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COURSE TITLE : Capital Market and Money Market

PROGRAM : S1 - Accountancy
 Faisal, S.E., M.Si, Ph.D (Coord)
 Dr. Etna Nur Afri Yuyetta, S.E., M.Si, Akt
 Puji Harto, S.E., M.Si, Ph.D, Akt
 Agung Juliarto, S.E., M.Si., Ph.D, Akt

This course will discuss types and investment alternatives, security market, and how securities are traded. Student will be introduced
with risk and return analysis, selecting portfolio, capital market theory and market efficiency. Bond and stock valuation, technical and
fundamental analysis, derivatives, and the influence of interest rate to money market product will be included in this subject

General Objective
On successful completion of this course, student should be able to understand the concepts and alternatives of investment.

The final mark is made up the following components:
 Attendance 10%
 Assignments I 15%
 Assignments II 15%
 Mid-semester test 25%
 Final test 35%
Program Calendar

No Main Topics Duration Required References

1 Syllabus and overview 150 minutes -
2 Introduction to investing 150 minutes J1, J2, J3
3 Financial Markets 150 minutes J3, J4
4 Measuring risk and return 150 minutes J6
5 Diversification and portfolio theory 150 minutes J7, J8
6 Assets pricing models 150 minutes J9
7 Common stocks: Valuation and analysis 150 minutes J10, J11
8 Efficient market theory 150 minutes J12
9 Security analysis: Market, industry, fundamental, and technical 150 minutes J13,J14,J15,J16
10 Fixed-Income Securities: Analysis, Valuation, and Management 150 minutes J17,J18
11 Derivative Securities 150 minutes J19, J20
12 Investment Management 150 minutes J21, J22
13 Money Market and its characteristics, Banks and corporations in the money 150 minutes R14, R16, R17
14 Government securities and the role of central bank within the financial system 150 minutes R15,R19

Required Reference

1. Jones ,C. P., S. Utama, B. Frensidy, I.A. Ekaputra, and R.U. Budiman. 2009. Invesment : Analysis and management (An
Indonesian adaptation). 10th edition. Salemba Empat and John Wiley & Sons. (J)
2. Rose, P.S. 2000. Money and capital markets: Financial institutions and instruments in a global marketplace. 7th edition. Mc
Graw-Hill Higher Education. (R)