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NO. ​932733

Date: ​April 5, 2018


BY May 4, 2018 Email:

Edmonton’s Exhibition Lands Transformation


The City of Edmonton is requesting information from interested parties in response to the following
Request for Expression of Interest (“RFEOI”) relating to redevelopment of City-owned lands in
northeast Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

This RFEOI is in no way binding on the City. It is not an invitation to tender or a commitment with
respect to future procurements or contracts. The City is under no legal, monetary, or contractual
obligation to respondents to this RFEOI.

The intent of this RFEOI is to conduct a preliminary assessment of potential interest to repurpose
and/or redevelop the lands in question. This includes ancillary parking areas used to deliver
Edmonton’s annual exhibition and possible long term repurpose of the EXPO Centre conference and
trade show facility and the historic Old Timers Cabin. Based upon a recent Council decision to
permanently close the Coliseum, submissions should not include arena facility-based reuse or
repurpose proposals. As the casino and horse racing track with stables will close by year-end 2018,
submissions should also not include these facilities, only the associated lands.

The Exhibition Lands is a concept-level planning exercise only. The information supplied in this RFEOI
is “high level” and general in nature. This process is not a prequalification for subsequent tenders or
requests for proposals. Submissions received will be reviewed and considered, along with other
stakeholder input, technical analysis, and alignment with City of Edmonton policies.
By responding to this RFEOI by way of a submission, you acknowledge and agree to the following
● that any information or documents submitted to the City shall become the property of the
● that the City makes no guarantee or commitment that it will consider or use any information
received; and
● that, at any time and without notice​, the City may, at its discretion, use, modify, or adapt
information received by the City for any purposes without acknowledgement or recognition.


1. The City of Edmonton (“the City”) invites the submissions to the following Request for
Expression of Interest (“RFEOI”) relating to the redevelopment of the Exhibition Lands.
2. ​The purpose of this RFEOI is to determine the type and level of interest for repurposing

applicable existing buildings across the subject lands (Attachment 2), or other options for developing
the site, including divesting some or all of the site, and any options that would support existing
city-building objectives for a development.

3​. This is not an invitation to tender. There will be no evaluation, ranking, or selection of
respondents as a result of this RFEOI. This RFEOI will not be used to pre-qualify or screen respondents
for a subsequent or future competitive procurement process.

4. The City encourages a variety of prospective individuals, organizations, consortiums,

companies, and institutions either public or private to become involved with this process by
responding to this RFEOI. The City is open to considering a variety of forms of tenure and

Submissions should be submitted to the following office by:
4:00 p.m., May 4, 2018​ (the “Closing Date”).
The City of Edmonton
Corporate Procurement & Supply Services
9803 - 102A Avenue NW
4th Floor, Century Place
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5J 2C3
Email: ​


Respondents may submit via email.

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The Respondent accepts the risk of non-delivery of an email submission, including non-delivery
as a result of a problem with the City’s email system.
The time and date of delivery of the Submission will be the time and date noted by the City’s
email system.

Questions or inquiries regarding this Request for Expression of Interest will be considered if
received not later than ​2:00 p.m. local time, April 27, 2018 (the “Close of Questions
Questions may be submitted via email and ​must be​ directed to the contact person listed
Lana Brenneis, SCMP
Senior Buyer
Email: ​

All questions or inquiries shall be written in English; the City will not respond to any questions
or inquiries not written in English.
Responses to inquiries or questions will be responded to and posted to the Alberta Purchasing
Connection site for this RFEOI in the form of an addenda. Any Addenda issued prior to the
closing date will form part of the RFEOI Documents.

The City does not anticipate that a Project Information Meeting will be required; however, the
City reserves the right to convene a Project Information meeting upon 5 business days notice.
Respondents will be notified by addenda posted on​ ​​.

