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No sickness like hunger,

And no joy like the joy of

We are what we think. freedom.
All that we are arises with You too shall pass away. The fragrance of sandalwood
our thoughts. Knowing this, how can you and rosebay
With our thoughts we make quarrel? Does not travel far.
the world. But the fragrance of virtue
Rises to the heavens.
It is better to conquer
Than to win a thousand You yourself, as much as
Speak or act with an impure battles. anybody in the entire
mind Then the victory is yours. universe, deserve your love
And trouble will follow you. It cannot be taken from you, and affection.
Not by angels or by demons,
Heaven or hell..

Every human being is the

You are the source
Speak or act with an pure author of his own health or
Of all purity and impurity.
mind disease.
No one purifies another.
And happiness will follow
As your shadow, unshakable. It is better to do nothing
Health is the greatest gift,
Than to do what is wrong.
contentment the greatest
For whatever you do, you do
wealth, faithfulness the best
to yourself.
In this world
Hate never yet dispelled hate.
Only love dispels hate. To share happiness.
This is the law, The mind is everything; what
And to have done something
Ancient and inexhaustible. you think you become.
Before leaving this life is
Hatred does not cease by
Better than a thousand hollow hatred, but only by love; this
words is the eternal rule.
Is one word that brings peace. Master your words.
Better than a thousand hollow Master your thoughts.
verses Never allow your body to do
Is one verse that brings harm. Work out your own salvation.
peace. Follow these three roads with Do not depend on others.
And you will find yourself
upon the one way,
There is no fire like passion
The way of wisdom.
No crime like hatred,
It is a man's own mind, not
No sorrow like separation,
his enemy or foe, that lures
him to evil ways. minds the law.

Let go of anger.
Neither fire nor wind, birth Let go of pride.
nor death can erase our good When you are bound by See the false as false,
deeds. nothing The true as true.
You go beyond sorrow. Look into your heart.
Follow your nature.

On a long journey of human

life, faith is the best of
companions; it is the best The wise have mastered
Body, word and mind. In every trial
refreshment on the journey;
They are the true masters. Let understanding fight for
and it is the greatest property.

Peace comes from within. Do

Let no one deceive another
not seek it without.
or despise anyone anywhere,
or through anger or irritation However many holy words
wish for another to suffer. you read,
However many you speak,
The greatest prayer is
What good will they do you
Give thanks If you do not act upon them?.
For what had been given to
you, Your worst enemy cannot
With gentleness overcome However little. harm you
anger. Be pure, never falter. As much as your own
With generosity overcome thoughts, unguarded.
meanness. But once mastered,
How easily the wind No one can help you as
With truth overcome deceit.
overturns a frail tee. much,
Seek happiness in the senses, Not even your father or your
. Indulge in food and sleep, mother.
And you too will be
For in craving pleasure or in uprooted.
nursing pain
There is only sorrow.
Health, contentment and trust
Are your greatest
The wind cannot overturn a possessions,
Never speak harsh words
mountain. And freedom your greatest
For they will rebound upon
Temptation cannot touch the joy.
man Look within.
Angry words hurt
Who is awake, strong and Be still.
And the hurt rebounds.
Like a broken gong.
Who masters hiself and

Understand that the body Fresh milk takes time to sour. regret,
Is merely the foam of a wave, So a fool's mischief And fill yourself with joy.
The shadow of a shadow. Takes time to catch up with
Like the embers of a fire
Desire never crosses the path It smoulders within him.
Of virtuous and wakeful men. For a while the fool's
Do what you have to do Tastes sweet, sweet as honey.
Resolutely, with all your Bit in the end it turns bitter.
heart. And how bitterly he suffers!
Whoever follows impure
The traveller who hesitates
Only raises dust on the road.
Suffers in this world and the
In both worlds he suffers Can you hide from your own
The wise man tells you
And how greatly. mischief.
Where you have fallen
Not in the sky,
And where you yet may fall -
Not in the midst of the ocean,
Invaluable secrets!
Nor deep in the mountains,
Follow him, follow the way.
The true master lives in truth,
In goodness and restraint,
By your own folly
Non-violence, moderation
You will be brought as low
and purity.
As you worst enemy wishes. Do not let pleasure distract
From meditation, from the
By your own efforts
The ignorant man is an ox. Waken yourself, watch
Free yourself from pleasure
He grows in size, not in yourself.
and pain.
wisdom. And live joyfully.
You are the master.

