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Chapter: One


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1.1. Background of the Study
Now we are living in the age of competition at anything in any places. From that tendency
recently Education is also in the age of competition. So the procedures and standards of
teaching are upgraded by different universities and institution in our country. In respect to
that, internship is mandatory for our BBA program offered by Jagannath University. This
program is a partial fulfillment of our BBA curriculum. To do so I decided to complete my
internship in Janata Bank Limited. In connecting, HRD of JB sent me to the Laxmibazar
Branch and assigned to prepare this report. Internship program is the practical aspect of our
theoretical learning. It makes a bridge between the gap of classroom learning and practical
learning. In this view, Internship plays a pivotal role for each professional degree like BBA.
The study will help formulate suitable policies taking into consideration different ideas,
suggestions and feelings of the customers and bankers. Furthermore, it may note that Janata
Bank executives who are really executing the policies undertaken by the top management
will have a chance to communicate their interaction and provide necessary feedback.

1.2 Objectives of the study

There are some purposes of preparing the report which helps me to fulfill my thirsty. These
are given:
 To know about Branch level General Banking Activities.
 To gain practical knowledge in banking.
 To recommend ways and means to solve problems regarding Banking.

1.3 Methodology of the study

The information which is represented in the report is collected internally and externally.
Internal section can be the combination of primary data and external represents secondary
data. Within 45 days a lots of events have been occurred from where it helps to prepare the
report. Sometime orally I have collected information which is not available. And these can be
gathered only personal experience.

1.4 Sources of Data

To make the Report more meaningful and presentable, two sources of data and information
have been used widely.
Source of Data


Figure: Sources of data

Both primary and secondary data sources were used to generate the report.

1.4.1 Primary Sources

Interview, observation, and 45 days work experience with different divisional in charge and
suggestions of many executives of the bank.
1.4.2 Secondary Sources
 Annual report of Janata Bank Limited.
 Periodicals Published by Bangladesh Bank.
 Office files and documents.
 Study related books and journals.
 Web sites.

1.5 Scope of the study

The duration of the study was a very short span of time. It was 45 days long internship
program. It was very much hard to complete a report as well as assigned tasks by the Bank.
So I had to complete this study facing very much time presser. This report covers only
General Banking Services, activities and procedures of Janata Bank Limited. Especially this
report emphasizes on the comparison of different bank interest rate and deposit schemes, in a

word financial products. It considers only one Branch from all well-known public & private

1.6 Limitations of the Report

 Inexperience on practical work to do so.

 45 days’ time is not proper to perfectly represents on this task.
 I have the official job due to not managing proper time.
 Sometimes data is not available.

Chapter: Two
Overview of Janata Bank Limited

2.1 History of Janata Bank Limited
With the emergence of Bangladesh as an independent, sovereign state in 1971 after a
devastating nine month war against the West Pakistani occupation army, a war, full of blood
and tears, trauma and pain of millions of our beloved ones, the legacy of rebuilding the
already broken financial base of the country was felt as an urgent call of the day against a
collapsed economic reality of a newly born state.
In this backdrop, in order to rebuild the country’s economy, measures had been taken to
merge a number of banks previously operated in this region and make new banks and this
initiatives led to formation of Janata Bank in 1972 by combining the erstwhile United Bank
Limited and Union Bank Limited under the Banks Nationalization Order (President’s Order
No. 26) of 1972.

In 15 November, 2007 Janata Bank got registered with the Joint Stock of Registrars and
restructured it as a public limited company with the name Janata Bank Limited.

Janata Bank Limited operates its business with 910 branches, including 4 overseas branches
in United Arab Emirates, across the country having a big family of around 19,140 (as on
31.10.2016) employees with its head office located at Janata Bhaban at Motijheel C/A, the
heart of the capital city, Dhaka
At the end of the 2015 the bank held deposit BDT 568,911.14 million, Advance BDT
349,861.30 million with Authorized Capital BDT 30,000 million and Paid-up Capital BDT
19,140 million.

2.2 Profile of the Janata Bank Ltd.

Name of the company Janata Bank Limited
Registered address Janata Bhaban, 70, Motijheel C/A, Dhaka 1000.

Legal status Public limited

Date of incorporation 21 may, 2007.
Paid up capital Tk. 11000.00 million
Fax Pabx ; 9560000

2.3 Vision-Mission & Objectives
To become the effective largest commercial bank in Bangladesh to support socio-economic
development of the country and to be a leading bank in South Asia.
Janata Bank Limited will be an effective commercial bank by maintaining a stable growth
strategy, delivering high quality financial products, providing excellent customer service
through an experienced management team and ensuring good corporate governance in every
step of banking network.
The accounting policy comprises principles and basic assumptions, concepts, rules, practices,
and procedures adopted by the Management for reporting the activities of the Bank and
financial statements preparation and presentation. The purpose of accounting policy is to
provide the necessary organizational and methodological directions in carrying the
accounting activity of the Bank.

