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Assignment no. 1
NAME Odono, Vincent; Pitor, Mark; Religioso, Ariana; Sarino, Eloisa

Transport Properties Determination Using Tables and Charts: Divide the work among the members of the group, be able to
identify the group member who solved the corresponding item on the column provided.
Outcomes: Students are able to get transport properties from Perry’s Handbook

I – Mass Diffusivity (m2/s or unit as stated)
Answer Name of Group Member
a) i-butyl alcohol in CO2 at 10 C Odono, Vincent
b) n-octane in hydrogen at 30 C Pitor, Mark
c) i-propyl alcohol in air at 20 C cm2/s 0.0946 cm2/s Religioso, Ariana
d) CO2 in ethanol at 25 C Sarino, Eloisa
e) xylene in air at 25 C Odono, Vincent
f) glycerol in ethanol at 40 C cm2/s Pitor, Mark
g) lactose in water at 20 C 4.305x102 Religioso, Ariana
h) Temperature when the diffusivity of O2 in N2 is 0.092 Sarino, Eloisa
i) Temperature when the diffusivity of isopropyl alcohol in air Odono, Vincent
is 0.09 cm2/s
j) Temperature when the diffusivity of nitrobenzene in carbon Pitor, Mark
tetrachloride is 1.1 x 10-5 cm2/s

II – Thermal conductivity
a) Aniline at 15 C W/mK 0.183 Religioso, Ariana
b) ethyl alcohol at 68 F W/mK Sarino, Eloisa
c) water at 50oC _ W/mK Odono, Vincent
d) dichlorodifluoromethane at 50 C W/mK Pitor, Mark
e) ammonia at 30 C BTU/hr ft F 0.2703 Religioso, Ariana
f) air at -10 C W/mK Sarino, Eloisa
g) asbestos at 300 C BTU/hr ft F Odono, Vincent
h) 1issouri fire clay brick at 850 C W/mK Pitor, Mark
i) Pyrex at 100 C BTU/hr ft F 390.17 Religioso, Ariana
j) copper at 500 C W/mK Sarino, Eloisa
k) monel at 200 C BTU/hr ft F Odono, Vincent
l) Temp (oC) when k for magnesium is 195 W/mK Pitor, Mark
m) Temp (K) when k for silica carbide brick is 7.7 BTU/hr ft 298 Religioso, Ariana
n) Temp when k for rockwool is 0.045 BTU/hr ft F Sarino, Eloisa

III – Viscosity in Pa-s

a) kerosene at 25 C Odono, Vincent
b) 60% nitric acid at 100 F Pitor, Mark
c) O2 at 15 C 1.995x10-5 Religioso, Ariana
d) chlorine at 20 C Sarino, Eloisa
e) ethyl ether vapor at 90 C Odono, Vincent
f) Temp (oC) when viscosity of acetic acid vapor is 0.012 cP Pitor, Mark
g) Temp (K) when viscosity of ethane is 0.00085 cP 325 K Religioso, Ariana
h) temp (oC) when viscosity of kerosene is 3 cP Sarino, Eloisa

IV – Specific heat , J/kgK

a) methyl alcohol at 10 C Odono, Vincent
b) benzene at 85 C BTU/lboF Pitor, Mark
c) pyridine at 100 C Religioso, Ariana
d) alumina at 500 C Sarino, Eloisa
e) magnesia at 100 C kJ/kgK Odono, Vincent
f) wool at 35 C Pitor, Mark
g) CO at 200 C 1.15x108 Religioso, Ariana
h) Temp when Cp of ethane is 0.55 cal/g C Sarino, Eloisa
i) Water at 40oC Odono, Vincent
j) Air at 25oF (BTU/lboF) Pitor, Mark

V- Density, kg/m3
a) Lauric acid at 50 C 869 Religioso, Ariana
b) CO2 at 30oC and 740 mm Hg Sarino, Eloisa
c) 54 % aq. sulfuric acid at 18 C Odono, Vincent
d) SAE 10 oil at 20 C Pitor, Mark
e) water at 30 C 995.65 Religioso, Ariana
f) dry sand at 20 C Sarino, Eloisa
g) flint quartz at 30 C Odono, Vincent
h) 50% potassium carbonate at 65 C Pitor, Mark
i) mercury at 196 C 13121.70 Religioso, Ariana

VI - Normal Boiling point, C

a) acetone Sarino, Eloisa
b) glycerol Odono, Vincent
c) water Pitor, Mark
d) phenol 181.4 Religioso, Ariana
e) amorphous carbon Sarino, Eloisa
f) o-xylene Odono, Vincent
g) phorone at 743 mm Hg Pitor, Mark

VII – Latent heat of condensation (kJ/kg)

a) Steam at 150 kPa _ -2693.36 Religioso, Ariana
b) Iso-Propyl alcohol at 40oC _ kcal/kgmol Sarino, Eloisa
c) Ethanol at 1 atm _ cal/gmol Odono, Vincent
d) Potassium Iodide at 1 atm _ Pitor, Mark

Part B
Using the following format prepare two questions each per group member based on items I to VII. Include the
units in the question and write the answer inside the bracket followed by a colon and an acceptable range, usually
plus/minus 5 % of the accepted correct numerical answer. Do not include units in the answer and do not use
symbols in the question.

I-Diffusivity (m2/s or unit as stated)

aniline in air 23C cm2/s {0.0717;3.585x10^-3}

II – Thermal conductivity

III – Viscosity in Pa-s


IV – Specific heat , J/kgK

V-Density, kg/m3

VI-Normal Boiling point, C

heptanol C {175;8.75}

VII-Latent heat of condensation (kJ/kg)