wan. XX, 9W Flemming st. Sho. VII, 17I Gabriel st. Lew. XXI, 20 U Glasgow rd. W.H. XIII, 26 I
Effra parade Lam. XV, 15 S embridge cres. Ken. IX, 7 L Fairmead rd. Isl. VI, 13E Fletching rd. Hac. VII, 20E Gaddington rd. Hen. V, 6 E Glasgow Ter. Wes. XV, 12 O
Effra rd. Lam. XV, 14 S Emlyn rd. Ham. IX, 2 M Fairmile ave. Wan. XX, 12X Flint st. Sou. XVI, 16O Gainsborough gdns. Hd. Glasshouse st. Lam. XV, 14 O
Effra rd. Wim. XIX, 8 X Emma rd. W.H. XIII, 25J Fairmount rd. Lam. XX, 14T Flodden rd. Cam. XVI, 15Q VI, 9 E Glasshouse st. Ste. XI, 18 M
Egerton cres. Ken. X, 10 N Emma st. B.G. VII, 19I Fakenham st. Isl. VI, 13G Flood st. Che. XV, 10O Gainsborough h rd. Hac. Glasshouse st. Wes. X, 12 L
Egerton rd. Gre. XVII, 22 Q Emma st. W.H. XIII, 27M Falcon gro. Bat. XV, 9Q Floral st. Wes. XI, 13L VIII, 21 G Glaucus st. Pop. XII, 22 K
Egerton ter. Ken. X, 10 N Emmanuel rd. Wan. XX, 12 U Falcon rd. Bat. XV, 9Q Florence rd. Dep. XVI, 21Q Gainsborough rd. Chiswick Gle arm rd, Hac. VII, 20 F
Egham rd. W. H. XIII, 26 K Emmett st. Ste. XII, 21L Falkland rd. St.P. VI, 12F Florence rd. Wim. XIX, 7X IX, 3 N Glebe pl. Che. XV, 9 O
Eglinton rd. Pop. VIII, 21 I Emmore st. Wan. XIV, 5 S Fallsbridge rd. Wan. XX, 12X Florence st. Isl. VII, 15H Gainsford st. Ber. XI, 18 M Glebe. The, Cam. XVI, 17 R
Eglinton rd. Woo. VIII, 29 Q Emmott st. Ste. XII, 21J Falmouth rd. Sou. XI, 16N Florida st. B.G. XII, 18J Gaisrord st. St. P. V1, 12 G Glebe. The, Lew. XVII, 24 R
Egliston rd. Wan. XIV, 4 R Emperor’s gate. Ken. X, 8N Falmouth st. W.H. VIII, 24G Foley st. St. M. X, 12K Galbraith st,. Pop XI, 23 N Glen rd. W. H. XIII, 27 K
Eisley rd. Bat. XV, 10R Empson st. Pop. XII, 23J Fanny rd. Barnes. XIV, 4O Folkestone rd. E.H. XIII, 30J Gale st. Pop. XII, 22 K Glenburnie rd. Hac. XX, 10R
Eland rd. Bat. XV, 10 R Emsworth ave. Wan. XX, 13V Fanshaw st. Sho. VII, 17I Fontenoy rd. Wan. XX, 11V Galena rd. Ham. IX, 4 N Glencoe st. Pop. XII, 23 K
Elboro st. Wan. XIX, 7 U Enbrook st. Pad. IX, 6 J Faraday rd. Ley. VIII, 23E Fonthill rd. Isl. VII, 14D Gallery rd. Cam. XXI, 16 U Glendarvon rd.Wan. XIV, 5 R
Elcho st. Bat. XV, 9 P End rd. Hd. VI, 10F Faraday rd. Wim. XIX, 7X Fopstone rd. Ken. XIV, 7O Galley Wall rd. Ber. XVI, Glene gle rd. Wen. XX, 12X
Elder rd. Lam. XXI, 15 W Endell st. Hol. XI, 13K Farleigh rd. Hac. VII, 18F Forcyce rd. Lew. XXII, 23 T 19 0 Gleneldon rd. Wan. XX, 13W
