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Hello guys, i am from mechanical brançh and want to share my interview
expereince of iocl so that u get an idea which type of questions they may ask u
in future.
My interview happened in IIpm gurgaon.
GD- Should death plenty be banned or not ?
GT- U have to promote pradhan mantri Ujval yojna in remote areas of our
country and for this list the problems u may face during this project and u will
rectify them.
Interview- 4 members total
1. Tell me about urself which is not written in these forms in front of me.
2.what is coefficient of restitution.
3.what is Black hole
4.what is black body
5. what is differential and what is its purpose.Do we have 2 differential in 4
wheel drive.
6 what is blanking
7.what is the efficiency of a thread? what is the efficiency of screw jack?
8 what is coupling and what it is used for and list some of its examples.
9 what is camber?
10. Let u r shift incharge at ur shopfloor and some contrator worker slapped on
permanent worker nd due to this all the permanent workers went outside the
factory and dont want to work.What u will do in this situation
By reading all this u might think that I told them automobile or physics is my
intrest but trust me neighter I had written in my CV nor i told them regarding
this.I dont know why they so much focussed about automobile.Actually They
have a set of questions written on a page and they will ask you from those
papers only unless u have some work expereince.
So prepare ur mind as they can ask u anything,even out of ur domain.
Anyways best of luck !


Rank 28
Dated 20.06.2017
1. Tell us about yourself.
2. What were you doing from past 2 years? (Gap)
3.You also appeared last year, what was your GT? How did you perform?
3. If you get offer from IOC also, where will you join?
4. What are your strengths? (Cross questioning)
5. What are your weaknesses? (Cross questioning)
6.Tell us about something that you have done as a leader and you're proud of it.
7.Why PSU? Why HPCL only? Why not private sector? (Cross questioning)
8. How can you make such conclusion about private sector, we can also be
boasting about ourselves?
9. Who performed better than you in GT today?
10. If we had to select one of you both who would you recommend?
11. They supported me by asking me to sell myself, why not to select him and
select me.
12. What was your weaknesses last year while you appeared for this interview?
How have you improved?
13. How would you rate your performance here?
14. Is your best, the best?
15. Is your best, best for us?
16. What is the role of instrumentation engineer in HPCL?
17. Any questions from us?
Panel had 8 members including a lady.
Thank You Ma'am for your guidance.

I was interviewed at IOCL's IIPM (IndianOil Institute of Petroleum
Management) Gurugram on 19th June, 2017
GD Choices-
1. The state of Indian Engineering Education scene due to opening of way too
many colleges
2. Should 0% Interest loans be provided to Farmers in today's times of farmer
GT - Only two IITs have made it to the Top 200 rankings of World's Best
Institutes. As directors of various IITs, find a solution to make sure that not just
two but many more IITs could crack the Top 100 rankings.
The GD/GT Panel seemed uninterested, hardly even looking at which candidate
is even speaking at GD. Payed a little more attention during GT to notice if we
were interacting or not.
Interview by Panel of Five Members-
1. Tell me about yourself
According to my answer from there-
2. What you did after job
3. Would it not have been possible to do along with job
4. Best achievement while being at job
5. Describe in detail the CSR activity you mentioned
Bcoz of my job at Automobile Company,
6. BS-3, BS-4, BS-6 Changes in fuel and changes in vehicles design
7. Is Indian automobile market ready for them?
8. Crankshaft Material and manufacturing and why exactly?
9. CRDI and it's effect for a common man
10. Welding Vs Brazing
11. Bearings in IC engine
12. Give brief description about IOCL major businesses
13. Do you know how many refineries we have?
14. What is our petrochemical brand name and it's products?
The panel was very senior and yet very very humble and friendly, They listened
to each and every answer with atmost attention, let me answer with however
much time I needed and put counter questions only after I had finished my part.
After answering over dozen of questions over half an hour, the most senior of
them, asked if anyone wants to ask any more (in a comic way) and we all
Finally, HR mam asked last question-
15. Which was the gas responsible for Bhopal Gas Tragedy and the company
name? (bcoz of my college in Bhopal)
With the final answer, I was allowed to leave.

ONGC , Mechanical Interview experience, 15th June 2017

1. Name and place?
2. Can u describe Madhya Pradesh in 5 sentences?
3. Why farmers are protesting in MP? They explained one reason nd asked to
explain other reasons.
4. Can u name different type of valves used in oil industries.?
5.what type of job you will be assigned in ONGC?
6. different type of maintanance.?
7. What parameters need to be controlled in maintanance?
8. types of vibrations?
9. name some vibration and noise monitoring systems?
10. Two recent national level news?
11. One advancement in automobile is the gearless car, what is next

IOCL interview
14/06/ 2017
Mechanical (AIR 16)
Where are you from
(I am from pataudi ; so discussed about Saif Ali khan )
Have you attended his marriage
Tell us about family
Why did you left BLUE STAR
Given a question and asked to find COP of system
What are the various refrigerants used in RAC
Defination of 1 TR refrigeration
Whats are types of welding
What are defects in welding
Explain nomenclature of electrode
(They now offered a glass of lussi ; about 0.5 l
I drink it in one shot
They started smiling and said *ye pakka haryana ka desi baccha h* 😁 😁)
Which IOCl refinery is there in haryana
Name some refineries of IOCL
What is surface tension
Do you have any department or location preferences
I answered all questions
Panel was in good mood
GD topic : it is not always hardwork that take you to success rather destiny
plays role in it
GT topic : to promote indian culture , traditional music and art what will be
your strategy
PGCIL Interview Experience.
Civil rank 8
Panel consist of 5 members. 4 sir and 1 maam.
My Interview was the 2nd Interview of the day thats why it took around 20
Interviewer1- you're from bhopal, are you living there from your childhood?
Are you ready to leave your hometown?
What do your father do?
How your friends describe you as a person?
Have you applied for other PSUs?
What's your preference?
You're giving the interview of POWERGRID thats why you're saying
powergrid? Isn't it?
You're from MP.. do you know how the devision of MP is beneficial to MP? do
you know about the farmers protest? Do you know the district? What are there
demands? How loan waiver is justified? Whats your point of view? Do you
know something about vyapam scam? Upto which extend the the CM was
involved in the scam? The governor is also involved?
Interviewer3- in your training you've written PWD bhopal, and something
LGSF... What is it?
In your btech what is the project?
How many Earthquake zones are in india? Do you know wind zones also? What
is the loads to be considered to design the transmission towers? What is the
code used for wind loads?
Interviewer4 (Maam)- tell me what are the problems faced in the construction of
tower in between a river? What are the solutions of it? What is the difference in
an architect and a civil engineer?
Interviewer5- do you know the spread of POWERGRID in the country? What
else do you know about powergrid?

