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Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris Wajib

Satuan Pendidikan : SMA
Kelas / Program : XI /MIA dan IIS PAKET
Hari / Tanggal
: Desember 2014
: 90 Menit
1. Tuliskan terlebih dahulu nama, nomor ujian Anda pada lembar jawaban yang disediakan.
2. Perhatikan kolom “PERHATIAN” dan kolom “CONTOH CARA MENGHITAMKAN” pada lembar jawaban.
a. Tuliskan Nomor Peserta, Kode Mata Ujian ( sesuai dengan kode mata ujian yang terdapat pada lembar jawaban !
b. Cantumkan tanda tangan peserta ujian dalam kolom pernyataan bahwa data yang diisikan adalah benar
c. Jawaban diisikan pada “LEMBAR JAWABAN” dengan menggunakan pensil 2B
3. Periksa dan bacalah soal-soal dengan teliti sebelum Anda menjawabnya.
4. Dahulukan menjawab soal-soal yang Anda anggap mudah.
5. Periksa ulang lembar jawaban Anda sebelum diserahkan pada pengawas.

Pilihlah jawaban yang paling tepat dan hitamkan pada lembar jawaban.
I.LISTENING question you have heard.
SECTION Now listen to a sample
PART 1 question.
Directions : You will hear:
Directions : In this part E.
of the test, you will hear B. Woman : What do you
some dialogues or want for your
monologues spoken in birthday
English. The dialogues or present, Mike?
monologues will be A watch, a
spoken twice. They will bicycle, a
not be printed in your mobile
test book, so you must phone or a
listen carefully to 3 power robot?
understand what the A. Man : I’d rather you
speakers are saying. B. bought me a
After you listen to the B C. Portable Play
dialogue or monologue, Station 3.
look at the five pictures
provided in your test Narrator: What did Mike
book, and decide which want for his birthday
one would be the most present
suitable with the ?
dialogue or monologue A. A robot
you have heard B. A watch
C. A bicycle
Now let’s begin part 1 A D. A play
B C station 3
1. E. A mobile
D. phone
. E.
The best answer to the
A question is “A play
C.. C. station 3”.Therefore,
you should choose
B answer (D).


E Now. Let’s begin Part II
In this part of the test,
you will hear some 4. A. The woman
dialogues and questions cannot join the
spoken in English. The party
questions and the B. The man refuses
2.. D. dialogues will be spoken to go to the party
A. two time. They will not C. The woman will
be printed in your test not join the party
book, so you must listen D. The man accepts
carefully to understand the invitation to
what the speakers are the
saying. After you a party
C dialog and the question E. The woman
about it, read the five accepts the
possible answers and invitation to the
decide which one would party
be the best answer to the
5. A. 21 theater spoken two time. They Now. Let’s begin Part
B. Hard rock café will not be printed in IV
C. Bodrox Square, your test book, so you
D. Seventy seven must listen carefully to Questions for no 12 and
mart understand what the 13 are based on the
E. Matahari dept speakers say. You have to following monologue.
store choose the best response 12. A. To introduce a
to each question. new recipe
Now listen to a sample B. To announce a II. READING
6. A. To do many work question: cooking lesson SECTION
B. To take a rest You will hear: C. To describe how
C. To finish some Man : I got a to serve food and Text 1 for question no
work bad result in my test drink 16 to 17
D. To go to Woman : What! You D. To explain how
work failed again? to make tomato juice Dear friends,
E. To have some E. To advertise some
works Narrator : What will the cooking utensils for We would be very pleased if you c
man probably respond? making orange our party
7. A. he is offering help A. Let me try juice If you want to stay overnight we w
to his teacher B. I am fine, thank you for you at a nearby bed and breakf
B he is feeling very C. Don’t worry, I’ll 13. A. Give a little salt Please let us know if you can com
tired after working move B. Poor a glass of
C. he asks his D. Sorry, I’ve water We are really looking forward to s
teacher to help him disappointed you C. Give two spoons It will be fun !
D. he is giving E. Ok. I will do it again of milk
opinion to his teacher The best answer to the D. Put them in the Regards
E. he is giving question “You failed blender
suggestion to his teacher again?” is choice D.“ E. Give four glasses The Smiths ( Tio and Vinia)
Sorry, I’ve disappointed of water 3 Belle Vue Place
8. A. May I help you? you.” Oxford
B. I don’t know Questions for no 14 and Ox2 8EJ
about him 15 are based on the
C. Send my regards Now. Let’s begin Part following monologue. Telp 01865 0497
to him III
D. What do you 14. A. How to use a
think about him? 10. Mark your answer credit card 16. The party will be
E. I hope he’ll be on your answer sheet. B. How to make a held by…..
better soon. 11. Mark your answer credit card A. Vinia Tio
on your answer sheet C. The benefits of B. Belle Vue
having shopping C. The Smiths
Part IV cards
9. A. I wish you good D. Tio’s father
luck D. The good and E. Vinia’s
Questions: 12 to 15 bad side of
B. I wish you all the parents
Directions: using credit
best In this part of the test you
C. I hope you are E. The reason why 17. The purpose of the
will hear several people usually
just fine text is to ….