2.4 Corporate Divisions

1. Human Resource Department

2. I.T Department

3. Marketing Department

4. Dead Stock & Stationery

5. Public Relation & Protocol Department

6. Common Services Department

7. International Banking Department

8. Credit Department

9. Audit & Inspection Department

2.5 Organizational Structure


Managing Director

Deputy Managing Director

General Manager

Deputy General Manager

Assistant General Manager

First Assistant General Manager

Senior Executive Officer

Executive Officer

Assistant Executive Officer


Assistant Officer

2.6 Product and Services

There are many state owned and private commercial bank in Bangladesh. Among all JBL is
the second largest state owned commercial bank. JBL provide both corporate and retail
banking services with a strong focus on socio economic development of the country. The
bank typically provides short term working capital loan and limited long term credit
exposure. Moreover, JBL offers micro enterprise and special credit as well as rural banking.
Under corporate banking services, JBL provides trade finance, consumer finance, project

finance, syndicate finance. On the other hand, various deposit scheme and remittance
facilities are delivered through retail banking.

 Current & Call Deposit
 Savings Bank Deposit
 Monthly Scheme Deposit
 Term Deposit
 Special Notice Deposit

Loan & Advances:

 Term Loan
 Small and Medium Enterprise Loan
 Continuous Loan
 Rural and Agro Credit
 Poverty Alleviation Program
 Micro & Cottage Industries Loan
 Import & Export Loan
 Letter of Credit
 Letter of Guarantee
 Other Credit Program

 Financial Services (Inland & Foreign Remittance)
 Utility Services
 ATM Services
 Welfare Services
 Services to Government
 Customer Care

2.7 Performance of Janata Bank Ltd.

Janata Bank Ltd. is the second largest commercial bank in Bangladesh. The aim of the Bank
is to actively participate in the socio-economic development of the nation by operating a

commercially sound Banking system. It provides credit to deserving borrowers and at the
same time, protects depositor’s interest.
Janata Bank Ltd. mobilized total deposit of BDT 568911.14 million in 2015 as compare of
BDT 516010.74 million in 2014. Comparative interest rates deposit mobilization efforts of
the bank and confidence reposed by the customer in the bank contributed to the notable
growth in deposit. The bank evolved a number of attractive deposit schemes to care to the
requirement of small and medium services. This improved not only the quantum of deposits,
it also brought about qualitative change in the depositors structure.

Deposit and Deposit Mix

Break-up of Deposit and Deposit Mix
(Taka in million)

Balance Deposit mix

2014 2015 2014 2015

Current and 7.1% 12.37% 23.52%

124,770.17 133,773.39

SND 65,330.97 68,288.61 4.53% 12.82% 12.00%

Savings Bank 11.65% 19.89% 20.14%

102,636.05 114,590.51

FDR 223,273.55 252,258.62 12.98% 54.92% 44.34%

Total 516,010.74 568,911.13 10.25% 100% 100%

Loans and Advances

Loan and advance increased to BDT 349,861.30 million showing 9.41 percent growth at the
end of 2015 compared to BDT 315,773.24 million in 2014. Total outstanding loan to SME
stood at BDT 82,802.10 million. This growth was backed by continued diversification of the
bank’s portfolio to have a varied client base and portfolio distributed across the sectors to

reduce client as well as industry specific concentration. The later would help reduce overall
portfolio risk.

To earn profit, the Bank Prudently invests its fund to different sectors. The investment
portfolio of the Bank is comprised of Treasury bill, other bonds, Debenture, Shares etc. The
Bank earns a handsome profit from this investment portfolio. Year wise investment of the
Bank is shown in the following table:

Year Investments (Tk. in million)

2011 95,257.30

2012 108,342.04

2013 193,269.67

2014 196,713.53

2015 224,273.17

Chapter: Three
General Banking Activities

3.1 General Banking
General banking is all about the combination of different departments and the activities
performing in banking operation. Basically it shows how department helps to collect money
from the one client and lend to the other client and to do so it has distinctive goal as well as
objective. Always they try to fulfill their target what actually given by top management to
accomplish touch overall goal of the bank through their branches. Each and every section of
the branch is interrelated with other one not having to be any wrong. So it’s not headache
only that section which has something wrong, it has to be carried every section. As well, all
sections are ready to help each other to perform their activities. The department tries to
create interest in customers’ mind through why they would come in the bank and what would
be the advantage behind this. People are getting interested to deposits in the bank to match
time value of the money and have security as well as withdraw their money based on
demands and needs by paying cheque. To be principal instruments interest security and
different services play as vital role to attract the customers. In fact, there is no relation
between banker and customers except transaction related activities. And that’s why banker
always tries to provide best and unique opportunity to the customer through superior services
rather to other banks to hold them. Therefore different activities like cheque, pay order issue,
local, foreign remittance, funds, account opening etc. are carry out by the departments.