Elderfield rd. Hac. VII, 20 F Endive st. Ste. XII, 21K Farley rd. Lew. XXII, 23T Ford Pk rd. W.H. XIII, 25K Gallions sta. Woo. XIII, 31 M Glenelg rd. Lam. XV, 13 S
Eldon rd. Hd. VI, 9 F Endlesham rd. Wan XX, 11T Farm la. Ful. XIV, 7 P Ford rd. Pop. VIII, 21I Galt st. Ste. XII, 21 K. Glenfargrd Lew. XXII, 23U
Eldon rd. Ken. X, 8 N Endsleigh gdns. St. P. X, 13J Farm la. Ful. XIV, 7P Ford st. Pop. VIII, 21I Galveston rd. Wan. XIV, 7 S Glengall rd. Cam XVI, 18 O
Eldon st. Sho. XI, 17 K Endwell rd. Dep. XVI, 21R Farm st. Wes. X, 11L Fordel rd. Lew. XXII, 23U Galway sb Fin. XI, 16 J Glengall rd. Wil. V, 7 H
Eleanor gro. Barnes XIV, 3 Q Endymion rd. Lam. XX, 14T Farmdale rd. Gre. XVII, 25O Fordham st. Ste. XII, 18 K Gap rd. Wim. XIX, 7 W Glengarry rd. Cam XXI, 17 S
Eleanor rd. Hac. VII, 19 G Enfield rd. Hac. VII, 17H Farmer’s rd. Sou. and Lam. Fordwych rd. Hd V, 6 F Garden rd. st. M. VI, 9 I Glenister rd. Gre. XVII, 25 O
Eleanor rd. Woo. XVIII, 29 O Engadine st. Wan. XIX, 19U XV, 15P Fore st. City XI,16 K Garden row Sou. XI, 15 N Glenloch st. Hd. VI, 10 G
Eleanor st. Pop. XII, 22 J Englands la. Hd. VI, 10G Faroe rd. Ham. IX, 5N Foreign st. Lam. XV, 15 R Garden’s, The Cam. XVI, Glenluce rd. Gre. XVII, 25 P
Electric ave. Lam. XV, 15 S Englefield rd. Isl. VII, 16G Farquhar rd. Cam. XXI, 17X Forest Gate sta. VIII, 26 G I8 S Glenparke rd.W.H. VIII, 26 G
Elephant and Castle sta. Sou. Engleheart rd. Lew. XXII, Farringdon rd. Fin. XI, 15J Forest Hill rd. Cam. XXI, Gardener’s la. Wan. XIV, 5 R Glenrosa st. Ful. XIV, 8 Q
XI, 15 N 23U Farringdon st. City. XI, 15K 19 T Garfield rd. Wim. XIX, 8 X Glenroy St. Ham. X, 4 K
Elfindale rd. Cam. XXI, 16 S Enid st. Ber. XI, 18N Farringdon st. Sta. XI, 15K Forest Hill sta. XXI, 19 V Garford st. P p. XII, 22 L Glentham rd.Barnes XIV,
Elfort rd. Isl. VII, 15 F Ennersdale rd. Lew. XXII, Favart rd. Ful. XIV, 7Q Forest st. W. H. VIII, 26 G Garibaldi rd.Woo. XVII1, 4O
Elgar st. Ber. XII, 21 N 24S Faversham rd. Lew. XXII, Forest. la. W.H. VIII, 25 G 32 O Glenthorne rd. Ham. IX, 4 N
Elgin ave. Pad. IX, 7 J Ennis rd. Woo. XVIII, 31P 21U Forest. rd. Hac. VII, 18 G Garland rd. Woo. XVIII, 31 Q Glenton rd. Lew. XVII, 24 S
Elgin cres. Ken. IX, 6 L Ennismore gdns. Wes. X, 9M Fawcett rd. Dep. XVI, 20 O Forest. rd. W. H. VIII, 26 F Garland st. Woo. XVII, 31 Q Glentworth st. St. M. X, 10 J
