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One And Only | Words & Music by Adele Adkins, Danie! Wilson & Greg Wells 1. You've been on my ev-'ty day, loging my-sdlf in word I say? You lose your-seif in —- of your face God on - ly — time__ at the mention of my name Will, I ever sins Gers abstr by Unive Nasi Pb. Gb 0) Kona Mrs stag res (0%) on Cape Sere 0 knows shy i's tk - en me so Jong to_let_ my doubis. know keels to told you close and have you — Oh, you're the on - ly one that 1 ) 1 tell me whichev- er mad) T.ehoase you'll go} Reo bow 7 ‘why Pm scared, Te been here be- fore. Ev'ry feel-ing, eve'ry word, Pve i - ma- T dare you to for-give your past. ond your one and on to hold in your on end give. 2 oe to prove I am the one who can