3.2 Customer Services

In the branch different sections are ready to give the services which are the ultimate solution
of the customers. Any information, if customer wants to know, he or she can get it either
phone or coming in the bank. But by phone all information is not provided due to maintain
security. Normally what amount of money in their (customer) account, to open an account
what should be followed, when can be taken cheque book and deposit book, what the
condition of interest rate, how money can be transferred to other bank etc. This type of
services bank provided to the customer. People always want to get the customer service as
early as possible. JBL wants as fast as possible they will offer the services to the customer
rather than other banks holding own position and go forward more by superior services
through smiling face as well as well behaving what they need. Sometime which facilities
(products) have been come in new way for the customers and helpful are informed. To

develop customer service more, sometimes they are asked what their expectation to the bank
about it is. If it is possible manager tries to add with customer service Therefore info provider
has to be always spirited and active to provide just in time. These services and account
opening to provide executive officer basically is active in the REB Branch.

3.3 Services and Product

At competitive market, to survive strongly is much more challenging and difficult. To hold
own exultancy, JBL beside traditional services has launched new products and services
through customization. Account opening to closing and different services of JBL what they
provide is given below:

3.3.1 Account opening

To start the transaction permanently in a Janata Bank registration should be maintained which
is account opening. One of our Officer (Executive officer) is always ready to provide this
type of service by account opening one considered as own and loyal client to the bank.
Therefore it wants to retain this customer for a long time providing superior services. To open
an account some criterion client has to follow which helps to keep information about them to
it. To open account in the Janata Bank they have different account form to registry in
different name. Generally to open any account first of all collecting the form filling account
holder’s name, father’ name, mother’s name, date of birth, citizenship, religion, present and
permanent address and signature. Introducer’s approved should be mandatory and filling
nominee’s information like A/C holder in the form. After this task he or she will be given a
photocopy of voter ID card/valid passport/Nationality Certificate and three copies
photographs (two for A/C holder and another one for nominee). Then officer will check it and
give an A/C no. as well deposit book to deposit money in the A/C no. Then the respective
officer inputs data into Easy Banking Software. Then he prints thanks letter for introducer
and A/C holder and sends these letters in respective address to verifying addresses of
introducer & A/C holder. After verifying A/C holder’s address the officer issue cheque books
to withdraw money.
JBL (Janata Bank Limited) focuses different importance to the different A/C. according to
that the requirement varies.

14 Current Account
Current Deposit account is the most important for the bank. This A/C is opened by business
people who are used to daily transaction for business purposes. People mostly maintain this
A/C to have daily transaction in any time and for security. No interest is paid in Current
Deposit Account due to any time withdraw from the bank and deposit to the bank. To open
this account, there some rules and regulation which is controlled by Bangladesh Bank
(Central Bank) have been maintained by Janata Bank (JBL).
Types of Current Deposit Account:
 Current Account (Personal)
 Current Account (Sole Proprietorship)
 Current Account (Partnership)
 Current Account (Limited Liability Company)
 Current Account (Association/Trust/Society)

Current Account (Personnel)

 Collect an Account opening form from the Bank.
 Fill all the requirements of the form.
 Nominee is must be specified.
 Photograph is most important for any account two for holder and one for nominee
(Except institutional A/C).
 To open this account the most important things is a photocopy of voter ID card/valid
passport//Nationality Certificate issued by local govt. must have to add with the
account opening form and also enclose the form 12 with the account opening form.

Current Account (Sole Proprietorship)

 Signature Card.
 Photograph 3 or 4 for holder attested by introducer and 2 for nominee of signatories
attested by A/C holder.
 Copy of valid Trade License.
 TIN Certificate.
 VAT Registration Certificate

Current Account (Partnership)
 Signature Card.
 Photography of signatories attested by introducer.
 Partnership Deed.
 Partners letter of authority to open account and authorization for operation.
 Copy of valid Trade License.
 Article of the Association
 Memorandum of Association

Current Account (Limited Liability Company)

 Signature Card.
 Photograph of signatories attested by introducer.
 Copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association.
 Copy of Certificate of Incorporation and commencement of business.
 Copy of Board Resolution to open the account and authorization for operation.
 List of Directors and signatories along with addresses.
 Latest copy of From XII.