The RFEOI Documents shall be the basis upon which a Submission shall be submitted, and shall
consist of the following:
Request for Expression of Interest
● Introduction
● Invitation
● Instructions to Respondents
● Project Information
● Attachment 1 –Exhibition Lands Planning Study Area (1 page)
● Attachment 2 – City-owned Lands for Consideration (1 page)
● Attachment 3 – Guiding Principles (2 pages)
● Attachment 4 –Issues and Opportunities Brief (39 pages)

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● Attachment 5 – What We Heard Report - Phase 1 (22 pages)
● Attachment 6 - Light Rail Vehicle Storage Facility (2 pages)



9.1. ​The form and content of the submissions shall be at the discretion of the Respondents.
However, a cover letter shall accompany each submission and include a single contact for
future correspondence.

9.2.​ S​ ubmissions should not exceed a maximum 50-page limit (25-page double sided).

9.3. ​Prior to the indicated Closing Date, Respondents are requested to submit a complete
package of their response Submission to this Request for Expression of Interest and one
electronic copy via email. Responses submitted by hand, mail or courier shall be submitted in
a sealed package clearly marked with the Respondent’s company name, address, and the
Expression of Interest Number.


Unless otherwise indicated in the Submission, the Respondent represents and warrants that:
10.1. ​Neither the Mayor, nor a City Councillor, nor a City employee has any financial interest,
either directly or as a shareholder, director, officer or partner, in the Respondent.

10.2. ​No spouse, child, parent, or parent of the spouse of either the Mayor, a City Councillor
or a City employee has any financial interest, either directly or as a shareholder, director,
officer or partner, in the Respondent; and

10.3. ​The Submission is submitted without collusion of any other person who may have
submitted a Submission for this Expression of Interest and the Respondent has not compared
figures with any other party that may be submitting a Submission nor made an agreement with
any other party whereby that party has agreed not to submit a Submission.


Respondents shall not rely upon any oral information provided to it by the City or its

Respondents shall carefully examine the RFEOI Documents and report any errors, omissions,
discrepancies, clauses requiring clarification, or any qualifications.

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Where necessary, the City shall respond to questions and clarifications by way of Addenda to
report any changes to the RFEOI Documents. Addenda will be posted to the Alberta
Purchasing Connection site for this RFEOI. Any Addenda issued prior to the closing date will
form part of the RFEOI Documents.

The City of Edmonton will not reimburse Respondents for any costs incurred in conjunction
with their submissions for this RFEOI.


All documents submitted to the City will be subject to the protection and disclosure provisions
of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, R.S.A. 2000, c. F-25 (“FOIP”).
FOIP allows persons a right of access to records in the City’s custody or control. It also
prohibits the City from disclosing the Respondents’ personal or business information where
disclosure would be harmful to the Respondents’ business interests or would be an
unreasonable invasion of personal privacy as defined in sections 16 and 17 of FOIP. A copy of
FOIP can be obtained from the Government of Alberta Queen’s Printer website.

Respondents are encouraged to identify what portions of their submissions are confidential
and what harm could reasonably be expected from its disclosure; however, the City cannot
assure Respondents that any portion of a submission can be kept confidential under FOIP if the
City is required to disclose any such record as a result of a direction by a regulatory authority
pursuant to FOIP. The Respondent also agrees that any information provided in its submission,
even if it is identified as being supplied in confidence, may be disclosed where required by
order of a court or tribunal.

Respondents are advised that the City may make public the names of any or all Respondents to
this RFEOI and that the contents of their submissions may be discussed at public municipal
council meetings.

The Respondent is fully responsible for obtaining all information required for the preparation
of its Submission. The City shall not be responsible for any costs, expenses, losses, damages or
liability incurred by Respondents in responding to this RFEOI.


After the Closing Date, the City reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to seek further
information or clarifications with respect to a Submission from a Respondent without

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becoming obligated to seek further information or clarifications from any or all other


Submissions and accompanying documentation submitted by Respondents are the property of
the City and will not be returned.


