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FORTNER, ASHLEY Educator at Tom C Gooch Elementary School


Reviewed By ASHMORE, KIM (Leadership) Overall Score 92.7

Observation Date 05/19/2017

Observation Type Full

Educator's Section

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05/19/17 05/23/17

Domain / Indicator Weights Score Comments



1.1 Demonstrates Knowledge Of Content, Concepts, And 1× 2.0 Reviewer Comments:

Skills Score . ASHMORE, KIM   05/19/2017 at 8:52 PM
Demonstrates solid content expertise by effectively and accurately
identifying and explain prerequisite knowledge, key concepts, skills,
and intra- and inter disciplinary content relations to students
Consistently uses content-specific language and tolls to convey
critical information at an appropriate level of rigor Exhibits solid
awareness and plans for common student misconceptions
Domain / Indicator Weights Score Comments

1.2 Utilizes Formal And Informal Knowledge Of Students 1× 3.0 Reviewer Comments:
In Lesson Design Score . ASHMORE, KIM   05/19/2017 at 8:54 PM
Unit objectives and lesson plans show knowledge of student's skills,
language differences, interests and special needs. Teacher
differentiates content based on individual skills. Actively seeks and
obtains the knowledge from a variety of sources

1.3 Plans And Selects Aligned Formative And Summative 1× 2.0 Reviewer Comments:
Assessments Score . ASHMORE, KIM   05/19/2017 at 8:53 PM
Nearly all assessments are planned or selected prior to designing
instructional activities Nearly all assessments and the
corresponding standard(s) are tightly aligned in rigor, and
assessment method is at an appropriate level of rigor (as defined by
the level of cognition required) Almost always, summative
assessments are generally aligned to unit goals and designed prior
to formative assessments Almost always, formative assessments
are generally aligned to lesson objectives and clearly scaffold
toward summative assessments Develops multiple types of
assessments to measure student learning

1.4 Analyzes And Integrates Student Performance Data 1× 3.0 Reviewer Comments:
To Inform Instructional Decisions Score . ASHMORE, KIM   05/19/2017 at 8:53 PM
Consistently and effectively identify student deficiencies and act on
data through reteaching and adjusting lessons design until students
meet mastery. Routinely and effectively records student progress.
Actively analyzes and reflects on data as a member of a team and
independently. Can describe and provide evidence for where all
students are relative to interim and annual goals. Nearly all students
know their progress toward mastery.
Domain / Indicator Weights Score Comments

1.5 Develops Appropriately Challenging Standards-Based 1× 2.0 Reviewer Comments:

Units And Lessons That Accommodate Prerequisite Score . ASHMORE, KIM   05/19/2017 at 8:54 PM
Relationships Among Concepts And Skills Unit objectives most of the time: • Align to end of year expectations
and interim goals that will be mastered in each unit • Align
summative assessments to end of unit expectations • Allocate
appropriate amount of instructional time based on knowledge of
student performance levels and goals • Align to prior and next grade
level and/or same subject area taught by different teacher to ensure
appropriate progression of rigor and concepts across grades and
subjects Lesson plans usually: • Identify lesson objectives that are
measurable and scaffold toward formative assessments • Include
instructional strategies that give students multiple opportunities to
engage in appropriate level of rigor required by objectives and
formative assessments • Align learning experiences with
instructional outcomes and differentiate to ensure appropriateness
for all learners • Include opportunities for remediation and
enrichment • Integrate technology, when appropriate to enhance
mastery of goals and objectives



2.1 Structures Well-Organized Objective Driven Lesson 3.3 × 3.0

And Content Appropriate To Standards For Subject, Score .
Grade, And Level

2.2 Ensures Mastery Of Learning Objective Appropriate 3.3 × 2.0

To Standards For Subject And Grade Score .

2.3 Explains Instructional Content Clearly And Cohesively 3.3 × 3.0

Score .

2.4 Engages Students In Appropriately Challenging 3.3 × 3.0

Content Score .


Domain / Indicator Weights Score Comments

3.1 Organizes Classrooms To Allow For Optimal On Task 3.3 × 3.0

Instruction Score .

3.2 Establishes, Communicates, And Maintains Clear 3.3 × 3.0

Expectations For Student Behavior Score .

3.3 Maintains A Respectful Academically Accountable 3.3 × 3.0

Classroom Score .



4.1 Models Good Attendance For Students 1× 3.0 Reviewer Comments:

Score . ASHMORE, KIM   05/19/2017 at 8:51 PM
Has excellent attendance (misses 5 or fewer days) Always in
compliance with the attendance policy (days missed were due to
injury sustained at work, approved absence for professional
development, or illness.) Always leaves clear directions and lessons
for substitutes (this has consistently been completed and you
provide some of the clearest and most detailed lesson plans for
subs, that should be used as a model plan for other teachers).

4.2 Follows Policies, Procedures, And Maintains Accurate 1× 3.0

Student Records Score .

4.3 Exhibits A Commitment To Continual Professional 1× 2.0

Growth Score .

4.4 Engages In Collaborative Relationships With 1× 3.0

Colleagues To Support Learning Community Score .
Domain / Indicator Weights Score Comments

4.5 Establishes Relationships With Families And 1× 3.0

Communities Through Meaningful Ongoing Score .





Extended comments Reviewer: ASHMORE, KIM

PRAISE - What were the instructional strengths of the lesson and what did that look like with respect to student actions?
05/19/2017 at 05:11:49 PM
Ashley, you are such an asset to our school. I am amazed at your eagerness and desire to constantly improve and seek out feedback on how you can improve
your practices for the benefit of the students. Please don't ever leave!
POLISH/NEXT STEP - What specific instructional practices will you and the teacher develop over the next cycle? (include
clear actions, owners and timelines)
05/19/2017 at 05:11:49 PM
Just continue to build on your content knowledge and ensure that your DOL/exit tickets are aligned to the rigor of the STAAR so that you are assessing the
students at the same level of rigor that they will be expected to perform on the state assessment.
QUESTION - Which indicator has the most potential to be improved that ties into what the teacher could have said, asked,
or done to push students to more clearly & accurately understand the concept and why?

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