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CCI Choke Valve

Severe service DRAG® choke valve delivers
precise wellhead pressure control with
superior life.

DRAG® Technology for Severe Service Choke Valves

Today’s gas field environment means higher wellhead pressures with
aggressive fluids and entrained sand and other solids. A conventional single
stage choke valve is not suitable for this kind of severe service. The need to
maintain production rates means that frequent choke repair or replacement
is no longer acceptable. CCI has responded to this need by developing the
world’s first true severe service choke valve.

CCI has been solving severe service control valve problems in the oil and gas
industry for over 30 years. The CCI severe service choke uses a combination
Figure 1: Cutaway of Choke Disks Showing
Flow Path of proven DRAG ® velocity control technology and the best grades of
tungsten carbide material used in the industry to provide long trim life and
precise process control.

Velocity Control
Fluid velocity is the predominant factor in erosion. Erosion rates will vary as
a third-to-fifth power function of velocity (V 3 to V5). Example: erosion will
be reduced by a factor of between 8 and 32 if the velocity can be reduced by
a factor of two.

The DRAG® Valve Concept

CCI’s DRAG® disk stack controls flowing velocities throughout valve trim
by forcing the process fluid to follow a tortuous path of right angle turns.
The resistance to flow provided by these turns (or stages) limits the trim exit
velocity to a safe level, regardless of the pressure drop. The DRAG ® choke
valve eliminates problems resulting from excessive fluid velocities such
as trim and body erosion, noise, vibration and poor process control. The
fluid velocities within the trim of CCI choke are typically 1/3 to 1/4 that of
conventional single stage chokes. Velocity control protects the trim from
erosion and increases the trim life many fold.
Figure 2: Tungsten Carbide Disk Stack CCI has spent several years developing the manufacturing and design
technology to make solid tungsten carbide DRAG® disk stacks. Thereby
making all stages from the much harder, erosion resistant tungsten carbide
CCI Choke Valve
Highly flexible configuration allows for future
depleted well conditions.

Stem Materials
CCI chokes utilize solid tungsten carbide trim. The plug is solid tungsten
carbide, not just carbide tipped. The disk stack provides for multi-stage
letdown and is made from solid tungsten carbide, an industry first. The seat
ring is provided with a tungsten carbide venturi, allowing for a controlled,
erosion resistant expansion into the choke outlet and downstream piping.

The CCI severe service choke is an engineered solution to the world’s most
difficult choke applications. CCI severe service chokes will make your
operation more profitable by dramatically reducing maintenance cost and
Disk eliminating lost production due to unscheduled shutdowns caused by failure
of conventional chokes.

In most cases, CCI can provide with the replacement higher capacity DRAG®
disk stack to accommodate the future depleted well conditions to allow for
increased flow rate at lower pressure drops while keeping the same choke
valve body and other components. For extreme cases where a larger trim is
required, CCI can provide with the replacement trim consisting of disk stack
(or PPC trim, drilled hole or ported cage), plug and the seat while keeping
the valve body and other components unchanged (see Figure 4).
CCI can provide retrofit trim for many other manufacturers’ chokes or
complete replacement chokes to fit existing piping configuration in case

Figure 3: Choke Internals

retrofit is not a feasible solution.

Severe Service
Solid tungsten
carbide multi-
stage DRAG ®

PPC (Premium
Choke) Trim:
Combined severe
service DRAG ®
and ported cage
CCI Choke Valve


Ported Cage
High capacity
solid tungsten
carbide trim

Figure 4: Trim Designs


Bolted Bonnet
Easy Maintenance

Pressure Balancing Seals

Reduces actuator/handwheel force
Provided with dual scrapers to keep
solids out of sealing areas

Solid Tungsten Carbide Plug

Solid tungsten carbide eliminates
Excellent erosion resistance
Large balance holes will not clog

Solid Tungsten Carbide Disk

Solid tungsten carbide for erosion
Multi-step letdown to control
velocity, erosion and noise
Large flow passages, easily handle
solids and dirty fluids

Solid Tungsten Carbide Venturi

Tungsten carbide venturi seat in high
turbulence zones
Venturi seat transition flows
smoothly into valve outlet and

Optional Stellite Insert

Extra erosion resistance
CCI Choke Valve
Use this checklist to evaluate the benefits of
the CCI severe service choke valve.

Benefits CCI Choke Competition

Solid tungsten carbide plug, seat and disk stack to eliminate erosion
and galling

2 Large flow passages easily handle solids

3 Multi-step letdown to control velocity, erosion, noise and vibration

Extended trim life through reduction of flow velocity and use of

tungsten carbide trim

5 Increased rangeability due to longer stroke

Differential seal types and redundant stem sealing for maximum

pressure boundary integrity

7 Dual scrapers to prevent solids from entering sealing areas

8 Venturi seat transition assures smooth flow into valve outlet and piping

Low maintenance cost with quick change—trim. No trim parts are welded
or screwed into the body

Same choke body can handle a variety of plug and disk stacks for
variable wellhead conditions
CCI Choke Valve

Technical specifications and materials.

6 Table 1: Materials

Item Optional
2 Component Materials of Construction
No. Material
Body 1 AISI 4130 alloys, and
5 inlays

3 Bonnet 2 AISI 4130

Cage (1) 3 Tungsten Carbide

Seat Housing/
4 17-4PH/Tungsten Carbide
Plug 5 Tungsten Carbide

Stem 6 Inconel 718

Optional Insert 7 Stellite

1. TRIM 100D DRAG®: Solid tungsten carbide multi-stage disk stack

PPC: Solid tungsten carbide lower 1/3 of disk stack
is DRAG® trim. Remainder of stack is cage design.
Cage: Solid tungsten carbide drilled hole or ported cage

Table 2: Performance Data

Component Materials of Construction

Pressure Rating ANSI 150-2500, API 2000-10000

Pneumatic diaphragm or piston, hydraulic,

Actuator Type
electric, manual and stepping

Quality Level API 6A PSL 3 and NACE MR 01-75

Temperature Rating -50˚ to + 250˚ F (2)

Valve Characteristics Linear or modified linear

2. Lower or higher temperature available with special design to meet API

Class ‘L’ and ‘X’
CCI Choke Valve

Table 3: Product Range and Capacity

1. The rated Cv for the severe service chokes will vary based on the process requirements
2. End connections are provided in ANSI and API
3. Consult factory

CCI Choke Valve

Figure 5: Jade Choke Valve with Electric Figure 6: Statoil Choke Valve with Stepper
Actuator for Unmanned Oil Platform Actuator
Throughout the world, companies rely
on CCI to solve their severe service
control valve problems. CCI has provided
custom solutions for these and other
industry applications for more than
40 years.

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