POWERGRID Civil engg. Date 13.06.2017

P1: Why u joined IIT for masters?
What you learnt in IIT?
Than asked me to cite instances of my strengths and weakness'.
P2: WHat code we follow for ductile detailing of structures?
What is the min. % of steel reqd. as per ductile detailing?
If you provide basements in the building, what is structurally wrong in it?
What is metamorphism? (Mtech related)
How can you ensure transmission towers to be safe from EQ?
Than asked very basics abt earthquake as diff etween richter scale and mercalli
than passed onto person 3
P3: GIve me 3 instances of failures of Modi govt?
What is Jan Dhan yojana? How it has benefitted BPL?
Than asked abt 1984 Sikh riots (Long 5 mins discussion on the topic)
than he asked why PGCIL, i mean what it has to do with your mtech?
Than passed onto person 4
P4: Can you encounter igneous rocks in North india?
What are plate tectonics?
How will you play a role in designing the foundation on rock?
Problem of illegal sand mining in India?
Than he asked what type of rock u encounter in Delhi?
Tunnel general methods of construction?
Interview lasted for 25 mins approx. Overall nice experience. I think it is the
most diverse PSU interview i have faced till date.
Pls note that they asked a lot of ques. to me abt Rocks due to my masters in that.
ONGC AEE Production
1. Introduction in brief
2. Tum MP se ho na? ONGC ka koi activity hua hai state me?
3. Difference between CNG & LNG?
4. Where do we use CNG? Biggest Company which is involved in LNG
5. What is LPG? Constituents? What is its calorific value?
6. Difference between pipe & tube?
7. What is tolerance?
8. Difference between Welding & Brazing?
9. Training kha se kiye ho?
10. Kitna duration tha?
11. Steam Turbine ke type batao?
12. Kitna stage hota hai? (HP, IP, LP) ? Efficiency kitna tha?
13. Condenser me cooling kaise hota hai?
14. Kounsa cooling tower hai? Type batao?
15. Kaunsa process hota hai cooling tower me?
Pure technical...
no general awareness, no hr questions !!
Duration 12 minutes...

ONGC AEE Production

1. Introduction in brief
2. Tum MP se ho na? ONGC ka koi activity hua hai state me?
3. Difference between CNG & LNG?
4. Where do we use CNG? Biggest Company which is involved in LNG
5. What is LPG? Constituents? What is its calorific value?
6. Difference between pipe & tube?
7. What is tolerance?
8. Difference between Welding & Brazing?
9. Training kha se kiye ho?
10. Kitna duration tha?
11. Steam Turbine ke type batao?
12. Kitna stage hota hai? (HP, IP, LP) ? Efficiency kitna tha?
13. Condenser me cooling kaise hota hai?
14. Kounsa cooling tower hai? Type batao?
15. Kaunsa process hota hai cooling tower me?
Pure technical...
no general awareness, no hr questions !!
Duration 12 minutes...

IOCL Interview experience - 13/6/2017 ( mechanical engineering )

Firstly conducted interview and then GD/GT.....
1) interview - started with my name, what is the meaning of your name, Have
you live up to that meaning in your life....give 2 strengths and 2 weakness and
with an example.....what kind of work do mechanical engineers do in
refineries.... Some questions related to my work in NGO.......why should we hire
you when so many talented students have been coming....
2) GD - do Gandhi's values still need to be followed in today's world OR
Double income and no kids have to be followed in today's scenario..
3) GT - you are the HR manager and you have to create safe working
environment for ladies in your public sector company. Prioritize the steps to be
taken for this

My ongc interview experience
Air-68, production, 11-06-17
Brief introduction
Why did u leave ur last job
Job profile
Lubrication: types,advantages and some more
Laws of TD
reciprocating pumps, lobe pumps
Gas turbines cycle
Aerofoil details n usage
Metering devices

date of interview- 09/06/2017
Air - 71
GD topic : Terrorism & India
After gd we were given 5 min time to write summary on a sheet given.
Interview questions:
All the questions were based on what we have filled in the resume format
provided by them with the Call letter.
1. They asked me about badminton as I mentioned it asmy hobby. ( who r top
players in India? Their hometown? etc.)
2. Why do u want to join pgcil?
3. Why did u left ur previous job?
4. Some questions related to my previous job.
5. What was ur project?
6. Did u ever worked in a substation? And asked questions about substation.
7. What is transformer and principal of operation?
8. What is HVAC and HVDC system?
9. If HVDC is better then why don't we replace all HVAC with HVDC?
10. What is transmission losses?
11. What is skin effect?
12. What are the characteristics of Aluminium?
13. Some family related questions were also asked?
Interview duration : 15-20 min
Almost every next question was based on your previous ans and the terms used
by you.

IOCL Interview experience - (8/6/17)

Electrical, AIR - 24
Panel consisted of 4 members (including 1 lady)
Started with introduce yourself
Asked about family background
• Related to project -What is magnitude of inrush current, How will u measure
• tell something about shree cements, how do they generate power, capacity, etc.
(Summer training) , what are the materias used for cement formation.
•what are relays used for Generators
• What are different methods of excitation for Generator
•Explain AVR, draw it's block diagram
GD topic - How online courses have made classroom teaching irrelevant.
GT topic - If u people are setting up 'Dabba wala' system in Delhi NCR, like in
Mumbai, state the problems and how would you overcome.

Ntpc experience
6th June,2017
Document verification.After verifying documents, they formed group of 6
people for group discussion.
Topic for gd:1. Is smartphone a curse or boon?
2. Is democracy really helping in India's development?
We were asked to choose one of topic.2-3 mins to think and note down the
points.15 mins to discuss on the topic.Interview:Interview panel consisted of 5
members(4 sir+1ma'am).
Interview was all technical. HR questions were very rare. First they asked about
the favourite subjects. I told Thermo, power plant and ic engine as favourite
subjects. Questions asked were:Components of hydro power plant.Why reaction
turbines are called 'reaction' turbines?Draft tube?Head ranges for Pelton,Francis
and Kaplan turbine?Emissions of petrol engine?Emissions from coal power
plants?Interview duration: 20-25 mins.