Current Account (Association/Trust/Society)

 Signature Card.
 Photograph of signatories attested by introducer.
 Copy of Resolution of governing body to open the account and authorization for
 Copy of consolation / bylaws/ rules.
 Certificate of registration.
 List of authorized signatories and members of the governing bodies along with
 Trust Deed (for Trust account only)

16 Saving Account

Saving account is quite different from Current A/C. Bank provide interest 5% at present to
the client to maintain deposit in. Here, client cannot withdraw his money any time as his
wish. Some restrictions have to follow to withdraw money per week. People are more
interested to open A/C for sending and receiving money from different source abroad and
local as well getting interest and security.

Account Opening Procedure

 Collect an Account opening form from the Bank.
 Fill all the requirements of the form.
 Nominee is must be specified.
 Photograph is most important for any account.
 The account holder sign of his/her own self in front or the specific bank principle
Officer in the account opening form.
 Payment of Initial Deposit

Interest rate & fee on saving account

Service Name Nature 2016 2017

Saving Account -
Urban(City corporation) Interest Rate 4.0% 3.5%
Rural Interest Rate 4.0% 3.5%
S.A/C from foreign Remittance Interest Rate 4.0% 3.5%
Interest Rate 4.0% 3.5%
10 tk's farmer S. A/C
Saving Account Maintenance
Fee(every six month)
0-50,000 tk 200 tk 200 tk
50,001-Above tk 300 tk 300 tk

17 Fixed Deposit Accounts
Fixed Deposit Account is opened for a fixed amount for fixed period, which is specific at the
time of making deposit, varying from one month to two years and payable at a fixed date of
maturity. At a time the same person is allowed to open more than one FD A/C in his own
name. Every FD A/C is treated as a separate contract.
Procedure to open Fixed Account

1. Account Opening Form to be duly filled up and submitted to the

concerned branch of Janata Bank which is duly attested by an
introducer who must be an account holder of any Branch of Janata
2. An initial deposit for any term of fixed deposit is required for opening
an A/c;
3. Minimum balance is to be maintained in the A/c;
4. Main requirements for opening a Fixed Deposit Account:

a. Passport size photograph, one for holder one for nominee ;

b. Photocopy of National ID card;
c. Photocopy of TIN certificate, if any;
d. Board resolution for opening of account and operation of
account. (For Limited Company only);
e. Memorandum and Articles of Association. (for limited
f. Certificate of Incorporation (for limited company); and
g. Other papers ( if necessary ).

Interest rate on fixed account

Period Interest rates -2016 Interest Rate-2017

For 3 months to > 6 months @5.50% @4.50%
For 6 months to > 12 months @5.75% @4.75%
For 12 months to > 24 months @6.00% @5.00%

18 Janata Bank Saving Deposit Scheme (JBSDS)
Monthly saving scheme product brought to the welfare for the customers who call it as a
Janata Bank Saving Deposit Scheme (JBSDS). Who doesn’t have the big amount of money to
deposit at a time in the bank but want to get accumulated money with profit after a certain
period of time, for them this opportunity is opened to deposit monthly in the bank. One can
open this account more than one as well as jointly. Minority can open account with guardian.
This product has a variation with different figure starting from 500 to 10,000 for 10 years like

Monthly Installment 10 years

500/- 1,00,000/-
1,000/- 2,00,000/-
2,000/- 4,00,000/-
3,000/- 6,00,000/-
4,000/- 8,00,000/-
5,000/- 10,00,000/-
10,000/- 20,00,000/- Medical Deposit Scheme (MDS)

Some people want to open A/C short period of time. Based on this demand and expectation,
JBL has brought Medical Deposit Scheme. For two years or four years & six years there is
excellent and attractive opportunity to deposit. Individually/jointly can open this account.
Minor can open this a/c with help of matured guardian. The pattern of the monthly income
scheme is like this: Education Deposit Scheme (EDS)

This product offers to be normally a student in different years and with different figures of
money. To get certain and bright future, Janata Bank has brought this product. It has 2, 4 and
6 years period wise saving facility benefit. To do so one can apply for more than one A/C.
Jointly and with guardian below 18 can also open this account. Foreign currency deposit
Maintaining foreign currency account through its Authorized Dealer Branches Janata Bank
Limited gives an opportunity. Bangladesh Nations residing abroad or Foreign Nations

residing abroad or Bangladesh and foreign firms operating in Bangladesh or abroad or
Foreign missions and their expatriate employees can use this deposit service. For account
opening two copies of recent photograph, nominee’s photograph, passport copy, ID of
residence in abroad is required.

