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Another “mistaken” clash between junta, Shan

Written by Khio Fah

Tuesday, 21 September 2010 17:23

Yet another clash between the Burma Army soldiers and fighters from First Brigade of Shan
State Army (SSA) ‘North’ that refused Naypyitaw’s order to disarm broke out yesterday
afternoon in Shan State North’s Mongyai township, according to both local and SSA ‘North’

“It was an ambush staged by the Burma Army when our men returned from the corn fields,” said
a senior SSA officer from the Brigade No.1.

The clash took place at 13:40, at Kawng Ai village, Namhsom village tract of Mongyai
Township, between a team of SSA’s First Brigade led by Lieutenant Sujinda and a patrol from
Hotong outpost under the command of Infantry Battalion (IB) #67 based in Mongyai Township.

The attack lasted for about 10 minutes, reportedly killed one soldier on the Burma Army side
and no casualties on the SSA side, according to the officer who requested anonymity. “They
shot first and missed,” he commented. “We returned the fire later and did not miss.”

1 MA automatic rifle together with 7 cartridges were seized by the SSA. But the First Brigade
commander Maj-Gen Pangfa was reported to have ordered his men to return the booty back to
the Burma Army today, according to another source.

Both sides have already fought twice this month. The first took place on 14 September, at 17:40
(local time), by a patrol of SSA ‘Norht’’s First Brigade led by Lieutenant Hseng Harn and a
Burma Army patrol from Infantry Battalion (IB) #147, based in Shan State North’s Khaihsim (its
main base is in Nawngkaw in Namtu Township) near Nam Phak Tope village, Tonkeng village
tract, Hsipaw township, between Hsipaw and Lashio, Shan State North capital. The SSA had
one fighter wounded. Local villagers from the area say three died on the Burma Army side.

Another “mistaken” clash between junta, Shan

Written by Khio Fah

Tuesday, 21 September 2010 17:23

Two days after the attack, the Burma Army has reportedly sent villagers to apologize the SSA
for their shooting saying because it was a mistake.

Both clashes were started by the Burma Army, another senior SSA officer said. “It is obvious
that they are provoking us. They knew well that the SSA has farms located in the areas,” he
said. “It could not be a mistake, it is surely premeditated.”

The SSA has been conducting intensive check on everyone who enters its controlled areas and
has also deployed more fighters to safeguard motor roads around its main base Wanhai such
as Tangyan-Monghsu and Lashio-Monghsu motor roads.

The First Brigade was told by the Burma Army not to cross north of the Mongyai-Tangyan motor
road after it refused to accept Napyitaw’s border guard force program in April. Mongyai is
located in the north of the First Brigade main bases, Tangyan in the northeast, Monghsu in the
southeast and Kehsi in the South.