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Professional information
Please select your company's primary industry sector

 Construction
 Energy/Power Generation
 Manufacturing/Industry
 Oil & Gas


Emobella Engineering Nigeria Limited, Managing Director /Chief Executive Officer | Dec
2015 - Present
Nigeria Breweries plc, Mechanical Technician | Jan 2011 - Sep 2014
Site Mechanical Engineer, Contour Global Solution Nigeria Limited | Jan 2011 - Aug 2014


University of South Africa/Universiteit van Suid-Afrika, Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) In

view in Mechanical Engineering | 2014
Institute of Strategic Entreprenuership Nigeria ISEN, Professional certificate in
Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations | 2013
University of Nigeria enugu campus, PGD in Management | 2011
Institute of management and technology IMT Enugu, Higher national Diploma in mechanical
engineering | 2008

Please list your level of education including academic, technical or vocational

Higher national diploma (HND) Mechanical Engineering, Proficiency in Management Nigeria

institute of management NIM,PGD Management University of Nigeria Nsuka, Institute of
strategic Entreprenueship ISEN, American society of mechanical engineer ASME,Pump and
compressor certificate AETI Limited, Operation and maintenance of Power plant CAT
Engines( TOPEC), PDMS, AutoCAD 2D and 3D,Technicians Training Nigerian Breweries Plc
training school. Carbon iv Oxide proplant operations and maintenance training (Union
Engineering)HVAC training (York cooling and Cold Care Limited )Industrial safety Training

Do you use Social Media? (Check all that apply)

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 LinkedIn

If you have a certificate, diploma or degree, list major subject/s studied:

Thermodynamic, Strength of material , Fluid mechanics, Refrigeration and Air conditioning,

programmable logic controller, Instrumentation , Engineering mathematics and statistics

Business profile
Personal Statement: Please tell us about yourself, personal bio, who you are and what you
stand for?

My name is Precious Adeho , from Delta state an Urhobo by tribe by tribe , was 7th December
1982 , I am a passionate motivational speaker and has written three books , read mechanical
engineering and PGD management, , i have this personal believe that lots of young people with
capabilities can run successful businesses – most especially in the field of engineering. which
can contribute annually to the reduction of unemployed graduates from the l engineering
department of tertiary institutions in Nigeria; I stand for truth and emancipation of the Nigeria
unemployed youths.'I want to fill the gap' through job creation

In a few words, tell us why you decided to become an entrepreneur. What led you down the
path to pursuing your own business?

1-The unemployment rate, in Nigeria is currently alarming and that is one of the major reasons
for the high rate of crime in Nigeria and because I believe the task to liberate my father land
should not be left to the government alone I have taken it upon myself to contribute as much as I
can with what I have available in terms of professional engineering experience to combat poverty
and unemployment having work for about 13 years . I am down this path having because i want
to provide engineering solutions to other SME and other multinational with a view of combating
unemployment and making profit .2-I am in this business to bridge the gap and discourage
capital flight I noticed during my work days, heavy duty production machines used by most
manufacturing company rely on expatriates for the installation and maintenance of their
machines, this service my company can provide 3- I will bridge that gap of poor quality pipe
fitting and plumbing jobs done by most unskilled pipe fitters and plumbers

If you are operating/trading, for how long?

5 month

Briefly describe your current business or idea

I run an engineering service company called Emobella engineering Nigeria limited. We provide
mechanical fabrication, Installation and maintenance mechanical equipment, facility
management to corporate organization and individuals as client

In more detail, what will your company do or make?

My business is provision of mechanical and engineering solutions to corporate organizations and

individuals. I own and currently run Emobella Engineering Nigeria Limited (RC: ) which I
incorporated in march 2012 but started its operations in July 2013 and now we provide
Engineering ,construction training (ECT) services to the Nigerian oil and gas sector , food and
beverage industry, energy and industrial infrastructural clients. Our core area of specialization
and services includes Installation, commission and maintenance of mechanical engines with the
key activities to cover:*Welding and fabricating services : eg pipeline construction and structural
fabrication this consist of performing professional mobile welding and fabricating of pipe and
structural steel while maintaining an ethical work process in Arc,MIG,TIG using AutoCAD and
pipe design software like PDMS. *Engineering design of metal structure and offshore platform
,construction of stainless and mild steel tanks,plumbing services, pipe fitting services , welding
and fabrication services, mechanical installation of equipment like pumps,boilers,cooling tower,
valves ,Pipe insulation and vocational and design Training services .My business is an
indigenous company prompting local content/inclusion and we have been doing well over the
years but huge potential to grow and expand.

What is new, interesting or different about your idea or business?

1-Quality service that is TPM focused2-Short turnaround time and project completion3-Post
project follow up and 24/7 support4-Guarantee on completed job 5-Affordable pricing 6-
Dedicated and highly experienced team7-Quick fault finding time using our modern technology
electronic technician for troubleshooting on power plant (Generator)

What problem does your product or service solve?

My service will help to reduce the unemployment rate and provide cost effective solutions to
SME like

Which most accurately describes your product or service development stage:


What is the size of the market opportunity for your business/idea?

we have a large market for my business

How will you make money in your business?

I will render Pipe fittings and plumbing services I will provide generator installation and
maintenance services I will provide domestic and industrial wiring to individual and industriesI
will provide training services on PDMS,AutoCAD, Boiler operation and maintenance I will
provide maintenance of generator and pumps

Explain how you intend to (or already do) find customers?


Who are you selling to or you plan to sell to in the next year?