Elgin ter. Pad. V, 8 I Erasmus st. Wes. XV, 13O Fawcett st. Ken. XIV, 8O Forester rd. Cam. XVI, 19 S Garlies rd. Lew. XXI, 20 V Glenviow rd. Lew. XXII, 23 T
Eli st. Ful. XIV, 6 O Eresby rd. Hd. V, 7H Fawe Pk rd. Wan. XIV, 6S Forfar rd. Bat. XV, 11 Q Garlinge rd. Hd. V, 6 G Glenwood 1’d.Lew. XXII,
Elim st. Ber. XI, 17 N Erlanger rd. Dep. XVI, 20Q Fawley rd. Hd. V, 7G Formosa st. Pad. X, 8 J Garnet. rd. Wil V, 2 G 21 U
Eliot bank Lew. XXI, 19 V Ermine rd. Lew. XVII, 22S Fawnbrake ave. Lam. XVI, Forsbrook st. Ham. IX, 5 K Garratt la. Wan. XX, 8 U Globe rd B.G. XII, 20 J
Eliot pk. Lew. XVII, 23 R Ernest rd. W.H. VIII, 26F 15S Forston st. Sho. VII, 16 I Garrick st. Wes. XI, 13 L Globe Stairs pier, Ber. XII,
Eliot pl. Lew. XVII, 24 R Ernest rd. W.H. XIII, 25K Faygate rd. Wan. XX, 14V Fort. rd. Ber. XVI, 18 O Garthorne rd. Lew. XXI, 20 L
Eliot vale Lew. XVII, 24 R Ernest st. Lam. XXI, 15W Featherstone st. Fin. XI, 16J Fortesque rd. Ham. IX, 3 M 20 U Gloucester cres. St .P. VI,
Elisworth rd. Lew. XXI, 20 U Erpingham rd. Wan. XIV, 4R Felday rd. Lew. XXII, 22T Fortess rd. St. P. VI, 12 F Garvan rd. Ful. XIV, 6 O 11 H
Elizabeth st. E. H. XIII, 22 N Esmond rd. Act. IX, 2 N Felden st. Ful. XIV, 6Q Forthbridge rd Bat. XV, 11 R Gascoigne rd. Hac. VIII, 20 H Gloucester pl Gre XVII, 23 P
Elizabeth st. Sou. XVI, 16 O Essendine rd. Pad. X, 7 J Felix st. B.G. VII, 19I Fortune Gate rd. Wil. V, 2 H Gascony ave. Hd. V, 7 H Gloucester pl St. M. X, 10 K
Elizabeth st. Wes. X, 11 N Essex rd. Isl. VII, 15H Felixstowe rd, Wil. V, 4I Fortune Green rd. Hd. V, 7 E Gaskarth rd. Wan. XX, 11 T Gloucester rd Isl. VI, 14 E
Elizabeth st. Woo. XIII, 29 M Essex rd. W.H. VIII, 26G Fellbrigg rd. Cam. XXI, 18S Forty Acre la. W. H. XIII, Gaskell rb. Lam. XV, 13 Q Gloucester rd. Cum XVI, 17 P
Elkington rd. W. H. XIII, Essex rd. Wil. V, 8G Fellows rd. Hd. VI, 9H 25 K Gassiot rd. Wan. XX, I0 W Gloucester rd. Ken. X, 8 N
26 K Essex st. Hac. VII, 19H Felsham rd. Wan. XIV, 5R Fosket rd. Ful. XIV, 6 O Gateley rd. Lam. XV, 14 R Gloucester rd. S.N. VII, 15 D
Elland rd. Cam. XVI, 19 S Essex st. Sho. VII, 17I Felton st. Sho. VII, 17H Foss rd, Wan. XX, 8 W Gatliff rd. Wes. XV, 11 O Gloucester rd. St. P. VI, 11 H
Ellen st. Ste. XII, 18 L Essex st. Wes. XI, 14L Fenchurch st. City. XI, 17L Foulden rd. Hac. VII, 18 F Gatton rd Wan. XX, 9 W Gloucester Rd. sta. Ken.