Awake. The fool is his own enemy.

How easy it is to see your Be the witness of your The mischief is his undoing.
brother's faults, thoughts. How bitterly he suffers!
How hard it is to face your
Turn away from mischief.
Again and again, turn away.
Look not for recognition
Before sorrow befalls you.
But follow the awakened
Set your heart on doing good.
There is pleasure And set yourself free.
And there is bliss.
Forgo the first to possess the Do not look for bad company
second. Why do what you will regret?
Or live with men who do not
Why bring tears upon
Find friends who love the
Do only what you do not
truth. In the company of a master Or it ends in tears, even in
Drink deeply. And still miss the way. heaven.
Live in serenity and joy.

Your work is to discover your

Beware of the anger of the work
body. And then with all your heart If the traveller cannot find
Master the body. To give yourself to it. Master or friend to go with
Let it serve truth. him,
Let him travel alone
Rather than with a fool for
Beware of the anger of the Do not live in the world, company.
mouth. In distraction and false
Master your words. dreams.
Let them serve truth. Outside the dharma. Few cross over the river.
Most are stranded on this
Beware of the anger of the How long the night to the On the riverbank they run up
mind. watchman, and down.
Master your thoughts. How long the road to the But the wise man, following
Let them serve truth. weary traveller, the way,
How long the wandering of Crosses over, beyond the
many lives reach of death.
The greatest impurity is To the fool who misses the
ignorance. way.
Free yourself from it. Follow the way of virtue.
Be pure. Follow the way joyfully
You are far from the end of Through this world and on
your journey. beyond!
Free from passion and desire, The way is not in the sky.
You have stripped the thorns The way is in the heart.
from the stem. See how you love. The fool laughs at generosity.
The miser cannot enter
Happiness or sorrow - It is not iron that imprisons But the master finds joy in
Whatever befalls you, Walk you giving
on Nor rope nor wood, And happiness is his reward.
Untouched, unattached. But the pleasure you take in
gold and jewels,
In sons and wives. If you are happy
Be quick to do good. At the expense of another
Soft fetters,
If you are slow, man's happiness,
Yet they hold you down.
The mind, delighting in You are forever bound.
Can you snap them?
Will catch you.
The rain could turn to gold You are a seeker.
And still your thirst would Delight in the mastery
Does the spoon taste the Of your hands and your feet,
not be slaked.
soup? Of your words and your
Desire is unquenchable
A fool may live all his life
thoughts. While a man desires a think.
Delight in meditation woman, Be free.
And in solitude. His mind is bound
As closely as a calf to its
mother. He who goes naked,
It is you who must make the As you would pluck an With matted hair, mud-
effort. autumn lily, bespattered,
Masters only point the way. Pluck the arrow of desire. Who fasts and sleeps on the
For he who is awake ground
Has shown you the way of And smears his body with
If you are filled with desire ashes
Your sorrows swell And sits in endless
Give yourself to the journey.
Like the grass after the rain. meditation-
But if you subdue desire So long as he is not free from
Your sorrows shall fall from doubts,
you He will not find freedom.
One man denies the truth.
Like drops of water from a
Another denies his own
lotus flower.
He who lives purely and self-
Both go into the dark.
If you kill, lie or steal, And in the next world suffer
In quietness and virtue,
Commit adultery or drink, For they offend truth.
Who is without harm or hurt
You dig up your own roots. Buddha
or blame,
And if you cannot master Dhammapada.
Even if he wears fine clothes,
yourself, So long as he also has faith,
The harm you do turns If desires are not uprooted,
He is a true seeker.
against you Grievously. Sorrows grow again in you.
Dhammapada. Live joyfully,
If he is a good man, Without desire.
A man of faith, honoured and The wise man delights in the
prosperous, truth
Wherever he goes he is And follows the law of the A good friend who points out
welcome. awakened. mistakes and imperfections
Like the Himalayas The farmer channels water to and rebukes evil is to be
Good men shine from afar. his land. respected as if he reveals a
But bad men move unseen The fletcher whittles his secret of hidden treasure.
Like arrows in the night. arrows. Buddha
And the carpenter turns his The Teachings of Buddha,
wood. Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai.