20.1 The City of Edmonton will review the submissions to gauge the level of interest in this
project. There will be no ranking as this is not a competition.

20.2 The City of Edmonton may seek clarification of submissions or additional

supplementary information with the Respondents to assist in review.


The City of Edmonton is gathering information to determine the level, and nature, of interest
in redeveloping the lands or repurposing Expo Centre building or the Old Timers Cabin, which
is a historical resource. The City may consider divesting buildings or portions of the site;
therefore, submissions may target the whole site or sub-areas or specific buildings.
Submissions for the above referenced buildings and/or site should support existing citywide
policies and city-building goals including, but not limited to, ​The Way Ahead Strategic Plan
(and supporting plans “The Ways”), ​Transit Oriented Development​, ​Complete Streets​, and
urban intensification. Adjacent neighbourhood plans are 25-35 years old, and the interface
between these communities and the study area must be considered.

In exploring the opportunity, it is important for submissions to consider people: residents,

shoppers, sports and recreation enthusiasts, workers, transit riders, students, visitors,
entrepreneurs, innovators, business owners, and others. The site has the potential capacity to
meet the physical and social needs of all of these groups. How any proposal will impact the
City’s financial return or required investment must also be considered in detail.


At over 220 acres, the Edmonton Exhibition Lands are the second largest urban infill
redevelopment site in Edmonton. The site presents an incredible opportunity for city-building
at a scale that is perhaps unrivaled among similar sized cities in North America. Very few

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North American cities have an opportunity to direct the evolution of significant lands that are
so well-positioned in relation to downtown, high quality public transit, regional road
networks, and green space amenities. (See Attachment 1).

Within the planning study area, the city-owned lands encompass the Coliseum hockey arena
lands, the EXPO Centre conference and trade show facility, a casino and horse racing track
with stables, ancillary parking areas that are used to deliver Edmonton’s annual Exhibition,
and the historic Old Timers Cabin. The city-owned lands are approximately 160 acres in size.

The city-owned lands are primarily bounded by the Capital Line LRT corridor to the west,
Wayne Gretzky Drive to the east, and Borden Park Road and 113 Avenue to the south. The
northern portion of the site is bisected by 118 Avenue, which runs beneath the LRT corridor
and Coliseum LRT Station. Adjacent to the site are the neighbourhoods of Cromdale, Parkdale,
Eastwood, Montrose, Bellevue, and Virginia Park. The site is included within the 118 Avenue
Business Improvement Area and is just north of Borden Park. (See Attachment 2).

Portions of the site are currently leased to and/or managed by Edmonton Economic
Development Corporation (EEDC) and Northlands, Alberta’s oldest agricultural society. EEDC is
now the operator of the EXPO Centre conference and trade show facility and Northlands has a
short term agreement to operate the K-Days exposition and the Farm Fair annual events for
up to five (5) years with options to terminate/extend. In December 2017, a series of
agreements were signed to manage the transition of the site facilities and activities between
the City of Edmonton, EEDC, and Northlands.

The newly revitalized Borden Park - one of the City’s premier open spaces - has served
Edmonton families for more than 100 years and is being revitalized in a way that will see its
legacy continue for years to come. The Borden Park Natural Swimming Experience will be the
first natural filtration swimming experience in Canada. It will rely on natural biological
filtration and will be chemical free. Borden Park is fully within the study area but not
considered land for redevelopment.

The redevelopment opportunity at the Edmonton Exhibition lands will take place over time.
Considering the site constraints and opportunities will be an important aspect of the
upcoming work. The existing site conditions assessment is contained in “Issues and
Opportunities Brief.” (See Attachment 4).