Ellerdale rd. Hd. VI, 9 F Essex villas. Ken. IX, 7M Fendall st. Ber. XI, 17N Foulis ter. Ken. XV, 9 O Gauden rd. Wan. XV, 12 R X, 8N
Ellerdale st. Lew. XVII, 22 S Estcourt rd. Bat. XX, 10T Fenham rd. Cam. XVI, 18Q Foulser rd. Wan. XX, 10 V Gawber st., B G. X11, 20 I Gloucester sq. Pad. X, 9 K
Ellerslie rd. Ham. IX, 4 L Estcourt rd. Ful. XIV, 6P Fentiman rd. Lam. XV, 14O Foumain st. Lam. XV, 13 P Gayford rd. Ham. IX, 3 M Gloucester st. Fin. XI, 15 J
Ellesmere rd. Wil. V, 4 F Este rd. Bat. XV, 10R Fenwick rd. Cam. XVI, 18R Fountain rd Wan. XX, 9 W Gayton rd. Hd. VI, 9 F Gloucester st. Lam. XI, 14 M
Ellesmere st. Pop . XII, 22 K Estelle rd. St. P. VI, 11F Fenwick st. Woo. XVIII, 29Q Fountain rd.Uam. XXI, 17W Gayville rd. Bat. XX, 10 T Gloucester st. St. M. X, 10 K
Ellingham rd. Wal. VIII, 24 F Eswyn rd. Wan. XX, 10 W Ferdinand st. St.P. VI, 11G Fountay ne rd. Hac. VII, l8 E Geary rd. Wil. V, 4 F Gloucester st. Wes. XV, 12 O
Ellington st. Isl. VII, 14 G Etchingham rd. Ley. VIII, Fermor rd. Lew. XXII, 21U Fournier st. Ste. XI, 18 K Geddes rd. Wan. XIV, 8 S Gloucester ter. Pad. X. 8 K
Elliot rd. Chiswick IX, 2 N 23F Fermoy rd. Pad. IX, 6J Fourth ave. ad IX, 6 J Gedling st. Ber. XI, 18 N Gloucester wlk. Ken. IX, 7M
Elliot’s row Sou. XI, 15 N Ethel St. W.H. XIII, 26K Fern st. Pop. XII, 22K Fox st. W. H XIII, 25 K Gee st. Fin. XI, 16 J Glova rd. W.H. VIII, 25 G
Elliott rd. Lam. XV, 15 Q Ethelburga st. Bat. XV, 10P Ferndale rd. Lam. XV, 13S Foxberry rd. Dep. XVI, 21 R Gee st. St. P. VI, 12 I Glydlon rd. Woo. XVIII, 30 O
Elliscombe rd.Gre. XVII, Ethelrod st. Lam. XV, 14O Ferndale rd. Ley. VIII, 25E Foxbourne rd. Wan. XX, 11 V Geere rd. W. H. VIII, 25 I Glyn rd. Hac. VIII, 20 F
27 P Etherow st. Cam. XXI, 18T Fernedene rd. Lam. XVI, 16 S Foxcroft. rd. Woo. XVIII, Geldeston rd. Hac. VII, 19 E Glynfield rd. Wil. V, 2 H
Ellison rd. Barnes XIV, 3 Q Ethnard rd. Cam. XVI, 18P Fernhead rd. Pad. V, 7I 30 R Gellatly rd. Dep. XVI, 20 R Godfrey hill Woo. XVIII,
Ellora rd. Wan. XX, 13 X Eton ave. Hd. VI, 9G Fernhill st. Woo. XIII, 29M Foxham rd. Isl VI, 13 E Genesta rd. Woo. XVIII, 30 Q 28 O
Elm Bank gdns. Barnes Eton pl. Hd. VI, 10H Fernlea rd. Wan. XX, 11U Foxley rd. Lam XV, 15 P Geneva rd. Lam. XV, 15 S Godolphin rd. Ham. IX, 4 M

Golborne rd. Ken. IX, 6 J Great Dover st. Sou. XI 16 N Grove Pk. sta. XXII, 26 W 10 F Hawarden rd. Lam. XXI, VI, 12 II
Golden la. Fin. XI, 16 J Great Eastern rd. W.H. VIII, Grove rd. B. G. VIII, 21 I Hampstead Hill gdns. VI, 9 F 15 U High st. Dep. XVII, 22 P
Golden sq. Wes. X, 12 L 24 G Grove rd. Barnes. XIV, 3 Q Hampstead ponds VI, 10 E Hawarth rd. Woo. XVIII, 33 P High st. Ful. XIV, 6 Q
Golders hill Hen. V, 8 D Great Eastern st. Sho. XI, 17 J Grove rd. Isl. VI, 14 E Hampstead rd. St. P. VI, 12 I Hawgood st. Pop. XII, 22 K High st. Hac. VII, 17 G
Goldhawk rd. Ham. IX, 8 N Great George st. Wes. X, Grove rd. Lam. XV, 14 Q Hampton rd. W.H. VIII, 26 G Hawke rd. Lam. XXI, 16 X High st. Hac. VIII, 20 G
Goldhurst ter. Hd. VI, 8 H 13 M Grove rd. St. M. X, 9 J Hampton st. Sou. XVI, 15 0 Hawkesley rd. S. N. V11, 17 E High st. Harlesden V, 8 H