3.3.2 Account Closing

For two reasons, one can be closed. One is by banker and other is by the customer.

By banker: If any customer doesn’t maintain any transaction within six years and the A/C
balance becomes lower than the minimum balance, banker has the right to close an A/C.
By customer: If the customer wants to close his A/C, he writes an application to the manager
urging him to close his A/C.
But in practice, normally the customers don’t close A/C willingly. At times, customers don’t
maintain any transaction for long time. Is this situation at first, the A/C becomes dormant and
ultimately it is closed by the bank.

3.4 Departments
3.4.1 Remittance

Remittance of funds is a very crucial service of JBL. It aids to remit fund from one place to
another place on behalf of its customers as well as non- customers of bank. JBL has its
branches in the major cities of the country and therefore, it serves as one of the best mediums
for remittance of funds from one place to another.

The main instruments used by JBL, local Office Branch for remittance of funds.

 Payment Order Issue/Collection

 Demand Draft Issue/Collection
 T.T. Issue/Collection
 IBC/OBC/LBC Collection.

Payment Order Issue/Collection

The pay order is an instrument issued by bank, instructing itself a certain amount of money
mentioned in the instrument taking amount of money and commission when it is presented in

bank. Only the branch of the bank that has issued it will make the payment of pay order.
The procedures for issuing a Pay Order are as follows:

 Deposit money by the customer along with application form.

 Give necessary entry in the bills payable (Pay Order) register where payee’s name,
date, PO no, etc. is mentioned.
 Prepared the instrument.
 After scrutinizing and approval of the instrument by the authority, it is delivered to
customer. Signature of customer is taken on the counterpart.

Demand Draft (DD) Issue

The person intending to remit the money through a Demand Draft (DD) has to deposit the
money to be remitted with the commission which the banker charges for its services. The
amount of commission depends on the amount to be remitted. On issue of the DD, the
remitter does not remain a party to the instrument: i) Drawer branch ii) Drawee branch iii)
Payee. This is treated as the current liability of the bank as the banker on the presentation of
the instrument should pay the money. DD will be paid only by the drawing branch or paying
branch. The banker event on receiving instructions from the remitter cannot stop the payment
of the instrument. Stop payment can be done in the following cases:

Loss of draft before endorsement: In this case, “Draft reported to be lost, payee’s
endorsement requires verification” is marked. Loss of draft after endorsement: In this case,
the branch first satisfies itself about the claimant and the endorsement in his favor.


A commission of 0.10% is taken on the draft value & 15% vat on DD commission & Tk.25/=
is taken as postal charge.

T.T. Issue/Collection

Though TT stands for Telex Transfer it is used as Telephonic Transfer since Telex has
eliminated. Telephonic transfer (TT) is another widely used mode for remittances of funds. In
case of telephone transfer the message for transfer of funds is communicated through tested

telephonic message. JBL generally recovers from the telephone charges in addition to the
usual service charges.

Issuing of TT

JBL follows the following procedures:

 The customer deposits money with JBL to be sent.

 The customer obtains a cash memo containing TT serial number.
 TT serial number, notifying part name is mentioned in the telephonic message.

Online Banking Services

Now JBL started test basis online banking service in eight branches. As a result customer of
one branch will deposit or withdrawal his/her money through any other branches of JBL at
cheapest cost or service charges. Here it is mentioned that online facilities are available for
Current Deposit A/Cs, Savings Deposit A/Cs & Special Notice A/Cs only.

Three types of online banking services are available in Laxmibazar Branch. These are:

1. T24 Online Banking System

 For any amount

2. JB Remittance Payment System

 For Deposit and Withdraw

 Provide E-advice Issue and receive internally.
 Maximum transaction BDT 1000000 in a day.

3. JB PIN Cash

 No need to have account

 ID card or Passport is needed
 Maximum transaction 5 times and BDT 100000 per transaction.

3.4.2 Accounts

Account Department plays most vital role in Banking. Accounts Department is a department
with which each and every department is related. It records the profit & loss A/C and
statement of assets and liabilities by applying of book-keeping. The functions of it are
theoretical & computerized based. JBL REB Branch records its accounts daily, weekly, and
monthly every record.