There are other projects and initiatives connected to this site to be aware of:

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1. Light Rail Vehicle (LRV) storage and cleaning facility - A facility that will be located
within the study area. There are two locations under consideration for this and a
decision has not been made on the final location yet, however, detailed design work
on the first location has been completed. Future analysis of development options will
explore implications of both locations from a city-building and operations perspective.
(See Attachment 6.)
2. Coliseum LRT Station refurbishment - The existing LRT station at 118 Avenue next to
the existing arena is undergoing study to look at upgrades to improve safety and
accessibility of the station while rehabilitating the main station structures. Future
decisions about surrounding land uses may impact how these station upgrades are
designed and integrated into new adjacent development.
3. Old Timers’ Cabin historic designation opportunity - The Northern Alberta Pioneers &
Descendants Association (NAPDA) owns an historic cabin that is currently located in
Bonanza Park, on the eastern edge of the subject lands just north of Borden Park. This
cabin is not currently connected to a land title and the NAPDA is interested in
identifying a permanent home for this cabin so it can be designated as a municipal
heritage resource. The final location of the cabin has not been determined and there is
an opportunity to consider how the cabin could be connected to redevelopment at this


The City of Edmonton has conducted preliminary public engagement conversations with local
residents and other key stakeholders to begin identifying key issues and opportunities this
redevelopment project could potentially address. A summary report of feedback collected to
date is contained in “What We Heard Report - Phase 1”. (See Attachment 5).

Feedback collected from the public as well as internal stakeholders was aligned with policy
and technical considerations to develop a set of Guiding Principles to help guide the future
evolution of this area. (See Attachment 3).


The City of Edmonton is seeking expressions of interest for the site and/or applicable buildings
that include:

● Proposed uses for all or part of the site, either with or without the existing buildings.
Responses may include, but are not limited to, the following uses: commercial, residential,
private, public, educational, institutional, arts and culture, recreational and/or entertainment
purposes. All proposed uses must align with existing legal agreements.

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● Proposed development scenarios -- responses may propose more than one scenario for the
area and can address as much or as little of the subject lands as desired;

● Where appropriate, several alternative solutions may be considered for the existing buildings’
lands within the context of a master development scenario.

● Note: For all proposed uses, the building and site concepts must maintain a majority of the
site as publicly accessible, i.e. people must be able to move to and through the site without
being unduly hindered, including roads and public realm, including publicly accessible private

Expressions of Interest must outline the following:

● Expression of Interest: Describe the proponent’s interest in the site. This could include a
desire to develop the land or to operate/manage portions of the site. Ideas are also welcome
from proponents who may not be interested in being directly involved. This nature of interest
must be clear.

● Vision for the site: Describe whether and how the development proposal aligns with the
existing Guiding Principles for the City (See Attachment 3). Where applicable, alternate visions
for the applicable buildings/site should be described with specific advantages to the City

● Integrating Change: Describe integration with and/or benefit to existing surrounding

neighbourhoods and the City as a whole. Describe how the proposal addresses the site
constraints and leverages opportunities identified in the Issues and Opportunities Brief. (See
Attachment 4).

● Form of Tenure: Describe the tenure that is being proposed. The City is flexible regarding the
form of tenure; options may include but are not limited to public, private, or some other form
of ownership, rental, or lease term. The response should provide examples of the type of
tenure being proposed, its relevance to this project, and outline the benefits and challenges to
the City of Edmonton.

● The distribution of public and private spaces; a majority of the land (either with or without the
existing buildings) should remain publicly accessible.

● Provide a narrative statement explaining the economic feasibility of the proposal including
any market assumptions made by the respondent.

● Description of the financial model proposed and the City’s potential financial obligations,
including but not limited to capital and operation requirements, potential revenues such as
tax or lease revenues, potential sale proceeds and/or programming considerations.

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Additional Submission Information Requested

The following information is requested from Respondents:

● Respondent’s introduction including contact details, background, corporate profile, key

personnel with personal bios/roles, etc.;

● Respondent’s prior experience with similar projects; for example your organization’s
experience in both the lead management role and non-lead partner role

● What would further increase your company/organization/institution's interest in


● Are there other issues or concerns your company/institution/organization would like to


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