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Product Data Sheet

Electronic Fridge or Freezer

A digital thermometer to show room temperature and
the temperature of fridge or freezer. The alarm
sounds and the LEDs lights flash for 5 seconds every
minute if the temperature goes outside the safety

Product Specifications
Temperature Range: -50 to +70°C&F (switchable)
Resolution: 0.1°C*
Accuracy: +/1°C between 0 and +40°C, otherwise +/2°C
CE: Approved
ROHS/WEEE: Compliant
Hazard Information (SDS): See for information
Product Weight: Packaged - 88g
Unpackaged - 57g
Product Dimensions: Packaged - 222mm x 164mm x 34mm
Unpackaged - 26mm x 135mm x 20mm
LCD Dimensions: 58mm x 12mm
Probe Length: 1m (with suction cup)
Display Card Weight: 9g
Display Card Dimensions: 209mm x 150mm x 0.5mm
Display PVC Blister Weight: 122g
Display PVC Blister Dimensions: 222mm x 164mm x 34mm

* Note: As the LCD can show negative readings, once the temperature falls below -9.9°C/F,
the resolution changes from 0.1°C/F to 1°C/F to allow for the “-” sign.

Description Range Divisions Barcode Product No

Electronic Fridge or Freezer -50 +70°C&F 0.1°C 5 011405 224002 22/400/3


Please note: all information on this data sheet is correct at the time of printing, but our policy is one
of continuous product development. We reserve the right to change specification without notice.
PDS 0057:17:R5

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