Basically Accounts Department is not alone. Accounts department is a mix of as follows:

 Cash
 Transfer
 Clearing

This section of any branch plays very significant role in Accounts Department. Because, it
deals with most liquid assets of the JBL. This section receives cash from depositors and pay
cash against cheque, draft, PO, and pay in slip over the counter. Every bank must have a cash
counter where customer withdrawn and deposit their money. When the valued client’s
deposit their money at the cash counter they must have to full fill the deposit slip his/her own,
then they sing as the depositor option’s then they deposit their money through cash officer at
the cash counter. There are several types of deposit slip as follows:

 Current Deposit A/C Slip,

 Saving’s Deposit A/C Slip
 Pay order Slip
 Demand Draft Slip
 T.T. Slip.
 Online Deposit Slip

After paying these kinds of slip, the valued client waits for the deposit slip book outside of
the cash counter. The Deposit officer the money in their account through computer software,
while the depositors account credited, then he puts a seal in the deposit slip.


Basically transfer is a type of register maintaining matter. In this register officer write down
every day transactions in Debit and Credit side then the officer calculate both the side of the
register if both side shown same amount, it means that the total day’s transaction is
completely okay. Transfer is not a critical sector in banking but it is very important. Transfers
play a vital role in banking sector.


Clearing is one of the crucial parts of banking. Different cheque of banks come from different
clients to pass through clearing. In this case this cheque are sent to the head branch to get
advice whether it will be passed or not and for that it takes minimum one day to credit his or
her account.

3.5 Definition of Cheque

Cheque is an important negotiable instrument which can be transferred by mere hand

delivery. Cheque is used to make safe and convenient payment. It is less risky and the danger
of loss is minimized.
Cheque is an instrument in writing containing an unconditional order, addressed to a banker,
sign by the person who has deposited money with the banker, requiring him to pay on
demand a certain sum of money only to or to the order of certain person or to the bearer of

3.5.1 Types of Cheque

1. Bearer Cheque
When the words "or bearer" appearing on the face of the cheque are not cancelled, the cheque
is called a bearer cheque. The bearer cheque is payable to the person specified therein or to
any other else who presents it to the bank for payment. However, such cheques are risky; this
is because if such cheques are lost, the finder of the cheque can collect payment from the
bank. A bearer cheque can be transferred by mere delivery and requires no endorsement.

2. Order Cheque
When the word "bearer" appearing on the face of a cheque is cancelled and when in its place
the word "or order" is written on the face of the cheque, the cheque is called an order cheque.
Such a cheque is payable to the person specified therein as the payee, or to any one else to
whom it is endorsed (transferred).The payee can transfer an order cheque to someone else by
signing his or her name on the back of it.

3. Crossed cheque
Crossed cheque is done by drawing two parallel lines across top left corner of the cheque,
with or without writing ‘Account payee’ in the space between the lines. Thus, crossing is
necessary in order to have safety. When a cheque is crossed, the holder cannot encash it at the
counter of the bank. The payment of such cheque is only credited to the bank account of the

There are mainly two types of Crossing Cheque:

General Crossing

Generally, cheques are crossed when

 There are two transverse parallel lines, marked across its face or
 The cheque bears an abbreviation "& Co. "between the two parallel lines or
 The cheque bears the words "Not Negotiable" between the two parallel lines or
 The cheque bears the words "A/c. Payee" between the two parallel lines.

Special or Restrictive Crossing

When a particular bank's name is written in between the two parallel lines the cheque is said
to be specially crossed. The effect of special crossing is that the bank makes payment only to
the banker whose name is written in the crossing. Specially crossed cheques are safer than
generally crossed cheques.

3.5.2 Approving and Cancellation of Cheque

At the time of posting of cheques, the cheque is examined carefully. Attention on the
following more aspects is given:
 Checking the amount of the cheque (written & figure)
 Place of the cheque
 Date of the cheque
 Signature of the cheque
 Prefectures of serial number of the cheques
After careful examination, the drawing amount of cheque was entered in the ledger

For cancellation of cheques, Janata Bank, Laxmibazar Branch is followed the bellowed
 The cancellation officer shall keep the specimen signature card under his personal
 All specimen signature cards will be kept in serial order;
 In case of difference of signature, cheques shall not be passed;
 Officer shall not pass any cheque unless it is posted against the account and initialed
by the ledger keeper; and
 The cancellation shall be made waving a red line across the signature of the drawer’s
of the cheque.The cancellation shall sign in full using red ink the drawer’s signature.

Janata Bank, Laxmibazar Branch service Charge/commission related to cheque

Service Name Nature of Charge Explanation Rate

Collection of Commission - Minimum 50 tk
Cheque/Bill(Outstation) 0.15% Maximum 1500 tk
Postage 20 tk
Collection of Charge Local Collection 50 tk
Cheque/Bill(Local) Charge
Cheque Return Charge 50 tk
Stopped Payment Charge 50 tk

In the case lost cheque book
It has been observed that when a cheque book has been lost by the account holder, the
account holder have to given an application to the branch manager for providing a cheque
book. After verifying sign he/she gets a cheque book.