Goldington cres. St.P. VI, 13 I Great Guilford st. Sou. XI, Grove rd. Wan. XX, 12 U Hanbury st. Ste. XI, 18 K Hawkstone rd. Ber. XII, 20 N High st. Hd. VI, 9 F
Goldington st. St.P. VI, 13 I 16 M Grove rd. Wil. V, 5 G Hancock rd. Pop. XII, 23 J Hawley rd. St. P. VI, 11 H High st. Hen. V, 7 E
Goldney rd. Pad. IX, 7 J Great James st. Sho. VII, 17 I Grove rd. Woo. XVIII, 34 O Handen rd. Lew. XXII, 25 T Hawstead rd. Lew. XXII, High st. Isl. VII, 15 I
Goldsmith rd. Cam. XVI, Great James st. St. M. X, 10 J Grove st. Dep. XVI, 21 O Handforth rd. Lam. XV, 14 P 22 T High st. Ken. X, 8 M
18 Q Great Marlborough st. Wes. Grove st. Ste. XII, 18 L Hanging Wood la. Gro. XVII, Hawthorne rd, Wil. V, 4 G High st. Lam. XI, 14 N
Goldsmith rd. Ley. VIII, 23 E X, 12 K Grove ter. St. P. VI, 11 E 27 P Hayday rd. W. H. XIII, 26 K High st. Lam. XXI, 15 W
Goldsmith row Sho. VII, 18 I Great Marylebone st. St. M. Grove vale Cam. XVI, 17 R Hannell rd. XIV, 6 P Hayden Pk. rd. Ham. IX, 3 M High st. Lew. XXI, 19 W
Gondar gdns. Hd. V, 7 F X, 11 K Grove villas Pop. XII, 23 L Hanover pk. Cam. XVI, 18 Q Hayden Pk. rd. XIX, 8 W High st. Lew. XXII, 23 T
Goodall rd.Ley. VIII, 24 F Great Ormond st.Hol. XI,13 J Grove, The, Cam. XXI, 16 U Hanover rd. Wil. V, 5 H Haydon Road sta. XIX, 8 X High st. Notting Hill Ken.
Goodge st. St.P. X, 12 K Great Percy st. Fin. VI, 14 I Grove, The, Ham. IX, 4 N Hanover rd. Woo XVIII, 30 P Haydon st. City XI, 17 L IX, 7 L
Goodinge rd. Isl. VI, 13 G Great Peter st. Wes. X, 13 N Grove, The, Hd. VI, 8 E Hanover sq. Wes. X, 12 L Haydons rd. Wim. XIX, 8 X High st. Pop. XII, 22 L
Goodrich rd. Cam. XXI, 18 T Great Portland st. X, 12 K Grove, The, Ken. XIV, 8 G Hanover st. Cam. XVI, 18 Q Hayles st. Sou. XI, 15 N High st. Pop. XII, 23 J
Goodson rd. Ber. XVI, 20 O Great Prescott st. Ste. XI, Grove, The, W. H. VIII, 24 G Hanover st. Isl. VII, 15 I Haymarket Wes. X, 13 L High st. S. N. VII, 18 E
Goodwin rd. Ham. IX, 4 M 18 L Grove, The, Wan. XIX, 8 T Hanover st. Lew. XXI, 19 W Haymerle rd. Cam. XVI, 18 P High st. Sho. XI, 17 J
Gooseley la. E. H. XIII, 29 J Great Quebec st. St.M. X, Grove, The. St. P. VI, 11 F Hanover st. St. P. VI, 11 F Hays st. Wes. X, 11 L High st. South E.H. XIII, 29 J
Gordon gro. Lam. XV, 15 R 10 K Grundy st. Pop. XII, 23 L Hanover st. Wes. X, 12 L Hayter rd. Lam. XV, 13 S High st. St. M. X, 11 K
Gordon House rd. St.P. VI, Great Queen st. Hol. XI, 14 K Gt. Ormond st. Hol. XI, 14 J Hanover ter. Ken X, 6 L Hazel rd. Wil. V, 4 I High st. St.john’s Wood St.M.
11 F Great Russell st. Hol. XI, Gt.St.Andrew st. Hol. XI, Hans pl. Che. X, 10 N Hazelbury rd. Ful. XIV, 8 Q VI, 9 I
Gordon pl. Ken. IX, 7 M 13 K 13 L Hans rd. Ken. X, 10 N Hazeldene rd. Wil. V, 2 G High st. Ste. XII, 19 M
Gordon rd. Cam. XVI, 19 R Great Smith st. Wes. X, 13 N Gubyon ave. Lam. XXI, 15 S Hansler rd. Cam. XXI, 17 S Hazelmere rd. Wil. V, 7 H High st. Ste. XII, 20 K
Gordon rd. S. N. VII, 17 F Great Suffolk st. Sou. XI, Guelph st. Wen. XIX, 8 T Harbord st. Ful XIV, 5 Q Hazelton rd. Lew. XXII, 21 T High st. Stratford W. H.