monologues. Each use credit cards
D. I hope you invite A. Invite
monologue will be
me to the party wedding
spoken two times. They 15. A It’s nice to be
E. I wish it were party
will not be printed in observed
my birthday too your test book, so you B. invite
B. It’s difficult to be someone to
must listen carefully to stolen
Part III understand what the have
Directions: C. It’s wonderful to breakfast
speakers say. After you
In this part of the test, be put on the purse C. invite Tio
hear a monologue and
you will hear several the question(s) about it, D. It can be used to and Vinia’s
questions and statements read the five possible pay the things they buy friends to
spoken in English answers and decide easily their party
followed by four which one would be the E. The credit cards D. explain
responses, also spoken in best answer to the are expensive and about The
English The questions questions you heard luxurious Smith
and the responses will be make them proud family
birthday E. To tell Mr. suggestion 25. “ I have read the
party Smith that to Haura materials again at
E. invite the he was not B. Haura home but I don’t
neighbors satisfied gives master it still.” (line 3)
of Tio and with the suggestion The antonym of the
Vinia to dinner to Topan italic word is ----
have dinner C. Topan asks A. have
Text 2 for question no 20. How did Hasegawa for power
18 to 21 feel about the way Haura’s B. know
Mr. Smith opinion much
Jakarta, November th 2014 D. Topan asks C. have
A. He was for capability
Dear Mr. Smith very Haura’s D. have
How are you Mr. Smith?, I hope you are surprised
in a suggestion weakness
very good condition now. I’d like to thankHe
B. youwas
for E. Topan E. have
your dinner invitation last night. That was very
an accepts competenc
honour for me to dine with you. I was veryenergetic Haura’s e
impressed with the way you welcomedC.meHe andwas
the suggestion
dish was so delicious. I was very satisfied last Text 4 for question no
night. Once again, thank you very much for annoyed
the 26 to 29
dinner last night. D. He was 23.What does Haura Dinda : What do you hope for yo
That’s all from me in this letter. I hopevery
we can suggest Topan ? Fadly : I hope I will be fluent i
have dinner again next time impressed A. To buy a I can communicate with
E. He was mathematic countries.
very s book Dinda : I agree, I have the same
unhappy B. To come to will be fluent in English
her house make friends with people
21. ..’and the dish was so for countries
18. Who writes the delicious (line 8) studying Fadly : So do I. I wish I will go t
letter? The italic C. To join a someday and work there
A. Hasegawa word has same meaning mathematic Dinda : I hope your dream will co
B. Mr. Smith with….. s course Fadly : Yup, I will work hard for
C. Mrs. Smith A. the drink D. To do the
D. Hasegawa’s B. the party mathematic
father C. the dance s 26. What do Dinda and
E. Mr. Smith D. the movie homework Fadly talk about ?
‘s family E. the food E. To find the A. Their
solution as hobbies
19. What is Hasegawa’s soon as B. Their ideal
aim with the letter? Text 3 for question no possible C. Their hopes
A. To invite 22 to 25 D. Their score
Mr. Smith 24. Topan : That’s good in English test
to dine Topan : I can hard understand idea, thank you Haura
Mathematics. I have E. Their plan
with him The sentence
read the materials again at home but Imeans for vacation in New York
B. To ask Mr. don’t master it still.that Topan ------
Smith to Haura : You should find the way to solve A. accepts
the 27. Dinda and Fadly
invite him problem soon Haura’s have same --------- about
again Topan : I know, but I don’t know what to suggestion
do. their
C. To express Please tell me what I should refuses hopes to be fluent in
his Haura : You’d better join a mathematics courseHaura’s English
gratitude Topan : That’s good idea, thank you Haurasuggestion A. plan
has been Haura : You are welcome Topan C. decline D. hobby
invited for Haura’s B. reason
dinner suggestion E.
D. To D. asks for perception
complain Haura’s C. opinion
22. From the underlined
that the suggestion
sentences in the
dish was E. solves his 28. What does Fadly
dialogue above we
not very mathemati wish to do in New York
know that ----
delicious cs problem someday?
A. Topan
A. To spend one person smokes inside, it can cause passive smokers.
problems for passive smoking
holiday everyone else. Children who are around C. Smoking
tobacco (Passage B line 1)
B. To go and endangers
smoke in their homes have more health problemssmokers
like The best synonym of
work there living
asthma and ear infections. They are sicker and stay in the underlined word is….