Good afternoon madam

My BARC interview (7th june)
Mechanical (AIR 16)
5 minutes general talks to make comfortable environment for us
Write your favourite subjects
A diagram of canteliver is given with inclined load and asked to drow SFD ,
Find critical crossection in given cantilever
Derive formula for deflection at free end
Show variation in sfd, bmd if load is shifted towards fixed end
Show stress distribution of composite beam
Draw mohr circle for critical crossection in cantilever and explain it
Piston cylinder arrangement was given with electric heater in it and asked to
draw P-V diagram
A cylinder of air (150bar and 50 degree celcius) plus other data and asked to
find heat supplied till the pressure drop to 10 bar as the cylinder valve is opened
Air conditioner work on which principle
Draw the cycle and T-s diagram
Explain function of each component
Which factor decides working pressure of condensor
How to increase COP of VCRS
Why condenser of refrigerator is inside room
A furnace of composite cylindrical walls is given
Asked to draw temperature profiles
Drive expression for temperature profile in terms of diatance from one end in a
conical solid tube having different temperatures at its ends
What are the controlling factors to decide height of pump from sump level.
Interview was of 1 hr 15 minutes.
Thnx to made easy team for making me capable to answer most of the questions


The panel consisted of 4 members. They began with a brief 10-15 minutes
discussion about my homeplace and reasons why I left my previous job. They
also asked what I know about BARC Interviews. They were very friendly and
easy going and told me to be calm and stress free. After that they asked me to
write down my favourite subjects. I wrote:1)SOM 2) Thermodynamics 3) Heat
Transfer 4) Fluid MechanicsQ-1: A container containing 10 kg of water is kept
on weighing scale .If a string is tied to a 1 kg ball (density 10 times than water)
and is immersed in the container, how the reading of weighing scale will
change?? (from the time when ball is completely outside the water to the point
when it is completely submerged; assuming tank is sufficiently large so that
water does not overflows out of tank)Q-2 A gas is contained in a frictionless
cylinder-piston arrangement whose walls are sufficiently long and the surface
above piston is exposed to atmospheric pressure. The whole assembly is turned
upside down suddenly (so that pistons starts moving down due to its weight).
They asked me to draw P-V diagram of the whole process till a steady state is
reached.Q-3.A balloon is being inflated with air isothermally so that both
pressure and volume of air inside balloon is increasing. Then why PV=RT is not
followed in this case?? (LHS is increasing while RHS remains same)They also
asked me one more question on fluid which they linked with the design
afterwards (although I didn’t wrote design in my favourite subjects). They kept
on providing hints in the whole interview which lasted for one hour.

There were 5 persons 4 gents and 1 lady in the panel
General questions
At first, mam started asking questions
When did you completed your B Tech.
Tell me about your family background
Why ongc
Do u have idea of what kind of work u will be given
Few more similar questions
Then she moved on to other sir and told him to ask technical questions.
Technical :
Zeroth law of thermodynamics
Difference between tube and pipe
Forging , which imp factor to be considered while forging of a material
About CNC i.e. about CNC Machine.
Company which manufactured that machine *( as I did short course on CNC
what type of spring is used in railway coaches
He asked suppose the door of refrigerator is kept open in the room then what
will happen and why.
Now came the hr question from the second interviewer.
He seems to be some senior member of the company.
He wanted me to put my views about the huge population of india, what are the
advantages and disadvantages..
He then asked me to focus on two areas that u think will resolve those
What the govt. is doing in these area
Interview timing 10 to 15 minutes
Questions were similar to everyone
They also asked about radioactivity and few areas of i.c. engines to some of my

Interesting IOCL GT....

Greetings Madam IOCL interview Experience
Gurgaon, Rank-211(EE gen)
GD Topic-Is Dominace of female in teaching is real women empowerment OR
Social media killing habbit of reading book
GT(no choice)-You have produce short movie on social issue. Choose actor
,actress, how you raise fund,how you advertise cheaply.
Tell me about urself(you can speak in hindi:they asked me)
Why u left previous job
Is there is work load in previous job
Why public sector
Some technical questions from power electronics.


Technical questions were focussed mainly on practical aspects of
Instrumentation Engineering
1. What is the Cv of a control valve?
2. What are the pressure measuring instruments used in the industry?
3. What are different accessories used with pressure measuring instruments? (
suppose if you use bourdon tube then it will break in a couple of days so what
are the extra accessories used without which you cannot install a pressure gauge
4. What is mass flow rate? How will you measure the mass flow?
5. What role do you expect in ONGC?
7. Do you think that there are roles where you can employ your knowledge in
ONGC? What are they?
6. What are the other industries where you can employ your knowledge?
Hello mam..
IOCL interview experience conducted on 5 june 2017
GD- Is Marks system of evaluation a good criteria of judging students ?
GT- kota is going to be the factory of competition. Some of them sets their lives
but some of them commiting suicide. What should be the steps to stop these
hazards as you are sent there as a team ?
Panel of 3, one left after 2 minutes during interview
1.What's your name ?
2. Where do you live ?
3. From Where did you comlete your graduation ?
4. Why 2 years of gap ?
5. What was your gate status previous year ?
6. What's your current gate rank ?
7. What's your next interview ?
(NTPC as I said)
8. What's the date of interview ?
(Me: 06 june)
9. Where did you comlete your training ?
10. Do you remember What you did during your training ?
11. What's your strength ?
12. What's your weakness ?
13. What will you do to better up your weakness ?
14. What's your strong subjects ?
( no questions related to the subjects)
15. How will you calculate the losses in a transformer ?
16. What is open circuit test ?
17. What is short circuit test ?
18. Whether rated voltage or less or More during SC test ? If rated then What
will be the impact on current value ?
19. Where will you put instrument on 1:1 transformer in short circuit test ?
All the best for your next interview.

Interview @ HPCL; Lucknow center.

Q-1 Tell me something about you?
Q-2 What was your project and what was objective of the project.
Q-3 Why you want to join hpcl?(they don't wanna listen forbs and fortune 500
already several students told that)
Q-4 How hpcl is different from others?
Q-5 you mentioned that about csr activities why you want to work on that?
Q-6 In your prospective what is happiness?
Q-7 What makes you happy?
Q-8 If someone is not happy with you what will you do??(they want know if
customer is not happy)
Q-9 What did you learn from your father.
11- When was the last time you felt happiness. (About life events.)
12- Tell me about your family background?
13- Tell me about some yoga position.( I have been practicing yoga for four
years so I told 12 aasaan 8 Pranayam)
14- What are your strength and weakness??
15- Do you practice yoga every day?
16- Before we announced the GT result what was going on in your mind?
17- Have you heard about BS 6, right now which BS is going on?
18- Why 'BS 5' is not there. What are pros and cons of avoiding this.
Q-10 you have mentioned hpcl has good work culture as per your seniors and it
is a good job what did they told you about it. ( I was not prepared for this
20- what is good job and bad job. ( I answered about it and said opposite to it is
bad job.)
21- What did you do in your college techfest?
Overall interview was HR based. They neither ask from project nor from
technical. 20 to 30 min for interview. (Sorry questions are not in order but be
prepared whatever anyone have written in the application form.)


