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Using mobile phone has many advantages. First of all, it is conveinent because you can carry
it with you wherever you go. Beside, it can be very useful in emergencies, for example, if your
car breaks down. What’s more, they’re not just phones, you can use them as alarm clocks,
calculators, and much more. However, there are also a number of disadvantages. Firstly,
doctors alwaya warns people against them, because using mobile phones too much can lead
to health problems such as brain disease. They are also very annoying in cinemas or at the
theatre when people forget to switch them off. Another problem is that they are always being
updated. Therefore, it is necessary to buy a new one every couple of years. Finally, it is quite
expensive to use the service. (X) ______________. But we mustn’t forget that there are also
some problems involved.

1. The best concluding sentence to complete the paragraph is (X) = ....

A. In conclusion, I believe that although they have some disadvantages, mobile phones
can be very useful.
B. To sum up, mobile phones people use gives more advantages that disadvantages to
C. In short, having mobile phones is believed to enable people solve their daily
problems easily.
D. Thus, because mobile phones are dangerous, people have to be careful and wise in
using them.

2. Although it is difficult to ride a bike if you live close to the city centre, (X) _____. To begin
with, it is environmentally friendly. Pollution is one of the biggest problems in the world and
using a bike can definitely help to reduce it. Besides, using a bike everyday helps us to save
money. Just think about how much money we spend on petrol every month! Riding a bike can
also help us keep fit. It is great exercise for the legs as well as the heart. That’s why, a lot of
people find bike riding the ideal pastime. What is more, it is a great way to relax.
The best topic sentence to complete the paragraph is (X) = ...
A. There are many good reasons for using it
B. Riding bicycle needs inexxpensive reasons
C. It is important for people to ride it
D. We have reasons why we love it
The text below is for question number 3 & 4
Standing on his legs, this rare andalucian stallion is fearless. His eyes are turned back while
his noble looking head is held high. (1) ____. His face displays a strong confidence with his
nostrils flared, his veins bulging from his cheek, bones, and his fiery black eyes burning holes
into the souls of those who stare into them. His neck muscles are tensed and thickened with
adrenalin. His backbone and underbelly are held almost straight up and his hand quarters are
tensed. His back hooves are pressed into the earth; therefore, his hooves cause deep gouges
from the weight of his body on the soil. (2) ____ and every once in a while a burst of wind
catches it and then it floats down back into place like an elegant piece of silk falling from the
sky. His bravery and strength are what made his breed prized as a warhorse.

3. The best sentence to complete 1 is ...

A. All his black coat glistens in the sun that afternoon.
B. The legs are spread apart for balance and strength.
C. His all black coat glistens in the late afternoon sun.
D. The horse has tensed and thickened neck muscles.

4. The best sentence to complete 2 is ...

A. Everything indicates how strong he is.
B. His black tail is hels straight down.
C. His tail is black and going down.
D. He is brave and can win a prize.

The text below is for question number 5-7

Last week, my family and I went to the National Mall to visit U.S. Botanic Gardens and
the National Museum of the American Indian.
In the morning, when we got to the Botanic Gardens there was a long big line, so we had
to wait for quite a while to get in.
After we entered the gardens, we went straight to the Children’s Garden fir the new plant
collections. My sister and I were so excited to see them. They were so colorful and beautiful.
At lunchtime, Dad decide to cook a barbeque. He cooked sausages so we could have
sausage sandwiches. Mom forget the tomato sauce so we had to eat them plain.
In the afternoon, we visited the museum of the American Indian. My sister was excited to
learn the diversity of culture, language, history, and tradition of indigenous peoples of North
and South America.
At the end of the day when we left we were going to go and get ice cream but we were
so exhausted so we drove straight home.
5. What is the text about?
A. The National Mall and the U.S. Botanic Garden
B. An exciting visit to a museum with my sister
C. My family trip to a museum
D. A trip to the National Mall