Chapter: Four
Lesson Learned From Internship Program

4.1 Lesson Learned From Internship Program

On the basis of previous analysis and practical experience of 45 days internship program, the
following skills that I learned during the internship period:
 We know that General Banking is the starting point of all the banking operating task.
For that reason I was concentrated myself in this section during my internship. I was
learned about account opening and different type of accounts.
 I was learned about different types of characteristics that are very much required
during opening accounts such as clients photography, clients signature, national id
card or passport, nominee’s information, nominee’s photography etc.
 I also learned about different types of requirements that are varies based the type of
customers such as… for Sole Proprietorship valid registration card, tin certificates are
required, for partnership, Partnership Deed and Partners letter of authority to open
account and authorization for operation are specially required.
 I was learned about cash book issuing and different types of cheque book issuing.
 This Internship is developed my skills in the application of theory to practical work
situations, to cope with new environment, and understand interpersonal relationship.

4.2 Limitations and Challenges

Since the report is concerned with the Activities of General Banking of Janata Bank Limited.
A lot of information could not obtain because the bank were not interested to disclose their
information, policy, and data to maintain their secrecy. I had to depend on the websites of the
respective bank for much information.
There are certain limitations regarding the studies that are summarized below:
 Theoretically there are so many factors to be observed before analyzing such type of
study. Those kinds of information are very confidential and it is absurd for me to
check all these information within only 45 days.
 Branch was going through renovation process, which was hampering the working
 Officers are busy with their respective works. Many of them have truly failed to
manage time to have a talk with me about his work in the desk.
 One of the major limitations is the time constraints.

Chapter: Five
Discussion & Findings

5.1 Findings& Discussion

JBL is one of the potential banks in the banking sector. The Laxmibazar branch of JBL is the
South zone of Dhaka Division. It was a wonderful experience working at Janata Bank
Limited. The employees of the bank were very helpful and nice to me. In spite it was not an
easy job to find so many things during the very short period of practical orientation program.
Now, I would like to present my observations and give, my opinion to improve the banking
service and make their customer more satisfied.

1. Lack of dynamic and prompt customer service

Since a number of new banks are coming to existence with their extended customer
service pattern in a completely competitive manner. Customer services must be made
dynamic and prompt. Now a day, people have very little time to waste but want
fastest and unique services in short time. Moreover they seek the bank which will
provide more facilities and attractive offer compare to other bank. Therefore
southeast bank should think sincerely about the renovation of their customer service
and facilities which will be more attractive and innovative rather than traditional one.

2. Lack of Proper Division of Labor and man power

There is lack of division of labor in the branch. Therefore everybody has to handle
every type of banking services. Moreover if one personnel is absence in a department
then extra burden will fall to another. This decreases the level of performance of the
personnel, though it reduces monotonousness. But lack of division of labor hampers
the discipline of working environment. So customers have to wait for some time for
the desired service, which is contrary to the Premium Banking objective.

3. Lack of Proper compilations &Maintenance of Files

Janata Bank Ltd, Laxmibaza Branch gives personalized services. All the officers
have to give concentration to the customers, while doing this they cannot properly
completed and maintain the customer files. In many cases, most of the files and
papers are kept here and there by the officers during the busy hour.

4. Shortage of availability of Machineries

Laxmibazar Branch is supposed to be very well equipped by advance and available
machineries. But there are shortages of photocopy and printing machine therefore
most of the time employees activities are hampered for maintaining serial as well as
it create gathering on their short space. This loses its glamour. Moreover as because
of lacking of maintenance and over used when one machine of any department stops
working then the load shift to another department badly.

5. Employee Dissatisfaction

Because of late promotion and longer probationary period there is dissatisfaction

among the employees. More over some sort of internal politics also another reason
behind proper recognition and promotion of employees. In addition most of the time
over duties and huge working pressure makes their life monotonous and hamper their
family life.

6. Lack of effective advertising and promotion

Advertising and promotion is one of the weak points of Janata Bank Limited. Janata
Bank Limited does not have any effective promotional activities through
advertisement, but other banks have better promotional strategy.

7. Lack of Computer Knowledge

All the organizations including banks are now mostly depends on computer but
employees do not have much knowledge on computer.

8. No desk and specific task for internee

Janata bank doesn’t arrange any desk and fixed any task for their internee. Therefore
they don’t get any chance to learn banking activities by doing practical task. It is not
possible for any fresh graduate to learn banking activities by getting few lecture from
specific personnel rather if they involve them to some specific activities it would be
easy for them to learn more and fell confident to perform any activities properly.

