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What is the most demanding situation students face when studying English in a tourist context?
If your students need to talk with native speakers, what problems do they face with?
What problems do you think are more pressing for students when talking with native speakers?
What do you consider are some non-linguistic factors students face when learning English?
Is your English program focus in the major or in general English?

In which order, do you consider the macro-skills (reading, listening, writing, speaking) should be
taught regarding tourist students?
What do you think are the most useful tasks your students need to perform?
To what extent do you think the language skills (reading, listening, writing, speaking) are important
for your future work requirements? (Not important/Important/Priority)
A. Reading
 Tourist blogs
 Instructions
 Legal documents
 Other (specify):

B. Speaking
 Speaking to foreign customers
 Speaking on the phone
 Taking part in meetings
 Giving presentations
 Asking for/ giving information
 Small talk

C. Writing
 Professional letters
 E-mails
 Registration forms
 Reports
 Other (specify)

D. Listening
 Lectures
 Instructions
 Presentations
 Reports
 Other (specify)

Do you have the tests results from the previous course? If so, could you provide them to us?
If not, what is the current proficiency level of the students?
Are your students able to hold a conversation with a native speaker?
Do students need more practice on speaking fluently or with accuracy?
Do you consider students learn efficiently by studying language functions such as requesting for /
giving information?
If so, how do students feel?
What type of activities and materials do you notice are more entertainment for your students?
How would you describe the pace at which you develop your class work with your students? (slow,
normal, fast)
Do your students like studying English and what’s the reason for them to learn the language?
What are the students´ attitudes toward participating in the class?

What can you improve in the current program to help students to improve on their learning?
How do you motivate your students to become more involved in learning English?
Which type of instruments would you like to implement to test your students’ development in the
What are the resources the school has to provide students with a good service?
o Computers
o Audio devices
o Photocopy
o Internet connection
o Whiteboards
o Screens
o Speakers

 Needs analysis report.

 Propositos generales y especificos del curso.
 Syllabus (detallado)
 Cronogram
 Lista de materiales (ejemplos de materiales, ejercicios y tasks)
 Desarrollo de una unidad como si ya se fuera a usar para enseñar.
 Diseñar exámenes de evaluación para cada unidad.