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Past Simple

1. Complete the sentences.

a. She ____________ (walk) a long time last week.

b. I____________ (not go) to London last year. I _________ (be) in Spain.

c. The man ____________ (talk) to me, but I ____________ (not hear) him.

d. A: ________________ (be/ the show) good?

B: Yes, it ____________ (be).

e. We __________ (write) a poem to our teacher and John __________ (read) it.

f. The phone ____________(ring).

g. I____________ (say) a few words, and Lisa ____________ (talk) a lot.

2. Make sentences.

a. When / you / go/ to the market?

b. When / he / finish / his exams?

c. I / call/ her three times, / but she / not / answer.

d. He / watch / the news on TV last night?

e. My brother / start/ playing the piano last month.

Present Perfect

1. Complete these sentences.

a. She ______________________ (not finish) the exam.

b. The student ______________________ (not read) the book.

c. My father ______________________ (book) an expensive room.

d. It ______________________ (not happen) before.

e. They ______________________ (lose) my pen.

f. ______________________ (you reply) to that letter form the bank?

g. I ______________________ (cook) some biscuits. Would you like one?

h. I ______________________ (buy) a great house.

2. Make questions.

a. he / write / to John? _______________________________________________

b. you / see / Mary? ___________________________________________

c. they / make/ sandwiches? __________________________________________

d. you / be / Spain? ________________________________________

e. we / visit / all the museums? _________________________________________

f. she / walk/ to the park? __________________________________________

3. Make sentences. Use for or since.

a. I / not see / my father / last year.

b. He / not play/ tennis / last weekend.

c. She/ not eat / anything / breakfast.

d. you / live / in this town / a long time?

e. Jill / be / a good friend / we were at school together.

f. you / see / Jack / the party last week?

4. Put words form the box into the gaps in these dialogues.

never x 2 yet x 2 gone been just x 2 ever

a. A: Have you written to John_________?

B: Yes, I’ve____________ finished a letter to him. I’ll post it today.
b. A: I’ve been to Canada, but I’ve__________ been to America. Have you?
B: No, but my brother has __________ to New York. He came back last week.
c. A: Are you coming home now?
B: No, I haven’t finished my work _____________.
d. A: Can I speak to John, please?
B: I’m sorry. He’s _________ to Birmingham. He’ll be back tomorrow.
e. A: Have you__________ been to Lisbon?
B: No. I’ve been to Spain, but I’ve____________ visited Portugal.
f. A: Have you seen Steve _________?
B: Yes, I’ve___________ had lunch with him.
g. A: Can you wait for me? I haven’t eaten my luch __________.
B: Ok, but we must go in ten minutes.