HPCL Interview AIR 150 ....
Main things to be noted both GT and Interview were eliminating and the panel
don't know about ur branch and rank.
So even if u have very good rank probability of elimination is same.
My GT topic was allocation of 90 crore in different departments and each 8
members were given different departments and different budget.
From this 3 people go to next round. Basically out of 40 people 14 were
selected for interview.
Mine Interview was at last so they asked me how does it feel to come in last
instead of first?
Then tell me about urself
Then they asked me about my project.
About family?
Metro Foundation (out of the box).
Most of my interview was involved in my project and a lot of counter questions
in that.
There next questions only depends on what u said

Gate rank-220
Interview panel was of 5 ppl. 3 members asked me questions by turns
1st member:
Asked me my name,age, rank and where did i do my undergraduation?
since i completed my engineering in 2015 so she asked me what was i doing
since then.
Why did u apply for cementing and what do u know about the job profile of it?
Then she asked me about my family and where am i from
Then another member started asking questions
2nd member:
Tell me more about your strenghts.
In today's world,what would you prefer to be-idealist or popular?
What are union territories and why are they called so? Name all of them.
What is a bigger motivator for you- responsibility or money? (Since i said
responsibility, he asked me to justify it)
What do you understand by GDP? what is the GDP of chhattisgarh(since thats
my home state)
Can india shift towards a cashless economy?
Then technical questions were asked:
3rd member:
Questions were asked entirely on my project.he started with simple questions
that were easy to answer and then started asking some typical questions from
practical application like maintenance etc.
Overall interview went on for about 15 mins


Gd after noon mam
Mechanical cementing
Your name
Gate rank
What is radioactivity
Carbon dating
Types of engine
Why diesel engines having high compression ratio
Why tractor having different dia wheel
One situation based question why dhoni resigned his Captaincy give your point
of view.
No questions from HR no questions from project.
Very easygoing panel.

ONGC interview experience

Aee cementing
Tell me about ur clg
Family background
Why can't we use refrigerator to cool the room
Cold extrusion
Ductility and malleability
Different types of heat treatment process
Difference between quenching and tempering
2nd law of thermodynamics
Why we use ist and 2nd gear while driving in hilly areas
3 recent news
Questions on gst

GD: Regulations on social media. Your views?
Group of 7
family background?
Your fav sub?
Draw TS curve for IM.?
Job exp que around 5?
Why u left?
What u expect at NTPC?
What u liked at your college ?
What was best taught?
Simple que targeting basics
Vector diagrams of CT
GD topic : observers gave 2 choices
Hindi allowed
Other choice
Politics to be kept away from cricket? Give your viewd


Good Evening Ma'amInterview experience in NTPC for electrical engg.
Date: 05 june
Gd: DemonetisationInterview
question1. Where r u from nd what are the famous things there ?2. On extra
circular activities3. What did u study in college nd which subject u found
interesting. I replied Machines thn complete interview was on machines only, in
depth theory knowledge nd applications of various machines (If ur favorite
subject is machine then please read in details about various special machines
Nd its not about me only interviews in NTPC are 85-90% technical nd i would
say solid Technical Operator

Good Morning mam.

I would like to share my IOCL Interview Experience.
My GATE rank is 650.
I am from mechanical background.
Interview was in mumbai on 1st June.
First, the interview was conducted for some candidates. They asked me
following questions:
Are ready to leave your hometown?
Did you do any coaching?
Tell us something u havent written on your cv?
Family background?
Will you be willing to work in any location?
They asked me Question on industrial training only, not from project.
Technical questions from material science: stainless steel, iron carbon diagram.
Panel was of 5 members.
Then GD and GT was conducted. Enough time given to speak. (25min. For gd
and gt)
GD: Discipline and National character differentiates us from first world
GT: How to make higher education in India more inclusive.


gud evening ma'am
BARC interview experience
I was interviewed today and I was first one to face the panel so the panel was
fully charged up.My interview went on for 1 hours and 15 minutes.First of all
they asked my GATE score and rank and congratulated me for getting good
score.Then they directly asked me if I did coaching from made easy or not.I
acted as if I have not even heard of it.Then they asked me to write atleast 4
subjects and I chose them in the following order-
2.Heat Transfer
4.Fluid mechanics.
Then they started asking questions starting from SOM.
They asked me to draw engg stress-strain curves and locate important points
and then asked me to draw true stress strain curve and reason for their deviation
in plastic region.Then a series of hows and whys were asked for 10-20
minutes.First of all they ask very basic questions and then increased the level of
difficulty.I was asked questions from powerplant also though I did not write it
in the sheet. Overall it was a great experience being interviewed by them.They
also provided hints for the questions.They give ample time to think over the
questions.Almost every question was based on the graph that I had to draw on
paper like variation of velocity of rain drop from sky till ground and then asked
me about terminal velocity and some questions related to it.
I would like to thank you madam for all your tips and guidance.I really helped
me a lot.
HAL interview 29/05/2017
Management trainee
8 members including 1 lady
1. Introduce yourself in 1 minutes
2. 10th and 12th % and why less in 12th
3. Why not mtech it is good option ?
4. Favourite subject
5. Type of flow (laminar , turbulent)
6. How to differentiate laminar turbulent
7. Critical Reynolds
8. grashof formula (they want empirical relationship of other number i said don't
9. About hal, name any one aircraft and one halicopter manufactured by HAL
10. Difference between aircraft and halicopter,
11. What Mech number,
12. For Mech number 1.5 type of flow ?
13. What is compressible and incompressible fluid
14. Why incompressible fluid used in machinery
15. Where you applied other than hal
16. Next interview (NTPC)
17. which one will you join
18. If you are selected in both and HAL posting in Odisha and NTPC posting in
your town which one you will join and salary of NTPC also High ?
time around 20 minutes

Good afternoon mam

Following is my iocl interview experience
Branch EE AIR 70
Gd topic: Social media provide better freedom of expression
Gt topic: You all are travelling in a bus. Your bus rode over a local person. The
villagers have reached on the spot and are very angry. How will you handle the
Interview questions:
Tell me about your self
Technical questions ( 90% of them were from my previous work experience. It
lasted for about 25 mins) :
Types of routine tests of transformer? ( made me draw vector group testing
diagram and derive conditions graphically as it was part of my job)
Voltage regulation?
Impedance of transformer?
Difference between symmetrical and unsymmetrical faults?
Types of breaker and relay testing?
HR questions: Why did you leave your job?
What did your previous company do to ensure healthy working environment for
You have secured rank 70. Have experience in distribution sector then why you
want to work in oil sector company?
Other psu calls??
Why not ntpc?
Ntpc is a much better option than iocl for an electrical engineer then why iocl?
What do you know about marketing?
If we want to assign a non technical Jo will you be able to manage it?

