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I have experience during college at Tadulako University, especially in Agriculture

Faculty so much because I see many activities made by students and Faculty of Agricultural
Faculty that are build. A lot of ideas are on the rise, so that so many activities are made such
as Agriculture League match, Himasep League and League Bidikmisi.

I have an honor to study at Tadulako University especially in Agriculture Faculty.

where I can socialize with the people and participate in the organization so I can hone the
ability to speak in front of people or in public. not only that, I want to prove that the
organization is not an obstacle to quickly finish college, but the obstacle or the main factor is
the self that is less able to manage the time between lectures and organizations, so many say
that the people who organize it long college
Agricultural Technology Guidelines for Future Home
Agriculture happens to be the sector that continues to actually sit upon the drivers seat
and is going to stay thus forever as long as we dont get rid of stomachs ; thus it becomes
fairly vital for any reform or revolution to actually address this sector and during this race
information technology is the front runner. information technology has led due to front in the
content sharing method among the agro scientists, engineers, farmers and students. as a result
of the core dependency of information technology on internet would possibly have restricted
the reach of the content however situation won't stay thus for long. currently scientists from
all within the world collaborate within the internet, for sharing the content in regards to the
analysis on land fertility, seed hybridization, reducing the man efforts and producing the
farming environment less challenging priced effective. future guidelines with in edition as to
the economist, i encountered one thing that may trigger anxiety in anyone when it states 1974
henry kissinger, then americas secretary of state, told the initial world food conference in
rome that no kid would visit bed hungry among ten years. barely over 35 years later, within
the week of another united nations food summit in rome, 1 billion folks can visit bed hungry.
this failure, already dreadful, might soon get worse. none as to the underlying agricultural
issues that made a spike in food costs in 2007-08 and increased the quantity of hungry folks
has gone away. between currently and 2050 the worlds population can rise by a third,
however demand for agricultural goods can rise by 70%. usual business isn't going to actually
higher the estimates, clearly as the panacea lies within the maximum involvement of
information technology in agricultural analysis and knowledge transfer.
Agriculture sector has stood against the time and accomplished inexperienced, white,
yellow, blue and cyber revolutions within the time. availability of information and effectively
using this information is crucial for successful economic development. information regarding
professional suggestions, material inputs, money support, technological innovations and
changing market conditions have huge affects agriculture quite as the case with the other
sector. how well the agriculture involves information technology in itself, can play a
significantvictory. "the syrian regime has role in determining the longer term well being of
these who have direct dependency on agriculture for livelihood, particularly in developing
countries like india. during this context, it's most prudent to actually extend the positive
aspects of your new toy to actually agriculture and never to actually underestimate the
tremendous growth potential to actually be unleashed during this sector. sovereigns of all the
countries should take moves so as to actually mobilize farmers, scientists, establishments and
organizations for promoting involvement of information technology in agriculture.