6. What did they not bring to eat?

A. Tomato sauce
B. Sandwiches
C. Ice cream
D. Sausages

7. The word ‘them’ in paragraph 4 refers to...

A. Sausage sandwiches
B. The plant collections
C. American Indian
D. Colorful flowers

1. The terrestrial planets are made of rock and metal and are closest to the sun.
2. People often think all planets are alike, but there are actually three types of planets in
the solar system.
3. Gas giants rotate fast and have many moons.
4. Whether they are terrestrial, gas giants, or planetoids, the planets in the solar system
are fascinating.
5. These include the midsize planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars.
6. They rotate slowly and don’t have many moons.
7. Farther from the sun are the planets called gas giants,Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and
8. Finally, planetoids are objects made up of rock and ice and are too small to be ture
9. They are called gas giants because they areformed from gases such as hydrogen and
The correct arrangement of the sentence is ...
A. 2 1 5 6 7 9 3 8 4
B. 2 1 7 5 8 9 3 6 4
C. 2 1 5 7 8 3 9 6 4
D. 2 1 7 5 8 3 6 9 4
The text below is for question number 9-11
A smoke-fire property, little America Hotel offers 850 luxurious guestrooms,
complimentary in-room wi-fi access, down pillows, and other luxury amenities. The 10-
acre grounds are beautifully landscaped with fountains, flower gardens, and over 300 trees.
Our experienced, frinedly staff is dedicated to our tradition of hospitality and excellence.
Little America Hotel offers 25,000 square feet meeting space, with 22-conference
rooms. We provide complete convention service including catering, audio-visual support,
destination services, and more.
Famous for its menu of tradional favorites, comfort foods and all-day breakfast,
the Little America Hotels Coffee Shop has reopened its doors. The Little Maerica
Steakhouse offer our trademark gracious service and the delicious American Fare menu.
The Lobby Lounge is set a casual elegant atmosphere, perfect ambiance to enjoy
continental breakfast, specialty coffees, all-day dining and drinks. The little America
Wasatch Sports Bar offers cool drinks, hot appetizers, and plenty of big screens.

9. What does the passage mainly talk about?

A. The hotel’s facilities
B. The hotel’s property
C. The hotel’s coffee shop
D. The hotel’s friendly staff

10. The word ‘it’ in the third paragraph refers to ...

A. The Lobby Lounge
B. The Little America Hotel
C. The Hotel’s steakhouse
D. The hotel’s coffee shop

11. What is said about the Lobby Lounge?

A. It is set in a very friendly area.
B. It is famous for its traditional menu
C. It is set in a great mood to enjoy dining and drinks
D. It has more than 22 conference and meeting room
The text below is for question number 12-14
Mercy Otis Warren produced a variety of poetry and prose. Her fare The Group
(1776) was the hit of revolutionary Boston, a collection of teo players and poems appeared
in 1790, and he three-volume History of the Rise, Progress, and Termination of the American
Recolution. Interpersed with Biographical and Moral, Observations appeared in 1805. She
wrote other farces, as well as anti-Federalist pamphlet Observations on the New Constitution,
and on the Federal and State Conventions (1788). On her non-dramatic poetry, critics rarely
speak. Mercy Otis was born into a prominent family in Barnstable, Massachusetts.
In 1754, she married James Warren, a Harvard friend of James Otis and John Adams,
comes Warren was to become a member og the Massachusetts legislature just before the war
and a financial aide to Washington during the war with the rank of major general. Following
the war, James Warren reentered politics to oppose the Constitution because he feared that it
did not adequately provide for protection of individual rights. Mercy Warren joined her
husband in political battle, out the passage of the Bill of flights marked the end of their long
period of political agitation.
In whatever literay form Warren wrote, she had but one theme-liberty. In her farces
and history, it was national and political freedom. In her poems, it was intellectual freedom.
In her anti-Federalist pamphlet, it was individual freedom. Throghout all of these works,
moreover, runs the thread of freedom (equal treatment) for women. Not militant, she
nevertheless urged men to educate their daughters and to treat their wives as equals.

