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The refrigerator or the fridge

what is the refrigerator? it is an appliance that is used to store or keep your food and to keep it
cool. it shaped in many different sizes and colors. you can see many popular brand for this
electronic appliance among others samsung, sharp, and LG. the prices is various. refrigerator
was invented by william cullen in 1748 but it was just an artificial form of refrigerator.
A table is a thing that people usually use to put their things on it. Tables has many shapes, it can
be square, round, and sometimes it can be in other unique shapes. Tables are usually made by
wood but tables can also be made by marble stones. Tables can be in many colours too. It
depends on what the table maker wants the table to be coloured.

Table is a thing that usually has a square shape. but, in this modern time table can has an
aunique sharp. table usually made by wood, but some tables are made from glass too. the
function of table is to put the things on it.

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