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PRONATUR was established in 1998 when 21 coffee-producing groups

with 304 growers scattered in the Alto Mayo valley on the eastern
slopes of the Peruvian Andes united. The name PRONATUR is an Date Established: 1998
abbreviation for "Promoter of Natural Agriculture.” Since its inception, Number of Members: 1,670
the group has been dedicated to sustainable organic agriculture in this
area of highland rainforest. The cooperative strives to reduce forest Products: Coffee, Bananas, Mangoes
degradation by eliminating the wide-spread use of slash-and-burn Organic Production: 100%
agriculture and respecting primary and old-growth forest. They have
Organic Certification Agencies: IMO,
introduced education programs for growers that emphasize quality and Biosuisse, Naturland, Globalgap, JAS
ecological sustainability, as well as various other programs that benefit
growers and their communities. Sustainable Certification: FLO, Rainforest
Alliance, Bird Friendly, Utz Kapeh, C.A.F.E.
PRONATUR quickly expanded to include nearby regions and other Practices
products like bananas, mangoes, squash and other exotic fruit. Today ABOUT THE COFFEE
1,670 growers are grouped in 42 local associations in the four
geographical sustainable-production areas. Varieties: Caturra, Catimor, Typica

Harvest Season: March – October

PRONATUR has used its revenues to invest in:
Export Season: Year-round
Environmental Benefits. PRONATUR runs extensive grower
education and agricultural research programs that promote Annual Production: 2,800 tons
sustainable agricultural methods. Members have started several
environmentally-friendly practices in the area complying with
updated certification citeria. Felling of forest trees has been
greatly reduced in all areas, potable and irrigation water sources Varieties: Kent, Haden, Keitt, Edwards
are protected and secured.
Harvest Season: December – March
Quality improvement. PRONATUR also trains members in
quality improvement, and many of the sustainable farming Export Season: December – March
methods members use also result in better quality products.
Annual Production: 900 tons
Education. The organization has constructed four preschools for
grower communities and has implemented nutritional programs
in area schools. A growing team of hired teachers, complements ABOUT THE BANANAS
the public school service in remote areas.
Varieties: Cavendish
Community development. PRONATUR has aided women's
comitees in starting organic vegetable gardening, aimed at Harvest Season: Year-round
complementing and improving the nutritional value of their
Export Season: Year-round
accustomed daily diet. The co-op also supports community
health programs. Annual Production: 3 container/week