12. Based on the passage, Mercy Otis can be described as a person who ...
A. is religius
B. promotes education
C. is a non-dramatic poet
D. ignores federalism

13. Mercy Otis’s purpose of writing farces, poetry, and plays is to promote ...
A. Revolution
B. Education
C. Equality
D. Freedom

14. It can be inferred from the passage that ...

A. Mercy Otis was interested in politics because of her willingness.
B. Mercy Otis Warren worked with other poets to promote liberty.
C. Mercy Otis treated all her fmaily members equally.
D. Mercy Otis has strong leadership and writing styles.
The text below is for question number 15-16
The difference between a liquid and a gas is obvious under the conditions of
temperature and pressure commonly found at the surface of Earth. A liquis can be kept in an
open container and fills it to the level of a free surface. A gas forms no free surface but tends
to diffuse throughout the space level available; it must therefore be kept in a closed container
or held by gravitation fields, as in the case of a planet’s atmosphere. The distinction was a
prominent feature of early theories describing the phases of matter. In the nineteenth century,
for example, one theory maintained that a liquid could be “dissolved” in a vapor wihtout losing
its identity, and another theory held that the two phases are made up of different kinds of
molecules: liquidons and gasons. The theories now prevalling take a quite different approach
by emphasizing what liquids and gases have in common. They are both form of matter that
have no permanent structure, and they both flow readily. They are fluids.
The fundamental similarity of liquids and gases becomes clearly apparent when the
temperature and pressure are raised somewhat. Suppose a closed container partially filled with
a liquid is heated. The liquid expands, or in other words becomes less dense; some of it
evaporates. In contrast, the vapor above the liquid surface becomes denser as the evaporated
molecules are added to it. The combination of temperature and pressure at which the densities
become equal is called the critical point. Above the critical point the liquid and the gas can no
longer be distinguished; there is a single, undifferentiated fluid phase of uniform density.

15. The author support his/her main idea about liquid and gas by ...
A. Giving definitions and examples of liquid and gas storage
B. Discussing the causes and effects of liquid and gas
C. Describing functions of liquid and gas in general
D. Comparing and contrasting liquid and gas

16. The topic of the passage is ...

A. The conditions of temperature and pressure of the earth
B. The similarities and differences between liquid and gas
C. The different theories about liquid and gas
D. The important elements of liquid and gas

The text below is for question number 17-19

This year’s Notting Hill Carnival, Europe’s biggest street festival, was the best ever. (1)
________ the cloudy skies, the carnival brought the streets to life in its own unique way with
record numbers and little reported crime. (2) _______ After the two murders in 2009, there
had been major safety worries concerning this year’s carnival. To deals with these fears
several change were made. (3) ______, the route for the carnival was changed to avoid the
narrowest streets in Notting Hill, a residental area with many small roads. Next, the carnival
organizers provided more sterwards and they received better training. Finally, the organizers
ensured that the ending time, 9 p.m., was closely observed.
17. (1) = .......
A. In case
B. Despite
C. Because of
D. In addition to

18. (2) = .......

A. According to
B. Besides
C. When
D. After

19. (3) = ......

A. In short,
B. Firstly,
C. Lately,
D. Thus,

The text below is for question number 20-21

Today I am going to the library because I need to take back a book I checked out two weeks
ago and then pick out a new book to read. One of my favorite thing is to take off my shoes,
sit down on the sofe, and hold a real bookk in my hands as devour the pages. Of course I
could (1) _____ a list of a-book and download one to my Kindle, but it is just not the same
experience. I also like going to the library because there is always a chance I might (2) ____
an old friend there. Sometimes my best frined and I meet at the library for the coffee and
catch up on each other’s news before we find new books to take home. I really enjoy my
library visits.

20. (1) = ...

A. bring up
B. carry out
C. look over
D. watch out
21. (2) = ...
A. look after
B. go with
C. come on
D. run into

The text below is for question number 22-23

The Solar System is made up of all the planets that (1)___ our Sun. In addition to planets, the
Solar System also consists of moons, comets, asteroids, minor planets, and dust and gas.
Everything in the Solar System orbits or revolves around the Sun. The Sun (2)___ around
98% of all the material in the Solar System. The larger an object is, the more gravity it has.
Because the Sun is so large, its powerful gravity attracts all the other objects in the Solar
System towards it.

22. (1) = ...

A. creates
B. contains
C. compares
D. somprises

23. (2) = ...

