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Akshay Shriniwar

UX Design Leader

“ Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.

Design is how it works.
- Steve Jobs

Case Study 1: Home Services
Schedule a Measure (SAM)
Home Services: Target Users

• 38-68 years old homeowners in US/Canada

• Not too tech-savvy
• Mobile use is increasing but desktop is s9ll primary
mode of leads
• Project cost range 3k-80k
• ~$380M Revenue in 2017
Home Services: Online Experience

Type 1

e.g. Water Heaters, Landing Page Lead Form Confirma9on

Air Conditioners

Type 2 Setup an
Landing Page Lead Form appointment (In- Confirma9on
e.g. Windows
Home or In store)

Type 3
Schedule a (Flooring)
e.g. Carpet, Wood, Landing Page Confirma9on
Measure (SAM)
Laminate, Tiles, etc.
Schedule A Measure (SAM)- Before

• 99% Drop- off (less than 1% conversion)

• Too long
• Not op9mized for mobile at all

• Reduce no of steps
• Make the pages responsive

• KPIs
• Increase conversion by 2%

• Heuris9c evalua9on
• All requirements are included in current flow
• Marked elements off that are
• Unnecessary (e.g. Store Selec9on)
• Could be collected later in the process
• Cri9cal for business
• # rooms
• Category of rooms
• Address
• Payment info
• Material type *
• White-boarding
• Wireframes
• High-fidelity Mocks
• Add-hoc Research
Schedule A Measure (SAM)- After

• Released to 100% traffic in July 2017

• 9% visit to lead conversion

• 24% (60k) more leads

• 35% ($75M) increase in revenue Vs. last year

Project 2: Trekommend
Co-founder/UX Designer

• A website that allows travelers to

• ‘Discover’ local events at travel des9na9ons worldwide
• ‘Plan’ their visits by crea9ng i9neraries

• Problem
• Many website for travel des9na9ons and big events but don’t
• Provide ‘Local’ data
• Cover ‘Mul9ple event types’
• Allow to ‘Save’ & ‘Plan’ the visits

• Goal
• One stop shop to discover/explore and plan visits
Project Setup

• 2 members
• Product Manager
• UX Designer
• Dev team in India
• Collabora9on
• Skype call- 2 calls/week
• Asana- Project management
• Google drive- files, assets etc.
• Total dura9on 2.5 yrs.
• Self-funded (50/50)

• Scenarios
• Task flows
• Wireframes
• Itera9ons
• Visual design
• High Fidelity Mocks
• Style Guide
• Itera9ons
• Development
• In several phases
• Itera9ons
Process- Key Scenarios
Wireframes- Home Page
Wireframes- Search Results
Wireframes- Event Details (View, Post, Edit)
Wireframes- Deal Details (View, Post, Preview)
Wireframes- My Account
Trekommend- Personal Venture
Trekommend- Personal Venture
Trekommend- Personal Venture
Trekommend- Personal Venture

San Francisco, USA

Trekommend- Personal Venture
Trekommend- Personal Venture
Trekommend- Personal Venture
Trekommend- Personal Venture
Trekommend- Personal Venture

SF & NY Visit
Trekommend- Personal Venture
Responsive Web: Sample Mocks
Sources of Events
Sources of Events
Sources of Events

• ‘Post Event’ ac9on for individual users

• ‘Bulk Upload’ via spreadsheet template for admin users
• Hired ‘Bulk Uploaders’ to conduct on-line research and enter events

• API integra9on
• Integrated with several APIs to build events database
• CRON jobs running every 4 hours to collect new events, remove
duplicate or expired events
Marketing Efforts

• Facebook/Twiqer accounts
• Reached out to friends and families
• Google keywords
• Expensive
• Traffic went down as soon as stopped paying
• Worked with SEO expert (UpWork) for SEO op9miza9on, URL
formats, Meta data, Tagging etc.
• Write and publish ar9cles
• Created ‘City’ pages with unique URLs
• Banners & Campaigns
• Contact (Travel) Bloggers