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Hands assignment

Being in school learning how to become a massage therapist, I have related a massage therapist with a
painter artist. In my video I show myself painting the muscles of the forearm. I choose a painter artist
because shapes and sizes, brush stokes, how different pressures can affect the painting and layering all
corelate to techniques that a massage therapist would apply in their day to day living.

I painted the muscle because I believe massage therapist and painter artist have much in common
applying shape and sizes. Muscles range from all different shapes and sizes to function and move how
we do as humans. The muscles attach on to the bones and make shapes. Some are simple shapes that
painters are used to and have learned about in art class like deltoid is triangle shaped, orbicularis oculi
are like ovals or circles and anconeus in a smaller triangular shape. Painters must paint various shapes
and sizes in their art. Knowing where the muscle attach is good, but the massage therapist should know
what the muscle look like. I got this idea from my anatomy class we would sit their draw the points of
attachments and the muscle its self.

The way a painter applies the brush techniques is very important in a painting. Strokes in painting can
make texture in a painting this reminds me of the textured muscles fibres. in my video I shown that I
follow the way the muscle fibers run with my stroke using paint brushes. Applying pressure or as little
pressure to make lines thin or thick so artist must be mindful of the pressure just like how a massage
therapist must be mindful of the pressure they apply to their client to have the best outcome.

Layers in a painting can make the painting go from two dimensional to textured, even make colours pop
more or bend better. layering is essential to make paintings come together this reminds me of massage
therapy because muscle can layer on top of each other to achieve movement just how paints layer over
each other can achieve the colour or texture the painter desires

I think a massage therapist and a painter artist have a lot in common not only the things I mentioned
like shapes and sizes, brush strokes and applying pressure and layering. They share similar trades when
it comes to clients too, like wanting to please the client and giving them what they want. like a client
comes to a massage therapist about the shoulder and only want the shoulder worked on, just how like a
client might want only a blue painting. Both professions want to give you the exact treatment or thing
that the client asked for. I found it pretty easy to relate the massage therapist and the painter artist
because I am a pretty creative person and I feel like I can related massage therapy to art because of my
creativity. I love art it has always been a hobby so its pretty cool that I can see anatomy and massage as