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Chocolate petits fours

Method Time Equipment/ ingredients

wash hands, tie up hair, put on 3 minutes soap, water, apron, hair tie

gather all the the equipment 3 minutes dark chocolate, thickened cream, butter, vanilla extract,
and ingredients cocoa powder, baking tray, baking papaws, heat proof
bowl, knife, spoon, fridge, whisk

place the chocolate, cream and 2minutes chocolate, thickened cream, butter and heat proof bowl
butter in the bowl

place in microwave to melt 1-2 microwave, heat proof bowl


add in vanilla extract and stir 5 minutes mixture, bowl and whisk
till smooth

prepare the baking tray 5 minutes baking tray, baking paper

pace the mixture in the baking 5 minutes baking tray, spoon

tray with spoon and flatten for
the sharp

refrigerate ½ -1 hour fridge

cut into cubes and sprinkle 10 knife, cocoa powder, plate

cocoa powder while playing minutes
Mandarin butterfly muffins

Method Time Equipment/ ingredients

wash hands, tie up hair, put on 3 soap, water, apron, hair tie
apron minutes

gather all the the equipment 3 Baking tray, baking paper, oven, flour, caster sugar
and ingredients minutes mandarin, bowl, whisk, butte, milk, egg, oil, vanilla
extract, large jug, knife, spoon, cream, icing sugar

prepare oven and baking tray 2 Baking tray, baking paper, oven

combine flour, casting sugar 5 flour, caster sugar mandarin ride, bowl
and mandarin ride in bowl minutes

whisk mandarin juice, butter, 5 whisk, Mandarin justice, butter, milk, egg, oil, vanilla
milk, egg, oil and vanilla extract minutes extracts, large jug
to a large jug

pour juice into mixture and stir 6 mixture, bowl, whisk

until combined minutes

David mixture into lined pan 2 mixture, baking pan


bake 20 oven

cool the muffins 5


peel mandarins and cut each 10 mandarins, knife

segments through the middle minutes
with a knife

whisk cream and icing sugar 6 cream, whisk, icing sugar


place buttercream and 7 buttercream, spoon, meandering butterfly, plates

mandarin butterfly on top while minutes
Strawberry custard tarts

Method Time Equipment / ingredients

wash hands, tie up hair, put 3 soap, water, apron, hair tie
on apron minutes

gather all the the equipment 3 milk, vanilla extract, saucepan, egg, sugar, corn flour,
and ingredients minutes bowl, whisk, butter, fridge, jelly, strawberry, microwave,

place milk and vanilla extract 4-5 milk, vanilla extract, saucepan
in saucepan minutes

pour egg yolks, sugar, and 3-4 egg, sugar, corn flour, bowl, whisk
corn flour in bowl and whisk minutes

pour milk mixture in 3 milk, saucepan, whisk

saucepan and mix until boil minutes

when boiling, keep whisking 5

until thick minutes

add butter and mix 1 minute butter, saucepan, whisk

cover saucepan and 3 saucepan, fridge

refrigerate minutes

divide custard between 40

pastries minutes

microwave jelly 6 jelly, microwave


brush jell on berries when 3 strawberries, jelly, brush

platting minutes