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LESSON TITLE: ____Modals of Advice, Necessity, and Prohibition_____ Lesson #: __2____

TEACHER NAME: _____Yu Feng_________________ DATE:____04/18/2018_______________

Attach any handouts or materials required for this lesson.

ESL Course: ESL 100
Grammar and Writing Level Beginning Intermediate Advanced Multilevel
Topic/Theme: □ X □ □
Listening Students will be able to listen to, and understand, modals and phrasal
Objectives modals of advice, necessity, and prohibition by listening to the teacher’s
Speaking Students will be able to use modals and phrasal modals to speak and
express their advice, necessity, and prohibition.
Reading Students will be able to recognize some simple signs that they can
always see in their daily life. For example, stop sign.
Writing Students will be able to provide advice in written form by using
appropriate modals and phrasal modals of advice.
What background knowledge Prior to this lesson, students have watched two videos about
do the students already have? homelessness. They have also learned present perfect tense. In this
lesson, students will be able to learn a new grammar, which is modals
and to use this grammar to provide advice to homeless people.

What will you do to activate I will do a warm-up activity by using Kahoot to check if they have
or link students’ prior watched those two videos. All the questions in Kahoot are related to
knowledge or experience to the content of the two videos they have watched as their homework.
upcoming content? They will be divided into groups to finish the Kahoot activity.
Engagement with New Material
What will you do to engage Kahoot is a good way to engage students. Students are able to feel
students in the active learning energy through competition such as Kahoot. I will also use a worksheet
of the new material? that includes different kinds of signs to help them learn the modals of
prohibition as the first activity. In addition, I will give each group a
poster board to let them draw and writing advice to people by using
modals and phrasal modals. I have already made a sample poster as the
reference so that they can draw and practice based on my sample.
What will you do to ensure I will walk around providing feedback when they do group work to
that all students are engaged? check if everyone is participating. If students have questions, I will
guide them and solve the questions. If they are distracted, I will draw
their attention back.
What opportunities will you After teaching the grammar point of modals of necessity and
provide students to practice prohibition. I will conduct the first activity. In the first activity,
and apply their students will be given a worksheet to work on recognition of simple
knowledge/skill to meet the signs. They will be asked to use modals of necessity and prohibition to
objectives for this lesson? To write sentences about signs. For example, they will write “You must
apply to other contexts? stop” as they see the stop sign on the worksheet. And then, in the
second activity, they will be asked to work in groups and draw or write
advice using modals of advice on poster boards. Then they will share.
How will you assess their I will assess students’ knowledge of modals and phrasal modals by
learning of the objectives? listening to their conversations when they are doing group activity. If
they make mistakes, I will correct them. I will also assess them by
asking volunteers to speak out loud about what they wrote on the
worksheets as a whole, and provide feedback to them.
How will you help students I will do a little summary to talk about what they learned and what I
recap the learning and link it taught. This part will be asking them questions. For example, I will ask
back to the original purpose of them “what did we learn today?” Then I will give them some
the lesson? homework in their textbook.
If applicable for your context I will use power point slides to lead students to do the step-by-step
and your lesson, how will you activity. At the beginning of the class, I will also teach them how to use
meaningfully integrate kahoot.
technology into your lesson?

What went well? How do you The last activity which is drawing and writing on the post board went
know? very well, because all students were engaged and were in flow about
the activity.
What didn’t go as planned? The time management did go as planned, they wanted more time
during the last activity.
What contingency plan did I gave them more examples when was teaching the grammar because
you employ? some students were a little bit confused with few examples.
What would you do Next time, I will prepare more examples in the grammar teaching part
differently next time? and will provide more explicit analysis in terms of example sentences.
Did your students meet the They meet the objectives for this lesson because they did a great job
purpose and objectives for this during the last activity and most of them were able to write correct
lesson? What is your sentences on the post board.
evidence for each?
What do your students need They need more explicit explanations during the grammar teaching part
next? How do you know? because I could see some of them are confused.
What did you learn about your Time management is a big problem for me. I need to stay focus on this
glows and grows as a teacher? point in my each lesson in the future.
What can you do to work on
your areas needing growth?