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Judul Tugas

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Jurusan Teknik Sistem Perkapalan
Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Kampus ITS Keputih, Sukolilo, Surabaya 60111

1. . Pendahuluan
The body of manuscript begins with Introduction (1st page) and ends with the last reference
at the bottom of last page of manuscript. The size of manuscript must be exactly 16 or 18 or
20 or 22 or 24 or 26 full pages. (Book Antiqua, 9pt, normal)
2. Isi Artikel
2.1 Layout of manuscript (9 pt, bold)
(a) Use Custom Size Format, Width = 17cm, Height = 24cm, (b) top margin is set to 2,5 cm
and bottom margin is set to 3,0 cm; left and right margins are set to 2,0 cm on the
manuscript format 17x24 cm, (c) use the whole space of all pages, don’t leave free space, (d)
the text must finish exact at the bottom of the last page. The manuscript has to be submitted
in MS Word (*.doc) 2003 version. Please use this template format for the article by copy
paste your original article or write the article in here. If you use other word editors and can
not transfer it in Word and PDF please contact us.
2.2 Language, Style Spelling
(a) The manuscript must be written in Bahasa Indonesia, (b) use common technical terms, (c)
avoid abbreviations, don't try to create new Bahasa Indonesia words, (d) spelling: Follow
Bahasa Indonesia Dictionary.
3. Tables and Figures
Tables and figures have to be made in high quality, which is suitable for reproduction and
print, taking into account necessary size reduction. Photos have to be in high resolution.
Tables and figures should be embedded in the text. A short descriptive title should appear
under each table / figure / photo with a clear legend. (Table 1. Title, justified / Fig. 1. Title,
justified). All units must be included.
2 Nama Mata Kuliah (Header position 1,5)

Gambar 1. Title of figure, justified

Table 1. Title of table, justified

5. Equations
Equations are centred and numbered consecutively, from 1 upwards (Book Antiqua, 9pt).
x2 + y2 =z2 (1)

6. Referring
When publications are referred in the text, enclose the author’s name and the date of
publication within the brackets. For one author, use author’s surname and the date (Arkin,
2004). For two authors, give both names & the year (Mataric & Brooks, 1999). For three or
more authors, use the first author, plus „et al.“, and the date (Siegwart et al., 2006). If giving
a list of reference, separate them using semicolons.
7. Conclusion
Please read these instructions carefully. Prepare your manuscript exactly according to the
instructions. That is the easiest and the most efficient way to have a good article.
8. References
References have to include at least 5 items and have not to be self-centred. The list of
references has to be arranged alphabetically according to the first author, subsequent lines
indented. Do not number references. Publications by the same author(s) should be listed in
Judul Materi Tugas 1 (Header position 1,5) 3

order of the year of the publication. If there are more than one manuscript by the same
author(s) and with the same date, label them a, b, etc. Please note that all references listed
here must be directly cited in the body of the text. Second line is 1,24cm intended.
Lima, P.; Bonarini, A. & Mataric, M. (2004). Name of Book in Italics, Publisher, ISBN, Place of
Li, B.; Xu, Y. & Choi, J. (1996). Title of conference paper, Proceedings of xxx xxx, pp. 14-17,
ISBN, conference location, month and year, Publisher, City
Siegwart, R. (2001). Name of paper. Name of Journal in Italics, Vol., No., (month and year of
the edition) page numbers (first-last), ISSN
Arai, T. & Kragic, D. (1999). Name of paper, In: Name of Book in Italics, Name(s) of Editor(s),
(Ed.), page numbers (first-last), Publisher, ISBN, Place of publication