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Nama Kelompok :

Achmad Jaya Saputra

Fahri rahmadani


Kevin Saputra

Muhammad Iqbal Ardianto


Kata Pengantar

Puji syukur kehadirat Tuhan Yang Maha Esa atas segala rahmatNYA atas selesainya tugas kami
yang berjudul” Model Asuhan Keperawatan Profesional(MAKP) . Tidak lupa kami juga
mengucapkan banyak terimakasih atas bantuan dari pihak yang telah berkontribusi dengan
memberikan sumbangan baik materi maupun pikirannya.

Dan harapan kami semoga makalah ini dapat menambah pengetahuan dan pengalaman bagi para
pembaca, Untuk ke depannya dapat memperbaiki bentuk maupun menambah isi makalah agar
menjadi lebih baik lagi.

Karena keterbatasan pengetahuan maupun pengalaman kami, Kami yakin masih banyak
kekurangan dalam makalah ini, Oleh karena itu kami sangat mengharapkan saran dan kritik yang
membangun dari pembaca demi kesempurnaan makalah ini.
Role in scenario

Achmad jaya saputra as (Nurse I)

Fahri Rahmdhani as (head Room)

Hardian as (patient)

Kevin Primadi as ( Nurser II )

Muhammad Iqbal Ardianto as ( Nurse III)

 Head Room (Fahri rahmadani): Assalamualaikum /Good morning, this morning before
we do activities, helps us hold a pre conference kuang over 10 minutes. Based on the
official report bawasannya night, there was a client who needs a specially attention from
us as a nurse. That is called an. Hendra, age: 12 years, with a medical diagnosis of
diarrhea, treatment 3 days, with vital signs: BP: 110/70, N: 70 / min, S: 36.5 ° C, P: 18x /
min, with complaints client looks weak, lips look dry, BAB mixed with blood. .
Therefore this morning I want to ask the opinion of nurses regarding any suitable
intervention to be done in these patients. Does anyone want to issues his opinion?

 Nurse 1(achmad Jaya Saputra): Okay thank you, I think there are some interventions
that would be applied to the client including:
-Give oral and parenteral fluids in accordance with the rehydration
program, monitor and output integ. Due to oral and parenteral
administration will change their discharge with feces.
Maintain bed rest and activity restriction during acute vase, in
order to avoid the occurrence of physical immobilization.
Maybe that's all I can say today, thanks.
 Head room(Fahri rahmadni): yah..thank you..maybe there are others who want to be
 Nurse II(Kevin primadi): thank you..maybe few would I add on interventions that create
the environment that is quiet, clean and do not forget to give food fibrous little but often.
Due to keep the environment quiet, clean, the patient will feel comfortable and free of
bacteria that cause diarrhea itself. Munkin was only thanks ..
 Head room(Fahri rahmadani): whether they are willing to be delivered, .. if it is not there
anymore. Perhaps this morning preconference enough up here, I beg delivered earlier
intervention can be followed up properly. That is all and thank you. Congratulations to
work ... ass

2. Giving askep
Physical examination
3.Pos conference
Discussions about clinical aspects after implementing ASKEP in patients.

 Head room(Fahri Rahmadhani): ass ... / afternoon ..

After the activities, we will carry out a post conference for approximately 10
minutes. Maybe there are things to be conveyed in connection with the
circumstances or conditions of each patient.
 Nurse I (Achmad Jaya): yah..thnk you..for Hendra pediatric patients already
seems do activity although still in bed. But it may still have to continue
intervention, in order for the healing process. Thank you…
 Head room(fahri rahmdhani): to nurse the others how, does anyone want to
 Nurses II(Kevi primadi): oh..yah .. if patients Ny. Tb, incidentally clients
experiencing shortness of breath, and stelah provide O2, the client still looked
tight. Perhaps there tepet interventions to be implemented on the client ...?
 Nurse III(Muhammad Iqbal): Well my little add ... maybe it should be noted
clients sleeping position. For example aids clients in semi-Fowler's position.
Munkin cumin that I can add.
 Head room(Fahrii rahmdahni): is still there that want to convey about their
pasienya salty conditions? ... if there is no else would be added, then I end this
post during the conference, please be followed up again. Accepted the love ... ass
 4.Ronde nursing
 Discuss health problems of the clients in treatment in patients who have relatively
more complex problems

 Nurse III(Iqbal Ardianto): good morning dou you feel now ..?
 Patients(Hardian): still weak sisters ...
 Nurse II(kevin Primadi): Okay .. Today we will see how the development of
Previously I first introduced my friend is ns. Muhriz, ns. Ibrahim, ns. Irham,
Maskur ns. Muhriz..ade Ns are patients with diarrhea, where conditions are still
weak, and the chapters are still mixed with blood ... munkin no appropriate
interventions to be implemented?
 Nurse I(Achmad Jaya): okay ... in patients with a diagnosis of diarrhea medic yatu
symptoms usually weak, CHAPTER mixed blood, and appears dry lips. Because
it requires more intensive care. There are several interventions possibly, suitable
to be applied yaitu..mungkin parents can encourage clients to discuss concerns
and provide feedback about the proper coping mechanisms and describe their
disease process, causes and consequences of the disorder fulfilling daily needs
and activities of daily living client.
 Nurse II(Kevin Primadi): how there's something else going on that would add
about interventions applied to the client?
 Nurse III(Iqbal Ardianto): O..yah..maybe that needs to be emphasized is keeping
the client and assess food hygiene INTEK and output to determine the client's
progression and determine further interventions. Thank you..
 Nurse II: okay ... if it does not adalagi that would in samapaikan, maybe for now
suffice. And thanks semua..