Gordon sq. St. P. X, 13 J 15 M Guernsey gro. Lam. XXI, Harbut rd. Bat. XV, 9 R Hazelwood cres. Ken. IX, 6 J VIII, 23 I
Gordon st. St. P. X, 13 J Great Tower hill Ste. XI, 17 L 15 T Harcourt rd. W. H. VIII, 25 I Hazlebourne rd. Wan. XX, High st. W. H. XIII, 26 I
Gordonbrock rd. Lew. XXII, Great Tower st. City. XI, 17 L Guibal rd. Lew. XXII, 26 U Harden’s Manor way, Gre. 11 T High st. Wan. XIV, 6 R
22 S Great Western rd. Pad. IX, Guildford rd. Gre. XVII, 22 Q XIII, 27 N Hazlehurst rd. Wan. XX,8 W High st. Wan. XIX, 3 T
Gorst rd. Bat. XX, 10 T 7K Guildford rd. Lam. XV, 13 Q Harder rd. Cam. XVI, 19 Q Hazlitt rd. Ham. IX, 6 N High st. Wan. XX, 10 W
Gospel Oak sta. St.P. VI, 11 F Great Wild st. Wes. XI, 14 K Guildford rd. Pop. XII, 22 K Hardinge st. Ste. XII, 20 L Healey rd. St. P. VI, 11 G High st. Wan. XX, 13 W
Gosterwood st. Dep. XVI, Great. Earl st. Hol. 13 L Guilford st. St. P. XI, 13 J Hardy rd. Gre. XVII, 25 P Heath drive Hd. V, 8 F High st. Wim. XIX, 5 X
21 O Greek st. Wes. X, 13 K Guilsborough rd. Wil. V, 2 G Hare st. B. G. XI, 18 J Heath pl. Ham. IX, 4 L High st. Woo. XIII, 29 M
Goswell rd. Fin. XI, 15 I Green Hundred rd. Cam. Guion rd. Ful. XIV, 7 Q Hare st. Woo. XVIII, 29 O Heath rd. Wan. XV, 11 B High st.•Hol. XI, 13 K
Gough rd. Wal. VIII, 25 F XVI, 18 P Gun alley Ber. XI, 18 M Harefield rd. Dep. XVI, 21 R Heath st. Hd. VI, 9 E Highbury cres. Isl. VII, 15 G
Gough st. Pop. XII, 22 L Green la. Bat. XV, 9 Q Gun la. Ste. XII, 21 L Harewood rd. Mit. XX, 9 X Heath st. Ste. XII, 20 K Highbury Fields, VII, 15 G
Goulston st. Ste. XI, 17 K Green la. Cam. XVI, 16 R Gun st. Sou. XI, 15 M Harford st. Ste. XII, 21 J Heather rd. Lew. XXII, 26 V Highbury gro. Isl. VII, 16 F
Gowan ave. Ful. XIV, 6 Q Green la. Woo. XIII, 29 N Gundy rd. W.H. XIII, 27 L Hargor rd. Woo. XVIII, 31 P Heathfield rd. Wan. XX, 9 T Highbury gro. Isl. VII. 15 G
Gowan rd. Wil. V, 4 G Green Man st. Isl. VII, 16 H Gunter gro. Che. XIV, 8 P Hargrave pk. Isl. VI, 12 E Heathwood gdns. Gre. XVII, Highbury hill Isl. VII, 15 F
Gower pl. St. P. X, 12 J Green pk. Wes. X, 11 M Gunterstone rd. Ful. XIV, 6 O Hargrave rd. Isl. VI, 12 E 28 O Highbury new pk. VII, 16 F
Gower st. St. P. X, 12 J Green rd. B. G. XII, 19 J Gunton rd. Hac. VII, 19 E Hargwynne st. Lam. XV, Heaton pl. W. H. VIII, 24 G Highbury pl. Isl. VII, 15 G
Gower St. sta. St.P. X, 12 J Green st. B. G. XII, 20 I Gurdon rd. Gre. XVII, 26 O 13 R Heaton rd. Cam. XVI, 18 R Highbury quadrant Isl. VII,
Gowers walk Ste. XI, 18 K Green st. Sou. XI, 15 M Gurney rd. W. H. VIII, 25 G Harlescott rd. Cam. XVI, Heavitree rd. Woo. XVIII, 16 E
Gowlett rd. Cam. XVI, 18 R Green st. Wes. X, 11 L Gurney st. Sou. XI, 16 N 20 S 31 P Highbury sta. Isl. VII, 15 G
Grace st. Pop. XII, 28 J Green, The, W. H. VIII, 25 G Guy st.Ber. XI, 17 M Harlesden gdns. Wil. V, 3 H Heber rd. Cam. XXI, 17 T Highbury ter. Isl. VII, 15 G
Gracechurch st. City. XI, 17 L Greencroft gdns. Hd. V, 8 H Gwendolen ave. Wan. XIV, Harlesden gn. V, 3 H Heber rd. Wil. V, 5 F Highgate cemetery St. P.