Gud evng madam iocl interview experience

The interview was very friendly .questions were based on areas of interest.I
am.from electrical background.They asked me que regarding power systems as I
said power system.Que were based on my implant training.The hr round went
well.Ground discussion and group task also were fine.Your interview guidance
helped me lot
They asked me about protection and various relays that you know.
Overall interview was good madam.
The group task was you are a part of petrochemical industry which has 114
employees of different age qualification.A mong them some are female
physically challenged people and there is a school and some big big buildings
suddenly fire broke out what are your steps and they must be mentioned in a
step by step fashion
H r questions were like
1) y iocl
2)which companies have you attended
3)what inspired you to choose iocl
4)which department of iocl you want
5)native place and Family background
Good morning maam...
Mam HAL interview Design Trainee.(mechanical) .29/05/2017
1.) Tell me about yourself
2.) Your technical strength.( I have said SOM THERMO and they asked one
more ...FM)
3.) Principal stress and strains..
4.)Importance of principal stresses for design.
5). Application of Bernoulli's theorem
6.) Aerofoil shape
7.)why selected design trainee instead of management trainee .
8.)how you are suitable for designing .
9.) Why HAL over Railways.( Bcoz My father is in railway and my father's
elder brother is in HAL)
10.) SFD and BMD.
11.) Types of beam
12.) Other Psu form you have filled..
13.) Application of beams.
14.) What Design factors you consider for designing designing of
overhead crane.
15.) What you have learned from your previous job.
16.what qualities you have be suitable for design trainee.
17.) Heat treatment..
18.) What are alloys.
19.) Why we make alloys.
20.) Why heat treatment is done.
21.) What are the hardening processes?
22.) Why you have chosen Kanpur division.
23.) Losses in pipes.
Mam interview duration was about 35 - 40 min.
Mam your mock interview classes at Bhopal centre really helps a lot...thank u
mam..for your support... Vishal verma
Mam 13 point .me ... examples where simply supported beam is used...
Mam No questions were asked from training and project.
24.) Asked about my hobbies..


Good afternoon mam
Following is my iocl interview experience
Branch EE AIR 70
Gd topic: Social media provide better freedom of expression
Gt topic: You all are travelling in a bus. Your bus rode over a local person. The
villagers have reached on the spot and are very angry. How will you handle the
Interview questions:
Tell me about your self
Technical questions ( 90% of them were from my previous work experience. It
lasted for about 25 mins) :
Types of routine tests of transformer? ( made me draw vector group testing
diagram and derive conditions graphically as it was part of my job)
Voltage regulation?
Impedance of transformer?
Difference between symmetrical and unsymmetrical faults?
Types of breaker and relay testing?
HR questions: Why did you leave your job?
What did your previous company do to ensure healthy working environment for
You have secured rank 70. Have experience in distribution sector then why you
want to work in oil sector company?
Other psu calls??
Why not ntpc?
Ntpc is a much better option than iocl for an electrical engineer then why iocl?
What do you know about marketing?
If we want to assign a non technical Jo will you be able to manage it?


Questions were following.
-what is the difference between the question level of GATE and BARC.?(I
qualified BARC through Gate)
I opted the option of DGFS so they asked me about specialisation
(microelectronic) which I got through gate in IIT BOMBAY.
I mentioned 5 subjects but they asked from 3 subject only.
-how to multiply two signals.
-how feedback is working in log amplifier?
- will it work for -ve signal?
-how to make the signal frequency twice?
Draw the spectrum of sinwt? Then make its frequency twice .
What is different type of rectifier? Which can be used for making twice the
frequency? Which one will be better?
Why virtual short happen when gain is infinite.?
Is it valid when output saturates? Why?.
Prove this (above)without using mathematics.
Noise margins? Draw transfer characteristics of inverter? Show the noise
margin in the graph.what will happen when input is in middle of graph?
Draw the ckt to make duty cycle 50%to 25% and frequency half.
Using multivariater and without using multivariater.
They give lots of hints to answer the questions.I requested them to ask questions
from control but they told"we have spent 1hr so I think it's sufficient".
Then I told thank you sir.

Gud morning ma'am

Here are my ONGC interview details
Post applied- AEE(Drilling)
AIR- 412
Interview date- 27
1. Apka shubh naam
2. Ap kha se ho
3. Education kha se ki
4. Btech me kya position thi- i said 6th
5. Gate rank kitna h
6. Gate rank itna km kyu
7. Then asked which type of questions wud you first prefer to answer- HR or
8. They asked for my strength and weakness- no counter question to my answer
9. Then asked why ongc??
10. Other member from the panel asked a que of mathematics because
mentioned my gold medal in maths olympiad.
11. Then they asked for my fav subjct- i said SOM
12- Basic que from som like young's modulus, stress strain curve were asked.
13- what are different types of friction, what is friction welding
14- types of heat exchanger becoz my project was based on heat exchanger,
different types of turbines.
15- different types of pumps, which type of pump should be used for drilling
purpose in sea.
16- what do you know about ONGC
Panel was very friendly,
They were asking ques in hindi only
Panel consisted of 7 members - 6 male, 1 female.
Female member asked que about HR.
I would like to thank you ma'am for your guidance

ONGC, drilling.
AIR 332.
1. Name.
2. Place you come from.
3. What does ONGC do..?
4. Which type of engines causes more pollution, and why..??
5. Define stainless steel.
6. What's CPM..? draw a general network diagram that shows all the details
regarding CPM.
7. Define horsepower.
8. Did you perform any Yoga before.?
9. A few questions in German language (related to extracurricular)
10. Enlist any three Qualities a good team player should have..
No project related questions, no questions like "why drilling..??"

