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Choose the best answer from the options A, B, C and D.

The diary of Anne Frank is an extraordinary account of a young girl's life spent in hiding.
Anne and her family ___1___ two years in an attic in Amsterdam, hiding from the Nazis.
Anne's family ___2___ from Germany to Amsterdam where Jewish refugees ___3___ treated
well. When Hitler conquered Holland in 1940, ___4___ Jewish people lost their freedom.
The Frank family went into hiding to ___5___ being sent to a German labor camp. Anne was
thirteen years old when she went into hiding. She began to record her thoughts and feelings in
her ___6___. In 1944 the Nazis were tipped off about their ___7___ place. There were
arrested and ___8___ all of the family died in concentration camps ___9___ for Mr. Frank.
One of his employees who discovered the diary and kept it safe, handed it to Mr. Frank,
___10___ decided to publish it.

1. (A) spend 6. (A) book

(B) spent (B) record
(C) was spent (C) notes
(D) have spent (D) diary

2. (A) move 7. (A) hide

(B) moves (B) hid
(C) moved (C) hiding
(D) moving (D) hidden

3. (A) is 8. (A) last

(B) are (B) lastly
(C) was (C) therefore
(D) were (D) eventually

4. (A) a 9. (A) but

(B) an (B) except
(C) the (C) accept
(D) -- (D) unless

5. (A) avoid 10. (A) who

(B) escape (B) whom
(C) stop (C) whose
(D) prevent (D) which

Answers : 1B 2C 3D 4C 5A 6D 7C 8D 9B 10A
Choose the best answer from the options A, B, C and D.

My dog was a puppy when we first got him. My brother ___1___ him on a playing field and
brought him home. We ___2___ him Rudi. He growled at us and slunk into a corner ___3___
he got to know us. Then he would jump into our laps and snuggle up to us. He is really
intelligent. ___4___ morning he will run to the gate to check whether it ___5___. If by some
chance it is not, he will push the gate open and run out. He returns in a few minutes but the
sense of freedom it gives him appears to be important to him. When it is time for food, he
waits ___6___ at the kitchen door. If it is not ready ___7___ time, he barks at my mother. He
knows that he is not allowed inside the house. However after his weekly ___8___, he will
wait at the door, and if invited, he will come in ___9___ that he will not be chased ___10___
as he is clean.

1. (A) find 6. (A) expect

(B) finds (B) expecting
(C) found (C) expectant
(D) was found (D) expectantly

2. (A) name 7. (A) in

(B) named (B) on
(C) was named (C) by
(D) had named (D) at

3. (A) as 8. (A) bath

(B) when (B) baths
(C) while (C) bathe
(D) until (D) bathing

4. (A) Every 9. (A) know

(B) One (B) knew
(C) Some (C) known
(D) Another (D) knowing

5. (A) bolt 10. (A) off

(B) bolts (B) back
(C) bolted (C) out
(D) is bolted (D) away

Answers : 1C 2B 3D 4A 5D 6D 7B 8A 9D 10C
Choose the best answer from the options A, B, C and D.

Forests are being sacrificed for high-rise buildings and golf courses, some say. At the same
time, the authorities ___1___ money on tree planting. While tree planting should be
encourage, existing forests must be ___2___. People need ___3___ from the pressure of
urban living. It is ___4___ to maintain pockets of green in the city to improve the quality of
living. Trees help to filter pollutants, ___5___ noise pollution and maintain a cooler
atmosphere as they ___6___ solar radiation. Urban forests or green lungs in the city also
___7___ as bird sanctuaries. If these forests are cut ___8___ the cities are going to become
hotter and ___9___ and unpleasant to live in. Even if developers try to reafforest areas they
have developed, they cannot ___10___ the biodiversity.

1. (A) spend 6. (A) cut

(B) spent (B) reduce
(C) is spending (C) remove
(D) are spending (D) hinder

2. (A) kept 7. (A) serve

(B) guarded (B) provide
(C) protected (C) give
(D) preserved (D) support

3. (A) rest 8. (A) off

(B) relief (B) up
(C) change (C) down
(D) cure (D) away

4. (A) good 9. (A) dust

(B) needed (B) dusty
(C) required (C) dustier
(D) important (D) duster

5. (A) less 10. (A) save

(B) lesser (B) return
(C) lessen (C) replant
(D) least (D) replace

Answers : 1D 2D 3B 4D 5C 6B 7A 8C 9C 10D
Choose the best answer from the options A, B, C and D.

What does the work of a nurse involve ? Many believe it is simply taking care of ___1___,
making beds and removing bedpans. There is ___2___ to it than that. Nurses are now doing
some of the work formerly ___3___ by doctors. Nurses also work in the public health
service, in hospices and old folks' homes. New technology in medical science means nurses
have to use new machines and learn new operating techniques to keep ___4___ with changes.
There is an increasing need ___5___ specialized care, so degree courses are now available to
enhance the ___6___ of health care. The ___7___ for nurses in private hospitals has resulted
in ___8___ shortage and many government hospitals are understaffed. This ___9___ the
workload of nurses. Few however ___10___ them. Many just take them for granted. Let's not
forget that many nurses work with patience and dedication.

1. (A) sick 6. (A) nature

(B) patients (B) quality
(C) invalids (C) type
(D) people (D) character

2. (A) more 7. (A) need

(B) much (B) want
(C) most (C) desire
(D) many (D) demand

3. (A) do 8. (A) a
(B) did (B) an
(C) doing (C) the
(D) done (D) --

4. (A) track 9. (A) increase

(B) abreast (B) increases
(C) moving (C) increased
(D) knowledge (D) has increased

5. (A) by 10. (A) like

(B) to (B) enjoy
(C) for (C) appreciate
(D) of (D) encourage

Answers : 1B 2A 3D 4B 5C 6B 7D 8A 9D 10C