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Windows of perception

Windows of perception is depicting the relationship between mind and reality. What is reality?
Humanity still doesn’t have an answer. In every day’s life practicality, this question is irrelevant.
We enjoy our lives trusting the information our senses provide from the external world and
making immediate interpretations of it.

In this series of works, the viewer can see drawings of nature. All the pieces were inspired by the
same scenario. As individual works, they are unique interpretations of the original image. As a
group, they emphasize the idea that more than one reading can be made of the same picture.

The skulls are spectators. They have similarities and differences. The differences are a reference
to elements that are fundamental in our interpretation of reality, such as language and culture.

The paper heads and the drawings are interacting. They are in front of each other in a random
order. Although the minds have a limited vision, they have movement. This possibility of
movement allows them to change their viewpoints. Giving a look to different angles would mean
a deeper understanding of the scene.

In Windows of Perception, the idea that human interpretation of reality is diverse is conveyed
through the drawings. While the craniums are a metaphor for humanity, who is constantly trying
to understand the world that surrounds them. In a deeper level, Windows of Perception is about
being interested in diverse people’s point of view. What do they see when they see? How can
their perspectives enrich my life?