ONGC..... Drilling interview experience

Date 27 may
Interviewer: aapka specs to bda fancy h (to calm the tension)
Me: thank u sir (with smile)
He asked my name and place... He knows one place near to my hometown...
There is Allah raag famous... So he asked me to sing
Me: sorry sir I don't know the lyrics
Interviewer: total states in India
Me: 29
Interviewer: newly formed state
Me: telangana
Interviewer: capital
Me: Hyderabad
Interviewer: capital of andhra
Me: Amravati
Interviewer: no of UTs and their names
Me: 7 and told the names
Interviewer: is someone leaking the questions (laughed)
Then they asked about my extra curricular activities
Difference b/w publicity & marketing?
Is ongc doing something like that?
What did u do in that particular club?
Technical questions:
Vena contracta?
Stress n strain relationship in ductile?
How can u increase strength of a material?
Type of non- positive displacement pump?
Types of engines in market?
Difference in SI and CI ?
Compression ratio in diesel engine?
Who produces engines in India?
And thank u mam for ur guidance 😁

ONGC...AEE drilling
Interview was in hindi
Apka naam
Kahan se ho
Study kahan se ki
Extrq curricular activities
Then they ask if we ask question from technical or general question first
I asked technical
Tell me about project
Household refrigerator me konsi gas use hoti h ( as my project is related to
Koi nyi gas invent hui h
Then fav sbjct( thermo, ic)
Types if ic engines
Compr ratio kiska jyada hota h, kitna hota h
Challanges u face in drilling.
Difference b/w psu and private
Lowest literacy rate, then highest, then highest literacy rate in union territories.
Ongc (Drilling) 27 May
Akash ( Rank 227)
Questions asked:
1) introduction
2) Because of agricultural background they asked about Crop rotation, green
revolution, white revolution
3) Name of various pumps and details of reciprocating pump
4) Asked about project
5) Hardening method
6) After 5 years what would you prefer- administrative work or field work.
Thank a lot mam for your superb guidance.

AIR 276
overall interview was short and precise ..very less attention towards technical..
friendly panel members
The questions asked were
1. Why did you choose drilling
2. What is Young's modulus
3. How can you tell whether the material is brittle or ductile by seeing it's value
4. favourite subjects
5. Different types of prime mover
6. Submersible pump
7. What is welding
8. Drilling is a tough job with more physical work so how you respond to it
9. Areas in which ONGC is working
10. Name of PM and Petroleum Minister
11. Southern States of India
12. Energy scope of India
13. What is the scope of oil sector
14. Family background

Rank: 71
Date of interview: 26/05/2017
Max questions about previous job in detail.
Why did you left your job and why u want to join psu?
Tell me About your family?
Which other PSUs have u applied?
Why not IOCL?
Did u selected in BSNL? I said yes. (No cross question asked).
No technical question asked.
Panel members : 1 lady and 4 Gents
Interview duration : 15min approx.

ONGC interview exp....

Gd Evng ma'am..
I'm chandrika frm ECE stream.. Yesterday I've attended for ongc interview..
The interview panel consisted of five members including a lady..
My interview happened around for 20min.. Almost 60% of my interview was
literally abt my project only...I explained that clearly using a paper ..Seemed
that they were impressed with my answers..And then questions abt my
hobbies,whether i can adopt to any environment,whether i applied for other
PSU's,my family background, questions abt my hometown...
Ma'am the feedback u have given abt me when I had a mock interview with u in
Hyd center has given me more confidence and the interview guidance session
was very very useful..Happy to share my experience ma'am... Thank you 😁

AIR 160
Mam my ONGC DRILLING interview experience
There are 6 members in panel
Questions asked
1. Aapka shubh naam
2. Kahan ke rahne wale ho
3. College & place
4. Aapne B.Tech kab pass ki (i said 2016)
5. What are you doing from then (i said preparation)
6. your preparation strategy to get this good rank (my rank is 160)
7. Tell me about your project.
8. Your favorite subjects
(I said thermo and SOM but they don't ask any questions from these subjects)
9. What is submersible pump
10. Which pumps is used for sea( related with last question)
11.What is difference b/w brakes and clutch
12.Asked a question about some technology by its name which is used in scooty
instead of gear drive
13. Your weakness is being emotional give the example.
14. What is the population of India
15.drilling was not your subject so How you will do the job in drilling ( i said
there is training of 1 year and i will do my best to gain the abilities)
So you are aware of drilling, Thanks


ONGC interview-aee drilling(mechanical) on 26th may,2017
2)what your interest?(i ask area of interest, or subject, they said no, they ask
interest in general)
3)what are sources of energy?
4) what is difference between petrol and disel engine?
5)what is cng vehicle? How it different from other vehicle?
6)what are countries joined by land with india?
7)drilling is very challenging hectic job, are you aware of it?
8) what is your course?describe briefly

Mam my interview experience
Interview board was very cordial
5 members were there
1. From where you came (Assam)
2. Tell me current news of Assam and about cricket (I told sachin movie they
started laughing)
3. Tell me some news of India ( kulbhushan jadav case.)
4. Seven sisters of India
5.ongc plant nearby your place
6.width of Brahmaputra and new bridge over it benefits
7 .why mechanical and here drilling
8. Material handling systems in power plant (I told others but forgot conveyer
9.welding and brazing difference
10..temp at which density of water maximum
11. Supercharging why
12. Stainless Steel composition
13. Fathers occupation you want to go to managerial position


Group Task: Aim was to select one person out of 10 critically ill people, who
should be saved. Justify the choice you made.
“Imagine that you are a manager and now give ideas about how will you
motivate your team to work hard”.
We were a team of 10 People. Alcoholism was prevalent in Digboi Area. We
had fund of 1 Crore. We need to Devise a plan, distributing amount of money
and Timeline of expected Progress for Discouragement of Alcoholism in
Digboi. We need to Discuss and finalize a plan.
We were a team of 10 people. We were given certain points and we were asked
to arrange them in order of relevance for the company to progress.

Gd mrng ma'am
They are asking only project no single technical question from subjects..
They asked 4-5 questions about my project..
After that another member of pannel asked me about my hobby as I have
mentioned that my hobby is to exploring my knowledge with the help of
They asked what type of things you search on internet?
After that another member asked me about my weakness I explained..
They asked are you comfortable with remote locations?
How you manage food problem if you posted in aasam?


