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Instructions for completing the work placement

assessment forms

You will find two assessment forms: an interim and a final work placement assessment
form. Both forms include the list of competencies on which the assessment should be

Interim assessment: We know from experience that an interim assessment report is

beneficial to the student. That is why we would like to ask you to assess the student’s
performance after four weeks of training and to discuss the form with the student.

Final assessment: This form includes a list of competencies as well as a final

assessment that reflects your general opinion of the student’s performance. This
assessment will be the basis for the student’s final assessment, awarded by the college.
Could you please return the completed final assessment form to the college tutor of the
work placement at the latest one week after the end of the work placement? To make
sure the student learns from the feedback given, we would like you to discuss the final
assessment form with the student.

In case of a fourth degree kinship between the student and the company supervisor, the
company is asked to appoint another assessor.
IT Factory

 You identify the functional and non-functional requirements of a client.
 You list and interpret relevant information in order to solve complex IT problems.
 You convert requirements and data into conceptual models that are flexible, stable,
complete and straightforward. In doing so, you take into account the relevant
company rules and regulations.
 You study and evaluate possible solutions and make well-founded choices, for
hardware as well as software.

 You design and develop secure IT solutions, respecting previously made agreements.
In doing so, you make use of accepted standards, patterns and/or frameworks.
 You build well-functioning hardware and software systems with existing components.
 You provide proper documentation for your solutions.
 You thoroughly check your solutions against the agreed requirements. You check the
individual components as well as the system as a whole.

 You install, configure, secure and maintain IT solutions.
 You adapt IT solutions so that they keep meeting an organisation's changing

 You communicate orally and in writing in Dutch, English and French, taking into
account your target audience.
 You report correctly and accurately on processes, systems and products, orally as
well as in writing.
 You chair or take part in meetings.
 You provide training and support to end users.

 You apply a methodical and project-based approach to assignments.
 You perform basic supervisory tasks in a multidisciplinary team.

 You carry out assignments and projects independently as well as in team.
 You show efficiency and perseverence in your work, and you take responsibility for
the results achieved.
 You respect social corporate responsibility and you act ethically and according to the
relevant code of professional conduct. You take into account the relevant rules and
regulations, quality requirements and best practices.
 You reflect on and adapt your personal performance.
 You are a lifelong learner and make appropriate use of external expertise.
 You are enterprising. You aim at innovative and user-friendly solutions for technical
problems, taking into account the economic circumstances.
 You show creativity and initiative.
 You are able to perform in an international working environment.