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Student name: Marwa Mansoor

Date: 6-3-2018 Time: 11:30

Purpose of visit: Observing

Form of visit: story Time

Pop in observation Team Teaching Guided Teaching

Pre-lesson tutorial Post-lesson tutorial Focused observation
Announced lesson Unannounced lesson Other: _________________
observation observation

Strengths Areas for Development

Commitment to the
Profession Good management Focus in more creative activities

Planning for Learning

She plans the lesson with her MST Focus on the time

Managing Learning

She manages the children very well She can use more strategies, if

Implementing Learning She did a create job in

Implementing Learning Can use more creative and fun ways
to implement, such as Create their
own rocket.

Assessment Can use more Assessment for

She was able to assess some learning, checklist, recording videos.

Reflection on Practice
She knows her mistakes Be aware and learn from this

Next steps Action Points

Be more creative in the activities. Well done in dealing with the bad behaviour

On Tuesday, 6th of March I observe my colleagues Marwa. She read (How to catch a star). I

liked how she explain the cover page asked the student about the name of the author and such as,

what can you see in the cover page? however she was managing the bad behaviour children as

well reading the story. But she must create more fun activities during reading the story. To make

the children more awake and to have fun. Foe the strategies she used the eye contact and

changing places strategy. According to Skinner, he created the operant condition theory. It is

when behaviour is controlled by consequences. He believes that behaviour is a major part of

development. Children develop by a change in behaviour. Which are caused by reward. Overall,

she did a great job.