Thirty-six streams are So the wise man directs his
rushing toward you! mind. A wise man, recognizing that
Desire and pleasure and the world is but an illusion,
lust... does not act as if it is real, so
Play in your imagination with Master your senses, he escapes the suffering.
them What you taste and smell, Buddha
And they will sweep you What you see, what you hear. The Teachings of Buddha,
away. In all things be a master. Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai.
Of what you do and say and
An insincere and evil friend Wherever there is light, there
is more to be feared than a is shadow; wherever there is Nothing is permanent or
wild beast; a wild beast may length, there is shortness; sanatan. Everything is subject
wound your body, but an evil wherever there is white, there to change. Being is always
friend will wound your mind. is black. Just like these, as Becoming.
Buddha the self-nature of things can Buddha
The Teachings of Buddha, not exist alone, they are by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.
Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai. called non-substantial.
Buddha Nothing is infallible. Nothing
Endurance is one of the most The Teachings of Buddha, is binding forever. Every
difficult disciplines, but it is Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai. thing is subject to inquiry and
to the one who endures that examination.
the final victory comes. Do not speak harshly to any Buddha
Buddha one; those who are spoken to Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.
The Teachings of Buddha, will answer thee in the same
Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai. way. Angry speech is painful:
blows for blows will touch
Good men and bad men thee. This Ariyan Eightfold Path,
differ radically. Bad men Buddha that is to say: Right view,
never appreciate kindness Wisdom of the Buddha: The right aim, right speech, right
shown them, but wise men Unabridged Dhammapada. action, right living, right
appreciate and are grateful. effort, right mindfulness,
Wise men try to express their Let a man avoid evil deeds as right contemplation.
appreciation and gratitude by a man who loves life avoids Buddha
some return of kindness, not poison. Buddhism and Indian
only to their benefactor, but Buddha Civilization by R. K. Pruthi.
to everyone else. Wisdom of the Buddha: The
Buddha Unabridged Dhammapada. He who for the sake of
The Teachings of Buddha, happiness hurts others who
Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai. All that we are is the result of also want happiness, shall not
what we have thought. If a hereafter find happiness.
The world, indeed, is like a man speaks or acts with an Buddha
dream and the treasures of evil thought, pain follows Dhammapada.
the world are an alluring him. If a man speaks or acts
mirage! Like the apparent with a pure thought, He who destroys life, who
distances in a picture, things happiness follows him, like a utters lies, who takes what is
have no reality in themselves, shadow that never leaves not given to him, who goes to
but they are like heat haze. him. the wife of another, who gets
Buddha drunk with strong drinks -- he
digs up the very roots of his
To live a pure unselfish life,
one must count nothing as
His success may be great, but Buddha
one's own in the midst of
be it ever so great the wheel Dhammapada.
of fortune may turn again and
bring him down into the dust. The wise who hurt no living
The Teachings of Buddha,
Buddha being, and who keep their
Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai.
The Gospel of Buddha by body under self-control, they
Paul Carus. go to the immortal Nirvana,
where once gone they sorrow Born out of concern for all Enshrouded in darkness
no more. beings. Should you not seek a light?
Buddha As t he shadow follows the Buddha
Dhammapada. body, Dhammapada.
As we think, so we become.
A man is not a great man Buddha Yet the Teaching is simple.
because he is a warrior and Dhammapada. Do what is right.
kills other men; but because Be pure.
he hurts not any living being There is no fire like passion, At the end of the way is
he in truth is called a great there is no shark like hatred, freedom.
man. there is no snare like folly, Buddha
Buddha there is no torrent like greed. Dhammapada.
Dhammapada. Buddha
Dhammapada. Do not what is evil. Do what
All beings fear before danger, is good. Keep your mind
life is dear to all. When a Let a man overcome anger by pure. This is the teaching.
man considers this, he does love. Buddha
not kill or cause to kill. Buddha Dhammapada
