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From the research result we found that the average mother age in case group is
29,80±6,90 years old and the average in control group is 28,96±7,32 years old with p = 0,678.
This mean there is no different age in case group and control group.

Average gestational age in case group is 35,96±4,39 weeks and average gestational
age in control group is 36,64±2,87, with p = 0,520. This mean there is no different
gestational age in case group and control group.

Average parturition in case group is 1,04±1,17 and average parturition in control

group is 1,48±1,64, with p = 0,280. This mean there is no different parturition in case group
and control group.

Higher Neopterin Concentration as preeclamtion risk factor

With Chi-Square we found that higher neopterin concentration is preeklampsia risk
factor 8 times than lower neopterin concentration (OR = 8,14, IK 95% = 2,29-28,90, p =
0,001). This explain that neopterin concentration relate with stress oxidatif level that caused
by imunity activation and macrofag activation level. Some research prove neopterin as
makrofag activation marker. Neopterin concentration relate with stress oxidatif level that
caused by imunity activation and macrofag activation level. Research from ozler et.all at
2012 says that neopterin concentration increased in preeclamtic mother than in normotention
mother (p= 0,013) and elevated neopterin concentration equal with preeclamtion severity
(Grammer et al., 2009, Ozler et al., 2012). Neopterin is product of hydrolisis and oxidation
from 7,8 dihydroneopterin triphosphate. Neopterin is catabolic product from guanosine
triphosphat (GTP), produces of makrofag from Interferon gamma (IFN-γ) stimulation. IFN-γ
known as the only one citokine that induce neopterin production. If there is disruption in
activity of lymfosit T cell inside the body, imunity responsed insie the body for example, that
affect macrofag activation, than will affect neopterin production indirecly. Neopterin
produced in macrofag or monosit and will released into body plasma fluid.

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