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Jasmine C Davis KIN 425

Lesson Focus: Gymnastic Skills (10-12 minutes)

Activities Formation Teaching Hints
Lesson Objectives Tumbling and Inverted Balances 4 Corner Movement Tumbling and Inverted
 To balance the (1) Mountain Climbers  CW Student Motion/CCW Balances
body in a variety  The weight is taken on the hands with one Teacher Motion Mountain Climbers
of situations foot forward and one foot extended back  Use tumbling mats to avoid
(similar to a sprinter’s start) standing in line.
 To perform  When ready, students switch foot position 1 2  Works upper body: obliques
individual self- with both feet moving simultaneously. & abdominal, trapezius,
testing stunts Balance Stunts deltoids, pectorals, biceps,
(2) Forward Balance triceps
 To understand  Extend one leg backward until it is parallel to  Works lower body: quads,
safety the floor. hamstring, glutes
considerations  Keep eyes forward and arms out to the sides.  Constant movement:
related to  Slowly, bend forward, balance on other leg. Remember to breathe! Nice
tumbling and  Hold for 10 seconds without moving. pace!
inverted balances
 Reverse legs. (repeat both sides 2x’s) (40 sec.- Balance Stunts
1 min.) 4 3 Forward Balance (Upper
Equipment Body)
(3) Hand and Knee Balance
 Tumbling Mats  Stretch lower body
 Start down on all fours, taking weight off the
hands, knees and feet with toes pointed o Quadriceps/Hamstring
 Cones for Feel the burn in your lower
 Lift one hand and the opposite knee. Hold for body!
10 seconds. Hand and Knee Balance
 Visual Aids of = Teacher/Instructor
Exercises  Keep the free foot and hand from touching
during the hold.  Obliques, core abdominals
 Reverse hand and knee positions to repeat.  Hamstrings, quads
(repeat both sides 2x’s) (40 sec.-1 min.) Individual Stunts
Individual Stunts Pogo Stick (Constant
(4) Pogo Stick Movement)
 Keep the body stiff and jump on the toes.  Tibia
 Hold hands in front as if grasping the stick.  Quads/Hamstrings
 Jump in various directions. (30 sec.-1 min.)  Gluteus maximus
Keep a steady pace!
Jasmine C Davis KIN 425
Game Activity: “Hot Potato” Volleyball (5-7 minutes)
Activities Formations Teaching Hints
Lesson Objectives A. Bump-Passing Drills Wall Volleyball (individual) Things to Say
 To volley the ball 1. When instructed, have students partner up 1 2  Extend those arms!
multiple times (Number students (1,2) 1 2
against a wall 2. One student from each group (#1s) get 1 2  Great bump!
volleyball for group 1 2
 To practice 3. Begin with 5 yards between them (set up 1 2  Great job passing the
successfully with prior w/cones) Partner Bump & Pass Drill ball with your forearms!
a partner 4. Have groups/partners bump back and forth (Groups of 2-3)
for 1-2 minutes 1 2  Nice teamwork! I love
 To learn the basic 5. After time, set up 10 yards between them 1 2 3 2 that pass!
rules of (cones/tape) 1 2 OR 1
volleyball 6. Have partners bump back and forth for 1-2 1 2 3  Remember to protect
minutes 1 2 your fingers!
Equipment 7. To challenge, have students keep count of
 8” Foam Rubber how many bumps they completed without Hot Potato Volleyball (Class Game)
Balls/Volleyball propping ball or using “hands”
Trainers B. “Hot Potato” Volleyball perimeter
1. Group students in teams of 6
 Cones 2. Hand out pinnies (2 diff. colors for each

 Pinnies

3. Before setting ball in play, instruct
students that the ball must be hit 3x’s per
side before passing to opposing team
4. If the ball drops on your team’s side before
the 3rd hit, opposing team gains point.
5. On whistle, set ball into play.
6. After one side reaches 3-5 pts, teams perimeter
alternate to bring in next group of 6.
7. Continue gameplay for 5 mins