Buddha Dhammapada.
Dhammapada. To cease from evil, to do
We are shaped by our good, and to purify the mind
Like a fish which is thrown thoughts; yourself, this is the teaching
on dry land, taken from his We become what we think. of all the Buddhas.
home in the waters, the mind When the mind is pure, joy Buddha
strives and struggles to get follows Dhammapada.
free from the power of Death. Like a shadow that never
Buddha leaves. He who lives only for
Dhammapada. Buddha pleasures, and whose soul is
Dhammapada. not in harmony, who
Overcome anger by considers not the food he
peacefulness: overcome evil What we think, we become. eats, is idle, and has not the
by good. Overcome the mean Buddha power of virtue -- such a man
by generosity; and the man Dhammapada. is moved by mara (evil one),
who lies by truth. is moved by selfish
Buddha No one saves us but temptations, even as a weak
Dhammapada. ourselves, tree is shaken by the wind.
No one can and no one may. Buddha
The thought manifests as the We ourselves must walk the Dhammapada.
word; path,
The word manifests as the But Buddhas clearly show the The glorious chariots of
deed; way. kings wear out, and the body
The deed develops into Buddha wears out and grows old; but
habit; Dhammapada. the virtue of the good never
And habit hardens into grows old.
character. Can there be joy and Buddha
So watch the thought and its laughter Dhammapada.
ways with care, When always the world is
And let it spring from love ablaze? If he makes himself as good
as he tells others to be, then Your third is Hunger & Samyutta Nikaya - Buddha,
he in truth can teach others. Thirst. The Word by Paul Carus.
Difficult indeed is self-
control. I spit on my life. Just as a solid rock is not
Buddha Death in battle would be shaken by the storm, even so
Dhammapada. better for me the wise are not affected by
than that I, defeated, survive. praise or blame.
But truly, Ananda, it is Buddha Buddha
nothing strange that human Padhana Sutta, on his battle Dhammapada
beings should die. against personification of
Buddha temptation to evil. If a man going down into a
Digha Nikaya. river, swollen and swiftly
That army of yours, flowing, is carried away by
Whatever is felt is within that the world with its devas the current - how can he help
suffering. can't overcome, others across?
Buddha I will smash with Buddha
Samyutta Nikaya. discernment. Sutta Nipata.
This is deathless: the Padhana Sutta. One should do what one
liberation of the mind teaches others to do; if one
through lack of clinging. would train others, one
Buddha should be well controlled
Majjhima Nikaya. In a world that has become oneself. Difficult, indeed, is
blind I go to beat the drum of self-control.
Whatever is subject to the Deathless. Buddha
origination is all subject to Buddha Dhammapada.
cessation. Ariyapariyesana Sutta.
Buddha Easy to do are things that are
Dhammacakkappavattana Open are the doors to the bad and harmful to oneself.
Sutta. Deathless But exceedingly difficult to
to those with ears. do are things that are good
All compounded things are Let them show their and beneficial.
subject to decay. Strive with conviction. Buddha
diligence! Buddha Dhammapada.
Buddha Ayacana Sutta.
Mahaparinibbana Sutta. One truly is the protector of
oneself; who else could the
The parts and powers of man . protector be? With oneself
must be dissolved; work out fully controlled, one gains a
your own salvation with mastery that is hard to gain.
diligence. Buddha
Buddha Corporeality is transient, Dhammapada.
Mahaparinibbana Sutta. feeling is transient,
perception is transient, With good will for the entire
Sensual passions are your mental formations are cosmos, cultivate a limitless
first army. transient, consciousness is heart: Above, below, and all
Your second is called transient. around, unobstructed, without
Discontent. Buddha hostility or hate.
Buddha Buddha to satisfy a single man:
Metta Sutta. Dhammapada. know this and live
Overcome the angry by non- Wonderful it is to train the Buddha
anger; overcome the wicked mind so swiftly moving, Samyutta Nikaya.
by goodness; overcome the seizing whatever it wants.
miser by generosity; Good is it to have a well- Look not to the faults of
overcome the liar by truth. trained mind, for a well- others, nor to their omissions
Buddha trained mind brings and commissions. But rather
Dhammapada. happiness. look to your own acts, to
Buddha what you have done and left
There are those who do not Dhammapada. undone.
realize that one day we all Buddha
must die. But those who do Winning gives birth to Dhammapada.