Graces rd. Cam. XVI, 17 Q Greenfell st. Gre. XII, 24 N 5S Harlesden rd. Wil. V, 3 H Hebron rd. Ham. IX, 4 N VI, 11 D
Grafton rd. Isl. VI, 14 E Greengate st. W.H. XIII, 26 J Gwendoline ave. W.H. VIII, Harlesden sta. V, 2 H Helena rd. W. H. XIII, 25 I Highgate hill Isl. VI, 12 D
Grafton rd.-North W.H. Greenhill pk. Wil. V, 2 H 26 I Harley rd. Hd. VI, 9 H Helix rd. Lam. XX, 14 T Highgate ponds St.P. VI, 10 D
VIII, 26 I Greenhill rd. Wil. V, 2 H Gwynne rd. Bat. XV, 9 Q Harley rd. Wil. V, 2 I Helvetia rd. Lew. XXII, 21 V Highgate rd. St. P. VI, 11 E
Grafton rd.-South W.H. Greenholm rd. Woo. XVIII, H azlewell rd. Wan. XIV, 4 S Harley st. St. M. X, 11 K Heman st. Lam. XV, 13 P Highgate Road sta. St. P.
VIII, 26 I 28 S Haberson rd. W. H. VIII, 25 I Harleyford rd. Lam. XV, 14 O Hemingford rd. Isl. VI, 14 H V, 12 F
Grafton sq. Wan. XV, 12 R Greening st. Woo. X VIII, Hack rd. W. H. XIII, 25 L Harling st. Cam. XVI, 17 P Hemstall rd. Hd. V, 7 G Highland rd. Lam. XXI, 17 X
Grafton st. St. P. X, 12 J 34 O Hackford rd. Lam. XV, 14 Q Harman st. Sho. VII, 17 I Hemsworth st. W. H. XIII, Highwood rd. Isl. VI, 13 E
Grafton st. Ste. XII, 20 J Greenland dock. XII 20 N Hackney co11ege Hd. V, 7 F Harmood st. St. P. VI, 11 G 25 L Hilda rd. W.H. XII, 25 K
Grafton st. Wan. XV, 12 R Greenside rd. Ham. IX, 4 M Hackney common VIII, 20 H Harold st. Lam. XV, 16 Q Hemus ter. Che. XV, 10 O Hiley rd. Wil. V, 5 I
Graham rd. Hac. VII, 18 S Greenville rd. Woo. XVIII, Hackney cut Hac. VIII, 21 F Harpenden rd.Lam. XXI, Hendham rd. Wan. XX, 10 V Hill rd. St. M. VI, 8 I
Granard rd. Bat. XX, 10 T 28 S Hackney downs VII, 19 F 15 V Henley rd. Wil. V, 5 H Hill Road ave. Wim. XIX,
Granby st. St. P. VI, 12 I Greenwich cemetery XVIII, Hackney marsh VIII, 21 F Harper st. Sou. XI. 10 N Henley rd. Woo. XIII, 29 N 7V
Grand Junction canal, Act. 28 R Hackney rd. Sho. VII, 18 I Harrington gdns. Ken. XIV, Henley st. Bat. XV, 11 Q Hill st. B. G. VII, 18 I
V, 2 I Greenwich rd. XVII, 22 Q Hackney sta. VII, G 8O Henniker rd. W. H. VIII, 24 G Hill st. Cam. XVI, 18 P
Grand theatre Isl. VII, 15 I Greenwick pk. XVII, 24 P Hackney wick VIII, 22 H Harrington rd. Ken. X, 9 N Henrgrave rd. Lew. XXI, 19 T Hill st. Gre. XVIII, 28 P
Grandison rd. Bat. XV, 10 S Greenwood rd. Hac. VII, 18 G Haddo st. Gre. XVII, 23 P Harrington rd. Woo. XIII, Henrietta gdns. Wes. XI, 13 L Hill st. W. H. XIII, 26 L
Grange Pk. rd. Ley. VIII, Grenade st. Ste. XII, 21 L Hadley st. St. P. VI, 11 G 27 N Henrietta st. St. M. X, 11 K Hill st. Wes. X, 10 M
23 D Grenfell rd. Mit. XX, 10 X Haggerston rd. Hac. VII, 18 H Harrington sq. St. P. VI, 12 I Henry st. Bat. XV, 9 Q Hillbury rd. Wan. XX, 11 V
Grange rd. Barnes. XIV, 3 Q Grenville pl. Ken. X, 8 N Haggerston sta. VII, 17 H Harrison st. St. P. XI, 13 J Henry st. Dep. XVI, 21 P Hillcrest rd. Lew. XXI, 18 W
Grange rd. Ber. XI, 17 N Gresham rd. Lam. XV, 14 R Hague st. B. G. XII, 19 J Harrogate rd. Hac. VIII, 20 H Henry st. Fin. VI, 14 I Hilldrop Cres. mews Isl.