Chapter: Six
Recommendation and Conclusion

6.1 Recommendation

1. Renovation of customer service

Janata bank should make its service prompt so that people need not give more time in the
banking activities and fell easy to perform all respective activities. Moreover they have to
come up with new facilities and offer which will attract more client and help to ensure
their premium as well as loyal customer forever. Therefore they have to ensure-

 The working process faster with better computers and operating systems.
 Trained, experienced, smart, knowledgeable as well as intellectual personnel to
provide fastest and the best services.
 Individual attention can be given to customers in order to better understand the
customer’s needs and better satisfy them (Cheques, deposit slips are not written
properly by the customers so the employees have to do that).
 More ATM booth in merchant location.
 More Gifts, Discounts as well as differentiated interest rates on several loan and
deposit schemes for the Premium Customers.
 Car parking facility.
2. Ensure Proper Division of Labor and man power

The human resource departments of Janata bank have to ensure proper division of labor in
desk for handling the rash of customer in an efficient way. Therefore based on importance
and work load they have to ensure proper division of labor. Moreover by increasing the
numbers of personnel try to maintain the premium banking objective. Mainly the number
of human resources is needed in Front Desk and in clearing section which really
insufficient for giving services to huge number of customers.

3. Ensure Proper compilations & Maintenance of Files

Ensuring proper customer service is a continuous process in banking business. Which is

vital for it success. The service starts from the first day of customer interaction with
banker. To know customer, maintain interaction, conducting banking activities for the
security purposes the file maintenance of individual client is most important. If one single
paper is missing then it can create a big problem as well as hazard to both banker and
their customer. Therefore both branch management and all personnel should more
conscious about the proper compilations as well as decoration for keeping important files.

4. Ensure availability of Machineries

Every department should ensure the availability and proper maintenance of necessary
machines like photocopy and printing machines.

5. Ensure employee satisfaction

Management of the bank has to provide time to time recognition of their employee.
Moreover short probationary period and on time promotion motivated the employee to
perform well in their day to day activities. But the most important thing is the overall
motivational activities should be proceeding under fair judgment based on performance
rather internal politics. In addition through assurance of proper division of labor,
incentive for over duty and mandatory leave help to overcome huge working load and
enjoy a sound as well as healthy life. Besides good relationship amongst employee and
sound working environment also help the employee to be satisfied with their job.

6. Ensure proper promotional activities

They must prepare an organized set of plan regarding the advertising and promotional
activities which should include billboards, internet advertising and sponsorship. The sales
team and officers should provide periodic training on interacting and dealing with
different classes of potential and existing customers.

7. Ensure effective computer literacy

As the bank is now mostly depends on computer therefore to increase the computer skills
of employees, the bank should provide training. Though they have knowledge about
computer but it is not enough. So bank should provide training to their employees to
make them efficient in computer.

8. Ensure of proper Decoration and expanded office area

Laxmibazar branch authorization should have to be more conscious and innovative in

their interior decoration to attract client from all ages. As Laxmibazar area is the business
area so the rush of client is the common scenario of this branch so the space should be
extended for conducting and performing sound banking activities, service as well.

6.2 Conclusion

During the three-month internship program of Janata Bank Ltd. at Laxmibazar Branch,
almost the entire almost desk has been observed more or less. Gaining knowledge of general
banking to compare this practical knowledge with theoretical knowledge. Though all
departments and sections are covered in the internship program, it is not possible to go to the
depth or each activities of division because of time limitation. So, objectives of this internship
program have not been fulfilled with complete satisfaction. However, highest effort has been
given to achieve the objectives the internship program. The banking sector of Bangladesh
played an important role towards economic growth in Bangladesh. The financial sector of
Bangladesh is now considered to be the most regulated sector as compared to other sectors.
Janata bank limited is the second-generation bank in the country.
JBL always try to increase their profitability through different service reaching to the
customer hand. To be more near to the customer they are increasing their branches as well as
services. And that’s why their no. of branches is more than 911 (on 04.01.2017). More
services providing more easily how can be done always they analyze about that. To be more
than 40 years’ experience, they have the great advantage to journey a long path. They believe
that customers’ satisfaction is the indicator of wealth maximization. During my job I got lots
of opportunity to achieve experience how to deal with the clients what the behavior should be
an official which is not possible gain from the book or in the class. It was great job in the
banking environment. I got a real communication skill in the office to expand my confidence
level. Sometimes people become so crazy and angry but we have to tolerate and make them
understand though they are wrong. So this way of behave may help in future on job career.

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