realize this settle their hostility. Losing, one lies
quarrels. down in pain. The calmed lie Knowing that the other
Buddha down with ease, having set person is angry, one who
Dhammapada. winning and losing aside. remains mindful and calm
Buddha acts for his own best interest
The friend who is a Dhammapada. and for the other's interest,
helpmate, too.
the friend in happiness and Let no one deceive another Buddha
woe, or despise anyone anywhere, Samyutta Nikaya.
the friend who gives good or through anger or irritation
counsel, the friend who wish for another to suffer. By doing evil, one defiles
sympathizes too - Buddha oneself; by avoiding evil, one
these four as friends the wise Karaniya Metta Sutta. purifies oneself. Purity and
behold impurity depend upon
and cherish them devotedly Though one may conquer a oneself: no one can purify
as does a mother her own thousand times a thousand another.
child. men in battle, yet he indeed is Buddha
Buddha the noblest victor who Dhammapada.
Sigalovada Sutta, Digha conquers himself.
Nikaya. Buddha One is not low because of
Dhammapada. birth nor does birth make one
Crushing out of the conceit "I holy. Deeds alone make one
am" - "As I am, so are others; as low, deeds alone make one
this is the highest happiness. others are, so am I." Having holy.
Buddha thus identified self and Buddha
Udana. others, harm no one nor have Sutta Nipata.
them harmed.
Just as a tree, though cut Buddha Even when obstacles crowd
down, sprouts up again if its Sutta Nipata. in, the path to Nibbana can be
roots remain uncut and firm, won by those who establish
even so, until the craving that Were there a mountain all mindfulness and bring to
lies dormant is rooted out, made of gold, perfection equipoise.
suffering springs up again doubled that would not be Buddha
and again. enough Samyutta Nikaya.
The past should not be am’.
Whatever an enemy might do followed after and the future Buddha
to an enemy, or a foe to a foe, not desired; what is past is Samyutta Nikaya.
the ill-directed mind can do dead and gone and the future
to you even worse. is yet to come. The conquest of oneself is
Buddha Buddha better than the conquest of all
Udana. Majjhima Nikaya. others.
Think not lightly of evil, Make an island of yourself, Dhammapada.
saying, "It will not come to make yourself your refuge;
me." Drop by drop is the there is no other refuge. To conquer oneself is a
water pot filled. Likewise, the Make truth your island, make greater task than conquering
fool, gathering it little by truth your refuge; there is no others.
little, fills himself with e other refuge. Buddha
Buddha Buddha Dhammapada.
Dhammapada. Digha Nikaya.
By self alone is evil done, by
I have love for the footless, "Impermanent are all self alone does one suffer.
for the bipeds too I have love; compounded things." When By self alone is evil left
I have love for those with one perceives this with true undone, by self alone does
four feet, for the many-footed insight, then one becomes one obtain Salvation.
I have love. detached from suffering; this Salvation and Perdition
Buddha is the path of purification, depend upon self; no man can
Anguttara Nikaya. Buddha save another.
Dhammapada. Buddha
Better it is to live one day Dhammapada.
seeing the rise and fall of Wisdom springs from
things than to live as hundred meditation; without It is nature's law that rivers
years without ever seeing the meditation wisdom wanes. wind, trees grow wood, and,
rise and fall of things. Having known these two given the opportunity, women
Buddha paths of progress and decline, work iniquity.
Dhammapada. let a man so conduct himself Buddha
that his wisdom may The Jataka.
Learn this from the waters: in increase.
mountain clefts and chasms, Buddha You can search throughout
loud gush the streamlets, but Dhammapada. the entire universe for
great rivers flow silently. someone who is more
Buddha Just as in the autumn a deserving of your love and
Sutta Nipata. farmer, ploughing with a affection than you yourself,
large plough cuts through all and that person is not to be
Life is swept along, next-to- the spreading rootlets as he found anywhere. You
nothing its span. For one ploughs; in the same way, yourself, as much as anybody
swept to old age no shelters bhikkhus, the perceiving of in the entire universe, deserve
exist. Perceiving this danger impermanence, developed your love and affection.
in death, one should drop the and frequently practiced, Buddha
world's bait and look for removes all sensual
peace. passion…removes and
Buddha abolishes all conceit of ‘I
Samyutta Nikaya. 10