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Specifications Model NT751FJ
Logic Designer
GS 34P02Q75-01E

■ GENERAL • Control logic can be broken down into software parts to

structure a control application hierarchically, allowing
Logic Designer is software for developing control applica-
increases in engineering efficiency, software reusability,
tions for FCN/FCJ autonomous controllers. (FCN is an
and system quality.
acronym of field control node, and FCJ for field control
• Supports extensive Application Portfolios, collections of
junction.) Noteworthy features of Logic Designer include
cassettes for control. Application Portfolios enable
the following:
effortless creation of complex applications.
• Supports five IEC 61131-3-compliant programming • The editor apposite for each programming language
languages including Function Block Diagram (FBD), facilitates coding.
Ladder Diagram (LD), and Sequential Function Chart • Powerful debugging functions assure efficient debug-
(SFC), allowing use of the language most suitable for ging.
the purpose of each application or the preference of the • The FCN/FCJ simulator can be used to debug control
user. applications for FCN/FCJ on a PC. (For details, refer to
GS 34P02Q77-01E “FCN/FCJ Simulator.”)
• The user interface including toolbars and shortcut keys
can be customized to the programmer’s liking.


Yokogawa Electric Corporation GS 34P02Q75-01E

2-9-32, Nakacho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo, 180-8750 Japan ©Copyright Nov. 2001
Tel.: 81-422-52-5616 Fax.: 81-422-52-2540 6th Edition June 16, 2003
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● Programming Languages Computer model: PC/AT-compatible computer
Five programming languages are supported: Processor: Pentium 166 MHz or superior (Pentium II
400 MHz or superior recommended)
• Sequential Function Chart (SFC) RAM: At least 64 MB (128 MB or more recom-
• Function Block Diagram (FBD) mended)
• Instruction List (IL) Hard disk drive: At least 200 MB of spare space is
• Structured Text (ST) required.
• Ladder Diagram (LD) Display: At least 800 x 600, at least 256 colors (1024
x 768 or more, 256 colors or more recom-
● Editors mended)
Powerful editors apposite for the individual programming CD-ROM drive: A CD-ROM drive that can run under the
languages are provided. operating systems used is required for
Ethernet port: A 100BASE-TX, 10BASE-T, or 10BASE-
● Compilers 5 Ethernet port that is supported by the
Compilation of a program is distress free. When a operating systems used is required.
compiler has found an error, the point of the error can be Operating system:
displayed at ease. Windows 2000 Professional SP2, SP3
Windows XP SP1

● Program Downloading ■ STYLES OF SOFTWARE SUPPLY

A program can be download with simple operation.
● Software Medium
Programs and help for Logic Designer are supplied on a
● Debugging CD-ROM (Model NT203AJ).
Powerful debugging functions are provided.
● Logic Designer License
Online layout and online value display: The Logic Designer License comes with an order ID sheet
The user can view and modify the current values of with the order ID number and password. Access the
variables defined in a control application while displaying specified Web site of Yokogawa and enter the order ID
the program. number and password shown. Then, the key-code for
Logic Designer will be issued. This key-code is used when
Breakpoint setting:
installing the Logic Designer to a PC.
The user can set breakpoints at desired points in a
program code, then the program will stop running at each
breakpoint thus set. The program can be run step by step
after a stop at a breakpoint.
Watch window:
The values of desired variables can be monitored with
ease by registering the variables in the Watch window.
Logic analyzer:
Records the values of variables at a specified interval and
displays the recorded values graphically, allowing effective
analyses of program actions.
Software wiring:
Even when no I/O modules are installed in an FCJ or FCN,
the inputs and outputs of virtual I/O modules can be wired
to each other in a software image to debug program

● Libraries and Templates

Developed control logic can be saved as a library or
template for trouble-free reuse. Password protection can
be applied as necessary.

● Page Layout
When printing a project created using Logic Designer, the
page layout can be customized.

All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2001, Yokogawa Electric Corporation GS 34P02Q75-01E June 16,2003-00
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● Software Medium

Model NT203AJ FCN/FCJ software media
-P Programs (including electronic
Codes 1 Always 1
1 Always 1
E English version

● Logic Designer License

Model NT751FJ Logic Designer License
-L License
W Issued at Web
Codes 1 Always 1
1 Always 1
A Standard

Specify the model and suffix codes.

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