GT 1...
You are given 500 crore and you have to develop a village with the given
population and area within one year. Devise a strategy.
GT 2..
You are in a backward village/area of India. People are not interested in
educating their children. Develop a strategy to convince them to send their
children to school.
GT 3..
Discuss among yourself the things that Indian Engineering colleges lack and
come up with a new education system, so that the engineering colleges can
create more innovative and quality engineers.
GT 4...
prepare a list of actions needed to prevent/tackle sexual harassment cases
happening in all the offices in a small town. We had to discuss among ourselves
and prepare a framework for tackling the problem and then present it to the
GT 5...
if your helicopter has crashed and you have landed in a forest area with some
basic things like water, rope, oxygen cylinder etc what actions will you take as a
GT 6...
group members were given a page with 4 random pictures and asked to make a
story based on them in 5 minutes. Then, each member was asked to present a
part of the story.
GT 7...
provide solution for a village with water scarcity and draw conclusion on how
will you convince the villagers to save water and formulte ways for the same as
if you are villagers residing in the same village.
GT 8...
How to stop Domestic Violence in a village? Prepare a concrete plan.
GT 9....
There is a remote village. And the girls of the village goes to school which is far
from the village. There were two issues:
1. Some villagers were not allowing their daughters to go to school because they
thought it was a wastage of time for girls as ultimately they have to marry.
2. Also, while commuting the girls have to face eve-teasing from local boys of
As a community, what steps you will take to improve the situation

ONGC Interview
Vitthal Sharma (EC)
Q1- introduce yourself?
Q2- tell me about your project ?
Q3- Tell me about your family background?
Q4- why you choose public sector over private sector?
Q5- have you applied for other PSUs?
Q6- have you appeared for campus placements ?
Q7-what kind of role you want in ONGC ?
Q8- are you ready to work anywhere across the nation?
Q9-there were 3 technical questions which were very easy


ONGC interview
ECE rank 88
First question about 3 year gap why so much gap you should have done PhD by
MTech thesis
Then about subject in mtech advance communication systems
Then About LTE 4g
About AM detector envelope detector
About family background
About weekness
Hobbies I written chess so asked India grandmaster in chess


Hi Ma'am I had BEML interview today in Bangalore. We were called in the
order of our ranks and in two batches-8am and 11am. Interview was purely
technical and lasted hardly 5 mins on an average. They start with name college
and family and then goes to technical questions. They asked me my favourite
subjects to which I said SOM and TOM but they asked me back if I had studied
automobile in btech. They asked 3 to 4 questions grim that and then shifted to
my project. They asked me some questions based on the two projects I did
among which one was of interest to them.
Upon sharing the interview experience with fellow candidates I came to know
that they have asked only 2 or 3 questions to almost everyone. One of my
college friends was in the 11 am batch to whom only 2 technical questions were
In my yesterday's BHEL interview, questions were asked on
Training (max ques)
Final year project
Function of lubricant
Welding (definition)
Filler material used for dissimilar welding
Difference between lathe and milling
You are from a college specialised in foundry and forge then why preferred
Why 1 year gap after b tech? ( i told about preparation and improvement(rank
2789 to 9)
If u posted in remote location then?
Interview was of around 15 min. I was able to answer each question. I am
satisfied. Now waiting for the result

Important feedback from.BPCL...PANEL .....TO CANDIDATES..

Mam I was there in today's last GD. There you have given some important
feedbacks to all of us regarding bpcl gd.
1)Give Engineering oriented solutionns.
2) Take responsibility of task, not that call your supervisor or do a meeting.
3) Show you can work in group.
4) Try to find a solution.

Todayz NITIE mumbai....experiences.....of candidates...

Posting as it is as recvd on whtsapp...from students.....
Students are saying ..exactly same as taught in MADE EASY classes.....
Experience 1...
Name :saket kumar sahu, subj: Nitie , Gd topic was "are engineers wasting their
degree in management studies; Interview was technical , questions from project
and summer training were asked. They are giving same Gd topics as they have
emailed. Ques were same as you taught.Thanku
Interview duration: 10 to 15 mins.
They gave pencil and paper in Gd.
Experience 2...
Mam.......Nitie interview done today itself. GD topic was- celebrity endorse
Advertisement....Something like that , i used your STEP -IM technique...Was
able to give good points, In PI They focus on project work of engineering only.
Celebrity endorsement and effect of Advertisement
Experience 3...
Gdevening ma'am
M pulkit rana gate rank 473 ME
Appeared for Nitie mumbai today in 2pm slot
Gd topic was "should hindi be the national language or english should be used
as official language"
I did well with ur guidance
Initiated the Gd and keep participating in between also
Put major points like our pm give speech in hindi when he visit other countries
South people face prob. In hindi
22 languages inour constitution
Pi was all driven by me only
They asked me for brief intro there only i introduced my project then they asked
about project
Then frm cv about my achievement
Campus placement
Why i didn't join
Where i see myself aftr 5 years (they wanted this answer to be more specific
like i said merging my technical skills and management skills...... They wanted
itto be more specific like which sector....)
Panel was cooperative
Hoping to get selected
Experience 4...
Ma'am just gave gd and pI of NITIE ...
They didn't ask anything technical ..
1 tell us about yourself
2 wt r ur hobbies
3 asked me to sing a song
4 have u applied anywhere else ( told dat applied for IIT Kanpur)
5 what is ur rank
6 what is ur course preference
7 what is operation research
8 give an example of OR in ur house hold
Experience 5..
Good evening ma'am
Nitie gd topic was Do we need god to be good?
Interview : Tell abt yourself?
Training ,difference between pumps and compressors asked to draw Rankine
cycle and refrigeration cycle explain isentropic process, simplex method in lpp
asked abt hobbies my views on chetan bhagat's novel as my hobby
Nad also abt sebi and bs 3 and bs 4
Experience 6....
NITIE Interview experience
GD Topic-Is free services provided by jio an unfair business??
PI was your GD??
2.What were your comments in GD??
4.question related to my hobby( newspaper reading)
5.project work(no broad discussion)
6.ques on mathematics(i was asked to go on board and write an differential eqn)
PI interview around 15 minutes
Gd 12 mins(no. of participants 7)
No.of members in interview panel 3
No.of members in gd panel -3
Experience 7...
Good afternoon ma'am
Done with NITIE GD&PI
Gd topic was is demonitisation is a myth
Result will be announced on 14th of may
: There were group of 10 persons.
3 member were there to evaluate us. We were given 12 min total
First 2 min to think and 8 min to discuss and last 2 min to conclude
After that we were sent to PI
Mine was purely technical
They asked ques from IEM & OR
and related to btech project

Grtttt selections in BPCL..... one more feedbck of actual interview....