A. fly
B. float
C. orbit
D. round

What is the synonim of the underlined words below?

Every thousands of people die, due to weather (1) related problems. It can happen in both
winter and summer. Let’s examine the causes for a moment. The year 2003 was a time of
extreme cold in the winter. Extreme, that is European standards. In Britain alone, the number
of people who died from cold-related illnesses was described as ‘shameful’. Nearly twenty-
five thousand people died from illnesses such as strokes, heart attacks, bronchitis, flu, and
pneumonia. In the summer of the same year, around twenty-three thousand people died in
Europe due to the sizzling temperatures. France was particularly badly hit, with (2) nearly
fifteen thousand deaths which were related to the (3) sweltering heat. In Britain, the number
of heat-related death was much lower than the number of winter deaths. It is important to
note that government needs to give some advices to people on how to protect their health
24. (1) = ...
A. isolated
B. separated
C. associated
D. anticipated

25. (2) = ...

A. closely
B. almost
C. maybe
D. mostly

26. (3) = ...

A. unquestionably hot
B. uncomfortably hot
C. commonly hot
D. normally hot

The text below is for question number 27-29

After graduating from high school, many students go on to university, but their reasons for
entering higher education vary. First, many students attend university to study a particular
subject in depth. Unlike high schools, university curriculums allow students to choose a
major. In each major, a number of specialized courses are offered, and they are taught by
experts in the fields. Moreover, universities have various research facilities that help students
learn. Another common reason for going to university is that a college education often leads
to a better career in the future. In many countries, people with university degrees tend to find
better-paying jobs than those without them. In addition, some universities provide their
students with opportunities to acquire practical skills. However, in spite of these
opportunities, some students cannot find rewarding job after graduation because of
unfavorable economic conditions. Finally, for some students, making friends and enjoying
active social life can be a sufficient reason to stay in school for another four years.
Furthermore, universities have a variety of student organizations where students can meet
others with similar interests and spend time with them. To sum up, students go to university
for a variety of reasons: to study a particular field, to find a good job, or to make friends.
27. The author’s attitude regarding studying in universities in the passage is ….
A. authoritative
B. informative

C. imperative

D. reactive

28. The word “them” in the sentence “…jobs than those without them.” refers to ….
A. jobs

B. people

C. countries

D. degrees

29. Based on the passage, graduates who are unemployed may be those who ….
A. prefer to participate in social activities

B. have inadequate required practical skills

C. have weak economic opportunities

D. are active in student organizations

The text below is for question number 30 - 31

One day Nick’s mom came across a blog on the Internet where people were sharing their
stories about oversleeping and different solutions they had (1) _______ to solve their
problems. After going over a few of these stories and realizing there could be an underlying
health issue, Nick’s mother (2) _______ her mind that the best advice was to look for a sleep
specialist on the Internet.
30. (1) = ...
A. Come up with
B. Look down on
C. Catch up with
D. Make up for
31. (2) = ...
A. Put on
B. Set off
C. Made up
D. Brought forward

What is the antonym of the underlined words below?

The currently (1) accepted theory of the universe’s formation is called Big Bang Theory. This
explosion caused the formation of the matter and energy in the universe. The universe had
been (2) expanding and cooling since the Big Bang. Most galaxies are moving (3) further
away from our Milky Way galaxy. The exceptions are the few galaxies that are close enough
to the Milky Way.

32. (1) = ...

A. Refuted
B. Refused
C. Rejected
D. Reported

33. (2) = ...

A. Compressing
B. Diminishing
C. Simmering
D. Shrinking

34. (3) = ...