C. To meet bed more. They miss more school days withthan
his family whose homes are smoke-free. Babies D. Evidence
who liveon the
in A. Definite
there homes with secondhand smoke are more danger of passive
likely to die B. Unsure
D. To as infants than other babies. smoking is C. Dubious
communic conclusive D. Refutable
ate with all E Smoking affects E. Questionable
people Passage B the health of a
there The first conclusive evidence on baby the ofdanger of Text 6 for question no
E. To ask passive smoking came from Takeshi Hirayama’s a pregnant 35 to 38
Dinda study in 1981 on lung cancerwoman. in non smoking Th Continuous heavy rain for thre
accompany Japanese women married to men who smoked. Jakarta flooding. About 80% of
ing him Although the tobacco industry 32.immediately
They are sicker and
launched with water. Here are some steps
there a multi million dollar campaign stayto indiscredit
bed more.the when you face the problem of floo
evidence, dozens of further studiesThehave wordconfirmed
they in  First save your valuable docume
29. When we hope the link.. The risk of lung cancer paragraph A refers
in nonsmokers place in your house. It can be p
something to happen , to….. by between
exposed to passive smoking is increased cupboard or the space above the ce
what will we 20 and 30 percent, and the excess A. Peoplerisk of heart  Then you could also save your
do to gain it? B. Babies
disease is 23 percent. Children are at particular risk higher place. If you have thick and
A. We just C. Smoking
from adults’ smoking. Adverse health effectspeople
include it’s a good idea to wrap the appl
wait and pneumonia and bronchitis, coughing D. Children who are
and wheezing, seal it.
see the worsening of asthma, middle earsick diseases, and  When the water has entered your h
next E. Children
cardiovascular diseases in adulthood. who are
A pregnant Listen and do the instructions
happen around
woman’s exposure to other people’s smoking can tobacco from the local government about
B. We don’t harm her fetus. The effects are compounded when the should consider abour your family
do nothing 33. Bothafter
child is exposed to passive smoking passages
birth. can be anything.
until it best summarized as  If you should take a refugee,
happen 30. What do two passage which of the important documents with you.
itself mainly about? following? your should stay alert.
C. We just A. The illnesses A. Smokers and
wait for linked to nonsmokers are 35 What made
our destiny passive likely to get Jakarta flooding ?
D. We only smoking smoking related A. 80% of its
wait other B. The diseases area is
people disadvantages B. Children and dipped with
help us of smoking pregnant women water
E. We will C. The danger of tend to get B. Rain
work hard becoming various diseases everyday in
to get it smokers C. Children of one month
and always D. The benefits of smoking C. It’s very
have good being a non pregnant women crowded
hopes in smoker will be likely to and modern
our life E. The danger of smoke city
being a passive D. Many smokers D. Continuous
Text 5 for question no smoker will not have heavy rain
30 to 34 serious health for three
problems in their days
A Which of the life E. There is
following opinions E. Non-smokers garbage
Secondhand smoke is the smokeisthat is exhaled
mentioned or
in both living with everywhere
that comes from the burning end passages?
of a cigarette, pipe, smokers are
or cigar. Secondhand smoke canA.come in through
Serious diseases likely to get 36. What should be saved
cracks in the walls. It can hang in around in hallways
smokers may health problems first ?
and doorways where people have resultbeen smoking. A. Your
Breathing someone else’s smoke can be fromdeadly,
chain 34. The first conclusive house
especially if you live or work in a smoking
place where people evidence on the danger B. Cupboard
smoke. That is why it is so important for smokers
B. Active to
smokers’ of and
go all the way outside if they want a cigarette.
smoke When
endangers furniture
C. Your  2 strong of wooden sticks of bamboo D. butcher presentation.
clothes and  Markers , paint of crayons cord The seminar
money After the materials have been prepared, theone
E. sheet
directions room is
D. Electronic below is easy instruction on how to make a kite of strong equipped with a
appliances 1. Make a cross with the two sticks,paper with the computer and a
E. Valuable shorter stick placed horizontally across the multimedia
documents longer stick. 41. . How many steps are projector should
there towith
2. Tie the two stick together makethea kite
string? in you require one.