After gd there was technical round consisting of HR question also
They asked
1. About urself
2. Explain ur project/training
3. Some technical question within ur project/training
4. Diff. Between CI n SI engine
5. What is pump?? How it work
6. What is cavitation
7. explain ur ideal job
8 which location u would prefer
9. About birth place n schooling
In HR interview may consist of technical questiom
1. Tell about ur family
2. About bpcl
3. Why bpcl not any other
4. Explain ur training at ntpc
5. Which profile of job among bpcl u would prefer
6. Among father n grandfather occupation

Sooooo happppy this page is sooo students....

Few minutes bck recvd a whtsapp message frm an old student....GAURAV
SHUKLA...H BATCH GHITTORNI......currently working at IOCL.... Current
profile: operation & maintenance Engineer...... shared his old interview students appearing this year
My IOCL interview experience GD: Media trial vs court trial. GT: Steps to
reduce child labour. Interview Ques: 1. Why iocl?
2. Your seniors may have only diploma so would you like to work under them?
3. How will you handle the people which are older than you but junior to you?
4. If petrol will be used as fuel in diesel engine, would it start and vice versa?
5. Difference between gas engine and diesel engine with respect to lubricant
6. Where lubricant is used in the car engine?
7. Practical app of grease
Thnxxxx Gaurav....
God bless you
Jussss now recvd a message from a student selected in BPCL......
[20/04, 1:47 p.m.] +91 88664 16856: BPCL Interview
GD type: case study
You are engineer in a firm. You have to set up a plant. But environment norm as
planmed are not upto the mark. SO2 emission has to control and for this,
advanced scrubbers are required. But your supervisor passed it on the basis of a
temporary solution which reduced 90℅ of emission. What will you do? Are you
okay with his decision?
Technical Interview:
There are some personality based questions also like
What do you do in free time?
When and why you do yoga and meditation?
What is the benefit of meditation?
Whare are you from? And few ques about my home town as I am from
kurukshetra, they want to know why it is famous and importance of bhagwat
geeta etc.
Technical ques are:
What are you favorite subjects?
What are your project and link to favorite subjects?
What is link, young's modulus, endurance limit?
What are the types of link?
What are the different types of failures?
What is the difference between fatigue and creep?
What are different theories of failures?
What is the difference between knuckle and cotter joint?
What is the difference between clutch and coupling?
And at last why you want to join PSUs?
HR Interview:
This is basic discussion over my personality and ques varies from person to
In my case the interviewer has a link with former director of my college (IIT
Gandhinagar) so he asked mostly ques related to this.
When did the college started? Who the chairman and director of IIT Gn? What
is the area it covers? What is the conflict regarding land of IIT Gn?
Tell us more about you.
What types of project you have done?
If area of working is completely different then are you ready to join?
What type of work you expected after joining?
Are you okay to work anywhere in India?
And that's it...
[20/04, 1:48 p.m.] +91 88664 16856: Thanks ma'am for you guidance....
Selected 😁

Another BPCL experience of student .....recvd today.....

[20/04, 1:13 p.m.] Mam today's topic in Bpcl is....
one company is deliver a product which delay already and manager said I m not
responsible as being quality manager what should you do.....1.regrind old
product and deliver to client 2.compromise with quality standard and safety with client quality manager and try to convinced him and told about
[20/04, 1:13 p.m.] Everyone get chance to speak once few people some how
managed to speak twice. And in final they asked one person to conclude.
It suggests...the case studies are being repeated... ur opinions here on this case study....lets analyse it .....

Current updates
on bpcl....
Commonly asked qs to previous days....
Hve u done ny coaching....?
Plz say.....i hvnt dne ny coaching but focussed on self study .....took guidance
from mentors seniors and books
Yesterdays selected student feedbck...
Qs In my technical, they asked me about my job experience, B.Tech project and
area of interest. My Area of interest was Fluid Mechanics, SOM. They asked
about pumps, characteristic curves,
I went through HR interview yesterday. I was asked about my family
background, my previous job experience, why PSU, Why BPCL, Why not
IOCL, whether I am ready for any locations in India or any profile.
Some case studies of BPCL as posted by students....
.. A person is new entrant for a company, having 18 lakhs as a loan on him.
When He joins the plant operations, he found that for power saving, people
switch off the ESP( Electrostatic precipitation), which is causing a serious
problem to environment. He has reported to his manager and unit head also but
they didn't entertain. Even he gets show cause notice. So what should he do?
Case study was that you are an engg , you have power to give permit for setting
up a power plant. But the plant you are said to approve is not in accordance with
govt pollution norms . It is releasing a lot of sulphur
. Your supervisor is putting pressure on you to pass the permiit . He says mixing
coal with limestone will reduce the sulphur by 90 % and then it will be under
the poll norms .but it just a temp soln. Tell about your views and what action
would you take
case study: one company is deliver a product which delay already i.e exceeded
deadline and manager said I m not responsible as being quality manager what
should you do.....1.regrind old product and deliver to client which satisfies
safety limit 2.compromise with quality standard and safety n then give to dealer
3.without knowing to the company directors, quality manager and his team tried
by another way to meet the demands of the dealer

Some key instructions abt BPCL...
Know about company well
They are asking abt your subjects....plz go ready with relevant subjects
Dnt talk negetive about PRIVATE SECTOR....a student got grilled badly on tht
Dnt use unecessary wrds like pure fr sure....or financial fihures and terms if u r
nt sure
Please go well dressed....
Dnt argue with interviewers
Difference between thermo and heat transfer
Why you want to join BPCL...verrry commonly asked qs
Why not private sector......
Tell us about your PROJECT......MOST IMPORTANT
Tell us about your family background
Wht Training you did
Can you work fr 12 to 18 hrs
Wht is Maintenance engineering
Welding lathe machine.....qs
A students feedbck....
In my technical, they asked me about my job experience, B.Tech project and
area of interest. My Area of interest was Fluid Mechanics, SOM. They asked
about pumps, characteristic curves, gas cutting.
These are all actual qs....asked in the BPCL per students

As per response of students.....

BPCL interview
Tell about family background
Centrifugal pump working
Difference betwen diesel engine and petrol engine
Job location preference
Gud no of qs being asked on industrial training
A student' hobby was national badminton player....
Case studies ....quite similar to the ones done in class....
Qs on family and siblings
Qs on BS 4
Why you want to join bpcl
Typical case study example.......
U are reqd to issue a permit to start a powerplant but u know that it has
detrimental effect on env. So the supervisor suggests u a temporary soln..if u
cancl the permit u will lose ur job.also the supervisor is adamant that the soln he
provided will work.anyway the company goes ahead widout heeding to ur such a scenario wat will u do??