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Staggered Award Creation For RFQ And Auction (Doc ID 1564846.1) To Bottom

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I - Overview Document Details

II - Setup
III - Steps in the Staggered Award using RFQ as a sample. Similar is done for Auction. PUBLISHED
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Update: Mar 1, 2018
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Oracle Sourcing - Version 12.2 and later Related Products

Oracle Contract Lifecycle Management for Public Sector - Version 12.2 and later Oracle Sourcing
Information in this document applies to any platform. Oracle Contract Lifecycle
Management for Public Sector

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This white paper provides information on the Staggered Award feature delivered in 12.2 for Auction and in 12.2.2 for RFQ. E-Business Suite Product
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Error When Converting

I - Overview Sourcing RFQ To PO -
Staggered Awarding
There are cases where the business needs to create requisition with items which are planned to be procured over a period of
time. The award is done to multiple suppliers and also multiple awards can be executed in different period. Exception Error When
Adding Value Set To
Reusable Requirements List
Before the implementation of this feature, only one PO was created per supplier and all the line items should have valid [1362139.1]
quote before converting them to an award.
Received Error When Add
Requirement List To RFQ
With the implementation of the Staggered Award, based on the control, multiple awards are allowed as well the partiall Template If
awards. Requirement's Type Is
Display Only [1485709.1]
The Staggered Award for Auction was available before 12.2.2 but not for RFQ. The RFQ Staggered Award is delivered in Which are Standard Sourcing
12.2.2. This feature is available only for commercial Sourcing, meaning it is not available for CLM (Contract Lifecycle API to create/update RFQs ?
Management for Public Sector) while awarding the solicitations. [2141831.1]
How To Extract Item With
Image File And Image URL
From Core Purchasing To
iProcurement [177938.1]
II - Setup
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The usage of the Staggered Award is set while creating the Auction or RFQ. In the Controls page there is the check box for
Allow Staggered Awarding. Check this control to enable the Staggered Award feature.  

1. Controls in Auction.