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Lansia 45 tahun Diare

Family : Good morning…

Nurse : Have a seat please

Family : Thank you ners.I want to check my mother’s condition

Nurse : okeee, my name is Ners Gita. And you?

Family : My name is Dilruba

Nurse : And… (menunjuk mitha)

Mitha : My name is Mitha Ners

Nurse : So,what can I help?

Diba : In the last 4 days, my mother has diarhea.

Nurse : How many times in a day?

Diba : for about 4 until 6 times per days

Nurse : And how about the consistency?

Mitha : It feels like water and it won’t stop

Nurse : When did it usually come? Every night or every morning?

Mitha : Usually in the morning

Nurse : How do you feel after you go to the bathroom?

Mitha : I feel so limt and I feel like I don’t have any energy

Nurse : How can It happen?

Mitha : I don’t know why but I often have some diarrhea, may be because I like drinking milk to
strengthen my bone, because you know my age isn’t young anymore

Nurse : How long do you consume the product of the milk?

Diba : I buy it for my mother for about last month, but at the first there isn’t any symptoms. My mom
has a diarrhea but it is not as worst as now

Nurse : Ok, I see… you have to lay down in the bed, and I will call the doctor first
Mitha and Diba : Ok thank you ners

Dokter dan perawat bertemu

Nurse : Good morning, there is a new patient this morning, bed number 18. She has a diarrhea for about
4 days, and 4 until 6 times per day. So this is the result of the assessment.

Doctor : Oh oke, have you given her natrium chloride?

Nurse : of course I have, she looks so pale and weak. And based on the assessment of fall risk, her score
is high, so I put on her a bracelet.

Doctor : Oke ners thank you, I will there soon

Nurse : oke doctor

Dokter bertemu pasien

Doctor : Good morning…

Family : Morning…

Doctor : How’s your condition?

Mitha : I feel better but my stomach is still upset

Doctor : Ok, I am going to check your condition first


Doctor : this is the therapy which consist of fluid and also medicine for this afternoon, you have to make
sure that this natrium chloride has given all to the patient

Nurse : Oke doctor

Next day

Doctor : Nurse, why does Mrs. Mitha take Natrium chloride again?

Nurse : I give it based on the instruction in the bottle of the fluid.

Doctor : Don’t you see the medical report, I give her Ringer Lactat, it isn’t natrium chloride

Nurse : But there is no ringer lactate for mrs Mitha

Doctor : Now you have to go to pharmacist to clarify, why Mrs. Mitha doesn’t get ringer lactate?

Nurse : Yes doctor

In pharmacist

Nurse : Good afternoon, I come here because the order from doctor herlyn. She has ordered ringer
lactate for mrs Mitha, but why the pharmacist always gives natrium chloride inside of ringer lactate

Pharmacist : I am so sorry, the amount of ringer lactate is less, so I think it is alright if we give her
natrium chloride because the function is almost the same

Nurse : would you give me one because the doctor ask me to take it

Pharmacist: hmm oke, wait a minute


Pharmacist: here it is

Nurse: oke, thank you