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Application examples
The examples provided below demonstrate ProSimPlus ability to handle the different processes encountered in th
how the software can be used in activities such as process conception or revamping, optimization in running phas
safety studies. Far from being exhaustive, this list will show the processes often encountered in the chemical engi
that illustrate ProSimPlus specific strengths in terms of flexibility, efficiency and reliability.
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Natural gas dehydration unit with TEG
This example is a dehydration process of natural gas, using TEG (Trethylene Glycol). The interesting
points of this example lie in the use of the “absorption” module for the contactor model and in the
representation of two columns connected in series (the TEG regenerator and the TEG stripper) by a
single ProSimPlus “stripper” module. Additionally, the Windows Script module is used in different parts
of the flowsheet to perform specific calculations (gas water dew point, TEG losses for make-up
LPG recovery
This example shows a process of LPG recovery in a gas with a propane refrigeration loop. This process
is particularly inter-connected and includes several recycling loops. Additionally, beside the
implementation of the absorber module (deethanizer) and of the refrigeration loop, this process uses
the plate fin heat exchanger module of ProSimPlus, a particularly complex unit operation. This type of
exchangers can include as many as 10 different streams which renders the modeling and the
associated calculation particularly complex.
Bioethanol production plant
In this example, a bioethanol production unit is represented. Ethanol is produced from biomass by
hydrolysis and sugar fermentation. First, the biomass is pre-treated with acid and enzyme to produce
sugar. The sugar is then fermented into ethanol. The ethanol produced still contains a significant
amount of water, which is removed by using fractional distillation. This example illustrates in particular
how to add new components to the database and how to use multiple complex reaction sets in
Naphthalene separation
This example illustrates a process to purify naphthalene from a mixture containing 13 components
using a train of three two-phase (liquid-vapour) distillation columns. For each of the three distillation
columns, several specifications are set on the output streams, illustrating the way to set "non-standard"
specifications in the multi-stage separation modules of ProSimPlus. This example also shows how to
use MEASUREMENT modules on streams as well as information streams in order to determine the
naphthalene recovery ratio between process input and output.

Heterogeneous extractive distillation

This example illustrates a high purity separation process of an azeotropic mixture (ethanol-water) 9/21/2010
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through heterogeneous azeotropic distillation. This process includes three-phase (liquid-liquid-vapor)

distillation columns. Additionally these multi-stage separation modules are part of a recycling stream,
demonstrating the efficiency of ProSimPlus convergence methods. Specifications are set on output
streams in order to insure the required purity. This example illustrates the way to set "non-standard"
specifications in the multi-stage separation modules. It also shows the capability to use several
thermodynamic models in the same flowsheet (or different set of parameters for the same model): here
a specific model is used for the decanter in order to properly model the demixion phenomena.
Biofuel production plant
This example illustrates the production of biofuel from pure vegetable oil with an alkaline catalyst. The
process involves a transesterification reaction that requires using an alcohol (usually methanol) and
allows producing biofuel and glycerol from oil. It uses mainly simple reactors (for transesterification and
catalyst neutralization), scrubbers and splitters to separate heavy components from light ones, and
distillation columns to separate products and purify the biofuel. Specifications are imposed on columns
output streams in order to reach required purities.
Ethanol plant
This example illustrates a manufacturing unit of drinks-grade alcohol, (ethanol distillery) with very
constraining specifications of purity. The simulation of this process is complex because it comprises five
distillation columns (two-phase or three-phase) highly inter-connected with many recyclings. Moreover
the representation of phase equilibria is also particularly complex because of the strong non-ideality of
the system: very strict specifications of purity, phenomena of liquid phase splitting, multiple azeotropes,
etc. The particular point which is detailed in this example is the possibility to impose specifications on
the output streams of a distillation column or on any multistage separation module in ProSimPlus.
Cyclohexane production unit
In this example, a cyclohexane production unit is represented. It is a typical chemical industrial process
that includes a reaction section where the product is synthesized followed by a separation section
where products and by-products are separated. Particular points detailed in this example are the use of
a constraint management module in order to reach a specification and of information streams to split a
heat exchanger between a temperature set point and a simple exchanger, in order to avoid a stream

Simple example
The main interest of this simple example is that it allows a progressive approach to process simulation
and its main concepts: components involved, thermodynamic models, unit operations and their
corresponding operating parameters, recycling loops, etc. The particular points detailed in this example
are the concept of recycling loop and the principles of the simultaneous modular approach used in

Note : theses files are provided "as is" without any warranty of any nature whatsoever. ProSim does not warrant that the functions contained in the programs are erro
user's requirements. ProSim makes no warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to, any warranties of fitness for a particular purpose. ProSim shall hav
for damages arising out of or related to the delivery, use, efficiency, or suitability of these examples or the application of the results.

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