Grange rd. Isl. VII, 16 G Gresham st. City XI, 16 K Haig rd. W. H. XIII, 27 J Harrow gn. Ley. VIII, 25 E Henry st. St. M. VI, 9 I VI, 13 F
Grange rd. Ley. VIII, 22 D Gressenhall rd. Wan. XIX, Hailiford st. Isl. VII, 16 H Harrow rd. Pad. IX, 6 J Henry st. Woo. XVIII, 28 O Hilldrop rd. Isl. VI, 18 F
Grange rd. W. H. XIII, 25 J 6T Hailsham ave. Wan. XX, 14 V Harrow rd. Wal. VIII, 25 E Henryson st. Lew. XXII, 21 T Hillersdon ave. Barnes
Grange st. Sho. VII, 17 I Greville pl. Hd. V, 8 H Haines st. Bat. XV, 12 P Harrowby st. St. M. X, 10 K Henslowe rd. Cam. XXI, 18 S XIV, Q
Grange st. Sou. XI, 13 M Greville rd. Hd. V, 8 H Haldon rd. Wan. XIX, 7 T Hart st. Hol. XI, 13 K Herbert gdns. Wil. V, 4 I Hillfield rd. Hd. V, 7 F
Grange walk Ber. XI, 17 N Grey Coat st. Wes. X, 12 N Hale st. Pop. XII, 22 L Hartham rd. Isl. VI, 13 F Herbert hospital Gre. XVIII, Hillgrove rd. Hd. VI, 9 H
Grange, The, Ber. XI, 17 N Greyhound la. Wan. XX, 13 X Halesworth rd. Lew. XVII, Harting rd. W. H. XIII, 26 L 28 R Hillier rd. Bat. XX, 10 T
Grange, The, Wim. XIX, 5 X Greyhound rd. Ful. XIV, 5 O 22 R Hartington rd.Lam. XV, 13 P Herbert rd. W. H. XIII, 26 J Hillingdon st. Sou. XVI,15 P
Grant rd. Bat. XV, 9 Q Greyswood st. Wan. XX, 11 X Half Moon Cres. Isl. VI, 14 I Hartismere rd. Ful. XIV, 7 P Herbert rd. Woo. XVIII, 2 Q Hillmarton rd. Isl. VI, 14 F
GrantulIy rd Pad. V, 8 I Grierson rd. Lew. XXI, 20 U Half Moon la.Cam. XXI, 16 T Hartland rd. St. P. VI, 11 H Herbert st. St. P. VI, 11 G Hillsboro’ rd. Cam. XXI, 17 S
Grantully rd. Pad. X, 8 J Griffin rd. Woo. XVIII, 31 P Halford rd. Ful. XIV, 7 P Hartland rd. W.H. VIII, 25 H Hercules rd. Lam. XI, 14 N Hillside rd. Wan. XX, 14 V
Granville pk. Lew. XVII,23 R Grinstead rd. Dep. XVI, 20 O Halifax st. Lew. XXI, 19 W Hartland rd. Wil. V, 6 I Hereford rd. Pad. IX, 7 K Hillside Wim. XIX, 5 X
Granville rd. Hen. V, 7 D Gripsy rd. Lam. XXI, 16 W Halkin st. West, Wes. X, 11 N Hartley st. B. G. XII, 20 I Hereward rd. Wan. XX, 10 W Hi