My target market are Manufacturing, machinery, oil and gas companies-Food and Beverage
companies-Petrochemical -Hotel -Banks-Federal government agency( ministry of works)-

How big is the addressable market for your product or service?

The market for my business is big but aggressive marketing is required to take the market share

Who are your competitors? What differentiates you?

My major competitors are new entrant company like mine, which includes Golden Dynamic ltd,
Right approach ventures, Powerplus limited , Pure Welds limited etc. The three big players in my
industry which are Rockson Engineering Company Ikorodu lagos,CaKasa company Nigeria
limited Mushin Lagos,Hurlag Technologies Ikeja Lagos.we will use the below strategies to
differentiate ourself-We will provide quality service that is TPM base-Get referrals from satisfied
customers -Reliable 24/7 support to our customers-Aggressive and continuous marketing of our
services-Offer incentives such as occasional check up on customers engines and audit

List your top 3 competitors:

Rockson Engineering Company Ikorodu lagos,CaKasa company Nigeria limited Mushin

Lagos,Hurlag Technologies Ikeja Lagos.

What is your current milestone for business?

Purchasing of a EMW PICOTIG 180 argon welding machine

What is your next milestone for this business and how long will it take you to reach it?

Securing a fabrication workshop in a perfect business location,Registering for DPR Permit

license Purchase a scaffoldIt will take three month to reach my next mile stone

What is the name of your company?

Emobella Engineeering Nigeria Limited

When and where was your company founded?

March 13th 2012 and was founded in Benin city Edo state ,

How many employees do you have? What percentage are contractual, part-time, and full-

Currently we have 4 employees and the four are full time , we get contract staff when we have a
project , this is to reduce our overhead cost

Do you have any business partners, if so what is the partnership structure?


How long have all the partners worked together as a team?


What is your primary role in the business?

To ensure the company operates profitably and in an ethical manner in order to fulfil the
objectives of its shareholders, customers and staff

Describe your leadership skills and experience for running the business?

Professionalism and Integrity in keeping the the company accounting books,Ensuring that safety
of personnel and company equipment is in place at all time,Front end design engineering is in
place and customer friendly,Prompt marketing and securing more client to our client base
through mass media,First time right in all our business

If accepted into the programme, will you work full time on this business/idea with no other
external obligations?


If you cannot commit to working fulltime on this startup if accepted, please explain why?

i am available to run the business full time

Tell us something impressive you have personally built or achieved.

My 28th birthday was to be celebrated in 2010 with the intention of using the birthday to raise
fund to train graduate student on skill acquisition to combat unemployment and to encourage
people to donate blood for Enugu state blood bank as my special birthday gift to humanity..The
Idea was shared with a senior colleague and the plan was first finished in a paper and strategies
to get graduate student that will be trained was drawn out, potential corporate partner was
identified, venue for the project was identified, fund strategies, trainers and volunteer for logistic
and trainers were also Identified. The idea was then shared with my JCI colleagues who all
supported and adopted the idea as a project. I had to drop the money meant for my birthday cake
to print fliers and to write letter to corporate organization and sponsors.We partnered with the
National Blood Transfusion services (NBTS), Nigeria Television Authority, National Youth
service corp (NYSC), National Directorate of employment, individuals and it was a good
success.The project duration was two days with a total of 186 graduate students trained on
leadership, business start-up and fish farming. A total of 68 pint of blood was also donated to
blood bank; lot of birthday wishes to me and for the first time my blood was given out free to
save a life.The project helped me to learn to 'see the need and take the lead'; there will always be
support if the vision is shared with the right people.

Describe what impact your business will have within your community, country for job
creation, revenue generation or social development? (200 words)

My business will create impact in my community in a project I call YEFE youth employ-ability
in the field of engineering, this will serve as a CSR to me .The aim is to provide practical
applicable understanding of the field of engineering to young graduate and contribute to nation
building and to eradicate poverty and unemployment in Nigeria and find fulfillment in the
practice of engineering. The overall vision of the YEFE is to provide free practical technical skill
to young graduate of engineering from tertiary institutions in Nigeria and Africa to become
employable/providing employment which will in turn combat poverty in Nigeria and Africa.
YEFE intends to execute this project in two Tertiary Institution within Lagos State – University
of Lagos state, Lagos state university and Yaba College of Technology. This training will be done
in batches. We focus on graduate training and as we grow in business we will absorb some of the
student that we will train. we will also give specialized platform to student . We will encourage
this to look toward starting up their own business. One of the main focus is to ensure that we
have a well bake local content that will fit our industr

What are some of the challenges you face in operating or launching your business?

Getting DPR permit, Bureaucracy of Registering as a vendor with most multinationalgrowing a

strong teamProperly skilled man power at low cost

Explain briefly what you hope to achieve from the 9 month entrepreneurship programme?
(200 words)

Partaking in the 9 month training will be a great opportunity for me to meet professional with
burning passion for business advancement and also give opportunity to network with individuals
with wealth of experience on business start-up so as to bridge gap of my learning through
knowledge transfer and also to take full advantage of the training opportunity that will provided
by the organizers of TEEP because information is the gateway to transformation .I will benefit in
the mentor-ship of the resources persons that will be use as trainers. Networking is key for
business advancement , the training program will naturally provide the platform to network with
other entrepreneurs The training program will expand my thought about business and also how i
can take full advantage of the knowledge that will be given out to grow my business and
managing my accounting books.The training will give me opportunity to understand the basic
knowledge on transforming start-up business to a multinational and also that will serve as a
platform to help me create a ripple effect on other entrepreneurs through training and also
transfer this knowledge through training to student in university.

What business skills do you most need to learn about?

Business Accounting and marketing