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College of Nursing

Strategies of Health Education

Assessment Tool

Name: __________________________________ Date:________________

Direction: This is an assessment tool to be used in assessing the learning needs and readiness to
learn about taxation (Train law) of the students taking up Health Economics.
Put a check mark on the corresponding column of your answer.
1. Are you aware that you are paying taxes?

2. Do you know the benefits of paying taxes?

3. Do you know how to compute taxes?

4. Are you willing to learn about taxation?

5. Can you see the benefits taxes do to our country?

6. Do you think there are things that might hinder

an individual from pay taxes?

7. What do you think hinders the person from

paying taxes? (Please indicate your answer on the
remarks column)

8. Do you have any idea about the train law?

9. Do you want to know/understand the train law?

10. Is the train law more beneficial to the person

and the country than the previous taxation law?

Prepared by:

Cabug-os, Meke P.