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Proposal Writing Prof.


1. The organization you work for has a suggestion scheme <s p> 5. Your company is considering developing a new product. You
which staff are asked to contribute to. You have an idea for have been asked to write a proposal to your manager
improving the way in which new staff are recruited, and assessing the desirability of developing this product.
have decided to send a proposal to Ms Cartwright, who
Write your proposal to your manager:
administers the suggestion scheme.
Write your proposal,  commenting on which markets the new products would
 outlining the present way in which new staff are recruited appeal to and why
 describing your idea for improving the method  explaining the problems likely to be encountered
 explaining how your idea can be introduced  suggesting how these problems could be resolved
 outlining any disadvantages your idea might have.
6. Your manager has asked you to investigate Corporate Social
2. Your department has recently been found to be less efficient Responsibility (CSR) and in general how your company can
than others in the company, and your head of department generate a more ethical image.
wishes to make improvements. You have been asked to Write a proposal in which you:
make a proposal concerning this.  suggest some ways in which your company can operate
Write your proposal for the head of department, ethically (you can consider employment policies,
 outlining the current problems in efficiency environmental policies, treatment of suppliers and
 giving reasons for the lack of efficiency customers)
 suggesting ways of improving efficiency  give reasons for a more ethical policy
 explaining the resources needed to implement these  recommend a plan of action
7. Your CEO is interested in using sponsorship as a way of
3. The managing director of the company you work for has promoting your company and its products. He has asked you
invited suggestions for new regional markets the company to make a recommendation about how this can be done. He
could consider entering. You have decided to put forward a would be interested in sponsoring either an arts or a sports
proposal concerning this. event.
Write your proposal for the managing director, Write a proposal for the CEO including the following
 identifying the market you propose information:
 explaining the potential advantages of this market  the type of activities which might be suitable
 suggesting how the company should approach entering this  the benefits of this type of sponsorship for your company
market  the costs involved
 mentioning risks that might be associated with this market.  your recommendation.

4. Your Managing Director has decided that the company’s 8. Your company’s sales have been falling significantly. The
website should be improved and has asked you to consider Managing Director believes that the current marketing
ways of going about this. strategy is inadequate and needs revising. You have been
Write a proposal for the Managing Director: asked to write a proposal for a new marketing strategy.
 summarising the strengths and weaknesses of the current Write your proposal for the Managing Director:
website  explaining what is wrong with the current marketing
 suggesting new services and information to be provided strategy
through the website  outlining some ideas for a new marketing strategy
 explaining the benefits the improvements would bring.  giving reasons why these ideas would be effective.