A. Fewer
B. Closer
C. Longer
D. Narrower

35. Which of the following sentences is grammatically correct?

A. The cake which was left last night could not be eaten because without our breakfast.
B. The book with which some chapters were written by my advisor was the best seller.
C. The woman whose first book was reviewed by my professpr was my friend’s sister.
D. The money that you found belonged to the person which came here last week.
36. Which of the following sentence is grammatically correct?
A. The singer was trying to being following the instruction provided by the jury
B. The customer was being helped by the salesman when the thief had come into the
C. More and more people drive with a GPS device while they actually were received
their license
D. The laptop will have been being repaired by the technician for more than six days
by the time it is finished

37. Which of the following sentence is grammatically correct?

A. Andrew’s brother, with who I went to school, was the best student in our class

B. Her best friend, who was born in Turkey, has always been a great traveler

C. Our teacher, whom was taught in Rome, has always been a great teacher

D. I had a very rich uncle in Java, from which I inherited a lot of money

38. Which of the following sentence is grammatically correct?

A. If you have read this sentence cerefully, you consequently have known what to do

B. Should you read this sentence carefully, you have known what to have been done

C. If you read this sentence carefully, you would know what to do

D. If you had read this sentence carefully, you will know what to do

39. Which of the following sentences is grammatically corrected?

A. We will have been home by time you call us this evening.
B. The sooner you get done the work; you will get the paid the faster.
C. As fast as you left yesterday; the post man would submit the mail.
D. Our firend will not have come here until after willing to come here.

40. Sue : I am really bored. When can we leave?

Jen : Let’s play it by ear. I think the are going to do the birthday cake soon so the party
might get better.
The underlined expression means to do something based on the...
A. Rules
B. Plans
C. Feelings
D. Decisions

41. Carley : are you coming to the party tonight?

Robyn : I don’t think I should. I have been feeling under the weather all week.
The underlined expression means ...
A. Unwell
B. Reluctant
C. Frustrated
D. Pressured

42. Peter : Did you listen to the CD I gave you?

Kevin : Yes, I listened to it twice, it is really my cup of tea.

The underlined expression means ...

A. It makes me bored
B. It is easy to listen
C. I need it
D. I like it

The text below is for question number 43-45


When using an electric appliance, basic safety should always be followed, including the
To reduce an appliance should never be left unattended when plugged in.
Warning – To reduce the risk of burns, fire, electric shock, or injury to persons:
1. Do not allow to be used as a toy.
2. Use this appliance only for its intended use as described in this manual.
3. Never operate this appliance if it has a damaged cord or plug.
4. Never operate this appliance with any air opening blocked.
5. Keep fingers away from all moving parts.
6. Always use the proper needle plate.
7. Do not use bent needles.
8. Do not pull or push fabric while stitching as it may defect the needle causing it to
9. Switch the sewing machine off when making any adjustments in the needle area.
10. To disconnect, turn all controls to the off position then remove the plug from the
11. Do not plug by pulling on cord; grasp the plug, not the cord.
12. The sound pressure level under the normal operating conditions is 75dB (A)

43. The word “its” in the sentence “Use this appliance only for its ...” refers to...
A. manual
B. warning
C. instruction
D. appliance

44. What would be the most appropriate cohesive device to be used between sentences
number 10 and number 11?
A. particularly
B. moreover
C. similarly
D. finally

45. The next step provided in this passage may most probably be about...
A. how to utilize the sewing machine
B. how to assemble the sewing machine
C. how to save this instruction manual
D. how to use the instruction manual
The text below is for question number 46-48
The western alphabet, which is used in Europe, the Americans, Africa, Australia and New
Zeeland as well as in other countries, originated in the middle East. The people who gave the
world this alphabet were the Phoenicians, a people who established colonies all over the
Mediterranean, including Cartage in Africa and Gades in Spain. In their alphabet, the letter
were represented by little picture which presented sounds. The Phoenician A was aleph,
which means “bull”, and it was made from a little picture of a bull’s head. The letter B was
beth which meant “house”, and showed the round-roofed buildings which you can still see
today in Syria.
The Phoenicians and contact with another nation of sailors and Greeks, with whom they
fought and traded. The Greeks also started to use the Phoenician alphabet. They change the
names so aleph and beth became alpha and beta. The shapes of the letters are the same but
they have been turned sideways. Of course the first two letters of the alphabet give it name.
over the years there have been changes. Latin developed an alphabet with some different
letters to the Greeks, and other letters have been added since. But, really western are using
the same system of writing which has served them so well for thousands of years

46. It is concluded from the passage that….

A. The western alphabets are different from those in the Middle East
B. All letter in the alphabets use pictures and sounds
C. Today’s alphabet have evolved significantly
D. Each country has its own writing system