37. What should we do A. Two
such a way as to make sure that they are at Should you
when the water has right angles to each other D. Six prefer to use
entered the house ? 3. Cut a notch at each endB.of Four the two sticks. your own
A. Panic Make it deep enough for the type E. Seven of string equipment,
B. Scream C. Five
you are using to fit in to. Cut a place of string kindly let us
loudly long enough to stretch all around the kite know as well, so
C. Save our frame 42. What is the third that we can
electronic 4. Lay the sail materialstepflattoand
make a kite
place the?stick ensure that we
appliances frame face down and top. A.CutMake a tailit,
around are well
D. Listen and leaving about 2-3 cm for a margin. Foldacross
B. Make these prepared.
do the edges over and glue it down with the two
so that the I will contact
instruction material is tight sticks you the first
or 5. Make a tail by tying a smallC.ribbon Cut aroughly
notch week in
announcem every 10 cm along the length of stringat each end September to
ent from 6. Decorate your kite with the markers! of the two finalize the
the local sticks arrangements.
governmen 39 . What is the purpose D. Decorate Once again,
t of the text? your kite thank you for
E. Hide A. To with the agreeing to
behind describe markers speak to us.
cupboard how to E. Lay the sail
and call make a material flat Regards,
your kite and place the
family in B. To help stick frame Raeza
other town the face down
readers and top
how to fly 43. What is the letter
38. We use most a kite Text 8 for the question about?
----------------- sentences C. To help no 43 to 45 A. Making agreement
in the the on December 16,
Text above for readers Dear Mr Taufik 2014
example : save your how to We invite you to B. Invitation to be the
documents, sell a kite be our speaker speaker in the
listen to the D. To in the Education Education
instruction.. describe seminar that seminar
A. imperative about the will be C. Invitation to attend
B. interrogati shape of organized on the Education
ve kite December 16, seminar
C. negative E. To retell 2014 at 1:00pm, D. Invitation to join
D. compound the with an hour and the program on
E. simple readers a half allocated December
past that for your 2014
someone presentation. E. Arrangement on
make a There will be a the Education
Text 7 for the question kite question and seminar
no 39 to 42 answer period
40 .The followings are after your 44. Which of the
Having a kite flying is interesting and making it
the materials to make a by presentation. following statements
self is easy. Prepare the followingkite,
make a Kindly let us is TRUE about the
kite : A. paint know what types invitation
 Butcher cord B. plaster of equipment A. Raeza is invited to
 Scotch tape or glue C. crayons you will need attend a seminar
 1 sheet of strong paper for your
B. Raeza is in charge B. save
of the project C. cool
C. Mr Taufik is D. raise
invited to attend an E. steam
Seminar 46.
D. Mr Taufik is A. 7 – 2 –1 –3 –5 –
invited to be the 6–4
speaker of the B. 7 – 2 –3 –4 –5 –
Education seminar 6–1 GOOD LUCK
E. Mr Taufik is a C. 7 – 2 –4 –3 –6 –
lecturer in one of the 5–1
prominent D. 7 – 2 –4 –3 –5 –
university 6–1
E. 7 – 4 –2 –3 –5 –
45. so that we can
ensure that we Text 10 for the
are well question no 47 to
prepared…. 50
(line 14) Complete the text with
The antonym of the suitable word
the underlined
word is…. Eggs are a rich source of protein and vitamins and
are generally healthy to eat, unless you have a high
A. assure cholesterol level. You can eat eggs raw, boiled or
D. confirm cooked in a pan as raw eggs or omelet. Scrambling
B. certify eggs is one of the easiest ways to prepare them.
E. undermine First of all, place the raw eggs in a (47)
C. warrant ………………………………. Second, run cold
water into the saucepan until the water is 1 inch
III WRITING SECTION above the egg. After that, place the sauce pan on a
stove and cook over (48)………. heat until the water
Text 9 for the begins to boils. The next step, don’t forget to make
question no 46 the heat to low. Then, (49)…………………… for 2
to 3 minutes for soft-boiled eggs or 10 to 15 minutes
Arrange the sentences for hard-boiled eggs. Finally, remove the egg with a
below into a correct spoon on ladle, and let it cool slowly, or run cold
and water over it to (50)…….. it.
paragraph 47. A. magic com
1. Chuck it in the wash and B. it will be as good
as new C. blender
2. Leaving the sticky gum makes it
hard and crack, easier to get off
E. bowl
3. This should get rid of most, if not all of the
4. When the gum has frozen 48. A.hard, scrape it off
with a blunt, your fingers,B. orbonfire
anything else
that will get it off knife C. large
5. Next, squirt on a little washing up liquid and
D. small
salt as a 1:1 ration. Rub against
E. somethe thread
of the fabric and the last of the mess should
come off. 49. A. mix
6. If it is particularly tough fabric,
B. poursuch as
denim, run it under the tapC.and rub gently
with the washing up liquid D. shakesalt. The
chewing gum should startE. tosimmer
come out of
the fibers.
7. Put the spoiled clothes in the freezer and
leave for an hour or 50 two A. take




1 A 11 A 21 E
2 B 12 C 22 D
3 D 13 C 23 C
4 D 14 E 24 A
5 B 15 D 25 D
6 B 16 C 26 C
7 A 17 C 27 B
8 E 18 A 28 B
9 B 19 C 29 E
10 D 20 D 30 E

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