47. Based on the passage, the Phoenicians can be said to be….

A. Sophisticated
B. Religious
C. Creative
D. Famous

48. The western alphabet became popular because….

A. They were easy to be applied to he writing system
B. The Phoenicians used different pictures to represent letters
C. Many colonies all over the Mediterranean used them in communication.
D. The Phoenicians kept in touch with other people from different countries
The text below is for question number 49-51
Rain falls from clouds for the same reason anything falls to earth. The earth’s gravity
pulls it. But every cloud is made of water droplets or ice crystals. Why does not rain or snow
fall constantly from all clouds? The droplets or ice crystals in clouds are exceedingly small.
The effect of gravity on them is minute. Air currents move and lift droplets so that the net
downward displacement is zero, even though the droplets are in constant motion.
Droplets and ice crystals behave somewhat like dust in the air made visible in a shaft
of sunlight. To the casual observer, dust seems to act in a totally random fashion, moving
about chaotically without fixed direction. But in fact dust particles are much larger than water
droplets and they finally fall. The cloud droplet of average size is only 1/2500 inch in
diameter. It is so small that it would take sixteen hours to fall half a mile in perfectly still air,
and it does not fall out of moving air at alt. only when the droplets grow to a diameter of
1/250 inch or larger can it fall from the cloud. The average raindrop contains a million times
as much water as a tiny cloud droplet. The growth of a cloud droplet to be a size large enough
to fall out is the cause of rain and other forms of precipitation. This important growth process
is called “coalescence.”

49. The passage mainly discusses a topic on … .

A. the effects of gravity
B. the importance of rain
C. the size of clout droplets
D. the mechanics of rain

50. The word “minute” mentioned in the passage is synonymous with … .

A. tiny
B. fast
C. second
D. predictable

51. The author’s purpose of writing the passage is most likely to … .

A. compare the differences between droplets and dust
B. explain the roles of gravity in the process of rain
C. provide information about the process of rain
D. describe other phenomena of the rain
The text below is for question number 52-54

52. What is this manual about?

A. How to correct the mode
B. How to set the watch
C. How to set the timer
D. How to set the time

53. Based on the passage, the following is NOT a step in operating the wrist watch ...
A. Pushing button A will set 30 minutes timer to zero
B. Pushing button A once will initiate the watch
C. Turning the crown will change the date
D. Pushing button B will reset to zero

54. It is stated in the text that the short hand indicates ...
A. Dates
B. Seconds
C. Minutes
D. Hours
The text below is for question number 55-57
An Excellent Investment
New Business property of brick, with limestone front construction, carrying a 5-year lease
with an average yearly rental of $2,200. Tenant makes all inside repairs and carries plate
glass insurance. This property has no other expenses, other than taxes and fire insurance.
Located on finest thoroughfare of Washington, where there is an established and increasing
demand for business property. The price is $22,500.
If you are interested and want further details, call:
713 14St. N. Y. Main 2345
55. What is the advertisement about?
A. place to rent
B. A new business
C. Shannon & Luchs
D. Business investment

56. This passage fits the following characteristics of an advertisement EXCEPT….

A. using familiar language and simple vocabulary
B. using complex and compound sentences
C. using simple and colloquial language
D. using the Simple Present Tense

57. From the advertisement, we are informed that…

A. Shannon & Luchs, Inc. is a proper company
B. the taxes and fire insurance are included
C. the annual rental is less than $3,000
D. the company is thoroughfare
The graph below is for question number 58-60

58. The graph is most probably written for the purpose of ...
A. Showing the different statistical numbers in three sectors
B. Informing why water usage is different among sectors
C. Comparing the use of water in three sectors
D. Describing water in three sectors

59. The graph mainly discusses ...

A. The amount of water consumption in different sectors
B. The changes of water function from 1900 to 2000
C. The increase of water consumption in the world
D. The global water for agriculture and industry

60. It is conluded from the graph that ...

A. Water is important in many aspects of life
B. The world will run out of water in the near future
C. Insdustry will accelerate the global consumption of water
D. The global water consumption depends on the three sectors

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